The Left, the Right and DK, Part 7

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The United Nations

Outside of a few conspiracy theorists on both sides of the political spectrum the existence and general purpose of the United Nations is accepted by both the political left and the Right. There is a difference though in approach. The Left embraces the UN with few reservations and the Right embraces it, but with reservations and skepticism.

The Right has often been critical of the fact that totalitarian regimes have been allowed to have so much power there, but the Left seems to have lttle concern with this.

So, which view squares with DK? Again, he sides with the political right:

The United Nations is still the hope of the world and can remain so; it is a great field of experimentation, but is suffering today from an initial error. That error was the admitting of a totalitarian Power into its nations. For seven long and terrible years the Forces of Light had been fighting totalitarianism. In the early days of the post-war period the Nations compromised with principles and admitted Russia to the United Nations. Had they proceeded to unite all the other nations of the world on the sure ground of economic reform, of needed national reorganisation and of regional groups (a better term than “blocs”), Russia would have been forced to conform, for her very existence would have been at stake. An initial error can lead to much trouble, and it is this type of trouble which the United Nations today faces.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 640 – April 1948

Like DK the Right has a hope for the success of the UN but continue to see problems with this initial error of letting totalitarian regimes in and then allowing them the same voting power as the free nations.

If the UN was organized according to the Tibetan’s ideas then only relatively free nations would have been allowed in, which would have placed the totalitarian regimes under great pressure to conform and become more liberal with their human rights so they could be included.

DK specifically mentions Russia which was a threatening totalitarian regime under Stalin when the UN was formed. Since that time numerous totalitarian and oppressive regimes have been added and a few that were not totalitarian became so later.

Today there are 193 member nations. Since DK made the above statement Communist USSR has fallen and has become less menacing. All nations have been invited to join no matter how oppressive. This includes dictatorships and totalitarian regimes such as North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, China and others.

Because DK’s advice was not followed we are in a situation with the UN where it is almost impossible to walk back the error as the oppressive nations have as much say in the UN as do the free ones.

The only alternative is to expand NATO as a force controlled by the free nations as well as continue to work with he UN as much as is feasible.

There is no such thing as the United Nations.

John Bolton

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