Provocative Quotes, Part 2

Provocative Quotes from JJ Dewey

501. Ideals can be very positive if approached with good judgment, but dangerous if judgment is in error, especially if human freedom is sacrificed to obtain the “greater good,” which turns out to be the greater evil.


502. Be thankful when rising, act with purpose through the day, reflect in the evening and sleep peacefully at night.


503. Though there be a dozen versions of the truth, there is only one that is true.


504. To learn, teach; to master, do; to receive, give; to be loved, love.


505. Look within and find yourself as bright as the sun, as endearing as the moon and mysterious as the stars.


506. When those who believe they have found the ultimate in spiritual understanding or experience take a rest, and look again, they will see another step that needs taken.


507. Love your enemies, but don’t give them your passwords.


508. The secret of happiness is in realizing you have free will and then choosing the path of freedom.


509. Many freedom lovers have quoted, “I may disagree with your speech but would defend to the death your right to say it.” That attitude has changed. Now many are saying they want to silence or harm those with whom they disagree. This is a dangerous path.


510. The moon today is blotting out the light of the sun, dividing America with a path of blackness, symbolizing the uncontrolled emotional rage that is blotting out the light of the inner sun which should unite us with true vision. (Written Aug 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse)


511. If you are incited to violence because of some disgusting opinion then the violence belongs to you, and you alone.


512. The secret to maintaining freedom for oneself is to not interfere with the freedom of others.


513. The secret of knowledge is to seek until you find, and when truth is found, to accept.


514. The secret of wisdom is to accept the higher over the lower, the mind over lower emotion, the intuition over mind and pure Spirit over all.


515. The secret of success is persistence in the right direction. Persisting 1000 miles in the wrong direction only takes you away from the goal.


516. Space is not empty, but filled with thought, which has woven itself into many forms.


517. Space is the mind of God; creation is Its body.


518. The secret of strength is to have no fear of loss.


519. The secret of security is to become indispensable


520. The secret of love is understanding.


521. The secret of intelligence is in the choices made.


522. The secret of health is moderation, harmony with yourself and nature and a cheerful heart.


523. The secret of good fortune is to make your own luck.


524. The secret of finding is to seek and not give up.


525. The secret of motivation is fire, but let it be a flame that warms your brother.


526. Love is sharing that last bite.


527. Sometimes love is just being there.


528. Life is intelligence in purposeful motion.


529. The only way to know if another has soul contact is to achieve it yourself. One person who has achieved this contact can recognize another who has received it.


530. When we talk about soul contact, we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on the still point within that tells Spirit, what matter is doing, and matter, what Spirit is doing.


531. There is a time to play by the rules,

And a time to break them.

There is a time to play in the box,

And a time to think out of it.

A time to embrace with love

And a time to respond in firmness.

A time to include

And a time to exclude.

But the time is always right

To assist a willing pilgrim on the Path.


532. We can deviate from divine will on a temporary basis in this world governed by time by using our free will, but the pain and discomfort of bad decisions will eventually force us back into alignment.


533. The soul is associated with truth and has the capacity to recognize all true principles; therefore, a search or quest for the truth is a quest for soul contact.


534. When love and sharing become the new normal spiritual teachers will guide humanity toward a quality of life hitherto unknown.


535. Your eyes reflect your soul, your smile your state of mind, your walk reveals your attitude and your face is a roadmap of your journey through life.


536. Everything that has or will exist is in the mind of God and can manifest. Select that which you desire and make it yours.


537. Always remember, there is more to see than you are seeing, more to hear than you are hearing, more to feel than you are feeling and more to believe than you are believing.


538. Knowledge of facts contributes 1% to wisdom and the intelligent understanding of how they apply is the other 99%.


539. The “I found it” delusion is a great obstacle to soul contact. One cannot find without seeking and one will not seek if he feels there is nothing to seek. The ego becomes God; why seek that which is higher than God?


540. Be civil when attacks rage about you.

Pursue your goals when distractions abound

Find peace amidst the noise of life.


541. While it is true the NOW is all there is, sometimes it is pretty tough while other times it is a joy.


542. Beware of anyone who praises too much.


543. Once the light of truth is seen, it cannot be unseen, for light reveals and darkness hides.


544. Once truth is heard and understood, it cannot be unheard. Let us ever speak the truth and fill the world with light.


545. The great mind will work on the small, but necessary details, while the small mind sees himself at the center of drama with himself as a superstar.


546. The pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, that make us human are the source of our constant complaints, but the envy of heaven.


547. If truth is relative then there is no such thing as truth, but “truth is true and nothing else is true.”


548. We cannot excel at all things, but all have the ability to focus on one thing. Pick that one thing that is most interesting to you and become an expert.


549. To hear in silence is wisdom and to see in the midst of darkness is true vision.


550. Perform well today so the you of tomorrow will be happy and at peace.


551. Teaching the rising generation true principles preserves liberty, whereas indoctrinating their minds with illusion and hatred is the biggest threat.


552. You came here with a purpose. When you discover it you will feel an inner fire that moves you forward no matter what others say to discourage you.


553. Even in the midst of great evil the good that is in humanity reigns supreme. (Written after the Las Vegas shooting Oct 2)


554. The greatest victor is not the strongest, but the one who makes all the needed corrections until the goal is met.


555. I will be your mirror and you be mine,

As we seek the light divine.

I’ll take a step and so will you,

Ever learning that which is true.

Two souls becoming as one,

As we approach the heart of the sun.


556. The Great Plan allows us to enter into the deepest materialism, pain, selfishness and illusion until we no longer want to play the games therein. Then we work our way back to reality.


557. Now is the opportunity to manifest in this world of time and space that which is in the consciousness that dwells in the great peace of the Eternal Now.


558. A popular illusion that is exposed as deception will strike a nerve in about half the people who will see you as an enemy to truth.


559. We have always been because God has always been.


560. You are proof that intelligence exists in matter. If intelligence can exist in a small body then it can exist in a larger one – such as the universe. That indwelling intelligence is called God.


561. The first great discovery was the fire that warms the world without. The second is the fire of the Spirit that warms the world within.


562. Illusion is so powerful that it can cause even good and decent people to take the path of destruction.


563. Achieving union with your own head and heart is difficult indeed, but achieving it with two or more people is a Herculean task, however, the reward is great power to move through any obstacle.


564. Too many people love illusion. They want to be tricked into believing what they want to believe and not let the facts get in the way.


565. If you lost a winning lottery ticket and didn’t know you had won there would be no significant discomfort. But if you lose a ticket you know is a winner the upset would be great. The difference between peace and pain is your attitude, not the loss.


566. Illusion seems logical to one caught in it and can only be unraveled by an honest and discerning mind.


567. Unless we practice non-deception then inspired teachings designed to take us out of illusion can lead us further into it.


568. The true seeker will never exchange truth for illusion no matter how disturbing.


569. The ways of transforming good intentions into harm through illusion are without number.


570. Seeing the same illusion together will reinforce error giving the false confirmation they are correct.


571. Foundation illusions are very difficult to dispel because they are usually tied in with a mainstream thoughtform, which is held by millions.


572. Illusion cannot be dispelled by good intentions alone; there must be an wakening.


573. The greatest enemies to seeing true reality are comfortable illusions that truth would destroy.


574. Natural love for illusion and magic gives the mind power to trick the seeker into thinking the unreal is the real.


575. The light of truth, if not blocked by stubborn willfulness, will immediately reveal and disintegrate illusions.


576. That which is not true can have the illusion of truth, yet those in illusion can present truth as a dark deception.


577. The small mind attacks the person with whom he disagrees. The greater mind addresses the illusion.


578. Harry sees three and Jim sees two. Either Harry is seeing something that is not there or Jim is not seeing what is.


579. There is illusion behind most fears, but there is also great illusion behind many proclamations of love.


580. We normally see a word as merely a sound, but from a higher view a word is a force that creates an impact. It could be represented by an idea, a book or united action. A Word created all there is.


581. Yes, follow your passion, but you must also make time to take care of the boring, but essential details.


582. Your life plays a note in the great symphony of the music of the spheres. Try and stay in tune.


583. Freedom of speech is determined by your government. Freedom of thought comes from yourself.


584. You can try to avoid life and its consequences, but life will not avoid you.


585. Seeing equality as sameness is a great error. Do we want a football team with all quarterbacks or work for a company where everyone is the boss? Equal opportunity is a fine ideal, but equal outcome cannot be mandated.


586. Truth offends those in illusion but is a thrill to those seeking reality.


587. The magical power of the soul is manifest when the self is forgotten, higher purpose is sought and service is the objective.


588. The mind expands when it is exposed to two sides of a debate and contracts when limited to just one.


589. The doors of higher spiritual reality cannot stay shut for long to one who loves the truth.


590. Diversity alone does not equal strength. Real strength comes from union, or cooperation on positive goals despite differences.


591. We are entering a point of tension that will create a gathering of lights that will illuminate the way of higher evolution.


592. The duties of life and career often consume too much precious time. Even so, make time for your passion each day, even if it is a small amount.


593. Advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn, from which there is no escape.


594. We either create our own reality or allow someone else to do it for us.


595. In the end good dominates over evil, intelligence over ignorance, light over dark and love over hate. This knowledge gives the servants of life the faith to endure to the end.


596. Union through true principles creates vision. Union through deception leads to blindness.


597. The seeker sees creation and marvels at the invisible Creative Intelligence. Then he advances another step and sees that the Creative Force hides an even greater revelation.


598. Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.


599. There was once a seeker from hitherland.

Who happily plunged into earthland.

But he soon forgot the plan,

And looked upward to demand

Asking what life is about?

Please remove all doubts.

He listened and listened for words from above

And finally from the soul heard words of love.


600. You experienced a resurrection from the dead at birth, for it wasn’t long ago that you died in a previous life.


601. After the path of good is discovered and followed to its end, another path opens to a yet greater good. Once taken, the good of the past becomes the current evil.


602. If belief is based on authority and backed up by other authorities then you have nothing unless you have verified it for yourself.


603. When the seeker learns to be the observer he can enjoy the ride through life in good times and bad.


604. On this Thanksgiving how can you not love a person with a grateful heart who appreciates all the wondrous gifts in his surroundings?


605. If authorities say do, consider not doing. If they say do not, consider doing. Step out of the box and join original thinkers.


606. All form is temporary, even stars and galaxies will disappear. Only that which creates form is immortal.


607. There are words that are just words and pass away and then there are words that convey true principles that do not pass away. These are eternal words.


608. Those who say there is no heaven or hell must be closing their eyes to life right here on earth, for we create our own heaven or hell in life by our thoughts and actions.


609. We complain about life’s problems but they often provide more opportunities for growth than the peaceful times for which we give thanks.


610. A small act of kindness can affect more change of heart than a thousand sermons.


611. Knowledge dispels many fears, but not all. If you’re headed over a cliff and you know it you will feel somewhat uneasy.


612. All of us have one important lesson to learn in this life. If it is ignored then circumstances will be created again and again forcing us to face it until mastered.


613. Familiarity can breed contempt, but remove the cause of contempt, replace it with love, and you have an everlasting bond.


614. A productive teacher obtains satisfaction, not from students who become disciples, but from those who are sponges for knowledge and independent thought.


615. One meaning of being born again is to birth yourself into a new learning experience, seeing yourself as a child beginning anew, instead of resting on previous accomplishments.


616. All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness.


617. He who stimulates love from others dwells in heaven. He who finds no love or acceptance dwells in hell.


618. Truth is as we perceive it until we know the truth. Then the truth just is.


619. The words and works of an individual reveal his true nature.


620. If you make a mistake on the road of life the problem multiplies with each turn until you are forced to correct or crash and burn.


621. Even the most average among us can excel at an endeavor if he focuses his time and energy on mastering it.


622. A spiritual insight gained, if not reinforced and applied, will be as if it never was.


623. It is not death that should be so feared, but a wasted life.


624. A test for seeker comes when he receives knowledge that contradicts what he has believed all his life. His outright rejection takes him into darkness, whereas his sincere consideration takes him into the light.


625. To manifest the great new age of brotherhood the lights of the world must penetrate the darkness that keeps the rank and file from the truth.

 “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.” Isa 52:7-8


626. Nature responds to human consciousness. Effects such as storms and peaceful waters, disease and health reflect the thinking and feeling of the people.


627. Love is not the opposite of fear and does not negate fear as many assume. Peace is the opposite of fear and fear can be amplified by love. If your child is threatened you will fear because of love. Fear is negated by seeing the whole rather than the part.


628. Your brain is your computer, your vision is your screen, your subconscious has your programming, your consciousness is the end user and your password is thought.


629. A belief system that allows persecution, suppression of free speech or violence is not the solution but a major part of the problem for humanity.


630. Like the sun is to the earth the inner spirit of truth ever shines, but is sometimes obscured by clouds, storms and a dark night.


631. The secret of success: Plan, work, revise; plan, work, revise; plan, work, revise – continue until satisfied.


632. The brave decide and do, though uncertain of the results; the timid stay where they are and wait; the cowards run.


633. Our desires, which often distort reality, pull us toward defending them with deceit. Unless truth is the highest priority desire will obscure vision.


634. Given two people of equal strength and ability, the one with the greater sense of purpose will prevail.


635. He who reaches the highest pinnacle of success has first passed through failure so devastating that tempted him to dismiss his life as worthless.


636. Celebrate this season with the birth of Christ, first within your own heart, then watch for it in the hearts of others.


637. Claims of strength, spiritual power or virtue mean nothing until they are tested.


638. A smile is a bridge between human consciousness and the gods.


639. He who has peace of mind, someone to love and basic needs supplied is rich.


640. The heresy of one age is often the established thinking of another.


641. One who is trusted is always loved, but we do not always trust those we love. Therefore, trust is to be valued even more than love.


642. A new year, a new cycle, a new beginning, and a new you. You are a different person now than you were last year and will be born anew many times hence, yet your essence remains. (Written on New Year’s Day)


643. Most of the unproductive are not so much lazy, as lacking focus, and wind up working hard at labor not related to their progression.


644. Time is caused by the motion of form. Therefore, true timelessness would be a state where there is nothing that moves.


645. To be or not to be is always the question. Do we move decisively ahead with life and forge a destiny or relax and let the decisions of others take control?


646. I would rather be in harmony with true principles and stand alone than receive the praise of the world for siding with error.


647. If all the people of the world were like you, would it be a better place? Something to think about.


648. If a rich man offers you a million dollars to jump up and down ten times, and tabulates in advance that you will do it, are you exercising free will when you perform since the probability of you doing it is close to 100%?


649. It seems strange that new truth is resisted by so many, but light destroys darkness and darkness fights for its life.


650. Taking the next step in spiritual progression not only brings a higher state of consciousness but greater freedom as well as more understanding of the principle on which it rests.


651. It is almost impossible to find new information that is not somewhere available, but the ways of enunciating ancient truths that shed new insights are without number.


652. A grain of sand, a perfected crystal – the difference being that the crystal is many grains of sand fused into one. So shall many souls become one and share the greater life.


653. A lesson unlearned returns again in new clothing. If not mastered it returns as an adversary that cannot be ignored.


654. Do not waste time awaiting a great opportunity before acting. There are small ones that come each day that can lead to big outcomes.


655. Happiness, love and friendship are elusive. The only way to keep them is to give them away.


656. Your soul and mine are one.

In the realm of souls love prevails.

Let us lift up our consciousness

That we may love on earth

As we do in heaven.


657. Certain melodies lift the consciousness from matter to spirit and heal the soul. Seek out those inspired sounds and play them when needed.


658. Silence is more than lack of noise. When the emotions and mind are also stilled, and the attention is focused on the place of stillness, true silence can be known.


659. Much worse than losing possessions we can see are losing those we cannot see such as love, friendship, trust, hope and faith.


660. True strength is revealed not in fantastic claims, but in one that is quiet in the storm, reserved when holding power but acts decisively when the need arises.


661. Proceed as if there were no limitations and prepare to be amazed.


662. The symbolic meaning of Jesus walking on the water tells us you achieve success by moving forward. Not moving ahead is the surest way to sink into failure.


663. If negative people knew the joys of love and forgiveness there would never be another war and the world would be at peace.


664. We plant seeds whether we realize it or not. The fruit from seeds of love and kindness or hate and fear planted in one cycle become obvious in another.


665. Taking one step forward on the spiritual path is more difficult than ten steps backward. Therefore, let the pilgrim focus with one-pointed attention on the goal.


666. An attempt to correct another has little effect if the flaw is in oneself.


667. Faith in unseen Divine Intelligence gives many advantages to one seeking to accomplish great things. With a spiritual wind at his back he will aspire and persevere where others will falter.


668. Those who gained fame because of power, position or authority are rarely remembered fondly, whereas those who touched us with their words and deeds are loved for ages.


669. The overly cautious and indecisive may make few mistakes but have little success. Success requires decisiveness and a few whopper mistakes.


670. True freedom brings freedom from guilt, from ignorance, from fear and lower desire as well as the freedom to act.


671. The few will see a higher truth that benefits the many. The many will embrace its lower distorted reflection that benefits the few.


672. If you know you are right, it is not stubbornness to stand your ground. If you are not sure, it is folly to pretend you are.


673. Make small improvements on yourself now and see large effects manifest later on.


674. Principles of a Fulfilled Life

(1) Trust yourself

(2) Love much

(3) Give much

(4) Seek truth

(5) Give others the benefit of the doubt.

(6) Take some risks

(7) Follow the highest you know

(8) Have faith in the goodness of God and fellow humans


675. Intelligence and character are revealed, not only by what you say, but by what you do not say, by what you do and not do.



I AM fire, the burning Spirit is within.

I AM air, I take in and share knowledge.

I AM water, I share my life.

I AM earth, I stand as a source of strength.


677. The learned are adept at solving problems for which exists reliable formulas, but sometimes lack the wisdom of a six year old in discovering the real problem that needs to be solved.


678. The mind rusts from lack of use; the heart stagnates when love is not there and the blood runs cold when there is no compassion. The key to the abundant life is to keep all of our parts in positive motion.


679. True vision not only sees what is there, but what is not there.


680. Great order and harmony are visible in all creation. Even so, make order and harmony a keynote in life for a peaceful happy existence.


681. A closed mind keeps the truth from entering, but releases many falsehoods and distortions.


682. Imagine how you would treat others if it were the last day of your life. If it is different than today then perhaps some reflection is in order.


683. An action, whether it be right or wrong, is the result of, not only the individual making it, but influences of millions who came before.


684. An action taken toward a goal is worth a thousand words.


685. Character etches itself into our appearance. Look at a person’s face as the years pass and you’ll see the roadmap of a life.


686. Take heart in the fact that in some skill you are superior to Einstein.


687. Victim mentality is as difficult to cure as cancer.


688. True education comes not from universities but through following the inner voice. It will let you know when the lessons are learned.


689. Are you a different person today than you were ten years ago? You should be, but in a good way.


690. Romance may come and go, but a true friend is forever.


691. Greatness is seen when another does that which we wish we could do.


692. How do you prove the dream world exists to one who does not dream? The final proof of all that is not physical is personal experience.


693. You can never love too much, know too much, or be too wise. Therefore proceed with full strength toward all the virtues.


694. There would be peace on earth tomorrow if everyone would just apply one or more of these:

  • Live and let live
  • Love their neighbors as themselves.
  • Send goodwill to all.
  • Believe in harmlessness
  • Are not easily offended
  • Are not obsessed with power
  • Do not feel like a victim


695. To do something great, be a part of something great.


696. Silence can speak volumes or it can say nothing. Therefore, guard how you use it just as you would your speech.


697. Great thoughts never shared are like pieces of art never seen. Don’t let them become as if they never were.


698. Look for flaws in your associates and you will find them, but look for wondrous things and you will find them also. Here you have a good reason to focus on the positive.


699. If you can make a living doing that which you love, you are blessed indeed.


700. Fear, worry and distortion are contagious. For immunity, vaccinate yourself with light, truth and courage.


701. If this divided society put as much energy into constructive activities as attacking each other, we’d be living in Utopia.


702. Sleep is the great equalizer. Whether one is rich or poor, old or young, small or great, sleep can be a blissful part of life.


703. The degree to which a person, organization or nation is attacked by the masses and pillars of power is directly proportional to their light and drive toward freedom and positive change.


704. Just as we can harness the power of a mighty river, the wind or the sun, let us harness the power of mind, the greatest of them all.


705. Many failures are caused by taking steps too big; whereas, many succeed with smaller but continuous steps toward the goal.


706. To be liked, speak kindly, listen much, smile often and show appreciation.


707. Before the lie, comes the works in the dark of night.


708. If one’s greatest talent is in making excuses then he has a problem that is inexcusable.


709. We tend to blame our failures on outside forces, but qualities inside are the real problem, such as laziness, bad judgment, envy, intolerance, deceit, and playing the victim.


710. There’s a big difference between knowing a fact and knowing what to do with it. The many have some knowledge but the few know how to apply.


711. Like attracts like. Your chosen friends and associates reveal a lot about you.


712. There is a price for everything though the payment is not always in money.


713. If we could go 100 years into the future we would see that much of what the masses believe today is not true. The wise will open their minds and see much of that truth now.


714. In the long run, the criminal has to work as hard for money as one who is upright, so we might as well put our efforts into an honest living.


715. Those who have work to do, good health, someone to love, and common sense have the foundation of a happy life.


716. Cause and effect and intelligence interplay. They have always been and will always be.


717. He who acknowledges weaknesses is a normal human being.

He who can tune out the partisan diatribe is a saint.

But he who instigates the division with fingers of false accusation is an agent of darkness.


718. Many believe in the path to excellence. Few take it.


719. Things do not happen unless someone makes them happen. You can be that someone.


720. We live in space and space resides in us, even so, we live in God and God is in us.


721. A firm decision is worth a thousand wishes.


722. That which makes you laugh or cry, angry or delighted, feeling hate or love will reveal your true character.


723. He who initiates attacks through demonization is the true demon.


724. People going to extremes in their beliefs and actions are the norm. Live a measured life and you will not seem normal to either side.


725. Do something in life that will cause others to fondly remember you after you die.


726. Truth will make the corrupt angry, but will bring gladness to the pure in heart.


727. Treat others as if they were angels and no devil will seem to exist.


728. Your talent will be appreciated by the humble, but arouse jealousy in big egos.


729. Your situation, whatever it is, is mostly the result of your past decisions. To make a bright future, cease blaming others and make constructive decisions now.


730. You can’t fool all the people all the time, but there are enough that can be fooled that it sometimes seems that way.


731. Be true to yourself and others. If not, you’ll never find out who you are.


732. To see the divinity in others you must first see it within yourself.


733. All the great ones were not satisfied with conditions as they are, but focused on that which should be or could be.


734. Knowledge can be power, but it is suffocated when constrained by ignorance and blocked by intolerance. Its greatest friend is time.


735. Climb the ladder to heaven. The steps are faith, hope, love, service and honest labor, and can be taken now.


736. What do those who achieve greatness have in common? Is it IQ, education or status? It is none of these obvious factors but an invisible intelligence not seen by the masses.


737. New truth, or a better way, is like a bright light, painful to those who love darkness, but bringing gladness to those already in the light.


738. Life’s problems bring blessings in disguise. They bring forth strength, talent and insights unrealized without the challenges of life.


739. Hold your vision continually in your mind and it will magnetically attract the ingredients of fulfillment.


740. The cure for an unhappy life is a change in thinking.


741. We do not realize the chains that imprison us until we try and break free.


742. Too many facts clutter the mind. Keep the important things in your memory but make sure the rest are available in other sources.


743. Each major event in life, whether good or bad, is an opportunity to discover truth that was hitherto hidden from view.


744. You will learn ten times as much studying that which you enjoy as that which gives you no pleasure.


745. We live in an age where machines are getting smarter and people are dumbing down. Your mobile device knows billions of facts, but many kids do not know who fought in World War II.


746. Happiness is directly related to being a decent, kind and forgiving person.


747. The great hero or villain did not take their path because of one big decision, but their direction began with something small during everyday life.


748. Miracles happen when you speak words of love, which are sent from the heart of God.


749. The only good thing about a failed life is that the biography makes for interesting reading.


750. It is easy to tell another he is wrong but nearly impossible to bring him to the truth unless he wants to see it.


751. If Christ were to come again and walk the earth, even in the hearts of a thousand souls, the event would go unnoticed if He is not first birthed within your own heart.


752. That which is seen as enlightenment often consists of replacing one illusion with another.


753. There is no noble thought or grand ambition that goes unnoticed by those who watch.


754. The heavens declare the glory of God, the heart pulsates with the love of God and the mind reflects Divine Intelligence. Then there is the inner core, which is One with All There Is.


755. The time of opportunity is now. It may be great or small, but if you seize the small the great will follow.


756. Since you cannot win arguments with those whose minds are fixed the best thing to do is humor them.


757. Look at the famous and adored today and wait 100 years. Only the ones who made real accomplishments will remain in the public consciousness.


758. Making a difference requires a firm decision, focused attention and perseverance. These are three pillars of creation.


759. If people insult you, do not lash back, but prove them wrong by the way you live your life.


760. A tree cannot fall in a forest without being witnessed by some consciousness, however subtle.


761. Find the limit of your consciousness, take a step beyond that limit, adjust and find your new limit.


762. When you find your true path every person and circumstance will try to pull you off it. Ignore them.


763. In a balanced education of our children lies our safety, but there is great danger of tyranny if learning is controlled by one political view.


764. He or she who makes use each day of wealth, knowledge, vitality and time is on the path of mastery.


765. You live with yourself. Do you like what you see? That is what you will project.


766. Freedom is not secure unless we protect the rights of those with whom we disagree as much as for ourselves.


767. He who supports injustice for the despised is supporting the same for himself at a future date.


768. We spend too much time wanting to feel important when we should be doing important things.


769. He who is afraid to leap is far behind the one who has taken a chance and failed.


770. We honor dead saints, but seek out and destroy the living ones.


771. Take ordinary knowledge, wrap it in mystery and secrets and you will captivate the minds of the unthinking.


772. Yes, life seems tough at times, but compared to those who have real problems we should be giving thanks.


773. We may be alerted by the experience and warnings of others but ignoring them really sinks in when we suffer the consequences of our own mistakes.


774. God speaks to us each day in events, through friends, family and people encountered. We should always be listening.


775. To relinquish thought and conform to a group mindset is true cowardice.


776. The one to be admired is he who remains calm while others are quaking with fear, who takes his time when others are rushed and who sees the sunrise tomorrow when others see only the black of night.


777. There is what people think of you, what you think of you and what God thinks of you. If they are all the same you are doing something right.


778. One with a truly good heart will be generous in poverty as well as wealth and will help others in good times as well as bad.


779. Truth is like a seed that cannot die which will sprout and grow the moment it lands on fertile soil.


780. Truth, clearly enunciated, vibrates in the heart, the mind, the soul and spirit. It is the link we all have between heaven and earth, if we choose to accept it.


781. If true sacrifice were seen in its correct light we would see that we are giving up the limited for the unlimited, a source of sorrow for joy, that which enslaves us for total freedom.


782. Sometimes the most effective promoters of truth are those who seek to destroy it and the greatest hindrance comes from those who embrace it.


783. You are more than you imagine.

The mind is stronger than steel

The heart more intense than fire

The spirit of life is invulnerable.


784. That which we run away from is often that which we should be hastening to confront head on.


785. Are your thoughts the result of your thinking or that of someone else? Are you in control or is someone else? Do you follow your path or one decided by another?


786. Power belongs to all the people, lusted after by many, but seized by the few who live in fear of losing it.


787. Truth revealed before one is ready can be like a scorching sun at midday. Though the sun is the source of life, too much too soon can be dangerous.


788. A small thought now becomes an imprisoning mindset later. A small action in time leads to a painful habit. Given time, there is not that much difference between small and great errors.


789. If you hate your enemies, your friends are not far behind.


790. Trust the person with flaws that you have tested above one proclaimed as a saint that you have not.


791. The light in your words reveals the light in your mind.


792. Keep words of light, love and truth before you for reflection and you will not lose sight of the path that takes you to the heart of God.


793. Courage is not found in being self-destructive, but in intelligently moving forward when others are afraid.


794. When one in darkness encounters a knower he must resist the impulse to fight the light before he can embrace it.


795. To achieve mastery the point of focus must be on the next step, and ignore the praise that may come from accomplishment.


796. New truth will not be seen correctly when using the filters of the incomplete pieces of the whole from the past. New prospective must be consistently added.


797. Choose the right thing over peace and you will have peace. Choose peace over the right thing and peace will only be a passing dream.


798. The body communicates through the senses, the feelings through emotion, the mind through reason and the inner spirit through inspiration.


799. The wise gravitate to being loving and kind whereas the foolish tend to be thoughtless and selfish. If love is the goal, wisdom indeed must be sought.


800. See Divine Power as coming through you, not from you, and miracles will happen.


801. If your religion is truth then we belong to the same church.


802. If you feel forced to labor for that which you do not love then devote your free time in excelling at that which you do love. In time the beloved skills will dominate.


803. Be the answer to someone’s prayer and watch your own prayers come true.


804. From a higher view there are not good times or bad times but different and valuable learning experiences.


805. A sure path to failure is an unrealistic demand for perfection.


806. Wisdom comes not from books, but neither does it ignore what is in them.


807. Confidence alone takes you half way to the goal.


808. To thine own self be true and truth will manifest for the rest of your life.


809. Thought breathes the spirit of life into our words.


810. If all people were of the same race would the division and animosity of humanity be healed? If not why?


811. Find work to do that gives a sense of purpose, else life will be an empty vessel.


812. To rob a person of hope is the greatest of all theft, but to instill hope opens the mind to all possibilities.


813. Many who preach peace have not tamed the fires of war within their own breasts.


814. Bring me friends to share highs and lows, dreams and visions where we imagine together the wondrous possibilities to come.


815. Extend the senses…

Smell the rain.

See the soul.

Hear the beauty.

Feel life and love.

Taste the memories.


816. I hear and know the creative force.

I think and know that I exist.

I see and know that I experience.

I feel and know that I love.

I decide and know I have direction.


817. Poetry is children playing

Art is in fields of flowers

Science is in the stars

Philosophy is in the mind

Theater is staged in life.


818. Pain awakens us to illusion, but it is truth that must lead us out of it.


819. Ignorance of the truth when the truth is readily available has been the cause of untold suffering.


820. Nothing in creation is completely neutral. All things gravitate to one direction or another. Let us consider the direction we are going.


821. Both love and hate manifest in difficult times. These are the times to wisely choose your friends.


822. Zero can mean nothing or a multiple of ten, even so, stillness can be as nothing or open a door to infinite possibilities.


823. Search for something where nothing is and you will find something. Search that something and you will find everything.


824. Just as matter becomes radioactive at the end of its evolution, so do humans. These great souls radiate love and wisdom to all who are willing to receive.


825. You will reach a place in your quest when you feel like you cannot take another step; that is the step that must be taken.


826. Those who endure to the end goal become masters and those who get discouraged and quit become subjects.


827. Minimal results do not mean you should quit in your pursuit of a vision. Instead, it is a sign your methods are flawed and need revision.


828. The closed mind uses super human effort to insulate itself from the truth, but sooner or later the stubborn one is dragged, kicking and screaming, into the sun.


829. It is good advice to associate with great souls, but first you have to find them.


830. To initiate a new idea places one on the path to glory.


831. Let your will prevail, not idle wishes, let labor be applied to dreams and love be your motivation. You will then have a wonderful life.


832. Love generates courage and moving forward.
Fear creates cowardice and stepping back.
Let us be motivated by love and move forward into the light
Into greater freedom and abundance for all.


833. If a person says something that is not true he is either lying or ignorant. It is not our place to judge the category he is in, but merely to reply truthfully ourselves.


834. If you are just in it for what looks good, you won’t do good.


835. Silence or speech can be the result of wisdom or bad judgment. Only the seasoned soul knows which to employ.


836. The one who has had experience has learned a hundred times the value over the one who has learned only theory.


837. You are the world’s greatest expert on yourself. Don’t let anyone talk you out of being who know you are.


838. You cannot change the past, but you can change how you perceive it and how it affects you.


839. The victim blames others and fails because others do not change.
The successful person takes responsibility and succeeds because he changes himself.


840. Those who hear what was not said, see what was not done and feel what was not in the heart create many problems in this world.


841. It is not the monetary cost that is important but the hours of your life that are needed to obtain your desire.


842. Every mistake can reveal a better way for those who are willing to take it.


843. How many have said “thank God” because of something you have done? If the answer is none or few, reflection is needed. If the answer is many, then you have treasure in heaven.


844. When one puts attention on looking for error, this wrong focus takes him on a detour as he moves along the Path. He sees error after error, and rarely has any positive observation of new truth to report.


845. There is one earth and one surface of the earth, yet there are billions of seeds that are planted on its surface. Each seed grows into a separate plant entity, yet is still a part of the One Life which is Mother Earth. This is a key to understanding the One and the many.


846. Hell is not knowing what to do next.


847. Unthinking people who support the latest thing are like a trained dog responding to the order of his master.


848. Those who make good things happen are part of the solution, but those who just watch things happen are a part of the problem.


849. We would pay to avoid our fears, but facing them and overcoming is priceless.


850. The wise person can disagree without being disagreeable; have a minority view without being a victim and can criticize without insulting.


851. Words are merely symbols of thought, thought is the action of mind, mind is the projection of intelligence, and intelligence is a point in divine space.


852. Great souls proceed and navigate amidst turbulent waters while the timid fear a few small waves.


853. The way of truth requires courage, whereas deceit is the coward’s path of least resistance.


854.The person with faith will find a way to accomplish the goal though a dozen faithless try and discourage him.


855. True vision is:
To see the light of God in the dark of night;
To see the face of Christ in a sea of hate;
To see heaven when others see hell.


856. A single candle can light others to create a great light, but no amount of darkness can extinguish the tiniest light.


857. The worker of darkness can direct your eyes toward the dark so you will not see the light, but he cannot prevent the light from being seen should you choose to look.


858. Your mind is so powerful that it can make heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven. The choice is yours.


859. If you look for reward for good works it will often elude you, but if you serve with no thought of reward good fortune will seek you out.


860. Only humans and the gods smile and laugh at themselves.


861. We cannot out imagine God and thus what is circumscribed within the mind of the Creator appears infinite to the human point of view.


862. Let me love a little more,

Seek a little more,

Learn a little more,

Try a little more,

Share a little more,

Be friendly a little more,

Be helpful a little more,

Improve a little more,

Which could make a lot of difference.


863. If you do not know what it takes to make you happy then happiness will elude you.


864. In the end, the highest good for the group is also the highest good for the individual. If surrounding cells do not get oxygen the individual cell also dies.


865. The tiniest spark can start the greatest of fires. Be therefore a spark to others to enflame their hearts to good works.


866. To live a year in a day, or a lifetime in a short time, is to know the beauty of life.


867. Find the Christ anew within your companion and fall in love all over again.


868. If you love someone they will see it in your eyes.


869. To make a mistake is a problem. To not correct it is a disaster.


870. It is a special person who can be trusted with all your secrets.


871. Many get ideas, a number act on them, but it is the few who see them to completion.


872. All of us are prodigal sons who will eventually return home.


873. To see: look; to know: explore; to understand: experience; to realize: reflect.


874. The total you is what you have been, who you are and what you will be.


875. Timing is everything. A mistake badly timed can wipe out the good will from 100 things done well.


876. The reward of any accomplishment is a temporary satisfaction. Permanent happiness demands unending challenges and victories.


877. The wise teacher will not decree the way, but turn on the lights so others can see the way.


878. When you turn on the light for another you also brighten the room for yourself.


879. Many of great education have learned a lot of uncommon things yet lack common sense.


880. Every thought and every action creates a ripple that eternally flows across time and space and joins with all other effects to create a wave of new cause.


881. In this age of fake and biased news, real news is revolutionary.


882. Truth has a vibration that is recognized by those who love the note it sounds.


883. Those who are guardians of truth are deceived for truth needs no protector. It only needs to be freely released.


884. For a fulfilling life,
Work while others sleep,
Move forward while others are still,
Learn while others are being entertained.


885. Choose light over dark Knowledge over ignorance Love over hate Wisdom over folly Peace over turbulence Humility over pride Work over sloth Joy over sorrow.


886. Words of life are those that lift the spirit, give birth to hope and stimulate love anew.


887. Not only is there is a time to smell the roses, but to pick the roses and plant anew.


888. Time crumbles all things to dust except true principles. Speak the truth and be a part of eternity.


889. Love of truth refines spiritual vision and allows the seeker to see far beyond the uncaring masses.


890. Some correspond to stars that merely twinkle in the light of truth. Others are like the moon who reflect truth given by others. Then there are those who are the truth like the sun shining at full strength. Find that sun within you and let its light shine forth.


891. To destroy is much easier than creation; thus for every person presenting a step forward you will have a hundred critics and accusers surface.


892. A short time each day spent frivolously, doing what you want, with no apparent purpose can have the purpose of recharging the soul.


893. All seems well as long as you play along, but when you disturb the power of the beast you then find where his presence is.


894. Be the same person while hidden by the dark of night as in the light of day and quality friends will be yours.


895. Your life is like the words and music to a song. May your words inspire and your melody be interesting.


896. Make use of the moment and the hour will be productive. Make use of the hour and have a great day. Your days make the years and the years your life. A successful life is determined by those tiny present moments.


897. When a person who disagrees resorts to name calling, insults or violence he has just admitted his angry feelings cannot be translated into logical words.


898. People often are contentious, argue and get angry over that which they do not understand. Seek first understanding, which leads to peace and unity.


899. Some take a book to say a paragraph and with others a paragraph yields a book’s worth of wisdom. Seek to be the latter if you wish others to pay attention.


900. To take in facts without reflection is to be a mere recorder rather than a thinker.


901. There are two times when the seeker of wisdom should question and examine his direction: when he is not sure he is right and when he is.


902. Never forget the consciousness you had as a child. Nurturing the child in you keeps you young, flexible and healthy.


903. To seek to suppress the speech or views of another is to admit that they are superior to your own.


904. Never appoint a group to do what can be accomplished by an individual at ten times the speed.


905. The greatest enemy of progress is the fear of change.


906. Though experience gives great realization, one can know many things without it by adding two and two together.


907. We must all be conservatives and hold fast that which is good, but also liberal and change that which is not so good.


908. It would be a great marvel if all that existed in the universe was one rock, but the glory of intelligent creation is so much more and beyond our imagination.


909. Forcing equality creates two unequal classes: the upper class of those applying the force, and inferior status to those upon whom the force is applied.


910. To believe everything is to know nothing.


911. The greatest freedom is to think your own thoughts instead of those implanted by others.


912. The pure music of the spheres can only be discerned by those centered in love and light.


913. The enemy of my enemy, as well as my enemy, has the Christ within I need to see.


914. True intelligence is not measured by memory, or brain activity, but what is done with the brain.


915. Equality is usually demanded by the 99% from the 1%, but if you divide everything up equally soon they would be looking for a new 1% and demand a new equal division.


916. Make a positive difference today and tomorrow will take care of itself.


917. That which many call good is seen as evil by others, revealing that the truth behind good and evil is a mystery seen by few.


918. A definite decision, even if wrong, is much better than indecision, for error will be revealed making progress possible.


919. Two things convince me there is Divine Intelligence: the universe without and the universe within.


920. Facts are pieces of a picture which, if put together in the wrong order, are very deceptive.


921. A believing heart opens the seeker to all possibilities from which the mind can discover many truths.


922. He who takes offense at innocent questions generally has something to hide. Truth loves the light and falsehood the dark.


923. The tendency is to attack others for flaws we do not see in ourselves, but obvious to others.


924. If you would expect the voice of God to be true to you, then first make sure others can depend on your own word.


925. True genius is related more to decisions made than I.Q.


926. Certain enlightened entities seem to incarnate in the same circles at the same time to perform a mission to aid humanity.


927. Knowledge is not power, neither radiates as light, until used with wisdom.


928. Those who dwell in the shadows are terrified of those who dwell in the light, for light obliterates the darkness which is their covering.


929. It is easy to recognize the truths of yesterday, but much more difficult to discern those of today that we watch playing out before our eyes.


930. Many of those who are hated today, and seen as on the side of evil, will be accepted as heroes or saints in future generations.


931. The overly cautious may avoid minor problems but also many great adventures in life.


932. Two people pass through a stressful experience. One feels exhilarated and laughs; the other feels defeated and weeps. The only difference was in their minds.


933. A unit of human consciousness is approximately one heartbeat. If you do not believe this, try and think two or more separate and distinct thoughts in one second.


934. All organization we see before us – such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.


935. Find that point which lies just beyond the limit of your consciousness. Therein lies your next step.


936. If you are to be free, find the programming in your brain and reprogram to your advantage.


937. The playing of a harp for God is a symbol of the soul that is in harmony with Higher Will.


938. The seeker must learn to think with his mind above his programmed brain and feel with his spiritual heart rather than lower emotions.


939. You are an eternal song in the music of the spheres. The arrangement and tempo may change but you will always be you.


940. The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realize it exists. Even so, we fly through the divine skies of experience back to our true home, unaware of our true purpose.


941. It generally takes as much effort to fail at life as to succeed, so you might as well face a positive direction and move forward.


942. The trouble with all the world being a stage is that too many want the leading roles when other parts need filled.


943. One anonymous good deed is worth a dozen that demand recognition.


944. He who loves the most serves the good of the whole above the individual, and in doing so, individuals prosper.


945. The one who is truly enlightened does not stand still basking in light, but moves forward toward what the light reveals.


946. Communication works when the speaker’s words are true and the listener actually registers what was said.


947. The fear of nothingness is greater than the fear of hell, for as long as there is life there is hope.


948. Some say there are no coincidences and others say there are. Who is correct is determined by how we define a “coincidence.”


949. Even though the seeker of wisdom can imagine himself doing the greatest good or the greatest evil he chooses the good and makes his own reality.


950. If all were suddenly immortal many would be so miserable with themselves after a hundred years or so they would chose death instead of life.

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