The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 27

Day 354

Mirror Image

The Seed Thought:

An accuser and name caller is, more often than not, merely looking in a mirror and describing himself.

We seem to live in an age where many have dismissed civility and replaced it by a desire to attack and humiliate anyone who thinks differently than themselves.

I have experienced attacks myself for making innocent statements that would have not raised an eyebrow decades ago.

For instance, I have been attacked on political sites for merely mentioning something that indicates a belief in a nebulous Divine Intelligence. In past generations the belief in a Higher Power was so pervasive and tolerated that the mention of such would not raise an eyebrow. But now in this age it seems many are looking for something to attack, even if it is mainstream belief.

The raise in attacking the beliefs and positions of others seems to be on the rise since the introduction of the Internet. You would think that people would be more civil where they have to take the time to write, pause and hit the send button, but there seems to be something about lack of face to face communication that calls forth the worst in many.

I have spent time on sites talking about controversial issues and have often seen baseless attacks calling others liars, hypocrites, Nazis, fascists, tyrants, or generally the most insulting phrase they can come up with. In each case it seemed that the accuser was merely looking in a mirror identifying the other guy with qualities that are within himself. More often than not the accusation of “liar” is made merely because the one attacking disagrees with the victim and doesn’t want his argument to be true. Then if one researched the dialog of the attacker you will often find numerous lies and distortions in his own presentation.

It is interesting that Satan is called the “accuser” of the brethren “which accused them before our God day and night.” Rev 12:10

There is a time and place for a true and just accusation, but the seeker should avoid anything resembling a false accusation where the accusation is made to create problems rather than solve them.

And if a person lies should we immediately respond, calling them a liar? No. Accusation by name calling should be avoided whenever possible. Instead of calling the person a liar merely tell him, “You said this, but here is the truth.” That reveals the lie, but removes the seeker from the position of the accuser.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Those who say the path of achievement is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.

Day 355

The Necessity of Effort

The Seed Thought:

Those who say the path of achievement is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.

In the Alice A. Bailey books the influential master Djwhal Khul writes this:

“I am a brother of yours, who has travelled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost.”

Note that he says that he has arrived at his place on the Path because he has, “wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article.”

It is interesting that it is very popular for teachers from the old and new age to place emphasis on shortcuts that remove us from all responsibility of making an effort to actually accomplish anything or worth.

Among the Christian fundamentalist emphasis is placed on being saved by faith alone so all you have to do is acknowledge the right version of Jesus and then you are all set for eternity.

This same idea exists in a different form among many in alternative spirituality. Among them we hear such things such as:

“Accept our guru as divine and you can escape the wheel of life and enter eternal bliss.”

“Accept our message and the space brothers will rescue you from Armageddon.”

“Accept our teachings and you can escape duality and enter the blissful eternal void.

There are many versions of this idea, but in principle they are all the same which is, “Do as we say and your labors are over.”

When the seeker hears such teachings he must fall back on his common sense and the wisdom of the soul and ask, “When has anyone ever achieved a great accomplishment without effort? Does not real world observation tell us that progress in any endeavor is largely proportional to the effort made?”

The only qualification is that the effort should be made in the right direction, but even if the disciple works smart and efficiently great effort is still needed for a great accomplishment.

The highest aspect of God is Will for without the will to create the universe would not even exist. Now some believers think that all God had to do to create the universe was snap his fingers, but reality says otherwise as science indicates that God has been at it for over 14 billion years and still things are far from perfect. It is even taking God a great effort to whip the universe into perfect condition.

The same principle of focused effort is needed by all lives including you and me if we want to accomplish anything worthwhile.

“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Jesus – Matt 5:15-16

“And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and THEIR WORKS DO FOLLOW THEM.” Rev 14:13

Seed Thought of the Day:

Falling in love is the closest thing most mortals have that relates to a direct experience with God.

Day 356

The God Experience

The Seed Thought:

Falling in love is the closest thing most mortals have that relates to a direct experience with God.

There are those fortunate people who have had the falling in love experience where the intensity was so great that the individuals do not want to be apart, as they are experiencing a greater high than any drug could produce.

The experience is so joyful that it is seen as a cherished memory even if the relationship breaks up.

Even more fortunate are those who have had a spiritual experience of oneness with Spirit. This can be even more intense and is an even more wonderful memory.

Now both of these experiences have their lower pseudo counterpart.

The true falling in love experience is produced from a two-way sharing of love energy. The feeling produced in a one-way attraction only involves lower desire and though the feeling may be intense, the vibration is low and incomplete.

Correspondingly, the true spiritual experience is also two-way – between the seeker and a great spiritual life. The false one involves the individual tuning into his own higher emotions which can generate intense feeling.

Those who have had both true experiences will marvel at the similarity between the two. The question is, why are they similar?

In the spiritual experience the seeker shares a oneness with pure spiritual life. With falling in love the two are imperfect personalities but overlook the lower and for a time see the perfected soul in each other. Thus the two experiences are similar with the spiritual one being of a more refined vibration because two lower personalities are not involved.

If those who have had a true mutual falling in love experience realize that there are higher and more intense spiritual experiences available then they have great reason to continue on the path of the seeker until full soul contact is achieved.

Seed Thought of the Day:

One must have enough empathy to relate to the suffering in the world, but keep enough detachment to avoid madness.

Day 357


The Seed Thought:

One must have enough empathy to relate to the suffering in the world, but keep enough detachment to avoid madness.

Some who are sensitive complain that they suffer when around others who are in pain and this makes life difficult for them.

All of us are affected by this to a degree. Perhaps the most common situation is that of a parent dealing with a sick child. The suffering of an innocent child, especially your own, has a powerful emotional pull on one who loves him or her.

But consider all that is happening on planet Earth. Millions of all ages are suffering and near death with disease, accidents and abuse. Just imagine the distress you would feel if you could feel all their pain. Such a thing would indeed lead to madness.

Then consider the universe itself. Somewhere in the Universe a star system is going Nova and is completely destroyed with all life therein. Considering that there must be millions of planets with life that has suffering thereon certainly would magnify this problem of one identifies with the whole.

Yet even through all this suffering the Creator remains at peace and in a state of bliss.

Since we are created in the image of God we can do the same thing and see from a perspective that allows us to remain at peace no matter what is happening around us.

Fortunately, we are each created with a separate consciousness so we do not share another’s pain unless we extend our consciousness through empathy. The seeker must be careful to not over extend his empathy or he will become so distracted that he will be of no use to God or man – and certainly useless to those who are suffering that he wishes to help.

Once again, a moderate common sense approach works best.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If reality disagrees with your opinion then change your opinion.

Day 358

The Key to Change

The Seed Thought:

If reality disagrees with your opinion then change your opinion.

It may seem obvious to the casual observer that people would follow this advice, but unfortunately many do not.

And why is this the case?

Because we as humans just do not want to admit we may have been wrong.

And why is this?

There are two reasons. The first is obvious and related to the ego. To admit to ourselves that we have been wrong disturbs the ego’s sense of self worth or value. The “I” part of ourselves likes to see us as being clever, astute and being right all the time. It takes a blow when confronted with error and becomes defensive.

The second reason is not so obvious which involves the time factor. A wrong choice often leads the individual on a path of labor which causes an investment of much time and labor. No matter what the investment is no one wants to lose it all and start over. When the person has resources invested in a direction he seeks to protect the investment, even if it is a Ponzi scheme.

Therefore, to discover you are wrong usually involves the deflation of the ego and loss of investment. At least that is the way it is perceived.

So, how does the seeker transcend this problem so he can move ahead?

A greater realization will help the seeker overcome the ego. If he realizes that finding error so he can increase his progress toward the truth is a much greater benefit than the saving of a hurt ego he will greet correction with gladness rather than anger. The ego will still tell the seeker that it wants to be right but the higher part of himself has to tell the ego to settle down.

A higher realization also solves the second problem. The seeker must realize that part of his journey involves taking the wrong paths, understanding why they are wrong and then moving back to the correct one. He is not losing an investment for the whole journey is the investment. By analogy, discovering an error is like adding money to your bank account.

In both cases a higher realization is the key to success.

Seed Thought of the Day:

What good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.

Day 359

Let Your Light Shine

The Seed Thought:

What good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.

This thought calls to mind the words of Jesus:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matt 5:14-16

Who wants to put a light under a basket? You would think the answer would be no one, yet such a thing must be a problem or Jesus would not have brought it up.

Notice how the verse begins. Even though the greatest light was Jesus, he did not tell them, “I am the light of the world,” but “Ye are the light of the world.” He said this to his disciples who were taking his words seriously. Jesus was a lighted candle, who lit other candles. He obviously wanted them to see that they also had light and once having light one incurs a responsibility to spread that light.

What would prevent a disciple from sharing light and truth once it is received? There are several things:

(1) A feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness.

I’m sure some in the audience felt that Jesus was doing the job for all and their contribution would not be important, but these did not realize that Jesus needed their help, that it was important for them to let their light “shine before men.”

(2) They think that any attempt to enlighten others is related to the ego wanting feel important and should be avoided.

Yet the greatest proclaimer of light to the world was Jesus. Was he centered in the ego? Was he encouraging others to be egotistic by admonishing then to expose the light they have?

To share is not saying you are better than the one receiving, but is an act of love if done with a humble spirit.

(3) Fear. The sharing of light is often met with resistance, ridicule and attack. Because of this many are hesitant to let their light shine. Of course, the seeker must use wisdom in how he shares and not unduly antagonize others, but he should share what he can without fear as the opportunity permits.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Imagination precedes reality, so imagine well.

Day 360

Imagine Well

The Seed Thought:

Imagination precedes reality, so imagine well.

The seeker must firmly establish in his mind the fact that thought has tremendous power to create and that creation can be good or bad. For instance, Tony Robbins tells his listeners how he visualized being rich and successful and it came to pass. Then we have the Biblical story of Job with all his problems who exclaimed, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” Job 3:25

Imagining either good things or negative results sends energy and structure into the creative ethers so we might as well imagine that which is desirable.

Most seekers will buy into this idea but some will ask why anyone would focus on the negative. One thing we do know for sure is that many people do make this mistake, but it helps to understand why. There are a number of reasons.

The first is that many do not understand the power of their own thoughts. If they fail to correlate results with positive or negative thinking then they will not monitor their thoughts and may often find themselves wandering into ideas that are not wanted in the real world.

Secondly destructive thoughts take less energy than constructive ones. It is always much easier to destroy than to build.

Thirdly, fear is a very powerful emotion and has great power to make life miserable. Even if the thing you fear does not happen the results of the fearful thoughts may still bring numerous unwanted events in life.

Lack of confidence or feeling undeserving is another factor. Many just do not think they deserve good things to happen to them.

The list could go on but this gives the general idea. The seeker must learn to neutralize the negative and once he realizes the power of his building thoughts he can place his focus on desired outcomes.

Some outcomes take more energy to manifest than others so they key to success lies in two main factors.

Pick an outcome that you feel is possible and that you are sure will be satisfying.

Secondly persevere until success is achieved. Someone once said, “Have you ever known someone who has worked his entire life on a goal and did not achieve some measure of success?”

Fortunately most goals do not take a lifetime to achieve, especially for the seeker who understands the power of his thought and imagination.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Therefore, focus on getting ready rather than just thinking one is ready. Find your next step.

Day 361

The True Teacher

The Seed Thought:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Therefore, focus on getting ready rather than just thinking one is ready. Find your next step.

The first sentence is a famous maxim known by all spiritual students. Most students think they are ready and either think they have found their teacher or looking for one to show up. The questions to ask are these:

  • Am I really ready, or do I mistakenly assume I am?
  • Are the current teachers in my life just placeholders filling in time until I am ready for the real teacher?
  • What steps do I need to take to be ready for a teacher that can truly assist me?
  • How can I recognize such a teacher when he or she shows up?

Most students assume they are ready for a real teacher, but many are not. Just like there are true and false teachers there are true and false students (or perhaps “misled” is a better word). What is the difference between the two categories?

The main difference is this. The true and wise student will be doing all in his power to find and fulfill his next step and doing his best to develop talents and increasing his power to serve.

The misled student will not be fully applying himself but be waiting around for enlightenment to strike, or a teacher to just show up and tell him what to do. Instead, the student must seek soul contact and focus on impressions therefrom.

The teacher may be an unseen master, an advanced spirit, his own Higher Self or one here in the flesh and may step forward to assist after the student has first done all he can do on his own.

The student needs to ask this question. “Why would a busy teacher take time to teach me knowledge that is already explained in a book that is sitting on the table in front of me?” First study that which is readily available then you may be given more.

Until the seeker truly makes himself ready he will encounter many who will compete to be his authority, or link to the Divine. These are placeholders and also teachers but not the kind looked for. Their job is to teach us what a real teacher is not.

How does the student recognize the real teacher? He can only be sure of recognition when a degree of soul contact is achieved. The real teacher will be more of a guide than an authoritative figure and stimulate the student to to move forward with or without his presence. The truth imparted will be confirmed through his own soul contact.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You find what you are looking for, whether it be good or evil, the true or the false, freedom or slavery.

Day 362

You Find What You Look For

The Seed Thought:

You find what you are looking for, whether it be good or evil, the true or the false, freedom or slavery.

The Bible Code caused a big stir a few years back. Researchers discovered that if they looked for hidden references of historical events in the Torah that they could find them. Some then concluded that all the history, past and future, was secretly placed there by God. They concluded that since past events seemed to be predicted in there that the future has to be there also. They then applied this same process and made numerous future predictions.

The strange thing is that none of the future predictions came true.

This same phenomena happens with the writings of Nostradamus. After any big event we see some article telling us that it was written of by this sage. In fact, every big event from the past seems to be in there, but finding the future in his writings presents the same problem as the Bible Code. Every announcement of the discovery of a prophecy of the future seems to fail.

The question to ask is this. Why do scholars find past events in code in these two sets of writings, but cannot find the future there?

The answer is very simple and that is that we humans find what we are looking for.

If you wonder whether the Bible Code or Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 event then you have this in the back of your mind as you look and anything that seems to verify your notion on this stands out and in the end the image in your mind is verified.

Finding the future there is much different because you do not know what it is and thus you just look at what is actually on the page.

The fact that one can find the past but not the future gives evidence to the principle that we find what we look for.

This applies even to some quite outrageous beliefs such as the flat earth. The Internet age has revived interest in this idea and even though we now have thousands of photographs of a round globe, which is earth as well as other globular planets, those who look for evidence of a flat earth find it. Such people have made many hours of video giving us the supposed evidence they are correct.

The question the seeker may ask is this. If we find what we are looking for then is it possible to find the truth? After all, the earth cannot be both flat and a round globe. Only one has to be true.

Yes, the seeker can find the truth. To find it one has to merely look with no preconceived notions. This is very difficult as most people are influenced by their bias. The final solution is to obtain solid soul contact. Then the soul will guide the seeker’s attention away from bias and directly toward that which is true.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

Day 363

Refiner’s Fire

The Seed Thought:

Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so, must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

A recent thought I wrote enlarges on this idea:

It is ironic that life often treats her benefactors as if they are criminals who must pay a debt before they can serve the greater good.

The greatest example of this was Jesus, but there are many others such as his disciples, Galileo, Ignaz Semmelweis who was attacked for insisting that physicians wash their hands before an operation, Winston Churchill when warning of Hitler, and many more.

Any time a seeker decides to participate to any degree in moving himself or any part of humanity forward toward greater light and love it will generate a vacuum of negative force that will bring forth events and circumstances to pull the person backwards and keep him from taking the step forward.

When the seeker decides to use his resources to advance toward greater light and love he must be prepared to encounter resistance. The greater the impulse is to move forward the greater will be the resisting force to pull him backwards.

When one goes forward in the service of others he would think that one would be greeted with open arms by the many who would benefit, but that is rarely the way it works out. Instead, it seems that the servant must first go through a trial by fire, as if the gods demand that the one making a Herculean effort must first prove himself before he even is qualified to be a worthy servant.

Jesus made this important statement to disciples:

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matt 10:16

He also said: “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness.” Luke 16:9

A good example of this approach was Isaac Newton. He spent a third of his life investigating forbidden ideas in scripture, a third in forbidden alchemy and the occult, and a third in science, which was accepted. He wisely kept two thirds of his research and thinking secret so as to not inflame the authorities at the time. It wasn’t until 2007 that his spiritual thinking was published to the masses. His wise approach prevented potential enemies from destroying his work.

Many a seeker thinks that he needs to just blurt out all that is on his mind, but sometimes this is not wise. Instead, he must take a realistic look at what the public is willing to receive and give it to them while holding back on some of those things which would cause enemies to come out of the woodwork opposing him.

Then there are other times that the only path ahead involves a release of the truth that will cause great conflict that must be faced, as was the case with Jesus.

This is where true soul contact is so important. The true seeker must be prepared to follow whatever it is the path the Higher Will sets out for him.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Most pain and disease has its root cause in resistance to taking the next harmless step in spiritual progression. Find out what that next step is, and take it; then a quantum of life energy will be released to circulate and heal your entire being.

Day 364

Causation and Pain

The Seed Thought:

Most pain and disease has its root cause in resistance to taking the next harmless step in spiritual progression. Find out what that next step is, and take it; then a quantum of life energy will be released to circulate and heal your entire being.

If you take two people living a similar lifestyle and it turns out that one is healthy and pain free, whereas the other is enduring all kinds of pain and suffering what are we to conclude?

The common thinking is that the one enduring hardship is just a victim of bad luck associated with his inherited health potential and there was nothing he could have done to avoid his problems. To insinuate in any degree that those who suffer hardships, ill health and pain are exacerbated by anything other than maybe diet and lack of exercise is politically incorrect and can be a cause of vicious attack for being insensitive.

The hard fact is this. There is a cause for everything. If two people have the same lifestyle and one suffers painful ill health then there is something going on in this person that is initiating the cause.

I will briefly explain the cause of much pain and suffering by the individual not recognized by the science of today. It is simply this. Your soul or Higher Self has a plan for your life with lessons you need to learn. When it sees the time is right for the seeker to take the next step it sends an impression that will register on subtle levels in the hope of eventually reaching the fully conscious mind. If the seeker correctly picks up the message and acts upon it then he will release currents of energy that will energize him and successfully propel in onward through his life’s missions.

On the other hand, if he looks at his next step and resists taking it then blockages of energy will occur that create all kinds of painful problems. More often than not the pilgrim will reject his next step and create problems for himself until those problems become so painful that he looks up at the skies and asks, “Why me, God!” It seems that God is picking on him rater than trying to help him.

Asking this question is often a milestone and eventually leads to an answer where the next step can be taken and the pain and problems neutralized.

The next step in the progression of any individual is never easy. Because it is difficult resistance is common. If the seeker obtains a degree of soul contact he will be able to successfully see the next step ad take it without putting up a fight and creating many problems for himself.

Seed Thought of the Day:

We have reached the end of this course and have only one day left. If you have applied all the lessons it is hoped that they have been helpful in bringing you closer to your soul and understanding your true connection. We will end this course with two important, but connected seed thoughts.

An important key to spiritual progression is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be true.

A broken promise is serious because it is a breaking of the will, your will. You have willed to do a thing and your will was broken by the only person who can break it, yourself.

Day 365

Being the Truth

Final Seed Thoughts:

An important key to spiritual progression is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be true.

A broken promise is serious because it is a breaking of the will, your will. You have willed to do a thing and your will was broken by the only person who can break it, yourself.

How does the seeker expect to find and recognize truth if he is consciously giving out that which is not true? The law of cause and effect tells us that we reap as we sow – that we receive back in kind to that which we have given out. Therefore, it stands to reason that if one gives out error and distortion he will receive, not pure truth, but error and distortion in return.

Have you ever explained to another something you knew of a surety to be true and present him with solid evidence, yet he cannot see it? Instead, he clings to a distortion of reality that you know is just not close to the true one. Have you wondered why this person cannot see the truth when it seems so obvious?

The answer is that the person has practiced deception on others and thus is suffering the effect on himself.

In this last lesson, if I can stress just one important starting point on the road to complete soul contact, it is that the seeker must be true to himself and others, else he cannot expect the truth to be true to him. If he allows deception to creep into his words then oftentimes he will not be able to see truth when it is staring him in the face.

To correctly discern truth and error that is out there he must first correctly separate truth from error within his own heart.

Now, of course, the seeker can make honest mistakes and some error may turn up in the words of the most honest among us. The responsibility though is to make sure that all the words coming out of your conscious mind are true to be best of your ability and knowledge. The worst thing the seeker can do to hinder soul contact is to tell outright lies that he knows are not true.

A broken promise is similar to a lie but different. When a lie is told the person knows that it is not true but many promises are made thinking that they will be fulfilled, but were not. Maybe the promise was completely sincere, but something unexpected happened to prevent its fulfillment.

In the area of promises, unlike merely telling the truth, more than sincerity is needed. On top of this, must be added good judgment and foresight. The seeker must look into the future and see all possibilities that could interfere with the fulfillment of the promise. If you promise to take your spouse out for dinner on Wednesday, yet there is a 10% chance your boss will ask you to work late then that 10% chance must be factored in. The seeker would then qualify his promise with careful wording such as,

“I’ll take you out to dinner as long as I do not have to work late.”

Or, even better, “Let’s plan on dinner Wednesday, barring something unforeseen.”“


“Lets go out to dinner Wednesday.”

The last statement only gives your intention, but has no promise behind it. If something comes up you both realize is important there is no harm done and no promise is broken.

Consider this. Suppose you were visited by a divine messenger, as were some of the prophets of old, and he gave you some truth accompanied by a promise. Would you trust him?

Most likely you would.


Because you associate a Divine Presence with truth.

If the seeker wants to be one with his Divine Soul or Higher Self then he must also become one that can be trusted to tell the truth and fulfill his promises.

It is my wish that the readers will take this advice that sets them on the path and then follow it to the consummation of full soul contact.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 26


Day 340

The Next Step

The Seed Thought:

To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.

Many standard Christians see themselves as saved. To them this is the ultimate accomplishment, so there is no greater attainment possible. There is nowhere else to go when sanding still is the best option.

Then we find many in the New Age community who see themselves at the end of their evolution and figure that they are on their last life. Since this is the pinnacle of accomplishment, they too have no next step, or nowhere to go but to stand still and just not go backwards.

Then there are many others who may not see themselves in any ultimate situation, but as being enlightened and very far up the spiritual path, maybe even a master or a famous person incarnate. These have a problem taking their next step because most are missing the step they are supposed to take and working on something which truly lies beyond their consciousness.

If you are climbing a ladder and are half way to the top, there are two things you do not want to do. You do not want to be deceived into thinking you are at the top when you are in the middle and thus stand still.

Secondly, you do not want to see your next step as being the fourth step ahead as that is impossible to take. Instead, you need to find the actual next step and take it.

The problem with finding the next step is that most people are centered in the ego and the false self will not tell you the truth. It will either humiliate you and make you think you are not worthy to take any step or it will glorify you, inflate your worth and tell you that you are a spiritual giant.

The seeker can only find his true place and the next step to be taken by going within and communicating with his own soul. He or she must ask, what subtle impressions have they have received from within about what they are supposed to be doing. When the right answer is received and followed the seeker will have a sense of well being and peace and be assured that their next step is a good one.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.


Day 341

Practical Work

The Seed Thought:

It is fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.

Many of those interested in alternative spiritual thinking are viewed by the masses as embracing illogical and impractical thinking. This has the negative effect of causing numerous potential investigators to stay away from thinking out of the box.

So what are some of the impractical doctrines that distract from practical thinking? Here are a few:

(1) The end of the world is approaching and we need to abandon all and prepare for space aliens, God, Jesus or Zork to come to the rescue.

(2) Teaching that there are shortcuts to salvation or escaping the wheel of life making any work you do here without value.

(3) Fanciful teachings about mysteries of the past, presenting data that cannot be proven true or false. While there is nothing wrong with contemplating any truth, too much focus on that which cannot be proven takes away for work that can be of real value.

(4) Believing and promoting the flat earth idea. To the surprise of logical thinkers this idea is enjoying a renaissance and a disturbing number of people are embracing it and wasting time promoting it.

Then there are others who are sincere seekers of the truth and do learn from some of the highest sources, but focus much more on learning than doing. Learning is, of course, valuable, but to be of true value the learning must be applied, preferably in acts of service.

The wise seeker must seek above all learning that can be transmuted into some type of useful activity. This can include esoteric ideas that merely shed additional light on true principles but should also include principles that have a practical application. Categories of practical spiritual learning would include:

(1) Anything that improves physical, emotional or spiritual well-being.

(2) Useful meditation techniques

(3) The presentation of principles so understanding is enhanced.

(4) Teachings that enhance goodwill and right human relations.

(5) Teachings that inspire service that is actually helpful to others.

The bottom line is the seeker needs to have as the end goal the improving of his or her usefulness and ability to serve.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You either make decisions that create your life, or someone else does it for you.


Day 342


The Seed Thought:

You either make decisions that create your life, or someone else does it for you.

Many people feel they are much more in charge of their life than they are – that they are the ones making decisions when they are really floating downstream in a current produced by the decisions of others.

The part of life most affected by this is a person’s belief system. Many parts of the average belief system were not chosen, but planted by parents or trusted authorities. Perhaps the individual did choose a religion, a political party or group as a whole, but never examined all the ingredients. All the doctrines and beliefs were created by someone else but the supporter just accepts the whole package without looking closely at the fine print.

The seeker needs to realize which parts of his life are governed by his own decisions and by the decisions others. He needs to unravel illusion so he does not think that decisions made by others that control or guide him are his own decisions.

Now it is not wrong to have parts of your life governed by the decisions of others. Politicians and various representatives make decisions for us all the time. We may not agree with them all, but it is necessary for a lot of decision making to be had outside of our personal circle.

There are spheres of decisions that affect us over which we have no control and then there is a sphere of decisions over which we have power. The seeker should never give this power away unless he can see that it will work to his advantage. He must claim as his own, decisions within his own power and make the best of them. If he doesn’t use this power of decision on a matter then someone else will do it for him and if things do not work out he will have no one to blame but himself.

The greatest power in the seeker’s life is that of decision and it is a valuable skill to use it wisely.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.


Day 343

The Good Student

The Seed Thought:

To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.

The prevailing wisdom is for people to view the teaching position as being superior to the student, but we need to consider this. Without students there can be no teacher and, conversely, without teachers there can be no students. Every teacher was once a student and if he continues in his progression will be a student again. The student-teacher, or sender-receiver situation is a cycle that repeats indefinitely.

The idea of superior-inferior is entirely the wrong approach to viewing this relationship as all are capable of teaching some things and all are capable of learning and both approaches must be incorporated into our lives for successful living.

A student who views the teacher as superior rather than just a different place on the path is likely to be handicapped in his learning and delayed in his ability to become a similar teacher himself. Instead, the student needs to see himself and the teacher as fellow travelers in this earth school (where we are all students) who are working together toward a similar end. The good student does not have as his first priority to pass the class or get good grades, but to learn practical knowledge that can be applied in life. One piece of practical learning is worth dozens related to theory that can never be used in the life of the student.

So, what are the qualities we look for in the successful student? Here are a few:

(1) The student will not see learning as an inferior position but will look forward to using the acquired knowledge productively.

(2) The student will be wise in his choice of a teacher and the classes taught so his time will be well spent.

(3) The student will sort out the profitable from the unusable material and concentrate on that.

(4) The student will focus on seeing the principles involved rather than merely memorizing data.

(5) The student will formulate in his mind how he would present the information if he were the teacher (which may be the case in the future).

Indeed all seekers must take the learning position seriously for every teacher first had to be a student and will be again.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is one space yet innumerable stars manifesting in it. Correspondingly, there is one God manifesting many lives, including you and me.


Day 344

The One Life

The Seed Thought:

There is one space yet innumerable stars manifesting in it. Correspondingly, there is one God manifesting many lives, including you and me.

Spiritual teachers from the beginning have contemplated the oneness of God with all life. How is it that we can share a oneness with God, or the One Great Life, yet remain in a separate consciousness on the earth?

A popular analogy goes like this: The life of God is like a great ocean of water. We as individuals are like drops of water that have been separated from the main body. Then, when oneness is realized, we become like the drop that is placed back in the ocean, which contains all the drops merged into one body.

This idea is good food for thought and gives a rough idea of how God is the one and the many. On the other hand, it is not exact for this reason.

Once a drop of water is merged back into the ocean it will never exist again, for the millions of molecules which compose it are scattered in all directions. That particular drop will never again be reconstituted.

On the other hand, we as individual lives continue after oneness is realized. The essence of our life continues even after oneness is realized. That is because oneness with God is made by linkage rather than merging. Paul speaks of this principle:

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being MANY, are one body: SO ALSO IS CHRIST.” I Corinthians 12:12

God having one body but many members is different than an ocean composed of many merged drops. In an ocean each merged drop is the same, but in a body each part, which shares in the oneness of the body, plays a distinct and unique role.

So, is there a better analogy that more accurately reflects reality?

Indeed there is. Just go outside at night and look up in the sky and the truth of the oneness of life is revealed.

How many stars do you see?


And if we use our telescopes how many stars are revealed?


And all of these stars are ingredients that exist within the body of space. How many spaces are there?

There is only one space that contains the entire universe.

The body of the one space contains and links every star, every planet and every life in the universe, yet each life is still unique and follows its distinct path for the ages.

This correspondence is worthy of deep reflection.

Seed Thought of the Day:

One of the important teachings of the approaching age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.


Day 345

The Female Energy

The Seed Thought:

One of the important teachings of the approaching age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.

The female energy has been a mystery through the centuries, even to the females. They have been tricked into thinking all the power is invested in the male energy and to succeed they must act as a male to compete and succeed. Doing this is comparable to swimming upstream. It can be done but things will seem unfair when you are competing with others swimming with the current.

To understand this problem the seeker must understand the difference between the male and female energy. The male energy is radiant, visible, active, sending and outgoing. The female energy is magnetic, invisible, receiving and works more on the inner plane than the outer. The male energy scatters and separates the one into the many while the female energy pulls the many into the one.

It is interesting that the female started to come into her own energy about the time that Newton caused the scientific world to pay attention to the law of gravity – a female energy. Civilization has made progress in understanding the female but still has a long way to go. Most still think the female will only be equal when she has an equal amount of power in the male energy and this is illusion – just as it is to believe that the male would achieve equality by obtaining an equal portion of female energy.

Evidence of female dominance in receiving is illustrated in the fact that over the records of student grades for the past 100 years females outperform males in all countries and subjects studied. Then when it comes to sending or initiating the males out perform.

The difference is illustrated in the male and female bodies. The male sends the sperm and the female receives. When the cycle is completed then a new creation occurs. This correspondence gives the seeker much food for thought and contemplation – much too much to cover in detail here, but is covered in my other writings.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Since you are in the image of God then whatever God can do, you can do. Nothing is impossible.


Day 346

The Image of God

The Seed Thought:

Since you are in the image of God then whatever God can do, you can do. Nothing is impossible.

In Genesis we read:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

The implications of this are revealed in a later verse:

“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…” Gen 3:22

This tells us that the “image” of God refers to much more than any physical representation, but other qualities such as the power to judge “good and evil.”

If we are then truly in the image of God then we have all the attributes and potential of God within us. We can possess all the powers of Jehovah who spoke those words, for we can become as one with the Godhead.

Why is this the case?

As reflections of God we have all the potential that God has. The skeptic will then ask why cannot we do great miracles with the snap of a finger?

The answer is that there are many things God cannot do with the snap of a finger for human beings are the arms and legs of God on the earth. You are a part of the wholeness of the One Great Life which we call God and that life, which is you, chose to enter into dense material substance in a limited condition in order to further your own progression. You are a reflection of God with all the powers of God, but do not yet realize what you are, so you are restricted in time and space to a limited condition in the game of life.

The prime limitation is our consciousness that does not understand our potential. When humans developed the advance in consciousness to recognize good and evil they removed a great limitation and opened the door to greater realization that would eventually restore all their powers of godliness, just as is possessed by Jehovah.

The difference between Jehovah and a regular mortal is not their origin, for both are a part of the One Great Life we call God. The difference is consciousness. Jehovah has the limitations of consciousness removed and humans are still restricted by them. With each removal of limitation we move one step closer to becoming as the “we” mentioned in the scripture.

All things are possible when our self-imposed limitations are removed and they will be removed when the seeker is ready.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To be born again is to drop all preconceived notions planted by the traditions of men, and see the world anew, as if through the eyes of a child.


Day 347

The Two Kingdoms

The Seed Thought:

To be born again is to drop all preconceived notions planted by the traditions of men, and see the world anew, as if through the eyes of a child.

The scriptures shed some additional light on this idea:

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

When one is born he enters life as a child and Jesus said this about them:

“And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 18:2-3

So is having a crusade and filling believers full of emotional energy the fulfillment of this or is there an actual principle involved?

Indeed, there is a principle.

Jesus spoke of two different kingdoms. One is the material world in which we live and another that is spiritual. He made this evident when he spoke to Pilate:

“Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” John 18:36

And where is this kingdom?

“the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

All of our outer senses are tuned to only perceiving the material world. Many are so focused on them that they will not accept the existence of anything that cannot be perceived by them. If you speak of things spiritual to them they will immediately discount them and not even consider another possible reality. They are like the Vatican scientists who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope. Because they did not look they could not see the moons of Jupiter.

In order to discover the kingdom of God one must at least look for it and to look for it one must drop all preconceived notions that it does not exist. The outside world (represented by the authorities in the days of Jesus) places every possible obstacle in the seeker’s path:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” Matt 23:13

Even today the authorities of the world do not look for and find the spiritual kingdom for themselves and do all in their power to convince others not to look, telling us that revelations, near death and out of body experiences, visions, angelic encounters and all sorts of spiritual experiences are merely products of the stimulation of the physical brain and are illusions.

For the seeker to discover the inner world of soul contact he or she must become as a little child and have a mind that is a clean slate willing to consider anything. When the seeker then approaches the inner kingdom as if it may be real the truth of its reality will be discovered. It will then be discovered that experience is more real than the declarations of outer authorities and nothing can take such knowledge away.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force is pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on our next plateau of consciousness.


Day 348

Moving Forward

The Seed Thought:

When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force is pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on our next plateau of consciousness.

Even those who are not spiritual seekers will notice that whenever they try to do something that improves their lives that it seems that events and people just seem to come out of the woodwork to prevent them from succeeding.

If a person tries to quit smoking then it will seem that an unusual number of people will offer them free cigarettes. If one goes on a diet then great tasting rich foods will be available at every turn as well as a seemingly unusual amount of sumptuous ads for delicious forbidden foods.

While it is true that the average person will just notice the temptations more because he has deprived himself, there is also a true principle involved.

We as human lives are immersed in many fields of energy and it requires a transfer of spiritual energy to move toward the light or away from it. Moving backwards is the line of least resistance and forwards is the most. It is like the difference between going upstream or down. Going upstream requires more effort.

Yes, the guy seeking to improve his diet will encounter many temptations not linked to energy but he will also be attempting a small step toward greater light which forces him to go against the current. Thus, to succeed he must not only overcome the obvious outer temptations but the subtle energies at play as well.

For the average person seeking self-improvement the outer temptations are dominate over the subtle, but this situation is reversed for the seeker of greater light and wisdom. For him the outer evidence may seem to support his decision to advance forward into greater light. As he contemplates his decision it seems to make sense to move forward toward an increase of light, love and a more finely tuned inner vision.

Then when definite steps are taken toward greater light a significant disturbance of the force is created. It is as if a vacuum is created right behind him that creates a great force that pulls him backwards.

Jesus spoke of this principle:

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” Matt 12:43-45

This illustrates the principle that when the seeker takes a step forward and thinks that he has made an advance that forces will come into his life seven times stronger than the energy he expended to move forward. When this happens many a seeker succumbs and instead of going back to where he was he winds up in a worse state than before.

The good news is that most seekers will eventually develop the inner strength to counter the powerful forces against his advancement. He will handle the inner turmoil and ignore the outer negative voices and by the strength of an enhanced will he will stand steady in the light no matter what forces attempt to pull him toward the darkness.

When he (and of course she) stand unmoved steady in the light the negative forces dissipate and the seeker then finds his place secure until the next step forward is taken.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Using feeling alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. Mind and heart are the two necessary hands.


Day 349

True Heart

The Seed Thought:

Using feeling alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. Mind and heart are the two necessary hands.

It is common for teachers of alternative spiritual thinking to portray the mind as some kind of enemy of enlightenment, that we need to put it aside completely and place our full attention on the heart. This, however, runs contrary to this ancient prophet as well as common sense:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jer 17:9

Jeremiah here seems to be on the other extreme. After all, isn’t the heart the seat of love which is a good thing?

Here is where the problem of discussing the heart energies enters in. The heart center streams the energies of both love and wisdom, but it has its reflection in the solar plexus where most people have their center of consciousness. The solar plexus, governing lower feeling reverses true reality and leads to great deception. When the average person thinks of following his heart he really thinks of following his solar plexus lower feelings rather than the real heart. Because Jeremiah was speaking to those centered in the solar plexus his words were quite appropriate.

An example of the deception of the lower feelings associated with heart is the lady who falls in love with an abusive guy who follows her feelings into a world of misery while ignoring warnings registered by the mind.

To encourage the masses to follow their heart and ignore their mind is a very dangerous teaching for following the lower feelings while ignoring common sense is madness and leads to most of the problems we see people having in their lives.

The seeker must realize that the true heart center is composed of twelve energy pedals, part connected to spiritual love and the other to wisdom which is linked to mind. In addition, the heart has a distorted reflection in the solar plexus, but a higher more accurate reflection in the head chakra causing a union of mind and heart for the enlightened seeker who focuses on higher mind and heart rather than distorted feelings and the physical brain.

Let then the seeker follow the path of holiness (wholeness) by embracing both mind and heart, working in unison to take him to the feet of God.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Anyone can be the soul mate of another if both drop all barriers that separate and see the true spiritual being.


Day 350

Soul Mates

The Seed Thought:

Anyone can be the soul mate of another if both drop all barriers that separate and see the true spiritual being.

It is a common belief that there is one special person who is a soul mate and that if you find him or her that you will live together in a life of bliss, unity and understanding.

When people fall in love they often think they have found that person, but then after difficulties arise they find themselves despising that person they once adored. At that point they figure they made a big mistake and either the soul mate is elsewhere or doesn’t exist and is a myth.

Then there are a handful of individuals who have a happy relationship who figure they have indeed found their soul mate of destiny.

What is the truth of the matter here? Are there really only a lucky handful who can have a relationship with enough harmony to qualify as soul mates?

Let all seekers run this answer by their souls for verification.

There is no single person who can be your soul mate. All of us are children of the One God and have the same potential and at our core is the spark of Divinity.

That spark is represented in each individual by his own soul or Higher Self, but our vision is clouded by the imperfect judgments we make in this land of shadows and illusion.

How is it that a person can feel blissfully in love, feeling they have found a soul mate at one time, then a while later be filled with hate toward that same person?

The answer is that this person overlooked the personality and looked for the good that lies beneath the surface of us all.

If the seeker does this with any individual he or she will feel a soul to soul link that is similar to others who think they have found their soul mate.

The differences in personality characteristics and qualities hide the love of the soul and yes, some differences are much harder to filter out than others.

Does this mean that to see the soul you have to deny flaws in others?

No. Instead the seeker applies the Lion Principle mentioned earlier. Just see these personality problems as something temporary that exists in this material world that clouds the vision of many. See the soul of even in difficult people and love them as souls, as Jesus did when he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” You do not have to be best buddies with them.

On the other hand, when you do find your life’s partner you will discover numerous personality differences that can cloud soul vision if allowed to get in the way. If the two can focus on the soul with more attention than personality differences they can have the soul mate experience for the entirety of their lives.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The more you let others do for you what you can do for yourself, the more chaos and seemingly bad luck will enter in.



Day 351

Self Sufficiency

The Seed Thought:

The more you let others do for you what you can do for yourself, the more chaos and seemingly bad luck will enter in.

There are two types of people in the world: Those who seek to be self sufficient to themselves and use the extra power of their resources to strengthen and serve others and those who think the world owes them a living and expect someone else to take care of their needs.

Yes, there are shades of gray between these two poles, but each person overall will gravitate to one side or the other.

The second group tends to follow the line of least resistance and let others do for them many things that they can do for themselves. The problem is that once a person becomes comfortable with this mindset it is difficult to escape from it. After all, if you need food, shelter, clothing or some of the luxuries of life, which is easier? To get some other person or agency to supply them or to earn them for yourself? If the individual finds some generous source to supply his needs then the temptation to continue life with his hand held out for freebies is great.

The trouble for this group is that energy follows thought and if the thought of dependence and helplessness is reinforced, time and time again, then the person will have less control over his life. As the years pass he will seem to be plagued with an increasing degree of bad luck and friends will tend to avoid him for fear of having to endure conversations of bad luck stories instead of fun conversation.

When you hear from a friend or associate what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If it is, “Oh, no, I wonder what he wants this time,” then you know that this guy is in the second category. If you have no such thoughts but just glad to hear from him or her then this individual is probably in the first category.

Every seeker should strive to find himself in the first category and do all in his power to, not only take care of himself, but to have an abundance of resources to assist others along the way. Keep in mind that there are many resources that are beyond the realm of money and material possessions.

Seed Thought of the Day:

An initiate is one who initiates. He or she will desire to do more than repeat the past, but to participate in creating the new and the beautiful.


Day 352

The Initiate

The Seed Thought:

An initiate is one who initiates. He or she will desire to do more than repeat the past, but to participate in creating the new and the beautiful.

In the past an initiate has been thought of as being a person who has joined some special or secret organization and jumped through some bells and whistles, learned secret code, knowledge, handshakes or mantras. He is a part of an inner circle with special access not available to the rank and file.

The question the seeker must ask is this. What good is it to be in on some esoteric secrets if you do not do anything with the knowledge to actually initiate something? In other words, if all one does is go through some process, but do little or nothing to benefit humanity then how is such an initiate any better off in his progress than one who has not gone through some outward initiation?

When you think about it any initiate worth his salt will do what the meaning of the word implies and “initiate” something of value.

The true initiate though does more than blindly repeating what has been done before. Reinventing the wheel accomplishes nothing new and useful. Instead, the initiate will make a better wheel.

Here are some things true initiates may be involved in.

He or she will either start, or assist in starting, a project, group, enterprise, business or movement.

He may initiate something new and different creatively in music, art, writing, architecture or other endeavors.

He may do something inventive or promote a new invention or process.

The greater the initiate the greater will be the power to initiate. To find some initiates just check the Internet for those who are doing new and different things that benefit humanity.

Finally, the question the seeker must ask himself is this: Am I involved in anything that will initiate new and better conditions for humanity?

Seed Thought of the Day:

An increase of freedom brings a temporary increase of both good and evil, but as the people choose truth over error that which is good will surface, be understood and dominate.


Day 353


The Seed Thought:

An increase of freedom brings a temporary increase of both good and evil, but as the people choose truth over error that which is good will surface, be understood and dominate.

The United States has 146 times more gun crime per 1000 people than North Korea. The main reason is a lack of freedom there as gun use or ownership is forbidden for civilian use and only allowed for the military.

On the other hand, the murder rate there is four times that of the United States. It looks like they find a way to kill each other, guns or no guns. It is said by some escaped dissidents that some murder for the sake of cannibalism as there is much starvation in the country.

Now let us suppose it was suddenly declared that anyone in that country could own a gun for any reason. Would that extra freedom produce some gun violence?

Of course. Instead of killing themselves with knives and hammers many would resort to guns.

The point is that with an increase of freedom in any area of life you will have an increase of activity and that increase will be on both sides resulting in an increase of good and evil.

The question we want to ask ourselves is do we want freedom where there is more good and evil or do we want lack of freedom where both good and evil actions are very limited?

The wise seeker will always side on the choice of freedom, within the structure of just law, for this reason. Though humanity makes many mistakes it learns from them and when good and evil are both revealed it will eventually side with the good. Thus maximum freedom, even though it allows the manifestation of both good and evil, causes progression toward the good in he long run.

On the other hand, suppression of freedom also suppresses progress and causes the consciousness of the people to stagnate.

The Principle of Freedom creates the main dividing line between the path of light and darkness.

Seed Thought of the Day:

An accuser and name caller is, more often than not, merely looking in a mirror and describing himself.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 25

Day 323

Seeking Answers

The Seed Thought:

Human nature generally takes the easy way and just wants to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon their own souls.

The truth behind this thought is more subtle than appears. Some may take it to mean that the seeker should never seek answers through established books and teachers, but such is far from the case. Without stimulation from the outside none of us would be able to function in this material world.

This is illustrated by some horrid examples of child abuse where the parents kept a child as an isolated prisoner for a number of years. When this happens, and the child is left with only himself and his soul, it is as if his progress comes to a standstill. If he were imprisoned at the age of ten and released at 15 then he still sees himself as a ten year old.

This tells us that we do indeed need more than guidance from within. In this world guidance from within must be balanced off with stimulation from without.

So, what is meant by the easy way? Does this include reading books and taking classes?

No. It does not. There are many truths in the books of the world and in instructions given by various teachers. Both of these can be very helpful.

What then is this easy way that causes the seeker to not reflect upon his own soul?

To understand we must realize that there are two types of information to be gleaned by the seeker.

The first is knowledge to which all reasoning minds agree is true. For instance, there are few who would question the principles of mathematics as taught in textbooks. The seeker has little reason to question that 2+2=4.

There is little reason to question any established facts. Concerning these it is best for the seeker to just take them in and add them to his memory.

What then is this lazy way that we should avoid?

To understand we must realize that there are two types of information given out to the public.

The first is information that contains facts that are not in dispute. An example would be that Washington was president of the United States between 1789 to 1797.

On the other hand, there are those who tell us what was in Washington’s mind concerning slavery. This represents the second type of information, which is not settled knowledge. Nothing is established here as an absolute fact and in this case the seeker must check out all the facts himself to come to a correct conclusion. If he goes the easy way and just accepts the word of an authority he will share the errors of that authority.

Are there other planets besides earth? Yes, definitely?

Do intelligent aliens live on these other worlds? To this there is no solid agreement and instead of trusting some UFO authority the seeker must examine the evidence and fall back on his own soul and decide for himself.

Is global warming going to present a catastrophic problem that should be of our greatest concern? Some authorities say yes and others tell us that we face much greater danger from other events such as a giant solar flare that happens every couple hundred years.

There are many who tell us what to believe when the facts are still in question. In this case the seeker must not take the word of any authority without question but seek out all the known facts and run them by his own soul to establish his own conclusions.

This is the key to escaping the mark of the beast as mentioned earlier.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Take those concepts that are embraced by the authorities of the world and look in the opposite direction. There you will find gems of truth.


Day 324

The Opposite Direction

The Seed Thought:

Take those concepts that are embraced by the authorities of the world and look in the opposite direction. There you will find gems of truth.

Unfortunately, most people will go in the opposite direction of this thought. Instead of thinking for themselves they will, without question, accept the authorities of the world and only look in the direction to which they point.

Fortunately, for the progress of the world there have always been a handful who have broken this rule.

One of the most notable was Galileo. In his day the authorities declared that the earth was the center of the universe and it was the sun that moved around it.

Galileo questioned this, built a telescope and found out the opposite was the true reality.

2000 years ago the religious authorities declared that an eye for an eye was the gold standard. Then Jesus came along, looked in opposite direction, and told them to love their enemies.

Newton’s laws were accepted as presenting space, time and mass as absolute. Einstein looked in the opposite direction and discovered that relativity is the higher norm.

For the seeker of today these insights are now obvious truths. The important thing for him or her in the present is not to see the obvious but to see what is overlooked by authorities today, just as Galileo did centuries ago.

He must look in the opposite direction of established thought and ask questions such as:

(1) Is God really all-powerful and all knowing?

(2) Are we headed toward a global cooling cycle rather than global warming?

(3) Was there really a big bang?

(4) Can we go faster than the speed of light?

Keep in mind that established thought is often correct, but sometimes it is not, so the seeker must always be willing to look in the opposite direction just to see what he finds. Any truth discovered by this method will be its own reward.

Seed Thought of the Day:

We may look at the problems in the world and feel overwhelmed, but if each helps those within his or her circle of influence the world will be healed.


Day 325

Doing Your Part

The Seed Thought:

We may look at the problems in the world and feel overwhelmed, but if each helps those within his or her circle of influence the world will be healed.

Many seekers listen to the news, see the problems in the world and feel somewhat depressed. We see starvation, deprivation, war, violence and all kinds of examples of man’s inhumanity to man. It often seems that anything one can do is insignificant, that maybe the best thing to do is retreat to some hideaway and hibernate.

This brings to mind the great truism: “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

Many seekers who have good intent feel frustrated and wind up doing nothing rather than something.

This is a huge mistake and one of the main reasons there is so much suffering and lack of justice in the world.

The vast majority of people have good intentions, but many do not do their share in bringing those intentions into reality. If everyone did then suffering on this planet would be minimized.

So, what should the path of the seeker be who wants to do his part? The first thing is to look at his family and friends who may need assistance or a helping hand. This need may not only be financial, but perhaps he or she is depressed, feels isolated, has health problems, is abused or just needs to hear the voice of kindness. If the seeker merely assesses those within his circle he will find plenty in need of help.

Just think of how much suffering and distress could be eliminated if all merely were sensitive to the needs of those within his circle.

When you see a homeless person on a street corner asking for help do you suppose that this is a person without family or friends?

Of course not. Even the most down and out have family, but where are they? If just one member of his family, or a friend, were to give a helping hand then perhaps the guy wouldn’t have to be pleading for help on the street corner.

Yes, there are some people high on drugs and alcohol who are difficult for even family to help but this does not apply to all and does not give excuse to harden one’s heart.

If then, the seeker finds that he has assets to spare after he has surveyed family and friends he can then reach out to others outside of his circle.

Each seeker has to assess his talents and abilities and conclude as to how he can accomplish the largest amount of good with the means that are available to him.

If all were to do this then the golden age could manifest within a generation.

Seed Thought of the Day:

A work of light is rarely destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.


Day 326

The Greatest Threat

The Seed Thought:

A work of light is rarely destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.

The biggest threat from a positive work often comes from those who claim to be the biggest supporters. Examples are Judas betraying Christ, Benedict Arnold vs. George Washington, or John Sculley getting Steve Jobs fired so he could assume control – which move almost destroyed Apple.

The fact is that if a group is united it is extremely difficult for outside enemies to destroy them. If the group represents something positive that upsets those in the status quo then they will be attacked. When such attacks come, those who seek to maintain power will often lie and distort to destroy the challengers. Their problem is the truth. If the group represents higher truth, or a higher standard, and stand up for themselves as a united body then it is only a matter of time before they prevail.

On the other hand, a betrayal from within that either gives power to enemies or divides the group can be devastating. For instance, Arnold’s betrayal of Washington could have cost us the war if it had not been exposed. Judas would have destroyed the movement if not for the resurrection and Apple would have failed if they had not brought Steve Jobs back on board.

In all three examples there were all kinds of outsiders who wanted them to fail, but the greatest threat came from the inside.

So what causes an insider to betray his group when the goal of the group is positive change? There are three main reasons.

(1) A feeling of superiority. The person feels that he knows what is best and should be in charge so he sabotages the rightful leaders in hopes of replacing them. Such individuals are usually in illusion about their abilities and do more harm than good if they succeed.

(2) A desire for power. They sabotage the initiates in hope of assuming power for power’s sake.

(3) Hurt feelings or jealousy. The person’s emotions are not stable and he is offended by leaders or members of the group and feels they deserve to fail.

So, what should a seeker do if he sincerely sees a problem with the group?

First, I’ll say what he should not do and that is he should not attack or betray them. Instead, he can merely present his ideas for positive change. If his ideas are good then he will move forward with group approval. If his ideas are not accepted then he should accept the group consciousness as it is, or move on to another project.

The key guidance for the seeker is to keep his or her mind steady in the light.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Most people find what they are looking for rather than finding the truth.


Day 327

Finding the Truth

The Seed Thought:

Most people find what they are looking for rather than finding the truth.

Every honest seeker will see some evidence of the truth of this statement in their own lives if they sincerely reflect.

In my own life I can see how I was caught in this trap when I was young and supportive of my religion. When I read the scriptures and other writings I found that the evidence seemed close to 100% that the standard doctrines were correct.

Then when I received an awakening and considered teachings out of the mainstream may be true I took a second look at the same writings. This time I saw many of them in a new light and frequently asked myself how I had missed the meaning, which now seemed apparent.

This brought me to the realization that we find what we are looking for and if we are looking for something that may seem bizarre to most, the evidence will still be found.

For instance, Google “Flat Earth” and you will see that many people have found all kinds of “evidence” that convinces them the earth is flat. The same goes for the Apollo moon missions. Many look for evidence that we did not go there and indeed they find what they are looking for.

Dedicated conspiracy theorists can find evidence to prove any conspiracy theory support, no matter how illogical. Yes, it may be true that there are some real conspiracies, but there are many with no real foundation that can suck in those who are looking at them with the assumption they are true and thus find what they are looking for.

This principle illustrates the tremendous power of thought associated with belief. Belief directs thought to produce evidence and miraculously the evidence appears. At least it appears that way to their mindset.

If self-deception prevails to such an extent then how is the seeker to proceed and see the true reality?

It is difficult until the person reaches a certain sate of consciousness because almost all consider themselves to be open minded. If the guy sees himself as open minded when his mind is closed to accepting anything outside of his belief system he is faced with a difficult problem indeed. But it is a problem that all seekers transcend at one time or another. However, this transcendence does not come with ease but is usually triggered by a painful crises that forces the seeker to withdraw from outer authorities and seek the inner voice above all else. This is where this course as a whole will be helpful to the seeker.

Just telling the seeker to be open minded is not enough. This point of tension must be reached and it is only reached when truth becomes more important than confirmation of belief.

This is a difficult point of consciousness on which to ascend, but one that must be attained by each sincere seeker.

May the time speedily come that the many reach this state of consciousness and find the truth because they are looking for the truth above all else.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The key word for harmony is ‘acceptance.’ Accept harmless differences and see the divine at play in each other’s roles. Remember, to accept does not necessarily mean to embrace.


Day 328


The Seed Thought:

The key word for harmony is ‘acceptance.’ Accept harmless differences and see the divine at play in each other’s roles. Remember, to accept does not necessarily mean to embrace.

Many problems in this world have been created by intolerance, in other words, by those who cannot stand for their brothers and sisters to have a different opinion than themselves. If they do, and express it, they are considered dangerous and must be extinguished at all costs.

The truth is that the intolerant ones pose much more danger than those expressing an opinion, no matter how controversial.

Here is the reason. An informed humanity, as a whole, has a fair degree of common sense. They have their biases and deceptions, but the majority are not likely to knowingly choose something dangerous or obviously harmful. Therefore, a person or group freely expressing an outrageous doctrine is not likely to be embraced. This is one reason that freedom of speech produces more good results in the end than censorship and suppression.

On the other hand, an intolerant bunch who believe that contrary opinions need to be eliminated at all costs can create great havoc and even war against the will of the majority. Unfortunately, if enough suppression takes place the majority will can be controlled.

As one reflects on our history we can find many examples of needless suffering inflicted because of a lack of acceptance or tolerance of the beliefs of others. For Instance, we had he Romans persecuting the Christians, later we had the Christians persecuting the supposed heretics, then there are Muslims who persecute those who leave their religion, the KKK persecuting the blacks and even today many advocating force to shut down free speech they do not like.

Overall, acceptance of the beliefs and actions of others that pose no physical danger is a major key to peace among nations, groups and individuals. On an individual basis a constant agitation over what another is doing or thinking is downright unhealthy physically and mentally. The seeker must accept that there is a variety of diverse thinking going on and work for positive change while not allowing the current situation to corrupt his state of mind that leads to a Big Brother attitude.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is not the learning of true facts that is an indication of spiritual evolution. Instead, it is the power to perceive truth and act upon it.


Day 329

Spiritual Evolution

The Seed Thought:

It is not the learning of true facts that is an indication of spiritual evolution. Instead, it is the power to perceive truth and act upon it.

Just like having a head full of facts is not proof of high intelligence neither does an accumulation of knowledge indicate an advanced place upon the path.

Knowledge and facts can be very useful, but they represent potential power rather than power itself. The knowledge of the combination to a safe has potential, but if not applied to actually opening the safe it is as if it never existed.

Many read a few spiritually related books and think they have made spiritual progress after they learn a few new vocabulary words and encounter some fanciful thinking.

The truth is that no progress is possible until decisions are made and the amount of progress largely depends on the quality of a decision. And what determines the quality of the decision? It is that quality we call discernment which is an aspect of wisdom.

Gaining information brings to the seeker a wider range of options as to what to incorporate into his pool of accepted truth. The one with an accumulation of accepted truth that is 99% factual has a great advantage over the one that is only 60%. The one with much error in his beliefs will wind up making numerous bad decisions that will cause a lot of delay in spiritual progression.

Then there’s also the situation where two seekers have the same assortment of true facts set before them but one will see them in a different light and use them to make a more productive decision than the other.

So the thought gives us two abilities that the seeker must acquire. The first is the ability to perceive the true from the false. The best way to do this is to achieve soul contact and attempt to see reality through the eyes of the Higher Self.

The second is to use that truth to the best possible advantage and act upon it. A truth is of little value unless put to use.

When the seeker gains the wisdom to discern the true from the false and act upon it he or she will then have the spiritual wind at his back.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The committed love relationship is the highest form of schooling on the earth.


Day 330

The Great Classroom

The Seed Thought:

The committed love relationship is the highest form of schooling on the earth.

A famous mantra says, “The souls of men are one and I am one with them.”

Seeing humanity as one from a spiritual viewpoint has been a teaching that has been promoted for thousands of years, yet we still have a long way to go to accomplish the goal.

What needs to be realized is that before we can become one with the whole we must learn to be one with the part. The starting point is the obtaining of the ability to be one with just one other person and the best opportunity to make this happen is through the marriage or romantic relationship.

This relationship has the advantage of having attractive forces that bring two people together with greater force and intimacy than casual friendships or group relationships. Because of the intimacy involved the individuals are tested with much greater fire than casual relationships. Many personality idiosyncrasies that are hardly noticed by friends can become major in-your-face obstacles to the intimate relationship.

Of course, there are lives where the seeker learns important lessons outside the love relationship, but speaking from the viewpoint of the whole, average humanity learns more from such relationships than anything else. Here they discover their faults and have an opportunity to work off the rough edges. They also face the great test of continuing to look at the Christ within the other individual while seeing all their surface personality flaws.

In the beginning of these relationships the falling in love experience happens because the attractive forces shifts their attention away from any flaws and causes them to look at each other to their spiritual essence. Love then manifests when they see each other as souls rather than personalities.

Then, after the relationship continues personality flaws begin to stand out and the individuals are tempted to fall out of love by looking at the imperfection rather than the perfection.

The seeker needs to see these temptations to look away from the Christ within as just that: temptations to be transcended. When the seeker learns to keep his attention focused on the soul essence of his or her partner he has then crossed a milestone on the spiritual path.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Thoughts are seeds that sprout and grow, so plant well and water with goodwill so your fruit will be desirable.


Day 331

Planting Seeds

The Seed Thought:

Thoughts are seeds that sprout and grow, so plant well and water with goodwill so your fruit will be desirable.

I have lived long enough to watch friends and family age and observe how their thoughts in their younger years were like seeds that grew and dominated their lives as they approached older age.

My mom was a prime example of this. She had her faults and I never saw her as a saint as I was growing up but her intentions were always good and she had a sincere desire to help people. Even in our struggling years she was thinking of others, always willing to help. For instance, there was a time when she was visiting a friend at the hospital when she encountered a young man who had been badly injured in a motorcycle accident. He was over 1000 miles from home and had nowhere to go after he got out of the hospital. My mom then invited him to stay with us. We took him in and took care of him for a couple months as he recovered.

Fortunately, he was a nice guy and we enjoyed having him with us. My mom also helped others who turned out to be not so nice, but that did not discourage her.

As I watched my mom age it seemed that the rough edges wore off and she became almost angelic by the time she died. In her older age there was no one who had anything but good to say about her.

Indeed, I witnessed that the seeds of thought that she nourished when young grew and dominated her (in a good way) as she aged.

On the other hand, numerous others who had a critical or complaining spirit when they were young nourish this type of thinking into becoming a very cranky elderly person that people go out of their way to avoid.

Think of people you knew 10, 20, 30 years ago or more and compare them with who they are today and you should be able to see this principle at work. This illustrates to us the importance of what we allow to be placed in our minds to become part of our thinking. To insure good thoughts are planted the seeker must do his best to read positive books, make good friends, have positive romantic relationships and be a giving, friendly and loving person.

And most important, the seeker must be his own moderator and filter out negative thoughts and keep the good and constructive ones as seeds to be nourished into a productive life.

Seed Thought of the Day:

All seekers feel a desire to find their true home, not one that is physical, but spiritual.



Day 332

Our True Home

The Seed Thought:

All seekers feel a desire to find their true home, not one that is physical, but spiritual.

The first question to consider here is, what is our true home? Many seekers in contemplation have accessed ancient lingering memories that tell them that they are eternal beings that came from a wondrous spiritual home linked with our source that we call God. It is interesting that this is mentioned in the book of Hebrews:

The scripture tells us concretely that the prophets (and most likely you and me) lived in the Heavenly New Jerusalem before they were born: “These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were STRANGERS AND PILGRIMS ON THE EARTH. For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country (country is from the Greek PATRIS which literally means FATHERLAND and figuratively means: Heavenly Home) And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned (If they were looking for any country on the earth they would have had no trouble finding and returning to it). But now they desire a better country, THAT IS AN HEAVENLY: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them A CITY (The New Jerusalem).” (Heb. 11:13-16)

This interesting scripture deserves a closer examination. First, the prophets are called “strangers and pilgrims on the earth.” This is significant because both words imply that they originated somewhere else besides the earth.

If a person were a stranger in New York, it means he had an existence and a residence in another city before he arrived there. The prophets are “strangers” on the earth; therefore, they lived somewhere else before they lived here.

If a man is a foreigner or an alien in the United States, then he had to have a true citizenship in another country before he arrived here. Therefore, if the prophets are foreigners or aliens on the earth, then their true citizenship belongs to another country that they originated from before they were born.

The pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth Rock did not originate in America but came from a distant land. They had a pre-America existence. The prophets are called “Pilgrims on the earth” meaning that they had a “pre-mortal” home. A pilgrim is a traveler who comes from somewhere else.

The next verse makes it crystal clear that the choice of these words was no accident. We’ll quote it using the more accurate translation of “fatherland” instead of “country”: “For they that say such things (that they are strangers and pilgrims) declare plainly that they SEEK A FATHERLAND.” (Heb 11:14)

The next verse puts a seal on this point: “And truly, if they had been mindful of that country (fatherland) from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned.” (Heb 11:15) In other words, if their originating country was on the earth, they could have returned to it while in the flesh. They were in an unfortunate position in that they were citizens of a Fatherland that was not on the earth, and that they could only return to after they died.

The next verse reads: “But now they desire a better country, that is an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for He hath prepared for them a city (the New Jerusalem).” (Heb 11:16)

Just like the prophets have a sense of belonging to a heavenly home so do many seekers. It could be a mistake, however, to spend too much time dreaming of returning for we came to the earth school for learning and experience. When we successfully finish then our rest “will be glorious” as the scripture says. If we do not keep focused on why we are here then that rest will be delayed.

Most people do not pine after a heavenly home for they figure we were created at birth and there is no home to which they can return. The sincere seeker though on reflection develops a sense that his true home lays elsewhere and looks forward to a homecoming.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense. The offense becomes like the roar of a lion at the zoo and may make one smile.


Day 333

Zero Offence

The Seed Thought:

When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense. The offense becomes like the roar of a lion at the zoo and may make one smile.

We live in a strange age where it seems that many are staying awake at night trying to figure out new ways to be offended. People are not only offended by obvious insults, as has been the tradition, but many find offense at terms used considered politically incorrect, dog whistles or even by what a person does not say.

This taking offense at the drop of a hat has led to a perilous political climate where both sides see the other as the enemy making the temptation to attack very real.

The situation cries out for more soul contact among the people.

Those who are centered in the personality are very vulnerable to being hurt through various types of remarks. Such statements may be obviously offensive, but others may be spoken with innocent intent. When dealing with a person polarized in the personality one must watch his words quite carefully.

The person with soul contact is much easier to deal with, for with him or her you do not have to walk on eggshells. He realizes that nothing you can say to him can harm his inner core. If you say something that is intended to be hurtful or critical he will not take it personally, but recognize it for what it is, which is often just an expression of frustration or anger on the one attacking.

When in the soul the person becomes the observer and in this position can see attacks as if they are a part of a movie and when watching a movie you, the watcher, are not able to be hurt by the bad guy.

The more intimate the relationship the more control he seeker must have to take the vantage point of the observer, but it can always be done. When this ability is acquired the life of the seeker will flow much better than the one who is personality centered.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is impossible for two people experiencing spiritual contact together to not reach agreement, for Truth, Spirit and Soul are One in the Mind of God.


Day 334

Two Becoming One

The Seed Thought:

It is impossible for two people experiencing spiritual contact together to not reach agreement, for Truth, Spirit and Soul are One in the Mind of God.

Often we have the case where there will be two people, both attempting to be on the spiritual path and to be in touch with the Inner Voice, but will take opposing sides on an issue, principle or teaching.

One may claim that within a year the Space Brothers will land and announce themselves to the world and the other will say that his soul have not verified any such thing.

Which one is right and why do they disagree?

Fortunately, in cases like this, the truth will be revealed within a year, but with many teachings, verification is not so easy.

Maybe one guy teaches that angels have wings and another does not. In this and many other cases, there is no way to prove what is true using techniques approved by the material world.

Is it possible then for two seekers to see as one and come together in unity?

The answer is a definite yes and the method to achieve that unity is through soul contact. The Higher Self of one person does not disagree with the Higher Self of another on principles. The understanding of principles is the understanding of how things work, or the truth behind the world of appearances. Since the pure language of the soul is the language of principles and the truth behind them links all life up with our Source then two people seeing through the eyes of the soul will see the same things.

As far as truth of data goes the soul is not so concerned with this and rarely will verify it to the seeker. If Jim thinks the temperature is 76 degrees and John thinks it is 78 then neither are likely to get verification from the soul on this. First, the information is not that important and, secondly, they can find out the true temperature for themselves. If, however, they want to understand the principles by which a thermometer works, this or any other thing that requires understanding brings in the power of the soul to some extent.

Some principles are easy to see and others are not. The most difficult one to reach agreement on is that of freedom. If a seeker has any residual personality attachment then he will not understand that this principle requires him to not force another against his will to support his pet causes, however benevolent they may seem.

Two sincere seekers with real soul contact, when examining a principle, will see through the eyes of the soul and understand as one unit how it should be applied.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Truth is found by looking for truth and basking in light, not focusing on error which darkens the mind.


Day 335

Focusing on Truth

The Seed Thought:

Truth is found by looking for truth and basking in light, not focusing on error, which darkens the mind.

This sounds like a simple easy to understand statement but the truth of it goes over the head of a large percentage of the population. This segment of people figure that the way to find the truth is to take a look at statements, theories, proposals, controversial stories, philosophy, teachings etc. and find every possible reason that they cannot be true. The idea is that after all the objections are made that which is true should remain.

The problem with this is that this approach never reveals new truth for consideration. The only truth that will remain will be that which is beyond dispute, such as he sky is blue. Any truth that expands consciousness will not be considered but negated.

The seeker must go beyond the world of standard facts which are established as true beyond controversy. He must search with an open mind for truth beyond which that which can be casually observed or proven by science such as:

  • Life after death
  • Life on other worlds
  • Higher Intelligence than human
  • Extra sensory perception
  • Teachings that run contrary to one’s mindset

The death experience is a good example of this principle at work. Some are convinced there is no life after death so they will ignore all the positive evidence and seek for reasons to explain it as a phenomena associated with residual activity of the physical brain. When this approach is taken they always find what they are looking for. When they find what they are looking for they ignore reports, even from atheists, who claim the experience was more real that physical reality. They also ignore accounts of those when out of the body overheard actual conversations and actions of those in the hospital.

Thus this skeptical approach causes the person to miss the greater truth that is readily available.

Does this mean we should be gullible and not question?

No. Far from this. The point is that the seeker should be more focused with finding truth than error, but in the process be totally open to both sides of any argument. The attitude is similar to seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

Average people only embrace truth that agrees with their dogma and hate the rest. An enlightened mind embraces all truth that crosses his path.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is a big mistake in relationships to hold back emotionally for fear of hurt. This limits the amount of love that can be shared.


Day 336


The Seed Thought:

It is a big mistake in relationships to hold back emotionally for fear of hurt. This limits the amount of love that can be shared.

Many who have fallen in love enough to participate in a committed relationship harbor a residual distrust that causes them to hold back from full emotional sharing. If the partner shares 100% and the other does not then one becomes shortchanged. One shares all and the other maybe 60% or so. This gap keeps the relationship from achieving a fullness of sharing which is the most joyful part of a romantic relationship.

What is mean by 100% sharing?

It is basically the full unrestricted sharing of love, affection and true feelings with your partner.

And why do many hold back from such sharing?

The main reason is, it makes the person vulnerable to being hurt if the partner betrays trust and turns on him or her. Most who have difficulty in trusting the partner with full sharing have felt betrayed in past relationships and suffered great hurt. The person decides that this pain needs to be avoided at all costs. The feeling is that if sharing is restricted then the possibility of devastating hurt will also be negated.

The problem is that restricting emotional sharing restricts feeling and that restricts the potential of experiencing good feelings as well as bad. To experience the greatest highs in a relationship the risk must be taken that one may experience the greatest lows.

The question the seeker must ask is, is it worth the risk?

To this I respond with a definite yes. Like many of you I have experienced great highs and lows and yes, the lows are tough, but even if you go through the worst of times the journey is worth it to find the right partner and achieve a happy union.

Here is some helpful advice for those who still have a fear of a fullness of sharing. The problem is that you may have been so hurt in the past that it seems that another hurt will destroy you. This is not the case. Your essence is invulnerable. Others can hurt you so much and no more. If you realize this you can allow yourself to trust and be vulnerable in a relationship with the realization that if the partner betrays you and does his worst that you will survive and still go on to a final victory.

Total fulfillment cannot come in relationships unless one is willing to share all and become emotionally vulnerable.

Seed Thought of the Day:

People either love truth and hate deceit or love deceit and hate truth.


Day 337

Loving Truth

The Seed Thought:

People either love truth and hate deceit or love deceit and hate truth.

So, why would anyone hate the truth? This scripture gives an interesting explanation.

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.’ John 3:19-21

Here we are told that people will hate the truth when it reveals things that they want to keep secret. And why do they want to keep them secret? Because such people often have sinister plans and intentions that they do not want revealed. If revealed their true plans would be rejected.

This reminds of us of many politicians. During the campaign they tell us what we want to hear rather than what they really plan on doing and voting upon. They hate the guy who asks them a question that demands an honest answer.

Politicians may be the best example, but not the only ones. Many religious ministers also tell their congregations what they want to hear which often differs from their real thoughts. Some also put in an air of piety that masks their real lifestyle.

Even in science you have researchers manipulating the evidence that hides the real truth so results agree with the mindset of the source of financing.

A person will hate the truth when the truth reveals his true thoughts that he wants to remain hidden.

Now, of course, even those with the most sinister motives will want selective truth revealed, truth which may further his plans, but any truth revealed by such people will be distorted by deception. The problem is that many have no problem embracing a lie if it furthers their agenda. We can look at it this way. If a presentation contains 80% truth and 20% is false but the end result is the receiver sees the whole with an incorrect understanding then the whole package is more lie than truth.

In this case the person embraces deceit and will hate anyone who dares reveal the truth which exposes him.

There is a big difference between the approach of those who love the truth and those who do not.

Those who love the truth will honestly express their views and seek only truth to justify their views. When they encounter one in darkness they do not hate them but are willing to give them a helping hand if possible.

Those who hate the truth are happy to embrace deception to further their goals and when encountering one who is in the light feels hatred and has no desire to help him or her in any way.

It goes without saying that all seekers need to take the side of light and truth and embrace them with love.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If you have not yet shouted with the greatest joy as well as cried with the deepest sorrow you are far from finished on the path of life.


Day 338

Extreme Learning

The Seed Thought:

If you have not yet shouted with the greatest joy as well as cried with the deepest sorrow you are far from finished on the path of life.

Have you ever had an experience so good that you felt like jumping for joy, or maybe hugging everyone in the room? Maybe it was when your team won the big game, or you landed that dream job or found your life’s partner.

On the other hand, have you ever been so devastated that you were not sure if you could go on, felt defeated or were not sure what to do next to deliver yourself from the pit of self doubt?

Now we are not talking about mild highs and lows, but big ones. If you have experienced either a great negative or positive extreme you have had a great learning experience. If you have experienced both the high and the low then you have crossed a major hurdle of learning in this school called earth.

We are happy to have a joyful high, but do everything we can to avoid the low. Even so, as far as value goes the learning and wisdom earned from our low points are priceless. If you do not believe me consider this. Think back to a time, years ago when you were at a low point that you eventually transcended. If you could just snap your fingers and have that erased from existence, as if it never happened, would you?

Most people would answer no. Even though living through it was tough, now that it is in the past you wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It has helped to make you what you are today and most feel that they would be incomplete without it.

If the seeker realizes that praying for wisdom and patience is like praying for complicated problems he might be a little more careful what he asks for, though after the problem is solved one is generally glad for the experience. Unfortunately, the seeker must be willing to risk great pain to achieve great learning and wisdom.

Once the seeker has learned from great highs and lows what is next?

Next is reaching that midway point between the extremes where the seeker rests in peace as the observer who is not so affected by what occurs in this material world. But before one can stand on that peaceful point he must milk every drop of wisdom from the highs and lows of life.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Some people talk of a benevolent dictatorship. There is no such thing.


Day 339

Benevolent Dictatorship?

The Seed Thought:

Some people talk of a benevolent dictatorship. There is no such thing.

Most people in the free world see a dictatorship as a bad thing, except with one exception. Many see God as a dictator, but in a good way. Because He is seen as perfect then this gives him the perfect right to tell us what to do, and the believers should just obey without question.

But, where is the evidence that this is the case? Do we see God appearing anywhere to anyone telling us what to do or else? Are not all people on the planet free to accept or reject anything that purports to come from God?

Furthermore, from whence come dictates that claim to be words from God? Look around and you will see they always come from the mouths of mortals like you and me who claim to speak for the mind of God. Investigate these spokesmen a little closer and we will find no evidence that they represent the mind of God any more than your neighbor out there mowing the lawn.

Obviously, God does not fit the description of Greek God sitting on a throne throwing out decrees that must be obeyed or else, for we find:

(1) There is no clear voice to the masses representing God.

(2) There is no evidence that God assumes the role of a dictator for the world.

(3) The only sign of dictatorship comes from corrupt mortal individuals seeking to impose their wills upon others.

It is widely agreed that Jesus most closely represented the mind of God in mortal flesh. It would seem then that a study of him would reveal how much of a dictator God is. What is interesting is that Jesus is said to have had tremendous godlike powers, even over the elements so he could have used this power to force, or at least entice others to submit to his will.

So how did Jesus react to the rich young man who rejected his advice to sell all he had to give to the poor?

He did nothing to enforce his will but merely let him go on his way.

And how did he react when James and John wanted Jesus to cause fire to come out of heaven and consume a village that rejected them?

“But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.” Luke 9:55-56

And how did he react to the great betrayal from Judas?

Even though he knew it was going to bring him pain and suffering he did nothing to stop him.

Instead of portraying God as any kind of dictator who punishes all who offends him Jesus tells us that God is a benevolent father giving good gifts to his children and makes the sun to shine of both the good and the bad.

A great example of how God deals with us is found in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

This wayward son takes his inheritance, leaves his father’s home and squanders the whole thing.

This son represents humanity which has distanced itself from God and wastes its gifts on the physical rather than the spiritual side.

And what does the father do in the parable? Nothing. He just bides his time waiting for his son to return, and when the son comes to his senses and returns the Father greets him with a celebration rather than condemnation.

Is there any indication of the father (or God) in this parable being any kind of a dictator?


He allowed his son to make all the mistakes he wanted with no interference from his end.

The trouble with seeing God as the divine dictator is that it gives crazy real world dictators an excuse for acting as God’s representative who the people must obey or else.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 24

Day 304

Creating Reality

The Seed Thought:

Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

How many times have you heard people complain about how badly others treat them? They are not loving enough, generous enough, kind enough and, instead, treat them badly. To listen to them it would seem that they were cursed with the exceptional bad luck to be surrounded by people of a terrible temperament.

The seeker must realize that there is a lot of truth in the statement, “We create our own reality.” If most of the people around us seem negative then we need to examine the thoughts that we ourselves are producing to create that reality.

This reminds me of a story.

A guy moves into a new neighborhood and has his first encounter with the guy next door and asks, “What are the people like in this neighborhood?”

The guy responds, “What were they like in your last neighborhood?”

“They were a bunch of S.O.B.’s, backbiters, irresponsible, and just out for their own selfish purposes.”

To this the neighbor responded, “Well, that’s pretty much the way that you will find them here.”

The guy was wise enough to know that reality is largely created by our own thoughts and perception.

Understanding this principle is very useful in the selection of friends and romantic relationships. If a person complains about a string of terrible relationships in the past then it is best to avoid that person or you will shortly join the list. If the person complains about all the friends that betrayed him then you’d better distance yourself or you will join that list also.

A complimentary principle here is that like attracts like. Positive people are attracted to others who are positive and the negative to negative. The positive ones create their own heaven on earth and the negative ones their own hell.

If the seeker sends out love and acceptance to the maximum degree possible he will draw others who recognize and appreciate such vibes and people will come into his life who reciprocate that which was given out.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.


Day 305

Love and Hate

The Seed Thought:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

This roughly corresponds to the thought that light can instantly dispel darkness but no amount of darkness can extinguish the tiniest light.

I say the correspondence is approximate because few correspondences are exact yet they are close enough to reveal the principle involved.

Light immediately dispels darkness, but a show of love does not always cause an immediate effect. What does correspond exactly is when love is received. When love is given and then received all hate involved is instantly evaporated just as a light instantly causes darkness to no longer exist.

On the other hand, when one truly accepts love into his consciousness there is no amount of hate that can take it away for love and light are closely related. It is of great importance then that the seeker keeps his focus of attention on both light and love. When the focus is maintained then no amount of darkness, negative feelings or hate can extinguish them.

Once a truth is registered in consciousness no amount of darkness can cause the seeker to snuff it out. Similarly, once the fires of love are registered in the heart the seeker will always choose that feeling over hate.

Jesus was a great example of this principle. In the midst of the agony of crucifixion by his enemies, who hated him, he demonstrated the dominance of love over hate by saying:

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Likewise the love of the true disciple cannot be diminished by those who hate him. He will instead look upon them as if they are little children who know not what they do. He will have faith that the day will come that the love of God will manifest in their hearts and from that point on be the dominate force.

Those who are polarized in hate have never fully registered spiritual love. What they see as love is merely selfish desire. Spiritual love is completely unselfish accompanied by a desire for equal sharing.

Seed Thought of the Day

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.


Day 306

The End of the World

The Seed Thought:

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.

This is a good time to review lesson 88 dealing with the principle of energy following thought. Because we are all a part of God we all have within us godlike powers. We thus have within us power to manifest our thoughts for thoughts are indeed things and create things. The only reason this creative power is not more apparent is that most have within them many thoughts in opposition to each other. You may have a goal you want to achieve but other thoughts take you on the easy and perhaps more enjoyable road in the opposite direction. You may want to make a great accomplishment, but opposing thoughts do not believe it is possible.

Remove the opposing thoughts and all things become possible.

Easier said than done.

Today as in ages past there is a large percentage of the world who believe we are in the end of days, that we are approaching an apocalypse that will manifest great tribulation in the near future. Fortunately, not everyone has this belief, as there are also many with the opposing belief that mankind has a promising future ahead of them.

These two opposing beliefs interplay and from them is produced a world of uncertainties where a apocalypse seems possible, but so does a better world. How this plays out is largely determined by whether positive or negative thinking dominates.

Meanwhile, even if we have no outside apocalypse the power of focusing, and sometimes even hoping for one, has a powerful effect and such thinking is often powerful enough to cause great tribulation within one’s own world.

A great example of this was David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. They believed the apocalypse was very near and the days of fire and tribulation were at their doors.

It turned out that they were correct, but the fire and tribulation only applied to them and not the world itself. After a confrontation with the authorities their whole compound went up in flames burning many of them alive and destroying their movement.

Their thoughts were directed toward the end of the world and the end of their world came to pass.

Many end of the world thinkers do not suffer such a dramatic ending, but still suffer their own personal apocalyptic scenario. Some suffer financial disaster, devastating breakups of relationships or painful end-of-their world health problems.

The old adage of being careful of what we think applies here. The seeker must focus his mind on seeing both the outer and inner world in as positive and peaceful terms possible. This will aid in making his personal world more of a heaven on earth rather than a hell.

Seed Thought of the Day:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.


Day 307

Holding the Light

The Seed Thought:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.

I have discovered what I consider to be many significant truths in my life that are outside of mainstream thinking. When I have taught them to others I notice an interesting response. Part of the receivers merely registered the information as data with no understanding of the underlying principles. When discussing it later with them it is as if they had never heard of the teaching before, though they may recall a few words that were said.

Then there are others who heard the same teaching, but seemed to have a light turned on inside of them. These seem to grasp more than a few words but assimilated the ideas or principles therein.

What is the difference between the two groups?

The difference is the second group made an effort to understand, whereas, the first just basked in the teaching as one would enjoy a movie for entertainment purposes only.

The seeker must understand that greater understanding does not come by osmosis. When a greater light is available the student must see it as a trigger rather than something just passing by. If he sees it as a trigger then it will act like an alarm clock reminding him to wake up and pay attention. When he pays attention he then applies the principle of holding the mind steady in the light. When the mind is then steady in the light it is as if the light is no longer just passing by, but now held firm as the sun shining in its strength at noonday.

When this occurs the student claims the understanding as his own and it will always be with him.

The student must have his internal antenna up at all times to detect signals of truth. If he keeps up this awareness at all times he will find truth in unexpected places. It could be something like an interview in the media, a comic book, a movie or even a casual statement from a friend. Flashes of greater light comes from other sources than the scriptures or great literature.

Jesus said: “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Matt 24:42

This is equally true if worded as follows:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour greater light will come.”

Seed Thought of the Day:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.


Day 308


The Seed Thought:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.

All religions teach about the perfection of God and Christians are big on the perfection of Jesus. This doctrine uses the Bible to justify this, but what is not realized is that theologians rely on a mistranslation. The Greek word for “perfect” in relation to Deity is TELEIOO and the corresponding TELEIOS. This word does not really mean perfection as we think of it today but more literally means to finish, accomplish, or complete.

Here is the main scripture that refers to the perfection of Jesus:

“Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.” (Hebrews 5:8-9)

“being made perfect” all comes from the one word TELEIOO. This does not mean perfection as we define the word but it implies that Jesus finished his learning so he could do his job.

The Greek word AKRIBELA corresponds to the English perfection implying exactly correct performance. This word was not applied to Jesus but to the attitude of the authorities who crucified him.

Perfection is indeed in the mind of the beholder. What one considers as the perfect response to a problem will be seen as flawed to another.

Many see God as the perfect creator yet take a look at his creations, All humans are different and all have some flaws. It is close to impossible to find a perfect natural diamond or crystal, but easy to find those with flaws.

And take a look at the planets in our solar system. Only earth has perfect enough conditions to support human life.

Even when we look at the creations of God we must admit that perfection among them is difficult to find and then what one sees as perfect another will find flaws.

Instead of seeking a flawless perfection the seeker should seek the perfection of TELEIOO as did Jesus. In other words, the pilgrim will seek to do a work in harmony with the will of God and continue until it is finished, or TELEIOO.

This is doable whereas an exacting perfection in this material world is not.

Seed Thought of the Day

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.


Day 309

Focused Attention

The Seed Thought:

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.

Focused attention is a key to success in almost any arena of life where achievement is involved, yet it is perhaps the most ignored.

And why is this?

Because focusing one’s attention takes effort and it is the line of least resistance to take the easy way which is to attempt to reach the goal with little or no effort.

The main lesson learned by the life of God as it passed through the animal kingdom was the paying of attention. A wild animal has to learn to pay attention or it will starve or get eaten or killed by a predator. Deep within each human are all the knowledge and lessons of the lower kingdoms which are: the knowledge of the mineral, the feeling of the vegetable and the focused attention of the animal.

All these qualities can be retrieved by human consciousness, but not by osmosis. The individual has to pay attention to the Spirit within if he wants to correctly manifest and use them.

Here is why paying attention to the inner Spirit is difficult for the beginning seeker. From the time of his beginning as a human life all he has felt from within are the feelings generated by his personality self. For a long period of time he is not even aware that there is something else to perceive.

Eventually, he hears others speak of the inner voice or Spirit or has an experience where the Still Small Voice seems to speak. Finally, he realizes that if he pays attention that there is something more within than his own personality feelings and thoughts.

At first the seeker just “waits upon the Lord.” Then after waiting and waiting he either gets discouraged and ceases his quest or realizes he must do more than wait. Instead, he learns that he must be actively involved in directing consciousness toward the union with Spirit and the Higher Self.

Just as a person building a model ship within a bottle must pay a lot of focused attention to the project, even so must the seeker who seeks consistent communion from within must do likewise.

Seed Thought of the Day

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.


Day 310

Earth School

The Seed Thought:

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.

We often complain about problems we have as humans. Many either blame God or refuse to believe saying, “If there was a God then why would He allow pain and suffering?”

The seeker needs to realize that this earth plane is a school and without problems to solve the student learns very little.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is love and the principle is illustrated in this story:

“And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.

“Now when the Pharisee which had bidden him saw it, he spake within himself, saying, This man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him: for she is a sinner.

“And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on. There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most?

“Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet. My head with oil thou didst not anoint: but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment.

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.” Luke 7:37-47

This does not mean that we have to become great sinners to learn about love, but it does illustrate the fact that great difficulties provides opportunities for it to manifest.

The woman had a great weight on her shoulders which was relieved by Jesus, causing her to feel a surge of love. When a person encounters difficulties of any kind and receives help from another that brings relief, then love will be manifest.

Great love is often manifest when a group of people undergo a harrowing experience together. For instance, those in the military who go through great battles where they have to depend on each other to survive establish a brotherhood and closeness that few realize. Comrades in sports also establish a strong link.

Such a brotherly love cannot manifest between two who do not go through points of tension together.

Any shared experience involving problem solving bring two or more people closer together and helps love to be known.

The seeker will not realize the power of love through mere osmosis, but must descend to the depths and get his hands dirty if necessary. Peace and love exist most profoundly together when they follow a resolved conflict or problem.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.


Day 311

Expanding Consciousness

The Seed Thought:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.

One of the problems with a lot of gurus and self proclaimed prophets is that they elaborate on many things outside of their consciousness while expecting students to accept merely because they say that what they teach is true.

One of the things that is beyond the consciousness of all these characters are the details of future happenings. One can examine future trends and cycles compared with the past and give some accurate indications, but no one has proven they can accurately predict the details of the future.

This gives the seeker a reliable key to weed out the self-deceived teachers. All one must do is examine their writings and see if they have made any serious predictions that did not come true. Amazingly, most of them do make specific predictions and all who have that I have examined have failed prophesies. Generally, close to 100% fail.

So, if a person claims to be of such high consciousness that he can predict the future, and then fails, one must ask – what else has he taught that is not true? What other levels of consciousness that he thinks he is accessing that is illusion on his part?

As sincere seekers, however, we do want to expand our consciousness and stretch ourselves to reach our next level. This is a right direction to take, but problems develop along the way. When the individual touches upon his next level he finds himself on unfamiliar territory and at first has difficulty in articulating what he has perceived. Sometimes he will merely say that it is impossible to put into words.

The truth is that anything can be put into words for the Word is God and with God all things are possible. The difficulty in putting a new experience into words is that the seeker merely has not yet completely processed it and does not comprehend it in his physical brain consciousness.

Therefore, you will sometimes encounter those relating true experiences but giving a description that is not accurate. This is again an important reason that the seeker develop his own soul contact so he can discern for himself the real from the unreal.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.


Day 312

Perceiving Truth

The Seed Thought:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.

The Higher Self lives in a realm where only truth exists which is quite different from the earth plane where unlimited illusions exist.

Here, there are a number of problems with our communications. Some of them are:

(1) Outright lies.

(2) Distortions and exaggerations.

(3) Incomplete communications giving the wrong idea.

(4) Honest communications, which are misunderstood and interpreted incorrectly.

(5) Bias on the part of the receiver causing him not to register what has been said.

In the realm of Spirit these limitations are virtually non-existent for deceptive communication is impossible. Think… if you could read someone’s mind then they could never lie to you.

This earth plane is foreign territory to the soul. When it begins to merge with the lower self and peers out into our world it is like entering a foreign country with different customs and language. It recognizes truth but error and deception are not in its consciousness.

The question that arises then is this: Is the soul any help to the seeker in perceiving error?

The answer is yes and the reasoning is simple. When a true principle is enunciated to a seeker with soul contact he will feel an inner vibration that tells him that there is truth in what is being presented. If there are no true principles then the seeker will draw a blank or a stupor of thought.

Remember the consciousness of the soul focuses on principles rather than data. If the sender is giving out true principles then the data is usually reliable, but it is up to the seeker to verify them if they are of importance. If the seeker gets nothing from the soul then the data is generally filled with distortions and should be investigated to discover the truth.

Then there are times that the soul becomes aware of certain directions of people in your life and will perceive that they will be of benefit or harm to you. If the knowledge is considered important it will send you either a positive or negative impression on these people and it will then be up to you to reflect and figure out how to deal with them in your life.

When the seeker first establishes soul contact these impressions are so faint they seem to be a part of his imagination, but as he places attention on them the link becomes stronger and the seeker becomes confident in what he receives, for he has proven them correct many times.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.


Day 313

The Master Within

The Seed Thought:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.

In addition to the word “master” one could use “teacher” or “authority.”

It is human nature to look at a confirmation from an outside authority before they will accept something as true. And why do they accept a particular authority? For the average person this occurs largely by chance. Such authorities may come from the groupthink of a religion he is in or a political party or group accepted by family and friends.

Once something is proclaimed by this outside authority it is accepted as true, even if it makes no sense when critical thinking is applied. The mind directed by outside authority is so clever that it can take the most illogical pronouncements and rationalize them into acceptable logic for the unthinking conscious mind.

The problem for beginning seekers is this. Before achieving soul contact that which comes from within is not directly from the soul, but filtered through the astral/emotional body which distorts reality. After they have relied on this they have found they have been wrong most of the time. These inward impulses caused them to marry the wrong person, take the wrong job, and choose the wrong friends or maybe a bad belief system.

Therefore, it seems safe for this person to rely on an outward authority who seems reliable. One thing that seems enticing is that if something goes wrong he is absolved of responsibility. He can now just use a version of “I was just following orders” excuse. He can thus make mistakes and remain innocent of failure within his own mind.

What is not realized by those who substitute the voice of a strong authority within for that which is without is that there is a guidance that comes from within which is reliable. To contact it the seeker must rise above emotional contact to the spiritual contact of the Inner Voice through the Spirit from the Higher Self.

This whole course is dedicated to assisting the seeker in finding and securing this contact. Once the contact is made the test is whether the seeker will learn to trust the inward master over the outer self-proclaimed ones.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”


Day 314

Eternal Words

The Seed Thought:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”

There are words that pass away and then others that do not. Jesus talked about this principle when he said:

“My words shall not pass away.” Matt 24:35

What is the difference between words that pass away and those that do not?

First, words that pass away are those that:

(1) Merely repeat something that has already been said.

(2) Do not make sense.

(3) Do not offer a new insight.

(4) Do not clearly enunciate a truth or a principle.

Eternal words that do not pass away, such as those spoken by Jesus, are:

(1) Words that bring additional light to the minds of the receivers.

(2) Words that are original in presentation and not just a repetition of things past.

(3) Words that either clarify a true principle or clearly present a new one.

For example, some of the words of Shakespeare are so enlightening that they bring greater understanding to the mass consciousness and, therefore, do not pass away. Here is an example:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This is knowledge we should know, but passes over the heads of many; therefore, Shakespeare’s words helped to anchor this important truth and thus will not pass away.

Others may quote and reword this, but it is the original thought offered by the master writer which shall not pass away.

Jesus knew that his words would not pass away because this master soul knew that he was presenting truth and principles in a way that had not been done before, and that these words lifted the consciousness of the receivers to a new level.

Words that do not pass away come from the higher self to the mind of the seeker and should be sought. Often, these eternal words are something tailored to an individual consciousness to bring a greater awareness. When this happens to the seeker the light from the experience will stay with him or her from that point on. Let us all seek the light that comes from eternal words and cherish them.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.


Day 315

Basic Lessons

The Seed Thought:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.

Here is one of the best commentaries on this idea made by Djwhal Khul:

“What do I mean by the dangers of atrophy? Simply this: Some natures become so polarised on the mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for the apprehension of knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causal body may be increased. Therefore it will be apparent to you that if the indwelling consciousness comes no lower than the mental plane and neglects the body of emotions and the dense physical, two things will result. The lower vehicles will be neglected and useless and fail in their purposes, atrophying and dying from the point of view of the Ego, whilst the causal body itself will not be built as desired and so time will be lost. The mental body will be rendered useless likewise, and will become a thing of selfish content, of no use in the world and of little value. A dreamer whose dreams never materialise, a builder who stores up material which he never employs, a visionary whose visions are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger of atrophying.”

Letters on Occult Meditation – Page 97

Most of us have met aspiring individuals who focus on fanciful ideas floating around in their heads while ignoring down to earth realities which must be dealt with. These people usually dwell in poverty on the material plane as well as in relationships for they do not cross their Ts and dot their Is in the world of experience.

The seeker must avoid this trap and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and take care of essential business. When he does this he can then focus with peace of mind upon higher ideals.

Seed Thought of the Day:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.


Day 316

Accepting Limitations

The Seed Thought:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.

Harmonious with this thought is the Serenity Prayer used by 12 step programs which reads:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

There’s also the famous quote of Clint Eastwood from the movie, Magnum Force:

“A man’s got to know his limitations.”

The seeker must realize that there are things that are under his control and then others that are not.

The individual does not have power to control the weather, who is elected president, what time the sun will rise or decisions made by others. He may have a small influence on some large events, but overall he has to accept that such things will happen with or without him and must be incorporated into his reality.

Then there are other items over which we do have power. The most important is the power of decision itself. We have the free agency to make decisions within the realms of our ring-pass-not.

Within our limitations we have full power over:

(1) Words we speak.

(2) Books we read

(3) Friends we select

(4) Careers we pursue

(5) Our entertainment

(6) How we use our time and much more.

Any time we pursue a positive goal there will be hurtles to overcome, but if we make the best of the powers we have, and do not give up, a satisfying result can be obtained.

Along the way to success many seekers make the mistake of not taking their limitations into consideration on one hand, and not relying on decisions within his power on the other. Thus when they fail they often succumb to the temptation to see themselves as victims.

The fact is that we are all in the same boat and face similar advantages and disadvantages. The differences which exist are more related to consciousness than circumstances. There is a way for seekers to achieve most any desire if they persist within the light.

The path to the unlimited is through wisely dealing with limitations.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.


Day 317

The Highest Authority

The Seed Thought:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.

Perhaps you have been called a liar, hypocrite, racist, bigot, sexist, hater etc. and you knew that you were none of those things. You explain your true views but the attacker insists that he is right, even though he is unable to present any evidence of your inner thinking.

The guy has the gall to believe he knows your actual thoughts better than you know them yourself.

A problem occurs when the seeker may doubt his own authority over that of a negative person trying to define him. In all cases the seeker needs to examine his own thoughts and not let an outside authority convince him that he is thinking or believing something other than what is real.

Can some really be convinced that they think differently than their real thoughts?

Some time ago Dateline arranged an experiment with college students. They had unsuspecting victims participating with a group of about a half dozen that knew what was going on. The group was shown a set of four lines and of the four there were two of equal length and two obviously unequal. They were then asked to pick the two lines that were equal. They showed the lines on TV and it was obvious which two were the correct match.

The next thing they did was to have the planted students all give the same wrong match. Then when it became the victim’s turn you could tell he began to doubt what his eyes and reasoning were telling him. Some of the victims gave the right answer for a round or two but, one by one, each victim gave in and started giving the wrong answer as the right answer, even though they knew within themselves that it was wrong.

The interesting thing about watching their faces on TV was that they all looked a little depressed when they started knowingly giving the wrong answers as right answers. It was almost like the poor kids were selling their souls.

Even so, some will allow others to define them in ways that defy perceived reality.

Does this mean that introspection of ourselves always produces a reliable assessment of ourselves?

Yes and no. Each of us knows for sure what we think and feel at any given moment. Such thoughts and feeling truly represent what is occurring inside, but that does not mean that one’s thoughts and feelings represent true reality.

For instance, one may believe his thoughts and feelings represent a very giving person, but when contrasted with that of 100 other people he may find that he is really in the bottom 10%. It is true that he feels that way, but truth is not born out in his actions.

Thus in dealing with other people the seeker should accept that each individual is the world’s greatest authority on what he thinks and feels, but at the same time question their accuracy if they do not seem to reflect reality when contrasted with humanity as a whole.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.


Day 318

Creation Principles

The Seed Thought:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.

A thought marks the beginning of all creation and rightly so for thought is associated with the life of God. We have heard that God is love, but even more foundational is that God is thought for not even love could exist without thought.

And what produced thought one may ask? Thought and intelligence is manifest though the eternal interplay of cause and effect. Thus, cause and effect, as well as thought, are the two eternal principles that are co-dependent and have always existed and will always exist.

This seed thought is a formula for successful creation as all successful endeavors begin with a thought and then is followed by contemplation upon the thought or the idea.

This second step often lacks attention and focus thus leading to disaster or incomplete creation. The seeker must take the seed idea and allow it to come to life within the womb of the mind and heart to then give birth to a workable plan or blueprint for success. If there is not enough thought applied to create a workable plan then all the effort in the universe will not produce success. There will occur failure after failure until sufficient contemplation is applied to create a workable plan.

The next step is to put the plan into writing or some type of physical blueprint or model that can be shared. This sharing will draw others who will assist in the creative effort.

The final step is to sustain action directed at the final creation until success is achieved. This is the second major step where failure happens as many give up when difficulties present themselves. But, if the plan is good then it is only a matter of time and energy expenditure before the creation will manifest.

Seed Thought of the Day:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.


Day 319

True Peace

The Seed Thought:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.

Many there are who are deceived into thinking that peace is equated with a vacuum of physical dissent from opposing beliefs. This false peace manifests in tyrannies where the slightest disapproval of the “Dear Leader” brings imprisonment or death. Such draconian measures do cause the appearance of stillness, or false peace, on the physical plane, but where is the peace in the minds and hearts of the loved ones of the one who was martyred? The hearts of the spouse and children of such a person are ablaze with rage as the crowds shout with approval to the tyranny that persecuted him or her.

This false idea of peace manifests not just in authoritarian governments, but in all nations and groups throughout the world. Lack of agreement may not be met with death or imprisonment but it usually reveals disapproval and lesser, but still effective, punishments meted out such as, loss of job or status, loss of love or family association, unfriending, shunning or threat of damnation from a religious group. These threats in a free society are often almost as effective in creating a false peace as the tyrannies. This is especially true of a religion that holds the threat of eternal hell over the head of a true believer.

On the other hand, the threat of ostracization is very powerful in any group where the thinker represents a small minority. Just having to deal with being the sore thumb in the group is a difficult situation for many to handle.

The fact is this. If free speech is allowed with no draconian punishments attached there will be disagreement and conflict, but just as light is only revealed through contrast even so truth that leads to peace on all levels is only revealed through the contrast of truth and error. Without that contrast manifesting through the principle of freedom then ignorance through false peace will prevail.

There is a principle called “harmony through conflict” which tells us that a certain amount of conflict must be resolved before true harmony and peace can manifest. The true seeker must not seek to suppress conflict, but to resolve it through the promotion of true principles.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.


Day 320


The Seed Thought:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.

The bureaucracies of the world illustrate the truth of this principle. They create a problem and then those who created the problem attempt to solve it and wind up making things worse. To solve the problem, requires thinking, unencumbered by the deficiencies of the ingrained groupthink, so an efficient solution can be presented.

With humanity in general, problems are attempted to be solved on three levels.

The first is the emotional level in connection with the computer aspects of the brain. The decisions here are determined by what feels right which often disregards reasoning to the contrary. This is by far the most popular method of decision-making and greatly flawed, for what one desires to be right or true is often set with many flaws.

The second is the thinking part of the mind, which uses reasoning and logic. A minority are polarized in this even though it is much more accurate and can correct many of the mistakes made by the feeling nature.

The third is the intuitive/spiritual approach through soul contact. Whereas, the mind can reach a dead end and slay the real, soul contact always reveals true reality and is the most reliable of the three. Unfortunately, only a handful of people are centered here.

Each seeker desires the greatest possible fulfillment, but to find this he or she must realize that the lower nature does not have the power or intelligence to fulfill itself. The emotional nature consistently sabotages its own desires and understands not the path of peace and happiness.

The reasoning mind sees at a higher level and can do much to assist the emotional nature in reaching stabilization. It has its limits and eventually reaches dead ends in its reasoning.

The intuitive/spiritual self sees from the widest angle of vision and can fill in the gaps and errors created by the mind. Because the Higher Self is linked to the Life of God it is the source of the most complete fulfillment for humanity.

When soul contact is not perceived the seeker needs to use his reasoning powers as the highest point of decision, but influenced by positive desire. But when those flashes of inspiration come through the soul he has the ultimate guide on the path of fulfillment.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.


Day 321

The Strongest Prison

The Seed Thought:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.

The average person has numerous implanted mindsets that control his thinking of which he is unaware. He thus thinks he is in charge of his thinking and destiny when he is a slave to direction that comes from a source outside of himself.

This can result in a situation where the person is a slave to an outside will while thinking he is following his own.

There is an advantage to being a slave and realizing that you are a slave. In such a situation one will fight for his freedom. The problem is exacerbated when he is a slave, but does not know he is a slave and truly believes that he is sacrificing of his own free will. In this situation he will not fight for his freedom and will remain in slavery until light is shined on his ignorance.

So, what are some situations where a person is in a prison of sorts but does not realize it? Here are a few.

(1) In religion. The believer sacrifices time and money to support his religion when none of his beliefs are his own. Instead, he was raised in that religion and is enslaved by the belief system implanted in his. He doesn’t think to question it.

(2) Even if he is a convert to a religion he can be enslaved by it if he accepts all beliefs as coming from an all-powerful God who is not to be questioned. He donates money not questioning how it will be used and supports teachings, not thinking them through.

(3) Politics. Just like religion many are slaves to beliefs instilled into them by their parents, friends, groups and teachers. Many give their support as slaves to a master without even thinking through their beliefs.

For instance, reporters have taken the stand of candidates that are hated by various individuals and told them they come from a politician they love and they instantly support such issues, obviously showing slavery to an ideal rather than reason.

(4) Average citizens. In the United States the average person pays over 50% in taxes when all of them are considered, but many do not believe we pay enough and do not consider them slaves to the system. Consider that in ancient Rome it was common for slaves to run a business and only pay a third of the profits to the slave master.

The seeker must free himself from implanted thoughts that control him. He will do this by examining all his beliefs and testing them out in the light of his heart, mind and soul. Then when he understands why he believes what he does he takes a great step toward liberation.

Thought of the Day:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.


Day 322

Extending Love

The Seed Thought:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.

The biggest complaint about God is that we live in a world where we have to endure many negative things such as pain, suffering, loneliness, depression etc. They claim that if there is really a God then there would be no suffering or deprivation – that all would be bliss and peace instead. Why would God want anything else?

The answer is that it is not some god on a throne that wants all the difficulties that surround us in this world, but ourselves. We are the ones who volunteered to come here and were happy to do so. Therefore, if a person wants to blame anyone for a difficult situation he finds himself in he must blame himself.

“So when did we volunteer to enter a world with pain and suffering?” asks the skeptic.

The answer is that you are an eternal being who came from a higher plane where there is perfect peace and bliss. You decided you wanted a new and different challenge that would expand your awareness and appreciation for the things of the spirit. We could call this the Bodybuilding Principle. Behind this is the truism, “No pain, no gain.”

In other words, to build a strong body which can handle great challenges with ease the person has to put himself through a strenuous program that takes great effort and is quite uncomfortable over periods of time. But, after going through such an agenda, the person sees great progress toward his goals.

Even so, before birth we planned and agreed to the life we have now in hope of obtaining a great benefit from it. Ironically, some of those who are now in the most painful of circumstance were most eager to plunge into it because of the benefit that would be later realized.

Two great realizations come to the seeker as an increase of light and love and these often manifest in the most difficult of situations. When a seeker feels crushed by negativity or overwhelming circumstances and experiences a hand extending in loving support he will feel a sweet spiritual uplift that is priceless.

There are many out there who need a word of cheer or encouragement, or assistance, and the seekers who have the strength can do much to increase the flow of love in the world by reaching out and doing what they can to help. The reward will be beyond anything money can buy.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Human nature generally takes the easy way and just wants to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon their own souls.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 19

Day 219

Contemplation and Seed Thoughts

If you have incorporated the lessons from this course so far you have taken a number of steps that will bring you in closer rapport with your Higher Self. The most important ingredient is to recognize truth when it stares you in the face. This sense of correct perception is only developed by one with a sincere heart. This is why we wrapped up the lessons with the 24 Principles of Discovery. These principles are designed to be used by all. No extra sensory perception or mystical skills are needed. All the seeker has to do is use his common sense and an honest approach to apply them. Some of the other exercises take significant effort and spiritual sensitivity, but these just require an effort all can make.

Once one has the basics of discovery down then he has taken a giant step toward soul contact for the soul lives in a realm where truth prevails and truth attracts truth. To attract the attention of your soul you must love the truth and seek to find it.

If, then, you ever feel out of sync with your Higher Self go back and review the Principles of discovery. They will set you in the right direction so you can take the greater steps provided in this course and to you through your own soul.

The course will finish with a year’s worth of lessons providing additional seed thoughts for your contemplation. These will be followed by several questions that are designed to cause your mind to reach out to your soul for understanding.

The practice of contemplating seed thoughts is one of the best ways for the seeker to strengthen the link between himself and his soul. Energy follows thought and if you daily apply thought on a seed thought to increase understanding you cannot help but strengthen the link between yourself and your soul.

The lessons on seed thoughts were on Days 74-76. It may be helpful to review them.

Seed thought for the day:

“Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.”


(1) How and why do words veil truth?

(2) Have ever you tried to explain things with clarity yet were still misunderstood? (A hint is found in this question.)

(3) How do you see beyond the veil to see the truth behind the words spoken or written?

(4) How do you know when your words are understood?


Day 220

Words Veil Truth

I’ll just make a few comments on yesterday’s seed thought. The understanding that words veil truth is very important because it opens the door to greater understanding.

Those who have not opened this door like to see words as black and white in meaning, only conforming to their definition. Yet everyone uses words a little differently and to understand an author one must get a feel of his thinking so you can interpret him as he intends, not as you think the meaning should be.

The words of Jesus were about as simple and plain as word could be yet they are interpreted hundreds of different ways by the thousands of sects.

The common phrase we are looking for here is, “reading between the lines.” This refers to an intuitive perception that the wise reader must gain, for it is impossible for an author to give all the possible details in a script. If he even tried to do this the work would bore readers to death.

I have written many short seed thoughts for my readers consisting of just a sentence or two. To make it quotable it cannot be long, so much has to be unsaid. Consequently, the reader must do so reading between the lines and see the point that is being made. Here is the one I wrote today which will also be the seed thought.

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”

As I expected some readers missed the point and stated that we learn a lot from failure.

What do you suppose I really meant here and what do you suppose a failed life is? Then, on the other hand, what would constitute a successful life?


Day 221

The Failed Life

Yesterday’s seed thought:

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”


First the seeker must understand what is meant by a failed life. If you read my intent correctly you would have come up with something like this:

“A life that does not live up to its potential and falls short of what was expected by the Higher Self.”

Of course, there are lessons to be learned by examining any life and within each life are learning points. Most would consider dictators like Hitler, Stalin or Mao failed lives for none of these advanced soul purpose. These men and others used their talents to advance a material agenda leading to reduced freedom of the human spirit.

They may have learned certain individual lessons but they failed to be of spiritual service to humanity.

Even though these men were on the side of failed spirituality they did have interesting lives. Hitler, perhaps the greatest villain of all time, has fascinated historians and other writers since his emergence.

One failed life does not equate to all effected by him being failures also, Because of Hitler and World War II many lessons were learned and hopefully the errors will not be repeated.

A suicide represents another failure and any person committing this act in his prime of life will be disappointed in himself when arriving at his life review.

Most failures in life are caused by either bad decisions or just plain inertia and lack of will to move forward.

Now let us look at the next seed thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”


(1) How would a black and white literalist miss the truth behind this thought?

(2) What is the real truth behind the words?


Day 222

Seeing the Principle

The Seed Thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”

A contrarian may read this, object and say. “That’s not true. There are a lot of good things that cannot come true. If six individuals want to be the richest person in the world only one can achieve this and chances are none of them will.”

The contrarian can find a reason to object to anything positive as it is much easier to take the negative route than the positive. In doing this though he will often miss the core meaning that is being presented whereas most seekers will get the general idea behind the thought which is this: All things which are good and desirable can be achieved or acquired. Of course, this will not happen instantly but can over a period of time.

You may not become the richest person in the world, but can have all the things that make life worthwhile that this person may have.

We have all heard the phrase “too good to be true” applied to obvious scams and there is truth in that application. But get rich quick schemes are not necessary to achieve that which is truly good. Nothing which has a true benefit for the soul is too good to be true. All of us can achieve much more than realized and should not be discourages by some telling us that such achievement cannot be accomplished or is too good to be true. This quote from Napoleon Hill encapsulates the intended thought:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

Here is today’s seed thought:

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.


(1) How is this direction different than advice given by the preachers of the world?

(2) What if the highest you know is wrong?

(3) When are you most tempted to not follow the highest you know?

(4) Why does following the highest you know lead to revelation?


Day 223

The Highest You Know

The Seed Thought

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.

This thought runs contrary to that demanded by the preachers of the world. They basically do not trust their followers to go by their own inner light and follow the highest they know. Instead they merely demand that they follow God and what that turns out to be is the highest the preacher knows.

Sometimes the highest the seeker knows is wrong, but if he or she is honest in heart then he will discover his error, correct it and get settled on the strait and narrow path to truth. Thus by following the highest one knows turns out to produce valuable lessons.

The greatest temptation to neglect the highest one knows comes when an outer voice attempts to become the seeker’s greatest authority. When an authoritative outer voice demands to be followed suffer dire consequences then the seeker is often tempted to follow that rather than follow the proven inner voice which indeed represents the highest the seeker knows.

The highest the seeker knows comes from that which is received and formulated within his own being and if he follows this above the clamoring voices without then the communication lines to the soul become strengthened which leads to insights and then revelation or unlimited knowledge.

Today’s seed thought:

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.


(1) Are there things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and are there others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

(2) Are you one who is balanced in the middle or on an extreme?

(3) Why is one who is balanced in the middle seen as an extremist by many?

(4) How does one find the middle point of maximum truth?


Day 224

The Middle Way

The Seed Thought

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

A lot of truth can be revealed when contemplating this thought. Indeed, there are many things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and there are others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

For instance in the nineteenth century there were many practices and beliefs that were common that would be considered extreme today. There were Bibles and prayer in all the schools and many public buildings. Public buildings were often used for church services. Those people would have considered our idea of the separation of church and state extreme as does the present generation look upon their interpretation.

In our past public hanging and dueling to the death was the norm but today that would be viewed as extreme action.

Anything other than heterosexual identities was considered extreme perversion, whereas today the alternative people are widely accepted and those who maintain the old views are seen as extreme.

From 1917 to 1965 the United States had restrictive immigration laws that people of today would declare to be extreme and racist, but the people of that time would see us as the extremists.

People’s views change like a pendulum moving back and forth over a reasonable center.

The question the seeker must ask is how close he is to the midway point of balance. Most people have difficulty in accessing this objectively as most extremists think it is the other guy who is extreme, and not himself.

The strange thing for the one who does manage to balance himself between the two extremes is that he will often be accused of being extreme by both sides. The reason for this is simple. Most people view themselves as being normal and those who differ as the extreme.

Finding the point of balance in the center takes an open mind willing to study both sides of an issue and then use good judgment to pick a position. The true seeker will access the soul in doing this.

Today’s seed thought:

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

We look at the world around us and marvel at the unseen hand behind the beautiful planet, the flowers and the teeming life, but often overlooked is the greatest miracle of all which is that anything exists at all. Contemplate this thought and see where it takes you.


Day 225

The Greatest Miracle

The Seed Thought

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

Seekers appreciate seeing the intelligence of God manifest in the creation of all life with its beauty and great complexity. This is especially revealed in modern research into DNA, which turns out to be more complex than anything we can copy or duplicate at this time. The complexity of life on the microcosmic scale has convinced some open minded scientists that a great intelligence is at work.

Scientists also came upon a great mystery when they discovered the universe is expanding. They reverse engineered the expansion and came to the conclusion that the whole universe was once contained in a single point smaller than an atom. That point, they call a singularity, exploded in what is now called the Big Bang and from that incident came all there is.

Where this point of condensed essence came from or what caused the explosion they do not know. Unfortunately, most scientists do not want to consider that Divine Intelligence had anything to do with it.

Science and philosophers are happy to look at the effects of existence, but ignore the greater question which is this.

Why does anything exist? Many think it is a fanciful thought that God in some form could be real, but is it not just as amazing that anything exists at all? If at one point there was nothing, not even God, then how could there be something at another point?

I will share the results of my contemplation on this. The one thing that is eternal is the principle of cause and effect. This principle has always been and the interplay produces intelligence, which is also eternal. Cause and effect directed by intelligence has created all there is including the manifestation of all life, Divine and otherwise, in the universe.

Today’s seed thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Contemplate the meaning of love and the truth contained in this statement.


Day 226


The Seed Thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Many spiritual teachings emphasize the oneness of God and all life for God is seen as the embodiment of all there is. This is a little like the idea that the human body contains around 37 trillion cells, each having a life of their own yet form a greater life which is you. You are one life, yet represent many lives.

Another example of oneness is found in the example of the ocean. Each drop of water in the ocean identifies with the whole. It is not until the drop of water is separated from the ocean that it is seen as a separate thing. Then when the drop is placed back in the ocean it again becomes one with the ocean.

Right now we are like drops of water that are separated from our source who is God. The end of our progressions is to become one with God and manifest the injunction of Jesus:

“Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.” John 17:11

We are more like a cell in the body of God than a drop in the ocean, for the drop loses its identity when merged but the cell maintains a separate life while being one with the body.

In this reality we have left our Source and are gaining experience through the illusion of separateness. To get back home each of us must discover love. Love is that great force which draws all creation back to its center. To get back to that oneness of being requires the seeker to experience love one individual at a time at first. After he or she learns from many people, one at a time, the seeker will eventually move on to embrace all life and share a oneness on higher levels. Love is thus discovered through many individuals, but reaches its apex in oneness.

Today’s seed thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

How is it that our wants and desires often cause us problems and how do conflicting wants amplify our problems?


Day 227

Conflicting Desires

The Seed Thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

The problem with our desires is that we have a lot of them and they conflict with each other.

For instance, a lot of people want to be rich, but generally material success requires the investment of a lot of time and energy on the goal. Many successful people have had to sacrifice numerous things they desired to attain it.

Here are some desires that many find to be in conflict with the desire to be rich.

(1) Spending more time with family.

(2) Enjoying leisure time

(3) Sleeping in

(4) Developing talents.

(5) Surfing the internet

(6) Spending time on spiritual development

In other words, there are many desires most of us have that that keep us from being as wealthy as we may desire. Most desire more wealth, but they desire other things more. The desire that is strongest in the mind at the present will win out.

If your kid has a ball game at the same time you could be making a business deal and you go to the ball game it doesn’t mean that you didn’t desire to make a successful deal, but it does mean that you desired to support your kid more than you desired the financial gain. The strongest desire will always win out.

Now let us apply this principle to the seed thought.

Everyone desires good health and the desire for good health is pretty powerful. You would think that we would not let any other desire take prominence over this, but unfortunately we do.

Good health requires us to eat nutritious food but we often desire junk food and yield to them because we like the taste or like how they make us feel at the moment. Because the negative effect on our health is not immediate many let their desire for harmful foods take prominence over health.

Exercise is also essential for health and we often let the desire to do other things take precedence over the desire for adequate exercise.

Knowledge of what creates good health is essential yet most would rather see a good movie than read a health related book.

Yes, we all want good health, but there are many other desires competing for our attention that will take us away from the goal.

The solution to the problem is simple yet difficult. The seeker must use the power of will to control and direct desire so the important desires dominate.

Today’s seed thought:

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

Do you know people who believe things that make no sense?

Why do they follow something that is not logical?

Now search your own beliefs. Can you logically explain them all? Why not?


Day 228

Making Sense

The Seed Thought

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

This seems like a logical and obvious truth yet if people search their belief systems they will usually find a number of beliefs that they accept that make no sense. Here are just a few common ones.

(1) Catholics believe that when they take the Eucharist that it is transformed into the literal flesh and blood of Jesus.

When you stop and think about this it indeed makes no sense and I’m sure many good Catholics doubt that it is true.

(2) Many who believe in a literal physical resurrection reject cremation because they think the elements that composed their body will be needed to bring them back to life.

On the other hand, the body is completely renewed with new elements every fourteen years so even nature does not require you to keep possession of the elements of your body.

In addition many humans in past ages have died and become fertilizer for plants that have been part of other human bodies.

(3) Too literal of an interpretation of the Bible lead many into illogical errors such as

  • The universe was created in six 24-hour days.
  • The earth is no more than 10,000 years old.
  • The earth is flat and surrounded by a dome.

(4) Conspiracy theories. To deny the existence of conspiracies is not logical, but to see a conspiracy under every rock is even more illogical.

Every major event has conspiracies associated with it and many of them do not make a lot of sense. Most real conspiracies involve a small number of people and usually involve taking someone out.

I remember when the tsunami happened in Indonesia in 2004 I figured that even though it was a natural event that some would find a conspiracy involved. I jokingly wrote this:

“Too much attention has been placed on the problems in Iraq lately and Bush needed a diversion. He thought he would kill a few Islamic terrorists in Indonesia, at the same time as creating diversion, so he dropped a 100 megaton atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean on a fault line. This created the largest earthquake in recent memory causing the giant Tsunami which killed over 150,000 Moslems and left millions homeless. This sent an underground message to the terrorists to not mess with Texas.”

Then within days of writing this, conspiracy theories popped up along this same idea.

Not every big event has a conspiracy behind it but most have anomalies that could provide fodder to drive conspiracy thinking.

Sooner or later the seeker will find that all things that are in harmony with his or her soul will be logical and make sense to the reasoning mind. If your Higher Self has not revealed the truth of a teaching to you then the safest course is to not accept it until it makes sense.

Today’s seed thought:

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

Think of at least three questions you can ask yourself about this thought as you contemplate it.


Day 229

Right Direction

The Seed Thought

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

This seed thought directs the mind toward a different idea of what good and evil is than is presented by the orthodox view. And what is the orthodox view?

The standard idea is often presented somewhat nebulously with statements such as.

“Good is being on God’s side.” But who defines what that is?

“Good is obeying the commandments and following scripture.” But many have different ideas of how to do this.

“Good is to support your church and its leaders.” But what if they are in error?

Then evil is the opposite of the above and particularly applies to those who follow the tricky devil.

The problem with the standard idea of good and evil is that all of us can be classified as good or evil by someone’s definition of the term.

This new seed thought cuts through the illusion and defines good or evil by direction. If you are headed in the direction of spiritual progress you are following the forces of good, even though you may make a few mistakes or have some beliefs that would classify you as evil in the mind of the fundamentalist.

On the other hand, if you are not applying yourself and retrogressing in spiritual progress you are on the path of evil even though you may have as squeaky clean image and be quite pious.

It is advisable for the seeker to reflect often on this though and ask himself regularly the question: “Am I moving forward or backward?” The path forward always takes us toward greater freedom and removal of limitations. The path backward restricts our freedoms and increases limitations.

Today’s seed thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

Finding three questions around this thought should be no problem.


Day 230

To Initiate

The Seed Thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

It is the natural tendency of us humans to want the rules laid out for us. We want to go from A to B to C and achieve D. We are willing to work hard if the path is clear and all we have to do is follow it.

Instead of going where no man has gone before the inclination is to follow in others footsteps and achieve as they have achieved.

Now there is nothing wrong with learning from others and following a path to achievement that others have paved. We have all done this to a degree. A certain amount of this process is essential to everyone’s leaning.

However, there comes a time in the life of the seeker where he must take the path less traveled by and forge some new ground on his own. Instead of just copying what others have done he or she will be impressed to do something original.

I was just watching he mini series about Picasso and noted how he had to rebel against family and teachers to forge his own path. He didn’t want to just be a good artist in the orthodox sense, but wanted to do something new and different in the trade.

Now we cannot all be a Picasso, but all seekers can find something to support that is not just a carbon copy of what has been done before. It can be something that applies to the individual’s life or support of some group endeavor to initiate the good, the beautiful and the true.

To initiate something new requires something more than following rules or connecting the dots. It requires original thinking, that for many is a greater effort than hard labor on a sure thing. To move forward with initiating requires creative thinking and risk, and many would rather take any alternative than take a risk.

The difference between the two paths may be illustrated by two people attempting to create a work of art. The first guy is doing a paint-by-numbers picture. When finished his paining looks very nice, but a thousand other people have done the same thing and gotten the same results.

The second guy wants to paint a unique picture. First, he has to study the art and then paint in a unique and creative way. When finished he has a painting unlike any other – one that has the possibility of having a high value.

Sooner or later the seeker tires of painting by numbers and wants to initiate by the light of his soul.

Today’s seed thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

How do you become still? What is the silent place? Who or what are you?


Day 231


The Seed Thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

One of the prime obstructions to soul contact is a lack of stillness. There is always a lot of movement going on in the three worlds of human endeavor – composed of the physical, the emotional and the mental. To obtain soul contact the seeker must still the outer voices that tempt him to shift attention away from the point of stillness within that must be accessed.

On the physical plane we have television, the internet, social media, family members and friends wanting attention as well as numerous interesting things to do that either delay or take us away from the point of stillness.

To test the advantage of stillness, just sit in a chair and remain perfectly still for three minutes. You’ll notice that this simple act by itself will have a calming effect.

Perhaps the greatest tempter of the consciousness away from stillness is the emotional self. We have all kinds of emotions, good and bad, that easily capture the attention of many and make it extremely difficult to find that silent place.

Just imagine that you worked for three hours creating a file on your computer and you trashed it by accident. Most would be quite upset by this and would have difficulty in stilling the emotional self shortly thereafter and finding the silent place. Yet this is what the seeker must do. He must learn to override the emotional distractions, still the outward emotional noise and focus within.

Realistically few can expect to still the emotional body right after an upset, but when properly focused he should be able to do this within a few minutes.

There is an excellent line from the Course in Miracles which says, “I am not upset for the reason I think.” Searching for the true reason behind the upset can aid the seeker in calming himself.

The third distraction is the mind. The seeker cannot find the point of stillness if the mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts that have little to do with the spiritual quest. Yet when linked with consciousness the mind can be a great friend to the seeker aiding him to focus within where the fountain of wisdom can be found.

When the seeker stills all, in the three planes of human activity, he will then open up the silence within to consciousness, the point of contact for the soul.

Today’s seed thought:

In the higher realms 1+1=1

This is an interesting and somewhat paradoxical thought. See what you can do with it.


Day 232

One Body

The Seed Thought

In the higher realms 1+1=1

In a nutshell the principle implied is this. The higher we ascend and the closer we get to our Source the more the oneness of all things is realized.

There is one great life that permeates the universe of which we all are a part. We as part of that life participate in wholeness. Creation came from One that multiplied Itself into the many. Even though we seem to be many different individuals we are still merely an extension of the one. Therefore, one plus one, or you and me, are part of the one Source and one Life. In the end we equal one.

Perhaps the best earthly example of the oneness of life is our body, which is composed of trillions of cells with individual lives but as a whole the body is one life which represents you. Even so, all life in the universe composes the body of God, or the One Great Life.

Paul spoke very clearly concerning this oneness:

“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are diversities of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is THE SAME GOD THAT WORKETH ALL IN ALL. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to EVERY MAN to profit withal… (Then Paul enumerates on the gifts of the Spirit.) For as THE BODY IS ONE (space) , AND HATH MANY MEMBERS (the many stars and lives), and all the members (human lives) of that ONE BODY (GOD), being MANY, are ONE body, SO ALSO IS CHRIST (GOD). For by ONE SPIRIT we are all baptized into ONE body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into ONE SPIRIT. For the body (GOD) is not one member (Life), but MANY (All lives together)…Now Ye are the body of Christ (GOD), and members in particular.” I Cor 12:12-14, 27

The task of the seeker is to live in this world of the many differentiations while realizing oneness through higher conscious ness.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Why is truth spiritual?

Is even truth about negative things spiritual?

Are there those who put themselves forward as spiritual that do not represent truth?

Go ahead. Ask more questions.


Day 233

Truth and Spirituality

The Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Maybe the first question to ask here is exactly what qualities must a thing have to be spiritual? When you think about it there is nothing more important than truth. Finding the truth no matter what it is takes is a step toward another truth and in the direction of Spirit.

A lie clouds the picture, makes it difficult to see things as they are, hinders the discovery of more truth and takes us away from Spirit.

Some figure that there are times it is better to lie than to tell the truth. Let us say a guy has an affair, but his wife is suspicious and asks and he insists that her imagination is just going wild. He figures he is saving her some hurt by lying to her.

Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but the hurt is amplified when the truth reveals not only a traitorous act, but lies to conceal them.

Even if betrayal is concealed the one betrayed still senses the truth on subtle levels and this diminishes the relationship.

Overall, if the seeker is centered in the truth, even in difficult situations, he or she is centered in the Spirit for the Higher Self knows only truth and cannot be deceived by its reflection.

Unfortunately, there are those who put themselves forward as spiritual teachers who are not centered on truth, some of them willing to blatantly lie to get followers. Because like attracts like the deceived will gather to themselves others who are deceived and love not the truth.

The job of the seeker is to find the truth wherever it lies, To find it he must first develop a love for the truth and plan his life so he will not be tempted to lie and deceive. If he loves the truth, he will find the truth and become the truth through finding and merging with his own soul.

Today’s Seed Though:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

Think of examples where people are willing to take away the freedom of others so they can have what they want.


Day 234

True Freedom

The Seed Thought:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

There are two ways to define freedom. The first is to see it only in terms of you, the individual. The second is in terms of maximum freedom for the whole.

In the first case a few individuals may get maximum benefit, but it may be at the expense of many who suffer loss of freedom.

In the second case all will have freedom of opportunity within the rules of a civil society but some will still complain they do not get all they want.

No society can provide enough freedom to satisfy 100% of the citizens. The best that can be hoped for is maximum freedom for all within the group. Some think that an anarchy would provide maximum freedom but in this they greatly error. Anarchy would produce great suffering for the majority which would lead to tyranny.

The most significant example of the first case is the Old South before the Civil War. They maintained that they needed slaves to be free and when they fought the North because of slavery they maintained they were fighting for freedom. One of those supposed freedoms was the freedom to have slaves.

Yes, the ownership of slaves did provide a little more freedom to a few in the upper class, but it drastically reduced the freedom for the whole which is the goal that should be pursued by the seeker.

The problem of putting the freedom of the individual or class over the freedom of the whole persists today. This is most obvious when it comes to taxing citizens and the government borrowing money for different causes. There are many groups willing to tax people more than they are willing to pay and borrow additional money from the Federeal Reserve to benefit a few while the whole marches toward less freedom.

There are many who support unnecessary and restrictive laws that will cause the majority to have less freedom.

Freedom is seen by many as undesirable because in a state of maximum freedom there will still be some crime and problems.

The seeker must ask this. Which nation on the planet seems to have the lest problems with crime and rebellions citizens?

North Korea would be at the top of the list. There you never have a school shooting or hear of a bank robbery. But would any U.S. citizen want to live there?



Because it is a living hell. Common people eat tree bark, grass and even dirt to survive.

Freedom requires reasonable enforcement of law and order so the many can have a pleasant life, but a happy medium must be reached so the majority are happy with the freedoms they have.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

There are many questions that can be asked about this thought. For instance, if this is true them why does it take so long for some truths to be accepted?

See if you can think of more questions – and their answers.


Day 235

Something and Nothing

The Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

The first question the seeker would want to ask is why this is true? Why is it that light can dispel darkness but darkness cannot obliterate light? In other words, you can shine a flashlight in the dark and instantly reveal that which was hidden in the darkness, but there is no darkness beam you can project to hide that which is revealed by light.

The reason for this is that light is something and darkness is nothing. You can project light because it is made of something, which science says are photons, but you cannot project that which is no-thing.

When something is revealed the illusion of nothing no longer exists.

I didn’t realize what real darkness was until I visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. There the guide took us into a cavern and turned out all the lights. The absolute darkness was amazing. I thought I had been in the dark before, but this made me realize that I had not.

Then when he turned on the light the darkness instantly vanished and I could see all the beauty of the caverns.

Light is the foundation of all creation and its wavelengths in their varying degrees create all the visible universe. Thus is creation produced by the real, but separated by the unreal.

When the real is brought to our consciousness the unreal that hides it no longer has effect.

The real represents truth and darkness is that which hides the truth. When the truth is no longer hidden it shines forth for all to see.

Why then does it take so long for some truths to be seen by all?

Let us suppose there are 100 people placed in a large dark room and they are told that somewhere in this room is a real gold coin, but in other locations are 99 false coins. The false coins have a somewhat gold color, but are not true gold. Each person is given a small penlight with which to search. All those who acknowledge the true coin will receive one.

After a lot of searching many think they have found the true coin. Jim found the true coin first, but kept the information to himself. After a time some realized the coin they found was not real for it did not have the right color or weight as true gold. Finally, a couple who did find the true coin started proclaiming it. Someone noted that if several combined their little lights into one light and shined it on the true coin that the true color of the gold would become obvious.

After a time the whole group gathered together and combined their lights and shined them on the true and false coins. After this happened the whole group realized which one was the true coin.

This is somewhat the way it is with truth that has not reached mass consciousness. It is hidden in a corner and only a few find it at first, but as more light is shined in its direction it becomes obvious and is eventually accepted by all

A book could be written on this thought alone, but at this point we’ll leave the rest for the seeker to contemplate.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Wouldn’t a communication from a Divine Source be so clear that there would be no misunderstanding? Explain.


Day 236

Veiled Truth

The Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Perhaps the most universally accepted words as being seen as coming from God are the Ten Commandments. Yet even with these ten injunctions the interpretations vary quite widely.

For instance, the scripture simply reads, “Thou shalt not kill.”

There are some that think this should apply not just to humans but also to animals. Others criticize the believers because the ancient Israelites supported the death penalty for numerous crimes. In addition, they went to war with God’s approval and killed many of their enemies. Supporters explain that God meant we should not murder as in what we call the first degree.

Whatever the case the words from God hide the real truth from many.

Another commandment that caused a wide variety of interpretations was the Sabbath “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work.”

This commandment caused numerous attacks on Jesus by the authorities. When they read that one is not supposed to do any work on the Sabbath they literally interpreted that to mean “any” and they accused Jesus of breaking the commandment by working at healing on that day.

The Jews at the time of Jesus had hundreds of rules that defined what constituted work. For instance, you were told you could take so many steps and beyond that number you were working and breaking the commandment.

Believers cannot even agree on the day for the Sabbath. Many believe it has to be Saturday whiles others say Sunday is fine. Then many Muslims consider Friday as a day of rest.

This only tells us that the real truth behind the Sabbath is hidden from most who read the words.

The truth is this. No matter how clearly an author tries to place thoughts into words some will not interpret the meaning as intended. The reason is that human words are an imperfect means of communication.

What is the solution then?

The seeker must always look for the full truth hidden between the lines and this will only be seen when a measure of soul contact is achieved. Without soul contact the person will interpret only in terms of black and white and often miss the mark. With soul contact the seeker will get a sense of what the author was trying to convey and will often see the principle behind the message. When the principle is seen the reader will not only get the true intent but often will see more truth than was written.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

This thought is quite provocative and runs contrary to orthodox religious thought which is this: “The ultimate goal is for the person to become obedient to God in all things.”

On the other hand, what if the guy is sincere, tries to be a good follower, but has some wrong-headed ideas that would harm others? That cannot be good.

Think on this.


Day 237

Dispelling Illusion

The Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

It is a common belief among the spiritually inclined that the end of the spiritual quest is reaching a point where one has taken in all the good teachings in the scriptures and other good works and follows them to the best of his or her ability.

There are all kinds of ideas as to where the endpoint is ranging from merely accepting Jesus as Lord, to performing good works to the end, to having your calling and election made sure through a personal revelation.

The truth is that progression is an endless path. Could you imagine reaching a point where there were no other challenges to face or new goals to pursue? When you think about it this would be hell as eternal boredom would follow.

Yes, reaching a point where the seeker is doing his best to live the good life is a good accomplishment, but it is just a step. Little understood is that the next hurdle has dangerous illusions to overcome. This is the point where the seeker takes the path of darkness or light. If he inadvertently takes the path of darkness he can still backtrack for a period of time, but when he reaches a point where he realizes he is on the dark path and still continues then his path is set and no return becomes possible.

There are many dangerous illusions that tempt good people. Here are a few.

(1) “I have reached the end of the spiritual road and now I can relax.” The person thus ends his progression into the light and entropy pulls him backwards.

(2) Children are born in sin and people are basically evil. This causes the person to focus on the dark rather than the light.

(3) (A certain race or group) is a blight on civilization and needs to be destroyed. Many people of otherwise good intent are captured by this illusion and become dangerous.

(4) It is better that my wife and children die than face the troubles we have. This thinking is voiced by numerous people, of otherwise good intent, who killed themselves and their family so save them from problems they faced.

Once the seeker reaches that point where he follows the highest he knows his job is then to dispassionately examine his beliefs to make sure they are correct and that they will aid him in continuing on the path of light and truth.

Today’s Seed Thought

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

Why do you suppose this is true?


Day 238

Sensing Truth

The Seed Thought:

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

For many believers, the Bible is the gold standard for truth and the National Enquirer and other tabloids are right down at the bottom of the list. Yet even though the Bible contains many valuable truths the reader can be led astray on many things if he does not read by the light of the soul.

One who is numb to the inner voice can read the most inspired writings and be deceived but one who is sensitive to it can read the most radical writings and not be deceived, but see the truth behind them.

The errors the mistaken reader makes with inspired writings are:

(1) Interprets literally in black and white. For instance, the Bible refers to the “four corners of the earth.” Some still claim that the earth is flat with four actual corners.

Black and white interpretation will always yield many mistakes by the reader.

(2) They interpret in the light of what authorities in their life have told them.

For instance, if their authorities tell them that salvation consists of X, Y and Z then every individual interpretation will favor this.

(3) The self-deceived will interpret in harmony with their lower desires. If they want a thing to be true then any words to the contrary will either be ignored or irrationally explained away. For instance, those who want the earth to be flat tell us that the many thousands of actual photos by numerous countries showing otherwise are fake.

On the other hand, one who listens to the true inner voice is very difficult to deceive. He can read a tabloid claiming that the president met with aliens and see the probable truth with an open mind.

Now the inner voice will not whisper the words, “No, the president did not meet with aliens!” Instead, it reveals principles which gives the whole picture. Such a seeker will know that there are indeed other life forms in the universe, yet the possibility of the event being true is extremely small. Obviously the tabloid is going for an attention-grabbing headline.

The true seeker will be extremely accurate in understanding principles, which filters down to a high accuracy with facts, though no one is 100% accurate with black and white data.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

There is a lot of food for thought here. Reflect and see where it takes you.


Day 239

All Possibilities

The Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

With over seven billion people on the planet one can only imagine how many possibilities are playing out in human lives alone. It is staggering to think about.

Some are in great pain, suffering from hunger, disease and depression. Others find great joy discovering the love of their life and meeting with great success. Some are free to do as they wish where others have their lives controlled beyond that which the free person even wants to consider.

But when we consider the magnitude of the universe the possibilities are magnified exponentially.

The earth resides in this solar system consisting of nine planets, plus five known dwarf planets, lots of moons, asteroids, comets and the sun itself. The earth is the only one with life as we know it, but there are many other possibilities of life upon and within the various spheres.

Now, this solar system is only one of many within the Milky Way Galaxy. And what would that number be? Most scientists believe it to be over 250 billion.

Just think. If only one in a million solar systems within the galaxy had intelligent life on its surface that would mean there would be 250,000,000 earthlike planets in this galaxy alone and I would suspect that this is a very conservative number.

But, the Milky Way is only one galaxy out of many. How many?

Astronomers can only calculate the number in the observable universe and the current estimate is two trillion galaxies of which the Milky Way with 250 billion solar systems is fairly average.

Two trillion galaxies – that is 2,000,000,000,000, which is two thousand times a billon and if only one out of a million solar systems have an earthlike planet the number of earths would be 250 million times two trillion, a very large number indeed.

These numbers only apply to that part of the universe we can observe through telescopes. Scientists can only guess at how many more stars and galaxies are in the rest of the universe. Is the universe ten times larger than we can observe, a thousand times or maybe infinite? Or could the universe with trillions of galaxies be only one of many similar universes?

Whatever the case, the numbers are mind boggling and the probability is this. There are trillions of other intelligent life forms out there. Some will look like us and some will look very different from us. Spiritual students know that the One Great Life we call God permeates every other life in the universe which means that the life of God is experiencing every possibility that can be imagined. The variety of experiences on this earth alone are enormous, but beyond the imagination of humanity when considering the universe itself.

That’s enough food for thought for now, but much more can be had by further contemplation on this seed thought.

Today’s Seed Thought:

God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.

Some will register this to be true and others will not – so why or why not is this a true statement?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Soul and Purpose

The Soul and Purpose, Part 1

When my friend was talking about testing soul contact åhe mentioned the possibility of using it to find a mate but noted the difficulty in proving that it as the real thing no matter how it worked out.

He suggested a better test would be questions to which we could discover the true answer and prove something extra sensory was happening.

The trouble is that the soul will only give you answers that you cannot discover with your own intellect. Most decisions in life it leaves up to you unless you reach a place on the path of life where it is important to your life’s purpose that you choose correctly.

It is not important that the seeker prove soul contact to others but fortunately, he can prove it to himself. As I said in my last post the presence of the soul is very familiar because it is linked to our Source and once experienced in fullness there is no doubt. There are many doubts though on the way to fullness.

The mention of marriage caused me to reflect on significant guidance through the s soul that I have received in my relationships.

I was pretty much born with the feeling that there was a certain person I was to find as a marriage partner and looked forward to the day when I would find her.

Before that happened I was strongly attracted to three different females that I wanted to marry. On the first two I received a message that I wasn’t supposed to marry them and I reluctantly accepted. The third one however, seemed at the time to be just what I was looking for and I fell for her deeply. I didn’t even ask whether or not she was the one because I didn’t want another “no” answer.

Then as our relationship was about to reach the point of no return the soul stepped in and gave me a definite no. It was so strong that I was affected physically.

Even so, I didn’t want the answer to be true and continued seeing her for a few more weeks thinking hat maybe the soul would change its mind. It didn’t and gave me two more warnings to not marry this girl. There was nothing wrong with her and much that was right, but there was some reason that she was not in my life’s plan.

Breaking it off with her took all my strength and to make it worse she did not take it well.

Then a short time later the soul did tell me who the person was that I was supposed to marry. It was a lady I had met in England that was at that time merely a pen pal. It seemed crazy, but the soul had never had always been right before so I dropped everything and took off to England to check her out. After arriving I started dating her and discovered that we had almost nothing in common, except we were both members of the LDS church at the time. We disagreed on almost everything and I could see that any marriage to her would be extremely difficult. I rationalized my answer thinking that perhaps marrying her was something I could do, but didn’t have to do. I decided to cut my losses and go home. I explained to her that we were not well matched and I was going to leave in a few days.

She explained that she had received a previous answer from God that we were supposed to be mates but wanted to check one more time. She wanted to fast and pray about it for three days and the get together with me again. To this I agreed.

After three days I picked her up wondering what kind of results she achieved. After asking her she said these words to the best of my memory, “I had already received an answer so I feel bad that I had to ask again, but this time the answer came though crystal clear. Yes you are supposed to be my husband, but in addition the Spirit said that if you do not marry me you will be cursed and not complete your mission.”

That was somewhat disturbing, but it didn’t convince me to marry her. I replied that it may be alright with God, but it’s not all right with me. I told her that I still thought a marriage to her would be a mistake and I was planning on leaving in a few days.

My soul must have thought it had not made itself clear to me so over the next few days It gave me a clear message with great power as well as proof that she was supposed to be my wife. I was free to choose but the choice was difficult. It was to go along with a direction from my Source, even though it did not make sense, or go against it and perhaps not accomplish what I am supposed to do in this life.

This higher guidance had never let me down before so I went ahead and married her. I thought that perhaps by some miracle the marriage could work.

Then the day after the marriage I received another revelation. The marriage was going to end in divorce, but in the meantime I was to do all in my power to make it work.

This revelation killed off the last glimmer of hope for success I had and sent me into deep reflection. Why would God guide direct me to take such a step that would only lead to disaster? I prayed for an answer, but nothing came. I continued to petition God for an answer unceasingly, but nothing came. It was as if there was no Higher Self, no Soul, no Spirit and no God for the next five years, while all the while the marriage was even more difficult than I had imagined.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 2

Up until this point in my life every impression I had received from the soul made sense and proved to be accurate. It made no sense to me that I was directed to reject what I thought was my ideal match and marry someone who was as far from a match as I could have conjured up in my imagination.

Several years earlier I created a list of around 16 qualities that I was looking for in a mate. The last one the soul told me not to marry seemed to have them all. The one the soul told me to marry had only one and that was she was a member of the LDS church. At that time this was an important point on my list.

In the past, when the soul told me to do something that didn’t seem to make sense I fond out in short order the reason and that the guidance was correct. This time it was different. The direction made no sense to me and years passed and no answer was forthcoming, even though I pleaded with God incessantly for an answer.

Finally, after five years the answer came quite unexpectedly. The details are private but the end result was this.

I learned that the doctrines of reincarnation and karma were true and I had powerful karma with my wife from a past life that I had to work out.

And why did my soul wait for five years of pleading on my part to reveal this to me?

Because I was not ready to receive the answer until I went through the process. Before this answer came I really took the church seriously and one of its teachings was that there is only one life and that reincarnation is the doctrine of the devil. Accepting that there was reincarnation would put me at odds with many orthodox teachings of the church and make it impossible to stay in the church as a good supporting member. In the mind of a good Mormon, to accept reincarnation is to risk his eternal salvation.

My soul was silent for five years because it took five years of contemplation on my part to be ready to receive what it had to say.

After several years word got out to the authorities that I had some strange beliefs so they had called me to trial and excommunicated me. Now that I was a non member the marriage was more difficult than ever for the one thing we had in common had evaporated. My wife now saw me as one under the influence of Satan. I would have liked to have bolted but my soul told me to continue in the marriage.

Very reluctantly, I stayed in the marriage.

Altogether the union lasted twelve years and during this period I was quite dissatisfied and did not fully accept my situation. How long I would have to stay in a difficult marriage I did not know. Finally, in the twelfth year I had an epiphany. I thought to myself of how I had obeyed the commandment to marry and stay with my first wife, but I never really accepted it. What good was it doing for me to inwardly complain about my situation? I thought to myself that I am here in this situation and if I am to fulfill whatever I came here to do then I must accept it.

A that point something happened to expand my consciousness and I just made the decision to totally accept where I was on the path of life and cease any resistance in word, thought or deed.

I was amazed how liberating this was for me and found myself at peace more than at any time in my life. It even had an affect on my wife and our relationship seemed to improve a little, though it was still d9fficult.

A couple months after this total acceptance of what I considered to be divine will something very unexpected happened. I received another revelation through the soul. It was basically this. “You have obeyed the command and learned your lessons. You are now free to move on.”

I thought this was an odd time to receive this instruction. In the past I would have been thrilled to move on but in my new state of mind I found I that my peace and happiness was not determine by outward circumstances. I was amazed that I seemed to not care if I moved on or not at this point.

Even so, this revelation got me to thinking. If I was to move on where or who was I supposed to move on to? Perhaps there was another person from my past lives I was supposed to find and marry. I contemplated on who that may be and came up with a name and after reviewing my current life and probable karma I figured that I should be meeting her soon.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 3

It wasn’t long before I met this person with whom I had a past life connection.

One day my nephew Curtis called me and told me that our friend Wayne had a new girlfriend and wanted us to meet her. We met at lunch at the Sizzler and had a pleasant conversation which drifted toward philosophy and spiritual principles. She was a nice lady and attractive, but nothing hit me over the head at that time.

The next day Wayne called me up and told me that his girlfriend wanted me to call her – that she was interested in some of my thoughts.

I asked him if he was sure that was all right with him and he said it was no problem.

I called her up and we talked for over an hour and by the time I put the phone down I had confirmation through my soul that this was the one I was expecting to meet. The circumstances were awkward though for I was married and she was dating my good friend.

She wanted me to come to her place and teach her. Again Wayne was fine with this for he trusted me. I visited her on three occasions and answered many spiritual questions she had. As I was saying goodbye on the third visit a quantum of spiritual energy descended on us both and as I drove away my soul delivered to me a powerful message that this was the next person I was supposed to marry and I was supposed to pursue her.

I saw her again a couple days later and the first thing she asked me was the meaning of the powerful spiritual energy that descended on us both. I told her that there was a link between us from past lives. I then asked her if she would agree to be regressed so we could retrieve some memories and verify who she was.

I knew the name I was looking for from our past and was interested in seeing what she would come up with.

Fortunately, she was a good subject for regression and amazingly she went back to the past life that I anticipated. When I asked what her name was in that life she gave me the name I was looking for. Not only that but she gave me pieces of information from that period that she couldn’t have known, but was historically accurate. I later took her back to a number of past lives and found we had a history of varied relationships.

After this I realized that this was the one with whom I was supposed to move on. I could see why for I had been given an important spiritual mission to accomplish and she would support my endeavors whereas my current wife opposed them.

Shortly thereafter I approached my friend, Wayne and told him about the experience. He told me that he had felt sorry for me over the years with such a difficult marriage and he’d be willing to give her up for me. What a great friend, I thought to myself.

I now had a firm direction through my soul to move on to a new relationship, but the decision was not that easy. Breaking off from a spouse, even in a difficult relationship, is difficult enough, but the effect on the kids makes it supremely difficult. I couldn’t have done it unless I knew for an absolute surety that this was what I was supposed to do for I could not complete my mission in my current marriage.

I got a divorce and remarried. We were happy together for the next three years. We started a spiritual group and she loved and supported the teachings I gave out. She was so supportive that her main goal was to make enough money to support us so I could do spiritual work full time.

Then about the fourth year that dream came true and she received a big promotion at her company at almost double her salary. That was the worst thing that ever happened to our relationship. From that point on her support for the spiritual work diminished and her desire to live the normal life increased. She seemed to resent being the main wage earner.

Then one day after we had a big fight the Inner Voice came to me again and said with clarity, “Don’t worry, if she fails to support you then Artie will help you.”

Artie was a lady that was attending my classes. I never dreamed of moving on for the third time, but now I saw the possibility.

During the next few months I did everything possible to revive our relationship, but it was as if her consciousness had made a shift and there was nothing I could do to move it back. My teachings that she initially loved and was drawn to had now become a major point of friction.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 4

As time passed our relationship suffered greater stress. At one point she just took off to Sun Valley for a couple days and I didn’t know where she was. When she returned she told me she had concerns that I may be turning into a negative cult leader like the famous Jim Jones who famously had his group drink the deadly Kool-Aid. How she ever developed a concern like this really baffled me as she had previously had a powerful witness about our path together.

I asked her to have a prayer with me on the subject. We did this and a peace descended on both of us and at least she didn’t bring this up again.

The problem seemed to be that she was looking or problems rather than solutions. From the numerous lifetimes to which I regressed her we found we had a number of close relationships that always seemed to get frustrated in some way and it was almost like she had a code in her to repeat that. The difference with this life was there was nothing external in our way. It seemed that her mind just accepted that it was too good to be true that we could live happily ever after in this life, because it did not happen in previous lives.

Then came the day that we had the biggest fight of our marriage. It occurred just before I was to teach a class to the spiritual group. She didn’t go with me that night so I arrived alone. I hadn’t had much time to prepare a lesson and had a few notes scribbled on a piece of paper. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to come up with something inspiring.

As I got up in front of the class I looked upon the audience and Artie caught my attention. She was looking at me with eyes of anticipation, as if she was expecting me to deliver something wonderful. There was something magical about that look and I realized that the rough lesson I had prepared would not deliver what was needed. I immediately trashed my notes and searched my mind for something that would be more inspiring.

As I contemplated the phrase “Divine Carelessness” came into my mind and I spoke on that. It was more of a speech than a class as the words just flowed seamlessly and I think to this day that it was the best speech I have ever given. Unfortunately, it was not recorded.

During the presentation I felt a oneness with the audience, especially with Artie, for whenever I looked in her direction I saw approval in her eyes.

When I finished I felt a great peace and contentment though somewhat physically drained.

Afterwards, I noticed Artie and an elderly lady sitting on a couch with a space between them. I flopped myself between them and put my right arm around Artie and my left around the other lady. This just seemed to be the friendly thing to do at the time.

At that instance something magical happened. It was as if our souls cooperated on a higher level and filled us both with spiritual fire. It was as if Artie and I were the only two beings in the universe and as if the other lady as well as the rest of the group were not even there.

When soul contact happens with two or more people you both know that the feeling is shared. Nothing has to be spoken.

I must have sat the between the two ladies for 15 minutes and neither Artie or I said a word to each other. We both felt like we could bask in the divine essence forever.

Finally when it became socially awkward to stay there any longer I rose up and mingled with several others.

Then I caught Artie as she was leaving and asked her if I could talk to her outside. We found a private place, faced each other and she gave me the best compliment I have ever received. She praised the address I gave and then said, “You made love to our minds.”

Then I asked her if she felt anything unusual when we were sitting next to each other. She answered that she did indeed feel something amazing that had never happened to her before. “What does it mean?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “It means we are going to be seeing more of each other.”

At that point I knew I had the approval from my soul to pursue Artie and marry her, but first I had a good talk with my soul and said basically this. “Look, you have directed me to two women to marry that did not work out . You told me that marrying them was important to my life’s mission and I felt I must obey or else. This time I want the decision to be entirely mine. If it fails or succeeds I want it to be my responsibility.”

I waited and the mind of the soul replied, “Okay, this time the decision is entirely up to you. You will suffer no karma if you do not marry her, but if you know what’s good for you then you will proceed.”

I was glad to feel completely free about my choice, but wasn’t quite ready to call it quits with my wife. I thought our relationship deserved another chance if she were willing. Then after a day or two passed she seemed to sense something and asked me, “Did something happen at that meeting? I’m picking up a strange feeling about it.”

I paused as I realize the possible results of telling her the whole story. Even so, I didn’t see any other path so I told her what happened and that the same spirit that surrounded us when we fell in love happened to me and Artie. I told her that if our marriage could not work then I was supposed to move on and marry Artie. Then I told her that I was still willing to give our marriage another chance if she was willing to work at it.

She replied that she thought the guidance I had received was correct and that Artie was a better match for me than her.

I replied, “We always said that in difficult times we would fight to keep each other. Are you not willing to make an effort to save the marriage?”

“No,” she said. “I think you should go with Artie.”

“Are you sure, because if you are not willing to make an effort then my decision will be final.”

She said she was sure.

“Then my decision is final and I will move on.”

During the next few days she was extremely quiet and reserved. I think she regretted her decision and was considering asking me to stay, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. These last few days together were also difficult for me as this was a woman I had given my heart to with the idea of loving her forever. This was a marriage that was supposed to work, but didn’t. I don’t know if I would have had the strength to leave her if she had asked me to stay.

But if I knew what was good for me I would move on one more time.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 5

At that time our spiritual group was having weekly meetings. The next one came up a couple days after the decision to leave my wife. Artie came to all the meetings and I was sure she would attend. I had full confidence because of the go-ahead from the soul that I could win her heart and that she would be my next mate, hopefully the last one in this life. One thing that was in my favor was that she had just separated from her husband a week or two previously. This timing seemed to work in my favor.

The meeting progressed as normal and afterwards I again asked Artie if I could talk to her privately. She agreed and we walked a distance into an isolated park. I brazenly told her that the feeling that had descended on us the week before was a message that we were supposed to be together and that I was leaving my wife which would open the door for us to be married.

This startled her and she started giving me a dozen reasons why this was moving way too fast as she had barely separated from her husband and her daughter wanted to spend some alone time with her. As she was giving me all these reasons to go slow I felt that I needed to do something. I grabbed her, looked into her eyes, told her I loved her and kissed her.

I can’t really say the soul told me to do that, but the move seemed to be inspired as all resistance seem to cease. We spent the next couple hours together talking and getting to know each other in a way you cannot do as a student-teacher in a group setting. By the time we parted I was pretty sure that she felt the same way I did about moving ahead.

That was roughly our first date.

I moved out and stayed temporarily with some friends. We saw each other the next few days as much as possible and things seem to progress well. Then one day I called her up to arrange to get together again. There was something in the tone of her voice that caused me concern. I soon found out why. Here is the conversation to the best of my recollection.

Artie: “I think this relationship is moving way too fast. This is not normal. I think we need to take a breath and go slower. I should be spending more time with my daughter and my mother is flying in also.”

JJ: “Something’s happened. What is it?”

Artie: “My daughter seems to think you are an evil cult leader who could lead me to some disastrous end. She called her father (Artie’s ex husband in California) and described you in such a way that he seems concerned for her well being and is threatening to take steps to get custody and my daughter is threatening to go live with him. On top of that she called my mother in California and portrayed you so sinisterly that she is afraid for my life and flying in at the first possible moment.

“Everything is just going crazy here, even people at work think I am crazy going this fast with you. I think the solution is to hold off on the relationship until things settle down.”

I was silent for a moment as the gravity of the situation registered with me and sought guidance from within with all my focus. Here was the message I received:

“If you yield and she takes time off from the relationship you will lose her. Lead her mind back toward the spirit of peace and I will help you.”

This I attempted to do and reminded her of that night when the spiritual fire descended on us and that we were meant to be together, I talked to her a few minutes about things of the Spirit. I cannot remember all I said, but I remember how I felt. I felt the magical power of the soul descend on us both, and, even though she was silent for a time, I knew that she was feeling the same great peace that I was. At the moment of the most intense spiritual fire I said this:

“What are you feeling right now as you listen to me?”

“I feel peace,” she said.

“And what did you feel before I called?”

“There was no peace, just turbulence.”

Then I said, “Would you rather go the direction of the peace or the turbulence?”

“I want the peace!” she said decisively.

“Then we need to continue the relationship. When you take a step forward there are always negative forces that arise to pull you back, but if we go forward they will subside and everything will work out.”

At that point she committed to go forward with me despite the voices telling her otherwise. I am happy to say that she has stayed committed to our relationship from that time forward, over 30 years now.


After we committed to continuing the relationship we did our best to manage the tempestuous situation. I visited with her mom after she flew in and did my best to convince her that her daughter was safe with me. Artie did her best to convince her ex-husband that there was nothing to be concerned about and I did all I could to befriend her daughter.

Her daughter was somewhat glad Artie separated from her current husband as she thought it was going to give her more time to spend with her mom and I greatly interfered with that idea. It took her a while to adjust to me coming into her life but eventually the walls came down and we now consider each other family.

Another thing of concern was that Artie’s husband, with whom she had separated, had learned that we had gotten together right after he moved out. He knew that she had been coming to my group meetings and erroneously figured that we must have been having an affair behind his back. I received word that he was threatening to kill me and to watch my back.

This made me a little nervous, but there was no other path for me except to move forward. Fortunately he did not act on his feelings.

Artie and I both filed for divorce about the same time and had both granted within a day of each other. We applied for a marriage license the day after the divorces were granted. When the clerk saw that we both received divorce papers within a day of the marriage license she thought there must be some error as this didn’t happen every day.

Since it was nearing the end of the year we decided to get married on New Year’s day. I figured that would be a good day because this way I would never forget our anniversary.

I wanted to make sure this marriage would work so I did an in depth astrology analysis for the favorability of the date and time. We were inclined to get married at the stroke of midnight, 1988, but I calculated that a more favorable time was twenty minutes after that so that was the time we settled on. According to all I could see of the astrological energies at play this time looked as good as any.

Here were our marriage vows we wrote:

“I covenant to be one with you by ever seeking the One Spirit of God with you. I covenant to be your faithful friend, (husband/wife) and lover as long as you are my faithful (husband/wife) and seek to fulfill soul purpose with me. I will always seek honest communication and will trust you with my vulnerability and openness. I covenant to work toward balancing the energies of giving and receiving with you and will always seek to guide us as a unit toward greater light, freedom and unity. I covenant to solve all differences we may have, which may cause separation, by seeking a resolution and confirmation through the Holy Spirit with you. I covenant to channel and dedicate all my energies toward union with you and to the building of the Kingdom of God on the earth.”

The marriage was a great new start for our lives, but proved to be a disaster for the group. For the past year Artie was jus a fellow student and other members did not know there was a problem with my marriage. Two things upset them They liked my previous wife and they had difficulty in accepting Artie as the new teacher’s wife.

In addition to this there was one female in particular who was attracted to me and did all in her power to get me romantically involved with her. She was somewhat upset that I didn’t yield to her but then when out of the blue I left my wife and married Artie, a fellow student, she seemed quite affected. She found another teacher and did all she could to get the group to shift over to him.

From that point on the group was never the same and a few weeks later we had a very explosive meeting where bitter disagreements over trivia surfaced and it was as if the group exploded and disintegrated.

Artie was very supportive about starting another group and I would have liked to but I concluded that one of the main causes of failure in my last marriage as well as the group was a lack on earning power on my part. My last marriage went downhill when my wife became the major wage earner and I couldn’t give the group the attention it needed when I had such concerns about earning a living. Since I didn’t charge the group for the classes they we not a source of income.

I decided to start an advertising business and work at it until I got ahead and then go back to teaching. I plunged ahead and shortly thereafter Artie quit her job and joined me with the business.

For the next ten years I worked about 80 hours a week at the business. During this time I never did anything spiritual, never even had time to read a book, teach a class or even discuss much concerning spiritual principles. We paid the bills, but I wasn’t really getting ahead.

Finally, the time came for me to write the book, The Immortal. The question was where was I to find the time? I was already working until 2 AM almost every night. The only solution was to work after two. I then started writing between 2-5 AM each morning and caught a snooze in the office or whenever I had a few minutes. I kept up this schedule for over ten years and produced millions of words that are now available on the internet.

Now at the age of 73 I still service a few old customers but have a lot more time to study, write and attempt to follow the spiritual direction of my soul and fulfill my mission, which is another story.

Some may wonder why my first two marriages failed if I was truly guided by a higher contact. The answer is simple. The soul is not so interested in guiding us toward a contented life as it is toward an increase of learning or situations where productive spiritual work can be accomplished.

The day after I married my first wife I was told that it would end in divorce. This was extremely confusing to me at the time, but now I see the picture clearly it all makes sense. I see many valuable lessons that I learned. I cannot share then all but here are three.

First, the situation forced me to think out of the box. If there were just one life it would be unfair for God to lead me into an unhappy marriage. If I had a happy marriage in the church I may have been content there and never made the spiritual discoveries that are in the millions of words I have written.

Secondly, it taught me to look upon the soul instead of the personality. My first wife had a personality much different than my own and to live with her in any degree of peace I had to look upon her soul.

The third was that I learned to remain at peace in circumstances that were very stormy and awkward.

These lessons were important, but the main reason was a past life connection and karma that needed to be worked out.

I was guided to my second wife also to work out some karma and or the fact that if she stayed faithful to her own soul she would be a big help in freeing my hands to do the spiritual work I signed up for before I was born. Because of free will not even our Higher Self knows what all of our decisions will be. She was a big help the first three years of our marriage, but the last year her free will took her in the opposite direction.

That marriage was not designed to teach me lessons, but to empower a spiritual work.

Since it did not work out my soul provided me with another. Even so, the failure of my second marriage cost the spiritual work of which I am a part a setback of over ten years as well as the disintegration of our group.

Hopefully this account will aid the reader in understanding how the power of the soul can work in our lives. It does not give us data on demand but will guide us toward paths where we can learn and be of service to our fellow men and women. All the normal life decisions it leaves up to us.

Most marriages are left up to the individual. Often if one has a choice between two people as mates it is not that important which one you chose. If it is and there is something important to learn or work out, and you are willing to listen, then your soul will guide you. The path of the soul may be bumpy at times but the end will be good and the seeker would not trade the lessons learned for anything.

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 10

Day 91

A Higher Touch

So, did you come up with some questions for your Higher Self? Did you receive some answers? Do you feel you are becoming more sensitive to higher contact? The answers will vary depending on the individual. The important thing at this point is to keep moving forward.

To move forward it is important to continue with the exercises already given as well as continue seeking new ways to break through.

In this material world we have five senses through which we perceive information. As you know, these are vision, hearing, feeling, taste and smell. Less known is that we have a higher correspondent to these in the spiritual world. The Higher Self understands our physical senses, but has a higher octave of them that It uses within its own sphere and is willing to share with you.

The higher correspondent to vision is understanding and spiritual sight, higher to hearing is discerning the still small voice or impressions from the soul. Above feeling is the ability to sense the presence of spiritual beings and forces. Corresponding to taste is the power to discern truth from error and the higher sense to smell is the power of intuition giving the seeker power of revelation and the bringing down to brain consciousness true spiritual principles.

Today we are going to concentrate on your sense of feeling. We often take our feeling sense for granted, as its presence is universal throughout the body from head to toe. Our feelings and touch allow us to verify the existence and texture of the things we see and hear. They tell us when to eat and drink, when something is wrong with the body that needs attention and many other things. Most associate our feelings with things touched in the physical world, but the higher sense of feeling is capable of ascending much higher. There are signs of this even with using the normal sense of feeling.

If someone else is available have him or her run his hand over various parts of your body while having your eyes closed. Have this person not touch you but stay just an inch or so away from actual physical contact. Can you sense the person’s presence? Most likely you can.

If no one is available do it to yourself, starting at the crown of your head and moving your hands down over various parts of your body, not touching yourself, but keeping your hands an inch or two away from the skin.

You will notice that you can feel the presence of your hands even though they do not make contact. You will notice that some parts of your body are more sensitive to feeling than others.

Now, let us expand this sense of feeling to include your higher spiritual sense and feel the presence of your own soul. Its presence is never far from you, but only obscured though the illusive veils that physical existence places between us and the spiritual realm.

For this exercise do not concentrate on seeing or hearing anything, but merely feeling the presence of your Higher Self.

Sit back in your chair, close your eyes and call out the name you have given to your Higher Self. Call out the name, sit back and for a minute or so concentrate on feeling the presence. Realize that this presence will have a high vibration, and is surrounded by a spiritual fire that reaches out and surrounds you.

Repeat this two additional times while sensing the presence and the comforting yet spiritual fire connected with it. After you call out the name for the third time focus on not only feeling the presence, but being one with it. Feel yourself merging so you become one mind and one entity. If you do this successfully it will feel very familiar, as if you have returned to your true home.

Continue this extension of your feeling for your soul for 15 minutes or so. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel so impressed.

Affirmation: “My soul and I are one.”


Day 92

The Voice of the Soul

So, how did you do at tuning into the spiritual sense of feeling and sensing your Higher Self? Students will receive a wide range of response on this, but all who sincerely tried this will have perceived that there are spiritual beings and forces that can be sensed if one focuses long enough to tune into them.

Today we will concentrate on the spiritual sense of hearing.

Hearing is an important sense in our physical realm. It allows us to communicate with each other face to face. We not only hear the words that are spoken, but we hear the tone of voice or the way the speech is given out. Sometimes the emphasis placed on words reveal more than the words themselves.

All of our electronics necessitates hearing for full use. We use hearing regularly with our televisions and mobile devices.

A walk amidst nature is greatly enhanced by hearing. It is pleasant to listen to the birds, the animals, crickets, the rustling of wind, a gentle rain or to be reminded of natures power in a display of thunder and lightening.

Indeed, physical hearing enhances our life experience.

If this is the case then imagine what spiritual hearing will do, for the power of the higher always exceeds that of the lower.

As stated earlier, higher spiritual hearing involves the still small voice and impression. That which we call the still small voice is itself transmitted by impression, as the seeker does not hear words in the normal sense, but instead they form in his mind in complete physical silence. We call it a voice when the impression comes clearly enough to be translatable into words.

Sometimes spiritual hearing will be so clear that exact words will form in the mind. Other times the seeker will clearly sense the impression, but will need to put it in his own words. At still other times the impression will be vague and the seeker will not be sure if his imagination is playing tricks on him or if he is really receiving something. In this case he needs to focus on paying attention.

The assignment today is to concentrate on hearing what your own soul, or Higher Self has to say to you.

First sit back and call out the name you have given to your Higher Self and repeat yesterday’s lesson of feeling the presence. Sensing the presence should come quicker this time.

Feel the presence and attempt to become one with it After you feel that you have tuned in with your feeling sense as much as possible ask it this question:

“What area of my being needs your love and healing power?”

Keep in mind that the answer could refer to your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self.

The first time you ask this you will most likely get some type of impression, but will not be sure if it comes from your soul or your imagination. Clear your mind and ask again and then again and follow up with additional questions of your own making. As the answer by impression becomes stronger you will become more confident.

Do not be concerned if you are not confident in your answer at first. You are entering new territory and it takes time to master any skill including this one. The more you practice the greater will be your accuracy.

Affirmation: “I call out and receive an answer.”


Day 93

The Eyes of Understanding

The last lesson was on spiritual hearing and the assignment was to listen and hear an answer from your Higher Self on this question:

“What area of my being needs your love and healing power?”

Did you receive a clear answer on this? Probably not at first, but also remember that your first impression, however faint or even illogical, is not to be dismissed. The first impression is not always right, but it often contains clues to the real answer.

When you ask a question you must be aware of the various answers that could be given. For instance the question includes the word “healing.” Did this cause you to focus on physical healing? The seeker should realize that healing extends far beyond the physical. In fact, most physical maladies are merely a manifestation of non physical problems sending a message through the physical body.

The emotional self creates many problems though harboring a grievance or perpetuating some state of denial.

The mind can cause problems by nourishing a deceptive illusion that sends distorted energy down through the emotions and then to manifest as physical problems.

So where do you need to focus the healing powers of the soul? Should they be just on that pain in the neck, or maybe it is your reaction to the situation or the person who is a symbolic pain in the neck.

For every problem where illness or discomfort manifests there is a possible healing. Sometimes we cannot find it on our own and need a little help from a higher spiritual intelligence.

The next spiritual sense to examine is that of sight. We have already taken sight a couple steps beyond normal seeing. We have covered seeing the etheric body and the aura. We have also covered the art of seeing the Higher Self through the use of the imagination. Not many are sensitive enough to actually see the spiritual world, but many can sense the Higher Self that resides in it.

The seeker can create a vehicle for the Higher Self through the use of his imagination, but then he can take his vision to a still higher level. An important aspect of spiritual vision is understanding. Understanding comes through spiritual light that interplays between the two worlds with the result of bringing light to the mortal mind.

What most people call understanding often involves very little real understanding, but merely the learning or memorization of how something works. Understanding goes beyond the facts to seeing how the facts relate and support true principles.

Indeed Solomon spoke the truth when he advised, “with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Spiritual vision includes the art of seeing through the eyes of understanding and attempting this is the next step in connecting with your Higher Self for this higher part of yourself sees with much more understanding than you in a physical body. Your Higher Self is your personal savior, your Christ, because Its mind is linked with the entity who was Christ as well as “to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,” Heb 12:22-23

Your assignment today is to go through all the steps of contact we have discussed so far. Call out the name of the Higher Self, imagine Its presence, then feel Its presence followed by sensing impressions it has for you. Today we will go one extra step and see through the eyes of the Higher Self

Sense the presence of your Higher Self a few feet in front of you. Now feel the presence come close to you,. Stand up as if you are face to face with it. Now feel it step forward and enter your body. Next sense you and your Higher Self as being one and that you can see through It’s eyes of understanding. Using this enhanced vision examine your life from the time you were born to the present. See your life as your Higher Self sees it. Spend whatever time is confortable examining your life and see what insights come. When you are through see your Higher Self step out of your body but a lighted link joins you so Its presence is closer now than before.

Affirmation: “I see through eyes of understanding.”


Day 94


So, were you able to merge with your Higher Self and look upon your life through Its eyes. Or maybe I should ask if you were able to imagine merging with it and seeing through Its eyes. Let us hope you at least made the effort.

Remember energy follows thought and the more thought you use to imagine these things the more energy is drawn to them. When enough energy is available you will have created an actual vehicle in which your Higher Self can manifest. Of course, there are degrees of manifestation and the higher the intensity of thought the greater will be your power to be one with your Higher Self and share in Its understanding.

Did you attempt to look upon your life through the eyes of your Higher Self? If you did this successfully it would have been like a life review – not as complete as you will receive after death, but a foreshadowing of it. A life review done here in the midst of life is quite valuable as you still have time to use the knowledge and make corrections.

Socrates said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Therefore, let us attempt to examine ourselves frequently and learn from the lessons life has for us.

The next sense to consider is that of taste. Its higher correspondence is that of discernment. The wise use discernment to see the difference between truth and error, good and evil and other dualities. He correctly sees the dualities and the zero point between and discerns which side of the duality takes us toward the dominating good and why this is the case.

Many used their material filters and see the dualities upside down from their true condition.

Isaiah spoke of this when he complained that peopled called “evil good, and good evil; they put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isa 5:20 The scriptures further say: “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” (Psalms 14:3)

The ancient sages thus complained that people get things backwards to the extent that they cannot tell what is good and what is evil. They are so incompetent at this that none were said to even know how to do that which is the true good.

It is unlikely the prophets were speaking of some of the basics such as lying or stealing which most acknowledge to be evil, but were looking at the big picture. When one puts all the pieces together are we seeing the true good or the true evil?

For instance, Hitler spoke of many virtues that most would call good, but the whole picture he put together was not so good, yet accepted by most of the German people at the time.

We have the same problem today, Leaders on both sides of issues speak of virtues that most consider good, yet if the whole agenda is discerned we may find that this person could lead us to destruction.

True discernment doesn’t just look at individual parts or ingredients of a plan or goal, but closely examines the whole thing to determine its worth.

Without the help of the soul the seeker will make errors in discernment and sometimes will examine that which is good and call it evil and look at evil and call it good. Not everything that sounds good on the surface is good and many things that are called evil belong to the higher path.

The biggest problem we have today with bad discernment are the powerful political divisions we see developing throughout the world. Both sides are pointing fingers, calling each other evil and those looking for the true good are rare.

There is good to be discerned on the liberal side and the conservative and true union is to be found when all the good is discerned and synthesized into a working while.

Your assignment today is to call upon your soul and look through Its mind at the main political side you least support and find three things that are good within the belief system.

Affirmation: “I will look anew and find that which is good.”


Day 95

Accessing the Invisible

Your assignment was to examine the political side you least support and find three good things in it. The two main political divisions are the conservative and the liberal. If you normally side with the liberals you should have looked for good within the conservatives and if you normally side with the conservatives you needed to look for good within the liberal view.

How did it go? Were you able to find three good things or did you conclude that at this juncture the other party is so far off that there is nothing good to be found in them?

Those who arrived at this conclusion need to take another look, not through the eyes of the personality, but through the soul.

We must realize that no party is 100% liberal or conservative but the major parties in the various countries always lean one way or the other.

That said, I will name three positive things from each side. See if they are in harmony with what you came up with. Keep in mind you may have named some good ones not on my list.

Good things about conservatives.

(1) Things that have been proven as positive for society need to be conserved. For instance, respect for just law and order helps keep a society intact and healthy.

(2) Conservatives tend to reject bad ideas for liberal change causing the change that does occur to be more effective.

(3) They place needed emphasis on being fiscally responsible, something needed when we are $20 trillion in debt.

Good things about liberals.

(1) There are many things that need changed for the better and liberals are always putting forth their ideas for change. They keep us from resting on the status quo.

(2) Liberals, as a whole, are more creative than conservatives and provide us with stimulating entertainment.

(3) Sometimes (not always) rules need to be broken and liberals are more willing to take a chance and do this when needed.

For most it is much easier to point fingers and condemn the other side, but many of the flaws the two sides see in each other are found in both of them. Unfortunately, many ideologues are so polarized that they can find little if any good in those with opposing political views. This should not be the attitude of the seeker of truth for in the higher realms of Spirit good is seen in all who have any desire to do what is right.

Politics is where discernment is most needed in the world today, but there are many other areas where the seeker can practice this ability.

Now let us move on to the fifth sense, that of smell. The higher correspondence of this is the intuition.

Smell is an amazing sense when you think of it. When you smell a flower from about foot away can you imagine the small number of particles that enter through your nose to create the smell? Or someone could be cooking bacon 100 feet away and yet enough tiny molecules enter your nose arouse your hunger.

Then when we consider that a dog’s sense of smell is, on the average, 40 times that of a human one can only stand in awe at this marvelous sense.

Just as the sense of smell can seemingly pick up information out of thin air from nothing visible the intuition can reach into the invisible realm of Spirit and retrieve information and principles.

Just as it was difficult for humanity to figure out how the sense of smell works many humans do not understand intuition. Many confuse it with a gut feeling or with clever reasoning ability of the mind. Intuition, as your Higher Self understands it, is much more than this. If the seeker taps into the intuition he accesses a spiritual Internet where all true principles can be understood.

We’ll talk more about the intuition in the next lesson but for your assignment sit back, closed our eyes and focus your attention in your forehead, the seat of the your intuitive powers. In the center of your forehead see a growing ball of light and then in the midst of that light see a friend or family member who has political views different than your own. See him as a brother or sister struggling to find his way in life just as you are. See him as having a Higher Self just as you do. See that your Higher Self loves this person’s Higher Self and sense the love connecting you with him.

Affirmation: “I will access the intuitive powers of the Spirit.”


Day 96

Accessing Intuition

Just as the sense of smell brings to the attention of brain consciousness scents by invisible and almost miraculous means, the intuition accesses a higher plane, perceives the invisible and brings it to our awareness.

The power of the intuition must be accessed through the medium of the Higher Self. The highest we can access on our own is the higher part of our minds. The higher part of the mind can access the soul and the soul can access the higher planes. The goal of the seeker is thus to become one with the soul which will give him continual access to the intuitive plane.

The intuition gives the seeker access to the plane wherein ideas originate. These ideas are founded on true principles which are clearly seen through the eyes of the soul accessing intuition.

Ideas exist on two levels here on the earth plane. Most of what we call ideas are merely formed by the mind making various associations of thought. Thought one plus thought two equals thought three, often seen as an idea.

An idea brought down by the intuition is more of a revelation than a deduction. In bringing down an idea through the intuition the seeker may use some associated thoughts but the revelation will be more than 1+1=2 type of thinking. The idea will come in a flash and will be beyond the power of the mind alone to produce.

The intuition may also verify ideas and principles already taught here on the material plane. It doesn’t create a fiery confirmation as sometimes happens in spiritual experiences. Instead it just turns on an inner light giving the seeker a knowing and understanding about the principle or idea involved.

I have often written that the language of the soul is the language of principles. A principle can reveal a thousand facts, but it may take a thousand facts to relate the fullness of a principle to the average mind.

When the seeker accesses the power of the intuition through the soul he can sometimes grasp a picture of truth in an instant that may take a book to explain if he were to write it.

There is no single exercise that can be given that will cause the seeker to make a breakthrough in accessing intuition. What he must do is to seek additional soul contact and as he progresses toward a fullness the intuition will naturally develop.

For the assignment today I will give an affirmation on which to contemplate. Within the depth of these words are potential intuitive flashes that can reveal true principles. No great revelation may come today, but if the seeker continues all knowledge of truth will be his. It will come in its own time.

Affirmation: “God is the one and the many. The many who become one see God.”


Day 97

The Master Mind

Hopefully you placed some attention on the intuition as brought up in the last lesson. There is no easy way to teach it. Getting hold of it with the mind is like trying to grab a dust particle floating in a beam of light shining through a window. The harder you try the faster it moves away from you.

The seeker can take heart though that when he successfully treads the path and follows the step by step approach to soul contact that the intuition will be naturally enhanced. When he is finally one with the Higher Self he can access the same intuitive knowledge that It does.

The Higher Self has many powers that are not normally accessed by regular humanity, but can be. It has great creative powers and used these powers to assist in creating your body and then projecting a fragment of its consciousness into it. That fragment is you. Some time after your death you will reunite with your Higher Self and it will be like awakening from a dream. Then later on you will dream again.

The Higher Self is capable of placing several fragments of itself on earth at one time. Normally, it just has one fragment on the earth, but there could be two of you if it fulfilled some purposed. This has been verified by the late Michael Newton, who through regressive techniques took thousands of people back to their life between lives and received very consistent accounts.

The fact that your Higher Self can project more than one fragment of itself on the earth plane at one time is valuable information to have. Seekers utilized this knowledge when they named their Higher Self and then imagined its presence. Just as your body is a vehicle for a fragment so are thoughtforms created by your mind. If you place enough energy into visualizing your Higher Self then a body of mental matter will be created as a vehicle for It to use. Because thought matter is more refined than physical matter It can communicate through it with less distortion.

One of the ways the soul can manifest a greater portion of itself to us is through the use of the Master Mind. The Master Mind idea was made popular by Napoleon Hill. He discovered there was great power in its application but didn’t seem to be aware of why this was so, but did realize that some divine power was at work.

Hill defined the Master Mind as a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

He discovered that two or more people working in harmony toward a goal seemed to draw to themselves, not only more power than they have as individuals, but that the whole was equal to more than the sum of the parts.

He found that individuals in a united group had an almost supernatural ability to access each others talents, mind power and more. The larger the number that was united the more potent the group became.

The reason the Master Mind works is because souls in the spiritual world can see eye to eye much more effectively than do people on the earth plane. When two or more unite with a positive purpose they are following the path of the soul and bring down additional soul energy that can be felt and accessed by two or more people here.

The union of souls through a Master Mind is one of the most effective ways to increase soul presence that can be accessed and used by the seeker.

Your assignment today is to first pick a goal that you would like to see accomplished. Next reflect on all the people you know and pick two or three that would most likely support you in reaching this goal. It is advantageous to have them within the range of physical contact, but not essential.

Next imagine that they are standing in front of you, willing to assist you. After this tell them either vocally or with your thoughts what your goal is and ask for their support,  advice and help in achieving it.

Now look at them and imagine what response they give to you. If you succeed in doing this with soul energy the advice you sense will be in harmony with your soul.

Spend as much time as is confortable imagining interplay with your Master Mind group.

Affirmation: “I join with other souls and enter into greater life.”


Day 98

Extending the Master Mind

How’d the last lesson go? Did you visualize your friends in your Master Mind group? Were you able to see any of them in the flesh? There’s nothing like s haring thoughts in person.

Actually all people use the power of the Master Mind to a degree through their relationships with their innermost circle of friends, which would include the spouse. Normally when a person gets an idea, or considers a new goal the first thing he will do is visit one or two close associates and share thoughts with them so see what they think. Usually they will have some advice and input. Once received the guy will often alter some of his planning making his ideas more practical.

Just discussing with friends brings down more soul energy, but the interplay seems so natural that the principle involved is overlooked and only a small portion of the possible potency is achieved.

Once the seeker realizes how group cooperation can manifest additional soul energy and intelligence he can create a Master Mind and take his thinking to new levels.

Napoleon Hill wrote about how many successful people created a Master Mind composed of people in their enterprise. By holding meetings with them they were able to draw down intelligence that surpassed any of them individually.

Then he tells he interesting story of how he took this to a higher level in his own life. He decided to create a Master Mind group of famous people, even some who were dead, by using his own imagination. There were nine people in his group which were, “Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford, and Carnegie.”

He imagined their presence as a council and used them for advice as well as incorporating their positive qualities into his life.

As time passed they became so real that he became concerned and decided to discontinue the idea. Then something quite unusual happened.

He was awakened in the middle of the night by none other than a visage of Abraham Lincoln standing beside his bed. He heard him say these words:

“The world will soon need your services. It is about to undergo a period of chaos which will cause men and women to lose faith, and become panic stricken. Go ahead with your work and complete your philosophy. That is your mission in life. If you neglect it, for any cause whatsoever, you will be reduced to a primal state, and be compelled to retrace the cycles through which you have passed during thousands of years.”

This startled him and he immediately resumed his Master Mind group and continued to develop his philosophy. In fact he expanded his group to include more than fifty famous people more, among them were Christ, St. Paul, Galileo, Copernicus, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Voltaire, Bruno, Spinoza, Drummond, Kant, Schopenhauer, Newton, Confucius, Elbert Hubbard, Brann, Ingersol, Wilson, and William James.

In the end, I am sure that Lincoln was proud of Mr. Hill for he wrote many books that inspired millions, including myself.

Napoleon Hill realized that the Master Mind group had supernatural powers that somehow originated through Divine Intelligence, but was not clear on how it worked. He just knew that it achieved results.

Understanding how it works will give the seeker more power to use the principles involved.

The Master Mind works through the individual focusing on the higher mind and linking with his Higher Self. The Higher Self then has power to send a fragment of consciousness into any thoughtform you create.

What is interesting is that your soul can access the consciousness of any other soul, living or dead. This was why Hill’s Lincoln was so real. His Higher Self accessed the consciousness of the real Lincoln which allowed him to interplay with an image that manifested the personality and intelligence of the real Lincoln as he existed in the 1860’s.

Today’s assignment is optional. While you should have a Master Mind group of at least several close friends and associates, an imaginary group of famous people from the past is optional. If you do decide to create such a group it will require considerable effort and time, but the benefits could be quite amazing.

Whether you make the effort or not at least think of three famous people that you admire. Bring one or more of these into your consciousness now and then and consider what advice they would have for you or what they would do in your situation.

Continue working with your Master Mind of living associates, both in person when possible, and by using your imagination.

Affirmation: “I am never alone for all souls are linked as one great life.”


Day 99

The Sixth Sense

We have covered the correspondences to the five acknowledged senses, but there is a sixth one, and it is not ESP.

What is called ESP is not connected to the physical senses but belong to the astral body or higher correspondence to them in the soul that we have recently covered to some degree.

A sixth sense related to the physical body is a sense of balance. This is a very important one for without it you could not even stand upright or walk. We witness many people who have highly developed this sense such a surfers, tight rope walkers, and mountain climbers. All who excel at sports have a well developed sense of balance and all of us use this to some degree.

So, what would be the higher correspondence to balance? How would this manifest through the Higher Self?

This sixth sense manifests in a wonderful way in the kingdom of the soul. The Higher Self puts reality in is proper perspective so it maintains a balance of spiritual energies giving it a powerful sense of peace. The “peace that passes all understanding” is the sixth sense of the soul.

The correspondence is interesting. When a person feels out of balance or out of sorts he also does not feel at peace. When we extend our sense of balance to giving the right amount if attention to the essentials of life and balancing them with the inward sense of right and wrong we then can be at some degree of peace with ourselves. If the person neglects his family, friends and spiritual values for material success he will be out of balance and not have that peace that every life desires.

The peace of the soul is on a higher level than regular peace as seen by average humanity. Even most of them who live a fairly balanced life will discover that they are lacking the flow of spiritual energies to counterbalance the excess of material ones that we have on the earth plane.

It is impossible to achieve the peace of the soul on our own. To do this the seeker must seek contact and then share in this balancing of all the energies that are accessed.

One sign that a person has achieved soul contact will be that he will have experienced a transcendent peace that goes beyond anything related to the material world.

The assignment today is to first assess your present state of peace. Sit back, close your eyes, spend a while just sensing your state of mind and then ask: “Is there anything that prevents me from having perfect peace?”

As you contemplate you may realize that there are several things that are in the way such as some residual guilt, a grievance, worry or just being too caught up in daily problems.

This course has covered guilt and grievances. If they are still a problem then review those lessons dealing with them. Other distractions will be drowned out if the seeker can access the peace of the soul. Use the following affirmation and quietly mediate on it, expecting results.

“I invite the higher presence of my soul to come into my heart and mind and share the peace that passes all understanding.”


Day 100

The Seventh Sense

So you thought that there were just five senses here on the material plane, but were presented with a sixth which was balance. When you thought about it, it did indeed seem to qualify for a sense. You probably did not expect another sense to be presented, but should not be surprised, as all creation manifests in sevens.

The seventh sense is timing and is related to the brain which is linked to the mind and heart.

A sense of timing manifests in many different places of our lives. This good sense often separates the nerds from the popular ones in school. The nerd may have developed the part of his brain that allows him to get good grades, but may lack the sense of timing had by the popular kid just getting by with Cs.

Timing isn’t the same as what is commonly called emotional intelligence, but is enhanced by it. The guy with good timing gets the girl because he initiates a series of events that work in his favor. The guy with bad timing approaches at the wrong time, says the wrong thing and reacts in a way that makes others cringe.

We see that the sense of vision is different for each individual. Some require glasses and others do not. Of those who require glasses many different prescriptions are needed. A sense of timing is like that. Some have a good sense for it and others need timing glasses to make up for a deficiency in that sense.

Let us say you are at a party and you observe a group of six having a conversation about football. Four of them are really into the game and their conversation seems to fit in. The fifth guy doesn’t follow the game much, but has a good sense of timing so he just nods his head and asks a few questions at the appropriate time.

The sixth guy also doesn’t follow the game but has a bad sense of timing. Out of the blue he wants to talk about computers. Now this may have been entirely appropriate with another group in another time, but in this case the rest look at him as an odd and unwanted character while the expression on their faces says, “Where did this guy come from?”

The sense of timing manifests in many aeas of our lives. When you were a kid you learned to time just the right moment to ask a favor of your parents, or maybe just the right moment to cry or throw a fit to get what you want. During the teenage years most concentrate on good timing in relationships and seeking popularity.

Later when seeking employment you use a sense of timing to select your career, and in your work you use good timing to get ahead and fit in.

Timing is related to cycles. There are cycles where the door of opportunity is open and others where it is closed. The one with a good sense of timing has a natural grasp of numerous cycles in life and instinctively knows when the opportunity is there and when it is not.

The question that now arises is what is the higher correspondence of this sense and how does it manifest through the soul? The assignment today is to contemplate this question along with this affirmation: “I see the cycles of opportunity through the eyes of my soul.”


Day 101

A Divine Power

The last assignment asked the question of how the seventh sense of timing manifests through the soul. This is manifest through the power of judgment.

Now judgment has gotten a bad rap because of this scripture:

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matt 7:1-5

Here Jesus is NOT telling us that we cannot judge, but is instead warning us of the law of karma if we judge harshly or incorrectly, for he says: “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Therefore, if you judge someone with minor faults to have major faults, this harsh judgment will come back to haunt you.

In this scripture He gives the key for righteous judgment: “first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” In other words, concentrate on eliminating your own faults first, and then you will be able to make a correct judgment as to how to help your brother (or sister).

Here is another scripture illustrating even more clearly that Jesus was talking about the law of karma:

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Luke 6:36-38

Here He is simply saying that if we judge rashly, condemning our brother and not forgiving him, we will reap what we have sown and find condemnation coming back to us. Jesus gives us a guide in using the power of judgment correctly:

“I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” John 5:30

As we seek to become one with God and follow His will, then the beam clogging our vision will be removed and our judgment will also be just. Here is an interesting scripture where Jesus actually tells us to judge:

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24

Judge with clarity wisdom and love, and when you do this and later judged, as you have judged, all will be well with you, but if you do not judge righteously, then the law of karma will bring painful judgments to your door.

Finally Jesus tells his twelve apostles that they shall be judges:

“And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” Matt 19:28

When you think of it, it is silly to say we should not judge. As soon as you wake in the morning you make a judgment as to whether to get up or sleep a while longer. When you get in the shower you make a judgment as to when you are clean enough to get out. When you eat breakfast you make a judgment as to what you will have and how much.

When you drive to work and are a little late you make a judgment as to whether you are going to speed or not. Finally you get to work and meet the new guy who was just hired. He wants to be your best friend and now you make a judgment on whether or not you want this type of personality in your life. Then your boss wants you to dig up some dirt on the boss above him. You judge your boss to be wrong and refuse.

We could go on and on here, but hopefully we get the point. Judgments are not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong. Every quality and ability has a positive and negative side to it. When the Bible and A Course in Miracles talks about judgment in a negative light, they are talking about negative, limiting judgments.

Example: The child received some bad grades in school and tells the parent he is going to do better next time. The parent responds: “You’ve failed miserably in the past, so you’re going to fail again.” This is a cruel and limiting judgment.

A positive judgment would be something like this: “I have seen you make progress in the past when you make an effort and I do believe you have it in you to dramatically improve your grades.” Here the parent made a judgment on the positive possibilities of the child, and in this case judgment is a good thing.

Like all other qualities judgment manifests in a duality. Limiting judgments are negative and should be avoided. Positive and constructive judgments can be very good and uplifting. The seeker needs to avoid judgments that limit, condemn, belittle and emphasize the flaws of others.

Good judgment is spoken of as a divine quality throughout the scriptures. Many times we are told that Christ and God are righteous judges and this power will be given to those who overcome. It is written:

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them.” Rev 20:4

The assignment today is to contemplate how judgment is used in this world and then how it may be used by the Higher Self in the world of Spirit. How does the soul use this seventh sense and how can we benefit from its judgments?

Affirmation: “I see the way and, make a judgment and take my next step.”


Day 102

The Eyes of the Soul

The assignment was to contemplate the difference in the use of judgment between the higher and lower self, or perhaps we should say the material and the spiritual world.

In this world a large part of the focus of judgment is on the negative aspect and this focus is so strong and prevalent that many on the spiritual path have seen judgments as some thing altogether bad and have just flat out condemned it. But as we pointed out in the last lesson there is a positive side to judgment. Judgment and decision go and in hand. Who would ever say that we should cease making decisions? No one. Ye before any wise decision is made the power of judgment must be called into play.

The positive aspect of judgment is so powerful that it is is often associated with the wisdom of God and divine power.

Unfortunately, the negative aspect is the opposite and associated with destructive thinking.

In this world we see too much of the negative aspect with humans first judging and then being overly critical of their fellow men and women. Also, the inflated ego judges through a veil of illusion and sees his importance as being elevated above others. The ego may not admit it but but sees itself as superior to others and judges others to be inferior in every possible way.

In the world of souls the Higher Self does not use negative judgment at all, but only uses the positive aspect. It does not think in terms of interior of superior, even though some souls are further along the path than others. It sees all life as being linked together and being interdependent.

Your soul knows your complete history and planned your course in life and the major lessons you were to learn before you were born. It made these plans while linked to Divine Intelligence and made many judgments about how your life could proceed so you could obtain maximum benefit from each fork in the road.

Your soul never approaches you from the aspect of condemning judgment but always seeks to help and even sees your mistakes as learning experiences. Every judgment hat It attempts to send to you is one that will help you to advance into the light and fill your heart with joy.

The important thing for the seeker to do is to tune in to the world of Spirit, access the mind of his Higher Self and make judgments from Its level of vision.

Thus your assignment today is to sit back, imagine the presence of your Higher Self manifesting and seeing though Its eyes as to the what lies in the path ahead for you. Also look through Its eyes at your friends and associates and see them using only positive judgment. See the Christ in even the most difficult people.

Affirmation: “My judgments are one with my soul and only the path of joy do I tread.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 5



Day 41

I will focus my thoughts

We all know how a magnifying glass works. You can be out in the sun on a mildly warm day and use it to concentrate its rays, and in a few seconds you can start a fire applying it to dry leaves.

Now imagine something that does the opposite. Instead of magnifying the light, it diminishes it. This special glass takes the sun’s light, diffuses it and spreads it over a large area so the area appears as a dark shadow where little can be seen.

This correlates to a problem experienced by many seekers. Instead of focusing on one or two important things they can realistically accomplish, they use the shotgun approach, scatter their energies and tackle a dozen different objectives that sound alluring. Unfortunately, this approach usually ends with little if anything being accomplished.

The story of the tortoise and the hare also illustrates this principle. The tortoise is focused, moves slowly, but always onward toward the goal. The hare expends much more energy, but is unfocussed and moves all over the place. As we know the tortoise wins in the end, not because he was better equipped, but because he kept his eye on a single goal and moved toward it without deviation.

This concept of focus is a good principle to apply not only to goals in our everyday lives, but also toward the all-important objective of consistent soul contact. To obtain this objective the seeker must concentrate a large amount of energy, including his consciousness toward paying attention to the Spirit within.

The outward world has many competing voices, fun things to do, and material goals that can distract the inward focus of the seeker. We realize that a certain amount of attention needs to be paid to the outward world, but the successful seeker will learn to live in the world but not be of the world. After he gets the necessities of life mastered he can place many of his duties on an automatic pilot so they can function with a minimal amount of attention. Some can never relax and do this, while others program their computer brains to take care of many activities so their real attention can focus on that which is more important.

The most important lesson concerning focus that the seeker needs to absorb is that he must apply the general principle and direct energies within to maintain consistent soul contact. When he realizes this, then he (and, of course, she) has taken an important step to inner contact.

It is interesting to consider that not only will materialistic things in the outer world distract from the inner focus, but so can the many spiritual sirens who call out for our attention.

Many seekers are enamored by the many spiritual disciplines and teachers available to them and they scatter their outward attention on a half dozen or more. Even though the teachings may direct a student inward, they still come from without; and if the student is trying to master many at once, he will master none as well as have his focus diffused.

This is why many spiritual teachers insist that students focus on only one teacher. This is not because any teacher is infallible, but because they are indeed fallible and any two teachers will give the message in two different ways, even if they are saying essentially the same thing. Only the student with reliable soul contact can sift through many teachers and take the one truth out of the many. Even so, it is a good idea for all to focus on one major area of mastery and learning at a time.

Your assignment today is to reflect on successes and failures in your life and see if you can associate a one-pointed focus with your successes, and a lack of focus having too many things competing for your attention with failure. The chances are that you will see a correlation.

End with this affirmation:

“I will arrange my priorities so I can focus on the Divine Self within me.”


Day 42

I will grade myself today

Irritation and impatience with others is another distraction that forces the attention outward rather than inward. Again, this largely affects the emotional self and is particularly harmful to those seeking the path of soul contact.

Those who do not seek the Path generally have their eyes projected to the outer world and irritability with others is just one more thing keeping their attention there. However, since you are studying this course you are obviously interested in establishing firm contact with the Inner Voice. To do this you must rise above this distraction, and distraction it is. For many seekers it is their major problem.

There are two things about this trait that takes the eye away from the soul. First, the problem is seen as being outside of self, which turn the eyes outward. Second, irritation over the shortcomings of others springs from a feeling of superiority. While it is true that we all have different talents, intellect and ability, we are all equal in potential. We are all children of the One God treading the path to the Presence. We are all on different points on the path, but equal in value.

Having patience with your brothers and sisters is a sign that you feel an equality with them. Their perceived shortcomings may have been your shortcoming not long ago.

Do you want your teachers to lack patience with you and be unreasonably irritated when you are doing your best?

Of course not, so you need to extend the same courtesy to other struggling souls.

Soul energy from the Higher Self is amplified when two or more see eye to eye and work in harmony. Indeed, the words of the Master are true wherein He said:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:20

Irritation with your brother’s shortcomings is the fastest way to chase the Christ out of your midst and take your eyes away from the soul.

Working with others is difficult and the tendency of humans is to have rose-colored glasses concerning themselves and an overly critical eye toward coworkers.

Unrealized is that the impatience and irritation shown to others are usually a bigger detriment to the work going smoothly forward than are the shortcomings of one’s neighbor.

It will often be the case that those in a group who are most irritable with the shortcomings of others are the ones with the greatest problems, and, of all people, these are the ones who need to clean house first before they can accurately see into the heart of others.

The assignment today is to grade yourself on how this distraction affects you.

If you are presently in a state of mind that holds no irritation or impatience as well as being free from grievance over the flaws of others, give yourself an A.

If you are just affected once in a while by real stupidity, give yourself a B

If you think you are about average, give yourself a C.

If you consistently dwell on the shortcomings of others then you need to give yourself a D or F.

Give yourself a grade before you read on…

Now that you have given yourself a grade, find your mate or friend who knows you well and explain this lesson to them and the grade you gave yourself. Ask this person if he or she agrees with your assessment of yourself. If not why?

You may discover that your friend’s assessment of yourself is somewhat different than your own.

Reflect on this, especially if your friend sees you quite differently than you see yourself. Is there more you can do to negate this distraction?


Day 43

I seek for a grateful heart

The seeker who has established soul contact has a grateful heart. Who can have anything but a grateful spirit when he basks in the spirit of inner peace and feels the love, acceptance and companionship of the inner God? A grateful heart is harmonious with the heart of God.

He who understands this will recoil at the thought of ingratitude, even when enduring many troubles in the outward world. He realizes that lack of gratitude casts a barrier between him and his companion soul and losing that companionship is a loss greater than the loss of all he has in the material world.

The wise pilgrim knows the truth of the statement that “all things work together for good to them that love God.” Rom 8:28 He knows that even when he suffers pain and distress, that he is placed in a circumstance where the end will be beneficial if he continues to listen to his inner guidance. Why, then, would he not be grateful in difficult circumstances as well as good ones since all of them are designed for his benefit?

Is not the champion athlete grateful to his coach when he puts him through painful training as well as in parties celebrating victory? If the coach is working for the benefit of the athlete, then his gratefulness and appreciation will solidify their relationship and bind them together as one.

Even so, your Divine Soul is your wise coach, and your constant appreciation will draw the Divine Presence close to you for it will see you as reaching out with grateful heart.

The seeker must seek to not only be grateful to God but to his fellow brothers and sisters as well. Did not the Master say that whatever we do to the least of our brethren we do to him? (See Matt 25:40)

If we therefore show gratefulness to others, we are essentially showing gratefulness to God.

It is easy to be grateful when someone performs a service that we like, but much more difficult if they give a harsh criticism or attack. Even in these circumstances should the person seek to find something about which to be grateful. One way is to see negative people as a part of the whole life experience that allows us to learn, grow and advance.

For today’s assignment first do your best to assess your own state of gratitude or ingratitude. Do you see yourself as more grateful than ungrateful for the ingredients in your present situation? What are the things you are grateful for right now? What is happening in your life to tempt you to be ungrateful or to feel that life is not treating you well?

Seek today to find at least one thing for which you should be grateful, but have not fully expressed or appreciated. Then in the following days add to the list until you can tell yourself that you have a heart full of gratefulness. End your contemplation with this statement:

“I am grateful for all the lessons God sends to me.”


Day 44

I will give glory to God

Jesus made this interesting statement:

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matt 6:28-29

Lilies of the field are beautiful but when we take a closer look at them through powerful microscopes we see that the words of Jesus were true indeed. Each cell in the plant has an internal organization and government that puts Solomon to shame. Even a single strand of DNA within the cell has a complexity that has baffled the minds of our greatest scientists.

Then, concerning the macrocosm, the scripture says:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalms 19:1

It is enough to fill the humblest seeker with awe at divine creation to merely look up at the sky on a clear night and contemplate the beauty and vastness of the heavens. But we are fortunate to live in the age of the Hubble and other telescopes that have pierced the heavens and given us pictures that ancient man could have not imagined. Indeed, what we now see verifies the truth of the ancient Psalm.

An important step toward soul contact is to recognize the handiwork of Divine Intelligence in all creation. You would think this recognition would be obvious, but many minds of otherwise intelligent people have focused on excluding anything higher than random chance for the creation of all things.

If you were walking through a forest and stumbled across a laptop computer would you consider that it just appeared there because elements gathered by random chance to create it? No one in his right mind would do this, yet a single cell or a strand of DNA from within a lily of the field is much more complex than our computers.

It is interesting that when scientists do digs in search of ancient man and find what are very crude tools they will never consider that random erosion or shifting of the elements created them, yet they will claim that a living cell, trillions of times more complex was created with no intelligence involved.

There is one thing that science should acknowledge and that is there is intelligence and consciousness in matter.

How do we know this?

Because there are over seven billion humans on this planet who have consciousness and intelligence and they dwell in the matter of a physical body.

Is it not logical then that intelligence could dwell in the body of the universe itself by the same principle?

Not giving recognition and glory to the Creator causes two blockages to soul contact.

First, the person who denies a creator will not even attempt any contact with his Source because of lack of belief. If he does not look, he will not see.

Second, the inner Divinity, though It never deserts us, will not contact the person who does not recognize It.

Soul contact cannot be achieved without the recognition and appreciation of greater intelligence than ourselves.

The more the seeker understands and appreciates God and all His creations, the closer will he be to his own Source, his own soul.

Your assignment today is to merely pay attention to your surroundings. Look for all the beauties and intelligence in creation and exude a sense of awe for the craftsmanship that went into creation. Find a flower, a bird, a leaf, a blade of grass or even a rock and imagine the complexity of its creation. Look at your body, your hands, your feet, your skin, your eyes and try to conceive the complexity of their design. Go outside at night and look at the sky, and sense a universal presence extending through the universe.

Lastly watch this video giving you a perspective of the vastness of creation.


Day 45

I will forgive seventy times seven

Peter was curious as to how far one should go with forgiveness.

“Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?

Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, until seventy times seven.” Matt 18:21

Seventy times seven equals 490 times, more offenses than any one person will ever wrack up. This was merely a way for Jesus to tell his disciples to forgive without limits.

A Course in Miracles puts an interesting twist on forgiveness. It says:

“God does not forgive because He has never condemned. The blameless cannot blame, and those who have accepted their innocence see nothing to forgive. Yet forgiveness is the means by which I will recognize my innocence. It is the reflection of God’s Love on earth. It will bring me near enough to Heaven that the Love of God can reach down to me and raise me up to Him.

“He will teach you to remember that forgiveness is not loss, but your salvation. And that in complete forgiveness, in which you recognize that there is nothing to forgive, you are absolved completely.”

The Course puts an interesting twist on forgiveness by telling us that the way to forgive without measure is to realize there is nothing to forgive. This applies to ourselves as well as others.

A lack of forgiveness is strongly associated with grievances, for when an offense is registered and forgiveness does not take place, the person will hold within himself negative feelings toward his brother and, as we said, this creates a barrier to soul contact.

Students who study A Course in Miracles will often agree with the words in theory, but find them difficult in practice. After all, how can one buy into the idea that there is nothing to forgive when people do such hurtful things?

On the other hand, if the seeker can reach that state of mind where he sees nothing to forgive, then forgiving seventy times seven, or infinite forgiveness, becomes a reality.

Let us look at an example to see how the ideal should play out.

Your friend Alex stole $100 from you. Not only did you need that $100, but it hurts your feelings that a friend would do such a thing. You are very disappointed in him.

If someone were to tell you at this point there is nothing to forgive, you may have a hard time believing it, as the $100 was real as well as the hurt you feel by the betrayal of a friend.

To rise to the “nothing to forgive” consciousness the seeker must elevate his thought beyond that which is suffering the hurt, which is the emotional self. The feeling nature feels hurt over this and many other offenses, but the feeling nature is a temporary part of oneself. Our true self, which is one with the inner God, is engulfed in the higher feelings motivated by love. When the seeker focuses on the better angels of his nature, he will look beyond the vulnerable emotional self and dwell in the consciousness of the higher invulnerable self that cannot suffer offense.

Because the seeker in this consciousness cannot be offended or hurt there will never be anything to forgive.

Now switching consciousness from the lower vulnerable emotional self to the invulnerable higher loving self is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished. Like any good endeavor, it takes lots of practice.

And practice we must, for solid soul contact is impossible to one who has not forgiven in his heart and holds a grievance.

And remember, forgiveness applies to yourself as well as to others.

The assignment today is to first review your life and list three offenses that have happened that were difficult to forgive. Do they still have a residual effect? Have you let them go as if there were nothing to forgive in the first place?

Next, examine your present circumstance. Is there anyone who offends you, or that you find aggravating, or is really messing things up? Are you able to place yourself in a state of mind that sees the offense as illusion with no power?

Yes, that may be difficult to do, but it can be done.

During the next few days pay attention to all your interactions in person and on the Internet, and observe how they affect your emotional self. Contemplate any negative feelings that affect your emotional self and say: “ These feelings represent my temporary self. My true invulnerable self sees nothing to forgive.”


Day 46

I will see difficult people as lions

The teaching of letting go of grievances and forgiveness is difficult for many to accept in everyday life. Forgiveness may sound like a good ideal in Sunday School class, but then when one has a real life encounter with someone who does you real harm, reality seems to settle in and many just do not think the perpetrator deserves any forgiveness at all. You suffered so he needs to suffer.

The first thing to realize is that forgiveness does not abolish justice. When you realize that justice will be done even if you do nothing to retaliate, then forgiveness becomes easier.

Let us pick one of the most hurtful things one can imagine. Suppose a criminal killed your child.

If you forgive him does this mean he will not pay for his crime? No. You can let go of your grievance against him, yet still support a reparation for only through some type of payment will he learn not to do it again. It is important to realize that even if he escapes payment through the laws of the land, the laws of karma will catch up to him. Knowing that justice catches up with everyone makes forgiveness easier. Also the seeker needs to look at justice as a means of correction rather than punishment.

“That’s well and good,” says the skeptic, “but there are several people in my life who really deserve punishment before they should even be considered for forgiveness. I just can’t let them off this easy.”

Yes, if a person is holding on to a grievance and just can’t forgive until some punishment is meted out we have a difficult situation indeed. To forgive requires a fresh way to look at the situation

Visualize a visit to the zoo with loved ones and children. A part that always brings enjoyment is the section containing lions and tigers. Does the fact that they may eat you, a loved one, or even a child cause you to have a grievance toward them?

No. You realize that they are dangerous so you only visit them when you have the proper protection.

Let us suppose that a lion escaped and before he was contained he attacked and bit you and you had to have emergency surgery. In this painful condition would you hold a grievance toward the lion? Would you even need to forgive him?

Probably not.


Because the lion is a wild and dangerous animal when not contained. It is just who he is.

The seeker must apply this Lion Principle to difficult people. This is just who they are. They cause problems when around you, so the best thing to do is look on them as you would a wild animal. Do your best to protect yourself from harm and enjoy them from a distance. If they break through the safety net and attack you, then you are merely dealing with a wild animal. There is nothing to forgive because it is just who they are at the moment.

Most of us are familiar with the famous Las Vegas act of Siegfried & Roy with lions and tigers. They knew the animals were dangerous, did their best to contain them, yet loved them a lot. During a standard act in 2003 a tiger named Montecore grabbed Roy by the neck and dragged him some distance, critically injuring him. As they rushed him to the hospital Roy was heard to say: “Montecore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Montecore.”

Roy not only held no grievance toward the tiger and had nothing to forgive, but he still loved the cat and wanted no harm to come to it.

We must follow Roy’s attitude and apply it to our fellow humans who still have some wild animal inside of them. The instinct to attack is just in their nature and they have not yet overcome the problem. We must do our best to protect ourselves and loved ones from them, yet seeing them as we would a lion helps us to realize there is nothing to forgive, just as Roy saw there was nothing to forgive.

Your assignment today is to visualize the most irritating person in your life. If you think a few seconds a certain person will come to view. As you visualize this person say: “I see the lion in you – there is nothing to forgive. I have complete protection from all harm from you and all other wild animals.”


Day 47

I see the Christ within you and within me

Jesus spoke these words, which have echoed thru the centuries:

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt 25:40

When most people think of this scripture they figure that those described as being in the least category are those down on their luck, like the homeless for instance. While it is important that we see the Christ in people having hard times, the principle extends further than this.

Think for a moment. Who is really the least of the brethren in your mind? Is it the homeless guy or maybe someone who has caused you a lot of grief in your life? If someone betrayed, cheated, or hurt you, then perhaps he is a lesser person in your mind than someone down on his luck.

This puts a whole new dimension on this scripture. Yes, the least person in your mind is that person who has been a thorn in your side and irritates the dickens out of you.

Even though this person may aggravate you to new heights, he is still a child of God with the spark of God within him. If you want to find the Christ and soul within yourself, you must see it within him.

A Course in Miracles calls this person your savior because he is the ultimate test to looking within. If you can look within all others and see the Christ, then you can look within yourself and see Him also.

Does this mean you have to embrace someone who is dangerous or outright insulting?

No. The last lesson on the Lion Principle comes into play here. Just like you can see the positive life of God in a lion but keep your distance, you need to do the same with some people. You can keep your distance from obnoxious people, yet still see the Christ in them and ever be ready to assist them when they are sincere about improving themselves.

Your assignment today is to again visualize the most irritating person in your life, the person who is the least of humanity in your mind and see the Christ in him. Then say these words:

“I am thankful for the opportunity to see the Christ in you so I can discover Him in myself also.”


Day 48

I send goodwill to all

The seeker who passes through the barriers and contacts the inner loving God, must be loving himself. There are thee aspects to love which are:




Love is not complete until all three are embraced and practiced.

Today’s lesson is on goodwill.

We seem to live in a world where goodwill is not only lacking but deteriorating. There is an increasing division between the political left and the right, and hatred from both sides is on the increase. To withhold goodwill from a brother or sister because they have different political views is an error in judgment indeed, and sends energy that holds the clouds in place between the seeker and his soul.

If we want to commune with the inner God then we must be like God as Jesus advised:

“for he (God) maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matt 4:45-48

God gives out the sunshine and the rain to all no matter who they voted for, and we must do the same. And if we just show love to those who think the way we do then we are no better than the crooked publicans in the days of Jesus, for even the worst of us show goodwill to those who accept us.

We live in a time where there is hatred, anger and violence toward others who merely are deemed to have a wrong opinion. Others are trying to limit the freedom to speak anything contrary to accepted mindset. Let he who seeks the freedom of the kingdom of the soul not participate. Where others send hate, you send goodwill. Where others are angry, you be at peace. Where others threaten, you remain harmless.

In the past, religion seemed to be the central cause of division and hatred with many subjecting those with out-of-the-mainstream opinions to torture and death. While there is still some intolerance in religion, the main focus of division has shifted to politics. The reason for this is that governments have become a larger influence over our lives than is religion. Presently, religion for most is something that occurs in the background of consciousness, whereas many are now consistently focused on what government is going to do for them.

If a person thinks that an opposing view will assist in taking away what he wants from government, then he will be tempted to lean toward anger and hate instead of goodwill and love.

The seeker must seek to free himself from the outer gods of Caesar, government and religion and, standing free, he can send forth goodwill to all, for none can interfere with the freedom of the soul.

Your assignment today is to think of those with different opinions than yourself and see them as brothers and sisters. Send them positive thoughts of goodwill.

Now let us be specific. Pick the people who are furthest from your belief system from this list: Presidents Obama or Trump; Rush Limbaugh or Nancy Pelosi; Ann Coulter or Rachel Maddow. You can add to this list if you like, especially if you live outside the United States.

If hate and loathing wells up within you when contemplating some of these people, then that is a sign there is work to do to reach the soul wherein dwells the pure love of Christ.

Practice several times during the day sending goodwill to all no matter how different they may think from yourself.

PS: Be sure to include that irritating neighbor or family member.


Day 49

I extend friendship to all

Friendship is the second quality expressed in the triangle of love aspects.

A good friend is indeed a pearl of great price and will be there for you for life. Many think they have found the love of their life, yet the relationship deteriorates and they separate, but the faithful friend remained. Lovers come and go, but a good friend never departs. This illustrates that when you do select a mate, pick one who will also be a friend. If you have passionate love, spiritual love plus friendship, then you have discovered a great treasure indeed.

Most of us have a handful of good friends who we trust and confide in. Such people make life a little easier and hopeful, but the principle of friendship goes beyond this.

To be a friend of God one must be a friend to all of His children. Now all of us realize that we only have time for a handful of intimate friends with whom we share time and experience, but the principle of friendship extends beyond our close relationships.

To be a friend to all does not involve barbecues and entertainment but it does mean that you are willing to be friendly to all who are willing to accept your extended hand. And like yesterday’s topic of goodwill which is extended to all, so is the hand of friendship.

The seeker who wants to pierce the veil between him and his soul must not look out into the world and divide the people into those deserving of his friendship and those who are not. Extend the hand of friendship no matter what religion, political view or personality flaws they may have.

This doesn’t mean you will spend time with them in a “best friend” situation, but merely means that you are showing a willingness to be friendly.

Now if you extend friendship, or friendliness and they reject you merely because of some personality issue such as who you voted for, then the lack of friendship is on their shoulders, not yours.

A true disciple will be friendly in season and out of season, in times of stress and peace, in times of success or failure. It is our duty as servants to extend friendship and helpfulness to all who are willing to receive.

One may wonder about the wisdom of extending friendship to dangerous or violent people.

It doesn’t matter who they are. We should be friendly to all when interplaying with them, but for some it is wise to keep one’s distance. Again, the lion principle, discussed earlier, comes into play.

Your assignment today is to pick the political person who you loathe the most. Again it could be Presidents Obama or Trump; Rush Limbaugh or Nancy Pelosi; Ann Coulter or Rachel Maddow. Pick someone with whom you disagree strongly. Now imagine meeting this person in a nice restaurant and dining with him or her. Then imagine yourself being very friendly and receiving goodwill in return. Imagine the dinner ending with you both enjoying each other’s company.


Day 50

I will find my brothers

The principle of brotherhood includes not just the male sex but both of them. The word refers to a camaraderie in relationship and has been used by female spiritual teachers as well as males. Female teachers who have used the word inclusive of both sexes include Alice A. Bailey, H. P. Blavatsky, Mary Baker Eddy, Helena Roerich, Annie Besant, and Helen Schucman of A Course in Miracles fame.

Here is a quote from A Course in Miracles:

“The miracle acknowledges everyone as your brother and mine. It is a way of perceiving the universal mark of God.”

A brotherhood is created by a shared experience, belief or thinking and it comes in various degrees. In the broadest sense we are all brothers because we are all children of the One God. Because of this brotherhood we can see even difficult individuals as part of a great family who will eventually find their way home.

Many other brotherhoods exist. A sports team often has great camaraderie and brotherhood as well as a military unit. There is also strong brotherhood in close-knit religions and various groups. There is even brotherhood among groups we may consider evil such as terrorists and street gangs.

Brotherhood is a very cohesive force bound together by shared purpose and experience. Those in the brotherhood understand each other in a way that outsiders cannot.

There is another brotherhood that is not recognized by the masses because it has no visible organization. This brotherhood is composed of those who have a measure of soul contact. Shared soul contact is the ultimate brotherhood experience for most humans.

One who has achieved soul contact can recognize a brother who has had the same experience.

There are degrees of soul contact and a brother can recognize someone who has attained the same degree as himself or less. He can feel the soul stimulation from someone of a higher degree, but there may not be a full sharing or understanding.

Taking this course is a sign that you are reaching out to the soul and spirit within and most probably have felt inner guidance from time to time. This means you have a brotherhood of like minded souls out there who have gone through many of the same spiritual experiences you have.

Your assignment today is to contemplate all the people in your life and let your consciousness rest on those with who you feel spiritually compatible. Think of those who have either stirred your inner spirit because they seem further along the Path or those who are similar to yourself in consciousness. In quiet meditation link up to one, two and then three different individuals and feel the love circulate creating the wonderful feeling of brotherhood.

If you can feel the fires of love you have moved closer to full soul contact.

If possible visit with one of these individuals and renew your friendship.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 2

Day 11

I will communicate my grievances and let them go.

You may have done everything possible to decide to forgive the person who is behind the grievance and have reasoned within yourself that it is best to just let it go and move on, but the grievance remains. You are left with a Type Two emotional grievance to which your emotional self has attached. Your feeling nature is ignoring the mind and exercising its own power and authority over your life.

When your emotional self makes such a stand you have to speak to it in its own language. It doesn’t understand logic and reasoning. It only understands communications with feeling behind them and the seeker must deal with it in its own language.

Let us go back to the situation with Jill and Joan. Jill’s emotional self felt very warm about the poem she wrote and was devastated when it felt as if Joan attacked it. Jill’s mental self tried to reason the hurt away, but the emotional self would not have it. It wants justice meted out on an emotional level.

If justice was up to the emotional self it would influence Jill to attack Joan on the next encounter and show her how it feels to be criticized unjustly.

Here the mind of the seeker must step it. The solution cannot be left up to the emotional body or tragedy will be the result. When a grievance is involved the solution the emotional self comes up with always involves attack and revenge.

The mind using its reasoning powers can see where the attack approach will lead. Unfortunately, many minds are not clear as to how to proceed to solve the problem. Let us use the mind and look at the choices Jull has:

(1) The mind can acquiesce and let the emotional self have its way. Joan will attack back and probably destroy the friendship.

(2) The mind can refuse to let the emotional self have its way and just continue the relationship as if nothing has happened.

This is the course taken by most minds, but the problem is that the grievance remains and will cause problems as soon as the mind relaxes its control over the feeling nature.

(3) Jill can have a heart-to-heart talk with Joan and communicate as harmlessly as possible the hurt she feels.

This is the only step that permanently solves the problem. The emotional self feels it is communicating the hurt and will be satisfied. The communication could go something like this:

Jill: You may think it is kind of silly, but you really hurt my feelings after you read my poem.

Joan: Really? I didn’t mean to. What did I do?

Jill: I know you’ve written a lot of poems but I have just written that one. That was my first attempt and I put a lot of heart into it. When I showed it to you I thought you would see the feeling I attempted to convey and identify with it. Instead, you responded dryly that it was corny. That really hurt my feelings. It may seem silly, but I can’t shake the hurt.

Joan: I didn’t realize that was your first poem or I would have been more understanding. Yes, the poem did have heart and it was touching and by “corny” I did not mean it was bad, but kind of old fashioned, but that is sometimes a good thing. I suppose my correcting your English didn’t help.

Jill: (At this point Jill’s emotional self is already feeling much better) I have to admit that added fuel to the fire. You came across like an old fashioned schoolmarm reviewing the paper of a failing student.

Joan: (She laughs) I can be that way at times. I hope I didn’t discourage you from writing more poetry. If that was your first poem, then overall it was really pretty good.

The two give each other a hug and the grievance is completely replaced by warm loving energy strengthening the bond beyond what it was before.

So, what happens if Joan is not so gracious, thinks that Jill is being ridiculous and is offended at the insinuation that she caused the grievance?

In this case Jill can still let go of the grievance because it has been communicated. Joan’s refusal to have empathy and share in the responsibility will cause the energy of the grievance to settle on her own emotional body. She will now bare the burden of the grievance and will have to deal with it.

Today’s assignment: Review possible grievances and see if any are active. If so make a plan to communicate that grievance to the person involved at the earliest possible moment. Do so in as harmless and loving way as possible.

If you cannot find an active grievance then make up your mind to diffuse any that come along in the future. Think this thought to yourself throughout the day.

“I will diffuse all my grievances through loving and honest communication and pave the way for the light of the soul.”


Day 12

I will let my feelings express themselves

The seeker may have followed this course assiduously so far, yet something still seems amiss. Lingering below the surface, subtle hurt resides. What has gone wrong? What must still be done?

Two more emotional blockages remain in many souls seeking the path. We shall deal with the first today.

Suppression is an enemy at the gate that slows down the progress of many a kind and loving soul who just wants to live in peace.

Here is how the problem surfaces:

Someone in relationship with the seeker says or does something that offends the emotional body, but not the mental self. The mind explains that the offense was not a big deal and not worth replying to and with the risk of a full-blown argument resulting in hard feelings. Despite the mind making this argument to the whole self, the emotional self doesn’t buy it and continues to be offended.

The mind notes the offensive feeling and decides to take charge. Basically, it says this to the feeling self:

“The offense just is not worth making a fuss over. We need to just forget about it and move on.”

The emotional self then registers a complaint. It wants to have its say. But the mind who has more authority puts its foot down and says:

“Peace is more important than your hurt feelings. I am not letting you disturb our relationship with our friend.”

The mind thus exerts its authority and suppresses the feeling nature and prevents it from expressing itself. After a period of what seems like peace, the mind becomes convinced it did the right thing and all seems well.

This situation continues until the friend commits the same offense again. And again the mind takes charge and commands the emotions to be quiet. This time the negative energy held by the emotions increases.

Then the offense happens two more times and the mind again commands silence to the emotions. The negative feelings accumulate and the emotional self feels it cannot contain much more. It must either release the negative emotions or send a message to the whole self by causing a disease to manifest.

Finally, one more visit is paid to the friend and he makes another offending remark. It was fairly mild but it was enough to add just enough fuel to the emotional self to cause it to explode. The energy was so strong that the mind could not hold it back and the self lashed out at the friend with a fury that caused great hurt and alarm.

This damaged the friendship but it had a positive effect in that the emotional self did not have to manifest a disease.

The assignment today is to again look back on the various emotional hurts you have had in life. Has there been a tendency for you to pretend that you were not hurt when you were? Do not be hesitant at honesty here, for most have made this pretense at one time or another. If you do find a past situation ask yourself how you could have communicated the negative emotion at the beginning to avoid larger problems later on.

Now examine your current feelings. Is your emotional self still harboring any negative feelings that have been suppressed by the mind?

The solution is the same as the last lesson, which is to find a way to harmlessly communicate the negative feelings as soon as they arise. This may seem difficult but the problem of communicating in the present is much less than the outburst or ill health that can result from suppression.

End your period of reflection by saying this:

“I am honest with my feelings as well as my thoughts, and this honesty will open the door to greater light and love.”


Day 13

I will be honest about my feelings

Yesterday we discussed the first cause of emotional blockage which is suppression. The second one which is the subject for today is denial.

Denial is perhaps the most complicated cause of emotional blockage and very difficult to clear. Whereas suppression allows both the mind and the emotional self to acknowledge the hurt to be present, with denial the mind creates the illusion that the disturbance does not even exist.

Why does it do this?

The reason is simple. Many seekers see themselves as further along the path than they are, and have concluded that they have risen above being effected by negative emotions. They think that they do not feel any grievance or are subject to negative feelings because they have mastered them.

Therefore, the denier goes a step beyond the suppresser. He not only prevents the emotional self from expressing itself, but denies the existence of the grievance felt by the feeling nature when it is definitely real.

The process goes something like this: An offense takes place and the emotional self becomes quite upset and carries a grievance. It wants to express itself, but the pious mind says, “No. we are beyond that. Now settle down.”

The emotional self still feels hurt and pesters the mind for permission to communicate.

The mind then sees that the emotional self is not cooperating and tells itself that this emotional reaction is silly and not a part of him. He will not only deny the emotions the power to express, but decides to detach himself from any emotions to the point that it would seem that the undesirable ones do not even exist.

The problem is that the grievance has not been solved and it does exist. The emotional body was upset enough when suppressed, but now that the mind has denied what is actually being felt, it boils over in a silent rage. It may not be allowed to speak, but it can do other things.

The emotional self then plots its revenge and plans to get the attention of the mind so it will be heard. It then attacks the physical body and causes debilitation, disease and pain. When the mind through the body feels pain and discomfort, the emotional self is saying, “I felt great pain and you pretended it does not exist. Let’s see you pretend that this physical pain does not exist then.”

Sometimes the message gets through and the person becomes in better touch with his feelings; at other times he will live the rest of his life in pain, bewildered by the cause.

The seeker definitely needs to discover any inward denial and expose it if he wants to bask in the spiritual light of the soul as well as maintain health. The problem is that many have denied grievances for so long that they have convinced themselves that they do not exist.

If you are healthy and suffering no physical pain then this is a sign that you are not experiencing long-term denial. One who is currently healthy may be subject to a short-term denial for the physical problems take a while to manifest.

The assignment today is to communicate with your emotional self. Ask it, “Have I denied you any expression of feelings that need to come out?” After asking this, tune into your emotional self and attempt to feel what it feels. See yourself as one with your whole self, including your emotions. After a period of contemplation end with:

“I am not ashamed of my feelings and honestly face them so pain can be replaced with joy.”

If you suspect that you have experienced denial then you may want to return to this exercise periodically.


Day 14

I will discover the cause of guilt

Guilt is perhaps the greatest barrier to soul contact and the gifts of the Spirit. Many people associate guilt with a conscience given to us by God, but in this they are incorrect. Guilt is an artificial device created by human consciousness as a means to condemn ourselves and make us feel unworthy.

Guilt is the most destructive and useless of all feelings. It is not just feeling bad over a mistake, but is accompanied by a feeling of unworthiness and self-condemnation.

Guilt is often associated with sin. If you sin you are then unworthy of God’s Spirit and you need to go through a period penitence and self-condemnation before you dare lift your eyes heavenward again.

The word “sin” comes from the Greek word HAMARTANO which means “to miss the mark.” In other words, when the Greeks, 2000 years ago, shot at a target with an arrow and missed, they “sinned” (HAMARTANO) or missed the target. Is this how the word “sin” is used today? Verily no. When the religious person thinks of sin in our age, he generally thinks of being unclean and ridden with guilt.

When you shoot at a target and miss the bull’s eye, do you feel degraded and guilty to the extent that you feel paralyzed and even feel unworthy to shoot again? No, of course not. When you miss you may find it mildly irritating, but you generally can’t wait to have another try at it.

Guilt has been identified with sin by those who have sought to control the souls of men, but among the enlightened prophets it was not always so. To them sin was seen as a human error and salvation from sin is the path that leads to a correction of error. The prophets in times past did not seek to control through guilt, but sought to shift consciousness from error to perfection as they saw it.

The most prevalent sin today (using its true definition) is to be ensnared by guilt, for guilt is caused by, not your conscience, but by an error in human thinking.

It is indeed a great error to make a mistake and then condemn yourself through guilt to the extent that you become paralyzed and do nothing to fix the problem until you feel worthy again. When a mistake is made the seeker needs to jump right back in making an effort to improve himself.

Guilt is caused by pure illusion and the seeker must dispel this illusion to create and maintain a consistent link between himself and his soul, or Higher Self.

Before guilt can be dispelled one must learn the cause. Once the cause is known he can then take steps to transcend guilt permanently.

The assignment today is to reflect on three different things in your life that caused you to feel guilty. Then contemplate on exactly what it was that produced the guilt.


Day 15

I see a difference between guilt and regret

Many people lump together the feelings of regret and guilt, but there is a great difference between the two. This difference must be understood if guilt is to be transcended, for if you seek to master something that is not guilt, then guilt will remain.

An act that causes guilt will usually involve regret, but not all things that cause regret result in guilt.

You may regret that your team lost the big game, but you will not feel guilty about it.

On the other hand, you would most likely feel both regret and guilt if you were unfaithful to your spouse.

Regret consists of feeling that an event didn’t turn out the way you wanted. If it was your fault then you might feel some irritation with yourself and commit to do better next time. With regret alone you may feel like kicking yourself for missing that target or big play, but you will not condemn yourself.


Because you realize you are human and humans make mistakes.

When guilt comes into play another dimension of feeling is added. The person may feel unworthy, he condemns himself, he usually feels the need for some type of punishment (even though he may not acknowledge this) and if he is a believer he may feel that God is upset with him.

The feelings associated with guilt are very painful and persistent, often even disturbing sleep. There is no real peace for he who is afflicted with guilt. Regret comes and goes, but guilt remains and does not let up, like suppressed and denied emotions, guilt often results in physical disease.

This is why many were healed when Jesus spoke the words, “Your sins are forgiven you.” When this was accepted by the receiver the guilt was lifted and healing took place.

Your assignment today is to review your past and reflect on various mistakes you have made and of each one ask:

Did this mistake cause me regret only or did I also suffer guilt? Do I have guilt that still lingers? How can this guilt be eliminated?


Day 16

I will find the source of guilt

Regret is caused by a mistake you have made and acknowledge, but guilt goes beyond this. Guilt does not come because of a mistake realized by your own intelligence, but from something that disapproves outside of yourself.

And what would that be?

The answer is quite simple. God.

In other words, guilt comes because you think that God disapproves of some action you have taken. This makes you feel unworthy of Him and condemned unless some type of atonement is arranged.

So, how do you know that God disapproves of you? Have you talked to him lately?

No, but others have told you what God expects from you and they seem to know what he wants. There are also books that tell you what God expects of you. If you accept these pronouncements as actual words from God and then go against them how will you feel?

You will feel that you have displeased God and you are as low as a human can get. You will feel guilt.

Once an outward authority is accepted as representing the words and thoughts of God then you can be made to feel guilty over going against anything he wills.

If this spokesman says you are to not eat peas and you accept this as the word of God, then you will feel guilt if you eat peas, pork, drink coffee or whatever this spokesman says violates the will of God.

If you accept an outer voice as representing the voice of God, then he who has this voice becomes a substitute for the true God. You have basically left behind the true voice and accepted a false one.

How do we know that the outward voice is a false one?

Because no outward voices speak for God. The true voice of God only comes to you from inside yourself.

Does this mean that outward voices never speak the truth?

No. Outward voices may say many things that are true, but they must be confirmed from within yourself by the true voice. Remember, outward voices also say many things that are false and have nothing to do with God’s will. If someone claiming to be a spokesman for the will of God commands you to not eat peas or anything that seems contrary to common sense you must get verification from the God within. If you realize this then no outer voice will be able to cause you to have guilt.

Your assignment today is to trace the source of your own guilt. Think of three different times that you suffered guilt and then think back to whose will was violated that caused the guilt. If you do this successfully you will trace it back to some outward authority.

Ask yourself: Why did I accept this outer voice as the voice of God. Why did I give away my power and enter hell through my own free will?


Day 17

I accept the true God over the false today

The true voice of God comes from within yourself, not from an outer authority. The true voice comes from a source that loves you as a loving parent does a beloved child. Do we as imperfect parents want our children to suffer guilt and condemn themselves?

No. And neither does God.

Does a loving parent want a child to see its mistakes and make corrections in life?

Yes, but such corrections are done with joy and do not involve pain and self-condemnation that comes from guilt.

All guilt comes from illusion and false gods. Guilt is caused by a violation of the first commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

You can only have guilt if you place the authority of a false outward unloving god above the true loving God who speaks to you from the Spirit within.

The false outward god does not love you but has delight in your pain and self-condemnation from guilt. A true loving parent would never feel this way toward a struggling child, neither would a true God.

The true God wants you to make corrections by seeing greater light and realizing greater love through joining with Its mind which is manifesting within you. The scripture reads:

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.” Phil 2:5-6

The same mind which was in Christ is also in you. The same true God resides there. The false gods are without.

The assignment today is to reject the false gods and to accept the true and loving one. Is it not more reasonable, as well as desirable, to choose a true and loving parent over a wrathful condemning false one that sees you not as a true son or daughter? The choice is to go to the fires of hell created by a false god who has contempt for you, or a caring parent who welcomes you with a loving embrace and wants to take away all your pain and grief.

When one finds his Source, there is only one choice. The choice is to obey the first commandment.

Contemplate these things and imagine God appearing before you as a loving father or mother. Imagine how much you may love your own child and then multiply that love and feel it from God. Does this parent take joy in your pain? Does this parent want to replace all pain with joy and happiness?

You know the answer. The answer lies within your mind and heart.

Imagine having a conversation with this this true Father/Mother God and feeling accepted much more than any earthly parent.


Day 18

I will obey the first commandment

The false god from without does everything in his power to make you think it is the true God. He is very cunning and deceptive.

If you say that you only worship the God within, he will tell you that he is within. If you say you seek the kingdom of God within, he will tell you that this is his kingdom. If you want to build an earthly kingdom where brotherly love thrives he will tell you that this also belongs to him.

If you proclaim glory to God for all the outward creations then he will claim credit for all of them.

If you find a teacher, a prophet or a sacred scripture that speaks to you he will tell you that he inspired them all and can tell you what they mean.

The false god is extremely cunning at obscuring the truth. He can make you think that day is night and night is day; that good is evil and evil is good. He turns everything upside down and to test his authority over you, he commands you to believe it and to submit to commandments that defy all logic and spirit of brotherhood.

In the past you did believe the deception. You did not realize there was a difference between the true inner God and the false outer one. In your ignorance when you received some loving communications from the inner you gave glory to the outer and thus gave power to the false gods.

Your true Source forgives you for this for it knows the difficulty you have in true perception. It knows that if you had recognized it as the true God that you would not have given the false gods a second glance. It also knows that it is only a matter of time before you awaken and realize that your true home is with Him.

Your true God resides in the Eternal Now. The false gods reside in time. In the eternal now you ever reside in the arms of our loving parent. This experiment in time is so fleeting it is as if it does not even exist to the consciousness of the true God. It is as if you never left. To the consciousness of the false god it is a life and death struggle to imprison you for an eternity in time with all of its accompanied pain, depression and fear.

Like all dreams you will eventually awaken. The only difference is some awaken earlier than others.

To take the first step to awaken you must choose the true God, which resides within your heart and mind. You must obey the first commandment.

It is the first commandment because it is the most important of them all. It is the key to escaping the influence of all the false gods without.

Your assignment today is to repeat the following statement, as you have time to reflect, and the meaning behind the words:

“I will obey the first commandment and trust my loving parent who speaks to my inner spirit. I totally reject the false gods who demand fear, blind obedience and guilt if I offend them.”


Day 19

I am discovering the key to recognizing the true God

The seeker asks: When I feel guilt I seem to feel it within myself. How can you say that guilt comes from the false gods without?

The false gods are outer voices that come in various sizes and shapes. There are hundreds of different religions and belief systems who all have their outer authorities who compete to be the voice of God to you. They are all false gods for none of them represent the true Voice. The true Voice of God only speaks from the innermost part of yourself.

The false gods know this so they attempt to deceive you into thinking they are the same as that inner Voice. To achieve this they will speak flowery words which are a mixture of truth and error designed to be accepted by you. If you accept and embrace their words as if they are the words of God you will then allow the words to enter you as an undesirable seed may enter your garden. Thus the true seed and the false seed may reside together for a time.

Here is the key to recognizing the true God over the false.

The false begins its approach from without and attempts to work its way within to control your heart and mind.

The true God begins its approach in your deepest core and when accepted it works its way outward so your whole self is full of light.

The outer gods are merely humans like yourself who claim to speak for God, but they do not. The only God who speaks for God lies deep within your mind and heart. When the true God speaks to you there is no guilt, or shame or pain, but only love and understanding and light.

Your assignment today is to focus on these words:

“I will reject the false gods without who send from without and try to work their way into my heart and mind. Instead, I will seek first, the true God at my inner core, and witness Its presence lovingly radiate through my entire being, evaporating all guilt, shame and pain.”


Day 20

I will replace theory with experience

So far, if you have paid attention, you can see the theory behind the cause of guilt, which is this. You have misplaced the voice of God and hear it where it is not. Instead of being subject to the voice within yourself you were subjected to voices outside of yourself that seem to speak for God.

Dismissing these false voices, which produce guilt, is easier said than done. The false voices have great honor within the world of men and the inner voice is often seen as the product of an unstable mind, not to be trusted. Thus we see that the false voices have a great base of power in the world, not yet available to those who listen to the real voice.

The outer voice may be a revered teacher, prophet, scholar, freedom fighter, political leader, guru or book. The outer voice may seem to have great authority, knowledge, spirituality, wisdom and light. He or she may teach many things that are true, but there is one problem.

The outer voice is not infallible and always presents a mixture of truth and error,

The inner voice will always tell you the truth.

If the violation of the words of an outer voice produces guilt in you then deception and error has occurred.

This error is what Christ came to correct. To be saved is to be delivered from the error of the outer voices. The outer voices did not want to be negated and they crucified him.

To say “your sins are forgiven” is the same as saying: “You are delivered from error.”

When you are delivered from error you are delivered from guilt and taken under the wing of a loving God who seeks to nourish you and take away all pain and shame.

What you must do to be saved is to trace back in your mind to the cause of guilt which has manifested in your life. When you do this the source will not be the true voice within yourself, but an outer one. It may be a person or group who have led you to believe that the violation of a certain command is so bad that you are unworthy and must suffer shame and guilt for violating it.

To release yourself you must find these sources who have power to command you and let them go.

After you see yourself letting them go say this:

“I care not whether the outer gods are good or bad, but at this moment I let them go. I no longer serve them but instead I obey the first commandment and serve the true God which speaks directly to me. He has released me from the power of outer gods and replaced guilt with love and nurturing.

“Let all praise and honor and glory be to the One True God in whom I place my trust.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 1

The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact


J J Dewey

Check out this introductory video HERE


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) was an inspired course leading to the healing of grievances and the discernment of the real from the unreal. Since it was published there have been many others who have written about it plus several attempts to produce similar material.

Overall, though, ACIM remains the gold standard for this type of presentation.

As I was contemplating the course I realized that this basic method could be used to teach about a number of subjects and is especially applicable to anything related to the raising of consciousness.

During my many years as a spiritual teacher I have found that a subject that has raised many questions has been that of soul contact. Soul energy is that which is produced through the interplay of matter and spirit. Focusing on this midway point then opens the door to the kingdom of souls, where dwells our Solar Angel or the higher or God part of ourselves.

Many seekers desire strongly to be able to make higher contact, but just do not know concrete steps that can be taken to achieve this. Because the need is there it becomes obvious that a step-by-step course could fill the vacuum.

Unlike A Course in Miracles and other similar works this will not be a channeled book, though I will do my best to focus on my own soul contact as I write.

As I begin this work I am not sure how many sections it will have. ACIM had 365, one for each day of the year. That may seem like a lot of lessons for assisting in crossing the barriers to find the greater life within, but as we move along we will see that the complexities created by the material self are great indeed and that a year’s worth of lessons are needed.



Day 1

Who or what am I?

Many there are who agree with the atheist scientific approach that all the ingredients of our makeup came from physical matter interacting with the various elements to produce our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts, self awareness, our personalities and intelligence.

For those taking this approach we merely seem to be our bodies, end of story.

A true seeker takes a different approach. He perceives that there is more to life than a physical body and the chemical reactions taking place therein. He knows he has feelings, his own thoughts, a distinct personality and is aware of self. Even without having a supernatural experience for verification, he seems to have an inner knowing that tells him that he is much more than a material body. When he looks within he senses that there is a dweller within the body which is his essential self, but what this dweller is seems a great mystery to many. Others go by cut-and-dried answers supplied by their religious authorities.

For the purpose of this lesson the student should drop every thought and belief that he has ever embraced, become as a little child and approach this subject as if he were learning of it for the first time. Go by the one thing you know for sure: within your body is a conscious intelligent dweller.

Today reflect on this dweller, what it is and what is its relationship with the parts of the whole. Keep this thought in your mind throughout the day. Whenever you get a moment to pause and think, dwell on this and contemplate the answer to the question: Who or what am I? Make mental, or even physical notes, of the thoughts that manifest.

NOTE: For further exploration on this subject read The Immortal, Book I, which explores this very question. You can read it free HERE.

For further reading on soul contact go to Google and paste this in for searching:

“soul contact”


Day 2

I see my body for what it is

An important step is to realize that you are not your body. This realization goes beyond a mere acknowledgment of fact. Theoretically, accepting a fact in your mind does not always result in realization. To realize the truth behind a fact requires contemplation and thought, which leads to verification through experience.

Until realization comes, the seeker tends to over-identify with the body even though he may accept the fact that he is not the body.

The owner of a body is a little like the guy who invested all his savings in a classic car that becomes his pride and joy. He has placed so much attention on that car that it has seemed to become a part of who he is.

Many are like the classic car owner in that they over-identify with their bodies, even if they factually know there is life beyond the body.

Seeing your body for what it is will help move your thinking on your body to its proper place.

Like a car that is not you, but with which you may identify, your body is a creation, a vehicle that you use. When the guy in the classic car drives through the neighborhood everyone knows who the driver is the moment they see the car. Likewise when friends see your body they know who is inside directing it.

Your body is not you but is a great creation assembled by divine intelligence of which the real you is a part.

Scripture speaks of the body as a temple of God and indeed it is. Symbolism for the entire universe is contained therein and even the tiniest cell represents intelligence beyond that which has been manifested by scientists since the beginning of this planet.

You helped design the finished product, which is your body, and the changes in your consciousness since birth are reflected in changes in your body.

Your body represents the portion of your consciousness that incarnated here on the physical plane. Go to a mirror and look at your whole body. What you see is what your limited human consciousness has molded.

Next, look a your face. This reveals your intelligence and character.

Finally look deep into your eyes. This represents a doorway to the highest part of yourself. When you look into your own eyes you sense that, even though your body is a grand creation, you are something else. You are much more than a body. Indeed, the eyes are a window to the soul.

Your body is a vehicle that you are using, but it is not you any more than your car is you. Even so, it is a symbol of your intelligence and consciousness and can give you clues that will guide your consciousness back to your true self.

For today’s assignment try to arrange three times that you can be alone to look in a mirror for several minutes.

First look at your face and ask, “What kind of person am I? Am I friendly, loving, kind…? If I met someone like me would I like to be around them? What changes do I need to make?”

Now look as deeply as possible into your eyes. This should be your main focus of the day. As you look in your eyes see a divine presence of which you are a part. This presence is your true self and is much more loving and intelligent than you are in this limited condition. Look and feel that there is more, much more than the limited life you experience in the body.


Day 3

I see this world for what it is

Just as your body is not the real you, this world is not your real home. It is merely a vehicle for experience and exploration that you use in this limited existence.

You are not your body and neither is your home here. All true seekers feel their true home is elsewhere.

This world is a shadow, or a distorted reflection of your true home. In your true home everything is as it seems but in this world there are illusion, lies and great deception that permeate humanity. Distortion comes to you through your media, from your teachers and in your relationships with others as well as from your own self. Many things you have been told are not true. Many things that you believe are not true. Much of that which you see and hear today is not true.

This world requires constant vigilance from the seeker to sort out truth from error, but this is not the case in your true home. In your true home you have beloved friends who never deceive you. You have teachers who only want you to see truth in its purest form. There you see eye-to-eye with other souls and experience joy in relationships. No one seeks to distort and deceive.

In your true home lives a higher part of yourself who is linked to all other selves who are linked to God. In this world it appears the link is severed and we are on our own. This thought itself is a great illusion. This illusion exists because you are a reflection of a higher part of yourself who has forgotten its true identity and true home. You are like one in a dream who is not aware he is dreaming. If the dreamer becomes aware he is dreaming, he realizes that he belongs in a greater reality that created the dream.

You are a dream of the soul. It is not time yet for you to awaken, but it is time to become aware of your dream so you can see the illusions in your dream. When you see the illusions and are aware of the dream, you can then enjoy the dream and assist those who are deceived and depressed by the dream. You can help them understand that they are not alone, but are linked with their true self and other souls.

First you must secure this link for yourself. The memory is so blocked that it will require significant attention and effort on your part to secure it. This you can begin to do by using the power of your divine imagination. Today you will use this power not to extend a fantasy, but to see the real. When you imagine the real again and again the link becomes real and you will be aware of your true home and true self even as you live here in this world of distortion.

Here is your assignment.

Imagine a world where there are many colors brighter, living and more vivid than anything you have seen here. Imagine breathtaking beauty everywhere you look.

Imagine a world where it is impossible to deceive, a world where love abounds and serving your neighbor is as important as serving yourself.

Imagine a world where all are friendly, yet you have great joy associating with a circle of intimate and ancient friends who know you intimately and take joy in your progression. Imagine a reunion with them and embracing them with great love.

Imagine a world where you can communicate with complete understanding. No one will accuse you of saying that which you did not intend to communicate.

Imagine a world where teachers filled with light and love are always available to help and assist you.

Imagine a world where all knowledge is stored and you can access it when you are ready.

Now close your eyes and see a thread of light extending from your inner mind slightly upward linking you to this world. Now see that your consciousness can move upon this light and explore. Someone is there waiting to welcome you home.

Try to do this exercise three times today.


Day 4

I am not my feelings

We have established the fact that you are not your physical body. This is a fact fairly easy to accept for those who believe in an afterlife, but even for them it is difficult to let go of our attachment to the body. For instance, when sick the person may say, “I am sick” when the “I” is fine, but it is the body that is out of harmony.

Letting go of attachments to the body is difficult, but the problem is multiplied with the feeling or emotional nature.

Just like the physical body is a vehicle made of material matter, even so do we have an emotional body also made of matter but of a higher vibration. This emotional or astral body vibrates in and out of tune according to how it is played with the mind. When out of tune it will respond with anger, jealousy, hate, depression and other negative feelings. When in tune it will provide you with happiness, a sense of well-being, excitement, passion, carnal love and many other amplifications of desire.

When you feel these emotions it seems that they are you, but they are not you. They are sensations created in your astral body similar to sensations created in the physical. Just as you can be tickled to create a physical sensation your emotional body can be touched in different ways to create emotional sensations. One might say that when you tickle the emotional body with humor you get laughter or levity.

It is important that you not only see this truth on a theoretical level, but come to realization on it. The seeker must learn to see the feelings with detachment. The easiest emotion to do this with is anger. We are happy to identify with positive emotions such as romantic love and happiness, but some of the negative ones cause us to naturally distance ourselves.

Anger is a good example of this. Many times when people express more anger than appropriate they will have this thought: “This is not me.” In other words, many realize upon expressing too much anger that those emotions are not a real part of themselves for negative emotions do not represent their self-image.

Which leads us to this conclusion. If you are not your negative emotions, then you are not your positive ones either. Both sets of emotions are characteristics of a vehicle made of astral matter that you use in this life. It is your symbolic car that you use to navigate through the world of feeling. You are the driver, but not the emotion itself.

Since anger is a powerful emotion from which it is natural to distance ourselves let us create today’s exercise around it. Think back to a time when you were very angry. Go back in the past and try and relive it. As you do this you will sense the anger within you almost as if it were not you, but another life form trying to express itself. Even when your mind saw that the need for anger had passed you still felt that fire burning in your breast making you feel like screaming. It took self control on your part to not fully obey the emotion.

You did not realize it at the time, but that emotion was composed of elemental lives that have nothing to do with your real self. It is separate from you, but you have power to stimulate it or to quiet it down. You are the driver.

Sooner or later you will feel anger again. It may not be today, but the time will come. When it does visualize yourself stepping out of your body and becoming an observer of what is going on. If you truly become the observer you will not only see, but realize that your emotions are not you, but something you use to navigate in this world of illusion.


Day 5

I use my feelings; my feelings do not use me.

Your feelings seem to have a life of their own and in a sense this is true. This creates a competition for dominance in the body. Who is in charge? Is it you, the dweller, or is it the feelings pulling on the dweller?

The feelings and desires of the astral body are always seeking to have their way and do all in their power to pull you in the direction they want. The problem is that if you yield to the desire nature that it will always go to excess. It will make you eat too much and have no discernment as to what is good for you and what is not. It will cause you to express too much emotion at one time and then suppress too much at other times.

The feeling nature lacks your basic intelligence and power of judgment so turning your life over to it causes you to attempt to navigate the path of life with no steering wheel.

If the consciousness you see as yourself does not take control of the feeling nature then the feeling nature will assume control and produce such great static between you and the world of spirit that soul contact becomes difficult, if not impossible.

The assignment today is to ask and contemplate the answer to these questions throughout the day:

Who is in charge – me or my feelings?

In what areas of my life do my feelings dominate and where is it that I dominate my feelings?

Where am I weak and where am I strong?

Are my beliefs the product of my feelings or my thoughts?

How will my life change when I use my feelings instead of them using me?


Day 6

My feelings hide the light of the soul.

Visualize the earth on a sunny day basking in the rays of the sun. Then see times that storms arise with clouds, dust and mists that block the sun and turn the skies dark.

The earth is a symbol of you and the sun is the light of the soul. The storms are symbolic of your feelings.

This illustrates a truth that must be absorbed. No matter how often your feelings seek control and create inner storms that block the light, the light is always there and never fails – just like the sun continues to shine beyond the storms no matter how fierce they may be.

In the days of Jesus a great storm arose which blocked the sun and put great fear into the hearts of the disciples on the ship. They approached the Master exclaiming, “save us, lest we perish.”

He who had control over the emotions and had stilled them to perfect peace extended that peace and spoke to the out of control storm saying, “Peace … Be still.”

Had he not already spoken those words to his own feelings he would have had no power over the storm. The disciples had no power over the storm because their feelings were as disturbed as the storm itself.

To bask in the light of the inner sun the seeker must follow the example of the Christ and assume power over the emotions to the extent that he can command them to be at peace and to be still so they will not interfere with seeing the inner light.

Obtaining this power is not something the seeker will accomplish overnight, but it is important that he see the end result of this. If he knows that the reward is great then he will be motivated to become a master of his feelings.

Students who read this will be at various stages of mastery over the feeling nature, but all are subject to emotional storms that block the sun. Even Jesus allowed an emotional storm to manifest within himself as he chased the money changers out of the temple. This was not an unwanted storm but an example of right use of emotion. Nevertheless, in that state he could not have calmed the seas, but being a master all he had to do was withdraw and still himself again and in a short order he could have calmed the storm again.

Even so it is with us. No matter how advanced we think we are there are circumstances that can call forth powerful emotions. Sometimes it is right to allow them to manifest if the end is good. Usually it is best if they are controlled and remain still.

When your emotions are stormy for whatever reason it is important that you detach yourself from them, see yourself as the observer and speak to them saying, “Peace … Be still.”

In today’s assignment the seeker is to look within and examine his feelings and ask these questions.

Are all past storms within me stilled or are the waters still choppy? Are the winds still in motion and the sky yet overcast hiding the sun? Can a full-fledged storm beyond your control break out any moment?

Are you fearful about money, the political situation or some relationship? Do you hold hostile feelings toward another?

Tune into your feelings throughout the day and try to honestly assess their state and then say the words of Christ, “Peace … Be still.” Allow about ten seconds to lapse between the two affirmations.

After you say these words pay very focused attention to feeling the peace and the stillness.

Attempt to do this three or more times today.


Day 7

I will examine my feelings today

If the disturbed emotional nature obscures the light of the soul then it is a wise step to examine one’s emotions and discover any problems there. Those who identify with the feeling world make little effort to discover emotional blockages for they feel that their feelings are who they are and few want to change their essence.

When the seeker realizes that he is not his feelings, but they are merely a vehicle he uses then he is more likely to make changes for the better. After all, most would be happy to trade in their old car for a newer and better model.

To discover emotional blockages the seeker must look. Here are some feelings that can manifest and block out the light of the soul.

(1) Selfish desire love. This is a love that seeks to possess rather than to serve.

(2) Grievances held from lack of forgiveness or feeling hurt.

(3) Anger, irritation and resentment not harmlessly released.

(4) Fear – honestly face them all.

(5) Inflated self importance in relation to others

(6) The feeling of being a victim

(7) Jealously

(8) Depression and discouragement

(9) False humility

(10) Feeling overwhelmed, alone or abandoned.

This is not a complete list but merely presented to give you ideas of what to look for.

Your assignment to today is to examine your feelings from the viewpoint of the observer. Ask yourself which feelings are active and blocking the light of the soul and which ones are not.

The problem here is that the feelings that create the greatest problem are often the most difficult to truthfully face. Therefore, do your best to examine the whole range of your emotions and identify those that create the most interference.

When you discover a feeling that seems to create interference focus on it and say:

“The love of God radiates on this feeling and brings me peace.”

Again, three times a day is recommended, but be sure to get in at least one good review.


Day 8

I will find my grievances

All negative emotions can create internal stormy weather that can hide the light of the soul. Fortunately some of them are temporary, such as anger or irritation. You may become quite angry if you lose some important files on your computer, but will do your best to compensate and after a short while the anger is gone. While in the state of anger your power to focus on the inner light is greatly reduced. When the anger has passed then you are able to focus again.

Ideally the seeker would never get angry, but everyone does feel this emotion now and then. The important thing with anger and other negative emotions is to not let them get out of control and channel the energy in a harmless direction until it is diffused. It is important to avoid frequent negative emotions for if they reoccur too often the seeker will never have the peace necessary to establish soul contact.

A negative emotion that stands out from the rest is grievance. What makes it different is that, once embraced, the grievance has a continual effect. Anger, irritation, jealousy and others come and go, but once a grievance is held there is no relief. Even when you are not thinking of it this emotion continues working in the background of your feelings. The seeker will never attain the peace necessary for full soul contact as long as a grievance is held.

The seeker cannot neutralize grievances unless he realizes what they are so let us define what a grievance is.

A grievance is a hurt feeling that affects the emotional body. The hurt and pain manifests because of something considered injurious or wrong that someone else did to you. The wrongdoing could range from something small like a minor insult to something devastating such as a betrayal of a loved one.

It matters not that the cause is big or small for if a grievance manifests then the seeker has a major obstacle that blocks out the light of the inner sun. Therefore, we must deal with the finding and dispelling of all grievances.

The first step is for the seeker to find any current grievance within his breast. One of the problems with doing this is that many have held grievances for so long that the effect of it seems normal now. It seems to have gone, but perhaps your new normal has adjusted to it so, even though it lives on in the background, it seems to not be there.

In my college days I had a room next to a busy street. There was a constant noise from cars and trucks passing by and this really bothered me for a couple days. Then I adjusted to the interference so it didn’t bother me at all. But when I slept somewhere that was quiet I then noticed the difference.

Even so, the seeker may have adjusted to the interference of various grievances and seems to have adjusted to them. He will not realize the effect they have on him until they are faced and diffused. Then when he encounters real emotional silence he will be surprised at the difference.

Today’s assignment is to reflect on your life from your earliest memory to the present and recall all the emotional hurt that comes to your mind. As you find these grievances ask yourself if you have completely let them go or do they still have an effect on you. Is it still discomforting to reflect on them? If so maybe you have not let them go.

After you arrive at the present reflect on the people in your life now. Is there anyone who has hurt your feelings? Does that hurt still linger?

Identify as many grievances as possible so the next step can be taken.


Day 9

The Two Grievances

There are two kinds of grievances. The first is where the mind and emotions participate together and the second merely involves the emotional self, separate from the mind. When the mind does not participate then the grievance is accepted by the emotional self, but not the mental.

It is thought by many that the cause of all grievance is a lack of forgiveness and that by forgiveness the problem will be solved.

It is true that forgiving or realizing there is nothing to forgive will help to alleviate the first type of grievance where the mind is involved, but it will do little to help in the second.

The reason for this is that the emotional body has a primitive mind of its own and some of its feelings are generated independent of what your mind thinks. Thus deciding to forgive or let the grievance go will not work when your emotional intelligence will not cooperate.

To aid with understanding let us look at examples of the two kinds of grievances.

Grievance, Type One:

Jim was in a car accident where Bob was the driver. Bob took a corner too fast and they crashed landing Jim in the hospital suffering several broken bones. Bob just had a few scratches.

In that painful state Jim’s mind blamed Bob and calculated good reasons for doing this. In this case the emotions followed the reasoning mind and a grievance developed. Bob visited Jim and profusely apologized, but to no avail. Jim continued to blame Bob and held on to the grievance.

Grievance, Type Two

Jill just finished her first attempt at poetry. She put her heart and soul into what she thought was a beautiful poem. She visited her best friend Joan and read it to her thinking she would appreciate its depth.

Joan did not seem impressed at all and said it not only sounded a bit corny, but some of the English needed correction. She grabbed the poem, and made changes with red ink and handed it back.

Joan thought she was doing her friend a favor, bur poor Jill’s emotional self was devastated. She returned home without responding to Joan’s criticism and corrections.

Laying in bed that night Jill realized that her feelings were suffering a major hurt. She tried reasoning them away, saying to herself, “Joan was just giving me her honest opinion. She is entitled to do that. And her grammar corrections were spot on. She didn’t mean to hurt my feelings so they should not be hurt, but they are hurt and I can’t seem to let them go.”

In this second example the mind does not see any reason to hold a grievance, but a grievance is still held. Jill proclaiming that she forgives Joan does nothing. The grievance remains. The emotional body has taken control and decided to harbor offense and will not let the mind talk it out of the pain it is nourishing.

For your assignment today reflect again on all the grievances you can recall, past and present. As you review them attempt to figure out whether they fit into Type One or Type Two.

Meditate on how one can find release from the two types and how the approach will be different.


Day 10

I will change my mind today

Now that you have done your best to identify both types of grievances you must take steps to neutralize them. To do this the seeker must start with the mind for both types. The reason we start with the mind with Type Two (emotionally based grievances) as well as Type One is that the mind may hold a subtle, but unrecognized grievance. You may think you have forgiven your father for what he did to you but maybe there still lingers a residual grievance in both your mind and emotions. Maybe you have not yet justified forgiveness in your mind.

Therefore, the first step for any grievance is to make sure the mind is not harboring any condemning thoughts toward others.

Reprogramming the mind requires a logical argument in a new direction. One has to examine how it is thinking now and talk it into changing its mind.

Let us take the accident with Jim and Bob. Jim’s mind enhances the grievance because it is thinking like this:

“Bob was driving carelessly. If he had been paying attention the accident would not have happened. Bob knew better than to take that corner so fast. The injuries I suffer are totally Bob’s fault and he should suffer and pay. As it is, he only had a few scratches and is not suffering at all.”

Notice the general trend of thinking which is basically this: The guy who seemed to cause the grievance is not suffering enough and needs to suffer more.

Fortunately for you, your mind is programmed by your conscious self. You merely have to make definite decisions about the direction of the programming.

Suppose you are Jim and want to release your friend from your condemnation. What do you send to your mind to change its program?

First Jim would start with the obvious. Bob has apologized and feels bad about the accident. He didn’t mean for it to happen.

Jim then thinks of the times that he was careless but was lucky enough to not have an accident that injured someone. There were a number of times it could have happened and then someone would have a grievance toward him. Jim could have been in Bob’s shoes numerous times in his life.

This type of reasoning is helpful, but it often is not enough, so Jim must go further. He must explain to his mind that holding a grievance toward Bob, not only hurts Bob, but hurts himself. Nothing good is accomplished by the grievance. Not only does the grievance cause emotional hurt to Jim, but it is physically dangerous.


Because a grievance causes blockages of the vital life energy which can lead to all kinds of physical debilitation and disease. It is not worth holding it for this reason alone.

But most important for this course is that a grievance places dark clouds between the seeker and the light of his own soul. The heavens will seem to be tightly closed to him who holds a grievance.

The seeker has a lot of logical ammunition to convince the mind to let the grievance go. There is no benefit in keeping the grievance and many benefits to letting it go. When this is realized no mind can make a case for keeping the grievance.

The assignment today is to examine any grievance that may still have an effect on you and reason with the mind about it, similar to what we have done here. Then end with this affirmation:

“There is no logical reason to keep the grievance. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose by letting it go. I now release it to be gone forever.”

For successful reprogramming you may need to apply this exercise a number of times.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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