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The Immortal is the story of an average truth seeker who stumbles across a fascinating teacher, only to discover that the man is John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history, comes alive in this book. Legend has it that John never died and still roams the earth as a teacher. John finds JJ Dewey, the main character, to teach him the Twelve Keys of Knowledge to prepare the world for the new age of peace. The first question addressed in Book I is WHO OR WHAT AM I? The student gives all the standard answers…and they are all wrong. The lead character then realizes he is under the tutorage of no ordinary teacher and must apply himself in a quest for knowledge.

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Discerning Spiritual Energies

Discerning Spiritual Energies

A member told a story about a spiritual group who sent light and love to a member who was having marital problems. At this same time she sent out the thought that she wished her husband were dead. At that same moment he had a car accident and died. He figured therefore that the spiritual group was responsible for the tragedy.

Most of the members disagreed and seemed to believe that the thoughts of the group had little or no effect on the guy killed. I tend to take the middle ground here.

It is true that other people’s thoughts and feelings do have an influence on us, more subtle than actions, but effects nevertheless. Powerful negative emotion tends to send the effect with a lot more force than mere thinking does.

Even so, the guy did not have to have an accident. He evidently picked up the energy, but it was his fault he allowed himself to be distracted. If a guy has an accident because he looks at a pretty girl the accident is still his fault. The pretty girl was a distraction it is true, but she did not force his hand in driving into the other car.

I have picked up negative thoughts and emotions many times in my life and have discovered that when this happens I must pay particular attention to avoid accidents.

Another interesting note is that when another person is angry at me I can see his or her negative energy in my aura even though I am at peace with myself. When this happens I find that saying the Song and some OMS helps to dispel the negativity.

In my last post I talked about the dark mantras and the guy who related the story seems to think that any implanted thought comes from our subconscious.

Actually the accident goes against this idea. The reader seems to think that the guy who had the accident did not do so because of his own negative thoughts, but because of an impression received from other beings. If such an impression can come from mere normal humans then the advanced Dark Brothers or the Brotherhood of Light surely has even greater power to send impressions.

Do the two Brotherhoods just sit around all day and ponder their navels and ignore humanity???

No neither of them ignore us, but have a great deal invested in the human kingdom and are in opposing struggles to influence us.

There are numerous types of communications beyond the normal physical and as the disciple develops soul contact he learns to distinguish between their various vibrations. Let us name several.

(1) Communication from the astral or emotional body.

Many beginners believe this is soul contact because it may be the highest they have yet received. Most people take the highest they have received and see it as God talking to them. Unfortunately, the information received from the astral is wrong about 90% of the time. Many of those who have swallowed the prophesies of doom that never happened rely heavily on the astral.

(2) The Higher mind.

This is like a great computer and delivers much more accurate information than does the emotional body, but it will be wrong about a third of the time without soul contact.

(3) The soul and higher worlds. Even though there are differentiations here we will group all these higher contacts as “soul contact” for the soul is the doorway to all higher contact.

The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not even see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates when truth is spoken or presented. When a truth is spoken and it just seems to “ring true” that can be a soul confirmation if the seeker has moved beyond the emotional influences.

(4) A Master or Higher Life sending you a communication through the soul.

Receiving this is very much like receiving impressions from your Higher Self through the soul for to accurately receive either of them one must look within. But even though one looks within and receives a communication from a Master through the soul, the actual communication originated from without and there will be a different vibration to it than an impression from your Higher Self, or Solar Angel. The vibration from your own soul will be extremely consistent, but if you get a communication from two different Masters you will note two different vibrations or signatures. Just like each of us has a different face even so does each living entity have a differing vibration that has a different feel to it and the disciple can learn to recognize them.

(5) An astral entity communicating through the astral body. Most channeling is done this way and is not very accurate unless the mind of the receiver is well developed.

(6) A Dark Brother or one of their associates.

Whereas the receiving point for communication from a Master originates in the innermost core of your being the reception area for the Dark Ones is in your outer aura.

The Brothers of Light first penetrate to the core and vibrate outward filling your whole being with light, but the Dark Ones first penetrate the outer periphery of your being and attempt to work toward the core until the darkness hides the inner light.

You will know for sure you have soul contact when you can tell the difference in vibration in these six different areas. Soul contact begins when the seeker learns the difference between emotional contact and soul contact.

May 8, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Oneness Through the Soul

Oneness Through the Soul

QUESTION: For what purpose does a Hierarchy exist? If unity and common purpose can be achieved theoretically with universal ‘soul contact’ why is a hierarchy of Gods necessary?

JJ: Soul contact is just the beginning of an endless journey. Just because we participate to a degree in the oneness principle does not mean that we have achieved all there is to achieve. When we become members of the Kingdom of God all knowledge is available to us if we earnestly put our attention on it, but which knowledge to bring into our sphere and what to do with it is an eternal process.

Consequently if there be two people upon the Path one will be in a different location than the other. If we are left to our own devices we will stumble on the path or wander off in strange directions in the dark. Sacred writings are given to us to help, but we often misinterpret them. The greatest aid to us is someone who has already taken the step we desire to take. This person knows all the pitfalls and most importantly he can testify that the step is really there to be taken.

Just as we earlier discussed the “snowflake principle” pointing out that no two snowflakes are the same, even so there is hierarchy in all things with each person playing a different part unique to creation.

There is a Hierarchy in all things because there is a universal need for hierarchy. This need is recognized by the brothers on both the right and left hand paths, but their approach is different. Those on the left use hierarchy to control and service is expected to the hierarchy.

Those on the right use hierarchy as a means of service to the struggling lives and maximum free will for the individual is encouraged.

Without hierarchy there would be no cohesive plan for the eternal progress of mankind and individual lives. It would be each person for himself with no one to show us the way. There would be no Christ, no Buddha, no great teachers in our history who are all participating in hierarchical endeavor.

Question: Can we have an awareness of the imperfections of another yet still see the perfection within? How is this possible?”

Sometimes it is just as difficult to see Christ in a loved one who says an unkind word as it is a rapist. But to see Christ in a person who does harmful things is not to accept or condone their actions. You do not pretend that the person is innocent. Instead you do not put attention on the negative but place full attention on the Christ within. When you do this your personal world will be transformed and you will be saved by the presence of Christ.

Saved? I can see some believer’s hair stand on end here.

Yes saved, but remember there are many things to be saved from.

When we see the Christ in our brother instead of seeing imperfections to hate we feel love and we are saved from this negativity.

This process must begin unilaterally. You can’t wait around for your brother or sister to see Christ with you. You must apply the principle first, just as Jesus said: “You love me because I first loved you.”

I think the key word here is to look beyond the imperfections in the other to see the soul. This is difficult to do, but if we practice it daily the rewards will be great. Just ask my wife. She gets a lot of practice on me.

Question: The scripture says: They shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion. How can a group see eye to eye without the imposition of strong authority? We see how difficult it is with us don’t we? Is it possible for 200 or more to see eye to eye?

The thing to remember here is that all have the capacity to have soul contact, but few have obtained it with proficiency.

Those who are not yet sensitive enough (or unwilling) to hear the whisperings of the still small voice cannot see eye to eye on all things. Those who are centered in the lower personality can agree on items of similar interest, but when the interest and philosophy differ an impasse is reached and a lack of oneness is revealed.

If two or more people have soul contact and are willing to use it then they can throw the impasse before the Spirit of God within them and receive a unifying answer.

Whenever my wife and I reach a disagreement in the personality and we feel it needs a solution we seek communion with the soul together and when it comes the disagreement is instantly removed and we are one again. It is a wonderful feeling. Our wrongful thinking is often just taken from us and we cannot even remember what the disagreement was.

When we seek an answer through the soul we both feel our lower natures rebelling at the idea and we have to force ourselves to seek for guidance together.

An answer through the soul can come in at least three ways.

(1) By honestly communicating with each other and sharing love as you do so.

(2) Through meditation

(3) Through Prayer

Now here is the major problem with a group of hundreds (or thousands) of people of diverse states of consciousness. If a number in such a group are incapable or unwilling in the present to achieve oneness through soul contact then the fire of the Spirit that brings one mind will never descend upon them. So what is the answer?

Actually Jesus gave hints in two of his parables:

Parable of Wheat and Tares

“The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

“So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

“He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

“But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Matt 13:24-30

Parable of the Net

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net (maybe Internet?), that was cast into the sea (sea of people), and gathered of every kind: Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.

“So shall it be at the end of the world (age): the angels (Messengers) shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Matt 13:47-50

What is the meaning of these two parables? How do they indicate the path to oneness? What about the so called “wicked?” The literalists believe that they will be burned alive, but could the meaning be something else?

Someone stated that they can be in a room with all kinds of people, some centered in the lower personality and some in the soul, yet maintain soul contact. In other words, those of lower personality did not interfere with her inner self.

Yes, I agree this should be true. Nothing in heaven or hell can interfere with the inner contact of the sincere seeker. Yet again there is something more than this. When two or more people who have soul contact blend together for one purpose they create a channel for a flow of higher energies creating higher life that is not available to the lone individual.

Jesus hinted at this when he said:

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:19

When two or more gather and agree through Christ (soul contact) Christ is in the midst in a way that cannot happen in the single condition.

The true beginning of the higher spiritual life (or the Molecular Order) is the union through the soul of two or more, but then a human molecule of 24 entities will create a higher experience still.

In other words, that which we can experience as an individual is far from the ultimate spiritual experience.

When we become one with others who are one with God the magical powers of the soul are manifest.

We are told that God gathers the lights by sifting people as one does when panning for gold.

My Dad did a lot of prospecting and mining and he taught me how to pan for gold.

The first step is to gather some soil from a place where there is a good likelihood of finding the gold. Next you fill up the gold pan and put the pan and dirt in a stream of running water and let the movement of the water sift away the light soil. After you do this for a while you find that just the heavy elements remain. When you are left with just a small amount of elements you let the water move the residual from left to right. Since gold is the heaviest it will remain unmoved whereas the other elements will move away. As you do this and, if you are lucky, you will find some gold. But it is easy to be deceived for “all that glitters is not gold.” Some beginners will see some glittering mica and think they have found the prize. Then sometimes we see fools gold and think we have found it. The only true test is to move the elements back and forth until you note that the true gold holds fast to its position whereas the lesser elements go with the flow.

What symbolism do you see between panning for gold and gathering the lights or between panning for gold and the above two parables of Jesus?

Most of us realize that inclusiveness is a good principle. For instance, we try and include all types in this group. If inclusiveness is good does this make a gathering of lights exclusive or undesirable? What do you think?

Jan 29, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Two Becoming One

Two Becoming One

We are continuing the Principles of Discovery and will examine the following:

Effective Communication

(A) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(B) Person to person communication.

(C) Communication through the soul.

We have covered (A) and (B) and now we come to perhaps the most important principle.

In the past we have talked quite a bit about soul contact on a personal basis and this is all-important in personal discovery.

Let us cover briefly how much we can discover without soul contact.

We can divide humanity into four stages upon the path:

Stage 1: Learning through the physical computer brain.

Stage 2: Learning through feeling in connection with the brain.

Stage 3: Learning through mind, that is the use of logic and reasoning in association with stages 1 and 2.

Stage 4: Learning and discovery through the synthesis of soul contact in connection with 1, 2 and 3.

We realize that Stage 4 could be split into several more categories, but this would not be productive for our discussion as soul contact applies to all seekers and talking about some direct contact with the Monad is meaningless to most.

Stage 1: Learning through the physical computer brain.

The beginners on the path rely heavily on learning through the brain, but not using the heart and mind to sift through what is right or wrong about what is taken in.

This person will trust his teachers and learn from them, but he will absorb the mistakes of the teacher without the discernment of truth from error.

Such a person can even get a Ph.D. and have access to all kinds of data in his computer brain but does not deviate from what has been spoon fed him through established teachers.

Stage 2: Learning through feeling in connection with the brain.

In addition to taking in data this person will sift through the data and tend to accept that which “feels” right and reject that which “feels” wrong. Because his judgments of truth and error are based upon the upside down world of emotion he will often pick error rather than truth to pursue.

But the interesting thing is that is not a bad thing, but all part of the great design for humanity to learn its lessons.

Before we can really embrace that which is true we often have to know through experience that which does not work. If we do not experience that which does not work it will make it difficult to follow the path of truth with confidence, for without this experience one will always be looking over his shoulder wondering if the choice never made might have been the better one.

Thus during Stage 2 the pilgrim stumbles again and again, experiencing turbulence after turbulence, suffering agony after agony, traveling through darkness, fear and depression.

Finally after making about every mistake that he can make he comes to the conclusion that he needs more than data and feeling to guide him on the path and he begins to use his mind and think and reason. He then decides to be guided only by that which makes sense, is scientific and sound thinking.

Stage 3: Learning through mind, that is the use of logic and reasoning in association with stages 1 and 2.

At the beginning of this state he will often be an atheist or totally reject his previous philosophy for a period of time having his whole belief system determined by reason alone. Then after a number of lifetimes his reason leads back to a belief in the possibility of a higher power and he becomes somewhat agnostic.

For a time the entity believes that the mind is the ultimate solution for living a sensible life. The philosophy is simple: If a thing makes sense and is logical embrace it. If a teaching or path does not make sense reject it. He feels much superior to the person at stage two for he doesn’t make nearly as many mistakes, but as time passes he keeps running into the same problem which faces him again and again.

His accurate conclusions are based on reliable facts and principles and if he is missing some of the data then his conclusions will be wrong or perhaps no conclusion can even be drawn. The more he learns the more he realizes how little he knows until he reaches a point where it dawns on him that in many cases his mind has not revealed truth, but instead slayed that which is true. At each dead end the mind came to an incomplete conclusion and rejected the truth because it did not fit within his paradigm.

As this person gets the first glimmers of soul contact he senses that there is some type of inner guide that is greater than mind, but uses both heart and mind. This first contact then is an intuition that there are answers within greater than mind. At first he has difficulty in accepting this idea, but as his frustration with progress on the Path increases geometrically he keeps returning to this possibility. Finally, he has some type of painful crises and has no where else to turn except within and for the first time he allows himself to believe that there is a contact available that is a sure compass of truth. This belief, and finally faith, after a journey of millions of years opens the door to the true reality.

Stage 4: Learning and discovery through the synthesis of soul contact in connection with 1, 2 and 3.

For many who are below Stage 4 it will seem that truth is a relative thing for they see that there does not seem to be one other person in the world that agrees with their individualized thought. The discovery made at Stage 4, however, is that it is not truth that is relative, but the perception of truth. Any two witnesses who are at the same crime scene demonstrate this principle. The two saw the same events, but perceived them differently and, consequently, describe them differently. The jury has to look for similarities to discover the truth.

At Stage 4 a true principle from the Course in Miracles is discovered. “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

2+2=4 and there is no other number in the universe that is the correct answer. 2+2=4 and nothing else is true. If we believe otherwise it is because we perceive incorrectly. Our wrong perception does not alter any truth. Now we can shift our attention to millions of different formulas, or truths, but if tomorrow we are learning that 3+3=6; this does not alter the previous truth. Only our attention has shifted.

In the first three stages 2+2 will often seem to equal 3, 5, 7 or some other number. It seems that everyone has their favorite answer and there is little agreement as to which number is correct, nor does there seem to be any way to prove the correctness of any number.

But the world of soul is different. All souls are linked to the One Life who sees with the same eye of vision and those who make this contact and seek the answer see that 2+2=4 and nothing else is true.

When soul contact is first made the pilgrim will often feel lonely and have no one to commune with who has also made the contact. During this period he learns as an individual, but yearns to be one with others like himself.

This brings us to the pivotal point in stage 4 where two seekers become one through the one soul of humanity. He learns the secret of the words of Christ: “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

The Christ is the Master of the kingdom of the soul for soul is the medium of the Christ principle.

Soul contact is the door that brings us to the Oneness Principle that I have often mentioned. When the door is open and the seeker enters in he becomes one in the body of the soul and two or more who dwell beyond this door together will see the same vision.

Now that this first great hurdle has been crossed a second major obstacle is now in the way. It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be “in the world,” but when the consciousness settles down in this reality we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul. Losing sight of the soul is especially easy to do in relationships. As far as the isolated individual goes there is not as much to get in the way of soul contact as there is with another human being. Why? Because most of us see ourselves as good decent humans trying to do our best. But those with whom we are in relationship with is another matter. They often seem dead wrong, cold hearted, distant, stubborn, mean spirited, and just plain nasty at times. When these negative aspects that are not part of the kingdom of the soul are focussed on then the soul goes out of focus and the two remain two.

The principle of Oneness is this: 1+1=1

You being one communicate through the soul with another who is one and join through the soul into a unified life where you discover that the two of you are a part of one soul with one vision. Thus 1+1=1. This mathematical formula will be rejected by mind without soul, but makes perfect sense to the soul infused personality.

Questions for consideration:

Do you believe that you have experienced soul contact with another person? If so why is it that you were able to do this and what did it feel like?

What are the barriers that prevent two people from entering soul contact together and experiencing the Oneness Principle? How do we overcome these barriers?


Copyright by J J Dewey

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Enhancing Soul Contact



Enhancing Soul Contact

We are presently approaching a potential age of peace, a time that has been looked for over thousands of years by prophets, enlightened teachers and disciples.

I do not think that there will be any argument over the point that we all have some responsibility in helping this new age to materialize. I believe that most of us in the group do not expect to sit back and do nothing and just wait for God to do it all with some touch of a magic button.

So let us go on the assumption that we do have some responsibility. How much responsibility do we have and how many planes does it extend to?

There will be two major points of view here.

(1) Our only responsibility will be to have peace within ourselves and extend peace and love to our neighbors. If everyone does this then there will automatically materialize peace on the earth. By using the inner powers alone we can change the outward reality without real work and action on the physical plane. Thus the way of peace is quite simple.

(2) This person agrees that we must have peace within ourselves and also extend it to our neighbor, but feels that this is not enough. There are a lot of well meaning people out there, but with fixed ideas who are happy to go to war to defend them. Part of the populace living in peace with themselves will have little effect on them for these people often think they have inner peace themselves. Just as there must be some plan and structure to discourage thieves burglarizing your home there must also be a plan on the physical plane that is followed to prevent war.

The Soul Revisited

John, I love your statement: “What we dare to do we have the power to do.”

Did you just make that up or is it a quote?

Concerning the starting of organizations I like the statement of Isaiah: “He that believeth does not make haste.” The most important thing at present is to promote the ideas of peace and see how healthy the response is. I just want to make sure we lay a secure foundation to any organization we create.

My feelings on Zecharia Sitchin’s Books are similar to other comments made. I once picked up his Twelfth Planet and read about ten pages and never picked one of his books up again. I feel that he has some things that are true, but many are not. I did not sense that any principles would be presented.

Nevertheless, it is entirely possible that books which do not impress me will stimulate great interest in another. Sometimes even books containing great errors will stimulate a person to search. The true seeker will often have his soul speak to him between the lines.

One with soul contact can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

The Christ consciousness is something else and is achieved by the individual contacting the soul energy within himself. The soul is the point within yourself where the interplay of Spirit and matter is taking place. Thus when we talk about soul contact we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on this still point within that tells Spirit what matter is doing and matter what Spirit is doing. The Christ consciousness is a key to becoming a knower in the worlds of form as well as the formless worlds.

Soul contact is THE most important thing for us all to learn for only by learning the principle can we all become as one mind yet retain our complete free will.

Garrett says:

“The main reason many of us are here is to get to soul contact. We seem to be taking the scenic route to get there though. What the heck, JJ is doing the driving, so I’ll sit back and try to soak it all in. Wait…I see a sign post up ahead…it says Soul Contact 1/4 mile. Here we go! (the only question is…at what speed are we travelling?)”

Garrett, I’m sure you made not only me, but many others, smile at this comment, yet take serious note at the same time.

But perhaps you have already received soul contact because you are right. It is only 1/4 mile ahead – How did you know that?

Seriously though everything we have covered so far is essential material to reach the kingdom of the soul because as long as the beast is alive and well in us our spiritual vision is blocked, as if we are in a fog. We must become aware of the name of God in our foreheads. It is already there. We must merely still ourselves and let the clouds clear away.

Even though this sounds easy, the journey to the kingdom of God is most difficult and has many pitfalls. The higher lives are not just sitting around waiting for you to merely declare that you are ready. You must make yourself useful as a tool in their hands to get their attention.

Your soul, which is a midway point between matter and spirit, is, however, ever waiting and always present for you. The fact that you are a member of this group and reading these words is itself a sign that you have passed through many lifetimes of struggle and are in preparation for higher contact.

When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense and if such a person seems to give offense it is generally by accident or because the other party is offended at simple truth.

Thus if you are taking offense at trivia or personality differences you are demonstrating that you are not learning the prime lesson that is intended to be taught here.

When I joined this group I considered the most important thing I could share with you. The answer was easy. That is anything I could do to enhance and clarify the soul contact of others would be a valuable service. Actually, presenting a teaching that may stimulate that contact is the difficult part.

To my knowledge the principle of illusion has never been explained so average seekers can understand it, yet it is the final block to full soul contact. If I can lead just one person to greater contact then that produces a tremendous benefit because each person who reaches this level influences many people for good. You were also not very enthused about studying the beast yet many of those who followed along received considerable benefit.

Therefore all my teachings directly to any student will carry no other authority other than the “Name of the Father/Mother God within.” What I say may or may not be true. As you experience soul contact you will check and become your own authority.

The current question is: How can DECISION and ATTENTION be used to increase soul contact?

Several came close on the decision part. That is we must decide to reach or maintain soul contact.

Actually, more important than this is to decide to follow the highest that you know and receive from your inner self. Just deciding something like “I will receive soul contact today or next week” is not enough. If one is penniless and decides to have a new car tomorrow he will generally be disappointed. If one decides to have a new car and takes the time and makes the effort necessary to get it then there’s a good chance he will receive it.

Similarly, the decision required of us (that is most important) is the decision to do that which is necessary to receive and maintain soul contact. Then when you receive contact you must then decide whether or not it is worth the effort necessary to keep the channel open enough to keep the contact continuous.

After these decisions are made then ATTENTION must be focused on the soul or “the light in the head” as some writings have it. Another way some teachers have worded this is to “keep your mind focused in the light.”

Here is what happens after the first few glances at soul contact. When soul contact is first reached the entity has many more energies vying for his attention on the lower planes than the higher. Even though the contact brought a sense of peace and high vibration, this was not enough to keep his attention focused on the things necessary to sustain this. The distractions of the lower world draws the attention away and the focus is taken away from the soul and to the lower vibration. This shift does not happen immediately, but over a period of several days and the shift is so subtle that when the attention is shifted to the lower self the entity will often still believe he is in the soul.

If you are in a room with an adjustable light and turn it down gradually over a period of say, an hour, you can have the light diminished by about seventy per cent and never notice it. Then if you suddenly turn the light back immediately to full strength you will be startled to learn how much light you have lost. But you would not realize this unless you turned the light back on to full strength.

So it is with the soul. Until we learn to keep our minds focused steady in the light through ATTENTION to the soul or light, we will slip away from that light many times and have to have the power turned on again and again until we finally tire of losing contact and do something about it through the focus of attention.

Several have mentioned the importance of meditation and how bad they are at it. Meditation does not necessarily bring soul contact. There are those who meditate all their lives and never achieve it. More important than meditation is contemplation. Contemplation is a positive aspect of meditation and is more active and takes a person in the direction of the soul if ATTENTION is used and the heart is pure.

This is the purpose of the Intuitive Principle – to cause you to contemplate on questions in hope of touching the soul. Meditation without contemplation can bring some health benefits and calmness along with some discipline, but this alone does not insure soul contact.

When a person’s intention is for the good of the whole and he is totally honest with himself about why he performs his service then his heart is pure. If your heart is pure, and the three obstacles are under control, then the doorway to the soul swings open wide. If you are then willing to go through the door soul contact becomes a reality. If you are willing to follow where that contact leads you then more contact becomes possible. When you learn to always respond to higher communication then constant communion becomes a reality.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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What is the Soul?


What is the Soul?

The Bible states that God breathed the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul.

On the other hand, the word soul is often used synonymously with Spirit, or that which leaves our body at death. Other teachers use it when referring to our Higher Self.

Soul, in a way is that point of oneness that many have referred to. Soul energy occurs when spirit interplays with matter. Thus when God placed Spirit in matter and there was interplay soul (or living soul) was the result. Soul is that point by the sea where land and water meet which is neither wet not dry, but where wet and dry interlay.

Our Higher Self as well as the Masters use the medium of soul as a means of communication with us. Thus when a disciple says he has received something through or from the soul it could be from either his higher self or a Master.

The internet is an imperfect correspondent to the soul. When we say we received something from the Internet you did not really receive it from the Internet. In reality the Internet is a medium with no form. You really received the information from another person through the medium of the Internet. In the same way a disciple is likely to say he receives from the soul when he really receives through the soul from some higher intelligence.

When a regular writer talks about the soul you must examine the context in which he uses it so you can follow his train of thought. As I said, soul is often used interchangeably with a number of things, but a spiritual internet medium is perhaps the most common used by disciples.

There are two main aspects of soul. The first is that spiritual medium that links us to higher lives. The second and not so well understood is the interplay between spirit and matter within the atomic lives who are so evolved on their own plane that they oscillate between spirit and matter and thus create the energy of soul that builds and maintains the forms for the greater lives. This knowledge will be expanded upon in the future.

Question: What is the best way to deal with problem children who seem to inherit negative patterns?

I believe that it is true that we pick up negative influences and programming – something like implanted hypnotic suggestions and they have a strong influence over many. Beyond traditional therapy, the way to overcome these influences is through mental development and then soul contact. The mind can learn to recognize negative influences and override them, but the soul can bypass them completely allowing the soul infused personality to live his life as if there is no past that can control voluntary action.

The short answer is that the best thing one can do with children is to guide them as close as possible toward the spiritual life.

Comments on Nations

Nations are great individual entities and are a lot like people and as such are responsible for their own destiny just as you and I are. It is true that some other nations attempt to influence them negatively just as other people try to influence you and I. Nevertheless, I do not blame anyone but myself for my mistakes. Nations also must take responsibility for whatever situation they find themselves in.

I’m sure that Russia and China are as nervous about the U.S. and NATO as we are about them. Therefore we should take action to increase stability.

If the people of a nation are willing to follow the path of least resistance which allows for totalitarianism then their consciousness will draw it to themselves no matter what form of government exists on paper. Thus, if they did not have communism as a totalitarian government they would have had some type of monarch or dictator which would have restricted freedoms in the same way.

There are some nations which have a democratic government on paper but in reality they have totalitarian dictatorships because their consciousness is not prepared for freedom.

At present I am concerned about the U.S., UK and Europe for their sense of freedom is being dumbed down creating a dangerous situation for ourselves. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

I believe a representative or democratic form of government is a big leap forward over totalitarian regimes. Never in history has a stable democratic country made war with another one. Even though the U.S. irritates France and the French sometimes irritate us there is close to zero chance we will ever nuke each other. This would only be a danger if one of us had some type of dictator surface. Freedom respects freedom. Our nations are not perfect, but there is enough freedom to create stability between us.

I do believe that the United States Constitution is a light to the world, but this document also owes a great debt to England and France as well as some inspiration from Indian tribal government.

When my nation does something right, I will support them, and there are some things they do which is beneficial to the world. But when my nation goes in the wrong direction I will not support it just because I happen to live here.

As far as Hollywood goes. It is not all bad either. They gave us Yoda.

I stand by my statements on Russia and China. I did not call them evil, but dangerous. Russia is experimenting with democracy just as Germany was before World War II. They also have many political parties vying for leadership just as Germany did making it possible for a fringe group to take control as the Nazis did in Germany. If I remember right Hitler only received 23% of the vote. If a majority were required he could have never become chancellor.

China is dangerous because the leadership there would like to take Taiwan back by force if necessary. If this first aggression were to occur the leadership of both the U.S. and France may feel it necessary to go to war. Without a first aggression there would never be a second one. There is about a 50/50 chance China will make a first aggression here and that my friend is a dangerous situation.

All for one…

The fourth Ray is very strong in this group. This is the Ray governing the principle of harmony through conflict. This fourth ray along with the fifth governs humanity itself and is the primary ray influencing the whole of Planet Earth. This is one of the reasons that we humans have such difficulty escaping its influence. The goal of the Brotherhood at present is not to eliminate all conflicts, but to shift the center of conflict from the physical plane to the astral and mental. Once this is accomplished we will at least escape the danger of blowing ourselves up.

Nevertheless, in the coming age of peace, primary conflicts will be eliminated from the physical plane, but they will be intensified on higher planes. The interesting thought about all this will be that there will be some realization that harmony is derived from conflict and the lights of the race will see harmony as the end of all enlightened conflicts. Some of those who lack spiritual vision will wonder when all the peace is supposed to break out.

Nevertheless, if the age of peace unfolds as planned it will be a great improvement over what we have today.

Today many look back at Columbus and the early explorers, the founders of the U.S. Constitution and other innovative thinkers and find much fault with them because they did not seem to stand up for some of the things we consider today as “good.” But a 1000 years from now humanity will look back at us and wonder why we lived in such a veil of ignorance and followed the current beast with such non thinking obedience.

All historical initiates must be judged by the times they lived in just as it is hoped we will be.


Having a completely open and inclusive list such as this has it’s place, but having a true teaching situation where everyone wants to learn is also a positive thing. In order to have a positive situation where the concentration is on learning then others who wish only to teach and those who do not wish to learn must be excluded.

Exclusion is not always a bad thing. It also has it’s positive aspect.

When DK did his work through Alice A. Bailey he selected 50 students and excluded all the rest of the aspirants. Then when a student caused a problem he dropped them from the group. This was necessary for him to accomplish his work.

Nevertheless, to be inclusive to the highest possible degree is always the goal and for this cause I stay in this group and encourage openness to all. This prevents the exclusion of a true seeker who may be overlooked by an exclusive list.

On the other hand, those who merely seek to learn and don’t want to deal with conflict will have a place to go.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Dark Molecules


Dark Molecules

Another happening that will occur in the foundation of the Molecule will be a witness to the overshadowing or Divine Possession. There was a physical witness to the presence of Christ entering the body of Jesus and that was John the Baptist at the Baptism of Christ (not to be confused with John the Beloved). Even so, there will be a witness (possibly more than one) to the coming of Christ to initiate the great work. This witness may hold the Presence of the great entity who is the Christed One for a moment and then transfer it as the flight of a dove to the initiate or possibly just witness the presence as did John. Without the testimony of this second witness many would have difficulty in believing that the presence of Christ is with us. I do not know who this witness is yet. It could be someone (or a couple) in this group. When the time comes the Spirit will speak to this person and he or she will know what they are supposed to do.

We have some questions about the dark molecule. Let me clarify several things here.

The Dark Brothers do NOT work through the soul and do not have soul contact. They only operate in the worlds of form and the highest they can attain is the plane of the mind. They see the formless worlds as pure fantasy, even though their disciples on the earth may teach the party line of the seven planes and mouth acceptance to the scriptures and inspired writings. Many of their puppets here among us are oblivious to the core beliefs of those masters that they follow.

Because the Dark Brothers cannot contact the formless worlds they do not bring down original thought from the mind of God. Instead they take that which has been retrieved by the Brotherhood of Light and corrupt it for the furtherance of their own ends.

For instance, they took the church and teachings initiated by Jesus and altered them into a beastly illusion that enslaved millions in the world of illusion.

Now that the teachings on the human Molecule are plainly presented for all to read and understand it will only be a matter of time before the Dark Brothers inspire someone to take the concept, alter it somewhat, and compete against the real thing.

The Dark version of any enlightened project is always more attractive in certain ways. For one thing, the line of least resistance is always followed and the way is much easier on the dark path.

Example. Jesus taught about a path that would lead to great reward, but would be difficult and “few would find it.”

The Dark Brothers injected the teaching that all you needed to do to obtain the greatest reward was to just announce that you accept Jesus.

Does this not sound attractive to the one who is spiritually lazy? Just say you accept Jesus and you’re saved whereas those who do not do this are condemned to hell.

The Dark Ones always present an easy path to glory which always ends in no glory and no progress.

A Dark Molecule cannot draw on the energies of the soul and Spirit, but it can combine astral and elemental energies and produce certain types of physical magic, illusion and personality enhancement of its members. They can also tap in to certain ray energies as they are released and manifest, but they use them on a lower octave than does the Brotherhood of Light.

Remember when Moses went before Pharaoh that the Dark Magicians duplicated most of the magic that Moses presented to him. Finally, Moses turned his rod into a serpent, but then so did the Dark Ones. But then to the astonishment of all, the serpent of Moses ate the serpents of the dark magicians signifying that the power of the Spirit will eventually draw the personality power into itself. Then as we become one with Spirit our personal self is merged with the higher. The magical power of the soul is real whereas the magical power of the lower self is temporary and full of illusion, similar to that of a stage magician in the long run.


“And.. most importantly, perhaps, are we going to be able to create our molecule before the Dark Brothers create theirs? Is this the great battle in Revelations the precede the 1000 years of peace – a battle of molecular orders?”

Any battle of Molecular orders will most likely be an internal struggle at first. There may be others who have broken off or plagiarized the teachings. The purpose of these is to distract and confuse (or divide and conquer). Fortunately, in this age, they will not permanently succeed. After the Molecules of Light are definitely established the world as a whole will be alarmed and do what they can to stop the work of light. When this time comes the true power of the Song will come into play.

The Rapture

Concerning the rapture. Modern Christian are completely deceived about it and the type of rapture they are expecting will not happen. What do you suppose Jesus would do with millions of born againers if He had them? They’d be too busy arguing with each other to listen to any higher teachings from the Master.

Paul and many others thought that the day of the Lord’s coming was very near. For instance he said: “WE (Paul and others) which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord…” I Thess 4:15

These early Saints expected Jesus to come and save them from the great persecutions which were forthcoming and because the time was short, and the message of Christ had to be spread abroad before he appeared, the early leaders thought it best that the saints should not marry, but totally dedicate themselves to spreading the word. The injunction to not marry was a temporary one due to the circumstances of the time.

This teaching of the early leaders was not without foundation for Jesus told his disciples: “Verily I say unto you, There be some (more than one) standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his Kingdom.” Matt 16:28

These early saints believed that the 144,000 would be a group of Christians who would be taken by the Lord.

Actually, there is some historical evidence that such a saving event did happen and it was recorded by none other than the respected historian, Josephus. He recorded a second coming of Christ on May 30, 73 AD:

“Besides these, a few days after the feast, on the one and twentieth day of the month -Artemisius, a certain marvelous and incredible phenomenon appeared. I suppose what I am going to tell would seem a fable, were it not related by those who saw it, and were not the sad events that followed it deserving of such signs. Before sunset chariots were seen in the air, and troops of soldiers in their armour running about among the clouds. Moreover, at the feast which is called Pentecost, as the priests were going by night into the inner temple, as was their custom, to perform their sacred ministrations, they said that first they felt a quaking, and heard a great noise, and after that they heard a sound as of a multitude saying, Let us remove hence.” The Jewish War, Book 6, page 106, Chapter 5, section 3.

This sounds like an early UFO sighting, but we also have a “multitude” that was removed. Was this Christ appearing with his hierarchy, or Kingdom, as he promised? After all Paul told the saints: “Ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, and the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels. To the general assembly and the church of the firstborn which are written in heaven…” Heb 12:22-23

Did members of the church on the earth join with the “church of the firstborn” in heaven? Or is it possible that they were merely transported to a different area for safety? Or did they join Christ and his hierarchy for a period of time?

Whatever the case we can see that a fairly literal interpretation was applied to Rev 14:4 in that age. In this age the correspondences still match, but circumstances and consequently the interpretation is somewhat different.


“I have what I will call inner urgings to do certain things because it seems or feels right. Is this a direction from the soul or simply an emotional feeling? What else may we do besides saying the Song and meditating that will enhance our ability to achieve soul contact?”

The beginnings of soul contact does not start with a bang. It starts with the “still small voice,” so still and quiet that you think you are imagining things when you first hear it. It is different than psychic impression which often comes through the astral body. Soul contact comes through the mind and heart (not direct astral emotions) working as one. The oneness of the mind and heart create a channel.

After you pay attention to this contact the ability to recognize and trust it greatly increases, but it always takes a certain amount of faith to follow.

The fire of the Spirit is a higher contact that comes in varying degrees but when this comes it is unmistakable and leaves no doubt in your mind that there was definite contact with the energies of God. This higher contact comes for several purposes. One of the main ones is to give positive assurance that a certain direction is the correct one for you to take. Many will eventually receive this fire to confirm the truth about the Molecular Order and that they are to be a part of it.

Then there will be those who have not yet received soul contact or the fire who will be deceived by lower astral fire. If one has not received the higher fire it is easy to conclude that the lower fire is the higher fire.

When one receives the higher fire he knows that he has received it and knows that he knows. He can also recognize another who has received it and who is currently open to it. He who has received only the astral fire cannot discern the difference between the two. He believes be knows but does not know that he knows.

Many people have their higher contact greatly delayed because of the deception that the astral contact is the ultimate. This keeps them from making the next step because they are not looking for it.

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Higher and Greater Lives


Higher and Greater Lives

An excerpt from The Molecular Relationship may need some clarification:

“To understand this relationship, the first principle that must be realized is that there is life and consciousness in all forms, whether they be atomic, molecular, human, planetary or solar. Relatively perfect relationship which we call the Molecular Relationship exists in all forms from the cellular level on down. Even though life pervades all forms above the cellular, such lives have not reached Molecular Relationship. The cells within the organic lives such as plants, animals and humans have such relationship, but the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it. The plants yield to animals and the animals yield to human as the final point of attainment for this system. Now humanity goes forward with bodies of mineral, plant and animal components to bring completion to the present Purpose of God.

It is thus our responsibility as a species to take relationship to its next great beginning.”

Some may have a problem with the statement: “ the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it.”

By greater lives I mean composite lives such as nations planets, suns galaxies and so on.

Relative to us humans there are greater lives who do practice it such as Christ and his Masters of wisdom, but they are in human form and are the beginning of its implementation among humans on this little planet.

Among us regular mortal humans who do the grunt work on this earth the relationship has never taken root. This is what I refer to as the next great beginning – that is to establish it among us as a permanent system. This will be a great evolutionary step for this planet. Nevertheless, it will not make us unique for this relationship does exist on other planets, but percentage wise they are very few in number. Overall humanity is young in the universe and we have a lot of Becoming ahead of us.


Moving Stars

A reader quotes me saying:

“Imagine having the power to move the star system of Alpha Centura into our> solar system creating a double star and much easier access to its planets so we can transform its primitive life into a garden of Eden.”

Then he adds: Seems to me, that if you did this, you would throw off the balance of our solar system. As quoted from my friend, “The added radiation from another star in our solar system would fry all life on our planet. “Breakfast, anyone?


I understand that it’s fairly well known and accepted in the scientific community, that changes in space can affect wind patterns on Earth, and cause various other weather patterns to occur. It’s even suggested that the Eclipse on August 11th of this month, helped to cause that moderately destructive tornado that materialized in the heart of Salt Lake City. Tornadoes aren’t supposed to occur in Utah.

I’m not sure we would want another star in our solar system. Beyond the added radiation, it could negatively affect the gravitation pull of our own sun, thus disrupting the normal orbit of our own planet, possibly causing us to hurl out in to space, or be torn apart completely. If none of that happened, then the extra daylight would heat up our planet exponentially (greenhouse effect) and melt the polar ice caps a little faster than I would feel comfortable, thus flooding most of our land.

When the time comes (in the far future) that we can move stars and if we decided to move Alpha Centauri here it would be probably placed a distance away, like beyond the orbit of Pluto. When you look up in the sky you would not see a bright sun, but a very bright star with the luminosity of the moon. Still this would make the system very accessible with future technology. Right now traveling at the speed of light it would take 4.3 years to get to Alpha Centura but with the new location would only take a couple days using future technology.

In this future we will have full control over the weather and effects of radiation and have near complete control over the effects that such a move would create.


Dark Brothers

“How can a person know if they are dealing with someone who is, consciously or unconsciously, affiliated with the dark brothers? I ask because of someone I know who seems to make it a point to keep me off balance. I’m beginning to think that if I never saw this person again, I’d not miss them for a minute (and this is someone with whom I have been good friends for the last nine years). I’m kinda lost here, because I wonder, am I supposed to look for the Christ within this person even if they are “one of them”? Any guidance would be appreciated.”

Behind every person, even a Dark Brother is a soul connected with God. The difference between a Dark Brother and everyone else is that communion with the soul has been completely severed by himself and cannot be reconnected in this system.

Only a small handful have retrogressed to this degree. Even the typical mass murderer has not completely severed the link.

But to see the Christ, or the soul, within a person does not involve seeing what is not. If the person is mean spirited or irritating you do not pretend that he is a nice guy. Instead, you put your attention on the true reality – that behind this person – no matter how apparently evil he is, is the Soul.

Seeing the Christ in an undesirable person causes you to forgive him of all offenses, because you are seeing from soul to soul. This does not mean that on a personality level you have to pretend like he is a nice guy and be his friend. If you are a person with soul contact you should seek friends who also have such contact, but when those of low vibration cross your path recognize that the Christ is within them and is seeking to surface and let them go on their way with no negativity being sent or received by you.

You have probably never met a true Dark Brother, but you have come across many who are manipulated by them. As entities approach closer to the dark side you can recognize them through a “disturbance in the force” when you are around them. It will sometimes feel like they are taking your energy. You can neutralize this effect by taking your attention from them and placing it on the Christ within.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Foundation Note


The Foundation Note

John makes the following observation:

“Instead, all chords in music are built from the “root” and continue through the most logical chord tones, then, if desired, reaching what are called the chord extensions. The reason for this is that if a chord is built from the higher to the lower, there is no base/bass note for which to identify the chord desired. In fact, the entire chord, built from the higher to the lower, can become “altered” simply by altering it’s bass note. So if a musical reference were to be applied to this lesson it might be more readily understood if it went in this direction; The higher entity, (or even one of us lowly ones 🙂 when building the desired resonance of their energies, or chord structure, understands completely the basis/bass of the chord. Then with understanding, can apply as many chord tones as desired until the full range of harmony is attained. All of this being done before ever sounding the chord, or from the perspective of relationship, “acting” on the impulse. This seems to be much more congruent to the rest of the lessons on the molecular relationship. That is, that the building of the structure must first be accomplished by an understanding of it’s foundation, as well as the desired direction or resonance that is sought. Thus the intelligent composer builds the whole chord at once, because they have already understood the full resonance of the desired chord, before they ever “pen” it’s structure.”

Thank you John for seeking clarification. My knowledge of musical notation is very elementary, but if I understand you right, in music the lowest note in a chord is the foundation note from which all other notes spring and are dependent for harmony.

It may seem then that the building of a relationship from the top down is not a correspondence.

Actually, it is, but a correspondence in reverse, for correspondences reverse from plane to plane. For example all correspondences in the astral plane are often reversed from the mental plane. This is why a mental person arguing with an emotional person becomes very frustrated.

Whereas the lowest note in a chord is the foundation from which all other notes are placed, even so the spiritual vibration is the source of creation for all the lower worlds. Without the physical the spiritual would still exist, but without the spiritual there could be no physical. Therefore the root of creation is the spiritual just as the root of the creation of a chord is the base note.

In the ideal relationship there are two sequences of evolution before complete harmony is reached. In relationship, attraction does begin with the physical. When we first meet another person we see the body before we see anything else (including non romantic) and some inner opinion is instantly registered. If we are attracted because of the body then more relationship is sought. Next as we talk and interplay with the person we see their personality and sense how he or she feels about things. Finally as you become friends you share deeper thoughts on a mental and finally a spiritual level.

Then after this is accomplished (building from the bottom up in association) the creation of an intimate relationship can begin from the top down as given in my examples.

The reason I can say this is accurate is because it works, just as it works to build a chord from the bottom up.

I received another question off line which may be of interest:

“I’m thinking here of you and Artie and your telling us that Cupid struck and you asked her to marry you soon afterwards.

“Or to put it another way, I assume that consciously going through the steps you’ve described can be missed if you receive clear and unequivocal confirmation from your soul that the person who has just appeared in your life is your soul mate.”

Actually, none of the steps were missed in our relationship. Unfortunately, I have only been able to give you the readers digest version of the details. Here are a few more.

I had known Artie about a year, as a student, before the lightening struck, but we just had a casual relationship up to that time.

The first time I met Artie I was attracted to her physically, but that was not a big deal for I have found many females to be physically attractive. Then when I had my first conversation with her I found her personality and astral side to be very attractive. As she got involved in my classes and I also analyzed her handwriting I discovered that she was also very intelligent. This was another attractive feature.

Finally, when opportunity came to present spiritual teachings I discovered that she had soul contact and was capable of understanding higher principles. This made her a candidate for a companion of high sharing for me, but I did not act upon it on any level because both she and I were involved with someone else at the time. The time I described earlier where we instantly fell in love was just several days after her relationship ended and she was “available.”

As I mentioned earlier the whole relationship progressed to the marriage proposal within a few days. But what I did not tell you was that all hell broke loose and our whole relationship would have been destroyed if the romantic part had not been built from the top down.

Artie’s daughter was happy that she broke off her previous relationship and was looking forward to some time alone with her mom. When I came into the picture so abruptly she came unglued. She called everyone she knew and painted a picture of me that would scare off the bravest of souls. She called her biological dad, Artie’s mom, friends, everyone who might talk Artie out of this madness. Here is basically what she told all who would listen.

“My mom has fallen in love with this freaky weirdo guy who is a dangerous Jim Jones type character. They haven’t even dated yet but he’s hypnotized her into getting married. I think he wants to totally control her life. This guy gives me the creeps. Please help – we’ve got to talk Mom out of making a big mistake.”

This may not be the exact wording, but let me assure you it was that bad or worse for everyone she talked to became extremely alarmed and seemed to think that Artie was getting involved with the devil himself.

Her daughter’s father was very alarmed and decided to do what he could to get his daughter away from Artie, out of harm’s way. Her daughter, her only child, threatened to cooperate and live with her dad in California.

Her mother, who lived in California at the time, was terrified beyond measure and got on a plane the next day to Boise to save her daughter from this monster. Others came forward telling Artie she was out of her mind. The least she could do was to give the relationship some time.

All this went on within a space of about a day and in the midst of all this pressure she was receiving I called her. When I heard her voice I sensed great stress as she related the distress of her daughter and all the pressure she was under from the phone calls she was receiving from her daughter’s contacts.

Then she said something that made my heart sink.

“I think maybe we are going too fast here and it’s creating too many problems. I think we should back off a little here and go slower. Let’s lay low for a while until things calm down, then we can start the relationship going again.”

When she said this I had the feeling that if she gave into this pressure that our relationship would be destroyed and that I would loose her so I said a prayer within myself asking for the help of the Spirit. Next I tried to direct her attention away from her distress and started talking of spiritual things and of the night we fell in love. As I was talking to her I felt the Spirit descend on me and knew it was on her at the same time. Then in the midst of this feeling that I knew we were both experiencing, I made perhaps the wisest move I have made in my life.

I said to her: “What are you feeling at this very moment?”

“Good,” she said

“Would you say you are experiencing the Peace of the Spirit of God?”

After a moment of reflection she admitted, “Yes, I guess I would have to say that.”

“And do you think that Spirit is here because our relationship is supposed to be?”

“Well yes, I feel that may be true, but it wouldn’t hurt to slow down.”

“Be still and ask yourself. Shall we go ahead as planned or shall we slow down or stop? What do you feel inside?”

She signed and replied softly, “All I can say is that I feel a wonderful peace from the Spirit when you talk about going ahead.”

“And what kind of feeling did you have when everyone has told you to slow down or to end the relationship?”

“I felt terrible,” she said.

“So, do you want to go where the terrible feeling takes you or do you want to go where the peace of the Spirit takes you?” I asked.

“I want the peace of the Spirit.”

“So the choice is yours,” I said. “Which do you chose?”

She paused a moment and said: “I want the peace to stay with me.”

“So is this your choice?”


“Let me warn you that you will suffer every possible temptation to take you away from this choice, but I promise you that if you stick with it that no matter what turmoil is going on around you that the peace will stay with you and in the end you will know your decision is correct. But you must now make up your mind with great resolve that no matter what happens, even if your daughter leaves and your mom disowns you, that you will still follow the inner peace.”

To her credit Artie was divinely careless and followed this advice and we got married a couple of weeks later. Her daughter did not leave home but was so upset she did not attend the wedding and it took about a year to make friends with her. It took a couple years for me to smooth over the relationship with both the daughter and mother, but now her daughter respects me more than her biological dad and her mother and I have a good relationship. But most importantly, my wife and I have laid the foundation for a relationship that can continue to unfold spiritually without end and this could not be taking place if I had started the romance from the bottom up; for if I had I would not have had power to call down the Spirit to influence Artie of the correctness of our choice.

Whenever an opportunity for spiritual advancement comes for an individual, couple or group, there will come some type of test to tempt you to hold back. This temptation must always be surmounted in order to move ahead.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Why would balance be so essential to the disciple and why would a balanced nature often bring conflict?

Almost all people, with the exception of high disciples and adepts, swing back and forth like pendulums and only take a passing peek at the true midway point as they swing by it.

It is the nature of almost all people to want to take a particular side, left or right, black or white, born again or new age.

What is the reason for this?

The answer: Because they do not have to think. When a particular side is taken there is always a special set of answers peculiar to that side and when one extreme or the other is embraced then one does not have to make any decisions or do any thinking because everything has been pre-formulated.

Because of this tendency to take a side where formula answers exist the majority of people therefore turn into extremists, but because there are so many on each side of the extreme, the extremes seem normal. Where the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

Here is an example

Many people in all religions believe that only this planet supports life. This belief is maintained even though it is the only one little orb in this universe of billions of galaxies with billions of star systems. All the lights in the sky are just for us to look at and enjoy.

When you think of it this is indeed an extreme view not supported by logical or balanced thought.

Many religions believe that a simple declaration of faith will suddenly make them enamored in the eyes of God and He will prepare a blissful place for then for eternity while more pleasant people who do not make the declaration will suffer untold torture for eternity.

Does this idea seem balanced or extreme when you think about it?

Many religious people believe that the earth and universe is only 6-10,000 years old even though there are mountains of evidence against it including the fact that we have spotted galaxies whose light has taken twelve billion years to reach us.

Metaphysical and new age people laugh at the religious extreme, but how about them? Are they also affected? Let’s take a look.

Many believe they are somehow immortal or al least just about immortal. Why? Merely because they believe it to be so or some alien (Zor) is coming to transform them. The question is why would the aliens pick them over a bunch of ranchers in Grangeville, Idaho? Or why would a mere act of belief make them immortal any more than the born againers belief will cart him off to heaven?

We indeed have extremes on both sides of the belief system?

Many believe every teaching they come across that claims to be channeled, even if one teaching contradicts the other. I have met New Agers who believe some channeled material that teaches reincarnation, for example, and then also believe other material that teaches that it is not true.

Is it extremism to believe that two opposing doctrines are both correct? Verily, yes – unless there is some good explanation that tells us of a misunderstanding.

Many believe that they have escaped the world of duality and live beyond polarity in bliss and oneness. But when you think about it your body, as well as the earth around us, are created out of duality. The duality of a positive nucleus circled by negative electrons in the atoms create all our material forms. If we really escape duality then our bodies, this earth and universe would disappear as A Course in Miracles teaches. If we still see the world around us then we are still in duality.

Isn’t it extreme to believe that we are not affected by duality? Yes again. If you do not believe me stick your hand in boiling water and see if the duality affects you. Ask yourself why you even live in a house or apartment which protects you from the dualities of wind, rain and cold.

Thus we see that there are extremists on both sides. And what happens when a balanced person who looks at both sides, makes an independent logical conclusion and tells them his opinion?

If he tells the religious one that he is not saved any more than any other decent person such a one will often become angry, not because of an attack from an extreme position, but because of balanced view.

What happens when a balanced one tells a New Ager that he has not escaped the polarities or that he is not on his last life or that he is not yet physically immortal? Again the extremist will become angry at a balanced point of view.

Thus we see that balance in the disciple often leads to the path of high resistance and much discipline and perseverance is needed to plow through the strange teachings before a small path of real truth is open to view.

Here are the qualities of the disciple mentioned so far:

(1) Soul contact

(2) Holding the mind steady in the light

(3) Detachment when necessary.

(4) The ability to either send or receive

(5) Reflection – contemplation

(6) Talent.

(7) The power to initiate

(8) The ability to create and sense a point of tension.

(9) Willingness to sacrifice

(10) Discernment

(11) Perseverance

(12) Inclusiveness

(13) Harmlessness

(14) Sensitivity

(15) Trust

(16) Balance

We now come to number 17 which is, “Understanding and making efficient use of time.”


How can we become more efficient in time management?

How can we avoid wasting time?

Is it possible to perform more than one task at a time?

What is the principle behind the Sabbath of rest?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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