Elijah and Reincarnation

Elijah and Reincarnation

Question from LDS reader: Why do you think that Mal 4:5-6 refers to Elijah reincarnated as John the Baptist?

This is a pretty cut and dried issue which was presented starkly in black and white by Jesus, but let me cover it again.

(1) Mal. 4:5-6 and Mal 3:1 are both referring to the same individual which was to be fulfilled by John the Baptist (Elijah in a past life).

In speaking of Mal 3:1 Jesus spoke of John the Baptist saying:

“But what went ye. out for to see? A prophet? Yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophet. FOR THIS IS HE OF WHOM IT IS WRITTEN, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee…” Matt 11:9-10.

Thus there is no argument that John the Baptist is the one spoken of to fulfill this prophesy.

Now concerning a few verses later (Mal. 4:5-6) the apostles asked Jesus:

“His disciples asked him saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias (Elijah) must first come? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come and restore all things. (This refers to a future coming) But I say unto you, that Elias is COME ALREADY, AND THEY KNEW HIM NOT, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.” Matt 17:10-13.

Keep in mind that Elias is Greek for Elijah and all modern Bibles Translate it as Elijah to avoid confusion.

Here both Jesus and the Apostles identified the one who would precede the coming of the Messiah in Malachi as Elijah and “the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist” when talking about its fulfillment.

But note that there would be two appearances. One as Elijah reincarnated through John the Baptist 2000 years ago and another coming to restore all things. Since the messenger in Mal 3:1 is positively identified as Elijah come again then the person named as Elijah in Mal 4:5-6 has to be one and the same person.

Even the Mormon Church (and most Bible scholars) teach that the person in both these scriptures are the same person.

The hearts of the children seeking after their fathers is just one of the meanings of this verse. Let me quote it:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord; and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:5-6

Joseph gave a different twist on this than is usually taught in the church:

“This is the spirit of Elijah, that we redeem our dead, and connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven… We cannot be perfect without our fathers. WE MUST HAVE REVELATION FROM THEM.” Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith Page 338.

This linking up with the dead is to have the effect of giving us revelation. Indeed, many of those who have passed on will at times play the roll of a guardian angel and speak to us in still moments.

As the reader mentioned the angel Moroni quoted this verse differently to Joseph Smith:

“Behold, I will reveal unto you the Priesthood, by the hand of Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall plant in the hearts of the children THE PROMISES MADE TO THE FATHERS, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers. If it were not so THE WHOLE EARTH WOULD BE UTTERLY WASTED AT HIS COMING.” D&C 2:1-3.

And what are the promises made to the Fathers (the prophets)? There are many. In speaking of this verse Joseph Smith said that the most consistent promise made to the fathers was the building of Zion and the gathering of Israel (lights).

Note that an often overlooked part of the verse is that the heart of the Fathers will turn to the children? What does this mean?

We are the fathers of the children of the future and if we do not turn our hearts to them and prepare for them a world free from nuclear weapons, pollution, war and starvation, then indeed the earth will be smitten with a curse.

“Curse here comes from the Hebrew CHEREM which implies “utter destruction” or “extermination,” and this is a real possibility if we do not do our part in leaving our children to come an earth in which they can live in peace and abundance.

Elijah either as a reincarnated messenger or one working from the higher realms is predicted to help with our deliverance.

During the transfiguration we are told that both Moses and Elias (Elijah) appeared to Jesus, but the Inspired Version adds something rather startling for Mormon eyes. It says:

“And there appeared unto them Elias with Moses, OR IN OTHER WORDS, JOHN THE BAPTIST AND MOSES; and they were talking with Jesus.” Mark 9:3

You can’t get amore positive I.D. than that. “in other words” Elijah and John the Baptist were one and the same.

Comment: you say that “Never in history has God sent a resurrected being to accomplish what can be done by mortal men.” But there have been numerous instances where ancient prophets have appeared and assisted various servants.

Other worldly messengers have only appeared briefly, often to one person and have never done the work of mortals, rubbing shoulders with the general populace. If Joseph Smith or any other past being were to return and work with humanity it would be as one of us, not as some resurrected glorified being.

Question: Can translated beings reincarnate?

Many translated beings return to mortality.

“Wherefore, all things are theirs, whether life or death.” D&C 76:59

Question: “If murder is an “unforgivable sin,” then how could David, who committed murder, reincarnate as another prophet as some believe?

The scriptures say that murder is not forgiven “in this world.” Fortunately there are next worlds. In the New Testament “world” comes from AEON which means “an age.” If a person commits murder he will not be forgiven while he lives, but must give his life or save lives to pay the debt which brings forgiveness in a future life, world or age.

Some of the greatest leaders and teachers of humanity have had some of the largest debts to pay off.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 6, 2001

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Gender and Energy


Gender and Energy

A gay male member of the group wanted me to elaborate on his possible place in a molecule and how the energies play out.

Strong male energies need either good self-control or strong centering to open their receptive female energies.

Neither male or female or the gay state is a permanent situation for us.

As a general rule we fluctuate in a wavelength of time between male and female. Disciples in the service of the planet can choose their sex to a degree, but the majority follow energies that push and pull at them so they oscillate between male and female. Approximately 7 lives, or periods of activity, as one sex and seven lives, or periods of activity, as the other. At the top of the wavelength you are a strong male (in energy) and at the bottom you are a good looking magnetic female.

The problem comes at the switch-over. If you were in a female body in your last life and now find yourself in a male body it would still seem natural to be attracted to males. It takes many entities a lifetime or two to fully accept their switch-over when it comes.

If you find yourself in a cross-over life then your natural attraction to the opposite sex may not have fully set in. But as time goes on the energy of the new sex you are in will increase and usually becomes adjusted by your second life in that state.

One of the problems with the switch over is that few members of the opposite sex have a similar opposite polarity to your own. On the other hand, members of your same sex who have recently crossed over seem to have a similar opposite polarity.

In your own relationship, for instance, one of you will be male and the other female in energy in relation to each other, but because you are in male physical bodies you will both be male in energy to the whole of humanity and in this respect creates a point of friction or resistance of the natural flow.

What causes this is the reluctance of most of us to accept the changes that our souls have placed us in. This natural resistance all of us have is the cause of death. Not just gays, but all of us resists the will of the soul so we are forced to die and forget. Then we are reborn with no memory so we will face willingly that which we resisted in the past life. When we consciously accept the energies that are sent our way and use them without being forced then death becomes unnecessary.

It is silly for any of us to condemn gays for all of us go through that experience at one time or another at crossover. It is important, however to understand the correct use of energy so the ultimate freedom can be obtained.

When the person enters his cross-over life his attraction to the opposite sex may be weak because a period of time is required to adjust to the energy of the different sex he finds himself in. Nevertheless, because you are in a male body you will be polarized in the male energy, however weak, and will have an opposite energy to a female who has also recently crossed over.

Now keep in mind that a weak attraction to the opposite sex is not related to passion or vital energy, which can be high or low in any cycle.

Many gay men maintain that they cannot have a physical attraction to a female, but this is not so. With some exceptions this applies to most females. One who is in a crossover life will find the energy of about 90% of females out of sync, but there will be about 10-15% that the gay male could have a physical relationship with, if he opened up himself to it.

Many good looking highly magnetic females are attracted to gay men because of their looks, but this type of female will have an awkward energy for the gay man to deal with.

The female that the gay man could have a physical relationship with would be the female that has a tendency toward the gay lifestyle herself. To make it work both would have to resist the natural impulses of their past lives and tune into their current energies sent to them from their souls. This is quite difficult for both of them.

In the end the answer to the correct use of energy is soul contact. Only by following your soul can you balance your energies correctly.

The transgender is in an even more difficult situation than the gay. Not all, but some of them are truly female energies in a male body and visa versa. In this case the person cannot be attracted to their opposite sex no matter how hard they try.

This happens because of several reasons. First nature itself is not perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. Second is the karma of the individual undergoing the experience.

As far as gays in a molecule? Remember the human atom is not one individual, but a male-female united. The gay can participate in the molecule in two ways:

(1) He or she can find a partner of the opposite sex with whom they are comfortable, and this person can be a working partner. The focus of the molecule is not on sexual relations, or romance, and any energies in that direction are not a part of its function. The only concern is that all activities be in harmony with the person’s own soul. The important thing is that the partners can work together as a unit. Think of two people working together in a non-romantic situation at a regular place of employment.

(2) The third main particle in the atom is the neutron. This is a neutral particle with no opposite polarity. If a gay operates in this energy he (or she) participates as a stabilizing energy and could be a member of the molecule, but as an associate with no partner. There will be a male female unit with whom he or she will work.


A reader wants more light on Decision-Consciousness-Attention and relates a general definition of it.

However, the key is not the definition of these words. The key is the answer to WHO OR WHAT AM I?

The answer is not a definition of a word, but a principle, which is never the definition of a word. Your essence as it exists in any state of Becoming is that power within you which makes decisions, not decision itself. Decision is the key word, but not the answer. This power which is your essence does not have a name in the English language. It has not been recognized so it has not been named.

In the book there is a mention of another key word which will shed some light on this and the word was revealed in the beginning of the book on the Molecular Relationship. That word is Purpose. Purpose as it is used there is not purpose as we define it in our normal conversation which is related to goal setting. Purpose as we shall use it is the Initiator of all things. It is not energy, but is the initiator of energy. It is not decision, but the initiator of Decision and gives meaning to all things. Decision cannot exist without Purpose. Purpose sustains that power within you to Become and Decide. Because you are a reflection of Purpose you are that power to decide, but not decision itself. Decision is the key word because it is the highest hint in the direction of our essence that we have an accepted word for.

Decision, Consciousness and Attention are to be seen as a Trinity, not as words to be defined. If they are seen as an interdependent Trinity created by Purpose then this will indeed be a key of knowledge to you. These words may seem simple, but even the highest masters and beyond are continually expanding their ring-pass-not on this concept.

We may think we understand Decision-Consciousness-Attention. Before 1492 the people thought they understood the concept of earth-circle-ship, but Columbus discovered a key from this Trinity that led us to discover a new world.

Never be fooled by simplicity.

We will be talking more about Purpose/Decision as time goes on and as future Immortal Books are released. In the meantime I will try and answer specific questions.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Who or What am I?


Who or What am I?

I see the group is guessing who I may have been in past lives. I suppose I had better comment on this or some will feel I am avoiding the question.

Now suppose I told you I was some great teacher or historical figure from the past and you accepted this in your mind? Whenever I give you a teaching from that point on, there is the danger that that you would not be looking at what I am teaching, but what some authority from the past is teaching and there are some who would accept me without first checking with their own minds and souls.

On the other hand, suppose I told you that I have been nobody special in any past life? Then we have a danger in the opposite direction. Some would not even give me enough credibility to bother to check with their souls to find the truth of my teachings.

This is one of the reasons that we lose our memory of past lives. It allows all of us, great and small, to have a fresh start in each new birth. If you and Jesus were born as twin brothers or sisters, your words and actions would have as much authority as His until He proved himself anew.

This is as it should be; otherwise we would be tempted to rest upon our past accomplishments and not attempt to learn new things and improve upon the old.

The Master taught: “Except you be born again, you will not see the Kingdom of God.”

We can see the wisdom of being born again when we examine many people in the latter half or near the end of their lives. They have learned a trade and have few financial worries so they desire to retire and spend the rest of their lives fishing, relaxing, traveling the country or the world and if they lived forever in this state of mind they would be of no use to God or man for eternity. By the grace of God they die and are reborn in a challenging situation where they must struggle to survive and achieve.

Only when a person can become born again without being born again can he become ready for true eternal life. In this wording is a major hint for contemplation.

Let us use the effect of past lives in relation to a group member, like John K. for instance. He often writes inspiring postings, parables and stories and we all appreciate him for it.

Now let us suppose that we all found out that he was the Buddha born again. Why, we would all stop in our tracks and reread everything he has written and see meaning there that we never saw before.. Then when he posts something we would read it with bated breath to see the latest revelations of the great one instead of the simple words of a friend we all know as John.

The Tibetans have this problem with the Dalai Lama.

They look for the same leader to be reborn in each new generation and when they find him, as they suppose, they immediately begin to place everything he says above the words of everyone else in the realm. Meanwhile if a great Master were to arise in their midst, his words would be largely ignored in favor of the lesser words of their leader.

It is always difficult for a spiritual teacher to get the attention of the masses without some strong astral attention grabber. Look at Christ, for instance, the greatest of us all. Even though He had power to attract attention through miracles He had great difficulty getting people to pay attention to His words. After His crucifixion and the miracles were gone His disciples met together and their full number was one hundred and twenty (See Acts 1:15) I guess with that in mind we are lucky to have a couple hundred in this group who are seeking the words that stir the soul.

Now let us go the other direction and say that we found out that John was Judas. Now things would be different. We would look with suspicion on every word he posted. We would wonder about his sincerity and we would make sure he never got close to our kids.

Thus it is a blessing that we do not generally remember our past or know the past lives of others, for by starting with a clean slate in our relationships all people have a fair chance to succeed. If our past life was a great success, our ego may have to be taken down a few notches, but if our past life was a failure we are able to drop those negative memories and get on with our progression.

As it is John is seen by us for what he is now in the present time without the disadvantage of seeing him through the eyes of the past.

Dave was very close to reading me correctly when he said:

“I think it would be wonderful to learn that our teacher used to be one of the great people. On the other hand, it would probably benefit most people to not know. People have a tendency to ‘blindly’ follow prophets, and if anyone had any reason to believe he was one of these people, they would stop questioning him and never verify anything he said against their soul. You’re soul will help you learn what you need to know when the time is right.”

You are on the right track here. But I do not want the group to get me wrong in the other direction and think there is no value to learning our past lives. It can be of great value, but the value of learning our own past lives is generally much more than learning someone else’s. Knowing our past can often help us understand the direction we need to take in this life and how karma is to be dealt with.

Thus I will not reveal my past. If there is some necessity for someone to know it the knowledge can be acquired through the Oneness Principle through the soul, but that would be for your personal benefit and not for any publication.

I’d like to make one other observation about past lives. We all know that there is strong glamour and illusion connected with them. About half of the people who believe in it tend to think they were some great historical figure, even though their talents in this life do not seem to vaguely resemble a Lincoln, Edison or Jesus. If you mention to such people that they might have just been some person forgotten to history their jaw will often drop in disappointment, but just suppose this with me for a moment.

Let us suppose that all of us in this group died this day and were reborn a hundred years from now and in that future age we received a revelation of who we were back in this time. Would our jaws drop?

Let’s pick on John again. He is a musician, and I assume a good one, but if he died today there probably would be little record 100 years hence of any contribution he made to mankind. But that does not mean his life was not important. It is important to all of us for he has touched many souls here as well I am sure he has touched many souls off the list.

The same may be said of me. If I were to die today there would be little or no historical record of me in a hundred years, yet that does not diminish what I teach or what I have learned in preparation for the future. If I were to die today I would carry my essence with me into the future and finish what I have Decided to Become and the mission I have accepted.

We cannot all be a Washington, a Peter or a Buddha, but we can all be a Glenys, a John K, a Rob, a Rick, an Anni, a Xavier…

Well maybe not Xavier – he’s one of a kind (LOL)

My point is that most of us, possibly all of us were not historical figures and we must all be prepared for the possibility that we were no more famous in our last life than we are in this one, but that’s not so bad, is it?

I am enjoying being a regular guy in this life. That could change if I produce a best selling book, and in some ways I’m not looking forward to any fame but I have an inner driving from the Spirit that pushes me ahead and all of us must face whatever comes as we follow higher purpose.

Laura wants to know the fate of the original twelve apostles. Are they going to show up in this group or as a molecule somewhere on the earth or are they Masters living apart from humanity?

Some of them have become Masters and some of them are still struggling to attain the higher initiations. All of the twelve that were in the Molecule on the day of Pentecost and I believe that most are in physical bodies on the earth today. Some who have incarnated have gotten temporarily caught up in some illusion and are not performing the work they intended to accomplish. This is partially due to the intense efforts of the Dark Brotherhood to discourage them for the desire of the Christ is to gather them around Him when He walks among us again.

Because of free will there are no guarantees on this type of thing.

And how about Judas? I do not know about his fate for sure, but we do know that he had remorse after he saw what happened to his Lord and this tells us that he had not yet completely chosen the dark path. It is entirely possible that he has paid off his debt and is a disciple today.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Reincarnation and Mormonism, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Reincarnation & Mormonism



When one considers the doctrine of reincarnation his mind would naturally wonder what the previous lifetimes were of some of the early brethren in the church.

It’s quite possible that their incarnations on the earth began even before the days of Adam for Hyrum Smith said: “There were prophets BEFORE Adam, and Joseph has the spirit and power of all the prophets.” Millenial Star Vol. 23:Pg 406.

Orson Hyde also said: “The world was peopled before the days of Adam as much as it was before the days of Noah.” J.D. 2:79

It is true that the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria did exist and some of the more recent prophets also struggled as teachers of mankind back at that ancient time.

We see from the scriptures evidence of the past lives of some of the early brethren. For instance, there is a strong indication that Oliver Cowdrey was Aaron. Oliver was told: “You have another gift, which is the gift of Aaron; behold it hath told you many things; Behold, there is no other power, save the power of God, that can cause this gift of Aaron to be with you. Therefore, doubt not, for it is the gift of God, and you shall hold it in your hands.” D&C 8:6-8

This scripture is even more striking when one considers that a very important word here has been changed. The first edition of the Doctrine and Covenants read “rod of Aaron” instead of “gift of Aaron”. The word “gift” does not make sense because Oliver was told he would hold it in his hands. It is not a coincidence, then, that Oliver was given a Rod just as Aaron was, and his Rod generated power just as Aaron’s did.

It is also ironic that Oliver was the first with Joseph to receive the Aaronic Priesthood from John the Baptist and he was the first one in this dispensation to be ordained in an earthly ordinance to this priesthood by another mortal, namely Joseph Smith. Oliver was told that he was “called and ordained even as Aaron.” D&C 27:8

Edward Partrigde was told that “he is like unto Nathanael of old, in whom there is no guile.” D&C 41:11 Could this be the Lord’s way of hinting at his identity in a previous lifetime?

Many of the brethren were conspicuously called strange ancient names in various revelations. No logical explanation of this has ever been given by the church. Again, was the Lord hinting at past identities?

Hyrum was Hyrum, King of Tyre from the Old Testament. Brigham Young was King Solomon. Just as King Solomon built the temple without the sound of a hammer (I Kings 6:7) so did Brigham construct the tabernacle in Salt Lake without hammer or nails. Furthermore, Solomon has sculptured lions on both sides of his throne and ornamenting his house just as Brigham had two of them guarding the entrance to his home he named “The Lionhouse”. Brigham was often referred to as “the Lion of the Lord”. You will also notice that many of Brigham’s sermons sound amazingly like the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes written by Solomon.

The Lord identified Joseph Smith in a dual manner. He said: “Thou art Joseph, and wast chosen to do the work of the Lord.” D&C 3:9 Which Joseph was the Lord referring to? Was this his method of telling him that he was Joseph who was sold into Egypt? Was this why Joseph of old, when prophesying of the mission of Joseph Smith, wrote of him: “He shall be like unto me.” II Nephi 3:15 Was he really writing of his own future mission?

Why did the Lord say that Joseph was “called and chosen to WRITE the Book of Mormon”? D&C 24:1 We know that, as Joseph, he did not write the book, but translated it. If the word of God is literally true then Joseph had to have been Mormon, for Mormon wrote the abridged book. Was this why, when describing his unusual traits as a young boy, his mother said: “During our evening conversations, Joseph would occasionally give us the most amusing recitals that could be imagined. He could describe the ancient inhabitants of this continent, their dress, mode of traveling, and animals upon which they rode; their cities; their buildings with every particular; their mode of warfare; and also their religious worship. This he would do with as much ease, seemingly, AS IF HE HAD SPENT HIS WHOLE LIFE WITH THEM.” Lucy Smith Biographical Sketches; Pg 85.

It is interesting that Mother Smith was speaking of Joseph as a young boy before he had any revelations. It sounds as if he was merely recalling his past life experiences just as numerous young people do today in increasing degrees.

Of course, Joseph and the other brethren had many other lives that are too numerous to mention here, but more interesting than their past lives are their possible future ones.

Many of the brethren were quite surprised that Joseph and Hyrum were killed because of certain things the Prophet told them. For instance, he said: “I prophesy and bear record this morning that all the combined powers of earth and hell shall not and cannot overthrow or overcome this boy, FOR I HAVE A PROMISE FROM THE ETERNAL GOD.” DHC 5:554

Because God had promised Joseph he would overcome all of his enemies he was very confident in expressing it. A reference is found in the scriptures: “I feel like Paul, to glory in tribulation; for to this day has the God of my fathers delivered me out of them all, AND WILL DELIVER ME FROM HENCEFORTH; for behold, and lo, I SHALL TRIUMPH OVER ALL MY ENEMIES, FOR THE LORD GOD HATH SPOKEN IT.” D&C 127:2

Joseph indicated that this overcoming all of our enemies is essential to obtain salvation: “Salvation is nothing more or less than to triumph over all our enemies and put them under our feet IN THIS WORLD, and a knowledge to triumph over all evil spirits in the world to come, THEN we are saved.” DHC 5:387

According to this then, Joseph was not saved for he did not triumph over his enemies “in this world”, but they overcame him and took his life.

Brigham Young was one of those who expected greater things of Joseph: “Yet he (Joseph) will lay a plan to speculate as large as ancient Joseph did; he will have power to buy up all the rest of the world.” DHC 6:16

Also the Lord said: “But a small moment and thy voice shall be more terrible in the midst of thine enemies than the fierce lion.” D&C 122:4

Joseph Smith was also promised that he would redeem Zion. (See D&C 105:26-27,37) He said he would be a witness to the whole world and then the end would come. DHC 6:363

The Book of Mormon tells us that he is the one like Moses mentioned in D&C 103:15-16. (See II Nephi 3:6-17) He said his father in a blessing “anointed my head, and sealed upon me the blessings of Moses, to lead Israel in the latter days, even as Moses lead them in the days of old.” DHC 2:380

Joseph’s patriarchal blessing even makes this promise: “Thou shalt hold the keys of this ministry, even the presidency of this church both in time and eternity…Thou shalt stand on Mount Zion when the tribes of Jacob come shouting from the North, and with thy brethren, the Sons of Ephriam, crown them in the name of Jesus Christ.” OUR LINEAGE (Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1933)

We can clearly see then, without quoting further, why the brethren did not expect Joseph to be overcome and killed by his enemies. It was even the Lord’s intention that Joseph and Hyrum escape martrydom for he said: “I…will be with thee even unto the end of the world, and through eternity…Behold, I have seen all your sacrifices, and will forgive all your sins; I have seen your sacrifices in obedience to that which I have told you. Go, therefore, and I WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOUR ESCAPE, as I accepted the offering of Abraham of his son Isaac.” D&C 132:49-50

Just as the Lord prepared the way for the saving of the physical life of Isaac so would the Lord have saved the life of Joseph, and, unknown to most, God fulfilled his part of this promise for the Lord did reveal to him a way to escape.

When all the forces of evil came crushing down on Joseph and Hyrum and it seemed as if there was no way to escape with their lives, the Lord did give Joseph a revelation and told him to cross the Missouri and go west. However, his friends called him a coward for doing so and upon hearing this from a letter sent by his wife he replied “If my life is worth nothing to my friends it is worth nothing to me.”

This decision was his alone for neither God nor the heavens were allowed to interfere. They could only look on realizing the unalterable fate of his perilous decision. Although either choice required great courage, his love for the saints compelled him to return to face martrydom. The setback of his premature death was anticipated, however, and all the promises concerning him will yet be fulfilled.

Joseph was once asking the Lord concerning the time of the second coming of Christ and received the answer: “Joseph, my son, IF THOU LIVEST UNTIL THOU ART EIGHTY-FIVE YEARS OLD, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man; therefore, let this suffice, and trouble me no more on this matter.” D&C 130:15

This revelation led Joseph to later say: “I prophesy in the name of the Lord God, and let it be written, the Son of Man WILL NOT COME in the clouds of heaven TILL I AM EIGHTY-FIVE YEARS OLD.” DHC 5:336

If he would have lived to age eight-five as hoped he would have prepared the way so the Christ could have reappeared and the promise concerning the building of the temple in Jackson County in his generation (D&C 84:4) would have been fulfilled. As it is the promise has been delayed because the saints wanted their prophet to prove he was a hero more than they wanted the words of eternal life.

All the promises made to Joseph shall be fulfilled for he will overcome all his enemies and will yet live in the flesh to the age of eighty-five and see the face of the Son of Man. He will not do it in an immortal resurrected body, but as a mortal walking among us again. Eliza R. Snow, the true author of PRAISE TO THE MAN knew what she was writing when she said: “Millions shall know Brother Joseph again.”

Parley P. Pratt was out of state when he heard of the Prophet’s death. He couldn’t understand why his life was taken before the Lord’s promises concerning Joseph were fulfilled. Wondering how he was going to explain Joseph’s death to the people when he returned to Nauvoo, he prayed: “O Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray thee, show me what these things mean, and what I shall say unto thy people? On a sudden the Spirit of God came upon me, and filled my heart with joy and gladness indescribable; and which the spirit of revelation glowed in my bosom with as visible a warmth and gladness as if it were a fire. The Spirit said unto me:   ‘Lift up your head and rejoice; for behold! It is well with my servants Joseph and Hyrum. My servant Joseph still holds the keys of my kingdom in this dispensation, AND HE SHALL STAND IN DUE TIME ON EARTH IN THE FLESH, AND FULFILL THAT TO WHICH HE IS APPOINTED.” Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt; Page 333.

In answer to this revelation given to Elder Pratt the average Latter-Day Saint, without thinking twice, would merely say it has reference to Joseph Smith coming again in an immortal resurrected body, but an important point he forgets is that an immortal person never does the work of a mortal. After all, why did not Moroni translate the plates? It would have been more convincing perhaps, but it is the decree of God that man must work out his own salvation and resurrected beings do not interfere with that.

The Lord promised Parley P. Pratt that Joseph would again would stand again on the earth and fulfill that to which he was appointed. What was he appointed to do that he did not accomplish? We shall name nine things and point out that they do not fit the works of a resurrected being.

FIRST:   He was to achieve salvation by overcoming all of his enemies ON THE EARTH. It would be an unfair advantage with no victory, and contrary to the laws of heaven, for a resurrected being of great power to fight against mere mortals. If he is to overcome his enemies he must return as a mortal and face them on even ground.

SECOND: The Lord indicated that Joseph would live until he was eighty-five old. This he could only do as a mortal.

THIRD:   Brigham Young said Joseph Smith would be able to buy up the world as ancient Joseph did. Can you imagine the Lord sending a resurrected being to do this?

FOURTH: Joseph was promised that he would lead his people as Moses. Moses was a mortal so Joseph could not be like Moses if he was an immortal – he would be like Jehovah who was guiding Moses.

FIFTH: Joseph was promised he would be the one to redeem Zion. (See D&C 105:26-27,37) The one who will do this is referred to as the “marred” servant. (See Isa 52:24 and III Nephi 20:44) Does it make sense that Joseph Smith would appear to lead the Saints to Zion in a resurrected immortal body that is also marred? The prophecy of the marred servant would have to concern a mortal man.

SIXTH: Joseph was also promised that he would restore all things. We know that all things have not yet been restored. An example is the golden plates which were sealed. The Lord told Joseph: “I am the Lord thy God, and gave unto thee, my servant Joseph, an appointment, and RESTORE ALL THINGS. Ask what ye will and it shall be given you according to my word…For I have conferred upon you the keys and power of the priesthood, wherein I restore all things, and make KNOWN UNTO YOU ALL THINGS in due time.” D&C 132:40 & 45

SEVENTH: One of the things Joseph was to restore was the fulness of the record of John: “And John saw and bore record of the fulness of my glory, and the fulness of John’s record is hereafter to be revealed…And it shall come to pass, that if you are faithful YOU SHALL RECEIVE the fulness of the record of John.” D&C 93:6&18

Joseph Smith was faithful wasn’t he? Then where is the fulness of the record of John? Obviously this can only be fulfilled in a future life.

EIGHTH: Joseph is to reveal all mysteries “until”the Lord comes: “And I have given unto him the keys of the mystery of those things which were from the foundation of the world, AND THE THINGS WHICH SHALL COME FROM THIS TIME UNTIL THE TIME OF MY COMING, if he abide in me.” D&C 35:18 Also see DHC 2:32

NINETH: Joseph Smith is to be the “One Mighty and Strong” and “Set in order the house of God”.

Let us expand this final point and quote the reference concerning this Coming One, for it is the most controversial writing in all the Standard Works, misunderstood by orthodox and fundamentalist Mormon alike.

“And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth to SET IN ORDER THE HOUSE OF GOD, and to arrange by lot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God; While that man who was called of God, and appointed, that putteth forth his hand to steady the ark of God, shall fall by the shaft of death, like as a tree that is smitten by a vivid shaft of lightening…These things I say not of myself; THEREFORE, AS THE LORD SPEAKETH, HE WILL ALSO FULFILL.” D&C 85:7-8,10

And how does the church explain this powerful scripture? They say that Edward Partridge, the first bishop of the church, was bungling things up, and the Lord was thinking of sending One Mighty and Strong to straighten him out, but Partridge repented and thus the prophesied person did not need to come. Thus the authorities have tried to negate the word of God for this is one prophesy with a promise of fulfillment. It is written: “He (God) will also fulfill…” D&C 85:10

The present day authorities like to think that this scripture cannot pretain to them. They do not like the idea that the church may be out of order and will require a new Moses to be sent to straighten things out.

As upsetting as it may be to the present day heirarchy we have definite proof that this warning was not to Edward Partridge as is claimed. Oliver Cowdery stated: “Brother Joseph says that the item in his letter (section 85) that says that the man that is called etc. and puts forth his hand to steady the arc of God, DOES NOT MEAN THAT ANYONE HAD AT THE TIME, but was given for a caution to those in HIGH STANDING TO BE WARE, lest they should fall by the shaft of death.” THE REVELATIONS OF JOSEPH SMITH by Lyndon W. Cook; Page 179; Published By Deseret Book

Furthermore, the prophecy pertains to the redemption of Zion which has not yet occurred and could not have been fulfilled in Joseph’s day. In addition we have a second witness to the Coming One in Isaiah: “Behold, the Lord hath a MIGHTY AND STRONG ONE, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand. The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephriam, shall be trodden under foot…The priest and the PROPHET HAVE ERRED through strong drink (doctrine), they are swallowed up of wine, (knowledge); they are out of the way; they err in vision, they stumble in judgement.” Isa 28:2-3, 7

Thus the coming of the One Mighty and Strong is established by two scriptural witnesses, which is discreetfully swept under the rug by those who do not want to be set in order.

Since the One Mighty and Strong will set the house of God in order, then that must mean that it will be out of order. In fact the church was not in order even in the days of Joseph. The Prophet said he planned “to organize the Church in its PROPER ORDER as soon as the (Nauvoo) temple is completed.” DHC 4:604

Unfortunately, he was killed before the temple was completed so he never had a change to set the church in order as he had hoped, and no one since that time has claimed to have had any revelation concerning the setting in order.

Joseph explained that the setting in order would be after the similitude of the parable of the wheat and the tares and that “the corruptions of the church are represented by the tares, which are sown by the enemy.” He said that the tares will be removed when the wheat gets sufficiently strong.

Who is this One Mighty and Strong? Some think it will be Joseph Smith because he said the revelation ‘often times…maketh my bones to quake…” D&C 85:6. But a more conclusive proof is found in another revelation which tells us he will spend numerous lifetimes setting the church and kingdom in order. “and this shall be your business and mission ALL YOUR LIVES, to preside in council, AND SET IN ORDER ALL THE AFFAIRS OF THIS CHURCH AND KINGDOM.” D&C 90:16

Some believe that Joseph will come as a resurrected and glorified personage because we are told the One Mighty and Strong will be “clothed with light for a covering”. D&C 85:7 But they do not understand that all men have some sort of light for a covering for we are all surrounded with a colorful aura which can be seen with sensitive eyes. Also, saints often noticed a light that surrounded Joseph when he was speaking by inspiration. There were those who said his face sometimes glowed as if there were a searchlight in his head. Thus Joseph could be a mortal with light for a covering and will also have the “scepter of power” which will be a rod like unto that of Moses.

Joseph Smith was aware that this was not his last life on the earth for in speaking to the Nauvoo Legion he said: “You have faithfully performed your duty, in preserving the lives of the people as well as mine. You shall be called the first Elders of this church….And your mission will be to the nations of the earth to preach the gospel, and you will gather many people to the fastness of the Rocky Mountains, and many of those who will come in under your ministery because of their learning will seek for position and they will gain eminence over you, and you will walk in low places unnoticed. Yet you will know all that transpires in your midst. Those who are your friends are my friends AND I PROMISE YOU WHEN I COME AGAIN I WILL LEAD YOU FORTH, so that where I am you shall be with me.” LIFE STORY OF WANDLES MACE, By Himself; Pages 131-132

Joseph will keep his promise and come again, for today there are many of the most enlightened saints who are walking “in low places unnoticed” who will be raised up to a point where they can be a light unto the world.

Also that “in life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated!” D&C 135:3 It is most probable they will be the two witnesses as prophesied by John in chapter 11 of Revelations for Joseph said he would be a witness to the world and then the end would come. In addition they will be the One like Moses and the Spokesman as prophesied in II Nephi chapter three. Indeed, we have glorious events to look forward to in the near future!

There is not time in this short article for more elaboration. That will be given later. The most important thing is to consider the words we have written. Remember that the Lord answers no one who takes “no thought save it was to ask me.” D&C 9:7.   So study this out first. Search the scriptures and your heart and then ask God with a sincere heart about the truth of these things and the Spirit will tell you that the principle of reincarnation is a true, holy, and just principle.

We bear witness to the principle of rebirth. We have tested the Spirit and know it is true and we know that he will reveal this and other great mysteries to all true seekers of light.

Let us remember the words of Joseph: “We should gather all the good and true principles in the world and treasure them up, or we shall not come out true Mormons.” DHC 5:517

McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 27

This entry is part 27 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Humor and Unselfishness

JJ: What are some of the other distinctions between the light and the dark?

Audience: The dark brothers are totally selfish and self-serving and the Brotherhood of Light is the exact opposite.

JJ: Light is selfless and dark selfish. Now, on the other hand, does the person who is selfish ever admit he is selfish? No it is like a maze trying to figure out who is who because they both say a lot of the same things. Not only will the dark brother talk about how selfless and virtuous and how much he has given to charity and how of this and that, that he has done but his acolytes will also praise him and say, oh Mr. Smith, he has done so much for the service of humanity. Maybe the guy is just totally selfish and what he has done with his selfishness is he has not given of himself but he has manipulated events and used other people’s money to buy the appearance of virtue. He will take other people’s money and build something with it and put his name on it and everyone will think that this guy gave us this bridge and he is a wonderful person.

There are politicians in Washington with dozens and dozens of buildings, monuments and bridges that are named after them and all they did was take other people’s money and buy it for us and it did not cost them one penny out their own pocket. As they take other people’s money to build the building to put their name on it they are increasing our taxes. If you want to look for the selfish politicians then I would look for the ones with the most buildings with their names on them.

The unselfish politicians will not care if a building has their name on it for what they care about is to get something done that will benefit this country and the people. You will find that this politician does not give a rat’s behind about whether or not a building has his name on it or not. I have found that the best politicians rarely have a building named after them until after they die and then somebody else does it for him.

Selfishness, the difficult part of all of these is the dark brother present himself as light like it says in the Bible – Satan himself presents himself as an angel of light. The selfish brother presents himself as altruistic and virtuous because he has managed to give his constituents all this stuff. I am a wonderful person because I give you this stuff, but he did not give it to us, he gave it to us with other people’s money.

When somebody says he will give you free stuff, I say that when they reach in their own pocket and pay for it with their own money then I think that is unselfish. If he did it with his own money, his own power and his own work and did it to benefit other people not using other people’s money then that is what I call unselfishness. So when a politician gets in an area of great influence and is able to buy stuff and put his name on buildings, bridges, libraries and such and get a lot of credit for being virtuous on other people’s hard work, I do not call this unselfish. I call it selfish because he is selfishly using other people’s money to build up his own ego.

Okay what other differences do we have?

Audience: I think the dark side is humorless and the light is joyful with humor.

JJ: Light side is joyful and has humor and dark is opposite. DK Himself points this out that the brotherhood of light has a good sense of humor and when you first begin to read his book you wonder if He has any sense of humor himself but once you get into it and study Him then you see some subtle little things he says which kind of make you chuckle every once in a while.

Take a look at Hitler, for instance. Whenever you see him talking he was so dead serious when he got up to speak with his body language and his voice, I can’t understand what he is saying and I would like to hear a clip where it is translated to see what he is actually saying. Every speech I have seen of Hitler, he sounds like he is mad at his dog or something. He sounds completely humorless and one of the things the allies did in World War II was they made fun of Hitler. They made jokes about him and made these films where they contorted Hitler and made him look like he was doing all this funny weird stuff and they would show the films in the theaters just to make fun of him and the whole audience would laugh and a lot people thought Hitler actually did this stuff. Hitler was manipulated in films to all kinds of crazy stuff like falling off of chairs and stuff like that. I am sure if Hitler ever knew about it that it probably really drove him crazy. It would be interesting for somebody to compile those old films, I have read about them but I have never actually seen them.

What is interesting between light and dark is that light has more than one meaning. In light we think of a light like this one right here but there is also light as in opposite of heavy. The dark brothers are heavy with their feelings and their thoughts are just sooo serious. The Brotherhood of Light is light in their thoughts and they are more carefree. Annie was something about how they go slow quickly. How was that worded Annie?

Annie: They hurry slowly.

JJ: They hurry slowly. In other words, the impression I got was that they have a deadline but they do not pursue the deadline with a state of hurriedness; they do it in a state of relaxation. Now often times when people have deadline it just drives them crazy and they get really nervous and uptight about it but the Brotherhood of light says, just relax, everything will be fine, concentrate and if you give yourself the right amount of time then you can pace yourself and be relaxed, move forward step by step and you can have your mission accomplished. Now the dark brothers are entirely different, it has to be done at a certain time or you die.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: The mob is an extension of the dark brothers and you see these movies about them and what happens if the guy in the mob does not perform on time?

Audience: He gets whacked!

JJ: Yes, he gets hit over the head with a baseball bat or choked or shot or stabbed or tortured or fire placed under him or something crazy happens to the poor guy who does not perform or who does not get the good guy or whatever. So it is interesting how light applies in more ways than just brightness.

After Curtis and I were excommunicated we spent a number of times trying to enlighten the Mormons which is the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life. We would go around and visit certain ones and the ones that bothered us the most we called them the squeaky clean ones. In other words, it looked like they had just got out of the shower and completely groomed no matter what time of day it was. The squeaky clean ones were always very serious and when we met with them and we presented what we thought were some of the problems in the church, they would talk to us like this, very slowly and in a deep voice, “Oh brother you know you are on dangerous ground here and you know that Satan has got a hold of you and that you can suffer very dark consequences if you continue upon this path.” They talk slowly deliberately and they are always squeaky clean. These types of guys really talk this way and they are washed, clean, groomed and I swear they have shaved within the past hour, all of them!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I always seem to have some stubble going on and I cannot get shaved like these squeaky clean ones. I found that interesting that I always found them to be in the squeaky clean category, now look at Dan over here, he would never fit in the squeaky clean category!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You look at him and he is mellow. He has an old T-shirt on and he is never really clean shaven entirely, and these are the type of guys that I find that I really trust a lot more than the ones who have that air of authority about them like, “I am in charge and I have authority here.” This type of guy is always rubbing me the wrong way.

Audience: I had a missionary come over to my house once and I could not get rid of him and I said you can excommunicate me please, please and then finally I said you ought to get laid and that did it he left after that.

JJ: If you want to get rid of them even faster give them my little booklet called Mormonism and Reincarnation. They will hold that in their hand like it is going to start on fire and they will get out of there really fast. Just say that you want to talk about it, for it has some scriptures proving that Joseph Smith believed in reincarnation.

It works with the Jehovah witnesses too. I use the Bible and Reincarnation with them. They come in and I say yes I have a little thing here that proves reincarnation in the Bible and I will take your literature and you take mine and they have the same reaction. It is like it is hot to their touch. It is funny during that time period that Curtis and I tried to enlighten the Mormons, we would give them some of our material and then come back and ask them if they read it. They would always give us the same answer and can you guess what that answer is?

Audience: No

JJ: What did they do with it, Curtis?

Curtis: Burned it.

JJ: Burned it. Nine times out of ten they would say that they burned it. And we would ask them, why did you burn it? They would say well somebody else could have got it out of the garbage and I did not want anybody to ever see that so we burned it. Even some of my family members told me that they burned some of my stuff. No they just did not throw it away they had to actually create a fire burn it to make sure no one would ever read it. It is amazing how many people told us that and it about blew us away and we would have never predicted that is what they would have done. But after it happened again and again we began not to be surprised when they told us that they burned our words and works.

Audience: There is a spiritual open house in New York City and I got off the subway and here was some kind of weird Christian fundamentalist group and he talked about energy pulses confirming something about the Virgin Mary and said well that is interesting, here is a spiritual event that is coming up and within two seconds after I handed him the pamphlet he was crumbling it up and throwing it away.

JJ: I can imagine, at a family reunion a while back I gave a copy of the Immortal to Curtis’s brother who was still in the Mormon Church and he did not want to refuse it because he did not want to hurt my feelings but he just could not hold it steady in his hand. It was like it was warm or hot in his hand or something. Strange.

When I visit my family members and look in their library the Immortal is never there even though I have given them all a copy. It is funny that how a message of light for those who are in darkness is very difficult for them to handle. It is like in the election of Abraham Lincoln for instance. We all acknowledge now he was a great Avatar and liberator, and most historians think he was our greatest president. But when he was elected the South was repulsed by him. They had heard the Lincoln and Douglas debate where he said, “A nation cannot exist half free and half slave and a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”

Those words reverberated in the south and right after he was elected the south determined that they had to fight this guy. This is what happens with words of light when they are sent to where darkness is. They will be fought, they will be fought just like I talked about in discussing the words and works of the two witnesses. The beast fights against them and attempts to destroy them until their dead bodies are lying in the streets of the symbolic New Jerusalem and then people are sending gifts to one another because they are so happy that they can just have their little mediocre beliefs to celebrate.

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Principle 84

This entry is part 81 of 98 in the series Principles

Principle 84

The Principle of Rebirth

When Nicodemus, the Jewish leader, sought out Jesus by night to seek his wisdom he gave him an unusual teaching. Jesus told him, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

This was confusing to Nicodemus, even after Jesus explained that we can be born again on different levels, the spiritual as well as the physical.

Since we are dealing with principles here the question we must ask is what is the underlying meaning behind this thought?

It is basically this. All things in the universe go through a recycling process as they journey to perfection.

Consider water of the streams, lakes and oceans of the world. The component molecules of hydrogen and oxygen evaporate into the air until a saturation point is reached. Then clouds form and it rains pure distilled water back to the earth. Then as time passes the various water molecules repeat the process.

Now consider the things we manufacture from books to cars. After they are worn out we recycle them and from the old parts we create new cars and books.

This even applies to the earth, the sun and the universe itself. When stars die out they either explode or burn out, but either way their elements still exist and will be components of new stars and planets in some distant time.

How about us humans? Are we born again, or recycled? How about other life forms?

Consider something like grass. If left alone the blades of grass live and die and then their elements are drawn into the earth and recycled into new blades of grass. We know for sure the elements of the grass are recycled, but how about the life itself? It only makes sense that if the elements that house the life are recycled that the life itself is also.

If, you a life form, tear apart your old house and build a new one and then occupy that house you are a life that is recycled into a new house.

To be born again has several meanings. The most popular one is the idea that we can switch from being a carnal person to a spiritual one. This is indeed one of the meanings, but Nicodemus asked Jesus this question: “How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?”

Jesus never told Nicodemus he was wrong, but spoke of two levels of being born again. He said: “ Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

One level of being born again is by being born into spiritual consciousness, but he spoke of another, the same idea that astounded Nicodemus. He said we must also be born again “of water.”

When the baby is in the womb it is completely submerged in water. A physical birth is literally being born from water. If the person enters again into a mother’s womb and is born again he is born from water.

This means we as individuals are recycled in two different ways. We are recycled into the world of spirit after death. There we live in a spiritual sphere, one of the “many mansions” for a period of time between lives. Then, after a period of contemplation and preparation we enter again as a baby into a mother’s womb and are born again of water.

At death we are born again to spirit and at physical birth we are born again of water into physical reality.

With each recycling of our life through water and spirit we learn our lessons until we comprehend the higher way and enter into the kingdom of God.

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:     

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,      

And cometh from afar:     

Not in entire forgetfulness,      

And not in utter nakedness,     

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home.

Walt Whitman

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey
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Trump and Mussolini

March 12, 2016

Trump and Mussolini

A few weeks ago on Facebook someone posted a side-by-side picture of Trump and Mussolini with the implication that they have a similar look and character. Then it mentioned that Mussolini died April 28, 1945 and Trump was born June 14, 1946 suggesting that Trump may actually be Mussolini reincarnated.

Since I believe in reincarnation I do consider that various heroes and villains of the past could be born again so I decided to check into this possibility.

The first thing to realize in looking at pictures of the two is that we get different bodies in each life. Sometimes there is a similar look and sometimes the physical appearance of the two is not that close. The look of character in the eyes will have the most consistent similarities.

Thus, a similar look is anecdotal evidence, but not proof. More important evidence are the mannerisms or idiosyncrasies of the two.

If we went by looks alone then John Kerry would have had to have been President Andrew Jackson for the similarities are striking. His character traits are quite a bit different though, so, in my opinion, it is doubtful that Kerry was Jackson.

Here is the picture linking Trump with Mussolini.

Trump Mussolini

I found the comparison intriguing so I decided to check it out. My first concern was why show Mussolini covered up with a helmet if you want to make a fair comparison? When I checked out pictures of him I saw why, as the two men look quite a bit different when all their features are revealed. Here is a picture of Mussolini without a hat.

Mussolini Pict2

I found the comparison intriguing so I decided to check it out. My first concern was why show Mussolini covered up with a helmet if you want to make a fair comparison? When I checked out pictures of him I saw why, as the two men look quite a bit different when all their features are revealed. Here is a picture of Mussolini without a hat.

The first was a picture of the helmeted Mussolini as a fairly young man and in the second he was in his fifties. Donald is almost 70 and has aged much more gracefully. Below is a picture of Mussolini just before he died at age 61, almost a decade younger than Trump.

Mussolini Pict

A big difference is the hairline, but another not so obvious is their height. Mussolini was short, only about 5’6”, whereas Trump is 6’2”.

Another physical difference was in their dress. Trump is a stylish dresser who wears expensive clothes. Mussolini showed little concern about how he looked and was known for looking unkempt and somewhat unrefined and careless in dress.

Contrary to the Trump accusers out there one cannot draw anything conclusive from the physical appearance of the two men.

So, what are some of the other similarities floating around the web?

One of the accusations is that the two have a similar style of speaking. It is indeed true that both could keep an audience enthused, but both good and bad guys have done this in the past. What we need to do is compare their actual speaking style by examining it.

Here is a video of Mussolini giving a speech to a crowd


And here is one of Trump


Notice that Mussolini seems to be more emotional and animated in his presentation than Trump. He kind of came across as a Hitler wannabe. A consistent gesture made by Mussolini was putting his hands on his hips which I have not seen Donald do.

Also notice the sound of their voices are quite a bit different.

A case for Trump being Mussolini reincarnated is the citation that Mussolini died April 28, 1945 and Trump was born June 14, 1946. Trump being born a little over a year after Mussolini died is supposed to be evidence of them being the same entity.

That is pretty weak evidence as many millions of people were born in 1946 and billions have been born after the death of the Duce.

Bill Clinton was also born in 1946 and Hillary in 1947. Maybe one of them is the real Mussolini.

Then too Obama was born 16 years after Mussolini died so even he could be the guy. After all, if you compare the response of the crowds to the young Mussolini to the Young Obama there are strong similarities.

Yes, it is true that if a famous person is reincarnated he would be expected to come back after his death date, but since billions of people are prospects this comparison is very weak evidence.

Actually the short time of a little over a year between the death of Mussolini and the birth of Trump gives evidence of Trump being an unlikely candidate for his rebirth. When an entity makes as many mistakes as Mussolini did the soul usually has the person spend some time in the spirit world contemplating his past life and absorbing lessons in preparation for a new life in an attempt to right some wrongs.

Let us look at several other comparisons of the two men.

They were both builders.

Yes, they both initiated a lot of construction, but their approach was very different. Trump did all his building through his own initiative using the private sector.

Mussolini didn’t build anything of significance until he achieved control of the government with vast financial resources. He then started many public works projects in an attempt to put people to work and help the economy.

This approach was much more like FDR than Trump, yet no one is comparing Trump or Mussolini to Roosevelt.

They both wanted to make their country great again.

Every politician claims to want to make his country great. The word “again” is the significant one. America’s greatness is associated with recent times incorporating the principles of freedom, rugged individualism and a government that represents the people. Italy’s past greatness was associated with the totalitarian Roman Empire many centuries ago. And indeed Mussolini took over the government by force and ruled as did the emperors of the past. This was his vision of greatness whereas Trump places his idea of greatness on past independence and financial strength.

Both men wanted to rebuild and strengthen their military.

This may be true but at least half of the people who run for president speak of this as a goal.

Trump Quoted Mussolini.

In a Tweet Trump quoted Mussolini.

Here is the quote: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

Trump’s adversaries planted a number of Hitler and Mussolini quotes on Twitter bating Trump in the hope he would use one so they could accuse him. Trump took the bait, but was unapologetic. When asked if he wanted to be associated with a fascist, Trump said: “No, I want to be associated with interesting quotes.”

Indeed, if you remove the bias that it was used by Mussolini then it is a pretty good quote. Who wouldn’t rather be associated with a lion rather than a sheep that just blindly follows? I like the quote and in no way am associated with Mussolini.

Many quotes from Napoleon are used from quotation books and he was a dictator in a similar vein to Mussolini.

People are very hesitant to quote Hitler but he did say a few things that ring true such as:

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.

What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.

And this one I find amusing though Hitler probably said it with serious tone:

Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.

So, if you agree with any of these quotes does it mean that you are like Hitler? Of course not.

What is overlooked by critics are obvious differences between the two men

(1) Trump gained his fame through free enterprise and capitalism.

Mussolini wasn’t much of an entrepreneur and his claim to fame was through political stealth.

(2) Trump didn’t show much interest in participating in politics until old age whereas Mussolini was very politically involved all his life, starting at his teenage years.

(3) Mussolini sought national leadership by taking over the government by force. Trump is seeking leadership through a free election.

(4) Mussolini saw a dictatorship as the best and most effective government. Trump supports the U.S. Constitution.

(5) Trump has never drank alcohol. Mussolini liked to drink but had to curtail it because of health problems.

(6) Mussolini had health problems throughout his life and looked older than his age. Trump has had good health and looks younger than his years as he approaches 70.

(7) Those close to Mussolini testified to his mean spirited nature whereas those close to Trump generally say that he is warm hearted, kind and generous, quite a bit different image than perceived by his political enemies.

(8) Mussolini didn’t care a lot for money, getting rich, making deals etc. – the opposite of Trump.

(9) Mussolini considered himself to be “a defender of Islam,” while Trump sees Islam as a major problem.

(10) Mussolini persecuted the Jews while Trump embraces his daughter, grandkids and others who are Jewish.

Though anything is possible it is obvious the similarities are not strong enough to reach any serious conclusion about Trump being the reincarnation of Mussolini.

Since Trump is a powerful personality it is quite possible he has been someone of note in his past lives. We can only speculate on who that may be.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Gathering Audio 2015

This entry is part 14 of 21 in the series Audios

The following is audio of the gathering hosted by J J Dewey in June of 2015

Contacting Your Solar Angel

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

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Part 15

Part 16 – Greg’s Vision

A New Key

I introduced a new key in this gathering and as luck would have it, there was a flaw in the recording equipment and most of the speech on introducing this was lost.

This key was a little different in that the basics of it has been taught before by others. The Sixth Key of Knowledge is The Law of Correspondences.

This is indeed a key of knowledge and an understanding of it leads to unlimited knowledge and understanding.

Even though the teaching on it has been out there for ages most teachers have made the mistake of seeing it as black and white in principle. They make the statement as above so below and below is as above and leave it at that.

This approach leaves a huge gap in finding the truth as that which is above is never exactly like the below. The insight in this key is that God is always doing new things and when a higher creation appears it has correspondences to lower or previous ones, but always with a twist and that twist has to be found through the use of the intuition.

To understand we can look at history. They say that history repeats itself when it fact it does not do so exactly. One cycle of history may correspond to a past one, but there will always be differences. To discover the coming differences requites intuitive contemplation.

With physical creation an atom corresponds to a solar system, but with a twist. There are a lot of similarities, but also there are differences and the differences on a higher level are a key to the manifestation of greater intelligence.

Anyway about an hour of the presentation was lost but some of the gaps are filled in a previous article here.


We did salvage the last half hour of the presentation which are recorded in parts 17 and 18 below:

Part 17

Part 18

Making A Difference by Curtis Harwell

Part 19

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More on the New Key by JJ

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Seeking Maximum Health

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LINK for Sprouting Tray mentioned in the audio

Excepts from Healing Session

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Past Life Regression

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Is There Reincarnation?

This entry is part 37 of 57 in the series Mysteries

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Is There Reincarnation?

The answer to this question can be found in other questions. Let us ask a few.

Is life fair?

Most would say that it is not.  Life is not a little unfair, but a lot unfair.

Some suffer and die at a young age.  Others live long healthy lives.

Some struggle in poverty and hunger all their lives.  Others are born into wealthy families and never know want.

Some find the love of their lives.  Others die lonely and sad.

Some are born with lots of intelligence and talent.  Others lack this and are consigned to tedious work or crime throughout their lives.

Few believers want to think in this direction but sooner or later this question must be asked:  Since life is unfair, does this mean that God is unfair?

Anyone who is honest must answer this in the affirmative. Yes. If life is unfair (which it is) then indeed it does mean that God is unfair.

Yes, yes, I know, the counter idea is that God will compensate all unfairness in the next world.  The problem is that answer does not satisfy the soul.  If a person never knows what it is like to find a soul mate while in the mortal flesh then according to standard doctrine he will have missed this wonderful opportunity for all eternity.

The how about the guy who is sexually abused as a child and becomes an abuser himself? Many think he will go to hell.  But if were not abused he might have lived a good Christian life.  Was it fair that he was shoved in such a destructive direction in an unfortunate life?


So… Is God fair?

Well, if God is not fair then He is not to be trusted.  If He is not to be trusted then we have no guarantee that anything good awaits us after death.

But, I have good news.  God is indeed fair – more than you ever imagined.

Fairness is provided to us through reincarnation.

We live many different lives.  In some lives we are rich, others we are poor. In some we have good health and others, not so much. In some we find love and happiness and others we learn what it is like to be rejected and alone.

We are born again and again until we find the resurrection of life and enter the Kingdom of God.  At that time we will reflect upon our long history and see that all things good and bad have been experienced, and, indeed, life is fair and, above all, God is fair.

The following verse makes sense when we realize that Jesus lived many different lives:

“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.”  John 21:2

According to orthodox belief, the apostles only knew Jesus for three years and this was not enough association to even write a book.  Each of the gospels that were written about him was only the length of a short story, not enough material for one book, let alone books so numerous that they would fill the earth.

When did Jesus do all these thousands, perhaps millions of deeds so numerous that they would fill thousands of volumes???  There is no way that so many works could be done in a mere 33 years.  Such a voluminous history would have to span many lifetimes.

Many think the Bible does not teach reincarnation, but evidence of this principle is given throughout the scriptures. I’ll just cite one more example and refer readers to my other writings on the topic at freeread.com.

Here is a link to my treatise on The Bible and Reincarnation.  And here is another of an entire book dealing with the subject called Eternal Lives.

The scriptures give a prophesy about the coming of Elijah the prophet to do a great work on the earth:

“Behold, I will send you ELIJAH THE PROPHET before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:5-6

Here we have a clear prophecy that Elijah the prophet will come back before the Lord comes.

The disciples were curious about this scripture for if Jesus was the Messiah, they reasoned that Elijah should have shown up somewhere. They asked him:

“Why then do our teachers say that Elijah must come first? He replied, Yes Elijah will come and set everything right. But I tell you that ELIJAH HAS ALREADY COME, and they failed to recognize him, and worked their will upon him; and in the same way the Son of Man is to suffer at their hands. Then the disciples understood that HE MEANT JOHN THE BAPTIST.” Matt. 17:10-13 New English

That is pretty clear, is it not? Elijah was born again as John the Baptist and did fulfill the prophecy.

On top of the tremendous amount of evidence in the Bible there is also physical evidence.  Many thousands of people have been regressed and have retrieved information from previous lives that has been verified. On top of this many people, especially children, recall their past lives naturally.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, the former head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia made this his life’s work.  He traveled the world studying these people and has accumulated about 3000 cases in his files.

Most of the more amazing cases occur with young children just several years old who are just learning to speak.  As a general rule they remember the past life for a couple years and lose the memory around the age of five or six.

In a typical situation the child may insist that her parents are not really her parents, but that her true parents (and perhaps spouse) are in another city or part of the country).  Dr. Stevenson caught many of these children before they had a chance to visit their home of a previous life and took them there and scientifically examined their response.  In many cases the child’s memory of a past life was proven, for the name given out was discovered to be a real person who died. The child was then taken to the home of her past life and identified dozens of memories that she could have not acquired in this life.  If there was some secret hiding place he or she would identify this.  If there were favorite possessions, these would be pointed out.

Before he died in 2007 he wrote 14 books and around 300 papers giving powerful evidence of reincarnation.

The irony is that his work may not only be the most powerful earthly evidence of reincarnation, but also for life after death.  After all, if reincarnation is true then life continues after death in the spirit world followed by a rebirth.

Copyright 2014 by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings, Part 18

This entry is part 32 of 34 in the series 2011C

Nov 2, 2011
 Re: Morals and Legality

Blayne: Might does not make right or legal. That is essentially your argument;

JJ You’re only half right. I am saying that might does not make right, but might does create what is judged to be legal by Constitutional authorities.

Blayne: I wonder if the congress ever passed a law like I described that it was okay for congressmen and judges to rape any woman at will would that inspire the majority to stand up and say no that is illegal and even take up arms to enforce the majority will if necessary?

JJ They haven’t passed anything that outrageous but they have passed laws that so offended public consciousness that the people have forced change. The Kansas-Nebraska Act expanding slavery caused extreme outrage. The Jim Crow laws motivated Martin Luther king to lead millions of black and whites to support repealing them. Woman rebelled against the Constitution rejecting their right to vote as well as other laws preventing them from having control over their own property. Obamacare is certainly causing a lot of people to object and has fueled the Tea Party.

In Boise many years ago they passed a law that it is illegal to fish from a giraffe’s neck. That didn’t seem to have any teeth. I’m not sure if that was someone’s version of moral natural law or what.

Nov 3, 2011
Happy birthday Keysters

Last weekend marks the 13th anniversary of the Keys of Knowledge group. The group entity is now a teenager. Rick

JJ Time flies when you are having fun. I’m glad you nudged me into doing this ahead of my personal schedule.

Nov 3, 2011
Re: Morals and Legality

Using a definition of words that does not match the mainstream use changes nothing, but if we change the accepted laws which may not be just then we have accomplished something.

It doesn’t matter that much how words are defined. What matters is how we use those words to communicate.

LWK In our system a legislative act that passes the required steps is in fact the law unless challenged and overturned by the courts. I don’t see any other practical way to do it. One can say “illegal” all one wants but it is the law if passed unless challenged and overturned.

JJ I would guess that about 99% of the people would agree with you on this Larry s well as the Founding Fathers.

Blayne: Might does not make legal.

JJ Might has determined what is legal since the beginning of time. What makes you think otherwise????

Just because you or I think something should be doesn’t mean that’s the way it is.

Nov 3, 2011
Re: The First Point 101

Duke: I wonder which side they (the South) would have taken in World War Two, and whether that would have tipped the scales.

JJ There’s no way to know for sure but I would say there is at least a 50/50 chance they would have supported Germany. especially if they still had a grudge against the North and they were supporting the Allies.

Apologists think that slavery would have died a natural death within a few years, but I do not think so. The South was working to expand it to the West, Cuba and Central America. It was so embedded I don’t think they would have given it up without a fight.

Nov 4, 2011
 Re: Morals and Legality

Blayne: Not true people have also practiced right actions or what’s legal without being forced since the beginning of time too.

JJ What people practice has absolutely nothing to do with determining what is legal. Even the most virtuous of laws can only be made and enforced through the might of the government. If there is no penalty attached then the law has no power. I myself, virtuous guy that I am, would go over 40 MPH in most 20 MPH zones if it were not for a possible penalty.

Blayne: Just because some circumstance the way it is does not make it legal.

JJ Because you are attached to only one definition of legal (even though there are several in the dictionary) this makes it almost impossible to communicate with you about law. You stick to your extreme minority definition and will not speak the sane language as others do here concerning legality or see where they are coming from.

It is a fact that you ignore that the powers-that-be determine what is legal and not your own version of what is moral.. Thank God, for if we let everyone do that we could have slavery again for half the country used to think that was a natural right.

Blayne: According to your logic if the local Mafia forces you to pay protection money or be harmed that makes it legal. After all that is the way it is…

JJ I’ve already dealt with this reasoning. The Mafia has no constitutional power to make or enforce law. But if they did control the government then what they passed would be legal.

Nov 4, 2011
 Cool Topic

Perhaps I can illustrate the communication problem we have with Blayne on laws and legal if I illustrate with a different word. We’ll use the word “cool.”

Jim: That’s a cool song.

Bob: You’re wrong. Cool means a low temperature and a song has no temperature. It cannot be cool.

Jim: But there’s more than one definition of cool. I’m not talking about temperature. I’m saying that was a good song.

Bob: But cool, hot and cold can only be measured in degrees. A thing has to have natural form and mass to be cool. A song has neither.

Jim: You’re not listening. I’m not talking about cool as related to temperature but to the quality of a thing.

Bob: But cool is always related to temperature.

Jim: Where do you get that idea?

Bob: That was the original meaning. Any change of the meaning is just a corruption.

Jim sighs…

Even so, what is called natural moral law is as different from the legalities necessary to legally execute Awlaki as the two definitions of cool.

When I asked if it was legal I wasn’t asking if it conformed to your version of what is moral nor was I referencing anyone elses version of morality but merely a legality that would be accepted in a current court of law.

Nov 5, 2011

This Awlaki discussion has probably run its course. We could continue dissecting but the point has been made. And what was that?

Remember that we began this discussion to illustrate two things.

(1) How difficult it is to resolve communication problems through the Internet. It is bad enough in person but here the process is much slower and sometimes sluggish. The one advantage is we can access facts through the Internet and take the time to sift through them as the discussion moves forward.

(2) The difficulty in reaching union when there is a strong disagreement. When we attempt to create a molecule it is important we approach it realistically. By examining this disagreement and others in the past I think we can see what we are up against in getting a group of 24 or more to reach the union necessary to achieve group soul contact.

I was hoping to get this disagreement to the point where we could narrow the focus down to a principle so we could attempt to reach union through the soul, but we haven’t come close to this.

Instead we got stuck on the definition of words which is about a million miles from finding the principles involved. The soul has no interest whatsoever in how society determines their terms, but how words, however they are defined, are used in dealing with principles.

If you can get down to the principles involved in an argument two or more sensitive people can reach harmony through the soul.

The first molecule will have to be composed of people who have been tested in group activity and are in basic harmony with each other on core principles and attitude toward life.

Here is a brief assessment of the Anwar Al-Awlaki case.

Was the assassination legal? The evidence seems to indicate it was but there are dissenters. The ACLU is going to file a lawsuit and if it goes to trial a final legality will be decided.

Is Awlaki guilty of a crime?

There are enough of his own words and witnesses to his words to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that he is an enemy to the United States and is likely guilty of treason.

Did Obama do the right thing in taking Awlaki out?

I think we should take out all the active enemies of this country that we can but the fact that he was an American citizen made the situation problematic and should have been handled differently. They should have first revoked his American citizenship, made the details of his crimes available to Congress and the people and then taken him out.

Nov 5, 2011
 Re: Blayne’s Blindspot

Blayne:  … as long as [The Constitution] is the law the federal government is supposed to follow it sure would be nice if they actually followed it…

LWK I absolutely agree with that idea.It is kind of useless to have a “law of the land” that in many instances is largely ignored or twisted in interpretation into something entirely different.

Perhaps this highlights a mistake that the Founders made. It was their intention to make it difficult to change the Constitution and therefore the amendment process is very difficult, and impeaching judges who largely ignore it is similarly difficult. It might have been easier for the government to adhere to a Constitution and replace errant judges who blatantly misinterpret it if it weren’t quite to hard to change in the first place.

JJ Good points Larry. If there is some law our representatives do not like they will just ignore it whether it be in the Constitution or some law passed through Congress. Illegal aliens is typical. There are plenty of laws on the books that would take care of the problem if enforced but their solution is to just create more laws.

There’s still a law saying we can’t fish from a giraffe’s neck here in Boise, but no one is stopping anyone from doing it. They are ignoring that law!

Nov 5, 2011
 Re: laissez faire thought experiment

Putting thieves and rapists in jail does not interfere with the workings of karma but enhances it. It secures the rights for those with good karma so they can live in freedom as they deserve. As far as payback for bad karma goes – if they can’t get it here there are hellholes like North Korea and Afghanistan reserved to take care of lots of negative karma various entities have accumulated.

The enhanced karma I was talking about is the good karma. That takes some law and order to secure for the just. There’s always plenty of opportunity for the bad guys to receive their just due – that is until Zion is established.

Natalie: When Zion is established what will happen to those “bad guys” who have not yet received their just due?

JJ As we move toward a more peaceable society with less violence and tyranny there will be fewer opportunities for those with a cruel or selfish nature to pay off their karma and many of these will not be able to incarnate. As a result of a better situation more people with good karma will incarnate causing society to improve.

Don’t worry about the bad guys though for they will eventually get another chance.

Nov 6, 2011
 Thoughts on Oneness

I’ve been contemplating the unresolved differences we have had lately and have some thoughts to share.

The question that might arise in these discussions, not only with Blayne, but others in the past is this.

How is it that any two sincere seekers cannot resolve their differences when both have had a degree of soul contact in the past?

The answer is this. The language of the soul is the language of principles. To resolve differences you have to distil away the non-essentials until you are left with the pure language of principles. It is then that differences can be resolved.

To understand this let us examine the principles involved in the argument that I (and others) have had with Blayne.

(1) The Principle of Freedom. This relates to decisions, actions, plans, procedures, laws, etc that bring the greatest amount of freedom to the largest possible number of people.

I believe that Blayne and I both heartily accept this principle.

(2) Laws are a branch under the Principle of Order, which are under the Principle of Creation. Just laws should therefore enhance order and creativity, or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Some laws made and accepted by man conform to true principles and some do not.

(3) The Principle of Justice. I believe that both Blayne and I accept this and want it to prevail.

(4) The Principle of Judgment. Good judgment is necessary in the creating and application of law as they apply to humanity

I think that Blayne and I agree on these basic principles and if we had a discussion just dealing with them we would most likely be in harmony and open to group soul contact. So what causes the actual differences then?

The problem arises when we take our focus off true principles and put them on details that are not principles.

The biggest detail that has been a problem is the definition of “legal.”

The reason that arguing over definitions is a lost cause is that they have nothing to do with any of the principles of the argument. Instead, words can be used in any language with any definition to communicate true principles.  Communication of principles is not dependent on how words are defined. If it were one could never explain a principle in French or Spanish as all the words are different there.

Every time I have had an augment with someone who reverts to the dictionary or some other source to prove the meaning of words I know the argument is going nowhere.

On the other hand, every time that I have been in harmony with someone there is never a need to define a word to prove anything.


Because two people touching the soul together can understand each other and sense the meaning of the communication even if some of the words may not seem to be used exactly right.

When Jesus said “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up” his enemies thought he was referring to the temple in Jerusalem, but those closest to him knew he was speaking of his body.

When we are close to someone and tune into them then we will know what they mean even if they use words differently than we personally define them.

Now Blayne thinks a law is not legal if it does nor conform to the morality of natural law. That’s fine and I accept that he thinks this way.

The problem is the question was not related to this definition but to how the legal system of today defines legal. When a judge, police officer or attorney uses the word “legal” he means something different than Blayne does. Since Blayne does not seem to recognize legal by the common use today (and this is what the discussion was supposed to be about) we had a huge communication gap.

The gaps create the illusion that we disagree on principles when we do not.

Maybe I should have asked Blayne something like this. “Was Obama’s action legal as seen though this corrupt system where everything is going to hell in a handbasket?”

Maybe that would have worked.

Anyway the key to union is to tune into each other so true communication can be established.

Note to Duke: You asked a good question. I’ll deal with it shortly.

Nov 7, 2011
 The Two Definitions

Re: Jefferson’s inspiring wording

Larry, my friend. Your feelings seemed to be hurt over something. I don’t think that anyone had any intention of hurting you. All of us regulars seem to take turns being fiercely disagreed with at one time or another, but that does not mean that anyone is showing disrespect.

We want to have an atmosphere where all are free to speak their minds as long as they remain fairly civil.

As far as this problem with Jefferson and principles go, there seems to be some miscommunication going on. I don’t think we will disagree when we understand each other.

Dan quoted JJ, “He (JJ) says that Jefferson’s version is “true on the level that he meant to communicate them” (emotionally inspiring) and then winds it all up by saying Jefferson’s version is “more inspiring than the TECHNICAL TRUTH”.”

Larry Woods says,

JJ is inconsistent here.

JJ To be inconsistent I would have to teach one thing at one time and then something contrary another time. I do not see where this happened in anything you are referring to.

Larry ALL principles are pure and pristine on the intuitive plane. But when we bring them down to the three worlds of form they get messy.

JJ You’re making my point, though I would use the word “obscured,” or something to that effect. The person understanding a principle can put it in the clearest possible language yet there are still many that will not understand most of it. Principles are the language of the soul and can only be communicated in fullness through the soul.

Larry Dan points out that JJ offered two “real world” alternative wordings for Jefferson’s statement of the underlying principles of good law. Dan also points out that JJ said Jefferson was not technically correct because his famous Declaration wording does not cover all aspects of practical use (all the exceptions) where these principles run into messy problems in the worlds of form. However, the same can be said of ALL PRINCIPLES, including all the principles JJ teaches.

JJ Yes, just about all principles as taught to humankind are not technically, or literally, correct as taught by anyone. That is one of the weaknesses of human communication. This reality should not bother any seeker, but should encourage him to look to the soul of messages more than the exact meaning of the individual words.

Larry Using JJ’s technical correct doctrine that he applies to say Jefferson was wrong will shoot down everything that every human ever taught about higher truth.

JJ Where do you get such an idea? Words describing or using a principle merely point the way to truth, but rarely reveal the whole truth of a principle. I do not believe that Jefferson was wrong, but he was extremely correct in wording the Declaration the way he did. Sure he could have worded it differently and been more wordy to make sure he wasn’t misunderstood, but the soul of the message would have been lost.

Larry JJ seems to be saying that articulating ideal truth from the higher realm of Intuition is always incorrect because those truths always run into exceptions when expressed in the lower three worlds of form,

JJ You totally misunderstand me here as I have not in the past or the present said such things. There are no exceptions to truth as I have said many times, “the truth is true and nothing else is true.” There are no exceptions to principles. They are what they are.

What I have said there are exceptions to man made rules, laws, procedures and courses of action. One can never set a course that will be right all the time and a principle lies behind this interesting fact.

Larry it’s like he is saying truth is not technically correct.

JJ Where are you getting this? The way we all attempt to express truth is rarely technically correct but truth is technically correct. 2+2=4 and nothing else is the true answer. On the other hand, if I were to attempt to tell you tomorrow’s weather, the truth is, it would be a guess. My prediction would be subject to change.

Larry So I expect JJ will soon go back and reword everything he ever said about principles so he can get it “technically correct” enough to account for all the exceptions those principles run into when expressed down here in the real world.

JJ Again, where are you getting such thoughts? Certainly not from anything I have said. No, I’m not going to go back and reword everything I’ve said about principles. There are no exceptions to principles. For instance, if there is a cause then there is an effect – always.

A lot of what I have written about principles is not technically correct and it would be counterproductive to attempt to get them all technically correct because they are understood through the soul when the sensitive seeker is pointed in the direction of seeing the principle.

Larry: The question is, will JJ continue to discuss eternal principles while not allowing Jefferson to do the same?

JJ Wow, Larry, I’ve never seen you come to such strange conclusions before. What is going on in your mind?

Thomas Jefferson is free to come back from the dead and discuss all the principles he wants as are you. Why would you think otherwise?

Larry: Will JJ from now on qualify everything he ever says about words that do not pass away exposing all the exceptions they might ever run into in the real world so he can remain “technically correct”?

JJ You seem to think that I think it is important to always be technically correct because the subject has come up. Why would you think this? It may be important as far as legal matters go but it is not a big deal in teaching metaphysics. In teaching principles the important thing is to communicate the essence of things and paint a picture for the student.

When Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” he was not technically correct either, but he painted a picture that leads to principles and greater understanding. A book could be written on it, yet if one just reads it literally he will have little understanding.

The same is true of Jefferson’s words. His words are lost in the literal thinking of many but lead to soul truths for those who contemplate and see the bigger picture.

Larry: Is it true that eternal principles are not technically correct

JJ When a principle is seen and understood it is correct in every way. But we do not see the fullness of a principle through technically correct literal words. One must look through the eyes of the soul at the picture painted by the words.

Larry: Is there a “technically correct” principle out there that precludes the simple articulation of eternal truth unless you accompany it with many “real world” qualifiers? Let me try it. Jesus erred when he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

JJ Again, Jesus was not technically correct but his words painted a picture of a principle which can lead to right human relations.

If one just goes by the literal meaning he could turn some friends into enemies.

Let us ay that I like someone to wake me at 6 AM every day. My wife, on the other hand, wants to sleep til 8 AM. Because I take Jesus literally I wake her at 6 AM. She is angry and I think: “The Golden Rule does not work.”

I would be wrong. It does work when the principle is seen. Waking my wife when I want to be awakened violates the principle, but seems literally correct.

Larry: One more thing, we have a masterful articulation of the principles of good government from Jefferson in the Declaration. Why would we ever want to say it fails the technically correct test?

JJ We had argued for days and a good portion of the argument was different understandings of Jefferson’s words. When something like this happens then this is the time to further analyze the words and attempt to see what is technically correct as well as the principles involved. If we do nothing then there is no chance of reaching agreement. If we attempt to clarify then there is a chance.

Larry: These words give us one of the very best opportunities where people let down their heart wall so that we can teach truth about law.

JJ The trouble was that Blayne and others had major disagreements about law with respect to Jefferson’s words so further analysis was necessary.

Larry Why would we want to cast it in a bad light?

JJ Again where did you get this notion??? No one cast anything Jefferson said in a bad light – especially me. I have nothing but praise for the Declaration of Independence. I don’t think it could have been worded better.

Larry: You like JJ’s new teaching about technically correct way of stating principles.

JJ There is no new or old teaching about being technically correct about stating principles. Often times it is not desirable.

Larry: Show us how this new rule works out when we post so we won’t have to get corrected for technical blunders as that blunderer Thomas did.

JJ No one said Jefferson blundered and there is no new rule. What’s got into you today? You usually understand me quite well.

Larry: Yea, I like this new method of discussing principles by always stating every exception we can cover all the bases and always recognize that stating actual principles is NEVER technically correct in our real world, plus we don’t have to worry about stepping on any toes. This will be great fun. I’m glad JJ advocates this whenever TJ speaks in the Declaration.

JJ Larry, you are totally misrepresenting me here. This is not like you.

Larry I’m also glad he will follow his own rule from now on

JJ There is no rule except in your mind.

Larry: because it will shed much light on how technically correct truth actually works out in our discussions about real life. I’m anxious to see what the KOK looks like from now on with Dan and Ruth policing everyone who breaks the rule or who expresses any questions about the rule, I’ll check in next year…

JJ Again, there is no rule and I hope your offense gets healed shortly so we can have the good ole positive Larry back.

Nov 7, 2011
 The Two Definitions

Principles (was Re: Jefferson’s inspiring wording)

Here are a few things I have written on principles.

Principles: What a principle is.

A fact is merely a piece of information that anyone can incorporate into their brain memory. It can likewise be programmed into a computer. A principle is a different matter. A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and cannot be programmed into a computer.

For instance, the Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man. Around this principle has sprung the Constitution and thousands of books containing millions of facts. In the days of the foundation of this country there was only a handful of enlightened people who were able to understand the principle of freedom. People of a lower order could not see it. There was no way that King George from England could teach or enlighten George Washington in any degree on this principle even though he probably had as many facts in his head on the subject as Washington did. On the other hand, Washington could have done much to enlighten the King if he was willing to listen.

It takes a thousand facts to paint a clear picture of one principle, but the understanding of one principle reveals thousands of facts. It takes a certain point in the evolution of the human being to comprehend the difference between a principle and a fact but when he does, and learns to go within and touch the soul, then all the understanding and vision of a principle is revealed in a flash. Sometimes a book can be written about a principle revealed in one instant.

What is the difference between a principle and a law?

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. By law I am referring to universal laws and not manmade rules.

If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest because such a description shows the consistency of the principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

For instance, all form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

All the laws we have concerning gravity are produced by observing and describing this principle in action.

Within our souls is the capability of recognizing whether or not a thing is true. When a principle is spoken, you’ll feel within yourself the vibration of certain chords that ring true.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

True principles are always in effect all around us. The universe is built upon true principles, held together by them and will be dissolved by them. True principles govern our lives, our deaths, our relationships, our sorrow and our joys.

The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us. We live in a sea of principles, which governs all things, yet until we touch the soul we do not even realize what a principle is.

Many of the best authors touch upon a principle. Some have a sense of that which they have discovered, while others do not discern them from facts. Sometimes you can find a principle in a book written by an author that does not know what a principle is.

A principle is not created. A principle is always present and always works without beginning or end.

Take the principle of cause and effect. Was there ever a time that it did not work? Cause and effect has always been here and always will.

Take another principle:

**If there is no beginning there will be no end.

No one created this; it just exists past, present and future. Take a look at any true principle and you will see it had no creation, but just always is and always works and cannot be destroyed.

I think that truth, as a principle, is so abstract, that it needs its own “vehicle” in order to manifest. So, we have to speak of “knowledge of the truth” or “the light of truth”. When the light of truth is thrown on a conflict (illusion versus illusion), the illusion is swept away and the conflict vanishes.

A principle is an enunciation of what is. A principle isn’t made. A principle is eternal and it always is. Like Newton said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. He discovered a principle. From that he was able to deduce a multitude of truths.

The truth that makes us free is found in the understanding of true principles.

The challenge for us to advance from facts and data to the language of principles and then, when a principle is understood, advance to a higher principle still.

There is a hierarchy of truth. The bottom of the hierarchy is truth manifesting on the physical plane. At the top of the hierarchy is the truth that there is One Great Life we call God. I am only stating God as a fact, a piece of data, because the principle behind God is a great mystery which has never been revealed.

As we advance from physical plane truth to truth on the higher planes, that which binds us is loosed and greater freedom is obtained.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

Let’s compare us to a slug. We don’t really know anything about the slug’s world but our knowledge is much higher than that of the slug. Just as we’re thinking on a much higher level so are the higher lives whose language is the language of principles where they can communicate principles, which is equal to thousands of pieces of data in one instant. They communicate without knowing anything about the data because they don’t need to know the data. They only need to know the principle. So when the principle is communicated by the higher lives, the lower type of knowledge isn’t even necessary but the lower type of knowledge can be discovered if it’s important for it to be discovered. When a principle is communicated to us we can translate that principle into a language we can understand by explaining it with a lot of data. The higher lives don’t have to do that.

Nov 9, 2011
 Re: OT: Proof that the devil is in the details

Duke: In 1289 Italian painter Giotto di Bondonne painted a series of frescos on the wall of the Basillica of St. Francis of Assissi. Hidden in the clouds of one is the face of a devil, which apparently went unnoticed for over seven centuries, up until very recently. Just goes to show that the old adage is indeed true: The devil really is in the details.


JJ The fact that the presence of the devil was missed for 700 years really illustrates the principle that you find what you are looking for.

This link has closeups that are much easier to see:


Nov 9, 2011
Law of Rebirth      

Natalie is attempting to create a group and expressed interest in having some type of lesson plan to teach from. I put together some basics years ago using a question and answer technique. Often just throwing one question at an audience can lead to quite a lot of discussion.

I’ll post a few of these lessons which all are free to use. Sooner or later I’ll add to them and fine tune them.

The first one is here:

Dan: If more advanced people are needed to form a molecule, it seems to me it might be useful to develop lesson plans that are more philosophical and not so scripture-centric in order to attract them.

JJ You are correct. I wrote these original lessons around 30 years ago when I was attempting to reach out to the Mormons and regular Christians. To expand their usefulness more cosmopolitan versions need to be written, which I plan to do. In the meantime these lessons will be useful in some circles.

Susan: Initiates of classes (class leaders) have the calling to create the lesson plans. It is not on JJ’s shoulders to spoon feed us everything. You are quite capable of developing lesson plans Dan if you truly feel called to have them. I have faith in you. 🙂

JJ Some teachers will need a little help and structure and others will want to put together their own lesson – maybe from material that I haven’t even covered. We want teachers to feel free to use their creativity. I think though that making lessons available will help some feel more confident in starting some classes.

Nov 11, 2011
Promising New Energy Source


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