Principles – The Foundation of Consciousness.

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Principle One:   What A Principle Is

A fact is merely a piece of information that anyone can incorporate into their brain memory. It can likewise be programmed into a computer. A principle is a different matter. A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and cannot be programmed into a computer.

For instance, the Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man. Around this principle has sprung the Constitution and thousands of books containing millions of facts. In the days of the foundation of this country there was only a handful of enlightened people who were able to understand the principle of freedom. People of a lower order could not see it. There was no way that King George from England could teach or enlighten George Washington in any degree on this principle even though he probably had as many facts in his head on the subject as Washington did. On the other hand, Washington could have done much to enlighten the King if he was willing to listen.

It takes a thousand facts to paint a clear picture of one principle, but the understanding of one principle reveals thousands of facts. It takes a certain point in the evolution of the human being to comprehend the difference between a principle and a fact but when he does, and learns to go within and touch the soul, then all the understanding and vision of a principle is revealed in a flash. Sometimes a book can be written about a principle revealed in one instant.

What is the difference between a principle and a law?

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. By law I am referring to universal laws and not man-made rules.

If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest because such a description shows the consistency of the principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

For instance, all form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

All the laws we have concerning gravity are produced by observing and describing this principle in action.

Within our souls is the capability of recognizing whether or not a thing is true. When a principle is spoken, you’ll feel within yourself the vibration of certain chords that ring true.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

True principles are always in effect all around us. The universe is built upon true principles, held together by them and will be dissolved by them. True principles govern our lives, our deaths, our relationships, our sorrow and our joys.

The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us. We live in a sea of principles, which governs all things, yet until we touch the soul we do not even realize what a principle is.

Many of the best authors touch upon a principle. Some have a sense of that which they have discovered, while others do not discern them from facts. Sometimes you can find a principle in a book written by an author that does not know what a principle is.

A principle is not created. A principle is always present and always works without beginning or end.

Take the principle of cause and effect. Was there ever a time that it did not work? Cause and effect has always been here and always will.

Take another principle:

“If there is no beginning there will be no end.”

No one created this; it just exists past, present and future. Take a look at any true principle and you will see it had no creation, but just always is and always works and cannot be destroyed.

I think that truth, as a principle, is so abstract, that it needs its own “vehicle” in order to manifest. So, we have to speak of “knowledge of the truth” or “the light of truth.” When the light of truth is thrown on a conflict (illusion versus illusion), the illusion is swept away and the conflict vanishes.

A principle is an enunciation of what is. A principle isn’t made. A principle is eternal and it always is. Like Newton said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. He discovered a principle. From that he was able to deduce a multitude of truths.


“The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men.”

 — George Eliot (1819 – 1880)

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Knowing the Truth, Part 5

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JJ: Coming up with a new principle is different, if you want to come up with a new word for something it is easy to do and anybody in this room could do that. Say we wanted to create a new word for the soul we could come up with some fanciful sounding word for it but coming up with a new principle is a different matter.

Audience: Creating a new principle.

JJ: You don’t create a new principle; what you do is you discover the new principle. Let’s take the formula for the square feet in a circle which is Pi times the radius squared. It is the principle that arrives at that and we did not always know about it but civilization eventually discovered pi and when we discovered it and the principle of using pi to find the square feet of a circle we could do it from then on. Now that principle has always been around but it was not discovered and there are many principles that have yet to be discovered. We will remain in this sphere until we come back and master all principles but we are just scratching the surface. There are many left to go.

I will just name a couple principles. One is the principle of cycles. History has cycles that repeat themselves. We have a conservative cycle a liberal cycle and we have summer and winter and these are all governed by principles. The principle of Astrology, which is really the principle of relationships, is where one entity has a relationship with another entity. With astrology we have smaller entities, which are us, influenced by greater life forms like the stars and the planets themselves. This circulates around the principle of relationship.

Another principle lies in beginnings and endings The law of correspondences is an important one, as above so below. There is a twist on this one because as above is not exactly like the below but it corresponds with differences. Why are there differences? Because as God creates He always creates differently – the same principle but with differences. That is why the scientists used to look at the atoms like a small solar system and they used to theorize that it was like a small sun and planets but then when they investigated further and found out more about the atom they found out an atom is different from a solar system. They are finding out that the truth is, “as above so below but with differences.”

So it corresponds but with differences, and why? It is actually given in the scriptures in, “Behold I do all things new, I create a new heaven and a new earth, I do all things new.” When you think about it that contradicts the teachings of all religions that God never changes. But what does the voice of God say Himself right in the Bible, “I do everything new, I do a new thing on the earth and who shall know it?” So when God created the microcosmic world of the atoms, molecules and cells and then moved on and made the planets, He thinks why should I make the same thing over and over again? I am going to do it with a twist this time and do it a little bit differently.

Man himself is the creative force in the universe; just like within us we have the creative force of the soul. We human beings are the soul of the universe. We are the soul of the universe and we have within us that energy which is the essence of soul, which is the doorway to the higher spiritual kingdoms. It is the doorway in the universe between spirit and matter itself and we will eventually give form to the entire universe, which is fascinating to think about.

So the law of correspondences is a good one. The law of economy is another good one, which means the line of least resistance is followed until some intelligent force steps in and changes that line of least resistance. There are lots of principles and laws that are always followed and the more of these that we discover the more we will be able to figure out what is true and what is not. We find these things and register them within.

I will end with this teaching concerning another principle. We have heard this one extreme that everything is within to go within and find the truth. On the other hand, the religions of the world say God is out there on a throne somewhere and go to God out there to find the truth. The fact is that we need both within and without to find the truth. You go without to be stimulated and when you are stimulated you go within to verify what was true and what was not true and what works and what does not work. So it is interesting that neither extreme works but both of them must work together to find the truth. You have heard stories about evil parents locking their kid in the room until they are 20 years old and feeding them through door and stuff like that and then the authorities break in and finally save the kid. Let’s say they locked him away when he was eight and now he is 20, has everybody heard stories like this?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: When they talk to the kid how old do you think the kid thinks he is?

Audience: Eight.

JJ: Right if they put him in the room and isolated him he still thinks he is eight. When they take away the outer stimulation the growth ceases. So we don’t want to go completely within as evidenced by that child going completely within and the growth ceased So we want stimulated without and then we go to verify within and we grow from this process.

Audience: What is that principle called, the stimulation principle?

JJ: I never put a name to it, perhaps the wholeness principle or something like that.

Audience: At Some point in time we would like you to teach about the invisible Christ is more powerful than the visible Christ.

JJ: There is a principle there and when you start meditating and contemplating on principles then they start to come tom you. There are two types of people in the world. Those that understand principles and have a degree of independence, and those that want to be told exactly what to do in black and white. Those that understand principles become their own masters but those that do not have to have everything spelled out for them by an outer authority.

Bryan: When you were talking about earlier about the astral and the Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists had created these thought forms when you go to the next world, are those thought forms created here in this world taken with us to the next?

JJ: Yes.

Bryan: So can we help to liberate them by changing the physical thought form here so that it would change the thought form in the astral world and free them from this?

JJ: Yes it would and another interesting thing is that we not only have this group thought form but for every great teacher there is a thought form for him. There are several thought forms of Jesus roaming around. Have you ever talked with someone who said they woke up in the middle of the night and say they saw Jesus at their bedside or whatever? What they usually see is a thought form of Jesus. Jesus has more thought forms than any other person in history so depending on which religion you are in you will be in touch with a thought form of Jesus.

When somebody says they talked to Jesus and you ask what did Jesus say, they just repeat what he has already said like, spread the love, love thy neighbor, things that Jesus has already said because that thought form is fed with the current knowledge about Jesus and all the knowledge that comes out is what is already circulating about Him. The person will not give out any new principles but will just give out all of the old stuff. There is a thought form going around about Joseph Smith too and a lot of people see this thought form and think they have encountered him. The same with Mohammed and Buddha. Also a lot of people claim they have talked with DK as well.

Audience: DK said he had a few thought forms going around.

JJ: If I get enough material out there and people buy lots of my books they will be seeing me in their bedroom someday and it might scare them to death too!

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: I would like to say that it has been very nice to meet everybody and welcome to the new faces and I look forward to seeing you all in the future. Be well my friends, we will talk again.


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A Principle: Like Attracts Like

This entry is part 13 of 34 in the series 2011C

There has been a lot of discussion over the past couple days about the possibility of the Dark Brothers dwelling in the same space and the Brotherhood of Light.

When a question like this arises the wise thing to do is to look at the principle that governs such things. When the principle is understood then the seeker will be enabled to put together the outer truth with great accuracy… As Long – as he uses the principle of judgment.

What then is the principle that determines who gathers with who? Here it is:

“Like attracts like.”

Here are some examples:

People of similar interests gather together as well as;

Those of similar vibration,

Those who have similar ray combinations.

Those of similar intelligence.

Those of similar religious interests.

Those of similar political interests.

Those who have similar values etc.

Sometimes on this earth it may seem this rule does not apply. Some apparent contradictions occur in families where individuals sometimes feel they do not belong because everyone is so different than themselves. This situation also exists as we start school. Many look back on early schooldays and feel like they did not fit in.

It is true that on this planet in the dense physical we are often thrown together with others who are not like us.

But.. . does this situation last forever?


The person who feels out of place in his family will gravitate to friends and associates in life who are more like himself. He may attend family reunions but will spend his quality time with those who understand and appreciate him.

The one who feels out of place with his schoolmates as a whole will seek out the few who are most like himself and then attend a college that offers schooling more geared to his interests.

On this earth like is often scattered with unlike but in the higher spheres this is not the case. A lower astral person cannot even ascend to the higher astral or mental spheres for the higher vibration would be painful for him. Those in the higher spheres can descend but only stay for short periods of time for it is uncomfortable for them to stay there and much nicer to associate with those of similar vibration.

The main difference to Gods will being carried out “on earth as it is in heaven” is found in this principle. Like must gather with like to create heaven. When like is mixed with that which is much different or of a lower vibration then you have hell.

It is interesting that the scriptures indicate that this earth is hell. It is hell because like must endure unlike. Those who have the pure love of Christ must endure the presence of those who hate them merely because they give out the vibration representing true love.

If heaven is then created by like merging, or associating with like then it would make no sense to allow the Dark Brothers to inhabit Shamballa. If such were to occur then it would no longer be a place of peace, or of love, or of union…

The goal of the lights is not any union. If that were the case then the Nazis were good because they created one of the strongest unions in our history and if Hitler had won the war we would have had a forced union of all the good and bad on the entire planet. That would made the earth a living hell.

Instead union with like through free will creates heaven and the higher the vibration of those involved the greater the joy.

Are there lessons to be learned from this earth where like is thrown together with unlike?

Yes. There are many. This earth needs to be viewed as a schoolroom and the opportunities many.

The main lesson to be learned from those not like us is to look upon the individual’s soul and see its present perfection linked with the future perfection of the person. When an athlete perfects his craft he has to go through painful exercise to increase his joy of achievement to come. Even so, by exercising our will and seeing the Christ in those who repulse our personality we exercise the power of the God within. This gives us the strength to merge with those who are closest to being like us.

Even those who are close to our vibration have enough differences to create major problems in union if we focus on the personality. If we learn the prime lesson of this sphere and see the Christ within others during difficult times then the door is open to the kingdom of God. When we therefore leave this sphere and go on to the higher we will have joy in the presence of exalted beings and our rest shall be glorious.


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King for a Life

This entry is part 26 of 34 in the series 2010B

Tom wrote:
Can you explain why someone is born rich or born a King, Queen or Emperor?

Not everyone can be born a king out of the billions of lives that inhabited the earth. What makes that person so special? Is there karma behind this?

You are right in that it is mathematically impossible for all of us to take a turn as a king, a famous movie star or President of the United States. What then is the criterion that allows one to assume a position of power where he can influence millions?

The principle is this. If a person has karma that pertains to millions that were harmed then he will eventually be born in a situation where he can undue that damage by performing a good service for millions. This is true if he seeks redemption and has not taken the dark path.

Let us say that a tyrant who brought suffering to millions has seen the error of his ways and after a series of redemptive lives he finally has an opportunity to pay for much of the damage he did. Because he damaged millions of people he cannot pay off this dept with average lives. He must be in a situation where he can benefit a similar number of people that he previously hurt.

Just as not everyone becomes a king, even so not everyone was a Hitler. Even so, all of us have lived like kings in some lives and in others made grievous mistakes. Fortunately, most of us haven’t done enough damage that requires us to positively influence millions of lives to pay off our karma.

Unfortunately, when the big opportunity comes for the seeker to pay off his karma through a position of power he will sometimes revert to his old patterns and create even more bad karma for himself. The difficulty in paying off great karma is therefore very hazardous and thus the seeker should always do everything in his power to tread the path of harmlessness.

So, was everyone who is now in a position of power paying off a huge dose of karma from being a bad dude in the past?

Not necessarily. Not all positions of power are reserved for working out karma. Sometimes disciples who owe little karma seek and obtain positions of power merely so they can have greater power to serve. Sometimes the need is great and hierarchy supports a karma-free disciple obtaining power so divine purpose can be more easily worked out.

In almost every case and situation general laws and principles apply, but not in the black and white mode with no judgment involved. There are always exceptions to every rule of thumb.

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 35

This entry is part 20 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

JJ: I am glad you got in so you could share that with us. We had a New Jerusalem meditation on the keys and I think someone has it compiled somewhere and if anyone is interested you may want to go through it even though we have not finished it yet. It takes you quite a distance in meditation through the New Jerusalem.

Audience member: I think it is in the file section on yahoo groups.

JJ: One of the things we have taught much about is soul contact. To really be able to understand a principle one has to have soul contact. Let us go back to the temperature again. If you say the temperature outside is 95 degrees, you are given a piece of data and with that piece of data you learn only one thing and that is that in a certain place at a certain time the temperature is 95 degrees. But if you give a guy a thermometer or teach him the principle behind how it works than he can figure out what the temperature is at any time and any place on the planet that he wants to go. He can get millions of pieces of data with understanding this one principle. He can make many thermometers and place them all over the world and figure out the temperature everywhere on the planet. He could even send thermometers to Mars if he wanted to.

This is just what he can do with just one principle. To really see the principle behind things the person needs to be in contact with the soul. I call the language of the soul, the language of principles. The soul does not speak in data, but in principles, and this is where some of the psychics go astray because many of them just go after data. When they go after data and they reach the places in the astral area where there are certain recordings that are available. They are all jumbled up and unless a person understands a principle behind it he will get pieces of information here and there. This is why psychics are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Sometimes that they will be right on with the info and sometimes they will be way off with the info. They do not understand the principle of why they are getting what they are getting. They understand what they are getting but they do not understand why.

Now this is the difference between a Master and the rest of us because the Master understands why He is getting what He is getting. The Master is touch with the higher worlds and the intuitive world which goes above the emotional, physical brain and astral mind. The intuitive world is where principles are spoken. The people that reside in these higher worlds can communicate in an instant because they are communicating in the language of principles rather than data.

Have you ever had an instance where you had an idea come to you and the idea was so profound that you felt you could write a book about it? You are touching the soul and bringing the higher concepts from the higher spheres. Now when you understand how things work then you are approaching the soul and the language of principles.

One of the greatest principles to understand, and this is incorporated and illustrated in the book, is the law of correspondences, does anyone understand this law and can you explain it?

Audience: Wayne: I have heard explained that as above so it is below. That patterns, repeat endlessly through nature.

JJ: I remember when I gave a class on this and the next day I saw my wife was out in her garden, and she looked like she was just having a wonderful time. She came in with a big smile on her face and she said I have been thinking about the law of correspondences and I have been looking at these flowers reminding me of this and that. Just being in the garden that day made her think of all kinds of truths by observing the plants and nature. I enjoyed hearing this from her very much.

JJ: A lot of this illustrates the correspondence of truth and this is illustrated in the book Eternal Words and it ends with what is called the grand tour. The main character is taken on a tour of what is below and what is above. I believe you will find it quite fascinating.

When the atomic scientists first started studying the atom they began to use the law of correspondences. They thought that maybe the atom is like a solar system. Their thinking was that if they took the sun and the solar system that maybe they would find something similar in the atom. They theorized that the atom had a nucleus like a sun and circled about something like electrons. Then when they began to look deeper they found that the atom was similar to the solar system but much more uniform, much more flawlessly put together. In our universe each sun is different from every other sun but every atom of hydrogen seemed like every other atom of hydrogen. This leads to a truth that needs to dawn upon us which is, “as above so below but not exactly.”

In the Bible God says, “behold I do all things new.” This is a scripture that all Christianity ignores because they say that God does everything the same. They look forward to a heaven of sameness with the same thing going on all the time and somehow we are going to be happy doing the same thing over and over again. But even if the same thing is fun, is it always fun doing it over and over?

When I was a kid I just loved Hershey bars and I thought I could never get enough of them. My dream was that my Mom would come home with a big pile of them and say, go for it! I can’t remember ever getting enough to fill me up. I was a little like a dog you know; you feed your dog, and we were just talking about this with the Wong’s, Have you ever given dog enough so that he was full? I have had several dogs and I do not remember the dog ever getting full. He can always take one more bite of something he likes and he could always find a space for it.

Anyway, when I finally started making my own money I started stuffing myself with all the sweets I could and got sick for a while and then I did not want any more Hershey chocolate anymore and I became more moderate. It was not that much fun to eat anymore. Now the Christians have these two contrasting scriptures, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever” and “behold I do all things new.” If we read it in context could they both be true? In other words God is the same yesterday and a dependable guy is what it means. We look at God, Christ or any advanced being, He is dependable, we can depend on Him yesterday, today and forever, but that does not mean that He is not doing something new.

There are new things going on all the time but the common belief, even in metaphysics and new age circles is that we are going to reach a point where there is going to be nothing new. We are going to incarnate so many lives and then after we get off the wheel of re-birth we are going to some Nirvana and have that bliss forever. Is that teaching any different from the Christian or any other religious teaching that after you finish your work that you go to this bliss forever? The only difference is that in Eastern teaching you go through many lifetimes and then bliss forever, and in the Christian teachings and many others you have one life and then go the bliss forever. There is not a lot of difference in the end product – that the way it is going to be – we are just going to go to a place where we have bliss forever whether we have one lifetime or a thousand or a million. However many lifetimes it is, in the whole scheme of things, it is like the snap of a finger. So when this is over are we just going into a static position forever?

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This entry is part 11 of 34 in the series 2010B

Posted May 20, 2010

Dean Wrote:
It’s been good to be able to follow the list all these years and it’s become a part of my learning experience. Although the main philosophy I follow is the Summum philosophy found here I would be interested in keysters opinion of this philosophy since it’s the highest principles I know of.

I have read their original book Summum and consider it one of the best presentations on creation. It is one of the few teachings that deals with principles rather than just rattling off unproven data that cannot be verified.

It’s been some time since I read it but I cannot recall finding anything that was decisively incorrect – some explanations incomplete, however. I’m thinking of reading it again.

It is interesting that the author is not identified.

The group doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose except to present their book with the hope the reader will become enlightened.

Hope you enjoyed The Great White Chief. I read it many years ago and recently came across it again. I noticed that it wasn’t posted anywhere on the internet so I thought I would put it up.

You’ll notice that I will sometimes post or refer to books that make supernatural claims with the idea that they are 100% true. Such books and a good exercise in discernment and can actually assist in soul contact whether they are true or not.

The book Summum also claims to have supernatural origins and is a good one to test the students power of discernment.

The next assignment is to read the book and answer these questions.

Why do you think the writer, who goes by the name of Amen Ra, does not give his real identity?

Do you think he received the book from advanced human beings as he claimed or just wrote the book by himself with perhaps the aid of his soul?

Give something in the book that you believe to be true and also something that you question.

How would you rate this book in comparison to other books that inspired you?

You can download the book at:

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This entry is part 26 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Aug 16, 2010

JJ, you know how you started a list of Principles in the Archives, was there
ever a “Principle of Fasting”?

Or is there one you can write up?

Does this principle circle around Magnetism and Radiance?

Neither fasting, not eating, or running, or anything else we do is a principle in itself but involve principles. A principle is the concept that brings to the understanding as to why something works. Why do we eat and then refrain from eating? This can be traced back to the principles of interdependence and of cycles. In addition we fast for two additional reasons involving which are cyclic cleansing or rest and communion.

to find the principle you do not look at an action or a piece of data, but you look at the reason for the happening or the cause of the data.


Nadell asked, “Well, isn’t freedom simply the absence of selfishness?

Larry Woods says,
That is a very good question.

Let us know any response you get from your answer.

Actually the unselfish who are in illusion are the first to freely march toward slavery. Freedom from illusion is the key to freedom, not unselfishness.

Hitler was fairly unselfish as he sacrificed all he had for his goals, which he thought was for the good of all.

He was, however, in great illusion as well as his unselfish followers.

It is great illusion to think a forced good will have a good end. Socialism and equality have good ingredients, but when they are forced upon people by leaders who are in great illusion, scarcity and depression are the final result.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Eternal Principles

This entry is part 51 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Oct 14, 2010
Ruth asks:
If God did not create Principles and Laws then how do they just manifest during creation? They are either a part of the One God/Intelligence or they are not?
…if God did not create principles and laws, then who did?

Good question.

Core principles are not created. They just are without beginning and without end.

Let us take cause and effect for example. When would God create such a thing? Without cause and effect there could exist no God and no life in universe. Wherever there is life there already exists cause and effect because the essence of life is decision and decision cannot exist unless cause ad effect is already in existence.

Let us take the principles of math as manifest in 2+2=4. Did either man or God create these numbers or do they just eternally exist?

The numbers just are, eternally. No one created them. All a life can do is name them and use them.

A scripture says something interesting on this topic:

And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act (cause) nor to be acted upon (effect); wherefore, all things must have vanished away. II Nephi 2:13

In other words, if there is no cause and effect then there would be no God, no creation – there would be nothing.

Look at it this way. You are reflection of God. As a reflection of God did you create cause and effect? In other words, did you cause, cause?


You merely find yourself in the midst of cause and effect and work with this principle toward what you hope is a good end.

What you wrote to Ruth below is a very curious statement to me. It sounds like you’re saying Cause/Effect transcend the One Great Life. Is that what you’re saying, or is it more like one of those triangular concepts like Decision-Attention-Consciousness where one can’t exist without the other?

Intelligence is an aspect of cause and effect which means that all life – Gods, devils and angels evolve through cause and effect. Before God had consciousness there was cause and effect which interplay could be called elementary intelligence. God and you and I exist be-CAUSE. We consciously realize we are participating with cause and this brings forth life and decision. We either exist in a state of Being Cause or Becoming Cause.

There is no first or last Cause or Effect.

Jason quotes me from the 2007 Gathering:
We are approaching a time when the two great energies are meeting with each other. I am not going to go into the details of the energies because much of what is good today, people are calling evil. A lot of that which is evil, people are calling good. So even if I were to spell it out in this room there would be much disagreement, people over here would say this good and people over there would say no, this is good.

Then he asks:
Well, now this is just teasing us… you’ve got to share now! 🙂 So, can you go into some of the details now?

We had kind of a mixed group at the gathering and I didn’t want to cause any disturbance in the good atmosphere we had there.

It takes the second key of judgment to discern the true good and evil at play in the various situations and ideologies.

For instance, a large segment of society think that capitalism is good and socialism is evil and the other half think the opposite.

Good and evil can manifest within each system. The problem is that we seek to identify good and evil through labels rather than principles and when this happens illusion and distortion enter in.

Evil can manifest in capitalism when people become selfish and only think of their own advancement and do not have enough empathy for the disadvantaged to help them.

Good manifests in capitalism when abundance is created, jobs are provided and a natural assistance to the many is provided.

Evil manifests in socialism when force is used to further its goals, even goals that sound benevolent. Forcing people to do good has created the greatest of evils in our history. Every tyrant has tried to force his people to do his version of good.

Now where judgment enters in is the fact that any nation under law has to use some force. One could technically argue that forcing people to not steal is forcing them to do good.

Where is the dividing line between good and evil in the use of force?

The dividing line is the principle of freedom. To insure good prevails one must always go in the direction of maximum freedom. Force can be used to prevent theft because theft takes away more freedom than it gives.

Social programs can be good if they are not forced. Insurance, for example draws from the may for the common good and operates through free will. On the other hand, when government takes money by force to finance benevolent sounding programs then the social program becomes evil because it operates contrary to the principle of maximum freedom.

Thus universal health care through stealing money to pay for it is an evil.

What those who support theft to do good do not realize is that all their social ideals can be realized through free will and the result will be much higher quality and efficiency.

If I had thus picked on various social programs that operate by the power of force contrary to the principle of freedom I’m sure I would have offended some.

LWK writes:
The evil you describe above is not some particular symptom of capitalism. It has existed from before recorded history. If anything real capitalism has done a lot to discourage that sort of evil. The reason is not hard to understand if people will drop their prejudices.

I think we are on the same page with capitalism and free enterprise but my point is that evil can manifest in any system. There can be no system produced that will cause people to do good all the time. They all open the door to abuse. The only real cure for the evil that men do lies in our spiritual evolution. Eventually we as a human race will learn to treat all people with kindness.

For example, we all agree that freedom is a much better situation than slavery. But does this mean that there are no problems associated with greater freedom? No. There are problems.

I remember reading an article about a study done about 40 years or so after the Civil War. They interviewed a significant number of slave survivors and asked them to compare their situation where they are now free with being a slave and an amazing number of them thought they were better off being a slave.

Freedom, free enterprise, capitalism and other endeavors that moved us forward can all be used toward a good end provided our consciousness meets the need. If it doesn’t then we can use the advantages toward a negative end.

A person can use freedom to abuse his fellow men and take advantage of them.

Another can succeed through capitalism and because of his success assume that anyone who has not done what he has is just lazy and has no empathy for those who are having a difficult financial time.

Overall the good that comes from freedom and endeavors that use this principle is more abundant than lack of freedom and the evil that comes from it is much less than slavery but problems will occur within any system that we create. Humans are not perfect and freedom allows certain evils to surface that restriction does not. But such evils must eventually surface and be subdued, harnessed and redirected toward that which is the good, the beautiful and the true through free will. On the other hand, when government takes money by force to finance benevolent sounding programs then the social program becomes evil because it operates contrary to the principle of maximum freedom.

Thus universal health care through stealing money to pay for it is an evil.

What those who support theft to do good do not realize is that all their social ideals can be realized through free will and the result will be much higher quality and efficiency.

If I had thus picked on various social programs that operate by the power of force contrary to the principle of freedom I’m sure I would have offended some.
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On Principles, Facts and Data

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Just as words are the units of expression in our world even so are principles the words and language of the higher kingdoms.

2  He who can contemplate and receive a flash of light that allows vision of a principle has achieved more than one who has a visitation of a spiritual being or attained bliss through negated thought.

3  The understanding of a principle accelerates the discovery of truth a hundred times or more.

4  Facts deal with the worlds of form, but principles come from the formless worlds.

5  It takes a thousand facts to create the understanding of one principle, but one principle can reveal over a thousand facts.

6  We must rediscover from the memory of God the principles that we will transpose from the lower to the higher kingdoms.

7  Principles are the language of the soul and when this language is learned deception will be a rare occurrence and the sons of men who are the sons of God can proceed in oneness of heart and spirit.

8  One cannot see a new principle clearly without putting together some established facts.

9  A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

10  I teach that the Law of Correspondences is indeed a true principle, but that which is above does not exactly correspond to that which is below.

11  That which is higher than truth are principles which is the language of the soul.

12  Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try to see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

13  Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

14  The higher psychic will always understand why he is saying what he is saying because he gets revelation in association with principles which he understands.

15  There will be times that someone will receive hints from his inner teacher that he is supposed to solve through the understanding of a principle.

16  The principles I have applied in my life work; they leave me full inside not empty, leave me free from pain, not a victim of it, elevate me beyond the clinging lives, and leave me free to put my attention on things more noble. Fortunately, I am not alone in this realization.

17  If a principle is true then there is no finger pointing about it, it just is.

18  The instant the principle behind the facts is seen, confusion or Babylon falls, and is no more.

19  Once a principle is embedded in human consciousness it is not lost as is a piece of data.

20  A principle is an enunciation of what is.

21  A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid.

22  The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data.

23  To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

24  True principles are always in effect all around us.

25  The universe is built upon true principles, held together by them and will be dissolved by them.

26  True principles govern our lives, our deaths, our relationships, our sorrow and our joys.

27  We live in a sea of principles, which governs all things, yet until we touch the soul we do not even realize what a principle is.

28  Sometimes you can find a principle in a book written by an author that does not know what a principle is.

29  A principle is not created. A principle is always present and always works without beginning or end.

30  The principle behind beauty is intelligent design.

31  Principles can only be discovered and taught through the soul; for principles are the language by which the soul communicates.

32  I have stressed the difference many times between principles and data. Data can be easily made up by anyone with a good imagination or obtained by any trance channeler.

33  He, who believes because of data alone, merely because it sounds fanciful, will continue to tread the path of glamour and illusion.

34  Even though true facts are useful, this is not what brings freedom.

35  On the physical plane truth is manifest as facts.

36  Data is easy to materialize, but it takes the light of the soul to reveal a principle.

37  Communion through the astral body, the emotional nature, the lower mind and lower psychism always deals with facts which may or may not be correct.

38  You exist on a principle, not a piece of data.

39  Pour your attention on the universe of principles and hold it there, the time will come that you will receive a “flashing forth” or a holy instant of revelation; suddenly you will see and understand that which was previously unseen and not understood.

40  Limitation is the principle behind the Law of Contraction and Expansion. There is no expansion without the application of limitation.

41  God did not create principles and laws, but principles and laws merely manifest during creation and all life including God has to apply them to produce desired ends.

42  We cannot have a full understanding of principles without a foundation of true facts and we cannot discover true facts around higher knowledge without the understanding of true principles.

43  When one truly follows the living principle behind baptism he will enter the path of Spirit as guilt free as a new born baby.

44  That which comes through you and out of you is evidence of your correct use of higher principles.

45  As the door of the soul opens, seek to understand the principle that will lead to your answer and that which lies behind the answer.

46  A true principle is a lever that leads to many true facts.

47  A principle is a description, or picture, of how and why things work and is always applicable.

48  What good does it do to know great mysteries of life and being and kingdoms if we cannot demonstrate the basic principles of love and forgiveness?

49  The principle of “walk-ins” is a true principle and is different from an  overshadowing.”  A “walk-in” usually happens when an advanced soul sees an opportunity to accomplish a great or good work. Abraham Lincoln was one famous example.

50  Neither divine possession nor the overshadowing principle is out of harmony with the true teachings on the atonement.

51  By understanding a principle you can understand all the details related to the principle once the principle is clear in your mind.

52  What is the principle behind worship?

53  The great principle behind permanent peace is this. First there must be an inner peace where the consciousness of the seeker must register the silent voice of God within his soul.

54  When the answer involves a piece of data then the answer is just the answer and it is black and white, cut and dried. But when it involves a principle then the answer is not always the answer.

55  You will loose data from life to life but the intelligence acquired through the understanding of principles will go with you to the next life and prove very useful.

56  Many of the details and problems in working out a true principle will not be foreseen. A principle must be demonstrated in reality to know all the details and problems that will surface.

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