The Parable of the Secure Foundation

June 27, 1999 The Parable of the Secure Foundation I received a criticism of the Song of the 144,000. The person thought that the mentioning of destructive forces was negative and should be replaced … [Read more...]

The Parable of Decision

“On a certain night Jim, Mike, Ron and Dave died. Shortly thereafter they all found themselves walking on a beaten path. It seemed right to follow the path. Finally they came to a dividing point. One … [Read more...]

The Cala Within

The Cala Within By J J Dewey   In the land of Sava, many years ago, there lived a people called the Jala who were often paralyzed by their enemies. They could not seem to ever be the … [Read more...]

Parable of Money Systems

The bankers, politicians and deceived public have made a mockery out of our economic system by distorting and corrupting it. Many believe the problem is fiat money - that all money should be backed up … [Read more...]

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 19

Why Jesus Should Show Up Every scripture has about three different meanings. The ancient Jews called them  the body, soul and spirit of the scriptures. And some more devout Jews believe there are as … [Read more...]