Alice’s Story

Alice’s Story

Since the discussion has arisen on Alice A. Bailey, I thought I would let her tell her story in her own words. Below is her account of her first meeting with a Master named Koot Hoomi. Later he turned her over to Djwhal Khul to receive the transmissions essential to laying the foundation teachings for the new age.

It was a Sunday morning. The previous Sunday I had heard a sermon which had aroused all my aspiration. This Sunday, for some reason, I had not gone to Church. All the rest of the house-party had gone and there was no one in the house but myself and the servants. I was sitting in the drawing-room reading. The door opened and in walked a tall man dressed in European clothes (very well cut, I remember) but with a turban on his head. He came in and sat down beside me. I was so petrified at the sight of the turban that I could not make a sound or ask what he was doing there. Then he started to talk. He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the world but that it would entail my changing my disposition very considerably; I would have to give up being such an unpleasant little girl and must try and get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness to Him and to the world was dependent upon how I handled myself and the changes I could manage to make. He said that if I could achieve real self-control I could then be trusted and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, “doing your Master’s work all the time.” Those words have rung in my ears ever since. He emphasized that it all depended upon me and what I could do and should do immediately. He added that He would be in touch with me at intervals of several years apart.

The interview was very brief. I said nothing but simply listened whilst He talked quite emphatically. Having said what He had come to say, He got up and walked out, after pausing at the door for a minute to give me a look which to this day I remember very distinctly. I did not know what to make of it all. When I had recovered from the shock, I was first frightened and thought I was going insane or had been to sleep and dreaming and then I reacted to a feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was like Joan of Arc (at that time my heroine) and that, like her, I was seeing spiritual visions and was consequently set aside for a great work. What it was I could not imagine, but pictured myself as the dramatic and admired teacher of thousands. This is a very common mistake on the part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connection with various occult groups. People’s sincerity and aspiration do succeed in bringing them some inner, spiritual contact and they then interpret it in terms of personality success and importance. A reaction of over-stimulation. This reaction was succeeded by one in which the criticism He had made of me became uppermost in my mind. I decided that maybe after all I was not in the class of Joan of Arc but simply some one who could be nicer than I had been and who could begin to control a rather violent temper. This I started to do. I tried not to be so cross and to control my tongue and for some time became so objectionably good that my family got disturbed; they wondered if I was ill and almost begged me to resume my explosive displays. I was smug and sweet and sentimental.

As the years went by I found that at seven years intervals (until I was thirty-five) I had indications of the supervision and interest of this individual. Then in 1915 I discovered who He was and that other people know Him. From then on the relationship has become closer and closer until today I can, at will, contact Him. This willingness to be contacted on the part of a Master is only possible when a disciple is also willing never to avail himself of the opportunity except in moments of real emergency in world service.

I found that this visitor was the Master K. H., the Master Koot Hoomi, a Master Who is very close to the Christ, Who is on the teaching line and Who is an outstanding exponent of the love-wisdom of which the Christ is the full expression. The real value of this experience is not to be found in the fact that I, a young girl called Alice La Trobe-Bateman, had an interview with a Master but in the fact that knowing nothing whatsoever of Their existence, I met one of Them and that He talked with me. The value is to be found also in the fact that everything that He told me came true (after I had tried hard to meet requirements) and because I discovered that He was not the Master Jesus, as I had naturally supposed, but a Master of Whom I could not possibly have heard and one Who was totally unknown to me. Anyway, the Master K. H. is my Master, beloved and real. I have worked for Him ever since I was fifteen years old and I am now one of the senior disciples in His group, or-as it is called esoterically-in His Ashram.

JJ: Thus we see that the Masters she worked with were not a dream or from her subconscious, but individuals residing in physical bodies like ourselves, but with the subtle difference that they are hundreds of years old yet still perpetuate their youth.

I was asked for a definition of metaphysics. Simply put for my use it is physics of the mind. In other words, a scientific approach to thinking and philosophy as opposed to a feeling, often illogical, approach to truth as it exists in many religions. Unfortunately, many religious people believe that a logical approach to the spiritual is misleading or even evil, but as we have shown by the use of the word “faith” in the days of Jesus, that evidence is a key ingredient in the pursuit of truth.

July 17, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Conclusion

This entry is part 11 of 73 in the series 2015


There are other points that could be made illustrating how DK leans more right than left. His teachings are certainly a different flavor than either the current right or left is custom to hearing, but overall are more in harmony with the Right. A good DK student will find in his writings teachings that support:

(1) A belief in God

(2) A belief in an afterlife

(3) Good or evil works will reap a just reward after death

(4) There are angels and spiritual beings in other realms.

(5) He teaches against promiscuity

(6) Christ was a real historical person.

(7) Christ will come again.

(8) He believes in the power of prayer

(9) He stresses rugged individualism and personal responsibility and we are the ones who created whatever situation in which we find ourselves.

(10) He stresses the importance of law and justice in order to insure the preservation as well as the advance of civilization. He tells us that the seventh Ray is coming into power and greater emphasis will be placed on this.

The Right overall are bigger supporters of law and order than the Left. One of many examples of this is border control. We have plenty of laws that the Left helped pass to secure the border but now that it is not politically expedient they do not want to enforce them. The Right tends to support enforcing laws even when they disagree with them. This latter attitude is necessary to insure a secure civilization.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and there may be a time and place to break the law for the greater good but the Left does not support many laws that are for the greater good and necessary for a secure state.

If we have bad laws all efforts should be made to change them rather than break them for personal or dogmatic reasons.

About the only way that DK sounds more to the Left than the Right are found in his promotion of the idea of sharing wealth with some socialist sounding teachings.

On the other hand, nowhere des he say that social programs should be forced upon the majority by a minority. He presents a future ideal that both sides can agree with if accomplished through the Principle of Freedom.

And indeed freedom is one of his core teachings as well as one of mine.

Therefore, through the Forces of Light, liberation into freedom will come and it will mean the freedom of all mankind.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 219

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 10

This entry is part 10 of 73 in the series 2015


Thanks to the demonization of the Left, the word “discrimination” has become such a forbidden word that if one discriminates at all on most anything he is deemed to be in league with the devil himself.

Again we see a difference of approach as far as the use of discrimination goes with the Left and the Right.

The Left has nothing good to say about using our natural abilities to discriminate, especially as far as people are concerned. They feel we just should not discriminate at all, period, end of story.

They have carried this so far that it becomes difficult for law enforcement to profile criminals or possible terrorists. If some guy robs a bank the media is often afraid to mention his race or even name if it belongs to a minority.

Other developments are the doing away with a single valedictorian in schools, dumbing down the grading system, tests, and discipline – all in the name of too much discrimination.

The Left has used this black and white approach to discrimination to water down critical thought and analysis in ways too numerous to cover here.

The Right has a different approach. They agree with the majority of the people that we should not use unjust discrimination that would interfere with basic civil rights but they support discrimination where it makes sense.

Here is one example. After the attack on 9/11 it became necessary to screen boarding passengers more carefully. Many on the Right wanted to use a little discrimination and profile passengers, like Israel does with great success, so more attention could be placed on those who were statistically more likely to be a problem. They thought it was silly to single out little old ladies from Pasadena with as much intensity as a non citizen from Saudi Arabia from whence came those who took down the Twin Towers.

Most on the Right think it is advantageous to give all possible details on wanted criminals including race, sex, height, weight, accent – anything that helps to identify the guy.

Most on the Right reject the idea of quota systems that takes away our ability to wisely discriminate. They want to chose their friends based on who they like, they want businesses to hire people based on their abilities, not quotas, and students should be able to get into schools based on their achievements.

DK agrees with the Right in that not all discrimination is bad, but goes even further and says it is an essential characteristic that must be mastered and used by disciples.

The positive use of discrimination was a huge theme in his writings that was repeated and emphasized over and over. Here are just a few quotes from DK of the many that could be given:

Every expenditure of force on the part of a Master or Teacher is subjected to wise foresight and discrimination. Just as we do not put university professors to teach the beginners, so the Masters Themselves work not individually with men until they have attained a certain stage of evolution and are ready to profit by Their instruction.


Watch yourselves and your daily life with discrimination, so that you learn to distinguish between glamour, illusion and maya.

Many on the Left say that those who discriminate in any way are haters, but DK says:

Hate ever lacks discrimination. The great Law of Spiritual Retribution requires that justice be meted out, but hatred will close the eyes of justice.


A man has been taught that he evolves and becomes aware first by means of the five senses, and later through the development of the faculty of discrimination, coupled with dispassion. Here in the West we have primarily emphasised the five senses, and have not taught that discrimination which is so essential.


Go forward with discrimination where your unfoldment is concerned, and with love and understanding where your group is concerned.


You must learn discrimination and understanding and right choice through experiment, through failure and through success.


You can also see why for centuries the emphasis of the Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom has been upon the necessity for discrimination, particularly where the probationary disciple is concerned.


Our first aim should surely be self-realisation through the practice of discrimination; we must learn to think clearly for ourselves, to formulate our own thoughts and to manipulate our own mental processes; we must learn to know what we think and why we think it, to find out the meaning of group consciousness through the study of the law of sacrifice. Not only must we find ourselves through the primary childhood stage of selfishness (and surely that should lie behind us), not only should we learn to distinguish between the real and the unreal, through the practice of discrimination, but we should endeavour to pass on from that to something very much better.

DK was definitely against a black and white rejection of the use and application of our powers of discrimination. One could say that he taught the art of using the discriminating mind to discriminate effectively in a beneficial, and not harmful manner. Wise discrimination leads to the fulfillment of Martin Luther Kings dream where he said:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 9

This entry is part 9 of 73 in the series 2015

The Preservation of Species

Both the political left and right as a whole seek to preserve the various species of the planet. The difference between the two is that the Left is far more conservative in its approach than the Right. Many of them feel that draconian steps must be taken if there is any risk to a species and they must be preserved at all costs. They seek to keep life where it is now whether it be animal, insect, vegetable or Mother Earth itself.

The Right has a more liberal approach in that they want to take reasonable steps to not interfere with the health of various lives, but when it comes down to measures that that seem to create great problems for us humans they will side with the humans.

A prime example of this division is in the extreme measures to save the Delta Smelt in California at the expense of irrigating water for hundreds of thousands of acres of choice farmland in California. For years now the 700,000-acre Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta has been turning into a dust bowl because an attempt to keep the water in place so the tiny smelt could survive.

The crazy thing is that all this sacrifice the farmers had to endure was for nothing as the smelt have been rapidly declining in numbers despite the extreme efforts of the Left to save them.

DK sides with the Right here and tells us that the appearance and extinction of various species is an important part of evolution taking place on this planet.

He says:

One of the recognised facts in the realm of natural science has been the cyclic change in the fauna and flora of our planet. Animals, plentiful and familiar many thousands of years ago, are now extinct, and by means of their bones we endeavour to reconstruct their forms. Flowers and trees that once covered the surface of our planet have now entirely disappeared and only their fossilized remains are left to indicate to us a vegetation vastly different to that which we now enjoy. Man himself has changed so much that we find it difficult to recognise homo sapiens in the early primitive races of the far distant past.

Esoteric Psychology, Vol 1, Page 101

He explains that many species will naturally become extinct because of the influence of the incoming Seventh Ray.

The third effect of the coming in of this ray is one that may at first repel – it will cause a great destruction in the animal kingdom. During the next few hundred years many of the old animal forms will die out and become extinct. To supply the wants of man, through disease, and through causes latent in the animal kingdom itself, much destruction will be brought about. It must ever be borne in mind that a building force is likewise a destroying one, and new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, one of the recognized needs. The immense slaughter in America is part of the working out of the plan. The inner life or fire which animates the animal groups, and which is the life expression of an Entity, will, under this seventh influence, blaze up and burn out the old, and permit the escape of the life, to newer and better forms.

Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 465

Note that he makes the statement that “new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, one of the recognized needs.” To prepare for the new the old must go. What this tells us is that the Left’s black and white draconian measures to preserve all species at all costs are merely interfering with the evolution of the planet. We must learn to use some common sense. Of course we must not participate in senseless slaughter of species to the point of extinction, but neither should we interfere with nature and let her and common sense take its course.

Finally DK makes this interesting statement:

A portion of the animal kingdom will enter into a temporary obscuration, thus releasing energy for the use of the remaining percentage, and producing results such as are hinted at by the prophet of Israel when he speaks of “the wolf lying down with the lamb”; his comment “a little child shall lead them” is largely the esoteric enunciation of the fact that three fifths of the human family will stand upon the Path, ‘a little child’ being the name applied to probationers and disciples. In the vegetable and mineral kingdoms a corresponding demonstration will ensue, but of such a nature as to be too obscure for our comprehension.

Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 493

According to DK here an obscuration of a species has the benefit of “releasing energy” that can be used by the remaining members of that kingdom.

Animals are a part of a group soul and not individualized as are humans. This means that fewer numbers gives the group souls more power to work with the remaining lives and stimulate their evolution as well as bring about new species.

The Left often portrays humanity as a plague or virus on the earth doing nothing but damage. Again DK sides with the Right in that the destiny of humanity is to be a benevolent force.

In the vegetable kingdom, the effect (of humanity) will be the demonstration of increased beauty and diversity, and the evolution of new species with an objective impossible to explain to those not yet initiate. The production of nutritive forms which will serve the needs of the lesser devas and angels will be one of the results.

In the animal kingdom the effect will be the elimination of pain and suffering and a return to the ideal conditions of the Garden of Eden. When man functions as a soul, he heals; he stimulates and vitalizes; he transmits the spiritual forces of the universe, and all harmful emanations and all destructive forces find in the human kingdom a barrier. 

Treatise on White Magic, Page 99

The human kingdom has made mistakes, but we are learning as we go and our ultimate destiny is to be great benefactors for the kingdoms below us. May we hasten this day with the use of a little common sense.

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 8

This entry is part 8 of 73 in the series 2015

Abundance of Resources

There is an interesting division between the political left and right on their views on the availability and management of natural resources.

The Left sees the future availability of resources such as oil, natural gas, energy, trees, minerals, land, food, water, commodities and even manufactured items as very limited in supply. Because of this limitation we must conserve. It is ironical that in this area it is the Left which is extremely conservative, even though they are called liberals by the masses.

The political right has a different take. They do not merely consider resources available now and make the mistake in thinking that nothing will change. Instead, they believe that human ingenuity will figure out ways to create all the resources we need to provide for us in the future. All we have to do is give people the freedom they need to manifest them.

DK seems to agree with this idea as never once did he say that there would not be enough natural resources available for us in the future. The only problem he saw in this regard was that a lack of right human relations and a lack of goodwill would interfere with a distribution to those in need.

Concerning resources he said:

These are: first, the recognition that there is enough food, fuel, oil and minerals in the world to meet the need of the entire population.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 197

This is as true today as it was in 1940 when he made this statement. There are plenty of natural resources to take care of the whole world. We just have to have the freedom to go after them, produce them and then distribute them.

The Left creates a stumbling block in the manifestation of the abundance of these resources because many do everything in their power to prevent humanity from obtaining them. They attempt seal up new sources of oil production, natural gas, coal, atomic energy and even wind and solar in some cases. They push for these limitation even in poor countries that desperately need energy for survival.

Let us just look at one commodity, oil. Almost all the predictions about its future availability were wrong, really wrong. Here are some examples.

In 1885, the US Geological Survey announced that there was “little or no chance” of oil being discovered in California. In 1891, it said the same thing about Kansas and Texas.

“Petroleum has been used for less than 50 years, and it is estimated that the supply will last about 25 or 30 years longer. If production is curtailed and waste stopped it may last till the end of the century.”

July 19, 1909 Titusville Herald (Titusville, PA)

In 1939 the US Department of the Interior said that American oil supplies would last only another 13 years.

“M. King Hubbert of the Shell Development Co. predicted [one year ago] that peak oil production would be reached in the next 10 to 15 years and after that would gradually decline.”

March 9, 1957 Corpus Christi Times (Corpus Christi, TX)

The Limits to Growth (1972) – projected the world would run out of gold by 1981, mercury and silver by 1985, tin by 1987, zinc by 1990, petroleum by 1992, and copper, lead and natural gas by 1993.

“At any rate, U.S. oil supplies will last only 20 years. Foreign supplies will last 40 or 50 years, but are increasingly dependent upon world politics.”

May 1972 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“As a nation, Americans have been reluctant to accept the prospect of physical shortages. We must recognize that world oil production will likely peak in the early 1990’s, and from that point on will be on a declining curve. By the early part of the 21st century, we must face the prospect of running out of oil and natural gas.”

1977 US Department of Energy

Each time some wrong, shortsighted prediction is made about some natural resource the Left assumes it is the gospel truth and builds its ideas for conservation around it.

The Right, on the other hand, factors in the truth of human ingenuity and creativity. They see us as problem solvers that can take charge of our destiny.

The thread of all DK’s writings agree with this approach. He sounds this positive note when speaking of atomic energy.

Man will eventually come to the realisation that in atomic energy, harnessed to his need, or in the inducing of increased radioactivity, lies for him the path to prosperity and riches.

Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 496

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 73 in the series 2015

The United Nations

Outside of a few conspiracy theorists on both sides of the political spectrum the existence and general purpose of the United Nations is accepted by both the political left and the Right. There is a difference though in approach. The Left embraces the UN with few reservations and the Right embraces it, but with reservations and skepticism.

The Right has often been critical of the fact that totalitarian regimes have been allowed to have so much power there, but the Left seems to have lttle concern with this.

So, which view squares with DK? Again, he sides with the political right:

The United Nations is still the hope of the world and can remain so; it is a great field of experimentation, but is suffering today from an initial error. That error was the admitting of a totalitarian Power into its nations. For seven long and terrible years the Forces of Light had been fighting totalitarianism. In the early days of the post-war period the Nations compromised with principles and admitted Russia to the United Nations. Had they proceeded to unite all the other nations of the world on the sure ground of economic reform, of needed national reorganisation and of regional groups (a better term than “blocs”), Russia would have been forced to conform, for her very existence would have been at stake. An initial error can lead to much trouble, and it is this type of trouble which the United Nations today faces.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 640 – April 1948

Like DK the Right has a hope for the success of the UN but continue to see problems with this initial error of letting totalitarian regimes in and then allowing them the same voting power as the free nations.

If the UN was organized according to the Tibetan’s ideas then only relatively free nations would have been allowed in, which would have placed the totalitarian regimes under great pressure to conform and become more liberal with their human rights so they could be included.

DK specifically mentions Russia which was a threatening totalitarian regime under Stalin when the UN was formed. Since that time numerous totalitarian and oppressive regimes have been added and a few that were not totalitarian became so later.

Today there are 193 member nations. Since DK made the above statement Communist USSR has fallen and has become less menacing. All nations have been invited to join no matter how oppressive. This includes dictatorships and totalitarian regimes such as North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, China and others.

Because DK’s advice was not followed we are in a situation with the UN where it is almost impossible to walk back the error as the oppressive nations have as much say in the UN as do the free ones.

The only alternative is to expand NATO as a force controlled by the free nations as well as continue to work with he UN as much as is feasible.

There is no such thing as the United Nations.

John Bolton

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 73 in the series 2015

Political Correctness

The term “politically correct” was not in use during the life of Alice A. Bailey, so, of course, there were no statements for or against this rather insane movement almost exclusively from the Left.

To figure out what DK would say if he spoke in the present on such a topic we need to merely examine what political correctness entails and then examine what he said about such things.

The main ingredient of political correctness is the attempt to avoid hurt feelings. The whole politically correct movement revolves around, not the intent of the speaker, but the words and phrases he uses. It is interesting that a few decades ago the offensive words to say were swear words and some related to sexual slang. Then the Left came along and demanded the freedom to use any guttural words they desired in public or private, in the movies, in performances and speeches etc. In this process they portrayed those who wanted more refined speech as puritanical, judgmental, intolerant and desirous of undue censorship.

Now the Left has pretty much achieved its goal. They are free to tell sexual jokes and use the four-letter-words quite liberally wherever they go or perform with seldom a word raised in judgment or criticism.

This previous demand they have had for free speech, even if it is offensive to many, makes them seem hypocritical in now taking the position of demanding their version of correct speech. The strange thing is that many of their demands for changes in speech output concerns words and phrases that create little offense.

After all, what sounds most offensive: Hearing an announcer on TV giving the score on a “Redskin’s” game or turning to HBO and hearing “Fuck You” every few seconds?

The Left says fuck you is fine, but we need to be sensitive to offending people and not identify a football team as “Redskins,” even though polls show that 90% of Native Americans are fine with it.

What else do they not want us to say to avoid hurting sensitive feelings that may exist in the ethers? Here are just a few:

Handicapped person is now called physically challenged.

Instead of midget we are supposed to say, Little People.

Criminal – Replaced by behaviorally challenged

Failure – Replaced by Deferred Success

Fat – Replaced by Enlarged physical condition

Foreign Food – Replaced by Ethnic Cuisine

Founding Fathers – Too Sexist. Instead, use The Founders

Garbage Man – Replaced by Sanitation Engineer

The list is endless but we’ll end with this ridiculous one:

Girlfriend/Wife – Replaced by Unpaid sex worker

I think my wife would give me a piece of her mind if I introduced her to friends as an unpaid sex worker.

African Americans had a case in desiring more respectful words being used toward them, especially since the N-word is associated with slavery, but most of these other words are just indicative of hypersensitivity of a few people.

And DK did say a few things about being oversensitive and allowing one’s feelings to be hurt with trivia.

To disciples he said:

And a forgetfulness of self which would rule out all moods and feelings, all personality desires, resentments, grievances and all pettiness in your relations with your fellowmen. On the physical plane, it would mean the conditioning of all active, outer living so that the whole of life becomes one focussed active service.

Discipleship in the New Age: Vol I, Page 99

I’d say that anyone who has a grievance over hearing George Washington called a “Founding Father” has a problem with the “pettiness” of which DK speaks.

He further said

The feelings and moods are potent and exhausting and from them, my brother, come much of your physical discomfort. Deal with them not by struggling but by substitution of other interests, ignoring them and treating them with indifference till they die of lack of attention and of a slow attrition. You pay too much attention to the non-essentials.

Discipleship in the New Age: Vol I, Page 494

If anything is “non-essential” relating to mood it is being offended at politically incorrect speech that is of little consequence.

To a fledgling disciple he said:

I am not interested in your personal relations where they concern your wrong personality sensitivity to depression, to self-pity, your defenses, your so-called sensitivity to slights, to misunderstandings, your dislike of your environing conditions, your hurt pride and qualities of this kind.

Discipleship in the New Age: Vol I, Page 47

The political incorrectness of today is indeed “sensitivity to slights” that he says should just be ignored and die though lack of attention.

Anyone who has read DK’s works should be aware of the dangers of astralism and wrong personality focus on offense over trivial matters.

What is really wrong headed is when some take offense when no offense is intended. No offense should be taken if someone uses a politically incorrect word with no malice intended.

Jesus must have had problems with the political correct speech of his day. He offended so many people that he was led to say:

“Blessed is he who is not offended in me.” Matt 11:6

If anyone deserves to be offended over words it is DK himself for many of his students have been altering his words when they quote him in order to make him sound more politically correct. Even the Great Invocation has been altered. Unfortunately, some alterations have resulted in a change of meaning or an inferior presentation of his thought.

So here we have one more issue where DK would surely side with he political right over the Left. He would tell his readers of today the same thing he told past disciples and which the Right today says to the Left: “Don’t be so thin skinned over such small things and concentrate on what really matters. Do not place symbolism over substance.”

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 73 in the series 2015

Belief in God and Intelligent Design

Back in the 1980s and earlier there was not much difference in the percentage of the political left and right who professed a belief in God and recognized some type of Divine Intelligence having a hand in creation.

Now all that has changed. The political left has taken a major swing to the spiritual left whereas the Right has held fairly steady. Pew polls show that in 1987 there was not much difference between the Republicans and Democrats in their belief in God, but by 2012 we approached a great divide that has probably become wider since. In 2012 92% of Republicans had some type of belief in God compared to only 77% of the Democrats.

Another Pew poll revealed that in 2012 73% of the atheists voted for the Democrats and only 18% voted Republican. About twice as many Democrats reject the idea that some type of higher intelligence had a hand in the creation of the universe.

I think the polls actually understate the belief gap. I have participated in a number of forums where politics is discussed and if I, or another there, just mention any type of acknowledgement of Divine Intelligence the attacks and belittlement from the political left spew forth without mercy. Rarely does anyone from the Left even mention a belief in God in any form. Many of those on the Left who do have some belief in God often seem too ashamed to publicly admit it. The only supporting posts made in harmony with me was from believers on the Right and the strange thing is that many of those believers have a lot different view of God than I do. Even so, just the mere acknowledgement of Higher Intelligence is a unifying guidepost leading to the direction of the Right hand path.

On this matter DK, as well as most any spiritual teacher, is much more in harmony with the political right than the Left. The acknowledgement of God, as well as all the hierarchies, representing higher spiritual intelligence in the realm of creation are at the core of all his writings. He definitely sides with the political right in accepting intelligent design.

The most famous words of DK, The Great Invocation acknowledges God as our source of “light” “love” and “Will.” One would think that Bailey students, especially would support the acknowledgment of Divine Intelligence.

Good and Evil

Speaking of good and evil often produces a very strong negative reaction from those on the political left, many new agers and even some Bailey students. Many new agers claim there is no such thing as good and evil and the political left simply doesn’t want any of their actions judged by anyone in those terms.

DK, on the other hand was a definite believer in good and evil. Again, in the Great invocation he utters the prayer, “And may it seal the door where evil dwells.”

The teaching of the Brotherhood of Light and the Dark Brotherhood are at the core of his writings. He did not hesitate to call evil by its name and strongly equated Hitler and the Nazis with evil. After the war he said:

The leader of the conflict against evil in high places is the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy. What is the attitude of the Christ at this time?… He knows Himself to be the inner spiritual Commander of the Armies of the Lord. His is the responsibility of awakening the souls of men to their presented opportunity and to the need of bringing to an end this ancient conflict between the Lords of Evil and the Messengers of Light. His has been the problem of teaching humanity that, in order to demonstrate true love and to provide scope and opportunity for a civilisation in which love, brotherhood and right human relations are governing factors, those essential steps must be taken which will accomplish this….

The sword of discrimination is wielded by the initiates and the disciples of the world, and by its means the distinction between good and evil, with a consequent presentation of free choice between the two, has been laid before humanity, and the lines of demarcation have been made abundantly clear in this world war.

Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pages 433-434

By most any definition of the terms good and evil exists in the world. If this is not recognized then how can evil be replaced with good? One cannot defeat an enemy if he does not understand or recognize what the enemy is.

For more on good and evil in harmony with DK teachings go HERE

This planetary soul, functioning as a Hierarchy of Masters, is in direct conflict with the forces of evil.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 19

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 73 in the series 2015

I’ll add a few more comments concerning DK in light of present day politics.


DK agreed with the political right’s assessment of what communism does to the political spirit. He sated:

Many of the people most violently fighting Communism could not tell you succinctly what those tenets are, but they are fighting – and rightly fighting – the totalitarian methods of cruelty, spying, murder, suppression and the lack of freedom. What they are doing in truth is fighting the abominable methods of imposing the rule of a few evil and ambitious men upon the ignorant masses, under the name of Communism. They are fighting the technique of exploiting the ignorant through misinformation, organised lying and limited education. They are fighting against the sealing up of nations within the confines of their own territory, against the police state, the lack of free enterprise and the reduction of men and women to automatons. This is the true imprisonment of the human spirit. The situation is, however, so pronounced and the evil so obvious (and the human spirit so basically and divinely strong) that it will eventually defeat itself; when the present group of totalitarian rulers (behind what you call the “iron curtain”) die out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene and a true Communism (in the spiritual sense of the term) will take the place of the present wickedness.

Rays and Initiations, Page 745

DK strikes a similar tone to far right writer, strongly criticized by the Left, W. Cleon Skousen who started writing popular anti communist books shortly after DK made this statement. Like DK, Skousen believed a spiritual communism (called The United Order) was a possibility.

The problem with communism isn’t the main theme of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” That ideal did not materialize in the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea or even China which is now become as capitalistic as the USA.

The problem with totalitarian communism is that the abilities and needs are assessed, not by the individuals, but the all-powerful State. As it turned out the non-communist free countries drew more out of people because of their abilities and did much more to meet their needs than totalitarian communism ever has.

Like any other ideal, what is good and bad about it, what works and doesn’t work, can only be discovered in a melting pot fomented through free will. Imposing ideals, no matter how benevolent they sound, from on high, without testing them in the fires of free human enterprise does not work.


Concerning socialism and free enterprise, DK tells us that “the extreme position in either case is untenable.” (Rays and Initiations, Page 633)

So, what is the extreme of free enterprise? DK talks about free enterprise and “intense individualism” in pretty much the same breath making the extreme here easy to see. The extreme on this side is being motivated only for the benefit of self while ignoring the plight of the downtrodden. The person involved in free enterprise accomplishes the most good when he seeks to benefit others as well as himself and seeks spiritual values, as well as the material.

So, how does the extreme manifest in socialism then?

He plainly states the problem:

Socialism can degenerate into another form of totalitarianism. (Rays and Initiations, Page 747)

And just how can it degenerate to totalitarianism? The answer is obvious. When the State violates the Principle of Freedom and imposes social programs on the people contrary to the will of the people who will have to pay for those programs. If it works with the will of the people he tells us that “it can be more democratic than the present expressions of Democracy.”

What are the results when social programs are in harmony with the will of the people?

One of the prime things is that those who are putting up the money will feel their money is well spent and not going down a black hole. Social Security in the United States is an example of a social program supported by the will of the people. The only complaint of substance is the State raids the Social Security funds for other social programs not supported by majority will and this places the whole thing in jeopardy.

Most on the spiritual right as well as the political right will support social programs that are supported by the majority who will pay for them. Of course, the vast majority of those who get free stuff with no payment on their part will want to get as many freebies as the State is willing to dole out. They should not have power to dictate to those who are paying for the programs to pay more and more until there is nothing left to give. That lays the foundation for the tyranny spoken of by DK.

Unfortunately, the political left, as well as many DK students, do not agree with DK and is willing to use the force of the Sate to impose their social ideals, even if they run contrary to the will of the people who have to pay to implement those ideals.

This is the extreme of socialism that must be avoided, for if such steps are followed with no one putting them in check then we will reach a state where those who receive will outnumber those who pay, and this new majority of takers will then have power to dictate to a new cycle of slaves what they demand to receive from them.

This tyranny must not be allowed to materialize or the only correction will be found in the complete collapse of the system with the believers of freedom building anew.

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The Left, the Right and DK, Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 73 in the series 2015

Many Bailey students assume without thinking that Djwhal Khul, or DK as he is often called, would support the political left today over the Right in almost all matters, but would this really be the case?

It is unwise for a student to automatically assume without thinking that DK would agree with his political view without checking his actual writings to see how his view lineup with both sides.

We’ve already discussed the Principle of Freedom which is supported much more by the Right than the Left, as many on the Left support restrictions of freedom by big government. DK was a big supporter of freedom and mentioned it often. He was one of the few metaphysical teachers who took a strong early stand against Hitler and for the Allies in order to preserve the freedom necessary for the new age. He criticized the United States for its isolationist approach before Pearl Harbor indicating that Hitler could have been easily defeated if the United States and Europe ad acted earlier.

Indeed Alice A. Bailey and DK were right wing hawks compared to the Left of today.

There are a number of other areas where DK is more in harmony with the modern right than the Left.


The Left of today are the main supporters of pacifism and disarmament, but DK was a stronger critic of pacifism than Ted Cruz or Donald Trump is today. He said this:

I would say to those who preach a passive attitude in the face of evil and human suffering and who endorse a pacifism which involves no risks: With what do you propose to fight the forces of aggression, of treachery, evil and destruction which are today stalking over our planet? What weapons do you bring to this combat? How will you begin to stem the onslaught and arrest the whirlwind? Will you use prayers for peace, and then patiently wait for the forces of good to fight your battle and for God to do the work? I tell you that your prayers and your wishes are unavailing when divorced from right and potent action. Your prayers and petitions may reach the throne of God, symbolically speaking, but then the reply comes forth: The Forces of Light will strengthen your arms and turn the tide in your favour if you stand up and fight for that which you desire. Who will arrest the progress of aggressive selfishness if the men and women of goodwill rest back upon their idealism and do naught that is practical to justify their hope or aid in the materialisation of the desired ideal.

There are those in the world today who (despite past national selfishness and wrong) are fearlessly and with true insight fighting humanity’s battle, and with them the Hierarchy stands, as it has ever stood on the side of liberty, right understanding and correct attitudes in human affairs. I would say to those who cry, “Peace, peace when there is no peace”: Are you going to profit by their death and sacrifice when the ultimate triumph of the Forces of Light comes to pass? Are you going to take the position that you can then live in a safe world because others gave their lives that you might do so? Are you going to issue forth from the safe security of your pacifist alibi and gratefully acknowledge what they have done and grasp your share of the gains which they have purchased at such a cost? I would warn you not to be glamoured by the false premise that you must stand by your hard-earned convictions, even at the expense of other peoples’ lives and the downfall of nations, forgetting that fear and false pride will make this argument of importance to you. Are the peace-minded people of the world going to reap the benefits of a peace for which they have paid no price? It is the people who value peace above all else who are today seeking by every possible method to stop Germany.

The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 233

If anyone were to speak this way against our enemies today he would instantly be called a right winger.

Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan

Even though this action was taken by a Democrat, according to a Pew poll published Aug 2015 only 52% of Democrats today think it was justified while 74% of Republicans do.

Again DK sides with the Right on this as he strongly supported the dropping of the bomb.

They (the Japanese) will be and are being defeated by physical war measures and by the destruction physically of their war potential and the death of the form aspect. This destruction … and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening; it is the justification of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population. The first use of this released energy has been destructive, but I would remind you that it has been the destruction of forms and not the destruction of spiritual values and the death of the human spirit – as was the goal of the Axis effort.

That atomic bomb (though used only twice destructively) ended the resistance of the powers of evil because its potency is predominantly etheric.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Pages 495-6, 548

Atomic Energy

For generations now the Right has been a much bigger supporter of atomic power for the generation of electricity than has been the Left who have often strongly opposed it with protests and lawsuits.

Again, DK sides with the Right.

In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 907 (Published 1925) he predicted the discovery of atomic energy and then after the first atomic bomb went off he said this:

“On the physical plane, the great scientific discovery, called colloquially the ‘splitting of the atom,’ will be turned eventually to the production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true. This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking. This is no idle vision or vague dream. Many scientists today (and particularly those who love their fellowmen) are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged in harnessing-for the good of humanity — some of its products and its radioactive properties.”

Rays & Initiations,” by Alice A. Bailey, Pg 648

(The atomic bomb) – As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilisations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilisation, thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 548

Sex and Family Values

Here Alice A. Bailey echoes sentiments similar to DK which sounds more like the political right than the Left.

Some most worthy people have also a settled conviction that celibacy must always accompany the life of the spirit. May it not be possible that the true celibacy to which the ancient rules are intended to refer concerns the attitude of the soul, or spiritual man, to the world, the flesh and the devil, as our Christian Scriptures put it? May not the true celibacy have reference to our abstaining from all appearance of evil? This may in one man involve his abstaining from all sex relations in order to demonstrate to himself his control over the animal nature; in other cases, it may, for instance, involve refraining from all gossip and idle speech. There is nothing sinful in marriage and it is probably the way out for many who would otherwise lead an unduly active mental life where sex is concerned. It is needless, surely, to add here that the true student of meditation should not tolerate in his life promiscuous or illegitimate sexual relations. The aspirant to the life of the spirit conforms not only to the laws of the spiritual kingdom but to the legalized customs of his age and time. He, therefore, regularizes his physical every day life so that the man in the street recognizes the morality, the uprightness and the correctness of his presentation to the world. A home that is based upon a true and happy relation between a man and a woman, upon mutual trust, co-operation and understanding, and in which the principles of spiritual living are emphasized, is one of the finest aids that can be given to the world at this time. A relation that is based on physical attraction and the gratification of the sex nature, and which has, as its primary objective, the prostitution of the physical nature to animal desire, is evil and wrong.

From Intellect to Intuition, pages 258-259

The only case that can be made for DK supporting the Left of today is to cite some of his writings on socialism. The problem is the Left is willing to impose social programs on the people by force that are contrary to the will of the majority of the people who have to pay for them and most of it is done with borrowed money.

DK would not have supported our insane borrowing. He said:

“Make restitution of the borrowed goods; pay back thy debt.”

Esoteric Healing Page 426

DK placed emphasis on voluntary sharing and cooperation and the Right of today support a number of social programs that are supported by the will of the people.

DK tells us that the governments of the new age will take the best out of all the systems of the past. Instead if being far left or far right they will be a synthesis, not strongly polarized toward either political party of today.

Yes, it is indeed important that we not point fingers and condemn the other guy as if they were an untouchable or even evil because of different political views. If one is a student of DK he should just study with an open mind and accept all as friends who are seeking to the best of their ability. Maybe the other guy who you think is astray is more in harmony with the Hierarchy than yourself.

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