Sending Goodwill


Sending Goodwill

Speaking of oneness, we will be covering this idea some time in the future in reasonable detail when the time is right.

I appreciate the compliments I have been getting lately and hope I can live up to your high expectations.

The impression most people get when they meet me is that I am pretty much a regular guy and that is fine with me.


The question to consider is what can a nation and its people do to befriend the people of a potentially dangerous nation such as Russia or China? How can we make friends with the people themselves and eventually generate a feeling among the general populace that war with us should not happen because we are friends?

Is the Internet likely to play an important role? How?

I remember that we received some, but not a lot of response on this.

One huge mistake we have made with unstable nations is that we have given large sums of money to their bureaucracies and much of this went to corrupt politicians and worked its way to the criminal element there. As it is, the common people are not very friendly toward the United States and other nations who have tried to help because they have seen no benefit.

What we have to remember is that the greatest power in any nation is its people. Therefore any aid given to tyrannies or any nation should be directed to the people rather than leaders which may be greedy and corrupt.

What we should have done with aid money to various countries in need is make direct loans to the people. Find enterprising entrepreneurs to submit business plans and make loans to the best of them.

When we just give the money to bureaucrats it is never seen again and does very little good. But when we make loans directly to the people the money is used much more wisely for the good of the country and if only half of them pay the loans back then the foreign aid winds up costing us only half as much for over twice the good with the bonus of creating much greater goodwill among the people.

Another thing the people of the nations can do is to make a point when they travel abroad to go out of their way to be extra friendly and leave the foreign country having made a friend or two. It is true that we tend to get aggravated at leaders of various nations, but the common people who are the tourists may actually create as much or more friction and aggravation.

Concerning my own country (the United States) I realize that many other nations, even our allies, have a bad taste in their mouth from our tourists. Many foreigners think American tourists are loud, demanding and obnoxious. What may seem kind of normal here (and other countries) may not seem so acceptable abroad.

Therefore, when we travel abroad we must pay attention to the temperament of the country and adjust to the best of our ability. If they feel it is rude to not eat their food then eat their food if at all possible.

Even in England, which has the same language as the United States one must be careful. Picking up a baby here and calling him a “cute little bugger” is a sign of affection, but in the UK it is the same as calling him a “cute little bastard.” If the American says “please pass the napkins” in England at the dinner table it is the same there as saying please pass the Kotex (feminine hygiene napkins).

A new way of establishing good relations among the nations has now opened up and this is, of course, the Internet. The problem right now is that common people are censored on the net in totalitarian regimes, but fortunately some are finding avenues of free expression. As their numbers do increase people of goodwill should seek to make individual and collective contact with these people and correct misconceptions and let them know that we the people only have the best wishes at heart for them.

Translation features on the Internet allow us to be as if the world was one language. This can only be a helpful tool for people of goodwill.

A reader asked me to reference my sources so they can be looked up

I do attempt to give credit to Alice A. Bailey and others when I quote their material. A certain amount of overlap will occur from one teacher to the next and it would interrupt the flow of the teachings to reference every statement that has occurred in teachings past.

About 80-90% of what I write is either a new slant in principles and teachings or entirely fresh material that has not been presented before to the best of my knowledge.

There have been numerous instances where my teachings have referenced Alice A. Bailey and others when it seemed appropriate.

Then there are other times that part of a paragraph I present has some material that has been taught in the past but mixed in with original material. When this mixture occurs I find it is sometimes distracting to give a reference.

Alice A. Bailey had the same problem. When she was using an obvious parallel to past writings she gave a reference, but there are many of her writings where she could have given a reference, but did not either because it would have been distracting or because the past teaching was being restated in a new and unique way.

I am most likely to recite a teaching from the past when I am asked a question. The answers to many questions already have been given out there somewhere. When I steer the group back toward the course we are on that is when I will be presenting the highest percentage of new material.

I have been asked a number of times about my sources of material. Some feel that I must be taking it out of some already published book, but I assure you that much of what I have presented and will present is not in any book yet published.

There is one more thing to mention in this line of thought. Sometimes I receive light through the Oneness Principle or other means and then I may be reading the Bible, Bailey or some other inspired writings and I find hints of that teaching is hidden in there.

Take the Molecular Relationship for example. I had not read about such a thing anywhere, but after I received it I found many hints of it in the Bible as well as DK’s writings. These hints have been available for 2000 years as far as the Bible is concerned, but humanity (especially the religions) just never registered them.

A future subject we will be covering will be the Gathering of Lights. This subject is talked about more in the Bible that any other, much more than love and peace, yet none that I know of understand the principle as we will be laying it out. Even though many references have been made in the Bible to the gathering principle it was never clearly explained there or in any metaphysical book I know of. As I said before the people in the days of Columbus knew what earth-circle-ship was but when these items were combined into the idea that the earth was a sphere the thinking of the world was changed forever.

As long as we are talking of references there is one in particular that I must not leave out and that is the Holy Spirit which stimulates the Oneness Principle and brings all knowledge, especially from principles, to the mind of the seeker.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2018

This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Christmas Messages


Dec 25, 2018

Christmas Message

Perhaps the greatest words of hope ever spoken was by the song of the angels to the shepherds heralding the birth of Christ, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14

Since that time there have been many wars, conflicts, untold suffering and persecution among the human race – so much so that many have lost faith that the words of the angels will ever become a reality. This Christmas, as we reflect on the birth of Christ, is a good time to reflect and ask where the peace and goodwill is, for to many it seems to be a time of great unrest and ill will with neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. All one has to do to test the waters in this generation is to give out a political view. Chances are that such a person will be met, not with goodwill, but with ill will and conflict. Many are afraid to speak their views and remain silent on numerous aspects that are important to them.

So, did the angels speak falsely, or premature in their declaration? Where is the peace and goodwill of which they sang?

Those who doubt the truth of these great words overlook the principle behind the manifestation of all things of truth and beauty. All creation happens first spiritually before materializing on the physical plane, and spiritual progress manifests in the individual before the group, and the group before it comes to universal acceptance.

The full manifestation of peace and goodwill first rested upon one individual, Jesus of Nazareth. As he went forth to fulfill his mission he demonstrated supreme goodwill by healing all those who sincerely sought him. When John the Baptist was in prison facing death and a trial of his faith he sent messengers to Jesus asking if he was the one to fulfill the prophecy or the Messiah. Jesus told them to stay with him a while and then tell John what they saw.

This they did and when they returned to John they told him that they saw Jesus give sight to the blind, caused the lame to walk, lepers were healed, the dead brought back to life and the gospel was preached to the poor. When John heard this his faith was restored and was able to face his death in peace.

John realized that such a powerful demonstration of goodwill, which resulted in peace for himself, was a witness that Christ had indeed been born here upon the earth in the person of Jesus.

Even though Jesus went forth will goodwill he was often met with ill will. To such people, he taught of a response that was highly unusual in his day. He said, “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

Taking goodwill to this extent was more than many could fathom, but a few took his words to heart and became his disciples. They saw many demonstrations of goodwill through his healings, but then came the time they saw the first real physical portent of peace. They were all on a ship together in the midst of a great storm. Fearing death they sought Jesus and found him peacefully sleep as the storm raged. They woke him and asked for help. He faced the storm and said “Peace, be still.” Because this Prince of Peace had perfect peace within him the winds and the waters obeyed and his words were followed by a perfect calm.

When he was facing death on the cross he told his disciples, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

Then after demonstrating power over death he appeared to them saying, “Peace be unto you.” John 20:19

Later, when speaking of this peace from Christ, Paul called it, “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” Phil 4:7

Indeed, the peace and goodwill predicted by the angels did start with one man, but that was just the beginning. Since the birth of Christ in Bethlehem there have been many others who have been inspired with the birth of the Christ spirit of peace and goodwill in their own hearts and have been doing all in their power to to transmute the friction among their brothers and sisters into peace.

In times like these many wonder where such people are, but they do exist and their numbers and strength are growing for those who have eyes to see.

All people, even the most troubled with ill will have a center within their hearts that can respond to peace and good will and one of the great lessons of Christmas is that we are all reminded of the Prince of Peace and his great words of goodwill. When listening to a Christmas carol even the most hardened heart is at times softened and feels a sliver of hope for the people of earth.

Let therefore all who see themselves as disciples of the Master focus on the good, the beautiful and the true, and become a point of light, goodwill and peace and stand in the love of God until every soul sees the light and the words of the angels become reality.

Peace, peace, my friends and goodwill to all. It is only a matter of time before peace will prevail on the earth. You and I can shorten that time by being points of light and love here and now.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Principle of Goodwill

The Principle of Goodwill, Part 1

Understanding Goodwill

Establishing goodwill among the people is essential in the creation of the new age of peace looked for by disciples, masters and prophets for thousands of years.

DK tells us that goodwill is “an expression of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers.” (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 784) He says that it is less associated with the second and sixth ray attribute related to being a loving person than focusing on the will aspect.

In other words, the power inherent in goodwill is manifest when the seeker dedicates himself to manifesting an idea that will be of benefit to humankind. He says for instance, this could even be something such as a scientist working on a useful invention.

On the other hand, the standard idea of goodwill is not to be neglected for it “is the lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, implemented and strengthened by the second aspect of the first Ray of Will.” (Rays and Initiations, Page 647)

We are told that those who embrace the true concept of goodwill will cause quite a conflict at first making them seem like the agents of evil rather than good to many:

“The over-shadowing of all disciples and initiates, and the consequent stimulation of their natures and of their environment, must inevitably produce conflict; the outpouring of the stimulating love of God into the hearts of men must equally and inevitably produce conflict; the line of cleavage between men of goodwill and the unresponsive natures of those uninfluenced by this quality will be made abundantly, usefully and constructively clear. It will be obvious also that when Christ establishes the “centre or focal point of the divine Purpose” in some definite place on Earth, its radiation and implementary potency will also produce the needed conflict which precedes the clarification and the renunciation of obstructions. (Rays and Initiations, Pages 617-618)

Because goodwill is an aspect of the first ray those embracing it will be seen by many centered in the second, and especially the sixth ray, as troublemakers to say the least.

Further DK says:

“Let the soporific of beautiful peace talk die out and let sane methods of establishing goodwill and right human relations precede the discussion of peace. The world talked itself into a dreamy state of idealistic rhapsody about peace between the first phase of this world war and the present one. This must not again occur and it is the task of the intelligent humanitarian to prevent it.” (Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 444)

DK says this about a quality necessary in disciples to manifest the new age.

“For this a broad tolerance and an unprejudiced mind are essential, and these qualities are rare in the average student and the small town man. (Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 242)

Notice that he says that a “broad tolerance and an unprejudiced mind” are rare in the average esoteric student. That is much different than the way the mass of students view themselves. Most think that because they support feel good political views that they are in the path of goodwill, tolerance and open-mindedness.

But most are not, according to DK.

That said, those who feel they correctly understand the path to goodwill need to do all in their power to reach out and extend a hand toward unity and overlapping areas of agreement. To this end Curtis Harwell and I wrote the Twelve Principles of Synthesis. Hopefully we can start here by agreeing with essential spiritual principles:


  1. We believe in the equality of men and women, the equal rights of each race and in the sacredness of all life.
  2. We believe that we have the capacity to see Eye to Eye with each other through the application of the principles of non-deception, open communication and contact of higher intelligence that lies within.
  3. We accept the responsibility of maintaining our bodies, emotions and minds in a state of maximum health and vitality. We Seek not to hurt but to heal.
  4. We believe in the principle of Harmlessness, for when we harm another person, we only harm ourselves. We shall not inhibit, restrain, or oppress the free will or privilege of any individual to explore new concepts and philosophies.
  5. We believe in the principle of Free Agency, and that there is a power within that enables us to proceed with purpose and accomplish many great and important works pertaining to the coming Age of Enlightenment.
  6. We desire to initiate a New Age of Peace, prosperity and spiritual attainment through the intelligent application of the principles of Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.
  7. We acknowledge the Christ-God-Consciousness as the single creative source manifesting through the Universe, and that this Power lies within each one of us.
  8. We affirm that the power of Love is the greatest unifying principle and send only the pure Love of Christ/God to all.
  9. We believe in the principle of Service, for when we serve one another, we serve ourselves. We retain only that which we have given away.
  10. We disclaim all totalitarian and secular controls over our lives, and affirm the power of the people to enjoy a free, democratic society with maximum liberty for the individual.
  11. We promote World Peace through the complete elimination of nuclear and doomsday weapons, international aggression, and the eradication of world hunger and poverty.
  12. We seek not to be separative and isolated but to unite and join hands with all spiritually-minded groups and individuals who desire to bring Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Humankind.


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 2

Our Responsibility

Dk’s writings seem to express hope that goodwill would have taken several steps forward by now. Unfortunately, darkness has descended to the extent that the goodwill between the left and the right is a minefield compared to its existence after the World War II.

At the beginning of the Great War he said this:

“The will to demonstrate goodwill activity has not been aroused; it will be automatically aroused in the general public once the world disciples have invoked and evoked the inflow of this higher dynamic energy.” (Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 153)


Then near the end of the War he said this:

“Unity is the goal of the immediate future; that hatred is retro-active and undesirable and that goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Pg 65)

Now, instead of basking in goodwill with both sides of the political spectrum sending positive vibes to their brothers on the other side we have division and utter hatred surfacing, not only in the United States but all over the world.

Do esoteric students share part of the blame here? Evidently the answer is yes for in the above quote he says the world disciples have the power to invoke world goodwill.

Has it been invoked?

No. Instead it appears the little goodwill we had in the past has been reversed and buried. Now it is so bad that if the other side does do something helpful to mankind the first step is to attack, distort and discredit the accomplishment.

Unfortunately, world disciples have failed to invoke world goodwill in this generation yet unity and goodwill is supposed to be a supreme goal to prepare the planet for the reappearance of the Christ.

Since a certain amount of world goodwill is a prerequisite for his return is it any wonder that the powers of darkness have sent thoughtforms to political leaders and their acolytes that cause them to fear and attack those who are not their direct supporters?

Have some members of the New Group of World Servers also unknowingly picked up the threads of hatred and add to it with their subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, support for attack?

Obviously, someone is falling down on the job because those with power to bring goodwill have not manifested it.

Did DK think that one political side should attack the other to the extent that they would shut down or suppress their right to speak?

He said, “We endeavoured to make clear that differing forms of government and varying ideological systems were right and possible, provided that human beings lived together in goodwill and recognised their blood brotherhood. (Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 178)

Are the political right and left living “together in goodwill?”

Many esoteric groups seem to associate goodwill with a lack of conflict. They think that if the other political side is allowed to be heard then arguments will follow and goodwill will disappear. By suppressing views of their political opposite they think they are preserving goodwill because only the views of the “good guys” remain.

This approach is caused by entrenchment in great illusion. Look at the extreme of this idea. All opposition is suppressed by the Dear Leader in North Korea. Kim Jong Un may believe that he is surrounded by people of goodwill because of suppression, but in this he is greatly deluded.

Goodwill can only be fully manifest by the Will-To-Good, not by the suppression of the will. Yet many DK students in their own sphere suppress this Will-To-Good by refusing to hear and understand the views of their bothers and sisters on the path.

DK gives us direction here:

“my group of special workers such as yourself, must contact these groups, bringing them together on one point only, and that is Goodwill. Each group must necessarily be left free to proceed with its own destiny and mode of work. Unity is a necessary ideal and is the reverse side of Goodwill. Unitedly, when the right time comes, these groups must issue a great manifesto to the world—identical manifestos being issued in each country by all the groups who stand for world unity and goodwill. Thus they will make the word “goodwill” carry power throughout the planet, whilst the disciples and aspirants will, through their thought, make the word “unity” carry hidden power. Thus a vast band of men of goodwill will be working unitedly, yet independently, and there will be made available—in moments of world crisis—an organised, ready and world-wide public opinion of such strength and organisation that it cannot be ignored. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 457)


The Twelve Principles of Synthesis would be a good start toward spiritual union. Here is another possibility directed at political union which would be supported by most aspirants.

Principles of Political Unification

(1) I seek that which is good for my country and the world above that which is good for my party.

(2) I support the principle of free speech. I shall be allowed to express my political and spiritual views, however repulsive, without legal restrictions and allow all people the same privilege.

(3) I support the principle of freedom and work toward securing the greatest possible freedom for individuals and groups in every situation. I accept the principles of freedom enunciated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

(4) I commit myself to sending goodwill and the spirit of friendship to all involved in the political process, especially those with differing political views.

(5) Even though the majority may not always support my views I realize that the majority view, when people are properly informed, rarely will lead us on a dangerous path. I therefore seek to honor the will of the people. When I disagree with the will of the people I will not seek to forcefully control them or change them but will use peaceful means to inform and educate them.

(6) There are a number of issues that cause division, heated debate and anger. Examples are abortion, gun control, social programs, drug legalization, military activities and others. Most cannot be resolved in the near future through the conversion of the other side to another. I support this unifying approach: To support the principle of fairness on controversial issues both sides must be heard even though the other side may be repulsive to me, for free speech and thought is the most important principle and the prime directive of unification and ultimate peace. I therefore commit to the principle of fair play realizing that both sides deserve to be heard and have their representatives in positions of power.

(7) I believe in integrity and honesty and will seek to be truthful no matter what the opponents do. I seek not to distort or lie for the benefit of my party or for personal gain.

(8) I accept that we must be fiscally responsible and will do all in my power to create a balanced budget, except in times of national crisis. I will only support programs that can be funded or continued without increasing the burden on the taxpayer.

(9) I agree that the people are taxed enough and seek to keep the budget within the range of current tax revenues (or preferably lower) and to not raise the percentage of taxes on anyone.

(10) I agree to put the security of my country and the world above the views or actions of my own political party. If others of my party sabotage national security or undermine a just effort toward the elimination of threats I will be just as critical of them as the opposing party.

(11) I accept the fact that there is great waste and inefficiency in government spending and commit myself to eliminate waste and increase efficiency wherever and whenever possible.

(12) I accept and support the idea that we can save ourselves much grief by learning from the mistakes of history so we do not repeat them. It is therefore of extreme importance that the youth be accurately taught, without censorship, national and world history in a way that is of interest and will be absorbed by them. I will oppose all those who revise history in distorted fashion for political gain.

(13) I agree that extremism has been and is the cause of many problems in the world and seek to not impose extreme views on the people. If I happen to have extreme views which I believe to be of value to will seek to persuade by education rather than by law or force. It is also a problem when political opponents are called extremists when over a third of the public support them. Such accusations are extremism in disguise. I seek to not be extreme myself in distorting the image of opponents by calling them extremists when such is not true. For instance, it is not extremism to be simply for or against abortion as there are many on both sides of the equation.

(14) I support the elimination of poverty but realize there are two approaches to this. The first is to give a helping handout and the second is to provide circumstances so the person may help himself. Extremists on this issue have warred against each other and have been the cause of much division. I reject extremism on both sides and seek to recognize the value of both sides. There are times of helplessness when people need direct assistance and times when they need encouraged to stand on their own feet. I do not support handouts to those who are capable of helping themselves and refuse to do so.

(15) I support the separation of church and state, but reject extremism on both sides. I reject the extreme that the government should endorse any specific religious influence on public policy even though all religions have the freedom to express their views. I also reject the other extreme that any mention of God, religious values, or the public display of religious symbols is to not be tolerated.

(16) I support equal rights for all races, both sexes and members of all religions and ideologies. I recognize that the large majority both sides of the political spectrum seek what is best for all races and minorities (even though the opposition has a different approach) and refuse to manufacture accusations for political gain.

(17) I recognize that the large majority both sides of the political spectrum seek what is best for the environment but again both sides have a different approach. Two extremes causing division are: First aiding then environment even if there is strong economic and job loss. The second is seeking profits at the expense of the environment. The truth is the two are interdependent. A strong economy can provide funds to help the environment and a healthy environment provides for a good long term good economy. I seek therefore to work with both sides of this issue and will seek cooperation rather than assigning blame. I seek to aid the environment without harming the economic structure.

(18) I recognize we are a nation of laws and will not support the subversion of law for political gain. I will condemn such subversion of those who share my views as well as those who do not.

(19) I will only support the establishment of necessary law as well as the elimination of bad, as well as useless laws that clutter the system.

(20) In the end, I support the example of John Kennedy who, while campaigning, found good things to say about his opposition and instead of tearing down he said “we can do better.” I support the idea of converting by good works and ideas rather than tearing down the opposition.


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 3

Two Versions of Freedom

World War II was preceded by a great conflict on astral and mental levels. One side (which became the Allies) leaned toward democratic government with guarantees of personal freedom, even if speaking against authority, and the other (which became the Axis Powers) believed in a concentration of power with minimal individual freedom to speak contrary to that power.

The first allowed the individual to determine his own destiny while the second felt that the leadership was smarter than the average citizen and needed to control them for their own good.

Today we face a similar division. One side wants to centralize control with more laws, regulations and restrictions while the other side wants decentralization with fewer laws, regulations and restrictions. The first leads to diminished individual and group freedom while the second leads to an increase.

One can see this division in many of the conflicts throughout history. The American Civil War was a prime example.

The interesting thing is that the side fighting for diminished freedom of the whole will never admit it. Instead, they will always make the claim that they are the true freedom fighters.

For example, the South during the Civil War made the claim that they were the ones fighting for freedom while the North were the true tyrants. Remember the words of John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln which was, “Death to tyrants!”

So, how could a rebel nation fighting for the right to hold slaves claim that they were fighting for freedom? Here was their reasoning.

They maintained the blacks were an inferior race that couldn’t handle freedom and needed benevolent caretakers such as themselves. They were better off being slaves under their control than being on their own.

Secondly, they maintained that the free labor of the slaves allowed the superior white race to have more freedom and comfort for themselves.

Hence they maintained they were fighting or the freedom and welfare of all.

We can now see on hindsight that they were really fighting for the freedom of one group at the expense of others.

Hitler also maintained that he was he one fighting for freedom and often said so. In his mind he was fighting for the freedom of Germans who supported him who were superior in intelligence and would control the rest of he world for their own good.

Both Hitler and the South saw their reasons for victory as a win win for all.

On hindsight most can see that it would have been a great setback for freedom if either Hitler or the South had obtained victory.

Again, we have a tremendous astral conflict going on, but this time with two political divisions manifesting throughout most of the world. However, the epicenter is in the United States.

Again, both sides see themselves on the side of freedom. Unfortunately, there is bias on both sides which interferes with people honestly discerning where the principle of freedom lies. Many only look at their own desires. If they get their way then they think freedom prevails, even if it is at the expense of the many.

The dedicated disciple needs to understand the true Principle of Freedom which is this:

“That which manifests maximum freedom for the one and the many.”

This is freedom as seen from the right hand path. From the left hand the definition is somewhat different.

“That which manifests maximum freedom for the self even at the expense of others who are not willing to cooperate of their free will.”

When we look backwards we can easily see where the sympathies of each side was, but just before and during the conflict the vision of many were clouded.

The same applies today. Half see the selfish version as the best. The vision of the majority will not become clear for some time which would be after this conflict plays itself out and the people can again look backwards with clear hindsight.

In the meantime DK indicates that they key to preventing this conflict from materializing on the physical plane is goodwill.

At the beginning of World War II he said the cause of the war was that:

“…the spirit of goodwill was not expressed dynamically and practically, but theoretically and negatively; the aspirants of the world had no true sense of values but were content to give a little time to the spiritual life and to other people, but much time was lost in individual, personal aims. A spirit of inertia settled down upon the better inclined and upon the more understanding people; nothing that we could do served to arouse them to powerful action or to sacrifice personal temporary values to the lasting and universal values. The individual remained more important to himself than did the good of the whole.”

In other words, because of inertia the true principle of freedom had its biggest threat.

He presented steps to heal the conflict

(1) “A close personal watch over every word said or written, so that nothing said or written by any of you will have in it hate or bias of the wrong kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clear of all undesirable reactions. This is the personal and practical thing to do and the difficult task set before each of you who read my words.”

(2) “Study and apprehend clearly the issues which lie behind this conflict, so that there is no inner wavering as to the rightness of the side on which your interests lie—the side of the Forces of Light. Parallel this with an understanding appreciation of the problem of those who are bewildered by the emphasis and the dynamic activities of those through whom the Forces of materialism are working. At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism in your minds.”

(3) Groups claiming to support goodwill need to work together on shared positive values.

See: The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pages 140-142


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 4

The Responsibilities of the Disciple

DK says this to aspirants:

“The function of the New Group of World Servers is dynamically to ‘force’ the energy of the will-to-good into the world; the average man and woman, responding unconsciously, will express goodwill.” (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 38)

Most of the DK students in existence today see themselves as part of the New Group of World Servers. But whether or not they are doing the works of such servants will be manifest in their actual actions. In reference to the above injunction one must ask:

Are they extending the hand of goodwill, outreach and cooperation in such a way that can filter down to the “average man and woman”?

So who should we be extending goodwill to?

The Master himself gave us the answer:

“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?” Matt 5:46-47

Let us translate this into modern understanding for esoteric students:

“If you only show goodwill to those who have the same political view as yourself then what is the benefit? Do not the unenlightened biased partisans do the same? And if you are only friendly to those of your own political beliefs how is your light any greater than a typical bureaucrat?”

Furthermore, DK clarifies what is expected of the true servants of the race:

“When the contrast between the way of love and goodwill and the way of cruelty and hate is being clearly defined on earth, disciples must exercise an unprejudiced attitude. To this group comes the difficult task of standing firmly on the physical plane against that which is destructive and hateful (in the true sense of the word), doing all that can be done to bring the destructive agencies to an end and to final powerlessness and, at the same time, preserving an inner attitude of complete harmlessness and loving understanding. For, my brothers, there are principles and ideals in the world at this time worth struggling for, but whilst the struggle is on it is necessary consciously to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy which will eventually bridge the gap between the two opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made. Some of you are not thinking with sufficient clarity about the issues involved, being unduly engrossed with the outer signs of the struggle and so losing the long range picture. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, Pg 771)

Good advice on several steps modern servants should be taking.

(1) Exercise an unprejudiced attitude.

(2) Take a firm stand against that which is destructive and hate – “in the true sense of the word.”

(3) Bring “destructive agencies to an end and to final powerlessness and, at the same time, preserving an inner attitude of complete harmlessness and loving understanding.”

(4) “Consciously to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy which will eventually bridge the gap between the two opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made.”

Those in the esoteric community are divided into two political camps; some on the left and some on the right. What are the numbers? There is no way to know for sure but from my experience 80-90% of them are on the left and maybe10-20% on the right. In fact, the left as such a domination that when participating in the various groups it often seems that members are universally on the left.

Why is this?

Because those leaning right are in such minority that they would cause a disturbance and possibly banned from the group if they spoke up.

Normally, I say nothing political to the various esoteric groups I visit, but then I discovered an esoteric group that was organizing to discuss politics from a spiritual prospective. “Great,” I thought. “Maybe I can give political views in harmony with DK’s that will provide interesting discussion.” This I did and within a few weeks I was banned from the group with no explanation given.

It turns out that this group did not want to discuss politics from a spiritual angle at all but merely wanted to reinforce their own left wing views while attacking those on the right with no one like me to counter them.

That said the serious question that needs to be addressed is this. Which group of esoteric students are most faithfully obeying the directives of DK for the New Group of World Servers?


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 5

The Freedom to Speak

Let us go through some teachings that DK espoused with political implications and see which group of students comes closest to supporting them.

First and most important is the right to free speech.

The securing of basic human liberties is the foundation of the spiritual progress of humankind and DK spoke often about its importance:

“if freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a truly free press and radio are the outcome of this war, a great step forward will have been made by the entire human family.” (Problems of Humanity, Pg 24)

He says dark forces are on the side of “the death of liberty, the death of free speech, the death of freedom in human action, the death of truth and of the higher spiritual values. These are the vital factors in the life of humanity; the death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to these, and one easily righted again through the processes of rebirth and fresh opportunity.” (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Pg 232)

Back in the Sixties you heard both the left and the right use the word “freedom” in their dialog. That was a good thing even though it was from different perspectives.

Not so much today. When freedom is used by the left it is often in connection to how dangerous it is if not restricted. For instance, in England Tommy Robinson was jailed for attempting to tape and expose Muslim rapists. For this supposed hate they threw him in a hot prison dominated by Muslims where he had to subsist in solitary confinement on a can of tuna fish a day and dealing with feces being thrown in his cell. After the13 months his health deteriorated and he lost over 40 pounds.

Who spoke up for such injustice?

Not the left, but the right. Worse still many on the left applauded his ordeal.

The left has been doing everything in its power to shut down free speech. Having one news media (Foxnews) leaning right is too much and they make every attempt to shut it down by attacking and intimidating its advertisers.

Does the right follow these same anti free speech tactics? Rarely, if ever.

Similarly the left has tried to block the speech of radio commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and others by intimidating their advertisers.

The UK banned Savage from even entering their country, lumping him in with terrorists. He may be controversial, but he is no physical threat to anyone.

Has the right responded by a similar attack on free speech?


When someone from the right has a march the left will generally have a counter march and show up in much greater numbers than the original marchers, who had the legal permit. The leftists do everything in their power including violence and blocking roads to stop them.

The right will rarely organize a countermarch to the left but merely allow the group to make their statement whatever it is.

Have you read any news reports of the right blocking streets, wearing masks and violently attacking protesters originated by the left? I cannot find an example.

A similar problem exists with speeches and rallies given by those on the right. The left has two plans of suppression for free speech.

First they will try to prevent the conservative person from being given a chance to speak.

Unfortunately, this often succeeds, but if it doesn’t then they will try to prevent the speaker from giving his address.

Berkley provides just one example of many.

Milo Yiannopoulos was authorized to speak there and left wing demonstrates showed up in great numbers hurling Molotov cocktails at officers and caused $100,000 worth of damage. The speech was forced to be cancelled because of the physical threat.

A short time later conservative writer Ben Shapiro was scheduled to speak and this time it took an expenditure of $600,000 to provide enough security to protect those who wanted to listen.

You would have thought that such steps would not need to be taken as Shapiro was not a Trump supporter and by no means radical. Even so, the left showed up again.

Thanks to the huge show of force by police violence was contained and only nine arrests of leftists were made.

Trump and supporters are accused of promoting violence by the media, but such accusations are unjust. During the campaign, before the Secret Service was available in force to secure the area, rally after rally was infringed upon by Leftists. Again, they first tried to prevent the meeting altogether but if they did not succeed they tried to enter the building and make so much noise and interference that the event would be frustrated.

Trump supported throwing the intruders out and this was portrayed as violence by many.

Where were the people on the right who tried to prevent Hillary or Bernie Sanders from speaking?

Such counter interference was pretty much non existent. There was definitely nothing organized.

Now we get back to goodwill and the will-to-good.

Would true esoteric students of goodwill support such an infringement on a basic freedom such as speech? Would they even be silent about it if they understand the will-to-good?

Yet I have not heard a peep from anyone in the left leaning spiritual community even expressing a desire to see the situation as it is and move to correct it with truth, justice and goodwill.

It is not goodwill to do all in your power to shut down free speech by force. It is not goodwill to be silent when a great injustice is committed.

I think all esoteric students need to ask which side of free speech would the dark brothers take and what would be the stand of the Spiritual Hierarchy? How can one claim to be an agent of goodwill without supporting free speech?


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 6


Harmlessness and goodwill go hand in hand. These two ingredients mark a definite and observable demarcation between the tactics of the left and right hand path.

DK, who of course represents the right hand path, places much emphasis on harmlessness. There are times he supports fighting fire with fire when there are difficult choices, but given two choices he always supports the choice that creates the less harm.

If we look at two sides of an issue and examine how they handle their differences we can easily determine which chooses the least harmful path on the physical plane?

And why do I use the physical plane for reference?

Because that which is seen as being harmful on the emotional and mental planes are subjective and often misinterpreted through a biased view.

For instance, Jesus was seen as such a harmful character that they crucified him. He offended so many people that he said, “Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Matt 11:6

Then, on the other extreme, the Nazis were offended by many that they considered harmful to their feelings and thoughts.

Whereas, it is difficult to prove who did something harmful on the level of thought or emotion, harm on the physical levels is pretty black and white and easy to discern by the unbiased observer.

For instance, the Jews were seen as very harmful emotionally to the Nazis, but on the physical level they did not attack their fellow Germans, whereas, the Nazis did attack them. First they harassed them and later sent them to prison and death.

It is obvious on hindsight which group had works that ran contrary to goodwill and harmlessness.

Physical plane actions also reveal who chose the harmful path in the days of Jesus. Even though Jesus and his followers were accused of being the harmful ones it was the accusers who crucified Jesus and imprisoned and put his followers to death. Jesus and his followers did their best to return evil with goodwill.

Now let us look at the political right and left concerning harm and harmlessness. Let us hone it down to those for and against Trump to see if the right leans to the right hand path and the left to the left.

Those sympathetic to the left have done all in their power to portray Trump and supporters as being violent and the anti Trumpers as being the peaceable ones.

First we ask where the accusations of violence come from. Has Trump personally committed any violent act?

None we know of.

So where does this accusation come from?

It comes from how his enemies feel about his words. They do not like the way he says things.

On the other hand, about half the country likes the way he says things and do not see him as promoting violence, so just as in the past we have accusations of violence based on subtle interpretation, whereas what we need to look at are the actual physical acts.

Almost all accusations of violence come from Trump rallies where protesters from the left attempt to invade create a disturbnce and prevent the flow of free speech.

Picture yourself after having a long wait to attend an event, you get settled down to listen to a speech and a bunch of rabble rousers come in making noise and throwing tomatoes. Most people would grow quite impatient and support their removal even if they had to be a little rough.

Several times when this happened Trump ordered them removed from the building saying he would pay the legal expenses if there were repercussions to forcibly removing the invading protesters.

There was only one instance I can find where a Trump supporter was overly aggressive at a rally and this was not connected to any order by Trump to get them out of he building. One Trump supporter was charged with a misdemeanor for punching an invading protester. Trump was blamed for this though he said he dis not condone the action.

The important point to note is the first aggression at all these Trump rallies came by the anti Trumpers. They invaded the Trump rallies and forced the Trump people to get them removed or cancel the rally.

On the other hand, there was no effort by Trump supporters to disrupt Clinton or Bernie meetings. Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump supporters had blocked streets and invaded a Bernie rally. Such people would have been risking their lives.

If the anti Trumpers are upset over Trump merely speaking at a private meeting just imagine how much more upset they would be if their own space were invaded.

Fortunately, the Trump supporters held their peace and we do not have an example of this.

So which activity here represents the left hand path?

It should be obvious that it is the group that supports the invading of rallies to shut down speech. This is what the Nazis did to their enemies. They did all in their power to disrupt speech of opponents and instigate violent reaction. I do not recall reading of anyone, especially Jews, reacting in kind and disrupting Nazi meetings. Such a person would have been risking his life.

One thing we know that is far off the mark of goodwill and harmfulness is physical violence, especially when it is not done in self-defense.

Of course, when there are millions of people on both sides you are going to have a few odd characters that will get out of line so we need to look at the overall picture.

On the right the are maybe a dozen violent acts by Trump supporters but in all cases I can find they are lone wolfs acting on their own, often frustrated by anti Trumpers interfering with an event.

Among the anti Trumpers you have some lone wolfs also, but numerous acts are organized and applauded by many on the left including some politicians.

Breitbart is keeping a running tabulation of harassment and violent acts from the left against Trump supporters. As of the date of this writing they have a list of 555 known acts of aggression.

This list which includes many organized efforts far overshadows a handful of lone wolf acts from the right.

So where do the alternative and esoteric spiritual people stand on this issue? Do they silently, or even vocally, support acts of violence and hate by the left? Do they figure the violence is okay because Trump and supporters are asking for it? Some actually make this argument but it is the same reasoning as saying a well-dressed woman is asking to be raped.

Violence must be blamed on the violent. There is no excuse if there is no first physical aggression.

Those who have real goodwill in their hearts must condemn all aggressive acts except those in response to physical threat. This must be done whether the source of violence is on the left or the right. Many alternative folks condemn Christians for being hypocrites for not living up to the example of Christ. Let us who try to follow the path of enlightenment not get caught in the same trap.


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 7

Right Speech

Concerning speech DK advised to “gain that control of speech which has often been your goal but seldom your achievement, and remember that the most powerful factor in the control of speech is a loving heart. Wild and fearful talk, hateful gossip, cruel innuendo, suspicion, the ascribing of wrong and wicked motives to persons and peoples, and the divergences of attitude which have separated the many different nations in the world are rampant today and have brought the world to its present distressing situation. It is so easy to drift into the same habits of speech and thought which we find around us and to discover ourselves participating in attack and the spirit of hate. Guard yourselves strenuously against this and say nothing which could inflame hate and suspicion in connection with any race, any person, any group or any leaders of groups and nations.”

Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 82

Right speech is indeed a principle to which people on both sides need to pay attention. Unfortunately, both the left and the right spend too much effort pointing fingers at the negative speech from the other side believing that the problem has nothing to do with themselves, but only the other guy.

Let’s face it, all the rank and file will push back when pushed and use words that attack rather than words of truth, love and goodwill.

Many who claim to be non partisan say that “both sides do it” as if there were some equal division of blame, but there is never an equal division. There is always more of an ingredient on one side than the other. Previously we saw that there was more attacks of harassment and violence coming from the left. It makes sense that attack through negative speech has a similar division.

I have experienced this myself when I have visited numerous forums that claim to be open for both sides. On such sites I find much more name-calling, insults and attacks coming from the left. The right gets in a little dig now and then but they seem to try and argue more from reason and a mental level rather than destroying the messenger. The unjustifiable act of calling an opponent a Nazi also comes much more frequently from the left. Often the accuser does not seem to have any knowledge of Nazism.

I have found that the moment a person of the right merely mentions, God, patriotism, Trump, conservatism, evolution, morality, immigration or a number of issues that the left on the forum make all kinds of false assumptions and attack.

Let us take the subject of God, for example. This is a curious subject since over half of the left claim to believe in God and around 25% of the evangelicals in the United States are Democrats.

You’d think then that the mere mentioning of God would cause some of the left to defend the belief, but such is rare. I do not recall this happening once in all the political groups in which I participated. There seems to be an anti God thoughtform against which leftists should not betray.

When I speak of mentioning God I am not talking about the typical Sunday School version, but any version at all. On such forums I will often use the phrase “Higher Intelligence” since that is most universal and least offensive.

It doesn’t help. Those on the left immediately assumed from any mention of intelligence beyond human that you are a right wing religious fanatic who probably follows and donates to TV preachers.

The name I am most often called on these sites is a liar, next comes hypocrite and then extreme right wing or Nazi, none of which are have any basis in reality. I find that the name calling surfaces when you produce facts or reason that cannot be easily refuted.

When possible I look for areas of agreement and will state some, but to no avail. If you do not buy into the whole agenda you are the enemy and must be destroyed.

Yes, this name calling happens on both sides but I challenge readers to go to sites where both sides are allowed to post and see who uses the words “liar, hypocrite and Nazi” the most often.

“But, says one, “Isn’t Trump the worst example of negative speech in the history of humanity?”

Trump certainly has flaws in the speech department and uses wording that I would not consider if I were a candidate or president, but he is not the demon as portrayed by his enemies.

If you follow him closely you will notice this about him. Those who are in harmony with him and civil are treated to very positive words and praise. On the other hand, those who draw first blood and attack are immediately attacked back. This is his first ray quality surfacing to which average second and sixth ray people do not understand and easily take offense . If you do not attack him first you are generally out of his crosshairs.

If the media attacks him, he attacks back, if a friend turns against him he will do the same and if someone being interviewed attacks he will surely hear from the Donald soon.

Now some of his words and actions condemned by the media are fairly harmless yet condemned by those just looking for a way to take him down.

An example of the fake news he is always complaining about is found in this New York Times article published shortly after McCain’s death.

First here is the headline:

“Trump Relents Under Pressure, Offering ‘Respect’ to McCain”

Now, here is the first part of the story followed by the link to the whole.

“In the Senate chamber on Monday, John McCain’s desk was draped in black and topped with a vase of white roses. The majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, rose to praise Mr. McCain as a colleague and hero who “spotlighted many of our highest values.” Outside, an impromptu memorial took shape as the flags over Capitol Hill flew at half-staff.

“In only one building in Washington were Mr. McCain’s legacy and achievements greeted with anything like ambivalence: the White House.

“President Trump, under enormous public and private pressure, finally issued a proclamation of praise for Mr. McCain on Monday afternoon, two days after the senator’s death, and ordered the flag to be flown at half-staff seemingly in the only place it wasn’t already, the presidential complex.”

LINK to full article

Now, when you read this it sounds like Trump mean spiritedly refused give condolences or to lower the flag for McCain.


Here is the truth.

Immediately after his death Trump tweeted “deepest sympathies and respect” for McCain’s family.

Concerning the flag the protocol for such events was established by Eisenhower who proclaimed America should finally have some guidelines as to how long the flag should remain half-staff after years of confusion prior.

In his proclamation, Eisenhower said upon the death of a US Senator, the flag should at least be flown half staff on the day of, and day following, that person’s death.

That was the exact amount of time that President Trump initially honored Senator McCain at the White House.

Some complained that was not long enough so Trump complied and lowered the flag again. The truth is that Trump went beyond protocol to show respect for a guy who had done all in his power to sabotage his agenda.

Would Obama had done the same thing for Ted Cruz?


Would he have been criticized if he just went with standard protocol?

Of course not.

Is there hypocrisy of Biblical proportions?


Indeed Trump is more justified in fighting back than assumed by the media, but even most supporters will admit that he is not a good example of harmless speech. A more diplomatic and harmless approach to speech would have not roused such a firestorm as is now approaching him.

That said, even if one attempts to speak in the most harmless manner he will still offend many. Just the presentation of truth in a clear concise manner will infuriate those in darkness. Just note that Jesus was crucified for being offensive.

I do not recall ever calling anyone a derogatory name yet I have roused anger in many places just expressing my views as politely as possible. As it turns out when you cross the beast of ignorance it doesn’t matter if you do it Trump-style or Gandhi, you are in danger of unlimited attack.

That said, the disciple and students of the Ancient Wisdom have no excuse for name-calling or to condone it. The key, as DK says, is a loving heart. We need to look upon the soul, or the Christ within, both of Obama and Trump, as well as their supporters and seek dialog, understanding, pure reason and open dialog as to how to reach shared goals.

And indeed, there are shared goals, but the difference often lies in how to achieve them.


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 8

Harmony Through Conflict

The Fourth Ray is aptly named “harmony through conflict.” This ray is of particular importance for this planet.

DK says this about this ray:

The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times, and peculiarly today.

The Principle of Conflict is the agent of the Principle of Harmony and produces the strains and the stresses which will lead, finally, to liberation. … Conflict produces: War-Renunciation-Liberation. Humanity is subjected to crises of discrimination, leading to right choice.

The Principle of Conflict is today active in all nations, in all religions, in all organisations, leading to the emergence of the New Age. Conflict produces points of crisis, then a point of tension, and eventually a point of emergence.

This Principle of Conflict is preparing the way for the return of the Christ, Who will inaugurate the new era of harmony.

Rays and Initiations, Pg 639

In addition he says this:

This ray of harmony through conflict (the conflict of the pairs of opposites) is necessarily concerned with the bringing in of that vibratory activity which will lead to unity, to harmony and to right relations, and to the release of the intuition.

Esoteric Healing, Pg 132

And the keynote of the ray is:

“Two merge with one.”

So the allowance for the free exchange of conflicting thoughts and ideas is a key that leads toward both liberation and unity.

What many students fail to ask is – what would be the result if conflict is suppressed – if only one view is allowed to be expressed or heard?

Would this mean the benefits of this ray would not materialize causing division to continue and even frustrate the plans for the return of the Christ? After all he said, “This Principle of Conflict is preparing the way for the return of the Christ.”

Do many alternative spiritual people have this completely backwards, thinking that the suppression of conflict creating an artificial peace is what is needed?

Yes. Unfortunately I believe this to be the case.

The question that needs to be asked is this. Why do so many alternative spiritual people and even many DK students go so far out of their way to avoid conflict and settle for the illusion of peace and unity, instead of the real thing, that will exist after conflict is resolved?

It is basically this. Many are drawn to the Ancient Wisdom because they are seeking a more peaceful world. They want to bask in peace, love and unity that seems to be missing in the material world. As often happens though, a positive desire on an emotional level can lead to being trapped in an illusion on the mental side. By seeking to avoid the great battleground, the Kurukshetra, the aspirant is delaying his next step toward liberation.

There are certain principles that play out in the world we see about us that continue to play out on a higher level when the seeker becomes a disciple.

Right now, students of the Ancient Wisdom are divided into two camps where the principle of Harmony Through Conflict needs to be applied. One group aligns itself with the political left and the other the right.

Those on the left constitute the great majority (80-90%) and their influence is so universal among students that it seems to many that there is almost complete unity.

Those on the political right constitute a minority (10-20%) and often do not even mention their opposing views for fear of rejection, chastisement or just sensing the thoughtform and not wanting to disturb it.

Consequently, on many spiritual sites, if politics is discussed the thought is projected that only one view is acceptable. Then we have many instances where any form of political controversy is just avoided, as if none even exists.

Both of these approaches suppresses the principle of harmony through conflict.

What then should students of the Ancient Wisdom do to allow true unity to manifest from the conflict of the actual interplay of both sides?

Answer is quite simple. The majority consisting of the political left need to over come their fear of hearing contrary ideas and realize that the sincere discussion and understanding of other points of view are necessary ingredients on the path to unity.

Those on the right need to overcome their fear to speak up and not be afraid of whatever label that may be tacked on to them. By speaking up civilly and when on subject one can cause the left to become aware that there are other views out there besides their own. A free interplay of ideas will make both sides aware of the need for unity. It is essential that both sides approach any such discussion with goodwill realizing that all are disciples to some degree wanting the truth.

Is unity even possible?

Certainly. The main reason anyone has a view that runs contrary to truth is because of a lack of knowledge and understanding. If they only hear one side of an issue then such knowledge and understanding will remain static. But, when there is an honest exchange of ideas, knowledge and understanding will increase on both sides bringing them both steps closer to unity, or harmony through conflict.

To this end several of us have created a group on Facebook called “Esoteric Politics and Freedom.” So far it appears that only those from the right, or who are fairly libertarian have joined. It is a new endeavor at this point and we hope that there are some from the left that will join in and civilly give their divergent views and why they endorse them.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only spiritual group on Facebook that invites views from both sides of the equation. Let us hope it is not the last.


The Principle of Goodwill, Part 9

The Principles of Unification

So far this treatise has presented two sets of affirmations presenting principles that can lead to the greater establishment of goodwill and unity. The first were the Twelve Principles of Synthesis. These are twelve statements designed to be accepted by adherents of the Ancient Wisdom as well as other alternative spiritual students.

The second consisted of 20 affirmations of political unity. Even though the political division we see about us seems more pronounced than ever we still have many goals in common of reaching the same end result.

Again, the goal is for both sides to be reminded that they do have many goals in common and need to more reasonably consider the means to accomplish them.

Now, I end this treatise by presenting a third set of principles designed for synthesis, goodwill and unification.

The first was designed for alternative spiritual students, the second for those of political interest and this final one is for the masses who have a religious or spiritual inclination.

In this world the various different religions place much emphasis on their differences and why their belief is superior to others. Many do not realize how much the majority of religions have in common. Presented here are16 Principles of Unification that illustrate spiritual believers have more in common than is normally realized.

The 16 Principles of Unification

  1. I believe there is good will and a desire for peace in the great majority of people, groups and religions and accept the idea of peaceful co-existence as an ideal for which to strive. I further realize that the majority of people wish to live in peace despite their differing beliefs.
  2. I acknowledge that there exists a higher intelligence typically thought of as GOD but referred to by a variety of names.
  3. Even though this Being or Intelligence is called by differing names and descriptions, I acknowledge that this same God is over all mankind and that we are children of God, brothers and sisters. Essentially, humanity is one family.
  4. I believe that the will of God would include the best possible outcome for all of humanity. The goal of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Humankind” is a goal I embrace.
  5. I embrace the Principle of Love and seek to love my neighbor as I do myself. I seek to do unto others as I would have others do unto me. I seek to serve both God and humanity.
  6. I embrace the Principle of Light in that I seek greater understanding. I realize I have knowledge of some things but do not know all things about either God or humankind, and therefore seek to know more. I believe that I can progress in knowledge and understanding of spiritual principles. I seek to ever expand my learning. I am open to a fresh outlook when greater light and truth are revealed to me.
  7. I accept the Principle of Cause and Effect and embrace the simple idea as taught in all spiritual movements that good and loving deeds, actions and thoughts will bring positive results, while harmful actions will bring destructive results. I therefore seek to do good to all mankind that good will return to me.
  8. I accept the Principle of Freedom. I allow all people to worship, speak and believe how, where or what they may, so long as they comply with the just laws of the land (laws which protect the whole of the people). I do not support imposing my beliefs on others by force.
  9. I accept the Principle of Communion. Through prayer, thought or contemplation, I can gain a greater awareness of God’s purpose, God’s will and God’s love.
  10. I believe that my existence will continue even after the death of the physical body, and therefore seek to live mortal life in such a way that the afterlife of myself and others will be a happy experience.
  11. I believe in the Principle of Sharing to assist those less fortunate than myself. I support the elimination of poverty, disease and ignorance from the human condition that all may live abundantly. I realize that this must be accomplished through working with the free will of humanity, not through force, and that sharing includes more than the material.
  12. I believe that true spiritual principles and facts are in harmony with proven science as is all truth no matter where it is discovered. In all situations I seek to know the truth rather than settle for that which is false.
  13. I accept the Principle of Harmlessness and in this spirit I do not support any first aggression toward any nation, group or individual. If there is no first aggression, there will not be a second.
  14. I support the Principle of Harmonious and Good Relationships and seek to be an ambassador of goodwill with my family, friends, groups and nations that all may benefit from contact with me. I embrace kindness in all my contacts.
  15. I support the Principle of Honesty and seek to tell the truth consistently.
  16. I accept the fact that beneficial teachers, innovators and servants of humanity have appeared in times past for the benefit of all and realize that others will yet manifest. I seek to prepare my mind and heart to accept the good, the beautiful and the true when they present themselves.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Project Peace and Goodwill

Project Peace and Goodwill Part 1

Posted November 10, 1999


“Project Peace and Goodwill is a ship with not one Columbus, but many. With such power none can stop it from sailing over that ocean called ‘Impossible’.”

Perhaps the above quote from this following treatise sets the tone of its purpose more than anything else. Indeed Project Peace and Goodwill sets out to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Its goal is to rid the world of all nuclear arms and war itself, eventually bringing a perpetual peace on earth.

More fascinating still is the fact that herein is at last presented a solid, intelligent and workable plan that will fire the hearts and minds of humanity with vision and belief that the words: PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO MANKIND will finally become a reality.

Is there a better time to present such a plan than the beginning of a new millennium? Mankind certainly needs a candle of hope that this next thousand years will not yield a nuclear winter, but will hold for us sunny skies, green pastures and children with wonder in their eyes looking forward to a brighter and brighter future.


The great heart of humanity trembles more at this one thought than any other: NUCLEAR WAR – AND THE DESOLATION THAT WOULD FOLLOW. Never before has nature or even man himself placed before him such an ominous threat that pierces him to the center and makes him quake with fear for himself and future generations.

In the past man has bravely faced his enemies, his cruel dictators, wars, persecutors, conquistadors, wild animals, savages, hurricanes, floods, and even the violent shakings of the Earth, but until now he has never faced an enemy so overwhelming as that created by the collective mind of humanity when the power of the atom was unleashed. This new enemy is wielded by both friend and foe – both are to be feared and neither trusted.

Mankind now has such great power in his hands that one fears that his own countrymen in a weak or accidental moment may detonate the bomb that will lead to the destruction of the entire world, and there would be no men or history books left to record the greatest blunder of all time.

The real enemy here is not an opposing tribe, nation, people, or even an ideology, but man himself, and wherever there is a person who has power to detonate a nuclear bomb, there we have the potential slayer of mankind – one like ourselves who simply made a mistake: A mistake so grave that we want to hide our heads in the sand and not think about it.

On the other hand, the person who presses the doomsday button is not the one to be held responsible for the destruction of civilization. We are. If parents allow a child to play with a stick of dynamite, and he lights the fuse and blows them up -who is responsible? Certainly not the child, but the parents who should know better.

If you and I allow another person in an insane moment to blow us off the face of the Earth with nuclear or other weapons, similarly, he is not the one to be held responsible. Instead, it is those who know better: general humanity – you and I.

Many parents cry about the mistakes of their children and blame the little ones for their misfortunes, but it is no more ridiculous for humanity, the parents of government, to cry over the possibility of their leaders destroying them, than it is for parents to cry over their children because they have made mistakes through lack of discipline.

You and I, common ordinary people, are the ones who have the supreme power and responsibility, and we must now awake to the fact that we can, will, and must subject the leaders of the nations to discipline so they will lay down their terrible toys, and cease their childish threatenings of desolation, and follow the peaceful way.

From the heart of humanity comes the Plan for Peace – a physical peace that will also lead to an inner peace of mind. Imagine how much better the parents of the world will feel knowing that their children will surely grow to maturity and face a life full of opportunities, a life that will not be cut short by an insane atomic war!

The Plan must not be identified with a political party, else the opposition, in their pride, will oppose it. Neither must it be identified with a religion, race, creed, or nation. Indeed, it must come from the midst of common people: neither the famous, nor wealthy, nor powerful, but a true representation of humanity itself. Only thus initiated can the Plan have the necessary power and momentum to synthesize the people and consummate the great words which are the hope of the world: PEACE ON EARTH; GOODWILL TO MEN.

Project Peace and Goodwill is thus initiated to achieve this very end, which end must be reached by humanity itself through the use of its own freewill. We recognize that no outside power will force man to live in peace, but he must make that decision for himself.

We believe that humanity has come of age and the majority of people want the nations of the world to lay down their desolating weapons and never take them up again. Many there are who deeply desire to trust their fellow men and live their lives without fear – for nations must learn to tolerate each other, make compromises, and spread goodwill, just as a men and women must deal peacefully with their neighbors.

Most individual human beings have become mature enough so they have no desire to store explosives in their basements for possible use against their neighbors. It is time that the nations as a whole rise to the level of the common man and with one accord covenant to make harmless their weapons of desolation and never seek to again threaten the destruction of humanity.

Project Peace and Goodwill is to be the most cosmopolitan group ever established for its goal reaches into the hearts of men in every nation: PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO MEN. Who would want to argue with it or fight against such a lofty ideal? The words sound good and strike a chord in even the basest of mankind. Indeed, it would be criminal for anyone to lift a finger to discourage such a project. Nevertheless, there will be many who will arise with objections.

Some of the objections to be expected are:

(1) Such a goal is impossible and can never be accomplished. The leaders of the nations are too corrupt.

(2) Only God can bring peace on the Earth and cause men to lay down their arms.

(3) The world is doomed to destruction by God and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

We will briefly counter these three objections.

Objection One: There are always those laggards who claim that progress is impossible. They heckled Columbus, the Wright Brothers, Edison, and every other visionary thinker who ever walked the globe. Their watchword has always been: “Impossible”. It’s as if their sole purpose is to try and discourage those few who would work to benefit humanity.

“Impossible”, said Napoleon, “That is not good French!” Another named Napoleon Hill said: “That which the mind of man can conceive and believe – it can achieve.”

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men has been conceived, and it is believed by many, so there is no reason why it cannot be achieved.

Disarmament and peace become possible when men believe they are possible, not before and not later. The truth is that mankind tries to limit itself to the eternal hostile atmosphere of the beast. Instead he should set his limitless vision on the peaceful horizons and proceed. Project Peace and Goodwill now sets that vision and men everywhere are called to set their sights on it and accept the possibility so the only barrier – man’s limited thinking – can be removed.

Project Peace and Goodwill is a ship with not one Columbus, but many. With such power none can stop it from sailing over that ocean called “Impossible”.

Objection Two: Many sincerely religious people adhere to objection number two: that only supernatural interference can bring peace on the Earth. Project Peace and Goodwill is not a religious organization and makes no pronouncements about God, for both believers and nonbelievers must work together in the light of reason to accomplish its great goals. We will, however, point out that there are many who have an unrealistic dependency upon the supernatural that is not supported in any of the world scriptures.

For instance there were many near the beginning of World War II who believed the Allies should not fight Hitler that God would take care of him. It wasn’t long before the pacifists in England woke up to the fact that they and their countrymen must immediately ACT or live under the power of the ruthless dictator, and that God was not going to do for them what they had to do for themselves

It should be obvious to believers and nonbelievers alike that the responsibility for peace rests upon man alone for the only way God or anyone else could cause mankind to live in peace when he is not ready is to play the role of a ruthless dictator, take man’s freewill away, and force him to do right. History does not record any such event happening nor do we expect any Divine interference that destroys the freewill of man.

The third common objection or problem is that there are many who believe unalterably in a doomsday. Many there are who believe the world will soon end and there is nothing anyone can do about it, but accept it. About once a year from time immemorial a significant new group has arisen preaching the end of the world and setting a date. Periodically the newspapers record how the groups sell all their belongings and retire to some designated place where they alone will be saved from the end of the world. Without exception each of these groups has been sadly disappointed.

Nevertheless, a doomsday is possible now we are in the nuclear age, but it is only a possibility and it can be avoided by the thoughtful will of humanity. Indeed it is something that MUST be avoided at all costs.

If an all out nuclear war were to occur about the best we could look forward to would be the preservation of some human life. If some were to survive these would undoubtedly revert to tribal living and civilization could be set back a thousand years or more.

Doomsday does not have to happen. If humanity accepts the goals of Project Peace and Goodwill then the great holocaust will be proven to be a mere madman’s dream and future generations will look upon this point in time as a great turning point for the human family.


Project Peace and Goodwill Part II


To prevent a doomsday from ever materializing we are issuing the DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL. This Declaration will be sent to all the nations of the world with the hope that they will endorse it and abide by its covenants. All people are invited to join Project Peace and Goodwill In this great endeavor.

Things that are not required for membership are as follows:

(1) First, a person is not required to support any particular creed, philosophy, or religion.

(2) One is not required to leave any religious or group affiliation.

(3) One is allowed to disagree with group ideas and still actively cooperate in areas of agreement.

(4) Membership is not to be denied because of race, sex, or belief, but is opened to all men and women.

Members should support the following objectives:

(1) The member (or supporter) should have a strong personal desire to see an actual and permanent peace and disarmament established through the freewill of man. However, the member should not be willing to sacrifice freedom and liberty for peace. A forced peace is not peace at all and is not caused by a uniting of the hearts and minds, for when the force is released the physical peace ends. Only through the uniting of the hearts and minds of men through freewill can a true and lasting peace be established.

(2) The member should support the principle of Goodwill, or right thinking toward all mankind. All mankind are to be looked upon as brothers and sisters no matter what their nationality, race, or ideology. In both belief and deed one should work toward establishing right relationships with his immediate associates, with his family on up, always trying to release the energy of love and treat all with consideration and justice. He should be willing to do unto others as he would have others do unto him.

(3) He should support the principle of freedom and liberty for himself and all men and not be willing to sacrifice it at any cost. Man must be free to express himself without fear and to pursue happiness in any way that does not harm others.

(4) He should recognize that first aggression is the destroyer of peace and work toward its cessation. The nation, group, or individual who takes the first aggressive step is ALWAYS wrong. There is no exception in history. Napoleon was misdirected in his aggression. Hitler was wrong when he invaded Poland, and all present day first aggressions are terrible sins against humanity.

IF THERE WERE NO FIRST AGGRESSION, THERE WOULD NOT BE A SECOND. Let this statement be engraved in the hearts and minds of the Peacekeepers throughout the world until it becomes the watchword of human peace.

All Peacemakers must be completely unbiased, especially concerning their particular religious and political beliefs. If one believes that Israel is God’s chosen land, for instance, he still must not support a first strike by them. If he is a great believer in the Koran he must be able to decry an aggressive act by the Arabs. If a peacemaker is a member of the Communist party he must not support a move by his mother country to forcefully expand her dominion. And if one is an American he must not close his eyes to American first aggression. National and religious fixations must be put aside if world peace is to become a reality.

All Peacemakers must realize that aggression is aggression whether it be initiated by an enemy, or his favorite prophet, priest, or king. If the German people would have realized during World War II that their real enemy was not the Allies, but their beloved Hitler, the great war of the ages would have never been. The Third World War will never be if we can make hindsight our foresight and be willing to stand up and condemn aggression for what it really is.

In current feuds the initiator can usually be traced and pointed out. All new aggression in such cases should be decried. Nothing embarrasses a leader or dictator more than to have public opinion, or world opinion turn against him. If the Peacemakers can turn public opinion against an aggressor it is a major step toward subduing him.

(5) The member should support, not a reduction, not a freeze, but complete ELIMINATION of all arms and weapons that have the potential of destroying life on this planet. Conventional weapons could also be limited and armies reduced in size. This would save the nations untold billions. The money could then be spent on projects that will benefit mankind. The problem of turning this into a reality is that each nation wants the other nation(s) to make the larger step in reduction so that it can maintain a military advantage. Project Peace and Goodwill should play the watchdog and point out to the public who it is that is preventing wise action on this matter.

Disarmament is not complicated. It is so simple a child can understand it. Securing cooperation and trust among the nations, however, is the complicated part. Only a strong public opinion generated by a united organization such as Project Peace and Goodwill can shame the nations into laying down their arms. Too many leaders like to rattle their irons and push buttons. The total solution cannot be left up to them. It must be taken on by humanity itself, ordinary people like you and I. When humanity raises its voice loud enough, the leaders of the nations will listen – and respond.

Imagine a world where there is no threat of nuclear biological destruction. Would not one feel better about bringing children into the world knowing that they will actually live to become adults and be able to pursue health and happiness? Think long and hard on what a difference this will make, for such a massed human thought on such a wonderful idea will help to make it a reality.

Disarmament should never be undertaken unilaterally or on any unreasonable grounds. Those who thoughtlessly promulgated a one sided disarmament of the Allies in the thirties paved the way for the unchecked rise of Hitler. Then too, if they had not woke up at the last moment and armed themselves to meet the challenge we may very well be living under a Nazi government today. Common sense must always rule. Those who would support a one sided disarmament are living in a world of illusion. Nevertheless, it must enter into the consciousness of the human family that a complete nuclear and biological disarmament and world peace are attainable.

The main hindrance to world peace is that there are few who believe it is currently possible. The common man desires world peace and nuclear disarmament, but he must believe in it for it to be achieved.


Project Peace and Goodwill has three main purposes:

First, it is to instill in the minds of average humanity the idea that disarmament and peace are a real possibility and not the mere dream of a visionary. Many people will gladly accept it if it is presented to them correctly. This will be a major accomplishment, for peace cannot occur unless there is first a belief in peace.

Second, Project Peace and Goodwill will monitor present efforts toward disarmament and peace and give encouragement in the right direction. It will keep the public informed of progress and make suggested future steps that can be taken.

Third, it presents a logical Plan for nuclear disarmament and peace between the nations. After this is accepted then disarmament of conventional weapons will also be undertaken.

In the end of this treatise the reader will find an outline of the Plan which is called THE DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL. Project Peace and Goodwill will promulgate this Declaration throughout the world until it, or something very similar to it is accepted.

We believe this Declaration is the most important document in the history of man for it pertains to the very survival of our species.

If a nuclear war were to break out one of two things would happen:

(1) Mankind would become completely extinct.

(2) Mankind would become almost extinct and the few that would be left would revert to tribal living. Civilization could take a long period of time to get back to the point where we are now.

The salvation of mankind from either of these fates would make The Declaration of Peace and Goodwill the most important document in history.

Fate number one is particularly dreadful to think about. This would be a blunder without historical parallel. Man has made many mistakes in his history, but each one has been correctable. If a kingdom or the entire world has fallen into the wrong hands the progress of man may be hindered a generation or two, but sooner or later man sees his mistake, becomes wiser than before, and sets himself on a cycle of greater advancement. Such would and could not be the case with a total destruction of humanity. It would be a mistake beyond repair from our finite viewpoint.

Let us contemplate such a tragic event just long enough to wake us from our sleep and then shift our attention to the fact (and we must make it a fact) that mankind will solve the problems that face him and peacefully enter a future more glorious than the race has ever enjoyed before.


Project Peace Part III


The main question in people’s minds will be as to how The Declaration of Peace and Goodwill will be accepted. Most will think that it sounds good, but that the leaders of the world are too stubborn to accept it. This is true. If we did nothing more than present the Plan to world leaders we may be assured that nothing would happen.

Fortunately, there is a greater power in the world than government and its leaders, and that is those people who create and support the government -common people like you and I. The average person may not be aware of it, but the general public is the most powerful force in the world. Public opinion is the master, of all world leaders. It can place them in power, but it can just as quickly remove them.

“But,” says one, “That may be true in a free country, but not in a totalitarian regime.”

The man who thinks thus is mistaken. Public opinion is the master in all nations among all peoples. Even Hitler, the archenemy of mankind, realized this. He knew that the only way he could stay in power and achieve his aims was to manipulate public opinion so it would be on his side. He carefully controlled all the media, political, and religious leaders with this end in view, and when he started World War II by invading Poland the Germans were convinced that they were merely defending their honor. Hitler lied to them and told them that Poland had committed the first act of aggression. If the general public had known the truth World War II would have never been because public opinion would not have allowed it.

The war in the Falklands between Britain and Argentina illustrates the power of indoctrination in molding public opinion, but more importantly, the power of public opinion over a dictatorship.

On the Argentina side, public opinion was directed in favor of repossessing the Falklands through teaching the people from their first history classes in school that the islands were a part of Argentina, and that Britain had an unlawful possession of them. Thus when the military dictator, Leopold Galtieri, ordered the invasion of the Falklands the people supported the idea of getting back that which they thought was stolen from them. Public opinion was roused further by glorious promises of victory.

After the war began the dictatorship saw that they must keep public opinion on their side so they told many lies to the people through their controlled media. If Britain would shoot down six planes they would say they lost one and if Argentina would sink one British ship they would report three. If they had to retreat because of superior British forces the dictatorship would tell the people they were consolidating forces to strike a master blow. The people were greatly deceived and supported the war up to the last moment.

Finally, the moment of truth came. The British gained the victory and it became clear as crystal to the people that they had been deceived and they felt like fools. Public opinion rose with one voice against Galtieri, a totalitarian dictator, and he was out of office in several days.

The common people are the masters of the world. History records that they are; presidents and priests obey them, and kings and dictators fear them. If the common people can bask in the light of truth there would always be progress toward peace. If the Argentines were taught the history of the Falklands in their true perspective they would not have made the first aggressive act. They may then look upon the Falklands in a similar light as the French look upon Louisiana that Napoleon illegally sold to America, or as Mexico does Texas which was lost to the U.S.

If the people are presented the truth in a way that they can understand they will generally make the right decision, and that decision, be it good or evil, is all powerful. All repressive governments could be overthrown in a day if the people so willed it. The common man must awake to the power he has so he can use it intelligently.

Another good example of this power was the resignation of Richard Nixon. He was a man with perhaps as great of an attachment to leadership and power as can be found; yet he stepped down. Why? Not because he felt guilty over Watergate, not because he was impeached, but because public opinion demanded it. He would have faced a life in chains or even risked his life to retain control if the public had supported him, but they did not. His Master spoke and he obeyed.

On the other hand, President Clinton faced a similar ordeal and was smart enough to focus all of his efforts, not on defending himself, but on manipulating public opinion in his favor. It was only because a high percentage of the public supported him that allowed him to remain in office.

Then when public opinion was directed against Ken Starr, even though he was no worse than most other prosecutors, his power to even use the law against Clinton was neutralized.

If public opinion can strip proud men of their power, and control the rise and fall of world leaders, could it not accomplish the simpler feat of influencing presidents and leaders to endorse the Declaration of Peace and Goodwill? After all, such endorsement may place them in the honor roles of history. They should be happy to follow their Master (the people) on this important item.

The one per cent property tax initiative that started in California some years ago is a good example of the constructive power of public opinion. Few of the leaders or candidates liked the idea and frowned upon it, but their Master, the people, thought otherwise and supported it.

Leaders and candidates then switched positions and decided it was good after all, and it became the law of the state because the people were enlightened and educated on the subject and THEY WILLED IT TO BE AND IT WAS SO.

Even so must the peace loving people of the entire planet combine their energies to put THE DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL in effect throughout the length and width of the Earth. Let our minds be filled with the all-consuming thought. “It can be done … It must be done … It will be done.”


This may sound well and good to a potential Peacemaker, but he may wonder how it is that we are to arouse public opinion for the cause of peace. After all, it has never been done before on a practical level.

This is a reasonable question for we must admit that public opinion will not establish peace without some direction, for without intelligent direction we have the blind leading the blind

The first and most important step is that a definite Plan with a plausible solution be developed to present to the public. Without a definite Plan all the marching and demonstrations in the world will have little effect, for the leaders of the nations (as thoughtless as they seem at times) are intelligent enough not to pursue blind action and merely hope for the best. They also need an intelligent Plan to work with.

Such a Plan has been written – THE DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL – and is included in this treatise for consideration.

The second stage in the implementation of the Plan is to place it before the most powerful force in the world – the people. One may think it should be first given to the heads of state but if that was all we did and let it go at that it would die on the vine. The leaders of the world (most of them) would not want to present it unless they can receive the glory of it being their plan, and if they did this their political opponents would not support them for it would make the opposing party look too good.

Nevertheless, world leaders should be presented the plan along with everyone else and endorsements on both sides of the political spectrum should be sought.

It is, however, of prime importance to present it to the people and rouse public opinion in its favor. Then when the leaders see that their Master – the people – want it, they will have to obey.

The first step in gaining the interest of the people will be to distribute this writing as far and as wide as possible. For those groups who express interest, Project Peace and Goodwill, after it is an established organization, will provide speakers. When a group of people in a certain locality show interest, they can hold meetings and study different aspects of the Plan. The groups interested can then hold fund raising drives and door-to-door campaigns to enlighten the people and get their written endorsement of the Plan. At least twenty million signatures could be acquired in the United States alone.

After the public learns about the Plan and its feasibility, and some belief in its implementation is instilled in the public consciousness, Step Three will be initiated. The people who are the masters of their fate will use their influence to get it endorsed by their City, State and finally the Federal government. They will influence their leaders with e-mails, phone calls, letters, personal contact, and the power of their vote. When the leaders see this is what the people want, then they will give it to them.

The people must merely show their leaders with one voice that they want the Plan implemented. It is as simple as that.

Project Peace and Goodwill will do what they can to coordinate the efforts of the people so they will be effectively heard. They will also use funds available for a media blitz to enlighten all people of the Plan and generate public support. Television, newspapers, radio, brochures, bumper stickers etc will all be used. This, of course, will take a good deal of money, but it can be raised. This is the type of project people will be willing to donate to as long as they know how their money is being spent. It will take millions, perhaps billions to consummate this effort, but when the army of volunteers surfaces, the needed amount will become available.

Copyright 1982 by J J Dewey

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    146. Sex in the Spirit World – Feb 16, 2017
    147. Where Did We Come From? – Feb 17, 2017
    148. Brigham Young’s Transfiguration – Feb 19, 2017
    149. Holograms and More – Feb 19, 2017
    150. Co-Equal Intelligences – Feb 20, 2017
    151. The Great Descent – Feb 21, 2017
    152. The Gods – Feb 22, 2017
    153. Who Are The Sons Of Perdition? – Feb 23, 2017
    154. The Fate of the Sons Of Perdition – Feb 24, 2017
    155. Eternal Progression – Feb 26, 2017
    156. Keys to Liberation – March 1, 2017
    157. Immortals Among Us? – March 7, 2017
    158. All Things New – March 7, 2017
    159. Visits from Immortals – March 10, 2017
    160. Immortals Among Us? – March 11, 2017
    161. Visits from Immortals, Part 2 – March 12, 2017
    162. Immortals and David Whitmer – March 20, 2017
    163. The Covenants of God – March 29, 2017
    164. The Illusion of Obedience – April 8, 2017
    165. Consciousness – April 9, 2017
    166. Extremism in Alternative Spirituality – April 20, 2017
    167. Inclusiveness – April 21, 2017
    168. Equality – April 22, 2017
    169. Oneness and Unity – April 24, 2017
    170. Sharing – April 27, 2017
    171. Was Jesus a Socialist? – April 28, 2017
    172. The Mandela Effect – May 6, 2017
    173. Take No Thought – May 9, 2017
    174. Beware of What You Ask For – May 12, 2017
    175. Does Like Attract Like? – May 17, 2017
    176. Self Love – May 19, 2017
    177. Facts on Fukushima – May 21, 2017
    178. Recognizing True Messengers – May 23, 2017
    179. Where are the Avatars? – May 26, 2017
    180. Manifesting Avatars – May 29, 2017
    181. Avatars and the Internet – May 31, 2017
    182. The Three Levels of Mastery – June 6, 2017
    183. The Mysterious Cause of Division – June  12, 2017
    184. Two Different Languages – June 13, 2017
    185. Enhancing Communication – June  14, 2017
    186. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 1
    187. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 2
    188. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 3
    189. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 4
    190. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 5
    191. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 6
    192. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 7
    193. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 8
    194. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 9
    195. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 10
    196. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 11
    197. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 12
    198. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 13
    199. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 14
    200. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 15
    201. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 16
    202. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 17
    203. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 18
    204. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 19
    205. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 20
    206. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 21
    207. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 22
    208. The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 23
    209. The Zion Society – July 17, 2018
    210. People Under the Earth – Aug 3, 2018
    211. The Light Side
    212. The Principle of Goodwill – Nine Parts – Aug 21, 2018
    213. Good and Evil in Motion – Nov 21, 2017
    214. The Mandela Effect – Oct 6, 2018
    215. Not Seeing – Oct 30, 2018
    216. Warning from DK – Nov 1, 2018
    217. Handing Difficult People – Nov 11, 2018
    218. Notes on the Sabbath – Dec 26, 2018
    219. Walls and Borders, Parts 1-9 – Jan 19, 2019
    220. Universal Healthcare Lost – Feb 7, 2019
    221. Selected Smaller Posts – Feb 22, 2019
    222. Investigating the Law of One – Feb 23, 2019
    223. Brexit and the New Age – April 3, 2019
    224. The Immortal on Youtube

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