McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 2

 The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius JJ: What I consider the greatest aspect of slavery in the modern age is taxes, because in that way we are like the slave in the Roman … [Read more...]

The Three Principles

May 24, 1999 The Three Principles Question: Do you think that we can retain our blind spots and still attain spiritual enlightenment? The group has made some good observations about the blind … [Read more...]

Freedom is Freedom

Chapter Three - The Second Division Slavery Is Freedom, Or Maybe   Ask anyone if he is for freedom and he will say, “yes, of course.” It is interesting that everyone in the universe sees himself … [Read more...]

Discovering the New Age, Part 3

Discovering the New Age, Part 3 Sorting out Mind from Emotion Freedom Those who are stuck in the old age ruled by emotion will have a much different view of freedom than will the Aquarian thinker … [Read more...]

The Two Paths

  May 28, 2016 The Two Paths It s interesting that the vast majority of Alice A. Bailey students who aspire to taking the right hand path cleave strongly to the political left and speak … [Read more...]

More on Freedom

Nov 14, 2015 More on Freedom Dan writes: By what criteria can a person that doesn't already (think they) know how the universe works determine if a particular act increases or decreases freedom for … [Read more...]

The Left, the Right and DK, Part 2

So, what are other freedoms overlooked by the Left? We go through cycles where the political left and right take their turn in pushing us in the Right direction. Sometimes the Left pushes too far … [Read more...]

The Left, the Right and DK, Part 1

The Principle of Freedom A reader brings up an interesting point that most Bailey students are from the Left and see me as a heretic to the faith because I lean to the Right and this division seems … [Read more...]

Where Are the Masters?

Blayne writes: I am wondering if there are many masters reincarnating or have already into this time period to help humanity through this rough patch? Or high level initiates at least? Maybe it … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 8

March 20, 2013 Aquaponics  I came across something new that Blayne and some others may already know about. It's called aquaponics. Here is a brief definition of it: "Aquaponics is the … [Read more...]