What Is the Purpose of Life?

Question Fifty-Two What Is the Purpose of Life? This is a question that has mystified humanity since the beginning of time, but perhaps this is a subject that we are guilty of over thinking. … [Read more...]

How Did the Universe Come To Be?

Question Four How Did the Universe Come To Be? Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding.  They have measured the rate of expansion and calculated when the starting point began and what … [Read more...]

Keys Posts 2012, Part 12

May 26, 2012 Great Mystery to New Member Brian I've seen the terms evidence confused with 'proof'. Evidence is anything USED to demonstrate the truth of an assertion. Evidence is NOT proof of … [Read more...]

Keys Posts 2012, Part 11

May 24, 2012 The Greatest Mystery There seems to be some questions about my statement that there is no such thing as a first cause. Let me say a few words and then if there are additional … [Read more...]

Maximum Freewill

If anyone can bring up a provocative question, it is you Rob.  And as far as the answers go I am very impressed by the intelligence illustrated in the responding posts. We indeed have some quality … [Read more...]

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 1

The Molecular Relationship By J J Dewey Published by Great AD-Ventures P. O. Box 8011 Boise, Idaho 83707 Copyright 1988, 2003 All Rights Reserved CHAPTER ONE CREATION There was a … [Read more...]

How It Works

Book Of Quotes Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey 1  The test as to whether something works, is that it works. 2  Some may argue that a certain … [Read more...]

The Three T’s: Triads, Trinities & Triangles

Book Of Quotes Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey 1.  "The Divine Trinity is, of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is esoterically Power, … [Read more...]