McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 6

The Unveiling, Part 1 JJ: We are going to talk about my new book called “The Unveiling” and this is the first copy and as you can tell we put a lot of work and expense into the cover. (Shows cover … [Read more...]

The Trinity of Aquarius

Jan 23, 1999 The Trinity of Aquarius A reader said, “I have had enough of sacrifice. I am ready for a new way.” Yes, my brother, there is another way and now is the time for the disciples of the … [Read more...]

The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean?

May 30, 2016 The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean? I have noted before that the vast majority of Bailey students as well as new agers in general support the politics of the left. My estimate is that … [Read more...]

The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 7

So what when a person reaches that point he begins in Aries and goes through Taurus and all the signs of the zodiac backwards until his last one, his last labor is in Pisces, and Pisces is the labor … [Read more...]