JJ’s Video Classes

1. The Molecular Relationship, Class One
An overview of The Molecular Relationship, the next great step in spiritual evolution.

2. The Molecular Relationship, Class Two
Where did God come from and how did creation come to be?

3. The Molecular Relationship, Class Three
Understanding time and the seven planes.

4. Molecular Relationship, Class Four
Why we left the higher world of bliss and take our chances in this world full of pain and suffering. The marriage relationship the beginning of the Molecular Relationship.

5. Molecular Relationship, Class Five
Relationships are the power behind all creation. How to create good ones.

6. Molecular Relationship, Class Six
The number seven, seven rays, seven chakras and many energies.

7. Molecular Relationship, Class Seven
The corresponding seven centers (chakras) in nations, the human kingdom, the seven kingdoms and more.

Video Classes on the Treatise on White Magic
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