Investigating the Law of One

The Law of One, Part 1

I have finished reading Book One of the Law of One and will make some comments.

I first read some of the RA dialog back in the Eighties, shortly after it was published, and wasn’t impressed enough to read further at the time as the information seemed kind of ordinary. I must not have read Book One, or all of it, as this time around I found it quite interesting. Now I am wondering what part of the RA material I did read as much of this I had not read before,

Anyway, this is some of the most interesting trance channeled material I have read, even better than the Seth material. It is similar in quality to that brought forth by Delores Cannon. The source and process was somewhat different though. The RA and the Seth material accessed just one entity each, while Delores accessed many past lives and the higher consciousness of many subjects.

The problem with trance channeled material is that it bypasses the mind. The mind goes to sleep as it does when we dream and the communication takes place through the use of the astral, or the emotional body.

Communication through mental telepathy by use of the conscious mind is more accurate than through the astral body as more distortion occurs in the astral body than the mind, though neither are perfect.

It is interesting, but true that RA identifies us as “distortions” of true reality and recognizes the difficulty in truly accurate communication from the higher planes to the lower. This harmonizes with my teaching that all physical creation occurs through energies being out of balance.

As evidence of distortion you will notice that you will almost, without exception, find contradictory differences in the various trance channels, even the best of them.

This takes us back to the prime directive of all my teachings which is this. No matter how high or valid you think the source is, even God himself, run all things by your own soul, as your true inner voice is your most reliable source.

Even here the seeker can be wrong, and mistake the higher astral for the voice of the soul, but at least he is heading the right direction, and, once perfected, he will develop a high sense of discerning the true from the false.

The problem for the seeker in sorting out truth when there is a lot of data involved is the language of the soul is the language of principles., The soul always leads the lower self toward the understanding of the principle behind things or why a certain idea is true. It is strong on the wisdom aspect. To accurately discern the truth of data, such as past history, would require the ability to access and accurately read the Akashic records – something which no mortal I know can do, though many claim this ability.

That said, let us look at the Law of One with dispassion, just as we would any other channeled material, scriptures, Theosophical related works or any claimed inspiration.

First, let me say that the material is a product of intelligence that exceeds normal human consciousness and as such contains much that is true. It is of a high enough grade that the seeker may be tempted to accept all that is said without question. To this one should never acquiesce. For me, there are certain writings to which I give a lot of weight, but I never let my guard down and always question anything that does not make sense or that does not register with my soul.

That said, let me point out positive and negative aspects of RA’s The Law of One. We’ll start with the positive.

(1) The source is a high grade of intelligence and the questions asked were also of high quality. When RA said something confusing the person asked for clarification, such as RA calling a solar system a galaxy.

(2) It covers numerous mysteries to which many question, such as ancient history, the beginning of life, the pyramids, life on Mars and Venus, higher dimensions etc. RA gives credible answers on all these things.

(3) RA gives very interesting explanations and comes up with instant information with very little hesitation.

(4) Unlike most channeled material RA touches on a number of principles and expands on them.

(5) He correctly identifies the core difference between the light and the dark side – the light being service to others and the dark being service to self. This is an important distinction.

(6) The general direction of the teachings would lead the seeker toward love and service rather than to glamor and the implication of the ego.

(7) Whether you accept the source as valid or not RA gives much material that is good food for thought and, when contemplated on, can lead the seeker to greater light. It is good material for seekers to read through the light of the soul.

To be continued…

You can download the Law of One Books free here:


Law of One, Part 2

The RA material certainly gives one much to think about. I like the fact that it discusses concepts and ideas as well as the presentation of data. The soul can more easily guide the seeker in discovering truth behind principles, whereas the akashic records must be accessed or a revelation received to verify data.

Even so, we can use our common sense and reasoning minds to get a general idea of how accurate the data is.

Overall, I think the RA material is about as accurate as any of the trance channeled material out there, but, like anything else, one must run the teachings by his reasoning mind and soul.

The first thing I do with any channeled or revealed material is to see how it registers with my soul. This material did not register as perfect but good enough that I was encouraged to read all the books and contemplate the material.

The second thing I do is look to see if any specific predictions have been made and whether or not they have come true. This is sometimes difficult to ascertain as some writers go back and edit out false predictions once the date has past so it is always best to have the original material available. Fortunately, it does look like we have the original RA writings.

The first RA book was written in 1981 and most channeled material around that time was predicting apocalyptic type events before the end of the millennium. Many were predicting a shift of the axis, great destruction, the coming of Christ, great earth changes – all kinds of things that did not happen. Many channelers were wrong not with just one prediction, but all of them.

Wrong predictions, of course, do not mean all their other writings were wrong, but it does indeed signal that one must examine all other writings with a skeptical, or at least an analytical eye.

The problem with predictions is that not even a master can predict all the details of the future. Higher lives can examine cycles and causes leading to the future and be quite accurate in many instances, but, because of free will cannot accurately tell us all details of future events.

When some revelator therefore, gives a lot of specifics about future events, you can be pretty sure he is caught up in some illusion and there will be numerous flaws in his material.

Smart prophets will write like Isaiah or Nostradamus where their writings lack specifics, but can be interpreted numerous different ways. Believers can never be proven wrong.

RA was wise in that a number of times he avoided giving specifics about the future correctly pointing out that free will is at play. He was asked about future evens of the new millennium he indicated that there could be big earth changes around the turn of the century but was not specific. He did though give one specific prophesy.

In 1981 he predicted that within 30 years the earth and its people would go through a harvesting and the people would shift from third density life to the fourth density.

Now RA says there are a number of densities or dimensions in consciousness. He is a sixth density being, much higher in evolution than an ordinary human who is third density. Just to give you an idea of how far up the sixth density is he says that Jesus was a fifth density entity, an octave below himself.

So, around the year of 2011 humanity was supposed to enter the fourth density. In this density the people of earth would understand the Law of One and live in oneness, peace, love and understanding. There would be many other changes. For instance, he indicated we would not use cars (called “heavy chemical vehicles”) to get from one place to another.

As we approached 2011 believers in the RA material saw that as so close to the Mayan prediction of 2012 that many figured they were the one and the same.

Carla Rueckert, who channeled the Law of One material, later earmarked the Mayan date of 2012 as the time of transition. She wrote quite a bit about this in her 2009 book, “Living the Law of One.”

As I write this it is February 2019, significantly beyond either 2011 or 2012 and if anything we have moved away from love and unity as a civilization rather than entering a higher realm of peace and understanding. People are at each others throats in political disagreements as never before in my memory.

Believers refuse to admit that RA was mistaken but see the transition date as merely being postponed because of humanity’s free will. On the other hand, RA told us that the time for such matters is based on cycles that are set. He said:

“The timing of these cycles is a measurement equal to a portion of intelligent energy. This intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.”

The hard fact is that RA was just plain wrong any way you look at it and even if there is to be a future transition of some kind he significantly overestimated his ability to predict an event.

This tells us that RA is most likely not an entity who is higher up the ladder than Jesus.

In fact he was not even able to predict more accurately than myself.

This is from a class I gave in 2007:

“A lot of the new agers are as bad as the Christians in that they are expecting the world to end, but they have an exact date of 2012. A lot of people think that the world is going to end, flying saucers are going to come down or something crazy is going to happen then.

“This is merely the end of the Mayan calendar and some people think that because it is the end of the Mayan calendar – that means the end of the world. I think that it is just the last date the Mayans had on their calendar – that’s what I personally think. It’s actually going to be a fairly pivotal time – it’s between the two ages – just as we are entering the Aquarian Age. So, it could be a significant time, but its not going to be the end of the world.

“2011 will probably be as significant as 2012 and 2013 – if you pick those three years as to which one is the most significant – the chances are that 2011 and 2013 will be just as significant, but it is an important time period – were in a time of transition and during the next 20 or 30 years we’re approaching a point of tension that will determine whether we are going into the new age peacefully or unpeacefully. We are in danger of entering a world war III that could put us back a thousand years, but the plan of the Hierarchy is to avoid that and have a transition period that is going to have some difficulties, but we will surmount those difficulties and go into the new age and have a new age of peace that’s going to be the best age in our recorded history.”

This was from a class at the 2007 Gathering.

“My feeling about 2012 is that it is a point taking us into the Age of Aquarius. I don’t think there is anything magical with 2012 over 2011. From what I understand it was the end of their calendar and they saw this as the end of an age rather than the end of the world. It could be an intense time period. Let me see. It is now 2007… we could have some interesting things happen by that time. I see a larger turning point occurring around 2025-2030, which I see as an intense period of change.”

Back in 2007 everyone in the new age and metaphysical movements were predicting big changes in 2012, whereas I said 2012 would not be any more significant than 2011 or 2013.

I am usually very cautious about making predictions because the future is so fluid, but there are some things I am intuitively very sure will not happen.

Some people get upset when you tell them that their favorite predictions will not happen. Almost twenty years ago a fan of my writings wrote me and asked me why I was not preparing people for the arrival of Nibiru, the famous planet X that was supposed to bring on the Apocalypse.

I told her that I wasn’t warning people about it because there was no planet X that was going to arrive in the foreseeable future.

This statement did not harmonize with her belief system and I never heard from her again.

Prophesy is impossible to get right 100% unless the key ingredients are under the control of the one making the prediction or strongly based on natural cycles or trends. There are only a handful of inspired writers that were able to score with 50% accuracy. If someone can be that accurate I will pay attention to his or her words. A lot of people claim to be quite accurate, but when you examine their original words and compare them with actual happenings we find that few can reach this 50% level.


Law of One, Part 3

I have to give the RA material credit for being interesting reading. To its credit it does touch on some principles, but most of the material consists of data that is impossible to verify unless one has access to the Akashic records. One can, however apply the Principles of Discovery, that I have enumerated in the past, and sort out some things that are likely to be true or false.

Predictions that have past their due date are the easiest ones to verify. By 2011-12 humanity was supposed to enter the fourth density where those remaining would be centered on love and have enhanced bodies that could teleport themselves and not need regular transportation. There would be such a change that the lifespan would be increased to a whopping 90,000 years.

That obviously didn’t happen. I see that new RA material has been released in 2018. I have not read it yet but am sure they give a reason that the “harvest” to the fourth density has been delayed, or perhaps we did not correctly understand the process.

One of the core teachings of RA is that life exists in eight different densities. This somewhat corresponds to the seven planes plus a synthesis as taught by the Ancient Wisdom, but with some differences.

According to RA the first density is fire, wind, earth and water interacting to lay the foundation for life.

The second density consists of plants and animals.

The third density is the present human kingdom.

The fourth density consists of beings of love and understanding who live in harmony.

The fifth is higher light and wisdom.

The sixth is a unification of love and wisdom and this is where RA’s confederation resides.

The seventh is pretty much beyond words, but these beings are in total harmony with the creator.

Finally, we have an eighth dimension or density which is assumed to be the first of a new octave of densities.

We are told that there is a special governing council in this density living on the rings of Saturn. Though anything is possible that indeed sounds somewhat fanciful and from a creative imagination.

The seven planes of the Ancient Wisdom are somewhat different. They are the physical, astral, metal, intuitional, Atmic (divine ideas), the originating monad and divine space. Corresponding to the eighth would be the cosmic physical. The ones with this high consciousness would be high beings such as the Ancient of Days who resides on earth in Shamballa or the Solar Logos and associates. The Logos of Saturn would have access to this high state, but it does seem odd to place him in the rings.

RA goes through the seven colors of the spectrum and identifies them sequentially with the densities as well as the human centers. Thus he says the centers from the base of the spine upwards are related to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Many new agers assume that this is the case, but DK gives a different rendering which I believe is accurate. Here they are:

  1. The base of the spine. Four petals. These petals are in the shape of a cross, and radiate with orange fire. Ray 4
  2. Sacral Center Six Pedals – Red with possibly some orange. Ray 7
  3. —The solar plexus. Ten petals. The colour rosy, with an admixture of green. Ray 6
  4. The heart centre. Twelve petals. Colour glowing golden. Ray 2
  5. The throat centre. Sixteen petals. Colour silvery blue, the blue predominating. Ray 3

6 & 7 The head centres. These are in a twofold division;—

a—Between the eyebrows. Ninety-six petals. Colour, one-half of the lotus is rose and yellow, and the other half is blue and purple. Ray 5

b—The top of the head. There are twelve major petals of white and gold, and 960 secondary petals are arranged around the central twelve. This makes a total of 1068 petals in the two head centres, or 356 triplicities. All these figures have an occult significance. Ray 1

See Letters on Occult Meditation, pages 77-78

RA says the age of the Great Pyramid is 6000 years. Orthodox science estimates the age to be around 4500 years. On the other hand, Edgar Cayce says it was over 12,000 years old. Others put the age much older. This seems to be a subject that neither worldly or other worldly investigators can agree on.

I could go on pointing out positive and negative points in the material, but believe I have given out enough so the investigator can check out the teachings for himself and make up his own mind.

A final question that needs to be addressed is this. Who or what is RA and where does he really come from?

I do not believe that the three people involved in the channeled material just deceptively made him up. It appears to me that RA’s intelligence was beyond their own. Neither do I think he is an entity or group purely from the sixth density as he says. Instead, here is my view:

There were three individuals involved who were Allen McCarty, Don Elkins, and Carla Rueckert and were good friends enjoying a common goal of higher contact. This union caused a blending of the energies of their Higher Selves. They were seeking contact through trance channeling which has to be done through the astral body. Their united desires created a thoughtform on the astral/desire plane. This thoughtform was not the Higher Self, but drew intelligence from it as well as information from the minds of the three individuals.

RA was thus a created being composed of elements of reflected higher selves and the combined consciousness of the three individuals .

RA said a number of times that he scanned the mind of the questioner. Indeed he had available the scanned minds of all three at any given moment plus some insights from higher realms.

There are mistakes because RA’s consciousness could not exceed the combined consciousness of the three individuals who were drawing some intelligence from their combined higher selves.

In closing I will give readers the advice I have given out many times. Study all teachings through the light of your own soul, even if you are sure they come from the highest possible source. Nothing will speak to you with more truth than your own Higher Self. If your inner voice rejects a teaching then put it aside. If it registers it as true then place that in the truth section of your mind. If you get nothing positive or negative then go with your common sense or put it on the shelf. The seeker who does not give up but continues will eventually find what he or she is looking for.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Selected Smaller Posts

Sept 24, 2018

Truth and Inclusiveness

If someone is overweight and you blurt out that they are fat your are telling the truth. If they complain about your wording just stating that you are telling the truth is no excuse for your words. In addition, the person will want to avoid you and you should understand why. If you are really concerned about the person being fat instead of stating the truth in the most offensive way you could suggest some healthy foods that will make them feel and look better.

If I were in your situation (which I have been numerous times in my life) instead of accusing others of not being inclusive, blocking you, not willing to work with you etc I would ask myself why this is happening and what I can do about it? There are those who like your spunky personality and maybe you haven’t reached out enough to individual persons. Maybe with the right approach you can achieve more than you think.

To be inclusive does not mean you take everyone within your aura. If this were the case one would accept a marriage proposal from an abusive person. Inclusiveness balances against the principle of discernment and selection. For instance, we do not invite those who seem to have no soul contact into this group as it would destroy the possibility of creating a molecule. On the other hand, the principle of inclusiveness will cause us not to reject anyone because of race, sex, personality etc who is really trying and wants to be included. Then eventually the working molecule will only include those who can tune into the group soul contact, overlook personality flaws and see all others in the molecule as souls.


Oct 24, 2018

Heroes of the Past

Just look at history for the truth of this one. Jesus was crucified as a criminal and only had 120 followers after his resurrection, Galileo was charged with being a heretic, Ignaz Semmelweis who warned the world that doctors needed to wash their hands because of some invisible microbe was sent to a mental institution. Lincoln was called a tyrant by not only the Confederate states but by about half of the people in the North and the press, specially the New York Times, attacked him without mercy comparing him to an ape.

The great people of the past were rarely appreciated at the time but on hindsight it is easy to see that what they were doing was right. Even so it is today. Many initiates are struggling against the grain and seen as evil when they are working on the side of progress and reason.


Nov 11, 2018

The Kingdom Within

Concerning Luke 17:21 which states: “the kingdom of God is within you” where some say within does not really mean within – let me add this

“Within” in this verse comes from the Greek ENTOS which definitely means “within” or “in the midst thereof.” It is derived from the Greek word EN which implies inward, the opposite of EKTOS meaning without.

Both ENTOS and EKTOS are used in this verse:

“Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within (ENTOS) the cup and platter, that the outside (EKTOS) of them may be clean also.” Matt 23:26


Dec 6, 2018

Positive and Negative Poles

Every force corresponds to the two basic ones which are positive and negative. The positive and negative combinations produce many differentiations but, still, all such differentiations are reduced to two, which at the end of a cycle of creation are reduced to the one.

The positive corresponds to male, sending, radiation, light and forces that push from the center outward such as the dark energy which is causing the expansion of the universe.

The negative corresponds to female, gravity, magnetism, love, the strong and weak force.


Jan 1, 2019


I posted this quote: “Fulfillment comes when the seeker realizes that there is a plan, catches a glimpse, and decides to play a part in its manifestation.”

To this a reader said, “there seems to be a negation of free will, if we’re all involved in some grand scheme. And therefore, whether we take part in it’s manifestation or not becomes irrelevant.”

My response:

Free will does not mean you have all power. A part of the universal plan are the cycles of night and day, but because you cannot prevent the sun from coming up does not mean you do not have free will. You have free will within your sphere of power, consciousness, or ring-pass-not.

Lesser intelligences always operate within a larger sphere of a plan of a higher intelligence, but if that greater intelligence is in the light then the seeker will have free will within his own sphere of power.

And what we do does matter because the greater lives depend on the lesser to manifest their portion of the plan, just as you depend on the cells in your body to function.


Jan 7, 2019

The Coming Revelation

A reader pointed out that DK did not say specifically that the new teachings after 2025 would come from him. I did some searching and it seems that he did not say who would be giving out the teachings. Here are two quotes I found about the coming teachings. I know I’ve read about more than thus in the past, but can’t find them at this time. I suspect that DK will play a major roll in the coming revelation.

“I can, however, attempt to give you certain concepts, relationships and parallels which may serve to close this section on astrology and lay a foundation for future teaching around the year 2025.” Esoteric Astrology, Page 589

“Occasionally (usually once in a century after Their Conclave at the close of the first quarter [2025]) there is the imparting of a more advanced body of teaching. This teaching will only be recognised by a few of the foremost disciples in the world; it will, however, prove to be the ordinary form of occult teaching during the next developing cycle. It is this type of work which I have been endeavouring to do with the aid of A.A.B.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 318


Jan 7, 2019

Understanding Grievances

To understand what a grievance is. Perhaps first one must understand what it is not.

If a person considers another person to be a distracting personality that he wishes to ignore that does not mean he has a grievance. I encounter many people I want to ignore but have absolutely no grievance against them.

If I go to buy a car and encounter an irritating high pressure salesman I will not have hurt feelings, but just go on to another lot and buy a car there. If I meet the guy in a grocery store and he starts up a conversation still there are no hurt feelings.

Hurt feelings come when you think you have been wronged and you blame the other guy in a way that causes negative feelings to well up inside of you. If, for instance, you have negative feelings you cannot dispel about people who have blocked you then that would be a grievance. If you do not and can care less about their reaction then there would be no grievance.

If someone who has blocked you but able to participate with you in a gathering but without hurt feelings then there would be no blockage of energy.

The fact is that all of us are attracted to some types of people and not to others. There are many people I want to avoid, but none of them have power to cause me to have a grievance.

To see the Christ in another does not mean that you do not recognize personality differences, but it does lead to overcoming grievances.


Feb 13, 2019

The Real Threat

Good article by Davis Borsos and I share his concern, but it amazes me that his biggest worry is human caused emissions when the planet has had over ten times the current level of CO2 and life has thrived. No where does DK warn of manmade climate change. Let us look at what he does warn us about:

“The release of atomic energy has not only put into human hands a potent force which will inevitably bring in a new and better way of life, but also a terrible weapon, CAPABLE OF WIPING THE HUMAN FAMILY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. … The responsibility for its control must lie in the hands of the men of goodwill. They must control its destiny and make it available along constructive lines for the use of men everywhere.” Problems of Humanity, Pages 81-82

Again and again he talks about the saving power of goodwill that must be established between peoples, nations and groups. China, Russia, North Korea and others pose a terrible nuclear threat and goodwill is our best weapon to defuse the situation.

DK’s teachings on goodwill is what we need to promote, starting with our own political houses which need to quit demonizing each other.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Universal Healthcare Lost

Feb 7, 2019

Universal Healthcare Lost

Would you say that we have universal healthcare if we had a system that all could afford, even if one worked for minimum wage or was a fruit picker working for piece work with imported Hispanics?

Let us say that a fruit picker had an accident where he wound up spending three months in the hospital involving six operations, yet had no problem paying for the whole thing. Does that sound like the best system ever?

Yes, it does. This was what we once had and we let this utopia slip from our fingers for a bowl of porridge offered to us by Big Brother.

We had such a wonderful system back in 1958 when I had an accident with a homemade rocket exploding that indeed put me in the situation just described.

This happened at the worst possible time. My parents had just divorced and my Dad took off to central America, not to be heard from for years and giving us no support. We had no food stamps no welfare, no child support, no medical insurance and no skills in making money. To make money, my mother, younger sister and I picked fruit in the summer and my mother worked for minimum wage in a potato plant during the rest of the year.

After the explosion I spent eight hours in surgery and a month in the hospital. Then a short time later I had a second surgery requiring a few extra hospital days.

I was quite concerned about the cost to my mother for something that was my fault and discovered that my cost there was $8 a day. There were other rooms that cost $12 and $14 a day, but I had a cheaper one because it was a ward shared with others.

Even so, eight dollars a day in 1958 seemed like a lot for someone in our situation. That’s about $70 in 2019 dollars. On top of this we had the surgery costs and office visits.

We, of course, could not pay it off all at once, but over time we paid the whole thing by picking fruit, working near minimum wage and me mowing laws on the side.

Then, later I had four corrective surgeries by a specialist that required an additional two months in the hospital. To cover the costs my savvy mom found a private charity that paid for the whole thing.

If this happened under today’s system the overall bill would be around a half million dollars and there is no way that a fruit picker could handle it, even if he had good insurance that paid 80%.

Indeed, we used to have a universal health care system, in other words, a system that all could afford and it required no payments to the IRS taken out of paychecks to cover Medicare – neither did it require the government to borrow money to supplement healthcare.

What happened that destroyed such a fair system?

It happened when the government stepped into help in 1965 when Medicare was introduced. It was supposed to help with medical costs, but from that point on they increased exponentially.

Medicare seemed like a good idea to many, especially in consideration of the cost projections at the time. The public was sold on the idea that Medicare’s $3 billion cost in 1966 would only reach an inflation-adjusted $12.0 billion by 1990. Instead, the actual cost in 1990 was a whopping $67 billion. The “experts” were off by 7.44 times. Total Medicare spending reached $440 billion for fiscal year 2007, or 16 percent of all federal spending. Since that time, spending has continued to rise and Obamacare is sending taxpayer costs through the roof.

The only larger categories of federal spending are Social Security and defense.

Would the public have supported socialized medicine if they could have seen what they would loose?

Certainly not.

Unfortunately, young people today have no sense of history, of what a financial paradise health costs were when before 1965.

Back then doctors often put patients a couple days in the hospital for observation. Because costs were so low the payment was no problem. Now, even with insurance, no one goes into the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

Today people are often complaining about the price of gas, but when I had my accident in 1958 the price of a gallon of gas was 40 cents a gallon. In today’s money that is equivalent to $3.48. These supposedly greedy oil companies are now selling gas for as cheap as $2.06 a gallon at the time of this writing in my city. Consumers are winning in that they are buying this product below the cost of inflation.

On the other hand, if you spend a day in the supposedly non-profit hospitals you can expect to pay around $4000. That far exceeds the inflation of the $8.00 I was paying, which would be $70 today. In fact it is 57 times the cost of inflation.

If gas went up the same amount we would be paying almost $200.00 a gallon.

So much for the benefits of being non-profit and benefitting from government help.

Help like this is something we can certainly do without.

A question a real seeker of truth may ask here is which has worked better in proven reality? Has it been free market capitalism in bringing us oil or socialism replacing the free market in bringing us medical services?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Notes on the Sabbath

Dec 26, 2018

Notes on the Sabbath

Comment from H. P. Blavatsky

That the word “Sabbath” had a mystic significance is shown in the contempt shown by Jesus for the Sabbath day, and by what is said in Luke xviii. 12. Sabbath is there taken for the whole week. (See Greek text where the week is called Sabbath. “I fast twice in the Sabbath.”) Paul, an Initiate, knew it well when referring to the eternal rest and felicity in heaven, as Sabbath; “and their happiness will be eternal, for they will ever be (one) with the Lord and will enjoy an eternal Sabbath.” (Hebrew iv. 2.) Secret Doctrine Vol 1 Pg 240

It is interesting that the Greek word from when the English translation comes did not always refer to a certain day. Take note of these scriptures where the Greek SABBATON is used which is the same translated as Sabbath throughout the New Testament.

Luke 18:12: I fast twice in the week (SABBATON), I give tithes of all that I possess. 18:13 And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.

Acts 20:7 And upon the first day of the week (SABBATON), when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.

Now upon the first day of the week, (SABBATON), very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. Luke 24:1

Upon the first day of the week (SABBATON), let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. I Cor 16:2

Here it sounds like Paul is referring to three consecutive days as three Sabbaths.

Acts 17:1 Now when they had passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where was a synagogue of the Jews:

Acts 17:2 And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,

Acts 17:3 Opening and alleging, that Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ.

Maybe the variety of uses of the word is the reason Paul told us to not judge people on how they interpret their Sabbath days:

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days. Col 2:16

Some think the early Mormons recognized Saturday as the Sabbath, but the record reveals otherwise:

We found a number in the neighborhood still believing, and now anxious to be baptized. We appointed a meeting for the Sabbath, and on the afternoon of Saturday we erected a dam across a stream of water, which was convenient, for the purpose of there attending to the ordinance of baptism; but during the night a mob collected and tore down our dam, which hindered us from attending to the baptism on the Sabbath. We afterward found out that this mob had been instigated to this act of molestation by certain sectarian priests of the neighborhood, who began to consider their craft in danger, and took this plan to stop the progress of the truth; and the sequel will show how determinedly they prosecuted their opposition, as well as to how little purpose in the end. The Sabbath arrived, and we held our meeting. DHC 1:86

There are many references in Joseph’s recorded history in his own words referring to Sunday as the Sabbath. Here are three of many I could present if necessary.

October 5.–I started on a journey to the east, and to Canada, in company with Elders Rigdon and Freeman Nickerson, and arrived the same day at Lamb’s tavern, in Ashtabula; and the day following, the Sabbath, (Sunday, Oct 6) we arrived in Springfield DHC 1:416

On the 2nd, (Sunday, March 2, 1834) which was the Sabbath, Brother Parley P. Pratt preached, and I spoke in the evening; we had a good meeting. DHC 2:41

August 2nd, (1835) being the Sabbath, I preached a part of the day. (Aug 2, 1835 was on a Sunday) DHC 2:239

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Handling Difficult People

Nov 11, 2018

Handling Difficult People

A reader asks this question:

“So how do you love your sadist, controlling, narcissistic enemy who spitefully uses and abuses you, when they are constantly doing just that and causing harm to an innocent you are protecting?”

Sounds like you are having some major problem to deal with. Such problems always provide opportunity for learning though it is not the type of learning the personality seeks while in mortality.

I have a daughter who is also in a precarious position. Her Ex tried to murder her, but she survived and prosecuted him and put him in jail for five years. Now he is out she has altered her identity in hope of staying out of his way. Situations like this are indeed taxing for seekers and they are more common than should be the case.

We need to understand that seeing the Christ in others is much different than any reaction to the outer personality, though it will influence how we deal with the outer self. Even Hitler had a Higher Self that is linked to God. Though that Higher Self would have been disappointed with its imperfect reflection on the earth, that may have even corrupted it in the soul level, the originating monad still exists with the qualities of love and light in the bosom of the Father Mother God.

In dealing with these situations I have taught about what I call the Lion Principle. The disciple will be aware that the lion is dangerous and may even eat him if he was not protected, ye in a protected situation at the zoo he can look at the lion, smile and appreciate it. Many an animal lover can appreciate even a dangerous animal because he sees all life as one and this life flows through all living things and one part is connected to all other parts.

Now let us take the person in life who is causing lots of grief. In examining him we must realize there are two major parts of this being. The first is the Christ self, connected to the true life aspect, which is very easy to love. The second is the lower imperfect reflection called the personality self which is often difficult to love.

The mission of the disciple is not to embrace the personality self, but to see behind all difficult personalities to the real self. This does not make the problems with difficult people disappear for we still have to deal with them. Instead, if we see the Christ within we view with a different attitude than one who does not.

Visualize two people viewing a lion at the zoo. The first realizes the lion is dangerous and that is all he thinks about and does not enjoy his visit for he sees lions as evil.

The second also realizes lions are dangerous but he sees a higher aspect involved in the lion’s life and doesn’t let the dangerous side affect the quality of his life. However, if the lion should get loose he would defend himself and do everything possible to keep his family safe just like anyone else. He wouldn’t try to lovingly embrace it.

Dangerous or obnoxious people need to be dealt with in a practical way. Sometimes you have to do something that they would not interpret as love. What is not realized by many is that teaching others a tough lesson that forces them to see with more clarity is an act of love.

When Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple he forced them to think about what they were doing and if they accurately reflected they would have been brought closer to embracing love of their fellow men and women.

On the other hand, this act provoked the enemies of Jesus and caused some to side with putting him to death. The disciple has to play a fine line and realize the possible implications when he teaches a lesson while also causing provocation. Sometimes you will not know what the end result will be. The best thing is to always follow the inner voice wherever it takes you.

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Warning from DK

Nov 1, 2018

Warning from DK

Can we avert destruction…? DK states this about 2025:

Three “recognitions” must take root within humanity by 2025. These three recognitions must be evidenced by humanity and affect human thinking and action if the total destruction of mankind is to be averted.”

* a recognition of the world of meaning,

* a recognition of Those Who implement world affairs and Who engineer those steps which lead mankind onward toward its destined goal, plus

* a steadily increased recognition of the Plan on the part of the masses.”

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 163

Here is another similar warning.

For two complete generations there must be a peace which will be unbroken because behind it and protecting it will stand the Armies of the Lord. At the close of that time, if the educational work done has been adequate, sane, wise and sound, then these Armies can rest from their labours and the sword be turned into the ploughshare. If this programme of supervision, education and spiritual direction is not thus enforced, the war that would then take place would wipe out humanity—as happened once before in human history. Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 443

On the other hand here are some predictions where DSK seems to assume we will make it through the crisis period.

The tide of spiritual life is today so strong and striving that the next one hundred and fifty years will demonstrate the factual nature of the Kingdom of Souls or of God. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 296

During the coming century, the meaning of the resurrection will be unfolded and the new age will reveal its true significance. The first step will be the emergence of humanity from the death of its civilisation, of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of its materialistic goals and its damning selfishness, and its moving into the clear light of the resurrection life. Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 470

I write for the generation which will come into active thought expression at the end of this century; they will inaugurate the framework, structure and fabric of the New Age which will start with certain premises which today are the dream of the more exalted dreamers and which will develop the civilisation of the Aquarian Age. This coming age will be as predominantly the age of group interplay, group idealism and group consciousness as the Piscean Age has been one of personality unfoldment and emphasis, personality focus and personality consciousness. Rays and Initiations, Page 109

Those Who implement the will of God and humanity everywhere is the guarantee of the inevitability of their expression in the future. It is only in the immediate interim—a period of one hundred fifty years—that delay may seem the rule. Such, however, will not really be the case. The forms through which these new and impending ideas must take shape and manifest have yet to be created, and that takes time, for they are built by the power of thought and due process of educating the public consciousness until that consciousness becomes confirmed conviction and demonstrates as an immovable public opinion. Rays and Initiations, Page 121

all levels of the human consciousness, plus the inspiration of disaster and suffering, are blasting open hitherto sealed areas in the minds of men, letting in illumination, sweeping away the bad old conditions. This is symbolised for us in the destruction of ancient cities and by the intermixture of races through the processes of war; this also signifies progress and is preparatory to great expansions of consciousness. These expansions in the human understanding will, in the next one hundred and fifty years, completely alter the manner of man’s thinking; they will change the techniques of religion; they will bring about comprehension and fusion. When this work has been accomplished we shall record an era of world peace which will be symbolic of the state of the human spirit.

Rays and Initiations, Pages 237-238

Even though DK gives a specific date the fulfillment of the three points is fairly nebulous.

Point One:

“a recognition of the world of meaning”

If this means seeing the real from the unreal then we may be occupying chairs on the Titanic for there is still much illusion to be had. Many are taken in by false channeling and teachings, false ideas of freedom and astral ideals. We have made a little progress in seeking the real. Let us hope that is enough.

Point Two

“a recognition of Those Who implement world affairs and Who engineer those steps which lead mankind onward toward its destined goal.”

Again he is not very clear. Is he talking about those who work behind the scenes or on the physical plane? Behind the scenes are two brotherhoods. Are both to be recognized? If so this has not happened for the masses except for the Christian view of God and the devil. If it is the masters only then this recognition has increased, but has not permeated the masses.

If it refers to physical plane entities then the masses have always realized their influence.

Point Three

“a steadily increased recognition of the Plan on the part of the masses.”

He has never defined what he means by the plan in this context. We know the plan includes freedom of the human spirit and peace and goodwill among humanity. Everyone wants peace, but many are not extending goodwill or encouraging freedom for others.

I guess we’ll have to wait until, 2025 to see how this plays out.

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Not Seeing

Oct 30, 2018

Not Seeing

Nimrod quotes me as follows:

”Thus to see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.


There is much more that could be written on this subject. A few would find it fascinating, but others may lose interest.”

Then he asks:

I would like to formally request that you fascinate me (hopefully us) by saying much more on this topic 🙂 concentrating on the “not seeing, thinking, feeling” aspect.


How can I refuse such a sincere request? I will at least say a few more things.

This principle of “not seeing” dawned on me when I became interested in seeing auras and started attempting to see them. In my quest I found that the etheric double that extends a few millimeters from the body is easy to see but the aura which is made of a more refined matter is much more difficult. Then the mind stuff beyond the aura is much more difficult still.

I practiced for some time without results but kept at it and finally began to see flashes of the aura. They were quite beautiful and attracted my conscious attention, but I found that when I consciously focused on them they instantly disappeared. I found that curious, but kept practicing, trying to figure out the principle that would allow me to see these elusive colors.

Finally, I realized that the more I consciously cared about seeing them the less I saw, but if I put myself in a state of mind that did not care, and did not try, yet still allowed myself to look that I could then see.

I eventually called this process “not seeing”. The reason I called it such was that to see I had to not try to see, but merely allowed myself to see on a higher level.

Then I discovered that this principle not only applied to seeing but to all types of perception that occurs while in the body. For instance, to transcend physical brain thinking you have to temporarily put it aside and not think. This creates a vacuum that is replaced by a higher type of thinking from the higher mind. This explains why many of the great thinkers seemed to be absent minded. I read once that when Einstein went for walks that he became so disconnected from paying attention with his regular mind that when he resumed his regular brain thinking that he would be temporarily lost and not realize where he was.

There is a truth in the term, “absent-minded professor.” Great thinkers will use their lower mind when appropriate, but will enter a zone where they put it aside and “not think”. This does not eliminate thought as many presume, but opens the door to higher thought. The fact that lower thought is suspended does not mean all thought is suspended. When Einstein suspended lower thought he was still thinking, but on a higher level. This was when he received his best ideas.

This principle also applies to feeling. The higher octave of the lower feelings are the higher revealed through the intuition. To access the intuition with its high level of feeling and sensitivity the seeker must still feelings, or place them in a state of peace, so the higher can be accessed.

The principle behind this is as follows:

Tuning into the perceptions of the lower self is like turning on the radio and not being exactly on a station so all you hear is static, or maybe a combination of station and the broadcast. To hear the true broadcast you have to “not hear” the static and allow yourself to hear the real broadcast.

All perceptions of our lower self contain much static that causes blockage in our perception. These must be transcended so the real truth can be perceived. The correspondence is not exact, but close enough so the intuition can create a clear picture.

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The Mandela Effect

Oct 6, 2018

The Mandela Effect

Here are my views on the Mandela Effect. Most of it is caused by imperfect human memory. For instance, tell a person who wears a regular dial watch to close their eyes and describe it. Even though the person may have looked at it 20 times a day for five years he is likely not able to describe it. He cannot tell which numbers are missing or other details. I asked a number of people this when I was a kid and no one got it right.

How often have we recalled events of long ago with old friends and each of us has a different recollection? We had the same experience, but registered it differently.

I believe there is just one physical reality with us as players though there are numerous dimensions and other realities. There are not dozens or even millions of you on duplicate earths.

That said there is the real effect of deja vu and some memories seem so real that many do swear to the Mandela Effect. Is something other worldly at play here?

It could be. Remember the Holodeck from Star Trek? We have something similar to this available to us in the spirit world between lives as well as during sleep when the mind is united with the Higher Self. Before we were born we could use this spiritual technology to project what would happen in our lives if certain decisions were made or if various circumstances manifested. Sometimes we also do this projection during sleep and normally only have the faintest of recollection while awake. On the other hand, there are times that you were playing around with manipulating reality while in the spirit that comes across strongly while awake and this produces deja vu and the Mandela Effect in some cases.

Here is a previous post on the Mandela Effect – LINK


Feb 23, 2019

More on the Mandela Effect

So far have I have not found one Mandela Effect that cannot be attributed to tricks placed on the memory. If you have any proof beyond this possibility I would like to see it.

Concerning the origin of the phrase which began with people remembering that Mandela died in prison when he did not I distinctly remember it the way that it is recorded – that he served his time and was released.

Some are making a big deal of scriptures being changed attributing the changes to the devil, but if that were the case you would think that tricky devil would have changed scriptures that would have directly affected our belief in Jesus.

The most quoted Mandela Effect scripture is Isaiah telling us that instead of the lion and the lamb lying down together it is the wolf and the lamb:

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.” Isa 11:6. They leave out the fact that when the entire verse is quoted then lion is in it, and probably the reason for all the pictures of the lion and the lamb, giving the false impression that was the wording of the scripture. Here’s the whole verse:

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young LION and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”

I never paid much attention to the lion and lamb scripture, but there is one cited in the Mandela effect that I did. It was this one:

“Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.” Matt 9:17

Many say they remember the scripture as being “wineskins” and not “bottles.”

I distinctly remember the wording as bottles from Sunday School way back in the 1950s. The teacher read the scripture which used the word “bottles” and explained that in the days of Jesus they didn’t use bottles, but wineskins.

If a person has read any other version besides King James he will have read the translation as the more correct “wineskins” so it is no wonder that many think the King James also used this word.

There is one thing that happens to me that comes closest to making me think the Mandela Effect is real. It seems that every time I make a bet with my wife that she wins because reality seems to have changed. She gets a bang out of my perplexed state.

By the way, I have finished my treatise on the Law of One and would be interested in any comment you may have. The link is at the top of the page at this time.

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Walls and Borders, Part 9

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Walls Borders

Walls and Borders, Part 9

Achieving Unity

It is interesting to contemplate how difficult it is for humans and groups of us to achieve unity. A group can accept the same sacred writings, the same Constitution, the same structure, the same goal and yet come to very different conclusions as to how to proceed.

For instance, many have the same Bible but there are thousands of differing religions having different interpretations of the same book.

This phenomenon repeats itself with all groups who hold dear to an authority and more modern writings of DK HPB and others are no exception.

When we disagree why can we not just go to our authoritative source materials and reach agreement? Why will two people read the same words and interpret so differently?

On each issue, is there not a point of highest truth that is available to perceive through the soul if both just look together?

Indeed there is.

What then prevents it from happening?

There are many obstacles preventing unity and that is few are willing to consistently look through the eyes of the soul. Even those who have established some soul contact allow the personality with its lower desires to creep in and make is lower will felt.

The personality interprets according to its bias, programming and personal desire, and, as these are different with each individual, you rarely will have two personalities agreeing on all issues.

On the other hand, if two people focus on the soul and put its will over the personality on all issues, agreement can be obtained and the point of workable truth will be seen together.

The problem with finding political unity is that finding agreement entails much more than just finding facts and agreeing on them. When have you ever won a political argument by quoting a true fact?

The main thing required for finding the best solution is judgment. Finding the right direction requires good judgment and as personalities we are very flawed in this quality. The pilgrim only gains good judgment when consistent soul contact is attained.

The problem with the personality is that it sees things in black and white, all good or all bad.

For instance, some see nationalism, borders and laws they do not like as all good or all bad . But what may be good in application now may be detrimental at another time. Thus, the black and white approach without judgment is always doomed to failure.

Disciples have to look at each situation and figure out what is best for the individual, the group, the country and the world. Then he must weigh the elements and make a decision as to how to proceed.

A border wall, for instance, may be beneficial now, but need to be torn down in a few years if good judgment prevails.

In one generation it may be vey beneficial to take in large numbers of immigrants, but in another, not so much.

It is the tendency of those in the personality to want a matter settled and then not to have to trouble themselves thinking about it again.

The problem is the only thing that stays the same is change and tomorrow always requires a different view and decision than today.

Law is required for a society to live in harmony. D K says this:

“In all things cosmic, perfect law and order are found.”

TCF, Page 212

Concerning law Percival, who some think is the Master P, said this:

“Law and justice do rule the world. If it were not so there would be no circulation in nature. Masses of matter could not be dissolved into units, the infinitesimals and atoms and molecules could not combine into definite structure; the earth, sun, moon and stars could not move in their courses and be continually held in their relation to each other in their bodily and spatial immensities. It is against sense and reason, and worse than madness, to fancy that law and justice might not rule the world. If it were possible that law and justice might be stopped for one minute, the result would be universal chaos and death. Universal justice rules the world by law in consonance with knowledge. With knowledge there is certainty; with knowledge there is no room for doubt.”

Democracy and Self Government by Percival

Perfect law governs the universe, but such perfection has not yet found its way into human society. The hope is that the power of the seventh ray in the Age of Aquarius will cause harmony through law on earth as it is in heaven.

If, therefore, our laws do not seem to be in harmony with spirit, instead of becoming lawless and breaking them, we need to change them so the will of the people will be satisfied.

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Walls and Borders, Part 8

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Walls Borders

Walls and Borders, Part 8

The Seventh Ray

As most spiritual students know, all creation is formed and then governed by the seven rays. These rays go in and out of incarnation and wax and wane in influence. Right now we have two very different rays exerting influence. The first is Ray Six, which has been a dominating factor for the Age of Pisces over the past two thousand years. This is called the Ray of Idealism and strongly influences the emotional nature to support an ideal and sacrifice what is necessary to manifest it. Pisces is a water sign, which enhances the power of emotion during its dominance.

The positive manifestation of this ray occurred after the appearance of the Christ resulting with the presentation of the ideal man and of the path of love and sacrifice. Many embraced this and sacrificed their lives to establish ideals in the minds of humanity.

Later, this led to excess as wars were fought and persecutions were permitted in the name of Christ to force the supposedly correct views on the masses, and then extended to the Native Americans through the Conquistadors.

The influence went from helping establish the benevolent ideals of the loving Christ to being an agent of the beast in using excess unjust authority to enforce a corrupt ideal of the real thing.

Fortunately, Ray Six has run its course and is going out of incarnation as the Aquarian Age with different dominant influences is coming in. But it is not going out without a fight. Instead, it is reluctantly going out kicking and screaming. Those still under its influence want desperately to maintain powerful external emotional control over people’s lives. DK tells us there are still a large number of sixth ray souls in incarnation who will shortly be passing away which will greatly diminish the residual power of this ray of idealism.

Ray Six had great power because, in addition to being in incarnation, it is a dominating influence of the sign of Pisces, even so, Ray Seven will have a powerful influence in the Age of Aquarius. In addition to coming into full power as an incarnating Ray it is the governing ray of Uranus, the dominating planetary influence of Aquarius. The other dominating ray is Five which influences us on the path of concrete knowledge and science.

The influences of the odd number rays are often in conflict with the even numbers, especially when one is increasing and the other decreasing in power as is now the case.

Society is thus faced with the masses who are still under the strong influence of the idealism and strong authority of Ray Six which is at odds with the incoming Aquarian influences of Ray Seven.

Ray Six started waning in 1625 AD and Ray Seven started making its influence felt in 1675. As we enter into the Age of Aquarius at the cusp of the two ages, these two rays have approached the time of maximum conflict.

So where is the conflict? As noted Ray Six is the ray of idealism. On the other hand, Ray Seven is called the Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Organization.

The magical part of the influence will increase humanity’s understanding of the Law of Correspondences so people will look for and understand the meaning of symbols and how things on one level correspond to other levels. The use of analogies and scientific ceremony will come to greater prominence.

The organization part governs business and law and order.

We thus see an emerging conflict between those who support impractical ideals at odds with business and law and order.

Concerning this situation DK says:

“A large number of seventh ray egos or souls and also of men and women with seventh ray personalities are coming into incarnation now, and to them is committed the task of organising the activities of the new era and of ending the old methods of life and the old crystallised attitudes to life, to death, to leisure and to the population.

“The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray which shows itself as a pronounced crystallisation of the standardised and accepted forms of belief, religious, social and philosophic is to throw the millions of people who do not respond to either of the above influences through egoic or personality relation, into a state of bewilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing.”

The Destiny of the Nations, Page 30

Both conservatives and liberals have their pet ideals that are being challenged or shattered by the seventh ray influence. The magical aspect of the ray, which is enhanced by the fifth ray of science (many magical innovations) has shattered numerous religious beliefs and the organization part, empowering business and law, is challenging liberal ideals. If business does not align with their ideals they are against them and if law does not agree with them they ignore or break it.

DK indicates that a cycle of lawlessness draws the attention of an avatar which indicates we are in a situation today where such an event as the reappearance of the Christ may be near:

“The spiritual statement by Shri Krishna, to be found in the Lord’s Song, the Bhagavad Gita, was an announcement, preparatory to the coming of the Christ. In that Song He says: ‘Whenever there is a withering of the Law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth in age after age.’”

Rays and Initiations, Page 756

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