The Zion Society


A Wonderful Ideal

I spent 20 years being an active Mormon during the years 1958-1978. Then the church discovered that I thought that the prophet was not infallible, as I disagreed with him on a point of doctrine, and they immediately threw me out. I was glad to go as the great repetition of simple ideas in church was becoming increasingly boring and a waste of time. My only regret was the effect it had on my family as my wife at the time stayed a true blue Mormon.

My membership though was not a waste of time as I took away from the church an important teaching emphasizing a beautiful ideal – that of Zion.

The concept of Zion did not originate with Mormonism, but was greatly enhanced by it. Among the Jews, Zion was synonymous with Jerusalem or Israel and prophecy speaks of a time that it will be reestablished with power and unity.

In Mormonism Zion is presented as a gathering of the pure in heart who will live together in unity, love and equality having “no poor among them.”

Since the days of Joseph Smith numerous attempts have been made by the church and breakoffs to create a Zion Society and each time they have failed.

And why have they failed?

Basically for the same reason pure communism has failed. It turns out that most individuals are motivated to seek for their self-interest, which creates unequal status which can only be countered by strong authority. Strong authority thus surfaces to enforce equality. This evolves into a situation that is less equal and a more pronounced class difference than laissez faire capitalism.

You wind up with a small authoritative class that controls and gives orders to the submissive class. Then when the authoritative class realizes that it has been given a blank check to do what they want they reward themselves with as much luxury and perks as the system can bear.

Thus the ideal of the classless society evolves into a great duality of class beyond anything envisioned.

In spite of failures many thinkers have contemplated how to create this ideal society that was envisioned. After all, there are indeed many who would like to live in a society where brotherly love and equality dominate, including myself. Many efforts to create such a society began with good intentions, but eventually turned into a tyranny.


Because human nature does not gravitate toward the equality of sameness, as they see themselves as distinct human beings. Even the greatest supporters of equality see themselves and their needs as being different from their neighbors.

Because of this basic human trait any flawed goal toward equality will evolve into the two classes I mentioned. The movement grows to the few at the top who control with tyrannical powers, and the rank and file who must obey or be punished.

Does this mean that the idea of equality, sharing and brotherly love is a flawed idea that needs to be discarded?

Indeed not, as in the end the good that is in humanity always prevails, but only after much pain and learning through trial and error.

To move humankind to their next step in societal evolution we must look at the next level to be achieved in realistic terms. Anyone who expects all participants to always be willing to work and share instinctively when they need benefits for themselves is living in illusion.

Any step toward a Zion Society has to factor in human weakness into the equation. Also the idea of equality needs to be defined. Are we talking about sameness, equal rights or something else?

Above all, we want to avoid a tyranny. How can we do this?


Problems with Utopia

Zion is basically a vision of a utopia, the ideal society, where all have their needs met and people live in unity, equality and brotherly love. The actual word though is traced back to, the original Jerusalem, the city of David, which was far from a utopia, often fighting wars of survival or conquest and far from an ideal unity, suffering from regular insurrections and hostility.

Its flawed beginnings did not hinder the prophets from dreaming of a time of a perfected Zion. For instance, Isaiah said:

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion. Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem: for the LORD hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem.”

Isaiah 52:7-9

Beautiful words indeed, especially the part of seeing eye to eye. Such unity and harmony has been the dream of many besides the LDS clear back to the days of Socrates. Since then, many have attempted utopia, some based on scripture and some on other ideas. There have been hundreds of experiments ranging from communist societies and states to hippie communes, to religious groups – all seeking equality, union and all things in common.

The communists expressed a catchy ideal that was thought to be workable:

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

The citizens embraced the “needs” part, but were not that cooperative with the “according to his ability” part. When one saw his neighbor not doing his share then the individual asked himself, “Why should I work extra hard to support that lazy guy?” The greatest communist enterprise, the Soviet Union, thus fell apart through lack of cooperation and incentive from the lowly citizen.

Communist China under Mao had similar problems with millions of people dying of starvation. Their salvation has been in making a switch to a more capitalistic approach. Now they have their own capitalistic billionaires and are in some ways more capitalistic than the United States. They have at least taken their people to a higher level of prosperity.

On the other hand, North Korea tried to stay true to the communist ideal and the result is that you have a nation with the people starving, often resorting to eating tree bark, grass or even dirt to survive.

The only thing close to the Zion ideal that has prospered over a substantial period of time are the Amish and related groups. They do not exactly have all things in common as each person is over his own business or enterprise, but they are expected to share so no one goes without. They have achieved the desirable goal of having no poor among them. Their survival can be attributed to the fact that each has a certain amount of freedom over his own stewardship, goods and money, but the rules and restrictions are so great that few from modern society would have any attraction to the limited living conditions.

Each member has to give up all modern technology (with a small handful of exceptions). Your home would have no electricity, no phone, no internet, no modern appliances. You would be told how to dress, when to grow a beard, and have to make all your own clothes according to specifications. Basically all the elements of your life would be rigidly controlled.

There are a number of communal groups, including some breakoffs from the Mormon Church, who have maintained their organization for a period of time, but all of them suffer from rigid control by strong authority and offer little hope for a happy life.

On the other hand, most who dream of Zion, do not visualize themselves living a life in the dark ages before electricity with every aspect of their lives controlled by excessive rules and regulations.

The question any visionary must ask is what are the principles that can be followed that will create a definite Zion society?

Before we answer that question maybe we should first look at what does not work. There is no example of any substance on the planet we can point to of a Zion society that one can join that does work, but there are plenty of examples in history of failures.

(1) The main reason for failure is that a strong outer authority controls the rank and file members. Such an authority often claims to be the voice of God on the earth and, if such is believed, the member will be extremely fearful of doing anything contrary to commandments given out.

Outer authority, which takes the place of God speaking to the individual, is the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast in the forehead is control of the mind and the mark in the right hand is control of the labor of the participants. Thus all but a few currently have the mark of the beast as most allow outer authority precedence over the inner.

(2) Leaving it up to God. Many just “wait upon the Lord” and if they do act it is because someone tells them that they speak for God or interpret the scriptures correctly and they must be followed. Because of such claims corrections are often not made because that would be admitting that God is fallible.

(3) Waiting for some perfect plan. A Zion society will not just manifest in perfection but must be ironed out in the process of fallible human endeavor. God is not going to come down and lay it out for us in black and white.


Because we learn by doing. If humanity uses their minds and intelligence to create Zion then it will become a permanent fixture, but if someone just gives it to us on a silver platter it will be a temporary thing no matter how perfect the blueprint is.

The scriptures give us some of the ideals that will compose a Zion society, but is lacking in supplying most of the details. The end is given, but not the means.


This scripture explains it well:

“For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things; for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant; wherefore he receiveth no reward.

“Verily, I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness;

“For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward.” D&C 58:27-28

So, if strong outer authority that takes precedent over the inner voice of the Spirit to the individual is a prime cause of failure then how are we to proceed? Should we recognize no outer authorities then?

If too many rules suffocate should we have no rules?

If too much hierarchy interferes should we have no hierarchy and no recognized leaders?

Or is there a point of balance somewhere in between?


The Prime Directive

There is one decisive principle that, when applied, will make things work efficiently, and when not applied dooms a work to failure.

This is the Principle of Freedom.

The problem with this principle is that many have different ideas as to what freedom is, but they are basically divided into two camps which I will label the light and dark side.

The Dark Side:

A person in this group will see freedom from his individual perspective or at best freedom for the group to which he belongs. If the majority have to suffer a loss of freedom or even slavery so his minority will have what they want so be it. His idea of freedom is enhanced.

Example: The Southern States fought for the extra freedom a minority received from owning slaves and benefitting from slave labor. Abraham Lincoln contemplated this idea of freedom and was amazed that the whole Confederate nation could stand behind it.

The Light Side:

A person in this group will value the freedom of all individuals everywhere. JFK said it well: “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

The true principle of freedom can be summed up as follows:

“It is the removal of restrictions either imaginary or real, so the power of decision has complete freedom within the sphere of its plan. Thus the true principle of freedom lies in the idea that the spiritual energy to accomplish is released so its life can flow through the ideas and thoughts of the individual until all positive desires are fulfilled.”

The true principle of freedom is not created by anarchy where all are free to do whatever they want with no restrictions. Such anarchy is counter to freedom and creates mob rule where tyranny is the end result negating freedom. A certain amount of law is necessary to maintain maximum freedom, but excessive law and regulations suppresses freedom. Thus the quality of good judgment must come into play for too great of a shift to the right or the left takes freedom away.

For example: We do not want the burglar to have the freedom to enter our homes and take what he wants. In this case the burglar’s extra freedom greatly diminishes the freedom of others. The net effect is that the loss of freedom without appropriate law is much greater than the freedom granted to the burglar.

Thus the Principle of Freedom supports the idea of maximum freedom for the whole rather than total freedom without law, or a state of anarchy.

How does this apply to the creation of a Zion Society?

The Principle of Freedom must be the prime directive in the creation of any benevolent, productive society, especially anything claiming to be constructed on the principles of Zion.

Without maximum freedom the people will be denied a fullness of happiness and joy. With it all things are possible and the true pursuit of happiness becomes reality.

We conclude then that true freedom, which is a state of maximum freedom, is found at some point between the two extremes. That point cannot be found by any mathematical equation, but is only discovered through unbiased judgment followed by experimentation and then by fine-tuning corrections.

When someone with great authority proclaims an exact path that must be followed and allows for no correction, because of supposed infallibility, disaster is always the result. No great work is ever completed without many corrections being made. Just like you cannot even drive a city block without making many corrections with the steering wheel, neither can the laborers in the vineyard of the Lord create a work of beauty unless they are allowed to make corrections as they go.

As with the Principle of Freedom, even so with correction; judgment must be applied. The correction should not distract from the original inspired purpose but should steer the workers more correctly to the straight and narrow path.

Good judgment and common sense must be applied to building Zion just as it is in creating a work of art.

Both extremes, or a lack of freedom, will prevent the manifestation of the good, the beautiful and the true. Let us choose this day where we will stand.


Defining Zion Qualities

We have established that Zion must be built upon the Principle of Freedom. Unless maximum freedom for all is incorporated them maximum pursuit of happiness cannot be a reality. If there is not a goal of happiness and fullness of joy available then the society would not be Zion. Conditions in Zion must be conducive to happiness.

So, what do the scriptures tell us for sure about Zion, a condition where people will dwell together in peace and happiness? This scripture sums it up in a sentence:

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.” Moses 7:18

In addition to this the scriptures stress equality and sharing as important ingredients:

“Nevertheless, in your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld.” D&C 70:14

“For if ye are not equal in earthly things ye cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things.” D&C 78:6

The main ingredients composing Zion seem to be:

(1) There are no poor among them for they dwell in a state of equality.

(2) Being of one heart and mind, or seeing eye to eye.

(3) They dwell in righteousness.

(4) They will gather and build the New Jerusalem – the city of Zion.

“and righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine elect from the four quarters of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare, an Holy City, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion, a New Jerusalem.” Moses 7:62

(5) Just government. There has to be a competent government over the people. The exact form is not specified in the scriptures, but we can assume it must be fair and allow the principle of freedom to prevail while maintaining civil order.

Let us examine these five components starting with:

“There are no poor among them for they dwell in a state of equality.

There is a lot of discussion among thinkers about how far people of good will should go with the principle of equality. Some think having equal rights and opportunity under the law should be as far as we should go and others think we should go even further than the communists and have all people, small and great, yield up all their possessions for the people to have in common.

Then others think the point of truth is somewhere in between.

The scriptures stress equality, but do not give us much detail on exactly what this means or how it is to be accomplished. This is where our own thinking comes in to fill in the blanks since we should think for ourselves as much as possible and not have to be commanded in all things.

First let us look at what is agreed upon by most spiritual thinkers concerning equality.

(1) It is basically agreed that there should be equality of opportunity under the law. The law, government and authorities therein should not favor one class, group or race above that of another.

(2) The great gap in possessions between the rich and poor and management and labor is detrimental to the spiritual health of the whole.

(3) Leaders should not have special privileges that sets them apart from their followers as special beings deserving much more than the rank and file.

(4) Leaders need checks upon them so they do not turn into dictators or tyrants.

(5) No matter how great one’s accomplishments may be he or she should avoid an attitude of superiority, maintaining the realization that we all have unlimited potential.

In addition, there are several points generally agreed upon that spiritual equality is not:

(1) Equality does not mean sameness.

(2) We are all unique individuals, each one different from any other human alive. We are not equal in intelligence, talents and abilities.

(3) Each person is different in the amount of labor and intelligence he applies to his goals and will produce different results.

And what are the major points of disagreement?

(1) How far we go in pushing the idea of equality toward sameness.

(2) How much authority and force should be applied to see that participants conform to any established idea of equality?

(3) Lacking a unifying messianic figure as a leader how should we proceed toward establishing Zion principles? Or should not take any initiative?

In the end if we lack specific agreed upon revelation from on high we must proceed with the highest we know and all individuals involved must check with the Holy Spirit of Truth within them to gain assurance that we are headed the right general direction.



What is Equality?

Just like the spiritual principle of freedom does not give absolute freedom, neither does the spiritual principle of equality insist on absolute equality. For instance, the desired goal of maximum freedom for all does not allow anyone the freedom to rape, pillage and plunder fellow men and women.

The same principle applies to equality. We do not seek absolute sameness. Instead, the goal is maximum possible equality for all while applying the prime directive of maximum freedom.

It is said that the War in Heaven was fought over free will. The adversary wanted to reach the ideal by forcing us to do right, which was rejected by God in favor of a plan offering free will, even though that would result in numerous mistakes along the way.

This war over free will continues to this day and thus the Principle of Freedom is the prime directive for the forces of Light and Love and must be taken into consideration in any step toward the creation of Zion.

We see the results of these two ideas manifesting on the earth. The side against free will operates through tyrannies, cults and authoritarian groups controlled by strong leaders who insist all thinking and decisions be made by an elite group who know what is best for the rank and file.

On the other side, we have countries with at least a degree of freedom that allow their citizens some freedom of choice in reaching goals. At present, the Principle of Freedom is not dominating, but this must be changed so when Zion is established the free will of humanity will reign supreme and demonstrate the power of freedom over slavery of the human mind.

So then, taking into consideration the Prime Directive of maximum freedom and equality let us define the Principle of Equality.

True spiritual equality is not sameness for sameness can only be the result of tyranny that negates the Principle of Freedom. True equality consists of the following.

(1) Equal opportunity under the law. There should be no restriction under law or authoritarian decree that limits access or achievement of any individual, group or class of people.

This will not result in sameness of opportunity because those governed by the Principle of Freedom will differ in circumstances and mental state which will result in advantages or disadvantages creating different outcomes.

(2) Acquire the mindset that supports abundance for all and sharing rather than forcing the rich to give their wealth away.

Every time wealth has been taken by force with the idea of redistribution disaster has been the result.

One of the prime examples of this failure occurred when Pol Pot took over Cambodia in the Seventies. He was a big believer in equality by sameness and mandated that all people have all things in common including property, dress, communal meals with all capitalism forbidden. He even tried to eliminate cash and killed those who even smelled like an upper class.

As a result millions died through starvation and extermination.

Thus one of the most aggressive attempts at forced equality was also one of the greatest failures in history.

Instead of attempting to force the rich to share the key is to teach the principle of free will sharing while providing opportunity for the poor to achieve abundance.

Studies show that an increase in money does result in an increase in happiness until the point is reached where basic needs are met. After this point additional wealth makes little difference to happiness.

Therefore, if the inhabitants of Zion through free will create a situation where the basic needs of all are met the foundation will be laid to establish a society where maximum happiness becomes possible.

A huge problem created by inequality of the deprived poor compared to the rich is that many of the poor who are going without or having difficulty paying their bills focus on the differences in outcome. On the other hand, the focus of one who has his needs met tend to be away from the material differences and other goals in mind. Creating a situation where basic needs are met will take us more than halfway to the goal of seeing ourselves as equal participants rather than on the outside looking in.

(3) Teach correct principles so equality can manifest through free will sharing. Many who are rich are presently willing to donate to a hospital, library or college if they are willing to put their name on a building or room. In Zion we do not want to feed the ego, but what if the rich were to realize an even greater feeling of worth through using their wealth to assist in the building of Zion or just in helping others there. People tune into the public consciousness and if our values change the motive for sharing will also shift.

So, what would equality look like in the ideal Zion society? There would not be sameness. Jones may figure he needs a storage shed in his back yard and Smith does not. Jones builds a shed and thus has a possession that Smith does not have.

The bottom line is that Smith could have built a shed if he wanted one so he does not feel neglected because of an unequal possession.

In the ideal society basic needs would be met and if someone feels they need something beyond that he would have freedom to acquire it.

We’ll go into more detail as this treatise continues.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 22

Day 277


The Seed Thought:

When negative emotions are dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and resulting disease will no longer consume us.

It has dawned upon the consciousness of humanity that a polluted physical environment, such as toxins in air, water and food, are detrimental to our health and well-being. Less realized is the effect of the toxins that invade our emotional thinking and feeling nature. These toxins often do more damage than the physical ones.

For instance, you will often see two family members who breath the same air, eat the same food and drink the same water, but one is healthy and the other is not.

Why is this?

Yes, it is true that there may be some other factors besides those affecting the emotional nature, but negative emotional implants are often a significant factor in the difference.

The problem with clearing the emotional self is that the most destructive negative emotions are often disguised as something positive. The most harmful emotions are grievances unexpressed, or not communicated, that fester in the victim until a disease will manifest. The victim often sees the suppression as a virtue because he is avoiding upsetting the sender of the offense.

Unfortunately, the grievance does not go away when suppressed but acts like boiling water in a teapot. The inward pressure keeps increasing until something gives. The victim either explodes and strongly expresses emotion or continues to hold it in and is sapped of vital energy leading to disease.

While those who suppress are in danger of congestive disease such as cancer, those who over react and strongly express emotion are in danger of inflammatory disease.

The seeker must reach a balance and find ways to express himself so a grievance is not held, yet maintain a degree of self control so he does not overreact,

He who holds his emotions in a state of balance and peace takes a major step toward good health. If he also avoids other pollutants and gets reasonable exercise and sunshine the chances of having good health for life are high.

Seed Thought for the Day:

Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality from shadow, there is only blackness.

Much enlightenment can be found by reflecting on light itself.


Day 278

Revealing Light

The Seed Thought:

Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality from shadow, there is only blackness.

If you look up at the sky you will see many stars, but consider this. The light you see from a star has traveled trillions of miles through space without being seen until it hits your eyes. Between you and the star, the photons making up the light still existed, but did not reveal themselves until they lit on your eyes.

If you look up at the sky again, but between the stars, you will see only blackness. Yet a few miles above the atmosphere in that blackness there is a full spectrum of the sun’s rays with enough light to blind the eyes.

Why then do we see blackness instead of light?

Because light is that which reveals in this world of form and its effects cannot be seen unless form interacts with light. Form has contrast and contrast revealed by light create shadows, which makes our 3-D vision possible.

Now there are various types of shadows. A shadow on the moon which has no atmosphere is completely black having no light at all. A typical shadow on the earth only blocks out part of the light because of light refraction in the atmosphere. One could also say the light spectrum which can manifest any color from white light are shades or shadows of a complete light.

When we consider that light is that which reveals then we realize that light goes beyond the physical. Light is also that which reveals to the mind, or our understanding. Teachings that reveal are called enLIGHTened.

We realize our sense of physical sight is precious indeed. Perhaps we should place even more value on our more spiritual sense that perceives greater light and truth. The result of this higher light follows us after death and the results are more permanent.

The words of Solomon come to mind here:

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Today’s Seed Thought:

All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives them power.


Day 279


The Seed Thought:

All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives them power.

If you were to attend a party and come across someone displaying a swastika on his shirt, what do you suppose the reaction of the guests would be?

They would be horrified and avoid the guy like the plague. If anyone did approach him it would most likely be to ask him to leave.

On the other hand, if you were able to go back in time, before World War II and attend such a function you would be in an era where the swastika was seen as a spiritual symbol, even used by the United States military and embraced in the artwork of American Indians as a positive symbol.

It was also in use representing good fortune by numerous European nations such as Denmark, Ireland, Finland and Poland.

Numerous ancient religions used the symbol, often representing divine activity of some sort. The word “swastika” itself comes from the Sanskrit and denotes “conducive to well being or auspicious”.

It is unfortunate that Hitler was able to take a symbol of positive meaning for millennia and alter its meaning in public consciousness to something repulsive, that may never be seen again in a positive light.

The pentagram is another symbol used for good and evil. Many place the five pointed s tar on top of their Christmas tree having nothing but positive feelings about this while others see the five pointed star, the pentagram as a satanic symbol.

Early Christians used it as a symbol of the five wounds of Christ while now they shun it and fundamentalists associate its use with Satanism.

It is difficult for a company or national movement to create a logo without someone accusing them of being in league with the devil because of some perceived hidden meaning.

Despite the fact that the meaning of symbols can be distorted to mean something good or evil – this does not distract from the fact that they can be intelligently deciphered and used as an extremely effective way of communicating.

For instance the Triangle represents the three aspects of the Trinity and the square represents the foundation of the New Jerusalem that links heaven and earth.

All shapes, like all letters of the alphabet, can be placed together to represent the good or evil in the mind of the one creating the message. The seeker must see the symbols in the context of their use and interpret them with judgment rather than in black and white.

Seed Thought of the Day

There is no first cause for cause and effect are eternal. There is only a first cause of a cycle of creation.

There is a lot of food for thought in this statement.


Day 280

First Cause

The Seed Thought:

There is no first cause, for cause and effect are eternal. There is only a first cause of a cycle of creation.

We have often heard philosophers and spiritual leaders speak of a “First Cause.” But when you think about it this cannot be a real event.

Consider this reasoning: If there was such a thing as a “first cause” then before this event there could have been no such thing as cause and effect. If there were no cause and effect then there would have been nothing in existence, not even God. If indeed God or any life exists then cause must also exist because all life creates cause and God would be no exception.

If cause and effect did not exist then there could be no first cause, for cause cannot come from no cause, and effect cannot exist unless there is first a cause.

There is no such thing as a first cause from an eternal perspective for cause and effect is eternal just as the One Great Life we call God is eternal. Lives, great and small, eternally create cause and effect and the natural law of cause and effect expand and enhance the life experience.

All things that have a beginning, including this temporary universe, had a first cause, and hence an ending effect, but before any first cause of the cycle of a planet, a galaxy or universe, there were previous causes.

Cause and effect is the prime law of the universe used by intelligence to create ends to the various cycles in which the good dominates over the evil.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed them.

This is a simple statement that seems to point out the obvious, but there is more truth here than meets the eye.



Day 281

Good and Bad Shepherds

The Seed Thought:

The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed them.

This problem of teachers, gurus, pastors, or, as the Bible calls them, “shepherds”, feeding themselves above assisting the followers is an ancient one. Here is an instance from Old Testament days:

“Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock. … I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.” Ezekiel 34:4&10

Jesus also complained about this to the Jewish authorities:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer.” Matt 23:13

Unfortunately, there is a built in temptation facing all those teachers in authority to feed themselves rather than the flock. After all, it is the tendency of the natural man to think of his own comforts above those others. There is also a tendency to see oneself as superior in intelligence and spirituality over the rank and file and thus more entitled to benefits.

If the teacher follows these natural tendencies (which many do) then he will wind up feeding himself above the flock. To pacify the flock he will promote himself as a great benefactor far beyond that which he deserves.

We have all encountered stories of preachers and gurus who have milked their followers of cash and used millions for their own luxury. Among Christians, Jim and Tammy Bakker were a prime example. Among gurus was the Bhagwan of the Rajneesh sect who boasted of owning 93 Rolls Royces while demanding sacrifice from followers.

Payment for the shepherds goes beyond material possessions. Some value prestige and praise above material possessions and seek to nourish their own ego above all else. Many develop a messiah complex and let their followers know in no uncertain terms that they are right up there with Jesus or Moses in importance.

Fortunately, there are a few teachers who have resisted the natural tendency, made soul contact, and have used the power of spiritual will to negate the natural inclination to inflate ego or pocketbook at the followers expense.

These see themselves as fellow travelers with their students and realize that helping them also helps themselves move forward and thus can sustain the moving forward of the group seeing oneself as being one in a chain linked together.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Because of wrong focus, the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. He who suffers great distress must ask what Higher Intelligence is attempting to teach him.

Have you suffered great distress before? What did you learn from the experience?


Day 282

Right Focus

The Seed Thought:

Because of wrong focus, the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. He who suffers great distress must ask what Higher Intelligence is attempting to teach him.

The key phrase in this thought is, “Because of wrong focus.” If our focus is where it should be and our attention is directed to listening to the inner voice then the soul will not have to use extraordinary measures to get our attention.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of us flawed human beings, even seekers of enlightenment, to take the easy path and listen to the outer voices over the inner.

Just imagine the choice the seeker has when his doctor tells him to take a certain drug or treatment that the Higher Self sees as destructive. Which voice is easier to register and speaks louder to his consciousness? If the doctor places great fear of health or even death in his mind then that creates a voice that calls the seeker to attention much more than the soul. To obey the voice of the soul in such a circumstance requires three things:

(1) The seeker must have heard the voice enough times to be aware when it is speaking.

(2) The seeker must have tested the voice in the past so he knows it is reliable.

(3) He must be willing to follow the voice.

If the soul attempts to communicate with the individual and he refuses to tune in and listen then the soul will withdraw and let him learn of his bad decision through the pain which will naturally occur because of his chosen path.

Then there are other times that the pilgrim reaches a point where a certain direction needs to be taken for him to learn his next lesson. The guy just is not paying attention and continues in his old familiar paths. Because this next step is necessary if he is to move forward in his progression the soul will speak as loudly as it can through the inner voice, through dreams and though signs appearing in his life.

Unfortunately, at one time or another, most of us go through a period where we just ignore all these attempts of the soul to communicate. When such a dead end is reached the soul then decides to apply more drastic measures. It may create an accident, a disease or painful personal situation that the seeker just cannot ignore. Even here many an individual does not get the point and continues in his old ways.

If this ignorance continues then the soul will tighten the screws even more until the pain increases to be almost unbearable. Finally the seeker will look up to the skies and exclaim in anguish, “Why, God!!!”

At this point the soul will see an opening and do its best to send a message.

If the seeker listens and responds he can then change direction (repent) and follow a path that will lead him away from the pain to the peace that passes all understanding.

If he continues to ignore the voice he is in danger of increased suffering while blaming God and rejecting all things spiritual and following a dark path.

Thus let the seeker be aware, listen and follow the voice that leads to progress and peaceful pastures.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

Is it wrong to give with the thought of getting something back?


Day 283

The Karma Bank

The Seed Thought:

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

In the past when I have taught this principle some have replied that we shouldn’t even be thinking about such a thing. They criticize me for even bringing up this principle, as if it is wrong to think about it.

The truth is that it is never wrong to reflect on true principles, even though that truth may be offensive to some. Truth is never offensive when it is understood and placed in its right perspective in relation to the whole.

Should we only give because we will get some material benefit?

Of course not. If all only gave when a physical return is immediate or obvious then no one would give blood, we wouldn’t give to charities and no one would help the homeless and the hungry.

Do we need a selfish motive in order to give?


Do we need a motive?

Of course. We do nothing without first being motivated.

So what is the motive for those who sacrifice time or money to help others?

Basically it is because it is the right thing to do.

And why are we motivated to do the right thing?

Even when we examine this answer we come back to self interest. Here are some answers to that question.

(1) The God of my religion demands generosity and if I do not assist others I may go to hell or at best offend God.

(2) I feel guilty if I do not help others in need. Giving makes me feel better.

(3) Being a big giver increases my status with associates.

(4) Giving makes everything better for everyone including myself.

There is some interest in every decision we make, even if it is merely expressed in the good feeling we receive, vs. a bad feeling if we turn away a plea for help.

So, if we give – is all we can expect back is a good feeling about it?

No. There is a universal law of cause and effect. The good feeling you get from giving is a bonus. In addition to this your giving creates ripples in the waters of karma that builds up momentum and brings back to you benefits in life when you need them. If you give $100 you may not receive back exactly that amount, but someone may stop and help you when your car breaks down and the help will be worth more than $100 in your mind.

It is a scientific fact that a cause must produce effect. It helps the seeker to understand that his good works are like putting money in the bank of karma. If he understands this he can lose himself in giving, not worry about the payback, but realizing that he is laying the foundation of a happy existence for himself and others.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The most common misuse of authority lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

Have you been, or are you currently being manipulated?


Day 284


The Seed Thought:

The most common misuse of authority lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

How can one be controlled and manipulated yet be totally oblivious to what is occurring? It happens much more often than you may think.

The mob mentality is the most obvious example. If a mob gathers that starts fires, breaks windows and overturns cars it will gather many people gleefully joining with the bedlam who are otherwise peaceful. On their own they would not consider breaking the window of a struggling business, but when identifying with the mob this suddenly seems like a good idea.

This mob mentality extends on a number of levels to everyday humans and even influences us toward benevolent activity as well a malevolent. For instance, an individual may have no inclination to give to a certain charity, but when he finds out that all his friends are giving to it he decides to join the crowd and also give.

This mob mentality expressing itself through acceptable channels is often called “groupthink.” Overseeing groupthink are always a handful of decision makers at the top who decide that which is acceptable for the group to embrace. This is handled in such a way that the individual believes he is thinking his own thoughts when he is really following implanted instructions. If the implants were something different his thinking would also be different, but to this he is oblivious.

For instance. a member of a church or political party may think he independently embraces all their ideology when he is actually responding to implants that tell him what to think.

This reminds me of a time a friend asked a true blue Mormon what he thought of a concept not covered by standard Mormon doctrine. The guy appeared somewhat confused and finally responded:

“I’m not sure, Let me check with my Bishop to find out what I think.”

Now that is an honesty that you do not get everyday, but this subtle attitude occurs in all groupthink. This is illustrated in amusing interviews circling around where the subject is asked what he thinks of (a politician he likes) statement on a subject. He is then given a quote from the guy he hates, but totally accepts and defends it. This also works in reverse.

Instead of thinking for himself the unwitting subject is just a foot soldier for the acceptable guy, right or wrong.

The seeker must continually check with his thinking process to make sure he arrives at conclusions through his own reasoning rather than an implant from someone else.

Today’s Seed Thought:

You are intelligence in matter, which is your body. It is logical then that the body we call Earth correspondingly has great intelligence manifesting through its elements.

Use the Law of Correspondences discussed earlier to see where it takes you here.


Day 285

Intelligence In Matter

The Seed Thought:

You are intelligence in matter, which is your body. It is logical then that the body we call Earth correspondingly has great intelligence manifesting through its elements.

The most common view of God is that He/She/It is a living Spirit that exists everywhere in the universe. In other words, God is omnipresent. Some type of omnipresence is taught by most any religion that can be found.

The seeker needs to follow this idea of omnipresence to its ultimate conclusion, which is this.

If God is omnipresent then Its life dwells within the form of a galaxy, a sun, a planet, a human, a cell or an atom.

Yet many scientists disagree and tell us that there are just two types of matter – organic and inorganic. The earth is mostly inorganic and the other planets seem to be 100% inorganic so the idea that they an house any type of inherent life is not scientific. They say that matter itself does not have consciousness.

You don’t say.

Are you not in a physical body made of all types of matter?

Do you have consciousness?

Then, are you not an example of consciousness in matter?

Therefore, if consciousness can exist at one place in matter then is there any reason that it cannot exist in other places, like a planet or sun or instance?

Then among organic life forms we see that life operates in different time frames. When photographing plants using time lapsed photography we see that plants move in various directions depending on outside stimuli, similar to a way that a human might, but at a different reckoning of time.

Is it not possible then that the life and consciousness of a planet, or the universe itself, is centered in a different rate of time? For instance, some esoteric thinkers tell us that a heartbeat for earth takes about 25,000 years. If we could do super time-lapse photography for the earth or solar system we may be surprised at the conscious life that would be revealed.

I submit that the life of God is indeed omnipresent and life is everywhere, even in what is called inorganic matter.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Eat too much unnatural processed food and get unnatural manmade problems and disease.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 21

Day 257

Your Greatest Teacher

The Seed Thought:

The person in your life who irritates you the most is your greatest teacher.

There is a lot of profound meaning behind this seed thought.

Many seekers see their ideal teacher as a kindly older man or woman who gently prodded them onward toward success, but if you ask someone about the point in their life where the greatest lesson was learned you will usually receive an alternate view.

The greatest lessons in life are often learned from:

(1) A bad marriage

(2) A betrayal

(3) Someone who deceived you.

(4) A co-worker or friend who is obnoxious.

Yes, we can learn useful knowledge from a wise teacher, but the great learning in life comes from lessons in handling actual life experiences. Nice, friendly and loving people do not teach us many lessons, but negative people are great at it. Here are a few:

(1) Patience. How can you learn patience unless you deal with contentious people that require us to practice it?

(2) Forgiving nature. No forgiveness is required toward a kind and loving teacher, but we have all met the person who tests our forgiveness mode to the limit.

(3) Love. Jesus explained this well when he said,

“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?” Matt 5:46-47

In other words we learn true love through showing love to difficult people.

Generally we are not thankful for such negative people, but, realistically, maybe we should be.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Today we’ll present two seed thoughts since they are related:

99% believe they are thinking out of the box while less than 1% do.

Those who believe they are thinking out of the box usually just move to a different spot within the box.

What is the box?


Day 258

The Box

The Seed Thought:

99% believe they are thinking out of the box while less than 1% do.

Those who believe they are thinking out of the box usually just move to a different spot within the box.

The first point to be considered is, what is meant by “the box”? In common usage thinking outside the box represents original thinking that is outside the mainstream.

Actually what is called “the box” is very near to what is called the ring-pass-not in Ancient Wisdom. The ring-pass-not basically represents the limit to one’s consciousness. In other words, it represents a limit of the seekers function, beyond which he is unable to see or understand.

The box does not represent an individual ring-pass-not, but a group or humanity as a whole or kind of a representation of the whole. This means that there are many whose thinking is in the box, but a few who can see beyond it.

As far as scientists go the box excludes the idea that God or any type of Divine Intelligence had anything to do with creation and life. The box for religious believers would be the opposite.

As far as humanity goes the box excludes the idea that we have ever been visited by aliens. Making any assumption on this happening is beyond the ring-pass-not of many.

Then there are boxes beyond the consciousness of perhaps the 99% mentioned, such as the existence of the Masters of Wisdom or that we have a Higher Self that assisted in the creation of this world and life within it.

No one likes to believe his thinking is constrained by the box, but many who think they are being original are just repeating what someone else has said. Breaking though the box and making real progress is difficult and takes great effort.

Edison thought out of the box when he envisioned the light bulb. The Wright Brothers did also when they inwardly knew they could fly as the birds. Let us always attempt to see where the box is and move beyond it.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When awakened from sleep the dreamer still exists but with greater awareness than before. Then at death we wake again to a greater more real existence.

Can you see how this thought aligns with the Law of Correspondences?


Day 259


The Seed Thought:

When awakened from sleep the dreamer still exists but with greater awareness than before. Then at death we wake again to a greater more real existence.

When you see that a teaching is in harmony with the Law of Correspondences you can rest assured there is some truth there. However, the full truth is not found in an exact black and white correspondence for various levels have differences as well a similarities. To see the full truth requires the use of intuition.

When we look at the similarities of the two levels there does seem to be valid correspondences. Many spiritual teachings tell us that we have a higher self and that we as individuals are a partial reflection of it. And what happens when we dream? Our dreams are a partial reflection of our human consciousness. We are partly in the dream but not all there. For instance, the dreamer does not normally realize that:

(1) He is dreaming and his real self lives in another world.

(2) He doesn’t seem to have power to view things logically.

(3) Odd happenings do not make him realize he is dreaming.

Now just as a handful are capable of lucid dreaming even so a handful are aware that we have a higher self in reality and not just theory.

It would be productive for the seeker to contemplate the difference in consciousness between the self when it is asleep and then awake. Then shift consciousness to comparing our consciousness now to what it will be when we awaken after death. Thinking on this brings some interesting enlightenment.

Seed Thought of the Day

One act of helpfulness shows more love than a thousand prayers.


Day 260

The Act of Doing

The Seed Thought:

One act of helpfulness shows more love than a thousand prayers.

The idea here was well expressed in the parable of the Good Samaritan as follows:

Jesus said: A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead.

A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side.

But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him.

The next day he took out two denar and gave them to the innkeeper. “Look after him,” he said, “and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.”

“Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

Luke 10:30-37 NIV

Now there is nothing wrong with prayer or positive thoughts, but if thought is not followed up with correlating action then the thought or prayer was based on illusion and does not represent the real intent of the thinker.

Many do not examine their thoughts and prayers to see if they really match their intent. If they do not then they are not real thoughts and will not produce the literal results represented by their group think words.

A thousand prayers that do not represent the true thinking that will be followed by no action has less power than one solid action of helpfulness. Such an action represents true thought, true prayer and true intent to be of service.

Today’s Seed Thought:

True humility is recognizing your proven abilities and acting accordingly.


Day 261

True Humility

The Seed Thought:

True humility is recognizing your proven abilities and acting accordingly.

A common idea of humility is that of a person who downplays his talents, but this idea sometimes reveals that the humility is based on illusion instead of reality.. We can call this false humility the pool shark syndrome.

The poll shark enters a room where he is an unknown quantity and acts like a simpleton who knows little about pool. He manages to get involved in some playing, but doesn’t show his skill and acts like a novice. He performs this act until he or a partner place a huge bet on him to win. Then when it really counts he shows his skill.

As it turns out the humility thing with him was an act designed for his benefit in the end.

So how does this pool shark syndrome work out in ordinary life? We see it quite often when you join a friend or associate and participate in some performance that requires skill and the guy indicates to you that he isn’t much good at it, but then when you get playing or performing he is much better at it than expected, perhaps better than you, making you feel a little humiliated, being bested by a supposed amateur.

The natural inclination here is to hurl compliments his direction, to which he will smile and reply with an “aw shucks” attitude.

Unrealized by many who have dealt with this type of person is that he performs because there is something in it for him. For the pool shark it is money, but for false humility it is praise. It gives the actor a high to be seen as performing way beyond expectations.

What is true humility then? True humility uses no deception, but acknowledges what is. If you are a good golfer you do not pretend to be a novice, but neither do you present yourself as greater than you are.

Of course, the most common perception of lack of humility is the guy with some talent who shoves it in your face. This is very obnoxious and is registered by most everyone.

Here are a few rules for one with talent in presenting himself.

  • Do not present yourself as having greater or lesser ability than you have.
  • Only talk about your talent when appropriate and appreciated by the listener. A good time is when it blends into the conversation.
  • Never project the thought “I am great and you are not.” This is easy to do when the ego gets out of control. If you are a good golfer you might say something like:

“I put a lot of time into improving my game and it’s starting to pay off.”

This approach doesn’t project superiority, for if any of us puts in a lot of time we can develop a skill.

Watch your internal ego. If you feel superior, that feeling will be communicated on some subtle level and will not be appreciated. One with a skill that has true humility will appreciate his or her skill, desire to be of service, but will realize that others can be just as good as himself of they put in the needed effort.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Even the hardened atheist will sense the presence of Divinity when witnessing the birth of his or her own child.

Is this a true statement? Why or why not?


Day 262

The Great Miracle

The Seed Thought:

Even the hardened atheist will sense the presence of Divinity when witnessing the birth of his or her own child.

Long before we knew of the complexities of the human body, the cell, or the DNA all humans marveled at the miracle of birth, especially of their own children. Particularly impressive is the first child, not because it is the most special as a individual, but because it is an initial demonstration of a miracle of which you are a participant.

We tend to overlook the miracle of life when we are in its midst and it is so ubiquitous, but actually witnessing your child’s birth hones down the attention to the miracle behind the birth of each of those lives.

In Darwin’s day the cell was thought to be a mere blob of nebulous protoplasm. It would be interesting to see how his theories would have been affected if he had understood its complexities.

Newton, considered the greatest scientist of all time, marveled at the complexity of the human eye and concluded that this proved that a Divine Intelligence was at work.

Through the study of the complexities of life scientists have been able to make many discoveries that have been useful to humanity. On the other hand, they have found life so complex that they have not been close to duplicating the intricacies behind it. Despite all the advances in computer technology they have not been able to duplicate the computer power of a single strand of DNA.

Now imagine how much easier it is to copy something than creating it? When scientists duplicate something in nature they think they have done something great, but this accomplishment is nothing compared to an original creation that is not a copy, which implies real creative thinking.

Many inclined toward atheism negate all the evidence of an obvious Divine Intelligence behind the tremendous complexities of life, but even the most hardened unbeliever embraces a special feeling of a miracle beyond understanding when watching his or her own child come to life.

Those who recognize a Divine Hand will cherish that memory throughout their life, whereas the one who refuses to give credit where it belongs will have to shove that great spiritual moment into a black hole of his own creation.

Seed Thought of the Day:

He who takes offense when no offense is intended is the one creating the problem.

There are many who would benefit through the contemplation of this thought.


Day 263

Neutralizing Offense

The Seed Thought:

He who takes offense when no offense is intended is the one creating the problem.

Have you ever offended another inadvertently, having no intention to hurt any feelings? Most people of goodwill have had this happen a number of times.

Often the offense occurs because the message was not correctly understood. Then the speaker tries to correct the communication and clarify that no harshness was intended. But instead of accepting the clarified communication the individual’s consciousness reverts back to the original words and his original negative interpretation. He may say something like, “But you said…”

The strange thing the quote is often not accurate. It will generally reflect what he felt you said rather than what you actually said. It makes you wish you had a recording of the conversation so you could vindicate yourself.

Actually, a recording does not help much for this type of distorted quoting happens on the internet where there is a full recording and the offended one will still insist you said what you did not say.

What he felt you said is what he believes and nothing seems to change his mind.

In this situation the root of the problem lies not with the speaker who means no offense, but the one taking offense.

An extremely important step toward soul contact is the obtaining of the ability to neutralize your emotional self to the disturbance of your peace because of the offensive statements from others. This includes offensive statements where offense is intended.

Once the person takes offense the lower emotions become the focus of attention and the peace necessary to commune with the soul evaporates. The seeker must learn to instantly forgive, or better yet, view the problem as something which needs no forgiveness because the offender just does not know any better. He could be seen as a mad dog trying to bite you because he is just painfully lashing out. You do not hate the dog, but feel sorry for it and stay out of its way if necessary.

Seed Thought of the Day

Where you witness humor that makes people of all beliefs laugh, there you see light.

What is the link between humor and light?


Day 264

Humor – Light and Dark

The Seed Thought:

Where you witness humor that makes people of all beliefs laugh, there you see light.

There is duality in all things in this world and humor is no exception. There is humor generated by shining light on a subject that all can appreciate and then there is dark humor based on mean spirited and often distorted attack. The light humor is based on an element of truth presented in a unique fashion. The dark is based on attacking perceived enemies and may contain no truth at all but merely appeals to their base desires.

In the old days political humor was fairly light from both sides. Will Rogers was a Democrat but his humor was appreciated by all. So it was with Bob Hope, a Republican, who was universally appreciated.

In this generation we have a divide that has taken us into dark humor. The humor from the right is only appreciated by the right and humor from the left is only appreciated by the left. Few are even making the attempt to create political humor that can be universally appreciated.

About the only jokes appreciated by both sides are those making fun of Congress as both sides rate the institution low. Here is an example:

“A stopped clock is right twice a day. That is twice as reliable as Congress.”

On the other hand, both sides have made jokes comparing the president of the opposing party to Hitler and Nazis. That is not funny and insulting to those who voted for him. Such mean spirited humor has little relation to truth as none of our presidents have been much like Hitler. Those making such accusations need to study history.

Those on the path of light and soul contact will reject humor that is not based on universal truth but will cultivate humor that all can appreciate. Of course, there are always a few who are easily offended and do not like any humor outside of the parameters of “Leave it to Beaver” or their own mindset on purity. People on the path of light are flexible and roll with the punches as long as humor is in good fun.

Remember that person back in grade school that made the class laugh and tried the patience of the teacher? We generally remember him or her with fondness because of the monotony that was broken and perhaps an original thought thrown in the mix.

Where do you suppose that person is now? Probably enjoying a great life and having the last laugh.

Here is a parting thought on humor:

It is impossible to feel hate, anger or despair in the midst of laughter from harmless humor.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Truth is my religion, reason is my politics, love is my God, freedom is my sword and light is my path.

Sounds like a good motto. Does it apply to you?


Day 265

A Positive Creed

The Seed Thought:

Truth is my religion, reason is my politics, love is my God, freedom is my sword and light is my path.

Here we have idealistic statements from which any seeker can benefit from applying them in his life.

(1) “Truth is my religion…”

Many seekers are members of a church but one who is true to himself will follow truth when the religion takes the path of error. In other words, his true religion is not founded on the decrees of an organized body but by truth that is verified by his own soul. Sometimes that which he finds to be true will be found in a religion and sometimes not.

(2) “Reason is my politics…”

We live in a generation where much that is happening in politics defies reason. Some seem to be making unreasonable arguments just to further their agenda.

Much political progress could be made if the politicians would make truth and reason their priorities rather than doing anything necessary to insure their side wins. Without reason and truth as a standard the people will lose every time.

(3) “Love is my God…”

Every believer says that God is loving, but then when you hear them speak of what God is going to do to those who merely do not believe as they do it is obvious that many believe in a mean God.

On the other hand, Jesus told us that God has better things in store for us than parents do their own children which would mean that He will go the extra mile in helping us.

With each breath the seeker should believe in the love and goodness of Divine Life.

(4) “Freedom is my sword…”

Freedom is an extremely important principle and is that which creates the dividing line between light and dark. The wise seeker will live and let live and have faith that others will learn from their mistakes without having to be forced to obey the ideal of apowerful authority.

I have written a lot about this principle and would advise seekers to check them out.

(5) “Light is my path…”

Those in darkness cannot even see the path ahead so the seeker must do all in his power to seek and embrace the light which is available. If he does this while moving forward more light will come and the path ahead will be clear.

Seed Thought of the Day:

“Who do you think you are?” is a mantra from the dark side to discourage the seeker.

How is this statement used to discourage those from progressing along the Path?


Day 266

A Dark Mantra

The Seed Thought:

“Who do you think you are?” is a mantra from the dark side to discourage the seeker.

All things in this realm require some degree of judgment to maintain accuracy and this thought is no exception. There are times when the question, “Who do you think you are?” may not be too far off the mark to ask.

For instance, I met a guy a while back who claimed to have the power to teleport himself from one part of the planet to another. Now if someone listening would have asked him who he thought he was, he would have been somewhat justified.

On the other hand, I have never asked someone this question in my life because incorporating it is a favorite tactic of the dark side to cause seekers to doubt themselves.

Even if the guy was a charlatan he could have stated that he was a son of God and could manifest all the powers of heaven right here on the earth. If he had said this he would have been stating a truth, even though many merely pretend such manifestations.

I didn’t sense any positive spiritual affirmation about the guy and felt he was deceived about his own abilities so I asked him to describe a specific teleportation event and how it came to transpire. He evaded answered or giving any details by telling me that I was not ready to hear about it.

I then asked him that if I was not ready then why did he bring the subject up?

He had no answer.

Instead of challenging who he was or any potential he may have I asked for details. Sincere inquiry is the approach of the light whereas attacking potential with a “who do you think you are?” attitude is the approach of the dark.

I first discovered this dark mantra through a powerful supernatural experience that temporality made me doubt myself. It is very liberating to the seeker when this tactic is seen for what it is so the way can be cleared from him or her to move onward into the light and fully accept all the Divine gifts of love and light that is just waiting to be accepted.

When the Seeker hears the question, “Who do you think you are” from either an outside or inside source he needs to realize that the thought is coming from a darkened mind that does not want you to take your next step into the light. Ignore this voice and tune into the voice of your Higher Self. It will tell you, that yes, you have unlimited potential and all things are possible and will let you know whether you are ready for the next step under contemplation and what you must do.

Seed Thought of the Day:

True inclusiveness looks far beyond skin color to the hearts of people of all beliefs to find common threads to bring them together without infringing on free will.

In this generation of political divide how can this thought guide us toward greater union?


Day 267


The Seed Thought:

True inclusiveness looks far beyond skin color to the hearts of people of all beliefs to find common threads to bring them together without infringing on free will.

If all people were of the same race would the division and animosity of humanity be healed?

The answer from all thinking people to this question would be no

There are many obvious examples of great conflict where those of the same race had as much or more conflict than manifests in different races.

During World War I and II the war in Europe consisted the same race battling out their differences. When the Japanese entered World War II they also invaded China and warred against fellow Asians.

The great American Civil War put brother against brother and white guy against white guy because of political and moral differences.

Native Americans had plenty of tribal wars between their own race and practiced slavery before the white guy showed up.

The root cause of conflict is in the mind rather than external differences. When external things like race enter in it is a mental interpretation of the differences, which create the problem. Those who see all humanity as brothers and sisters do not contribute to the problem because their thinking is on the side of inclusiveness.

Despite our problems, humanity has made a lot of progress in the direction of inclusiveness during the past few centuries. Most people at least try to see all humans as fellow pilgrims as themselves just struggling to get along the best they can.

Today many attacks of racism are really attacks on different modes of thinking that have little to do with race, for the cause of conflict is always a difference in thinking. People tend to label those differences in the most demonic way possible for their own advantage.

To solve the conflicts today we must look at the internal cause rather than the external and internal mindset is the cause of division today more than in any other age of recorded history.

The tendency is to categorize and reject our fellow humans who merely disagree with us on religion, politics, science, medicine and other matters. If a greater effort were made to see how an opposing view was arrived at and to allow others to have differing opinions without condemning them much progress can be made.

Another step we can take is to honor the laws passed by representatives of the people even when they are against belief system. None of us get our way all the time and to maintain peace all must have some tolerance of an imperfect world.

Recognizing this the seeker will peacefully work for constructive change and refuse methods of force and violence to initiate change.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Look not for Christ to come in the clouds of heaven, but first seek him in your own heart and reveal him through your deeds. Others will then see the Lord of Love coming amidst the clouds and fog of humanity.


Day 268

Second Coming

The Seed Thought:

Look not for Christ to come in the clouds of heaven, but first seek him in your own heart and reveal him through your deeds. Others will then see the Lord of Love coming amidst the clouds and fog of humanity.

Many there are who look for a warrior type of Christ who will appear in the heavens and destroy all but a few righteous who will then live on blissfully with Jesus.

Of course, such people fully expect to be in the saved category and escape destruction to live the heavenly life.

Many people who place a lot of attention on the end of days do so because they have not been able to put their life together in a satisfactory way. Because their lives are full of frustration they look to the coming of Jesus to create a better life, one flowing with milk and honey.

Much more productive than waiting for your neighbor to burn as stubble is to become an instrument in the hands of God and take part in manifesting his basic teachings which are often ignored.

Jesus said he would be with us until the end of the world so perceive him manifesting in your own heart and consciousness and go forth and serve others as you would imagine that Christ would do if he were in your body.

You say you cannot do miracles like Jesus did? You may not have the faith to heal with a touch, but you can touch the spirit of the afflicted with words of comfort and assistance.

You have power to do much more than you realize and when you go forth and serve as if Jesus were in your body you will no longer need to look to the clouds of heaven, but you will find the Lord of Light and Love has already made an appearance in your own heart. That is enough to fill your life with joy and if you should live to embrace the Lord that would only be icing on the cake.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Thought is more powerful than action, for thought precedes action.


Day 270

The Image of God

The Seed Thought:

If we are truly in the image of God then we must seek the answers to suffering from within ourselves.

Just contemplating the one line from scripture can bear much fruit:

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” Gen 1:26

Image comes from the Hebrew TSELEM, which indicates a projected shadow or phantom. In modern language we might translate this as a hologram.

Likeness comes from DĔMUWTH which indicates an exact or close resemblance. The fact that both of these words were used together indicates the writer wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the idea that we are created to manifest all the attributes of God.

It is interesting that the two words were used together in this scripture:

“And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth:” Gen 5:3

This was not said of the bad son, Cain, but of Seth, a son that was like his father in every way. No wonder the idea promoted in early Christianity that we are the children of God was promoted so extensively.

If we are indeed in the image and likeness of God just as was Jesus then why do we not manifest Divine attributes as did Jesus? Perhaps the answer is merely that Jesus realized who he was and we do not.

If we have great but unrealized creative powers within us and nourish them with negative thinking then those powers will create negative situations in our life. Could it be that our suffering that we often blame on an outside God is really created by our own godlike powers that are recklessly used?

If we realize that this is the case then it is indeed our duty to guard our thoughts and intentions carefully and make sure all of our words and actions lead us to a path that ends in positive creation.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Seed Thought of the Day:

He who cannot see shades of gray cannot see the full truth.

Is the truth always black and white or is it often buried under layers of deception?


Day 271

Peeling the Onion

The Seed Thought:

He who cannot see shades of gray cannot see the full truth.

To see shades of gray does not mean that the truth cannot be clear or pinned down to a point of reality as it is. The reason it is important to see shades of gray is that a black and white truth is often obscured by many layers that cover it up and cause distortion. Therefore, if one looks at the distorted truth and interprets in black and white terms he will be mislead and eventually confused.

One must always approach the discovery of truth with the idea that what appears to be true may really represent the truth which is covered by layers as if it were hidden deep within the layers of an onion.

Let us take the laws of Newton, for example. Newton did a great job of observing reality and describing it in such a way that seemed like settled truth. Then along came Einstein, who peeled off a layer of the onion and said, “Hold on, there is more,” and showed us with his theories of Relativity that Newtonian laws were not absolute.

The later on, Neils Bohr and others, embarrassed Einstein by peeling off more layers with revolutionary views on quantum mechanics Einstein refused to accept.

If we had stuck with the black and white views of Newtonian Physics and refused to see the layers of truth hidden by shades of gray we would have blocked out the full truth and suffered for it. For instance, by using only Newtonian physics we would not be able to establish accurate communications with satellites making GPS impossible, as well as many features in mobile communications.

Another place where there are many layers of truth is in creation itself. In the old days there were just two camps on this. The first group only believed that what could be seen or felt as being real. The second group with a spiritual inclination believed in invisible worlds as well as the visible.

Now the centuries have passed many layers of the onion has been peeled away so even the hardened scientist believes that a large part of reality consists of what was formally not considered. They now believe in invisible reality beyond the senses such as radio waves, microwaves, ultra violet and infrared light, gamma rays, radioactivity and much more, Many are now supporting theories that there are many dimensions and there is no such thing as empty space. Beyond this many spiritually inclined still believe in realms of the invisible not yet conjured up by science.

We are still far from proving the full truth of reality, but we have moved ahead a few steps by refusing to accept the black and white in front of us and plunging into the shades of gray.

The true seeker will refuse to take the black and white approach and always remain open to the possibility that there is more truth to his favorite subjects than meets the eye.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Any time there are two choices before us one is always better than the other. If we do not make the choice then our lives will be controlled by the choices of others, which is a type of slavery by default.

There is a lot to consider in this thought. Contemplate this and see what comes to mind.


Day 272

Two Choices

The Seed Thought:

Any time there are two choices before us one is always better than the other. If we do not make the choice then our lives will be controlled by the choices of others, which is a type of slavery by default.

How many times have you heard a citizen say something like, “I’m not voting because it doesn’t matter who gets in, things will not change.”

This attitude not only applies to voting but to many decisions in life. Often we leave decisions to others because we feel that what we think does not count.

Eventually, what happens to a person when he has gone default on numerous decisions is he finds his life is not working. Relationships fall apart, government does not work, his health is collapsing and purpose in life seems to be void. Then he complains to God, or just the “Them” who seems to be controlling the system as if outside forces have complete control of his life and he is the victim.

That said, one must acknowledge that there are some decisions which are fairly inconsequential and make little difference. If your spouse is most comfortable with the thermostat at 73 degrees and you at 72 then letting her have control over the device is neither here nor there. One degree will not make much of a difference.

The problem is that many seekers default on decisions that do make a difference. For instance, in voting, one candidate will always come closer to your belief system than the other and in the end who we wind up with making our laws does create a great effect in our lives.

Would you leave it up to someone else to decide who is going to be your marriage partner? Yet many leave it up to chance as to the people who become involved in their lives and how much influence they have.

Are your beliefs the result of your own decisions or have they been planted by others who have decided for you what you are supposed to think? This is a much bigger problem than is realized by the masses as once an implant is made it feels like the belief is the result of the receiver’s own mind.

The seeker must carefully examine all the choices that come his way and be careful about placing any on default. Taking charge of that which we have under our power will lead to more power and fewer limitations.

That is what this earth school is all about.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Some people are like wild animals. You can appreciate them as fellow souls, but need to stay out of their way.

Think of a couple people in your life to which this thought may have been applied.


Day 273

Wild Animals

The Seed Thought:

Some people are like wild animals. You can appreciate them as fellow souls, but need to stay out of their way.

This thought encapsulates The Lion Principle, which I have written about in the past. (LINK) This can basically be defined as follows:

“The lion being a dangerous animal does not mean it does not have a correct place to live out its life or cannot be appreciated. Its nature should signal to us that we need to stay out of its way, or contain it, or we will be in danger of being eaten. Even so, it is with certain people who are destructive. You can still see the spark of God at their core, but at the same time it is best to not place yourself in a vulnerable position to them.”

How many times have you heard friends complain about people in their life causing them problems when following the Lion Principle would provide a simple solution?

A common problem is the battered wife who goes back to her abuser when she could have freed herself. Then there are those who move from one abusing person to another. That is like leaving one lion cage and moving on to another. It makes no sense but most make this mistake at one time or another.

The seeker may not have physically dangerous people threatening his life but all of us meet people who are irritating or just waste our time that we are better off just avoiding. Sometimes it is best to not play “Mr. Nice Guy” and just avoid these people.

“But I can’t avoid them,” says one.

If this is the case then the principle of “energy follows thought” needs to be examined. If you keep drawing the same people or situations this is a sign that your thoughts are sending out synchronistic vibes that draw these things to you. If so, examine your thoughts, desires, habits and intentions and try to pinpoint the patterns that need to be changed.

In the end, if The Lion Principle was universally applied then irritating people would have no other friends besides other irritating people which would force positive change upon them.

Seed Thought of the Day:

All truth is logical once it is understood.

This may seem to be an obvious truth, but is it? Are there many who accept illogical things as being true? Why does this happen?


Day 274

Truth and Logic

The Seed Thought:

All truth is logical once it is understood.

If you were to grab your iPhone and travel back a couple hundred years in the past and showed the people videos and played music to them they would consider you a great magician. What you are showing them is not logical according to their understanding.

Miracles or magic do not transcend truth, but are merely based on truth, which is beyond current understanding. Once the principles behind the construction of the iPhone are understood then it is no longer seen as a magical device, but one that is intelligently constructed through the use of true principles.

Now you and I do not understand all the true details that went into the phone’s construction and how it works but what we do know makes sense. And because we know that no real magic is involved we also know that if we were to quiz an Apple engineer on additional details that they would also make sense once we understand them.

“But what about quantum physics?” asks one. That is not logical is it?

Part of what makes truth logical is that it is consistent and the quantum world is no exception, contrary to the thinking of many new age philosophers.

For instance, a photon or electron can be registered as either a particle or a wave. Some in metaphysics think this is because the particle just whimsically decides what it wants to be, but this is not the case. Instead, it is 100% consistent in that when measured it behaves like a particle but otherwise it is a wave. 100% of the time it has potential characteristics of either a particle or a wave.

Another mysterious happening is “quantum entanglement” where two paired particles have complimentary opposite spins no matter how far the distance of their separation. But once again the circumstances that make this happen are always the same. All these things follow consistent law which is one of the aspects of truth. There are a number of things we do not understand in the quantum world but that doesn’t mean truth there is not logical any more than the truth was not understood in our iPhone example.

Truth is consistent and operates in harmony with law even when it is not understood, but once understood then all the details are reasonable and logical.

We do not yet understand what creates gravity, but we do know it exists and conforms to law. All we know about is conforms to logic and all future discoveries will also make sense when understood.

Now when we apply this principle to everyday life and people we see many examples in thinking that do not make sense. If a friend tells you something that he thinks is true, but makes no sense to you then one of two things is true. (1) He is correct but you do not understand him or (2) He is incorrect and he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Many people included noted teachers and gurus tell us things that are not true. The seeker must always apply this rule and be skeptical until a teaching makes sense. Here are words to the wise:

If you follow a belief system that requires you to accept that which is not logical or reasonable – that is not faith but gullibility.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is no such thing as hard work for one who works at what he loves.


Day 275

First Love

The Seed Thought:

There is no such thing as hard work for one who works at what he loves.

The seeker of truth is more particular as to how he uses his time than is the average person. It is more likely than average that friends will hear him complain about his day job – that it is not what he wants to do. He wishes that he could be free to read, study, teach, meditate and basically work on the spiritual path rather than working for money to survive in this world.

Seekers in this situation make three common mistakes.

(1) They feel resentful that they have to work at a job they do not like. This causes them to have a negative implant that clouds their vision so positive paths cannot be seen.

(2) Some will prematurely quit their job so they can do what they really like and end up in a poverty conscious state that limits them even more than before.

(3) Everyone has some free time, but a wrongly focused seeker will often not make good use of it. Here is a seed thought to steer the seeker in a positive direction.

“If you feel forced to labor for that which you do not love then devote your free time in excelling at that which you do love. In time the beloved skills will dominate.”

When you find someone who is working at what he loves you will generally find in his history that he first worked at a number of undesirable jobs.

For instance, we have all heard famous actors, who work at what they love, tell stories of being waiters, busboys, carpenters, factory workers, limo drivers etc. They did what they had to do to survive while making best use of their spare time.

Seekers who are waiting for their big break before they do the desirable work will generally die waiting. No matter how busy there is always some free time that can be accessed.

I started the main trust of my writing in 1997 when I was working 80 hours a week just to pay the bills. The only free time I could find was after 2 AM, so I wrote daily between 2 AM to 5 AM and tried to catch catnaps during the day.

In the vast majority of cases you’ll find that those who are working at what they love first paid their dues and did what was necessary to arrive at that plateau.

From that point on there will be no such thing as hard work.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It takes as much intelligence to come up with the right questions as it does to recognize the right answers.

Why are good questions more rare than purported answers?


Day 276

Asking Questions

The Seed Thought:

It takes as much intelligence to come up with the right questions as it does to recognize the right answers.

Many seekers do not realize how rare it is to find people who come up with original questions, or questions that are not forced upon them. This really dawned upon me when I was a young guy, a lifetime ago, teaching Sunday School. In a class of about 40 people I asked this question:

“Let us suppose that Jesus were to show up here in this room at this moment and tell us that he is willing to answer any question that you want to ask. What would you ask him?”

I then waited for hands to go up. I was expecting at least a half dozen; after all, I knew that I personally would have many questions and would have considered such an occasion an opportunity not to be missed.

I waited and not one hand was raised. I then prodded the group saying, “Surely someone here would have a question for Jesus.”

Still no hand went up.

I then called upon a lady that I considered to be the most enlightened one in attendance and put her on the spot, “Surely you would have some question for your Lord.”

She stumbled a moment and then mumbled something about asking how to be a better church member.

I was disappointed to say the least and this was a moment of awakening for me. I was previously in the illusion that most church members were full of questions and wanting to know the mysteries. Instead, I found at this moment that this was a wrong assumption. As time marched on I found that the desire to know was even less than I had imagined.

Those with a burning desire to know, and especially those willing to look outside the box of their belief system, are few and far between.

If you are a seeker, really desiring more knowledge, and you find another like yourself, then make him or her a friend for life.

Yes, you can enjoy a picnic, ballgame, or reunion with non seekers, but for the real fun of sharing higher knowledge you have to find fellow seekers who are full of questions like yourself.

As the seeker examines the difference in the quality and scope of questions between the orthodox and the seekers he will find that the questions from the masses will only be on some subtle approved list dictated by the belief system in which he finds himself. The true seeker will stretch his mind outside of the box and seek to know the truth no matter where it leads or who approves of the answers.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When negative emotions are dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and resulting disease will no longer consume us.

Why is this true?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 20


Day 240


The Seed Thought

God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.

You will often hear spiritual teachers say that we do not need anyone else to be complete, that we are complete within ourselves. Now I’m not saying that this idea has no truth in it for contrasting points of view are often merely two presentations of the various true parts of the elephant.

The truth in the statement is that the seeker must look to his own decisions and thinking if he wants to find fulfillment in life. No one else is going to come and do this for him.

The greater truth is that we do need each other. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than stories of mentally ill parents who lock a child in a room and keep him alone there for years. If the child is placed there at the age of eight and discovered at age 12, 16 or 18 he will still see himself as an eight year old. Because of no outside contact is growth basically reached a standstill. The poor kid was definitely not complete with only himself as company.

The universe outside is important just as is the universe inside. The outside provides necessary stimulation and the inside provides the processing.

Now the seed thought takes our thinking a quantum step further. We not only need each other for completeness, but God needs us and God just does not need some of us, but all of us.

But why would God need all of us? Wouldn’t He be much better off to just scrap the negative people and assimilate the good ones into heavenly bliss?

Believe it or not such thinking is contrary to the teachings of the Bible which says that God “will have ALL men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” I Tim 2:4. God is called “The Saviour of ALL men.” I Tim 4:10. God is “NOT WILLING that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.” II Peter 3:9.

God created us out of his own essence and thus we are all in his image. That perfected essence reflected itself into the kingdom of souls and our souls, or Higher Selves, further reflected themselves down to the human kingdom where we have forgotten who we are. In coming here for the great experience many wander on wayward paths, but their essential self remains in the bosom of God. We will all return to our point of origin, but some will merely take more time than others.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Many of those accepted by the masses as authorities today will be equated by future generations with the flat earth believers of yesterday.

So, what is taught by authorities today that is likely to be seen as obviously false in future generations?


Day 241

Future Consciousness

The Seed Thought:

Many of those accepted by the masses as authorities today will be equated by future generations with the flat earth believers of yesterday.

When I wrote this thought a couple years ago I knew that there were still a few stragglers who believed in a flat earth, but I never actually encountered one. I thought that the thousands of pictures from space taken by many nations as well as private business had settled the question forever.

In this I was mistaken as conspiracy ideas promoted on the internet media have captivated the thinking of many on this subject. A recent CBS poll revealed that a whopping 44% of millennial are now not sure the earth is round. Many of this group embrace the medieval belief that it is a flat disc or square floating in space and the sun and moon are small globes just a few miles above us in the sky.

Now science will have to prove the round earth all over again. When the ordinary citizen can travel to space or the moon on vacation and look back and see the globe earth with his own eyes the case should finally be settled for good. But even here the diehards will find some reason to still believe in a flat earth.

The point of the seed thought remains valid. Many things accepted by the authorities of the past are now seen to be quite ridiculous. For instance, medical authorities in past centuries did not think it was necessary to wash their hands when performing surgery or for childbirth.

It would indeed be interesting to go 100 or 200 years into the future, look back and see where the thinking of our authorities was astray.

Let us say that the climate actually got cooler over the next 100 years. How would authoritative views on global warming be affected?

Perhaps orthodox medicine will recognize the value of many alternative health treatments they now consider heretical.

Perhaps some political ideas will be proved right or wrong beyond a doubt and people will be much more united in thought and look back on our divisiveness as primitive.

Indeed there will be revolution in thought in education, science, finance, politics, religion and all areas of life. It is interesting to contemplate how they will manifest.

Today’s Seed Thought:

What better way is there to learn than from experience? — To painfully experience the effects of our own causes forces us to stare reality in the face.

There is a lot of truth to be gained by reflecting on this thought. How many times in your life have you suffered from bad decisions that caused you to stare a new reality in the face?


Day 242

Facing Reality

The Seed Thought:

“What better way is there to learn than from experience? — To painfully experience the effects of our own causes forces us to stare reality in the face.”

The biggest complaint against God, as well as the prime foundation argument against the existence of a Higher Power, is the fact that there is a lot of pain and suffering in this world. The conclusion of the lower mind is this:

“If there is a God then he is a mean and uncaring S.O.B. that I want nothing to do with.” The other is that, “There cannot be a God because if there were he wouldn’t allow us to have such pain and suffering.”

Most believers do not claim to understand pain and suffering but merely believe that all will be understood once they get to heaven. In the meantime they proclaim that “God works in mysterious ways.”

A book could be (and probably has been) written on this subject but I’ll attempt to reduce the explanation down to a greater seed where contemplation will reveal more light.

There is one great law, which co-exists with eternal Divine Intelligence and that is Cause and Effect. God Itself is limited by this co-existing force. We are in the image of God and as such are also limited by Cause and Effect. Once we make a decision we reap the benefit from it as well as suffer any consequences involved.

The problem is this. Each decision yields one of the following:

(1) Mostly benefits.

An example would be the choice of a healthier diet. This is mostly beneficial but there is still some pain in refusing that piece of chocolate cake.

(2) Mostly painful repercussions.

This could be a bad choice in a marriage partner, though after it is over the person did admit he learned some lessons.

(3) A mixture of the two.

This could be represented in a choice to go to college, which results in a higher paying job, yet the person had lots of painful experiences with finances and classes as he struggled to graduate.

Cause and effect governs our universe and it matters not if we be human, angel or God, each decision made has the result of some pleasure and pain, success and failure, good and bad attached to it.

To attempt to negate cause and effect is to negate life itself. If the seeker were to ask God to take away all possibility of pain he is really asking for non existence, for if he exists he must decide and if he has freedom to decide he will have to face the effect effect of the pain and pleasure that follows.

Pain teaches us the lesson of what needs to be corrected. It forces us to stare reality in the face so we can apply intelligence to make corrections so good will dominate over evil.

Today’s Seed Thought:

“The real path forward in spiritual evolution will demand all the talents, intelligence and strength the seeker has to successfully complete the journey. If you are not being challenged then you are doing something wrong.”


Day 243

The Path Forward

The Seed Thought:

The real path forward in spiritual evolution will demand all the talents, intelligence and strength the seeker has to successfully complete the journey. If you are not being challenged then you are doing something wrong.

It is common for us humans to work intensely so we can arrive at the day when we can just relax and enjoy life. We tend to see the easy times as the most desirable and do everything in our power to avoid difficulties that really challenge us.

On the other hand, look back on your life at an experience that was pleasant, but required no effort on your part. Then take a look at one that was a great point of tension that challenged all your resources.

If you had to give up the memory and learning from one, which would it, be?

If you are like most people you would give up the pleasant one, but not trade the difficult one for anything in the world. That difficult experienced forged by fire what makes up a valuable portion of yourself in this present reality.

Does this mean we should not have pleasant restful periods in life?

Of course not. Periods of rest and refection and needed, but the Biblical injunction to rest one period out of seven is a good one. In other words, six periods out of seven we should be laboring at a goal that challenges our abilities. There are two ways this will happen.

(1) The seeker will assess his abilities and choose a work which will challenge his resources and strength. If he succeeds he will experience great joy. If he fails he will reassess and eventually achieve progress and satisfaction.

(2) If he gets stuck in a rut and attempts to stay in the cycle of rest and pleasure the soul will step in to rouse him out of his spiritual sleep. His life path will then be set on one of difficulty that cannot be avoided and he will be forced to go back to work. If he accepts the direction he can awaken, achieve and have joy. If he resists he will suffer greater and greater pain until he finally yields in this world or the next.

Conclusion: It is wise for the seeker recognize correct periods of rest and labor, and during the time of labor seek to challenge himself to the maximum amount possible until the goal is achieved. At this point his rest will recharge the spirit within giving power to plunge into a new cycle of achievement.

Today’s Seed Thought:

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have a sense of humor and those who do not. We are attracted to those in the first category and tend to avoid the ones in the second.


What is the deeper meaning behind humor?


Day 244

Flexibility and Humor

The Seed Thought:

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have a sense of humor and those who do not. We are attracted to those in the first category and tend to avoid the ones in the second.

Humor is difficult to define. If it were just a black and white thing we could all be good comedians, but instead the art is very subtle. To add to its complexity what is funny to one person, race, party or national group may not be funny to another.

Humor that is mean spirited or truly insulting to many is limiting but more universally appreciated humor represent jewels in the use of words.

Humor also changes with the times. I have an old book of jokes I was recently reading through of which most would get you ostracized in politically correct circles today.

After much thought here is how I would define humor:

“Humor, or that which is funny, is created when the dialog takes an unexpected but pleasant twist. There is an element of mild, or sometimes outrageous, surprise, and often subtle truth, in those statements that make us smile or laugh.”

Notice that from this definition that humor requires a certain amount of flexibility. To appreciate a joke one must allow the expected flow of information to be interrupted with something unexpected. Now that something unexpected could even be interpreted as something insulting. This requires the hearer to be flexible enough to look at the words through the viewpoint or intent of the speaker.

The creator of humor should be very flexible. He must be able to look at the rigid thinking that prevails in the establishment and think of unexpected approaches that go against it.

In short them the two kinds of people are those who are flexible and those who are not. The flexible one will appreciate a wide variety of humor and the inflexible one will be very narrow in what is accepted.

The flexibility of humor is generally missing among those in society who cause us grief such as tyrannical dictators, abusive people and those who seek to destroy themselves or others.

Flexibility is a key characteristic for the seeker to acquire in maintaining soul contact.

Today’s Seed Thought:

It may take a thousand facts to create the understanding of one principle, but one principle can reveal a thousand facts.

Contemplation on this can bring much enlightenment.


Day 245

Principles vs. Facts

The Seed Thought:

It may take a thousand facts to create the understanding of one principle, but one principle can reveal a thousand facts.

A fact is merely a piece of information that anyone can incorporate into his or her brain memory. It can likewise be programmed into a computer. A principle is a different matter. A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and cannot be programmed into a computer.

It takes a certain point in the evolution of the human being to comprehend the difference between a principle and a fact but when one does, and learns to go within and touch the soul, then all the understanding and vision of a principle is revealed in a flash. Sometimes a book can be written about a principle revealed in one instant.

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

Example of a fact. You are either male or female.

Principle behind the fact: Male and female are energy states corresponding to the positive and negative particles that make up the universe. They are both equal in importance. The male represents the sending, radiant, visible energy while the female represents the magnetic, receiving invisible energy that holds creation together.

Memorizing facts, especially those needed for regular use, is helpful, but the memory is limited in how many can be accurately retained. Fortunately, in this day and age search engines such as Google are a big help. Billions of facts are now available at our fingertips so we do not have to clutter up our computer brains with unnecessary details.

When a principle enters the consciousness there is a registration made higher than the brain. Principles are the language of the soul and, as such, when the seeker registers one it is synchronously understood by both himself and the soul. This imbeds the memory of this higher knowledge in factors that go beyond the physical brain to the higher mind that survives death. Thus, the understanding of a principle, will stay with us always, unlike facts that come and go.

Today’s Seed Thought:

To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.

Many today are complaining that life is unfair, but what is the real truth of the matter?


Day 246

Life is Fair

The Seed Thought:

To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.

When I was young, back in the Fifties and Sixties the idea of the fairness of God and life was in wide circulation. The basic idea accepted was that any unfairness is just temporary and that all things will work out fairly in the end – if not this life, then in the heavenly spheres.

Then one day (I’m not sure of the year) I heard someone in the media make the declarative statement that life is not fair and we must just accept this as a fact.

From that point until the present I have heard this repeated many times. The statement seems to have permeated public consciousness to make them face the fact that, as far as this one life goes, life is indeed not fair. Some are born into poverty, ill health and lack of opportunity whereas others are born into an advantaged life. Humanity seems to be facing up to the fact that there is lots of unfairness to go around.

Some seem resigned to the idea that God is unfair and that is just the way it is, but there must be a higher purpose in it.

Others acknowledge the unfairness of life but think things will be worked out in the next world so there will be no justified complaints.

When you think about it both life and God would both be unfair if there were only one life. To see this we can just look at the difference in the lives of three individuals who died at different times.

(1) A baby who died in infancy. According to most beliefs this individual will never know what it would be like to live a full mortal life, to select a career, find a purpose, get married, have children etc. On the other hand, if Hitler had died as a baby he would have escaped being history’s most infamous villain.

(2) Jim is 20 years old, in his second year of college, and is in love with a wonderful person. Just as he is looking forward to a great future he is involved in a car accident that takes his life. All his hopes for a productive happy life are taken away, whereas, many of his friends continue on and are able to follow their dreams.

(3) Albert lives to the age of 93. He has had a great life with mostly good health and an abundance of resources. He married the love of his life and has numerous great kids and grandkids. He feels very gratified with his life as it nears its end. Is this sense of gratification something Albert has by some random flip of the coin by God that Jim and the baby will never have for all eternity?

Fortunately for all this is not the case as each of us live many lifetimes in this life of mortality. If we lived only one life there would indeed be unfairness, but when we consider that we live many lives experiencing being rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, advantaged and disadvantaged then at the end of our learning (for life is a classroom) each of us will be satisfied that our overall earth experience has been fair and that we have had a well-rounded series of lives that allowed us to reach a fulfilling liberation into the Kingdom of God.

If the seeker has not considered reincarnation, then this is the time to think about it, especially in relation to fairness.

Today’s Seed Thought:

If a teacher is right about everything, and you believe and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.

Why would you have found nothing if the teacher teaches the truth?


Day 247

The Stopped Clock

The Seed Thought:

If a teacher is right about everything, and you believe and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.

They say a stopped clock is right twice a day. He who accepts a teacher, or teaching, because it sounds good, glamorous or in agreement with his desire nature but does not check with his own soul is like a stopped clock. How close he is to the truth will depend on where he is at the moment just as with the hands of a stopped clock.

Those seekers with the stopped clock mentality will find themselves in one of three basic situations.

(1) He is fortunate to find himself close to the truth (symbolized by the correct time).

(2) He has a teacher who mixes truth and error.

(3) His source of knowledge is way off the mark.

Now you would think that the guy in category one would have a great advantage, but, unfortunately, the advantage is fleeting just as one looking at a stopped clock at the correct time of day only has the truth for a few minutes and then it is gone. The one who accidently accepts the truth still does not know how to find it and as soon as he moves on he will most likely glom on to a teacher full of errors that he cannot discern.

Soul contact and learning to trust and verify with the inner voice is the greatest step the seeker can take on his journey to the sacred feet of the Logos. If he places his trust without rather than within he will not be able to hold on to any spiritual truth that he comes across, as a new teacher, full of cunning, will be able to draw him away from it with a few enticing words.

Jesus advised the disciples to build on a foundation of rack rather than sand. Relying on the inner voice is the foundation of rock and the other voices are like sand that can be blown in any direction by the winds of glamor and illusion.

Today’s Seed Thought:

The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before one can make a conscious decision for the path of light.

Why is this such an important truth?


Day 248

A Core Principle

The Seed Thought:

The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before one can make a conscious decision for the path of light.

If one had to point to a single core difference between the path of light and darkness it would be the Principle of Freedom.

The problem though is that there are different understandings of what freedom is so the real principle is not realized by many who are thus captured by propaganda from the dark side.

Have you ever heard of any dictator, no matter how insidious, proclaim that he is against freedom? No. All leaders, good and bad along with their followers proclaim themselves as supporters of freedom. Hitler was big on stating that he was fighting for freedom along with most other dictator warriors. The Southern States, during the American Civil War, loudly proclaimed themselves as fighting for freedom as they struggled to maintain the institution of slavery.

Obviously, the light and the dark, both have a belief in some concept of freedom. The seeker must realize that it is of prime importance that the difference is understood so he can make sure he is on the right side. If he does not understand what that right side is then he may find himself unwittingly on the side of those who are attempting to push humanity toward the dark side of ultimate slavery, which would be the opposite of maximum freedom for the human spirit.

Here are the two viewpoints on freedom.

Light: Supports circumstances, laws, and viewpoints that promote maximum freedom for the largest possible number rather than the few.

Dark: Supports circumstances, laws, and viewpoints that promote maximum freedom for the elite leadership and select supporters at the expense of the many.

For example, if Hitler had won the war the Nazi leaders and some of the German people would have had quite a bit of freedom if they stayed in lockstep with the dictator, but the most of the world would have been enslaved.

Today we have the largest political division since the Civil War. The seeker must examine both sides and see where maximum freedom applies. For instance, who is seeking to limit free speech and who is supporting it? Who is seeking to expand restrictive laws and regulations and who is seeking to keep them to an efficient minimum?

There are those on both sides of the political spectrum who do not fully embrace the true principle of freedom and this causes confusion on the part of many. This also puts an added need for discernment and good judgment on the part of the seeker. He or she will only know he is on the right side when soul contact is achieved, as some are only right because they are stopped clocks. (See previous lesson)

Today’s Seed Thought:

There is a religion of peace. It is found deep in the human heart.

How is this a key to finding peace?


Day 249

Finding Peace

The Seed Thought:

There is a religion of peace. It is found deep in the human heart.

Everyone wants peace but few find that state of mind where the cares of the world and personality do not interfere. Still fewer find the “peace that passes all understanding.”

So, what is it that keeps the seeker from enjoying a peaceful state of consciousness that is essential to soul contact? There are a number of items with which to deal.

(1) Guilt. This is the biggest culprit. Any for of active guilt can rob the seeker of peace day in and out. Then there is suppressed guilt the person tries to put on the back burner. This robs the seeker of inner connections to the peaceful spirit and comes back later to bite him with a vengeance when consciously surfaced.

The solution to the problem of guilt was discussed in days 14-17 as well as to a lesser extent in later days. The seeker is advised to review these, especially if guilt is still a problem.,

It is absolutely essential that the seeker put guilt into its right place and context. This is a prime aspect of “salvation.”

(2) Personal problems, such as financial, job security, threat of loss of love, ill health and others.

These type of apparent problems from the outside can greatly affect the average seeker. Many of them could be quickly solved by an exercise of will and taking corrective action.

Then there are some that pose a real difficulty. For instance, it is distracting enough to suffer personal financial setbacks, but suppose you don’t have enough money to feed and house your children. How could the seeker be smiling in peaceful bliss while his kids are complaining they are hungry or homeless?

In these distracting situations the seeker must ask two questions. First, “How did I get into this situation and how could it have been avoided?” The second question is, “How can I get out of this situation so I can focus on higher things than mere survival?”

There is a solution to every problem. The seeker must realize this and dig his way out of the hole into which he has placed himself.

Even in situations of real concern the seeker must give himself some free time to push back all the cares of the world, no matter how severe, and seek that state of inner peace which is always available.

(3) Difficult Relationships. The seeker may suffer insults and attacks from family members, friends and business associates. These types of interference are under the immediate control of the seeker who has soul contact. An instant decision can neutralize any emotional attack and cause it to be as if it never was. On the other hand, if someone threatens something physically destructive appropriate action needs to be taken.

After appropriately dealing with these three problems the seeker, through the power of directed will, can then focus his attention on the peace of the soul, or the Christ consciousness, that lies deep in the human heart. Since the heart center has a reflection in the head and both are linked to the soul and vibrate with love energy we have an exceptional opportunity to access, not only regular peace, but the peace that passes all understanding.

An attitude of mind that can really help the s seeker here goes beyond inward thinking to outer service. If the seeker feels a love and connection to all people plus a desire to be of service to them he is creating his own path to peace.

Much more could be written on this but the seeker will greatly benefit from a periodic reflection on this seed thought.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Happiness is found in the quest for the good, the beautiful and the true. Peace and rest are yours when they are achieved.


 Day 250

The Journey and Destination

The Seed Thought:

Happiness is found in the quest for the good, the beautiful and the true. Peace and rest are yours when they are achieved.

It has been said that life, happiness, success and other positive things are found in the journey and not the destination.

On the other hand, it is the allure of the destination that motivates us to take the journey.

For the athlete it may be the Olympic medal and adoration that motivates him or her to expend intense energy to reach that end. But then on reflection he finds the benefits of the end result rather fleeting whereas his reflection on the struggle to attain is a great source of learning and satisfaction.

This same process occurs with one striving for financial success, developing a talent or any other path to a desired objective. The seeker may tell himself that when he achieves the goal he will be happy, but when all is said and done and reflection occurs he finds that the real satisfaction occurred on the journey. Each step forward brought a degree of happiness and fulfillment.

Does this mean that only the journey has value, but there is little to be gained from the actual destination?

No. Not at all, but it does mean this.

The positive results from the journey and destination are different and the seeker needs to realize this so he can take full advantage of both of them. What needs to occur in the mind is a correction of a popular illusion which is this:

The journey is hell and the destination is happiness and heaven.

As the journey begins many difficulties are often encounter which makes it seem like the journey is the unhappiness part whereas happiness will happen at the destination. What is overlooked is that, even though the journey may be fraught with difficulties, each step taken calls forth degrees of happiness and satisfaction to the pilgrim.

The destination may bring a few moments of fleeting happiness, but that is not where its virtue lies. If the seeker sees the destination as something final where he will obtain satisfaction for the rest of his life then this stopping place will turn from a place of fulfillment to one of dissatisfaction and misery, the opposite of what was hoped for.

How then must the seeker view the destination in order to receive maximum fulfillment?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the destination he must not view it as an ultimate goal or achievement, but a temporary rest where he can enjoy peace and relaxation while he reviews his past journey and contemplates his next great adventure.

When the seeker sees the journey and destination as two parts of a great cycle and accepts the true benefits of each he will then have his mind prepared to receive maximum benefits of each.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Don’t trust a person who cannot (or will not) answer a simple yes or no question.

Thinking on this reveals some interesting insight.


Day 251

Yes or No, Please

The Seed Thought:

Don’t trust a person who cannot (or will not) answer a simple yes or no question.

Many times I have watched a political debate or interview and the guy is asked a simple question that can be answered by a simple yes or no, but instead of answering he changes the direction away from the it in what seems an obvious avoidance. When this happens I sometimes feel like standing up and shouting at the guy on TV, “Just answer the question – a simple yes or no, please!”

This avoidance happens with advocates in all walks of life. We see this in salespeople, preachers, educators, scientists, but it is particularly pervasive with political people.

And why is that?

Because political candidates and advocates will often say what we want to hear, and avoid telling us what they actually want to do.

For instance, he may be asked if his plan would cause a raise in taxes. He knows the answer is yes, but doesn’t want to tell us for fear of losing votes so instead of answering yes or no he will go off on a tangent explaining the benefits of his plan.

I have seen many an interviewer ask the yes or no question two or three times, but with no success. The person usually gives up after two attempts, but I keep thinking to myself, “Go ahead, ask again and again until the scoundrel answers the question.”

The basic principle behind this thought is this. He who avoids answering a yes or no question has something to hide. There is a reason he will not answer.

Does this mean that in all circumstances the person is in the wrong for avoiding the answer?

Usually such a person is in the wrong, but there are exceptions to all things as noted by Solomon.

For instance, if you were in Nazi Germany and the SS was searching for your child to torture and asked you if you knew where he was, there would be justification in avoiding a “yes” answer.

But if a crafty SS officer was aware of this principle he may figure the parent was avoiding the answer because he was hiding something and would be correct.

The scriptures tell us that God does not clearly tell us all truth in black and white, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” Proverbs 25:2

Jesus himself concealed many things and avoided clearly telling the people he was the Messiah, totally unlike the would-be messiahs of today. There is only one record of him being asked a yes or no question about his calling and this is recorded in Mark, the oldest gospel,

“Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” Mark 14:61-62

There is no record of him being asked such a question earlier though he went out of his way to avoid stating it to all but a few close disciples.

That said, nine times out of ten in today’s world the yes or no question is avoided because answering it will reveal hypocrisy and deception. The guy just doesn’t want his true motives revealed. When the seeker understands this principle he will have an extra tool in delving for the truth.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Those preaching religious or political truth generally only see a tiny piece of a jigsaw puzzle when thinking they have the whole picture.

Can you think of an example of this? How about yourself? Do you think you see more of the picture than you actually do?


Day 252

The Whole Picture

The Seed Thought:

Those preaching religious or political truth generally only see a tiny piece of a jigsaw puzzle when thinking they have the whole picture.

This parable may be the most effective teacher of this principle. Also there is an expanded version in my book, “The Lost Key of the Buddha.”

The Three Blind Men and The Elephant

A man of vision came across three blind men who were complaining about their limitations. “Follow me,” he said, and learn a great lesson from the elephant. He directed them to approach the elegant animal and give their description.

One man embraced a leg and said, “I perceive that an elephant is like a great tree.” The other man took hold of the tail and disagreed. He said, “No, my brother, I feel and know the elephant is like a rope.” The third man felt an ear and replied, “You are both wrong. The elephant is like a great carpet.”

After giving them time to digest their findings, the man of vision explained: “You are all correct, and you are also all wrong.” Then he took the three blind men and had each feel all of the three distinct parts. They responded in amazement: “Now we see that the elephant is a more complex being than we ever imagined. We condemned each other in ignorance, for one of us was as correct as the other.” Then they become curious and asked: “Tell us, Is there even more to the elephant than this?”

The man with eyes to see responded: “Yes, there is much more. You still have an incomplete view. I will take you around the elephant and you can feel the other parts.” To their amazement and joy, they discover that the elephant had not only one leg, but four and not one ear but two and many other previously unknown parts. He had a trunk, eyes, mouth, teeth and a large body they never realized existed.

After they felt all the parts, the blind men said: “We have now felt the whole elephant and our consciousness has greatly expanded, for we realize that before we knew nothing, even though we thought we knew all. Now we still realize that our understanding is imperfect because we do not see. Tell us, how can we see?”

The man with vision said: “I was once blinded as you are, but it does not have to be so. There is nothing wrong with your eyes. You merely have a film over them that needs to be washed off in pure water.”

He then handed them a pitcher of water and they each washed their eyes with it and the dark film dissolved. To their joy they found they could see. Looking about, they saw the elephant and asked: “What is that strange creature over there?”

The man replied: “Did you not recognize it? That is the elephant!”

Immediately, they realized: “Yes, of course, that has to be the elephant, but I never thought it was so large,” says one. “I never would have believed it was so small,” says another. “I never realized it was so beautiful,” says the third. But they all did agree that what they saw correlated with every previous fact they had discovered about the elephant. The discrepancies entered when they compared the way they felt and what they imagined about the elephant with what they actually saw. All Three of them admitted that they had erroneous thoughts and feelings about the elephant that were completely unfounded.

To their added joy they saw that there was much more to see than an elephant, but a complete new world to explore. Now that they could see they found that they were, in reality, just beginning to gain true knowledge. Everything else that they had experienced up until this time was merely a step to prepare them for true seeing.

Thus the three previously blind men stepped forth into the world of seeing. They explored, experimented, and begin to serve their brethren.

Today’s Seed Thought:

If the zealot holds sacred the idea that 2+2=5, then the one who says 2+2=4 is the enemy.

Why do you suppose this is often true?


Day 253

The Zealot Within

The Seed Thought:

If the zealot holds sacred the idea that 2+2=5, then the one who says 2+2=4 is the enemy.

Most of us have encountered a real zealot at one time or another. They are not only found in religious/spiritual thinking, but business, investment, multi level, politics and other mindsets.

These zealots are very proactive in presenting their ideas as if they are absolute truth, but many things in the presentation often have flaws seen by a person of reason.

When such flaws are pointed out the zealot will often stop in his tracks, pause, give a look of displeasure as if you have insulted his god or religion, and either defend or attack. Unfortunately, it will often be an attack or insult.

Rarely will the zealot consider reason, or even an established fact, as a reason to alter his thinking. 2+2=5 and that is it. Any evidence to the contrary is considered an insult or an attack.

Now the real zealot stands out like a sore thumb in a group, but the majority of people have parts of the zealot in them wanting to get out and proclaim something not in harmony with reason and ready to attack those who disagree.

The seeker must always examine himself, his motives and thoughts and neutralize these negative aspects of zealotry.

Take global warming for example. Maybe the guy has an illogical reason to support it or to be against it. A person can be right, but by accident, because he has assumed things rather than checking out the facts. So even if you think you are right (which all zealots do) you may be right for the wrong reason.

The seeker who has rid himself of zealotry will not be offended if he is challenged.

Neither will he automatically reject contrary arguments.

Neither will he refuse to examine data that does not seem in harmony with his thinking.

The seeker will be open to all things yet maintain positive discernment so real truth is not lost.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The person who can’t come up with good solutions to every-day simple problems ought to consider that he could be wrong on the big stuff as well.


Day 254

The Big Stuff

The Seed Thought:

The person who can’t come up with good solutions to every-day simple problems ought to consider that he could be wrong on the big stuff as well.

We’ve all seen this guy. He has big plans – maybe he even wants to change or save the world from itself. His mind is full of idealism and feels he knows how things should be. On top of that, he gives you lots of advice on what you should be doing and thinking. You should follow him because he will show you the way to greatness.

The strange thing about these individuals who are full of hype is that few have demonstrated success in their own lives with everyday problems, or even small things. The seeker needs to ask, “If one cannot demonstrate mastery over the small things then why should he be trusted concerning the greater ones?

If one cannot hold down successful employment so he can pay his bills then why should we believe he has a true once-in-a lifetime business opportunity – or the solution to the world’s monetary problems?

If a guy can’t hold together a romantic relationship, secure the love of his children or establish enduring friendships then what on God ‘s green earth gives him the authority to tell you how to run your life of establishing sound relationships?

Then if some guru has no original thoughts or principles of his own but only borrows from others then why should he demand to be respected as if he were the mouthpiece of God?

It is a natural human inclination to desire respect and to see our words be valued by others, but many prematurely expect this to happen before they have demonstrated any ability deserving of such respect.

For instance, the chances are over 90% that the last guy who called you up with once-in-a-lifetime money making opportunity was in desperate financial difficulties himself.

The seeker must examine himself for this flaw for it often manifests on very subtle levels and many are tempted to indulge in it from time to time. He must ask himself:

Do I seek to give advice that is beyond my knowledge and experience?

Do I want to teach when I really should be applying myself more as a student?

Do I want to tell others what to think when my own thoughts are unstructured?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving your opinion, especially if it is asked for, but the error made is in placing oneself as an authority when expertise has not been demonstrated.

If the small things in a person’s life are not under control then maybe the big things are not working either.

The Law of Correspondences applies here.

Seed Thought of the Day

Understanding and dealing with your weaknesses and limitations is a key to unlimited power.

Many ignore their limitations when seeking for greater power. Why is this a mistake?


Day 255


The Seed Thought:

Understanding and dealing with your weaknesses and limitations is a key to unlimited power.

Let us say that you wanted to become a track star, but you have a recently broken leg. Would it do you any good to try and compete when on crutches? Of course not, you would be likely to do more damage to yourself and set back your physical condition even more than it is.

The wise thing to do is to come to reality with your limitation (the broken leg) do what you can to speed up the healing and next get yourself back in shape. Then, after you have removed the limitations that set you back you will be able to compete again.

Many beginners on the spiritual quest completely ignore their limitations and figure they can become a spiritual giant in one great leap. While there is nothing wrong with looking ahead to a finishing goal, it will not do much good if the seeker has a spiritual broken leg that needs healing.

Exactly what are some of these hindrances and limitations often ignored by the beginner? Here are a few.

(1) Some teacher may have told the student there is no such thing as limitation. Some gung ho students embrace this idea, but this is like a coach telling the athlete that there is no such thing as a broken leg. Not helpful.

(2) A teacher may have taught of a great shortcut. By embracing his teachings the student can be instantly saved with nothing further to accomplish, obtain instant godlike status or even skip over a thousand lifetimes.

There are no great shortcuts to achievement. Indeed, some paths are shorter than others, but the shorter ones usually require greater effort. For instance, the student may graduate from college in three years instead of four or five, but a greater effort is required, so even though the time is shorter it is not really a shortcut.

(3) The beginner often thinks the mind needs to be put aside and one must rely on the feeling nature to make spiritual progress.

This is a great mistake, especially for the seeker polarized in the lower feeling nature. The higher mind, capable of pure reason is essential in taking the seeker toward oneness with the Higher Self. He higher mind will also incorporate the best of the heart and love-wisdom energies.

(4) A lack of the development of talents which can be used in service to humanity. Many seekers overlook developing their talents so they can be useful instruments for service. This takes great effort which many do not want to expend.

Clint Eastwood was right when he said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

The seeker must find them, remove them and take the next step.

Today’s Seed Thought:

As below, so above but with a divine and rational twist.

This applies to the Law of Correspondences that we discussed earlier. Is the correspondence of the above to the below exact? Why not?


Day 256

As Above – Almost

The Seed Thought:

As below, so above but with a divine and rational twist.

We covered this in the series dealing with the Law of Correspondences on days 201-207, but this short seed thought gives the heart of the principle.

Most of us have heard the statement “As above, so below” and vice versa, but “with a divine and rational twist” adds a new thought which is necessary to see the whole truth.

For instance, the atom of the world below is said to be like a miniature solar system. There are indeed similarities, but there are also substantial differences.

The human cell has been compared to a great city, both having an electric communications system, transportation devices, garbage disposal and many other similarities yet there are again great differences.

Parts of the earth such as the great waters, land, oil and vegetation is said to correspond to blood, flesh, lubricants and hair in a human body. Again the comparisons point toward a truth, but are not exact.

There are two great truths revealed here.

(1) A black and white interpretation usually misses important aspects of the truth.

(2) God does not repeat Itself in creation but makes “all things new.” Rev 21:5 Just as we look around the world and the universe we see that everything is created with a difference, demonstrating great variety, even so, God creates differently above than below. There will be similarities and the seeker will therefore need to look on one level and use intuition to discern the truth on a differing level.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The person in your life who irritates you the most is your greatest teacher.

The truth behind this is pretty obvious when you think about it.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 19

Day 219

Contemplation and Seed Thoughts

If you have incorporated the lessons from this course so far you have taken a number of steps that will bring you in closer rapport with your Higher Self. The most important ingredient is to recognize truth when it stares you in the face. This sense of correct perception is only developed by one with a sincere heart. This is why we wrapped up the lessons with the 24 Principles of Discovery. These principles are designed to be used by all. No extra sensory perception or mystical skills are needed. All the seeker has to do is use his common sense and an honest approach to apply them. Some of the other exercises take significant effort and spiritual sensitivity, but these just require an effort all can make.

Once one has the basics of discovery down then he has taken a giant step toward soul contact for the soul lives in a realm where truth prevails and truth attracts truth. To attract the attention of your soul you must love the truth and seek to find it.

If, then, you ever feel out of sync with your Higher Self go back and review the Principles of discovery. They will set you in the right direction so you can take the greater steps provided in this course and to you through your own soul.

The course will finish with a year’s worth of lessons providing additional seed thoughts for your contemplation. These will be followed by several questions that are designed to cause your mind to reach out to your soul for understanding.

The practice of contemplating seed thoughts is one of the best ways for the seeker to strengthen the link between himself and his soul. Energy follows thought and if you daily apply thought on a seed thought to increase understanding you cannot help but strengthen the link between yourself and your soul.

The lessons on seed thoughts were on Days 74-76. It may be helpful to review them.

Seed thought for the day:

“Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.”


(1) How and why do words veil truth?

(2) Have ever you tried to explain things with clarity yet were still misunderstood? (A hint is found in this question.)

(3) How do you see beyond the veil to see the truth behind the words spoken or written?

(4) How do you know when your words are understood?


Day 220

Words Veil Truth

I’ll just make a few comments on yesterday’s seed thought. The understanding that words veil truth is very important because it opens the door to greater understanding.

Those who have not opened this door like to see words as black and white in meaning, only conforming to their definition. Yet everyone uses words a little differently and to understand an author one must get a feel of his thinking so you can interpret him as he intends, not as you think the meaning should be.

The words of Jesus were about as simple and plain as word could be yet they are interpreted hundreds of different ways by the thousands of sects.

The common phrase we are looking for here is, “reading between the lines.” This refers to an intuitive perception that the wise reader must gain, for it is impossible for an author to give all the possible details in a script. If he even tried to do this the work would bore readers to death.

I have written many short seed thoughts for my readers consisting of just a sentence or two. To make it quotable it cannot be long, so much has to be unsaid. Consequently, the reader must do so reading between the lines and see the point that is being made. Here is the one I wrote today which will also be the seed thought.

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”

As I expected some readers missed the point and stated that we learn a lot from failure.

What do you suppose I really meant here and what do you suppose a failed life is? Then, on the other hand, what would constitute a successful life?


Day 221

The Failed Life

Yesterday’s seed thought:

“The only good thing about a failed life is the biography makes for interesting reading.”


First the seeker must understand what is meant by a failed life. If you read my intent correctly you would have come up with something like this:

“A life that does not live up to its potential and falls short of what was expected by the Higher Self.”

Of course, there are lessons to be learned by examining any life and within each life are learning points. Most would consider dictators like Hitler, Stalin or Mao failed lives for none of these advanced soul purpose. These men and others used their talents to advance a material agenda leading to reduced freedom of the human spirit.

They may have learned certain individual lessons but they failed to be of spiritual service to humanity.

Even though these men were on the side of failed spirituality they did have interesting lives. Hitler, perhaps the greatest villain of all time, has fascinated historians and other writers since his emergence.

One failed life does not equate to all effected by him being failures also, Because of Hitler and World War II many lessons were learned and hopefully the errors will not be repeated.

A suicide represents another failure and any person committing this act in his prime of life will be disappointed in himself when arriving at his life review.

Most failures in life are caused by either bad decisions or just plain inertia and lack of will to move forward.

Now let us look at the next seed thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”


(1) How would a black and white literalist miss the truth behind this thought?

(2) What is the real truth behind the words?


Day 222

Seeing the Principle

The Seed Thought:

“There is nothing too good to be true.

Nothing can be withheld by those who persevere.”

A contrarian may read this, object and say. “That’s not true. There are a lot of good things that cannot come true. If six individuals want to be the richest person in the world only one can achieve this and chances are none of them will.”

The contrarian can find a reason to object to anything positive as it is much easier to take the negative route than the positive. In doing this though he will often miss the core meaning that is being presented whereas most seekers will get the general idea behind the thought which is this: All things which are good and desirable can be achieved or acquired. Of course, this will not happen instantly but can over a period of time.

You may not become the richest person in the world, but can have all the things that make life worthwhile that this person may have.

We have all heard the phrase “too good to be true” applied to obvious scams and there is truth in that application. But get rich quick schemes are not necessary to achieve that which is truly good. Nothing which has a true benefit for the soul is too good to be true. All of us can achieve much more than realized and should not be discourages by some telling us that such achievement cannot be accomplished or is too good to be true. This quote from Napoleon Hill encapsulates the intended thought:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

Here is today’s seed thought:

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.


(1) How is this direction different than advice given by the preachers of the world?

(2) What if the highest you know is wrong?

(3) When are you most tempted to not follow the highest you know?

(4) Why does following the highest you know lead to revelation?


Day 223

The Highest You Know

The Seed Thought

Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light. Soon your next step will be revealed to you.

This thought runs contrary to that demanded by the preachers of the world. They basically do not trust their followers to go by their own inner light and follow the highest they know. Instead they merely demand that they follow God and what that turns out to be is the highest the preacher knows.

Sometimes the highest the seeker knows is wrong, but if he or she is honest in heart then he will discover his error, correct it and get settled on the strait and narrow path to truth. Thus by following the highest one knows turns out to produce valuable lessons.

The greatest temptation to neglect the highest one knows comes when an outer voice attempts to become the seeker’s greatest authority. When an authoritative outer voice demands to be followed suffer dire consequences then the seeker is often tempted to follow that rather than follow the proven inner voice which indeed represents the highest the seeker knows.

The highest the seeker knows comes from that which is received and formulated within his own being and if he follows this above the clamoring voices without then the communication lines to the soul become strengthened which leads to insights and then revelation or unlimited knowledge.

Today’s seed thought:

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.


(1) Are there things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and are there others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

(2) Are you one who is balanced in the middle or on an extreme?

(3) Why is one who is balanced in the middle seen as an extremist by many?

(4) How does one find the middle point of maximum truth?


Day 224

The Middle Way

The Seed Thought

When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

A lot of truth can be revealed when contemplating this thought. Indeed, there are many things that are called extreme today that were considered normal a few years ago and there are others that were seen as extreme a few years ago that are normal and acceptable today?

For instance in the nineteenth century there were many practices and beliefs that were common that would be considered extreme today. There were Bibles and prayer in all the schools and many public buildings. Public buildings were often used for church services. Those people would have considered our idea of the separation of church and state extreme as does the present generation look upon their interpretation.

In our past public hanging and dueling to the death was the norm but today that would be viewed as extreme action.

Anything other than heterosexual identities was considered extreme perversion, whereas today the alternative people are widely accepted and those who maintain the old views are seen as extreme.

From 1917 to 1965 the United States had restrictive immigration laws that people of today would declare to be extreme and racist, but the people of that time would see us as the extremists.

People’s views change like a pendulum moving back and forth over a reasonable center.

The question the seeker must ask is how close he is to the midway point of balance. Most people have difficulty in accessing this objectively as most extremists think it is the other guy who is extreme, and not himself.

The strange thing for the one who does manage to balance himself between the two extremes is that he will often be accused of being extreme by both sides. The reason for this is simple. Most people view themselves as being normal and those who differ as the extreme.

Finding the point of balance in the center takes an open mind willing to study both sides of an issue and then use good judgment to pick a position. The true seeker will access the soul in doing this.

Today’s seed thought:

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

We look at the world around us and marvel at the unseen hand behind the beautiful planet, the flowers and the teeming life, but often overlooked is the greatest miracle of all which is that anything exists at all. Contemplate this thought and see where it takes you.


Day 225

The Greatest Miracle

The Seed Thought

The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.

Seekers appreciate seeing the intelligence of God manifest in the creation of all life with its beauty and great complexity. This is especially revealed in modern research into DNA, which turns out to be more complex than anything we can copy or duplicate at this time. The complexity of life on the microcosmic scale has convinced some open minded scientists that a great intelligence is at work.

Scientists also came upon a great mystery when they discovered the universe is expanding. They reverse engineered the expansion and came to the conclusion that the whole universe was once contained in a single point smaller than an atom. That point, they call a singularity, exploded in what is now called the Big Bang and from that incident came all there is.

Where this point of condensed essence came from or what caused the explosion they do not know. Unfortunately, most scientists do not want to consider that Divine Intelligence had anything to do with it.

Science and philosophers are happy to look at the effects of existence, but ignore the greater question which is this.

Why does anything exist? Many think it is a fanciful thought that God in some form could be real, but is it not just as amazing that anything exists at all? If at one point there was nothing, not even God, then how could there be something at another point?

I will share the results of my contemplation on this. The one thing that is eternal is the principle of cause and effect. This principle has always been and the interplay produces intelligence, which is also eternal. Cause and effect directed by intelligence has created all there is including the manifestation of all life, Divine and otherwise, in the universe.

Today’s seed thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Contemplate the meaning of love and the truth contained in this statement.


Day 226


The Seed Thought:

In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

Many spiritual teachings emphasize the oneness of God and all life for God is seen as the embodiment of all there is. This is a little like the idea that the human body contains around 37 trillion cells, each having a life of their own yet form a greater life which is you. You are one life, yet represent many lives.

Another example of oneness is found in the example of the ocean. Each drop of water in the ocean identifies with the whole. It is not until the drop of water is separated from the ocean that it is seen as a separate thing. Then when the drop is placed back in the ocean it again becomes one with the ocean.

Right now we are like drops of water that are separated from our source who is God. The end of our progressions is to become one with God and manifest the injunction of Jesus:

“Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.” John 17:11

We are more like a cell in the body of God than a drop in the ocean, for the drop loses its identity when merged but the cell maintains a separate life while being one with the body.

In this reality we have left our Source and are gaining experience through the illusion of separateness. To get back home each of us must discover love. Love is that great force which draws all creation back to its center. To get back to that oneness of being requires the seeker to experience love one individual at a time at first. After he or she learns from many people, one at a time, the seeker will eventually move on to embrace all life and share a oneness on higher levels. Love is thus discovered through many individuals, but reaches its apex in oneness.

Today’s seed thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

How is it that our wants and desires often cause us problems and how do conflicting wants amplify our problems?


Day 227

Conflicting Desires

The Seed Thought:

None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

The problem with our desires is that we have a lot of them and they conflict with each other.

For instance, a lot of people want to be rich, but generally material success requires the investment of a lot of time and energy on the goal. Many successful people have had to sacrifice numerous things they desired to attain it.

Here are some desires that many find to be in conflict with the desire to be rich.

(1) Spending more time with family.

(2) Enjoying leisure time

(3) Sleeping in

(4) Developing talents.

(5) Surfing the internet

(6) Spending time on spiritual development

In other words, there are many desires most of us have that that keep us from being as wealthy as we may desire. Most desire more wealth, but they desire other things more. The desire that is strongest in the mind at the present will win out.

If your kid has a ball game at the same time you could be making a business deal and you go to the ball game it doesn’t mean that you didn’t desire to make a successful deal, but it does mean that you desired to support your kid more than you desired the financial gain. The strongest desire will always win out.

Now let us apply this principle to the seed thought.

Everyone desires good health and the desire for good health is pretty powerful. You would think that we would not let any other desire take prominence over this, but unfortunately we do.

Good health requires us to eat nutritious food but we often desire junk food and yield to them because we like the taste or like how they make us feel at the moment. Because the negative effect on our health is not immediate many let their desire for harmful foods take prominence over health.

Exercise is also essential for health and we often let the desire to do other things take precedence over the desire for adequate exercise.

Knowledge of what creates good health is essential yet most would rather see a good movie than read a health related book.

Yes, we all want good health, but there are many other desires competing for our attention that will take us away from the goal.

The solution to the problem is simple yet difficult. The seeker must use the power of will to control and direct desire so the important desires dominate.

Today’s seed thought:

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

Do you know people who believe things that make no sense?

Why do they follow something that is not logical?

Now search your own beliefs. Can you logically explain them all? Why not?


Day 228

Making Sense

The Seed Thought

If a teaching seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

This seems like a logical and obvious truth yet if people search their belief systems they will usually find a number of beliefs that they accept that make no sense. Here are just a few common ones.

(1) Catholics believe that when they take the Eucharist that it is transformed into the literal flesh and blood of Jesus.

When you stop and think about this it indeed makes no sense and I’m sure many good Catholics doubt that it is true.

(2) Many who believe in a literal physical resurrection reject cremation because they think the elements that composed their body will be needed to bring them back to life.

On the other hand, the body is completely renewed with new elements every fourteen years so even nature does not require you to keep possession of the elements of your body.

In addition many humans in past ages have died and become fertilizer for plants that have been part of other human bodies.

(3) Too literal of an interpretation of the Bible lead many into illogical errors such as

  • The universe was created in six 24-hour days.
  • The earth is no more than 10,000 years old.
  • The earth is flat and surrounded by a dome.

(4) Conspiracy theories. To deny the existence of conspiracies is not logical, but to see a conspiracy under every rock is even more illogical.

Every major event has conspiracies associated with it and many of them do not make a lot of sense. Most real conspiracies involve a small number of people and usually involve taking someone out.

I remember when the tsunami happened in Indonesia in 2004 I figured that even though it was a natural event that some would find a conspiracy involved. I jokingly wrote this:

“Too much attention has been placed on the problems in Iraq lately and Bush needed a diversion. He thought he would kill a few Islamic terrorists in Indonesia, at the same time as creating diversion, so he dropped a 100 megaton atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean on a fault line. This created the largest earthquake in recent memory causing the giant Tsunami which killed over 150,000 Moslems and left millions homeless. This sent an underground message to the terrorists to not mess with Texas.”

Then within days of writing this, conspiracy theories popped up along this same idea.

Not every big event has a conspiracy behind it but most have anomalies that could provide fodder to drive conspiracy thinking.

Sooner or later the seeker will find that all things that are in harmony with his or her soul will be logical and make sense to the reasoning mind. If your Higher Self has not revealed the truth of a teaching to you then the safest course is to not accept it until it makes sense.

Today’s seed thought:

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

Think of at least three questions you can ask yourself about this thought as you contemplate it.


Day 229

Right Direction

The Seed Thought

Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pushes us forward.

This seed thought directs the mind toward a different idea of what good and evil is than is presented by the orthodox view. And what is the orthodox view?

The standard idea is often presented somewhat nebulously with statements such as.

“Good is being on God’s side.” But who defines what that is?

“Good is obeying the commandments and following scripture.” But many have different ideas of how to do this.

“Good is to support your church and its leaders.” But what if they are in error?

Then evil is the opposite of the above and particularly applies to those who follow the tricky devil.

The problem with the standard idea of good and evil is that all of us can be classified as good or evil by someone’s definition of the term.

This new seed thought cuts through the illusion and defines good or evil by direction. If you are headed in the direction of spiritual progress you are following the forces of good, even though you may make a few mistakes or have some beliefs that would classify you as evil in the mind of the fundamentalist.

On the other hand, if you are not applying yourself and retrogressing in spiritual progress you are on the path of evil even though you may have as squeaky clean image and be quite pious.

It is advisable for the seeker to reflect often on this though and ask himself regularly the question: “Am I moving forward or backward?” The path forward always takes us toward greater freedom and removal of limitations. The path backward restricts our freedoms and increases limitations.

Today’s seed thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

Finding three questions around this thought should be no problem.


Day 230

To Initiate

The Seed Thought:

The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

It is the natural tendency of us humans to want the rules laid out for us. We want to go from A to B to C and achieve D. We are willing to work hard if the path is clear and all we have to do is follow it.

Instead of going where no man has gone before the inclination is to follow in others footsteps and achieve as they have achieved.

Now there is nothing wrong with learning from others and following a path to achievement that others have paved. We have all done this to a degree. A certain amount of this process is essential to everyone’s leaning.

However, there comes a time in the life of the seeker where he must take the path less traveled by and forge some new ground on his own. Instead of just copying what others have done he or she will be impressed to do something original.

I was just watching he mini series about Picasso and noted how he had to rebel against family and teachers to forge his own path. He didn’t want to just be a good artist in the orthodox sense, but wanted to do something new and different in the trade.

Now we cannot all be a Picasso, but all seekers can find something to support that is not just a carbon copy of what has been done before. It can be something that applies to the individual’s life or support of some group endeavor to initiate the good, the beautiful and the true.

To initiate something new requires something more than following rules or connecting the dots. It requires original thinking, that for many is a greater effort than hard labor on a sure thing. To move forward with initiating requires creative thinking and risk, and many would rather take any alternative than take a risk.

The difference between the two paths may be illustrated by two people attempting to create a work of art. The first guy is doing a paint-by-numbers picture. When finished his paining looks very nice, but a thousand other people have done the same thing and gotten the same results.

The second guy wants to paint a unique picture. First, he has to study the art and then paint in a unique and creative way. When finished he has a painting unlike any other – one that has the possibility of having a high value.

Sooner or later the seeker tires of painting by numbers and wants to initiate by the light of his soul.

Today’s seed thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

How do you become still? What is the silent place? Who or what are you?


Day 231


The Seed Thought:

Be still, reach into the silent place, and know who you are.

One of the prime obstructions to soul contact is a lack of stillness. There is always a lot of movement going on in the three worlds of human endeavor – composed of the physical, the emotional and the mental. To obtain soul contact the seeker must still the outer voices that tempt him to shift attention away from the point of stillness within that must be accessed.

On the physical plane we have television, the internet, social media, family members and friends wanting attention as well as numerous interesting things to do that either delay or take us away from the point of stillness.

To test the advantage of stillness, just sit in a chair and remain perfectly still for three minutes. You’ll notice that this simple act by itself will have a calming effect.

Perhaps the greatest tempter of the consciousness away from stillness is the emotional self. We have all kinds of emotions, good and bad, that easily capture the attention of many and make it extremely difficult to find that silent place.

Just imagine that you worked for three hours creating a file on your computer and you trashed it by accident. Most would be quite upset by this and would have difficulty in stilling the emotional self shortly thereafter and finding the silent place. Yet this is what the seeker must do. He must learn to override the emotional distractions, still the outward emotional noise and focus within.

Realistically few can expect to still the emotional body right after an upset, but when properly focused he should be able to do this within a few minutes.

There is an excellent line from the Course in Miracles which says, “I am not upset for the reason I think.” Searching for the true reason behind the upset can aid the seeker in calming himself.

The third distraction is the mind. The seeker cannot find the point of stillness if the mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts that have little to do with the spiritual quest. Yet when linked with consciousness the mind can be a great friend to the seeker aiding him to focus within where the fountain of wisdom can be found.

When the seeker stills all, in the three planes of human activity, he will then open up the silence within to consciousness, the point of contact for the soul.

Today’s seed thought:

In the higher realms 1+1=1

This is an interesting and somewhat paradoxical thought. See what you can do with it.


Day 232

One Body

The Seed Thought

In the higher realms 1+1=1

In a nutshell the principle implied is this. The higher we ascend and the closer we get to our Source the more the oneness of all things is realized.

There is one great life that permeates the universe of which we all are a part. We as part of that life participate in wholeness. Creation came from One that multiplied Itself into the many. Even though we seem to be many different individuals we are still merely an extension of the one. Therefore, one plus one, or you and me, are part of the one Source and one Life. In the end we equal one.

Perhaps the best earthly example of the oneness of life is our body, which is composed of trillions of cells with individual lives but as a whole the body is one life which represents you. Even so, all life in the universe composes the body of God, or the One Great Life.

Paul spoke very clearly concerning this oneness:

“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are diversities of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is THE SAME GOD THAT WORKETH ALL IN ALL. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to EVERY MAN to profit withal… (Then Paul enumerates on the gifts of the Spirit.) For as THE BODY IS ONE (space) , AND HATH MANY MEMBERS (the many stars and lives), and all the members (human lives) of that ONE BODY (GOD), being MANY, are ONE body, SO ALSO IS CHRIST (GOD). For by ONE SPIRIT we are all baptized into ONE body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into ONE SPIRIT. For the body (GOD) is not one member (Life), but MANY (All lives together)…Now Ye are the body of Christ (GOD), and members in particular.” I Cor 12:12-14, 27

The task of the seeker is to live in this world of the many differentiations while realizing oneness through higher conscious ness.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Why is truth spiritual?

Is even truth about negative things spiritual?

Are there those who put themselves forward as spiritual that do not represent truth?

Go ahead. Ask more questions.


Day 233

Truth and Spirituality

The Seed Thought:

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

Maybe the first question to ask here is exactly what qualities must a thing have to be spiritual? When you think about it there is nothing more important than truth. Finding the truth no matter what it is takes is a step toward another truth and in the direction of Spirit.

A lie clouds the picture, makes it difficult to see things as they are, hinders the discovery of more truth and takes us away from Spirit.

Some figure that there are times it is better to lie than to tell the truth. Let us say a guy has an affair, but his wife is suspicious and asks and he insists that her imagination is just going wild. He figures he is saving her some hurt by lying to her.

Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but the hurt is amplified when the truth reveals not only a traitorous act, but lies to conceal them.

Even if betrayal is concealed the one betrayed still senses the truth on subtle levels and this diminishes the relationship.

Overall, if the seeker is centered in the truth, even in difficult situations, he or she is centered in the Spirit for the Higher Self knows only truth and cannot be deceived by its reflection.

Unfortunately, there are those who put themselves forward as spiritual teachers who are not centered on truth, some of them willing to blatantly lie to get followers. Because like attracts like the deceived will gather to themselves others who are deceived and love not the truth.

The job of the seeker is to find the truth wherever it lies, To find it he must first develop a love for the truth and plan his life so he will not be tempted to lie and deceive. If he loves the truth, he will find the truth and become the truth through finding and merging with his own soul.

Today’s Seed Though:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

Think of examples where people are willing to take away the freedom of others so they can have what they want.


Day 234

True Freedom

The Seed Thought:

True freedom is not imposing your will on others so you can have what you want. It is creating maximum freedom for all, often at the dismay of those in power.

There are two ways to define freedom. The first is to see it only in terms of you, the individual. The second is in terms of maximum freedom for the whole.

In the first case a few individuals may get maximum benefit, but it may be at the expense of many who suffer loss of freedom.

In the second case all will have freedom of opportunity within the rules of a civil society but some will still complain they do not get all they want.

No society can provide enough freedom to satisfy 100% of the citizens. The best that can be hoped for is maximum freedom for all within the group. Some think that an anarchy would provide maximum freedom but in this they greatly error. Anarchy would produce great suffering for the majority which would lead to tyranny.

The most significant example of the first case is the Old South before the Civil War. They maintained that they needed slaves to be free and when they fought the North because of slavery they maintained they were fighting for freedom. One of those supposed freedoms was the freedom to have slaves.

Yes, the ownership of slaves did provide a little more freedom to a few in the upper class, but it drastically reduced the freedom for the whole which is the goal that should be pursued by the seeker.

The problem of putting the freedom of the individual or class over the freedom of the whole persists today. This is most obvious when it comes to taxing citizens and the government borrowing money for different causes. There are many groups willing to tax people more than they are willing to pay and borrow additional money from the Federeal Reserve to benefit a few while the whole marches toward less freedom.

There are many who support unnecessary and restrictive laws that will cause the majority to have less freedom.

Freedom is seen by many as undesirable because in a state of maximum freedom there will still be some crime and problems.

The seeker must ask this. Which nation on the planet seems to have the lest problems with crime and rebellions citizens?

North Korea would be at the top of the list. There you never have a school shooting or hear of a bank robbery. But would any U.S. citizen want to live there?



Because it is a living hell. Common people eat tree bark, grass and even dirt to survive.

Freedom requires reasonable enforcement of law and order so the many can have a pleasant life, but a happy medium must be reached so the majority are happy with the freedoms they have.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

There are many questions that can be asked about this thought. For instance, if this is true them why does it take so long for some truths to be accepted?

See if you can think of more questions – and their answers.


Day 235

Something and Nothing

The Seed Thought:

Light dispels darkness but darkness cannot dispel light. Even so, truth, revealed and understood, obliterates that which is false.

The first question the seeker would want to ask is why this is true? Why is it that light can dispel darkness but darkness cannot obliterate light? In other words, you can shine a flashlight in the dark and instantly reveal that which was hidden in the darkness, but there is no darkness beam you can project to hide that which is revealed by light.

The reason for this is that light is something and darkness is nothing. You can project light because it is made of something, which science says are photons, but you cannot project that which is no-thing.

When something is revealed the illusion of nothing no longer exists.

I didn’t realize what real darkness was until I visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. There the guide took us into a cavern and turned out all the lights. The absolute darkness was amazing. I thought I had been in the dark before, but this made me realize that I had not.

Then when he turned on the light the darkness instantly vanished and I could see all the beauty of the caverns.

Light is the foundation of all creation and its wavelengths in their varying degrees create all the visible universe. Thus is creation produced by the real, but separated by the unreal.

When the real is brought to our consciousness the unreal that hides it no longer has effect.

The real represents truth and darkness is that which hides the truth. When the truth is no longer hidden it shines forth for all to see.

Why then does it take so long for some truths to be seen by all?

Let us suppose there are 100 people placed in a large dark room and they are told that somewhere in this room is a real gold coin, but in other locations are 99 false coins. The false coins have a somewhat gold color, but are not true gold. Each person is given a small penlight with which to search. All those who acknowledge the true coin will receive one.

After a lot of searching many think they have found the true coin. Jim found the true coin first, but kept the information to himself. After a time some realized the coin they found was not real for it did not have the right color or weight as true gold. Finally, a couple who did find the true coin started proclaiming it. Someone noted that if several combined their little lights into one light and shined it on the true coin that the true color of the gold would become obvious.

After a time the whole group gathered together and combined their lights and shined them on the true and false coins. After this happened the whole group realized which one was the true coin.

This is somewhat the way it is with truth that has not reached mass consciousness. It is hidden in a corner and only a few find it at first, but as more light is shined in its direction it becomes obvious and is eventually accepted by all

A book could be written on this thought alone, but at this point we’ll leave the rest for the seeker to contemplate.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Wouldn’t a communication from a Divine Source be so clear that there would be no misunderstanding? Explain.


Day 236

Veiled Truth

The Seed Thought:

Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

Perhaps the most universally accepted words as being seen as coming from God are the Ten Commandments. Yet even with these ten injunctions the interpretations vary quite widely.

For instance, the scripture simply reads, “Thou shalt not kill.”

There are some that think this should apply not just to humans but also to animals. Others criticize the believers because the ancient Israelites supported the death penalty for numerous crimes. In addition, they went to war with God’s approval and killed many of their enemies. Supporters explain that God meant we should not murder as in what we call the first degree.

Whatever the case the words from God hide the real truth from many.

Another commandment that caused a wide variety of interpretations was the Sabbath “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work.”

This commandment caused numerous attacks on Jesus by the authorities. When they read that one is not supposed to do any work on the Sabbath they literally interpreted that to mean “any” and they accused Jesus of breaking the commandment by working at healing on that day.

The Jews at the time of Jesus had hundreds of rules that defined what constituted work. For instance, you were told you could take so many steps and beyond that number you were working and breaking the commandment.

Believers cannot even agree on the day for the Sabbath. Many believe it has to be Saturday whiles others say Sunday is fine. Then many Muslims consider Friday as a day of rest.

This only tells us that the real truth behind the Sabbath is hidden from most who read the words.

The truth is this. No matter how clearly an author tries to place thoughts into words some will not interpret the meaning as intended. The reason is that human words are an imperfect means of communication.

What is the solution then?

The seeker must always look for the full truth hidden between the lines and this will only be seen when a measure of soul contact is achieved. Without soul contact the person will interpret only in terms of black and white and often miss the mark. With soul contact the seeker will get a sense of what the author was trying to convey and will often see the principle behind the message. When the principle is seen the reader will not only get the true intent but often will see more truth than was written.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

This thought is quite provocative and runs contrary to orthodox religious thought which is this: “The ultimate goal is for the person to become obedient to God in all things.”

On the other hand, what if the guy is sincere, tries to be a good follower, but has some wrong-headed ideas that would harm others? That cannot be good.

Think on this.


Day 237

Dispelling Illusion

The Seed Thought:

Once the seeker reaches that point where he is totally dedicated to following the highest he knows, then illusion must be dispelled or he will become dangerous.

It is a common belief among the spiritually inclined that the end of the spiritual quest is reaching a point where one has taken in all the good teachings in the scriptures and other good works and follows them to the best of his or her ability.

There are all kinds of ideas as to where the endpoint is ranging from merely accepting Jesus as Lord, to performing good works to the end, to having your calling and election made sure through a personal revelation.

The truth is that progression is an endless path. Could you imagine reaching a point where there were no other challenges to face or new goals to pursue? When you think about it this would be hell as eternal boredom would follow.

Yes, reaching a point where the seeker is doing his best to live the good life is a good accomplishment, but it is just a step. Little understood is that the next hurdle has dangerous illusions to overcome. This is the point where the seeker takes the path of darkness or light. If he inadvertently takes the path of darkness he can still backtrack for a period of time, but when he reaches a point where he realizes he is on the dark path and still continues then his path is set and no return becomes possible.

There are many dangerous illusions that tempt good people. Here are a few.

(1) “I have reached the end of the spiritual road and now I can relax.” The person thus ends his progression into the light and entropy pulls him backwards.

(2) Children are born in sin and people are basically evil. This causes the person to focus on the dark rather than the light.

(3) (A certain race or group) is a blight on civilization and needs to be destroyed. Many people of otherwise good intent are captured by this illusion and become dangerous.

(4) It is better that my wife and children die than face the troubles we have. This thinking is voiced by numerous people, of otherwise good intent, who killed themselves and their family so save them from problems they faced.

Once the seeker reaches that point where he follows the highest he knows his job is then to dispassionately examine his beliefs to make sure they are correct and that they will aid him in continuing on the path of light and truth.

Today’s Seed Thought

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

Why do you suppose this is true?


Day 238

Sensing Truth

The Seed Thought:

He who listens to the inner voice can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

For many believers, the Bible is the gold standard for truth and the National Enquirer and other tabloids are right down at the bottom of the list. Yet even though the Bible contains many valuable truths the reader can be led astray on many things if he does not read by the light of the soul.

One who is numb to the inner voice can read the most inspired writings and be deceived but one who is sensitive to it can read the most radical writings and not be deceived, but see the truth behind them.

The errors the mistaken reader makes with inspired writings are:

(1) Interprets literally in black and white. For instance, the Bible refers to the “four corners of the earth.” Some still claim that the earth is flat with four actual corners.

Black and white interpretation will always yield many mistakes by the reader.

(2) They interpret in the light of what authorities in their life have told them.

For instance, if their authorities tell them that salvation consists of X, Y and Z then every individual interpretation will favor this.

(3) The self-deceived will interpret in harmony with their lower desires. If they want a thing to be true then any words to the contrary will either be ignored or irrationally explained away. For instance, those who want the earth to be flat tell us that the many thousands of actual photos by numerous countries showing otherwise are fake.

On the other hand, one who listens to the true inner voice is very difficult to deceive. He can read a tabloid claiming that the president met with aliens and see the probable truth with an open mind.

Now the inner voice will not whisper the words, “No, the president did not meet with aliens!” Instead, it reveals principles which gives the whole picture. Such a seeker will know that there are indeed other life forms in the universe, yet the possibility of the event being true is extremely small. Obviously the tabloid is going for an attention-grabbing headline.

The true seeker will be extremely accurate in understanding principles, which filters down to a high accuracy with facts, though no one is 100% accurate with black and white data.

Today’s Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

There is a lot of food for thought here. Reflect and see where it takes you.


Day 239

All Possibilities

The Seed Thought:

Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere. You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

With over seven billion people on the planet one can only imagine how many possibilities are playing out in human lives alone. It is staggering to think about.

Some are in great pain, suffering from hunger, disease and depression. Others find great joy discovering the love of their life and meeting with great success. Some are free to do as they wish where others have their lives controlled beyond that which the free person even wants to consider.

But when we consider the magnitude of the universe the possibilities are magnified exponentially.

The earth resides in this solar system consisting of nine planets, plus five known dwarf planets, lots of moons, asteroids, comets and the sun itself. The earth is the only one with life as we know it, but there are many other possibilities of life upon and within the various spheres.

Now, this solar system is only one of many within the Milky Way Galaxy. And what would that number be? Most scientists believe it to be over 250 billion.

Just think. If only one in a million solar systems within the galaxy had intelligent life on its surface that would mean there would be 250,000,000 earthlike planets in this galaxy alone and I would suspect that this is a very conservative number.

But, the Milky Way is only one galaxy out of many. How many?

Astronomers can only calculate the number in the observable universe and the current estimate is two trillion galaxies of which the Milky Way with 250 billion solar systems is fairly average.

Two trillion galaxies – that is 2,000,000,000,000, which is two thousand times a billon and if only one out of a million solar systems have an earthlike planet the number of earths would be 250 million times two trillion, a very large number indeed.

These numbers only apply to that part of the universe we can observe through telescopes. Scientists can only guess at how many more stars and galaxies are in the rest of the universe. Is the universe ten times larger than we can observe, a thousand times or maybe infinite? Or could the universe with trillions of galaxies be only one of many similar universes?

Whatever the case, the numbers are mind boggling and the probability is this. There are trillions of other intelligent life forms out there. Some will look like us and some will look very different from us. Spiritual students know that the One Great Life we call God permeates every other life in the universe which means that the life of God is experiencing every possibility that can be imagined. The variety of experiences on this earth alone are enormous, but beyond the imagination of humanity when considering the universe itself.

That’s enough food for thought for now, but much more can be had by further contemplation on this seed thought.

Today’s Seed Thought:

God needs all Its creations for Itself to be complete for the ALL is God, not the All minus one.

Some will register this to be true and others will not – so why or why not is this a true statement?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 18

Day 198

The Open Mind

Principle Ten: Unless the seeker has an open mind progress upon the path of discovery will cease.

I have a friend who, for a period of time, made it a point of asking his religious friends if they considered themselves open-minded. He never received a “no” answer. They all considered themselves open-minded and dispassionately able to consider new thinking.

Then after he received a positive answer he would present them with a thought that ran contrary to their church beliefs. Suddenly, their minds closed down and they wanted to end the discussion.

Then he would say something like, “I thought you said you were open-minded.”

To this was the response that yes they still saw themselves as open-minded but his direction was plain wrong. Most would not even allow him to present his facts.

You may rest assured that the Vatican scientists who condemned Galileo also thought they were open-minded. They just didn’t want to look through Galileo’s ridiculous telescope. Even so, did those who burned heretics at the stake see themselves as the fair and open-minded ones.

It is interesting then that virtually everyone, even the most closed-minded, see themselves as being open to new knowledge. It is also noteworthy that all of us know a number of people we consider to be closed minded.

In other words, the closed minded person cannot see the flaw in himself, but can see it in others.

The fact is that he may be judging an open-minded brother to be closed just because he does not agree with himself, yet judges himself to be open minded because to him, his beliefs are just true.

At this point we need to define what it is to be open-minded.

To be open or closed-minded does not mean to agree or disagree with the other guy. An open-minded person may listen to all the facts and reject an argument because it just makes no sense.

I make this point because many accusations of closed-mindedness occur because the other fellow does not agree.

In the end, the open-minded person may agree or disagree but what he will do is consider the possibility that a proposal may be true and look at the facts involved.

Let us take an example. The belief in a flat earth has resurfaced and has been circulating around the internet. Though it may seem outrageous to even consider such a belief, the open minded person will look at their arguments and see if there is anything to them. Then he can weigh their arguments against overwhelming evidence, such as pictures of a globe earth taken by the United States, Russia, India, Japan, China, European Union and private spacecraft.

The saying goes that one should be open, but not have a mind that leaks like a sieve. In other words, one should be open, but maintain a filtering system and maintain a healthy skepticism.

Assignment: Take the following quiz and honestly asses your own degree of openness.


Everyone thinks he has an open mind, but in reality we all have acquaintances who immediately shut down their minds to ideas that do not conform to their pre-conceived notions. Take this test for an indication of how open-minded you are:

(1) The politician who you least like comes up with a plan for world peace. How would you react?

(a) I would assume that the plan was as bad as the rest of his ideas.

(b) I would listen to the proposal, but I know I wouldn’t like it.

(c) I would listen to the proposal with the idea that it may contain something of value.

(2) An acquaintance wants you to listen to what you consider to be the worst music in existence so he can explain to you why it has value.

(a) You would not consider such a thing

(b) You would listen but are sure it has no redeeming value

(c) You would listen with the idea that this person may perceive something of value that you do not.

(3) You are at a party and meet a person who says he is a member of The Flat Earth Society. He tells you that the stars above are an illusion, the earth is really flat and we only appear to be circling around the sun. He seriously tells you that he can logically prove all of this if you will listen to him a few moments.

(a) The man is obviously a crackpot and you excuse yourself.

(b) You listen for entertainment value only

(c) You listen at least partly because you want to see if his thought has any logical foundation.

(4) You have a six-year old daughter who, as far as you know, is completely normal. One day she comes to you out of the blue and says that some space people are in contact with her by mental telepathy and that they have an important message for the people of the earth. How would you react?

(a) I would feel that she has a problem and take her for professional help (a minister or psychologist).

(b) Ignore the problem and hope it goes away.

(c) I would question her with a mind open to the possibility that the communication may be valid.

(5) A representative of a religious cult knocks on your door and wants you to read a pamphlet proving that their leader is God incarnate. What do you do?

(a) Slam the door on him before he can explain why he is there.

(b) Politely listen to him but refuse the pamphlet.

(c) Take the pamphlet but not read it.

(d) Take the pamphlet and read it.

(6) An old friend who has a reputation of being eccentric and whose advice caused you to lose money in the past approaches you with a sure-fire-get-rich-quick business venture. It requires $10,000 investment which you happen to have at the time and he tells you that you should be able to get that back ten-fold in a month and possibly have financial security for the rest of your life. You would:

(a) Be polite, but refuse to listen to his new scheme.

(b) Listen to what the man has to say, then ignore him without trying to consider his ideas.

(c) Listen to his idea with the possibility (however slim) of acting on it.

(7) Which of the following have you changed your opinion or belief on after the age of 18?

(a) Your religion

(b) Your political party

(c) Birth control

(d) Abortion

(e) Capitalism or communism

(f) The environment

(g) Nuclear arms or world peace

(h) Legalization of drugs

(i) The foods you like

(j) The type of person you want for a mate


1a 0, 1b 0, 1c

2a 0, 2b 1, 2c 2

3a 0, 3b 1, 3c 3

4a 0, 4b 1, 4c 2

5a 0, 5b 1, 5c 1, 5d 3

6a 0, 6b 0, 6c 2

On question 7 score two points for each category in which change occurred.


0-12 Points: You may think you are open-minded, as all people do, but in reality you instinctively resist any idea that is not commonly accepted within your group or belief system. You tend to fear others who are different than yourself. Lighten up and be more flexible.

13-17 Points: You may change when you have to, and some may see you as open-minded, but you tend to listen to an opposing point of view out of courtesy rather than having any consideration for it. 18-24 Points: You have a good live and let live philosophy. You have a high tolerance for other points of view. You are open-minded on a subject you feel is important or credible but will not sustain enough interest to keep your mind open if the subject is not on your interest list.

25-34 Points: You are truly an open-minded person. You will always be open to all possibilities. This will lead you into many interesting experiences. To use this open-mindedness effectively, however, make sure you maintain a stable mind or others may think you are fickle-minded.

Affirmation: “I am open to all things, but fixed on finding the truth.”


Day 199

Learn by Doing

Principle Eleven: You can prove a teaching true or false by applying it in life. We lean by doing much faster than by listening or reading.

Jesus pointed us toward this important principle when he said:

“If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” John 7:17

In other words, doing and applying what we learn will lead us to an understanding of the truth. We can then find the true ingredients of a teaching and discard the false.

Let us suppose that you have never played golf in your life but for some reason took an interest in it and decide that you want to become good at the sport. You figure it is important to learn everything you can about the subject so you buy all kinds of books giving tips. You read dozens of books and probably know as much about golf as Tiger Woods. You figure you know how to make the perfect swing and you expect great results on your first try. You go out on the course, place the ball on the tee and take a swing. To your horror you missed it completely. It takes a couple more swings before you hit the ball and then you didn’t accomplish much. “This isn’t the way it is supposed to go,” you think to yourself. “I knew what to do, but just couldn’t apply it for some reason.”

The simple answer is that taking in data, even if correct, is not enough. Learning must including application to be complete.

Many want to learn by incorporating 90% study and 10% application when it should be the reverse. The student is much better off spending most of his time applying instead of just learning.

The same principles of learning apply to spiritual principles as to a sport like golf.

What will teach the seeker the most about love? Spending ten hours with a book about it or one hour bringing smiles on the faces of little children?

Or how about forgiveness? Many hours with a book, or just one instant of letting go of the grievance?

Or enlightenment? Ten hours of study or one hour reflecting on a profound thought?

Or how about teaching? Yes study is important, but to keep what you have learned you must give it away. The teacher learns much faster by teaching and sharing than by study.

Assignment: Assess that which you need to learn at this point in life and contemplate how you can enhance your learning though doing as much as possible.

Affirmation: “I keep that which I learn through doing and sharing.”


Day 200

Ask Questions

Principle Twelve: To receive answers you must first ask questions.

One of the main differences between a seeker and one who is not is that the seeker asks questions. The true seeker is somewhat amazed when he discovers how little the average person will question the world around him.

Yes, the average guy will have numerous beliefs, but few of those beliefs come from asking questions. Instead, many of them are merely implants accepted by his brain because he is following the line of least resistance.

The true seeker will have many questions that will often take him on the path less traveled by.

The difference between the seeker who has gained knowledge and wisdom lies not in inherited gifts, talent and intelligence but in the fact that he has asked questions and driven himself to find the answers.

The average person asks few questions outside his comfort zone. Those few he does ask are in response to his standardized education or involving the necessity of making a living. Few ask questions about spiritual things or philosophy beyond that which they have learned in church or school.

It takes as much intelligence to come up with the right questions as it does to recognize the right answers. Questions and answers are indeed interrelated. You will not find meaningful answers without first asking the right questions.

One thing that drives questions for the seeker is a lack of logic in something he is taught which may be something that many just accept without question.

Seekers have many questions that just do not occur to the rank and file. Here is an example of a dialogue:


SEEKER: Is God all-knowing?


SEEKER: Does God know before a person is born if he will be saved or damned?


SEEKER: Then why does God create people that He knows are going to be damned? Wouldn’t it be better for Him to have just not made the damned to avoid all that suffering?

BELIEVER: We have to come here to prove to ourselves that we can be saved.

SEEKER: Do the damned have to prove to themselves that they can be damned?

BELIEVER: I guess so. I never thought of it.

SEEKER: If you were a creator, would you make something that wouldn’t work just so you could say to it: “I made you and I knew even before I made you that you wouldn’t work, but I just wanted to prove to you that you wouldn’t work. Now because you don’t work you are damned for all eternity.” That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

BELIEVER: I’m sure God has his reasons we are not aware of.

SEEKER: But we are going by what you claim to be aware of, and that is God is all knowing, and that He knew who would be damned for eternity. Is there any rhyme or reason why He would create a soul He knew was going to be damned?

BELIEVER: So we can appreciate being saved.

SEEKER: You mean you have to make sure there are others burning in Hell before you can enjoy Heaven?

BELIEVER: It is God’s plan.

SEEKER: If you knew your mother, father and children were burning in Hell for eternity while you were in Heaven, then would this make Heaven more enjoyable for you?

BELIEVER: No. Of course not.

SEEKER: Then how does God’s creation of souls that He knew will be damned add to your enjoyment of Heaven?

BELIEVER: I guess it wouldn’t really.

SEEKER: So why did God create souls He knew would be damned?

BELIEVER: You’ve got me confused. You tell me.

COMMENT: The Scriptures tell us that it is God’s will that “All” be saved. As you can see, it would be ridiculous for a Creator to make souls He knew would be damned.

Assignment: Ask yourself: “How much questioning have I done in this life? Have I sought with a burning desire that led to answers? Come up with three questions to which you wish you knew the answers and contemplate on what those answers may be.

Affirmation: “I ask because I want to know.”


Day 201

The Law of Correspondences, Part 1

Principle Thirteen: That which is above will have elements that correspond to that which is below, and that which is below will likewise have elements that correspond to that which is above.

This law can be a great help to the seeker in the discovery of truth. It can also lead him into error if he misunderstands it. Many teachers have made the mistake of telling us that correspondences are exact and they are not. The correspondence between the higher and lower have similarities, but are never exact. If therefore, the seeker tries to understand the unseen by following this law with black and white exactness then he will fail.

Instead of seeing correspondences matching with exactness the seeker must use one level as hints to find truth in another level. If he sees the hints and uses his intuition then he can discover much that is true.

The physicist, Niels Bohr, used this principle correctly to come up with the basic structure of the atom. He concluded that the atom may correspond to a miniature solar system with a heavy nucleus containing most of the mass encircled about by much lighter electrons. It turns out that indeed there are many correspondences between an atom and a solar system, but there are also many differences. Yet the correspondences were close enough to aid in putting together the first elementary ideas of what atoms are and how they function.

So, why are correspondences not exact? To understand this it is helpful to imagine that you are God and had just finished perfecting the atoms. Now you want to create on a much higher level. Do you just repeat on a higher level what you just did on a lower? No. That would be boring. You like a challenge and creation is most fun when it is diverse and challenging. So, instead of just repeating yourself you decide to follow basic working principles but do something new and different and hopefully better than before.

One should not be surprised that Divine Intelligence does new and different things on different levels, after all it is written:

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” Revelation 21:5

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the days of old. Behold, I will do a NEW thing; now it shall spring forth….” (Isa 43:18-19)

It is also written that we are in the image of God and it is human nature to not want to do the same thing over and over so we, like God, enjoy creating new things. The new has similarities to the old, but rarely is it an exact duplication.

Assignment: Use the Law of Correspondences today and pay particular attention to the numbers three and seven. For instance, the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit corresponds to Father, Mother and Child. Where are there other correspondences? Where do you see the number seven manifest?

Affirmation: “Truth leads to more truth.”


Day 202

The Law of Correspondences, Part 2

Let us look at the first part of the assignment which are correspondences with the trinity.   The most well-known trinity is, of course, the Christian view of the Godhead. It seems kind of confusing to many when preachers tell us they are three and yet one, but perhaps there is more correspondence to this than believers realize.

The guitar string principle helps us to see a correspondence here. Suppose you have a guitar with only one string on it and then you pluck it. When you watch it vibrate how many strings do you see? You see three strings. But in reality are there three strings?

No. There is only one string in vibration causing the appearance of three strings. The lower illusionary string corresponds to the second aspect and the top, the third, or opposing part of the duality.

In the true reality there is no top and bottom string but only the reality in the middle. Even so, in the true reality, there is neither male nor female, light and dark, hot and cold, but only the foundation God who reflected Itself to infinity and caused these reflections to vibrate to create the appearance of real physical worlds of form.

As we go deeper and deeper into matter all we can find are wavelengths, or mini guitar strings in vibration. That invisible force that causes the vibration creating the wavelength corresponds to the Father and the two polarities are represented by the Son and Holy Ghost (or Mother).

As we explore the microcosmic world through electron microscopes we see that trinities, or triangles of three, manifest in all creation. Then as we inspect various enterprises successfully created by humans we also see trinities manifest.

In starting his church, for instance, Jesus had three close disciples, Peter, James and John.

There are several trinities aiding the work of Mohammad. The first was Allah, Gabriel and himself. The second was more earthly which was Mohammad, his wife, Khadijah, and her Christian cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal who first accepted his revelations.

The Buddha started his movement with himself and two disciples, Taphussa and Bhallika.

A successful business is initiated by someone who gets an idea (representing the father), and then finds two close associates who help him to manifest that idea.

For instance Steve Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer.

Microsoft was initiated by Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen in cooperation with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems president, Ed Roberts.

The Beatles were initiated by McCartney, Lennon and Harrison. Ringo came along four years after the band was created.

Individuals may come and go in an organization but if it continues to have success a powerful trinity will manifest at the top.

America was founded on the trinity of the Presidency, Congress and the Judiciary.

The family is founded on Father, mother and children.

The trinity of planes of human endeavor are the physical, emotional and mental. The focus of spiritual endeavors are atma, buddhi, manas.

Yes, the Trinity is the foundation of all creation whether it be organic life or organized human beings and there are many correspondences and truths to be found.

Assignment: Now concentrate on the number seven. What is its significance and what are some truths to be gleamed from it?

Affirmation: “I see the three within myself and without.”


Day 203

The Law of Correspondences, Part 3

The number seven is an interesting number that we see often repeated in scripture, in esoteric literature, in philosophy and in nature itself.

In the Bible alone this number is repeated 735 time and 54 times in just the Book of Revelation.

Perhaps the most famous use of the number seven is found in the seven days of creation with the seventh day becoming the Sabbath, a holy day.

The idea of the seven days certainly took hold in the consciousness of humanity for our calendars still tabulate the days of the week as being seven.

Throughout the Old Testament we see the number seen repeated often. For instance, Noah gathered seven pairs of clean animals that were received into the Ark. There were seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of plenty in the days of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. There are seven things that God hates mentioned in Proverbs. There were seven lamps on the golden lampstand in the tabernacle.

Joshua and Israel marched around Jericho seven times while seven priests blew seven trumpets before the walls came crashing down.

Then in the New Testament Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven.

Jesus fed the multitudes with seven loaves of bread and afterwards the disciples gathered seven baskets of leftovers.

The Book of Revelation uses the number with the most pronounced symbolism. The first chapter introduces the seven churches, the seven spirits before the throne of God, the seven candlesticks and the seven stars.

Later we come across the famous seven seals, the seven angels blowing seven trumpets, the seven thunders, a dragon with seven heads, seven plagues, seven vials, seven mountains and seven kings – just to give a partial list.

In esoteric literature the seven rays behind creation are given much weight as well as the seven Root Races with their seven sub races. There are also seven chakras.

In Buddhism, seven is the number of ascent, and Buddha is said to have walked this number of steps at his birth.

In Islam there are seven heavens and hell has seven gates.

Astrology was founded on the movement seven planetary bodies and emphasis was placed on the seven stars of the Great Bear as well as the seven of the Pleiades.

In nature we have the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes, the seven electron shells of an atom, our skin is regenerated in seven days and every cell in our body is replaced every seven years. There are seven seas, seven continents and seven wonders of the world.

Even Shakespeare used the number in his famous quote: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being SEVEN ages.”

Christian commentators often tell us that the significance of the number seven is that it signifies completion, but is that all there is to it? Use the information given today for a seed thought and see if you can find additional meaning behind this number.

Affirmation: “I will take seventy times seven steps toward the Kingdom of God.”



Day 204

The Law of Correspondences, Part 4

Indeed, we see that the number seven shows up often in nature and inspired writings. It manifests so much from the human mind because it signifies deep truth that is verified by the human soul.

The common idea is that because creation was said to have ended on the seventh day that the number signifies completion. There is a certain amount of truth to this for there are seven rays of creation that permeate all form in physical creation.

Creation begins with the One which vibrates and creates the three, or the Trinity. This also corresponds to the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Then from the three the seven is manifest and from the seven comes the foundation of all creation.

There are a number of ways to look at this number. As far as the rainbow goes one color morphs into another in linear sequence.

The creative rays manifest differently. You have the one, then the three and from the third ray the other four manifest.

On the other hand, the Star of David is also associated with creation. This is composed of one triangle pointing downward and an overlapping triangle pointing up. The one pointing downward represents forces pulling us toward matter and the upward triangle represents forces pulling toward Spirit. The two triangles represent six points with the seventh being a point in the center signifying synthesis of the two, or the point of soul energy that manifests as spirit touches matter.

As stated earlier, all creation begins with three. Any stable creation begins with the one who has the idea who then gathers two supporters that help in the manifestation.

But at this stage the creation is not complete and is still in danger of collapse. The creation can become self sufficient when seven are gathered who will stand by the ideals of the creation and support it.

If you look at any successful organization you will first find the one, then the three and finally the seven. When you find seven leading entities in harmony in an organization you may rest assured that it is in stable condition.

Another significant number is twelve and again we find it used many times in the Bible. We read of the Twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve stones of the breastplate of the high priest, the twelve apostles of Jesus and the twelve entrances to the city of the New Jerusalem.

This number surfaces many times in our society. For one thing this number dominates our time and space. We have twelve months in a year and twelve numbers on the clock. Then our rulers have twelve inches to a foot. We organize many things for sale by twelves, for instance, a dozen eggs.

Then we cannot leave out the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Alcoholics Anonymous has 12 steps, 12 traditions, and 12 concepts for world service.

The number 12 is often found in the human body: there are 12 cranial nerves, 12 ribs on the average human body, and 12 systems of the human body (cardiovascular, digestive, etc.). Additionally, the weight of blood is about one twelfth of our body.

We could go on but this gives us an idea of this ubiquitous number.

The ancient Greek sage, Pythagoras, taught the number twelve had divine, mystical meanings.

Assignment: Contemplate the meaning of this number what it means and why it has been used down through the ages.

Affirmation: “I will take twelve steps toward the light, and then one more.”

Day 205

The Law of Correspondences, Part 5

Consider the progression leading to the number twelve. A creation begins with the one initiator getting an idea. He then gathers around him two companions who begin the work of manifesting it. The idea gains momentum until seven are gathered as one mind causing a finished materialization.

To cause a finished creation to maintain existence one more step is needed and that would correspond to a glue that would hold various pieces together. Twelve thus represents a governing force that keeps order and structure in place.

We began with the one and then the three. Finally, the seven of the Star of David, representing completion. The governing twelve then is composed of 3X4 a symbol of the New Jerusalem which city “lieth foursquare,” yet has twelve entrances.

The symbolic governing power is seen in the words of Jesus to his twelve apostles:

“…ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” Matt 19:28

It is interesting that a jury is composed of twelve people. A jury of twelve selected from the people gives added stability to a state or nation.

It is interesting to consider that when you add Jesus to the twelve you have a thirteenth. The thirteenth represents powerful authority, such as authority from God or a king.

Such an authority may work well if you have someone like Jesus taking this place, but with the many the authority is misused and the power of antichrist is manifest instead. Therefore, for maximum safety a group of twelve should see the thirteenth as the invisible Christ rather than a visible totalitarian.

All of the numbers 1-13 are very potent in meaning. The nine is very stabilizing as it is composed of three trinities. The ten is the basis of our numbering system and two represents duality. Some call it the first real number.

Understanding the importance of numbers is important in the use of the Law of Correspondences as the numbers in one creation will often correspond to numbers in another.

Now let us use this law on something else. In the atomic world we have three basic types of charges which are positive, negative and neutral. See if you can come up with six different things in everyday life that correspond to these.

Affirmation: “I see, I turn, and see new forms similar to the old.”


Day 206

The Law of Correspondences, Part 6

The atomic world, the foundation for all the universe, is created from three types of particles. Those that are negatively charged, those that have a positive charge and those that are neutral. The foundation particles of matter representative of these charges are the proton, the neutron and the electron. Here we see the trinity represented as the foundation of matter itself.

It is interesting to note that even though the neutron has no measurable charge that is still composed of quarks which are particles with charge. The negative and positive charges within the neutron merely cancel each other out, producing neutrality. This happens with a stable atom also with an equal number of protons and electrons. Each negative electron balances out the positive charge of a proton.

So in creation we have positive, negative and then there neutral where the two charges are still present, but in balance.

The most visible correspondence to positive and negative in the world around us are the male and female in humans as well as other species. So what corresponds to the neutron? This would be the gay. He or she has both male and female energies within but the charge is closer to the zero point.

The manifestation of the two charges, or opposites, is often called duality which is expressed in many triplicities such as, hot, cold and something desirable in between. Then we have up, down and the present location. Other dualities with points between are War and peace, good and evil, happy and sad, light and dark, sending and receiving, empty and full, freedom and slavery, love and hate, past and future, pleasure and pain, rich and poor… The list goes on. There are perhaps more correspondences to duality with the point between than anything else. Anyone who wishes to learn from the Law of Correspondences needs to observe all the ways that this principle manifests.

Contemplating the correspondence between male and female and the universal negative and positive charges beginning in the atom can shed much light.

For instance, a balance of positive and negative charges creates a stable atom. What joins male and female to do something similar? Through the ages there has been the so-called battle of the sexes with each side claiming superior characteristics. But is one really superior to the other?

The two sexes are definitely not the same, but does that destroy the ideal of equality?

Contemplate the differences between male and female and the significance thereof.

Affirmation: “I seek to balance the dual forces within me.”


Day 207

The Law of Correspondences, Part 7

Using the Law of Correspondences to derive truth from the male/female differences is a great example of the value of this principle.

In recent times some have tried to convince us that there are no real differences between males and females. It only seems that way because of our culture, they insist.

Many with this philosophy, however, have changed their minds after having kids and observe them growing up. They cannot help but noticed that males and females have different tendencies in behavior. Those who are willing to study these differences can discover some interesting truth.

Let us start with the physical differences. There are quite a few of these that are pretty much undeniable.

The most fundamental difference lies with sex and procreation. What exactly happens in this process?

The male sends the seed, or sperm, to the female and the female receives.

Using the Law of Correspondences we can deduce that the male, if we look on him as an energy unit, would be polarized as a sending energy and the female as a receiving one.

Now we all have both male and female, or sending and receiving energies within us, but overall most males are polarized, or have more sending energy than receiving, and females the opposite.

If you observe males and females in action you will notice that males are more comfortable being senders and females the receivers.

There is a lot of evidence that females are better receivers. For instance, all studies on the subject show that females in all cultures and times do better in school and get better grades than males. On the other hand, when it comes to positions that involve sending and giving orders males are more comfortable.

Now let us look closer at the act of sex. The male sends many sperm to the female and few get accepted. The female is very particular in what she will receive, but when she does accept a sperm magic occurs and a new creation is formed – a new life – a baby.

What does this tell us when we use the Law of Correspondences?

From this we can glean a number of truths.

(1) Miraculous creation can occur through the cooperation of male and female energies. The seeker starts by balancing the two energies within himself and then seeking cooperation with his opposite.

(2) The female does not accept just anything sent by the male, but is very particular about what she will embrace.

(3) The male will be wise to realize this characteristic by the female and not expect her to accept just anything that sounds good to him. To become successful co-creators the male must listen to the female and understand her desires so he can send her something she will receive.

(4) An idea from a male corresponds to a sperm or seed and if a male can plant an idea in a female that is embraced then miraculous progress toward creation can be achieved. They will have a symbolic baby together.

Volumes could be written about how the Law of Correspondences plays out with just the male-female principle, but this will give the seeker an elementary idea of how this law plays out.

Assignment: See males and females as units of energy and continue to ponder the differences between them and see what truths come to your mind.

Affirmation: “I listen to the messages from my body.”


Day 208


Principle Fourteen: Look for the principle rather than merely memorizing facts and data.

You’ve probably met the guy who seems very smart because he can rattle off all kinds of information he has accumulated. Others seem very impressed by his knowledge but there is something about him that doesn’t convinced you. Several things hold you back from crowning him the new Einstein.

(1) When he explains something he uses big words and lots of facts, but after he is done explaining you do not know much more than you did before. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about but his communication sounds esoteric and difficult to understand.

You would think that if he really understands what he is talking about that he could clearly communicate it in easy to understand language.

(2) The guy has not demonstrated a practical application of his knowledge in his life.

(3) It seems like some of your friends who seem average have more common sense than this walking encyclopedia.

The apostle Paul spoke of this type of character. He said they were, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Tim 3:7

Now there is nothing wrong with study and gaining information but all will be of minimal value unless the seeker is able to put the pieces together and see the bigger picture, or the principles behind the data.

Imagine that you have before you a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle and you take the pieces and distribute them randomly on a table and look at them. Even though you may memorize the patterns on each piece you will be unable to get any idea of the picture.

Now you discover something that is a big help. On the box is a picture of the finished puzzle. Knowing what the finished puzzle will look like will be a great aid in making sense of the pieces.

The one who sees the finished picture correlates to one who sees the principles, but the one who just stares at the randomly scattered pieces is like our intellectual friend described earlier.

Now let us examine something that involves a principle and the two ways of looking at it. The topic is good and evil.

The black and white person has a storage of information recorded in his brain that tells him what is good and what is evil.

Here are some things that a fundamentalist Christian may consider evil:

  • Reading new age books
  • Listening to certain music
  • Drinking alcoholic drinks, even in moderation.
  • Being gay.
  • Believing the earth is billions of years old.
  • Not accepting his version of Jesus.

Then, that which he considers to be good is anything that fits in with his interpretation of the Bible.

These people are indeed missing the mark, which is the meaning of the New Testament word for sin.

If one understands the principle behind good and evil he will use his own common sense to figure it out rather than going by the letter of the law or black and white words.

The basic difference between good and evil is this: Good is that which takes us forward on the path of Spiritual progress toward greater freedom, livingness, intelligence, light and love. Evil is that which takes us back into the past to lesser freedom, lesser livingness, lesser intelligence, light and love. Evil is the reverse reflection of good, corresponding to the fact that “evil” is “live” reflected in reverse.

Good is a positive building direction; evil is that which hinders positive building and destroys before creation is complete and has served its purpose.

If the leaders of old Salem had understood the principle behind good and evil they would have realized they were the ones taking an evil direction as they burned the witches at the stake.

Assignment: behind all debate there is always a principle that reveals the truth. Contemplate and find the principle leading to understanding of these three things:

(1) The political left and right

(2) Freedom

(3) The Golden Rule

Affirmation: “I see the whole picture rather than the part.”


Day 209

Resist Groupthink

Principle Fifteen: Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.

Think of those people who have made great accomplishments and have gone down in history for benefiting the world. Names like Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Lincoln and, of course, Jesus come to mind. Were any of these people the type who just followed the crowd, accepted the status quo and went along with the groupthink of the day?

All the great thinkers and innovators have one thing in common. They did not govern their lives by what the authorities of the day said was true. They questioned and often found that the truth was in the opposite direction of common thought.

If the seeker spends a lifetime in study, but merely accepts all that his cherished authorities says is true, he will indeed have limited himself. He will be in the category of those who are “ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.”

The wise seeker does not accept a thing merely because the authorities of the world proclaim it. Neither does he accept it if the whole world embraces these statements of authorities. Instead, he is the eternal skeptic and will always look in the opposite direction of groupthink just to see what is there.

Now do not get me wrong. Many common beliefs are correct. The point is that many of them have not been correct in the past and even in this more enlightened age (as we suppose) many beliefs are still flawed.

The seeker will not discover those flaws through study and blind acceptance. Instead, he must take those things that are widely accepted and look in the opposite direction.

The interesting thing about looking in the opposite direction is that you will be looking at a view that not many even attempt to see.

Galileo is a quintessential example of the virtue of doing this. In his day all the scientists, religious thinkers and philosophers believed the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around it. He looked in the opposite direction of common thought and a whole universe of truth opened up to him.

As late as the mid nineteenth century physicians thought it was not necessary to wash their hands before surgery. Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician looked in the opposite direction and discovered the importance of cleanliness which resulted in the saving of millions of lives since that time.

Humanity has moved forward and dispelled many illusions, but we still have a long way to go. There are still many illusions that hold captive many different groups. The job of the seeker is to look at the thinking of humanity as well and groups with whom he is associated and look in the opposite direction of their thinking and see what is there.

If the seeker is in a religion he needs to question widely accepted doctrine and see how it registers with his soul. If he is involved in politics he needs to take the standard views of his party and, with an open mind, look at alternatives.

If over 90% of the scientists say a thing is true then maybe the seeker needs to check out the few dissenting opinions and see where the actual facts lead.

The assignment today is to examine your beliefs, those of your friends and your groups as well as that which you hear from the media and ask this question. “If this is not true, then what is?” If your soul gently nudges you toward a new insight then be sure and pay attention.

Affirmation: “I will look in a new direction today to see what is there.”


Day 210

The Glass Half Full

Principle Sixteen: Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.

Whereas it is a good thing to be skeptical of groupthink and to look at alternatives it is not a good idea for the seeker to have as his center of focus the discovery of error. Instead, the goal should always be the discovery of truth.

The seeker must use powers of discernment to see the difference between being gullible and having a positive focus on finding the truth. The gullible will believe things to be true merely because others say so. The true seeker will test all things and verify truth with his own mind, heart and soul.

In maintaining a healthy skepticism for many things declared to be true by others he resists the temptation to have as his prime focus the looking for error. Instead his focus is the discovery of truth wherever it lies.

The difference between the negative person and a seeker with a healthy skepticism is this: The negative person automatically rejects anything that is not supported by his belief system and outer authorities.

On the other hand, the true seeker is open to all things and willing to consider all things. Because of this he will sometimes discover truth that will alter his beliefs.

The seeker becomes aware of both truth and error when his prime focus is looking for truth.

The negative person only finds error because he is not looking for truth, but only error in others to validate his own beliefs.

Because energy follows thought it is of extreme importance where the seeker places his focus. If it is on error he will find error, but if it is on truth he will find truth.

An example of the wrong approach would be one who literally believes the scriptures and will immediately reject as false any evidence that points out an error in his belief.

Let us say, for instance, that he literally accepts the six days of the creation account as being six 24-hour periods. He thus sees only error in all the scientific evidence that the earth is billions of years old.

A seeker who was taught the same thing when he was young will do the opposite. Maybe he wants to believe that what his parents taught him is true, but when he sees the evidence and checks with his soul he is willing to change his mind.

Assignment: Take the path of the true seeker and make your prime focus the discovery of truth wherever it lies. Reflect on your own beliefs and examine all things that come across your path today and discover where the truth lies by looking for it.

Affirmation: “My focusing on the truth reveals both truth and error.”


Day 211

The Pendulum Principle

Principle Seventeen: People swing back and forth in their beliefs to extreme positions. The seeker must resist the swing and look for the truth somewhere in the middle.

Humans are strongly affected by the Pendulum Principle as they shift periodically in their emphasis, values, interests and beliefs. At one time they will be conservative and another time they swing to liberal. Then they will go from being religious to atheistic, from superstitious to scientific and logical, from slavery to freedom and so on.

Understanding the Pendulum Principle is a powerful key to aid in the discovery of truth.

Average humanity swings back and forth in their beliefs from one extreme to the other. The reason for this is an extreme belief requires little thought or judgment. One can be lazy and not use the mind, but rely completely on feeling which swings to the extreme without check. In other words, everything is viewed through a black-and-white mode. All is good or evil, right or wrong with no shades of gray.

The reason this principle is an important key of discovery is that in most cases the extreme position is filled with error. If the seeker understands that some widely accepted beliefs are really an extreme position taken by the lazy in thought, then he can look at the middle, use judgment and discover much truth.

Here are just a couple popular extremes:

Extreme Belief, Side One: There is a conspiracy behind every major tragedy that happens.

Extreme Belief, Side Two: All conspiracy theories are silly and are to be ignored.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Obviously, not all disasters are caused by government conspiracies, but then we know from history that sometimes there are true conspiracies. However, these often involve assassinations rather than some very complex plot that would involve thousands of people.

Extreme Belief, Side One: The President is totally evil and I hate him.

Extreme Belief Side Two: The President is totally good and I love him.

Truth: The current President is a man with flaws just as were the past presidents. He should be judged by results achieved, not as a devil or a saint.

In today’s world the extremes of the pendulum swing are most apparent in the political world. Everywhere you look extreme views and actions glare at us. The problem is that a large percentage of the country will embrace the extreme, not because it is logical, but because it is just the thing to do.

Extremes are also popular in religious and spiritual thinking. Extremes in cults such as Jonestown, the Branch Dividians and Heaven’s Gate, who killed themselves thinking they were going to get a ride on the Hale-Bopp comet, are obvious to the masses. It is ironical though that those laughing at the extremes of cults often have their own extreme beliefs that are quite illogical and fantastic if examined under the light of reason,

It is important to realize that the highest truth will not be found by looking at the two extremes and then finding the exact middle. That is the lazy black and white way. The truth is always somewhere between the two extremes. Sometimes it is in the middle but it could be some distance to the left or right. It takes good judgment and common sense to see it.

Assignment: Examine your own beliefs. Do you take some extreme positions because of groupthink, bias or raw emotional feeling rather than looking at both sides and seeking for the truth somewhere in the middle?

Because of natural bias this is a difficult question for many to answer honestly, but give it your best shot.

Affirmation: “My soul guides me to the truth between the two extremes.”


Day 212

Focus Your Attention

Principle Eighteen: The seeker must not scatter his energies, but maintain focus on finding the truth. When he does this it is only a matter of time before he finds his answers.

One of the main problems behind the failure of many who desire the truth is a lack of focus. They want the truth and will pursue a certain line. Then, before they take in all there is in that direction, they will branch off on another path. Sometimes the individual will make a total change in direction and other times he may have numerous avenues of learning, but fail to obtain mastery in any of them.

There are times when the seeker will find himself on a path full of error and decide to leave and pick another. This is a good move and not a problem. The error occurs when the pilgrim still has lessons to learn on a certain path and either leaves or diverts attention away from it.

We could compare the problem to a student who wants to be an engineer, but is also interested in music and has a band. He also loves football and is trying out for the team. In addition, he is in the chess club.

The guy is so scattered that he does not excel in any of his divided directions.

Another example of error is a guy who seeks to excel at chess and gets off to a good start, but then finds interest in playing he piano which takes his focus off chess. Then just as he is developing skill in the piano he moves on to another interest.

Many there are who just do not keep their focus on the subject long enough to excel or to learn what is there for them.

Just as it takes focus to develop a skill, even so it is required for the seeker of truth to be successful. In some ways the seeker has a more difficult time than the person who is trying to develop a regular skill. For instance, if he is learning to play the piano there are certain yardsticks available to gauge his progress. The seeker of truth may have lots of books to read but there are times when he seems to have a dark night where nothing much happens. This will sometimes cause him to give up and take another path.

The seeker needs to realize that energy follows thought and if he continues to keep his focus on discovery that a link is made to his Higher Self. This link will grow as long as the focus is maintained. There is often a period where nothing seems to be happening and then, at an unexpected moment, a realization will come and the seeker makes a great stride forward. This is a step he would have missed if he had changed direction too soon.

Assignment: Take a quick review of your life and discover the talents that were not developed and knowledge not gained because of lack of focus. Do not feel bad about it for none of us have lived our lives perfectly. Now, examine your current life. Are you on a path that requires more focused attention? What can you do to prevent leaking energy to unproductive areas of life?

Affirmation: “I will focus and discover new worlds of truth.”


Day 213

Test Your Beliefs

Principle Nineteen: Your beliefs may or may not be true. To find out, test them as much as possible against known facts, reason, your own soul and in discussion with others.

All people have numerous unproven beliefs. Some will turn out to be true and others not so much.

Some beliefs can be tested and proven true or false, turning them into knowledge which replaces belief.

One can gather evidence on other beliefs, but not concrete proof giving the seeker assurance, but not solid proof his belief is correct.

Then there are other beliefs not backed up by any evidence but merely supported by the person’s desire that they are correct.

Perhaps the most popular belief within the human race is in the existence of God or some Higher Intelligence behind the creation of all things. There is no way to prove Its existence to the skeptic, but many have proven to themselves that some type of higher power exists through experiencing miracles. Others sense spiritual communication that they testify came from a higher source.

The seeker must not be like the lazy believer who just accepts what he has told and does nothing to verify it. He does not get extra help from spiritual sources unless he does all he can first. These principles of Discovery will aid the seeker in verifying truth with tools that all have available.

So what concrete steps can the seeker take to verify his beliefs?

(1) First realize that unless an effort is made no further proof is likely to materialize.

(2) The seeker must study all available materials on the subject. Perhaps evidence supporting your belief is much stronger than you realized.

(3) Read arguments put forth by those who oppose your belief. This could either strengthen your belief or even convince you that the belief is incorrect. This is to be celebrated rather than feared for the realization of a wrong belief will lead to greater truth which should be a happy event.

(4) Ask yourself if your belief runs contrary to any proven facts available to you.

(5) Test your beliefs by applying them to your life. Are your beliefs working out in the crucible of living the way they should if they are true?

Assignment: Make a list of ten beliefs that you have. They could include a belief in God, Jesus, space aliens, the afterlife, conspiracies, a political belief etc. After you get them listed look them over and ask yourself how many of them have you made a real effort to prove and to honestly examine both sides.

Next pick one of these beliefs where you think supporting evidence can be found and begin further investigation to find the truth about it.

Affirmation: “I am moving from being a believer to a knower.”


Day 214

Good Judgment


Principle Twenty: The seeker must acquire good judgment if he is to recognize truth when it is in front of him. Unfortunately, this quality cannot be taught through books but must be earned in the furnace of life.

Even though this ability cannot be taught like math, or many other courses, it is helpful that the seeker becomes aware of its importance. One cannot learn unless he makes a goal to learn.

It is also important to remove the stigma from the word as many interpret the words of Jesus on the subject in a negative light and see judgment as always a bad thing. As pointed out earlier Jesus was not telling us that judgment itself is bad. Instead, he was warning that one will be judged by the same fairness as the judgment he gives.

There is negative limiting judgment that overly condemns another person and there is good judgment that aids in making wise decisions. The first should be avoided and the second embraced.

The positive aspect of this word is somewhat synonymous with discernment, which is seen as a very positive word, though they are a little different in meaning. To discern is to see correctly and then good judgment applies when that discernment is used wisely or followed.

One reason good judgment is so important is because bad judgment can set a person on a path of illusion that can sometimes waste an entire life.

There are many teachers, gurus, prophets, and mystics eager to get your attention and quite expert in making illusion sound like the truth. A little discernment and good judgment can allow the seeker by bypass such detours and save a lot of time in his progression toward full soul contact.

So what advice can be given to the seeker to aid him in developing good judgment? There’s a couple things that may be helpful.

First, remember that good judgment is acquired through initially going through a period of bad judgment. Each mistake you make in life teaches you the difference between good and bad judgment. See your mistakes as benevolent lessons.

Secondly, remember that energy follows thought. If you put attention on obtaining good judgment then you will place invisible energy in circulation that will assist you in the direction of good judgment.

Finally, regularly seek guidance from your soul as to the right path to take. Listen to that still small voice that always guides you toward right decisions.

Assignment: Review three major mistakes you have made in life. Ask yourself if there is a chance you would make them again? In other words, have you increased your power of good judgment?

Affirmation: “My mistakes have given me lessons on judgment.”


Day 215

Review and Reflection

Principle Twenty-one: The seeker must make a point to examine his life, monitor progress and hold fast to the progress gained.

Everything goes in cycles including our progress toward spiritual consciousness. Just as the planet has 24 hour cycles of day and night even so do us humans go through periods of radiant learning and dark nights, sending and receiving, high and low energy etc.

The goal of the seeker is to attain a higher level in each new cycle. This happens when we learn our lessons and move on to newer and greater things. Unfortunately, some backslide and have to make up for lost time later on. To avoid this problem the seeker must be in a constant state of review.

It was Socrates who said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” It is indeed true that without review and reflection the pilgrim is likely to repeat past mistakes. He is also subject to losing past learning and may have to start over again in certain areas of life.

It is advisable to reflect at the end of each day. One of the main things to consider is how effective one has been with time. How much was totally wasted? How many things could you have accomplished in a shorter period allowing you more time for constructive work? Did you learn anything new this day?

Learning involves much more than taking in data. How you dealt with your relationships is very important. Were you patient, civil and easy going or did you let others disturb your peace? Did you say or do anything you regretted?

The next major cycle is the year, but in between it is a good idea to do a little extra review at the end of the week as well as the month.

A year is a long enough period that the seeker is able to see movement within his life in certain directions. It is human tradition to make New Year’s resolutions, but good resolutions require good review. Any yearly review is good but even better than the first day of the year is your birthday. Your birthday marks a true beginning of a new year for you and marks the beginning of your true yearly cycle. The strongest initiating energy for the year is right after your birthday. It is a good time to begin new things.

A larger cycle for beneficial review is that of ten years. As you look back on the last ten years and the decade before you can assess the movement in your life and where it is going. Has progress been slowing down, moving steady ahead or increasing?

The next major period is the Saturn cycle. In astrology Saturn is seen as an agent of karma and wielding a strong energy that disciplines the life toward greater efficiency and success. The Saturn cycle is approximately 29.5 years. This period can be viewed as a life within a life. During our first Saturn cycle we grow up, get an education and begin a career. During our second cycle we typically settle down, formulate the course of life, get married and have a family. Then beginning with the third cycle (ages 59-88) one looks toward retirement and security.

For the average person the amount of learning and accomplishment diminishes with each cycle. The seeker desiring soul contact and spiritual progress should attempt to make each cycle very productive. He should continue to learn as he ages,

Assignment: Look back on the various cycles of your life and take note of your progress. Are you slowing down or maintaining steady progress? It is normal to slow down as we age so it is necessary for the seeker to keep a strong will and a desire to learn new things.

Affirmation: “Reviewing my past enables me to see my future.”


Day 216

Seeing Yourself Correctly

Principle Twenty-two: In finding the truth it is important to see yourself correctly. If you have a distorted image of yourself then you are likely to have a distorted idea of other things and miss central truths.

Many females laughingly talk about certain guys who pursue them thinking they are “God’s gift to women.” Such characters, they say, see themselves as irresistible and greatly overestimate how attractive they are.

The problem is that this illusion is not just something that overtakes a handful of males pursuing girls, but is quite widespread, even among many with pleasing personalities.

So, the question is – what are other ways that many see themselves incorrectly besides overestimating their attractiveness? Here are a few.

(1) A problem for many seekers is that they overestimate their place on the path of spiritual evolution. Many who believe in reincarnation will declare that they are on their last life when to the casual observer it still looks like they have many lessons to learn. Others will think they have a great destiny, like becoming president of the United States, when they have not demonstrated much leadership ability.

(2) He may believe he has much more talent than he actually possesses. He may think he is a great musician, artist or writer when he is really quite average.

(3) He may not understand how he is perceived in various relationships. For instance, you’ve heard about the person who thought his marriage was in great shape and out of the blue his companion wants a divorce. In that situation you can bet there were many clues, but the guy just missed them.

Indeed, many do not correctly see how family, friends and associates view them.

(4) Many see themselves as smart, loving, kind, generous with a good sense of humor when others do not see them that way at all.

An example of this is in the movie, “Good Morning Vietnam.” Robin Williams saw himself as funny and he was. Bruno Kirby’s character also saw himself as funny, but was not. The movie made a great contrast between reality and illusion in the self image of the two characters.

There is no shame in not being good at some things, but if we want to achieve excellence in a certain direction, one of the greatest obstacles to overcome is the illusion that you are more advanced than you are.

Why is this so important? If one thinks his next couple steps in progression are already achieved then he will just not take them. One must take steps five and six before he can take seven and eight. If we do not evaluate ourselves correctly then progression will often come to a standstill.

Assignment: Evaluate yourself. Do you see yourself correctly? Do you know what your next step in learning is in the direction that is important to you? Do your friends give you opinions on your abilities that differ from your own? Is it possible they have a point?

It is difficult for a person to break free when he has illusions about himself. The first step is to just think about it honestly.

Affirmation: “I see myself as I am and as I will be.”


Day 217

Faith in the Dominating Good

Principle Twenty-Three: The seeker must have faith in the dominating good, or that God is good.

It is unfortunate that many believers teach that God is a God of love and is like a loving parent to us yet when their expectations are examined we find their beliefs to be quite the opposite.

Here are some examples:

(1) Many believe God will send you to a painful and eternal hell for merely not accepting their version of Jesus.

(2) They see God as more eager to punish than reward, more eager to get revenge than show love and mercy and more intolerant than tolerant.

(3) You just get one chance in this life. After you die that is it. If you are not saved you will go to hell for eternity. God is okay with this.

This view that many have of God runs contrary to the loving God as taught by Jesus. He said this:

“Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” Matt 7:9-11.

In other words, Jesus basically said this. “You people think you are good parents and want what is best for your children, but you do not hold a candle to God who is a much better parent and will go further to help his children and deliver to them good things when they ask.”

Would a good parent throw a child who did not understand him or her into a burning pit and leave him there forever?

Would a good parent respond to a child’s plea for help in this world or the next?

Would a good parent assist his child with numerous chances to have a successful life?

Indeed. The average parents will go far out of their way to assist their children and help them to become successful.

According to Jesus God will go much further than that making us look like near-do-wells by comparison.

By using this principle, coupled with the Law of Correspondences, the seeker can gain many truths about his destiny and what awaits him.

If you have good parent then multiply their love and helpfulness many times and you will get a sense of what Divine Intelligence has in store for us. Sure, like any parent God is willing to let us suffer consequences of our mistakes so we can learn, but he will be right there to help us if we but ask.

We find what we look for so if we see God as a stern angry parent that is how he will play out in our lives, not because of reality, but because of the power of our own thoughts, Believing in a dominating good that comes from God can make a tremendous difference in the life of the seeker. It can not only point him in a positive direction, but will help him access many good gifts from God channeled through one’s own soul.

Seeing the world through a filter where evil dominates takes the person on the path of illusion and error. Seeing the universe as a place where good dominates sets the seeker on the path of truth and knowledge. The reason for this is that it is a true principle that good does dominate in the end. The reason for this is that intelligence permeates all things and all intelligence prefers good over evil. The only reason the good in all things is delayed is that many temporarily mistake good for evil and evil for good, but in the end we dispel this illusion.

Assignment: Visualize God as a good parent and ask, “What wonderful things am I going to be given by my loving family?”

Affirmation: “God’s love opens the windows of heaven and more good gifts await me than I have power go receive.”


Day 218

Enduring to the End

Principle Twenty-Four: The seeker must persevere until the goal is reached. This applies to all objectives, even soul contact.

The most common cause of failure whether it be starting a business, finding the truth, or establishing soul contact, is simply quitting before the goal is reached.

Napoleon Hill tells the famous story of a Mr. R. U. Darby who invested a large sum of money in a gold mine that seemed productive at first, but then the main vein of gold seemed to end. He thought it may continue and tried to find the new supply for a while and gave up. He sold the mine with all the equipment for a few hundred dollars.

The new owner was a savvy guy and called on a mining engineer for an opinion. The engineer told him that if he drilled in a certain location he should find an extension of the original vein of gold. He did this and struck gold after just three feet of drilling and made a fortune.

When Mr. Darby heard about the discovery he was aghast and vowed to never quit again when he could be only three feet from gold. He went into the insurance business and became very successful there using his hard earned philosophy of not quitting.

Jesus also taught this principle. After warning his disciples that there would be many tribulations which would be difficult he encouraged them by saying, “he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Matt 24:13

We can shed additional light on this scripture by examining the Greek from whence it was translated.

“Endure” comes from the Greek HUPOMENO and means “to remain, abide, not recede or flee.”

“End” comes from TELOS which is “To set out for a definite point or goal, the conclusion of an act.” This implies that one makes a decision and perseveres until the decided goal is reached

“Saved” comes from SOZO which is “to save, deliver or protect.” The similar word “salvation” comes from SOTERIA which is more correctly rendered “deliverance” or “rescue.”

How then can we best translate this phrase?

“He who shall make a DECISION and take an immovable stand on that decision until the goal is achieved shall be delivered.”

But shall be delivered from what?

The answer is obvious. He shall be delivered from failure.

Why is it important to be delivered from failure?

(1) If the end goal (TELOS) is a noble one (as one proposed by Christ) then the achieving of that goal is of great important.

(2) If a person makes a goal and fails to achieve then he becomes weakened and usually has less power to achieve the next goal he sets.

(3) If a person fails in a noble venture affirmed by his soul, then to quit is to lose faith. As a result soul contact will be diminished until the steps are retraced and success is achieved.

(4) Failure to achieve often brings depression, grievances, and too much attention on the little self – as well as the blaming of others.

The power to endure to the consummation of an act of decision is the power to achieve all things.


Because if a person makes a decision (in harmony with Higher Will) and then moves toward that decision without giving up, then no power in heaven or earth can prevent the person from achieving the goal.

The importance of endurance is symbolized in the three and a half time periods often repeated in the Bible. Here are some:

(1) The holy city is “tread under foot forty and two months,” (three and a half years).

(2) The two witnesses prophesy during 1260 days (three and a half years) of difficulty and resistance from enemies.

(3) The two witnesses are dead for three and one-half days.

(4) The church flees to the wilderness for times, a time and a half a time (three and a half periods).

The key to success is to not endure just one round of troubles, or even two or three, but always expect an extra half more than you think will be the maximum. In truth it may be more than the half, but it will be at least a half.

The bottom line is that success will take as long as it takes, but the promise is that if we endure to the end we will achieve success. The problem is that the end is always further away than one tends to expect. The last period that extends beyond the three rounds is the one crucial to achievement. The one who achieves success is he who is willing to go that extra three feet when all may seem lost.

Assignment: Look back on your life and find a couple example of times you quit when you could have achieved success. Consider how your life would be different if you had not given up.

Now look at your present goals. Is there any area where you feel discouraged and tempted to quit? What would happen if you quit or if you continue?

Yes, I know there are times where an enterprise is discovered to be a waste of time and you need to quit. That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about worthy goals where positive success is a real possibility.

Affirmation: “I make thoughtful decisions and see them through.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Soul and Purpose

The Soul and Purpose, Part 1

When my friend was talking about testing soul contact åhe mentioned the possibility of using it to find a mate but noted the difficulty in proving that it as the real thing no matter how it worked out.

He suggested a better test would be questions to which we could discover the true answer and prove something extra sensory was happening.

The trouble is that the soul will only give you answers that you cannot discover with your own intellect. Most decisions in life it leaves up to you unless you reach a place on the path of life where it is important to your life’s purpose that you choose correctly.

It is not important that the seeker prove soul contact to others but fortunately, he can prove it to himself. As I said in my last post the presence of the soul is very familiar because it is linked to our Source and once experienced in fullness there is no doubt. There are many doubts though on the way to fullness.

The mention of marriage caused me to reflect on significant guidance through the s soul that I have received in my relationships.

I was pretty much born with the feeling that there was a certain person I was to find as a marriage partner and looked forward to the day when I would find her.

Before that happened I was strongly attracted to three different females that I wanted to marry. On the first two I received a message that I wasn’t supposed to marry them and I reluctantly accepted. The third one however, seemed at the time to be just what I was looking for and I fell for her deeply. I didn’t even ask whether or not she was the one because I didn’t want another “no” answer.

Then as our relationship was about to reach the point of no return the soul stepped in and gave me a definite no. It was so strong that I was affected physically.

Even so, I didn’t want the answer to be true and continued seeing her for a few more weeks thinking hat maybe the soul would change its mind. It didn’t and gave me two more warnings to not marry this girl. There was nothing wrong with her and much that was right, but there was some reason that she was not in my life’s plan.

Breaking it off with her took all my strength and to make it worse she did not take it well.

Then a short time later the soul did tell me who the person was that I was supposed to marry. It was a lady I had met in England that was at that time merely a pen pal. It seemed crazy, but the soul had never had always been right before so I dropped everything and took off to England to check her out. After arriving I started dating her and discovered that we had almost nothing in common, except we were both members of the LDS church at the time. We disagreed on almost everything and I could see that any marriage to her would be extremely difficult. I rationalized my answer thinking that perhaps marrying her was something I could do, but didn’t have to do. I decided to cut my losses and go home. I explained to her that we were not well matched and I was going to leave in a few days.

She explained that she had received a previous answer from God that we were supposed to be mates but wanted to check one more time. She wanted to fast and pray about it for three days and the get together with me again. To this I agreed.

After three days I picked her up wondering what kind of results she achieved. After asking her she said these words to the best of my memory, “I had already received an answer so I feel bad that I had to ask again, but this time the answer came though crystal clear. Yes you are supposed to be my husband, but in addition the Spirit said that if you do not marry me you will be cursed and not complete your mission.”

That was somewhat disturbing, but it didn’t convince me to marry her. I replied that it may be alright with God, but it’s not all right with me. I told her that I still thought a marriage to her would be a mistake and I was planning on leaving in a few days.

My soul must have thought it had not made itself clear to me so over the next few days It gave me a clear message with great power as well as proof that she was supposed to be my wife. I was free to choose but the choice was difficult. It was to go along with a direction from my Source, even though it did not make sense, or go against it and perhaps not accomplish what I am supposed to do in this life.

This higher guidance had never let me down before so I went ahead and married her. I thought that perhaps by some miracle the marriage could work.

Then the day after the marriage I received another revelation. The marriage was going to end in divorce, but in the meantime I was to do all in my power to make it work.

This revelation killed off the last glimmer of hope for success I had and sent me into deep reflection. Why would God guide direct me to take such a step that would only lead to disaster? I prayed for an answer, but nothing came. I continued to petition God for an answer unceasingly, but nothing came. It was as if there was no Higher Self, no Soul, no Spirit and no God for the next five years, while all the while the marriage was even more difficult than I had imagined.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 2

Up until this point in my life every impression I had received from the soul made sense and proved to be accurate. It made no sense to me that I was directed to reject what I thought was my ideal match and marry someone who was as far from a match as I could have conjured up in my imagination.

Several years earlier I created a list of around 16 qualities that I was looking for in a mate. The last one the soul told me not to marry seemed to have them all. The one the soul told me to marry had only one and that was she was a member of the LDS church. At that time this was an important point on my list.

In the past, when the soul told me to do something that didn’t seem to make sense I fond out in short order the reason and that the guidance was correct. This time it was different. The direction made no sense to me and years passed and no answer was forthcoming, even though I pleaded with God incessantly for an answer.

Finally, after five years the answer came quite unexpectedly. The details are private but the end result was this.

I learned that the doctrines of reincarnation and karma were true and I had powerful karma with my wife from a past life that I had to work out.

And why did my soul wait for five years of pleading on my part to reveal this to me?

Because I was not ready to receive the answer until I went through the process. Before this answer came I really took the church seriously and one of its teachings was that there is only one life and that reincarnation is the doctrine of the devil. Accepting that there was reincarnation would put me at odds with many orthodox teachings of the church and make it impossible to stay in the church as a good supporting member. In the mind of a good Mormon, to accept reincarnation is to risk his eternal salvation.

My soul was silent for five years because it took five years of contemplation on my part to be ready to receive what it had to say.

After several years word got out to the authorities that I had some strange beliefs so they had called me to trial and excommunicated me. Now that I was a non member the marriage was more difficult than ever for the one thing we had in common had evaporated. My wife now saw me as one under the influence of Satan. I would have liked to have bolted but my soul told me to continue in the marriage.

Very reluctantly, I stayed in the marriage.

Altogether the union lasted twelve years and during this period I was quite dissatisfied and did not fully accept my situation. How long I would have to stay in a difficult marriage I did not know. Finally, in the twelfth year I had an epiphany. I thought to myself of how I had obeyed the commandment to marry and stay with my first wife, but I never really accepted it. What good was it doing for me to inwardly complain about my situation? I thought to myself that I am here in this situation and if I am to fulfill whatever I came here to do then I must accept it.

A that point something happened to expand my consciousness and I just made the decision to totally accept where I was on the path of life and cease any resistance in word, thought or deed.

I was amazed how liberating this was for me and found myself at peace more than at any time in my life. It even had an affect on my wife and our relationship seemed to improve a little, though it was still d9fficult.

A couple months after this total acceptance of what I considered to be divine will something very unexpected happened. I received another revelation through the soul. It was basically this. “You have obeyed the command and learned your lessons. You are now free to move on.”

I thought this was an odd time to receive this instruction. In the past I would have been thrilled to move on but in my new state of mind I found I that my peace and happiness was not determine by outward circumstances. I was amazed that I seemed to not care if I moved on or not at this point.

Even so, this revelation got me to thinking. If I was to move on where or who was I supposed to move on to? Perhaps there was another person from my past lives I was supposed to find and marry. I contemplated on who that may be and came up with a name and after reviewing my current life and probable karma I figured that I should be meeting her soon.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 3

It wasn’t long before I met this person with whom I had a past life connection.

One day my nephew Curtis called me and told me that our friend Wayne had a new girlfriend and wanted us to meet her. We met at lunch at the Sizzler and had a pleasant conversation which drifted toward philosophy and spiritual principles. She was a nice lady and attractive, but nothing hit me over the head at that time.

The next day Wayne called me up and told me that his girlfriend wanted me to call her – that she was interested in some of my thoughts.

I asked him if he was sure that was all right with him and he said it was no problem.

I called her up and we talked for over an hour and by the time I put the phone down I had confirmation through my soul that this was the one I was expecting to meet. The circumstances were awkward though for I was married and she was dating my good friend.

She wanted me to come to her place and teach her. Again Wayne was fine with this for he trusted me. I visited her on three occasions and answered many spiritual questions she had. As I was saying goodbye on the third visit a quantum of spiritual energy descended on us both and as I drove away my soul delivered to me a powerful message that this was the next person I was supposed to marry and I was supposed to pursue her.

I saw her again a couple days later and the first thing she asked me was the meaning of the powerful spiritual energy that descended on us both. I told her that there was a link between us from past lives. I then asked her if she would agree to be regressed so we could retrieve some memories and verify who she was.

I knew the name I was looking for from our past and was interested in seeing what she would come up with.

Fortunately, she was a good subject for regression and amazingly she went back to the past life that I anticipated. When I asked what her name was in that life she gave me the name I was looking for. Not only that but she gave me pieces of information from that period that she couldn’t have known, but was historically accurate. I later took her back to a number of past lives and found we had a history of varied relationships.

After this I realized that this was the one with whom I was supposed to move on. I could see why for I had been given an important spiritual mission to accomplish and she would support my endeavors whereas my current wife opposed them.

Shortly thereafter I approached my friend, Wayne and told him about the experience. He told me that he had felt sorry for me over the years with such a difficult marriage and he’d be willing to give her up for me. What a great friend, I thought to myself.

I now had a firm direction through my soul to move on to a new relationship, but the decision was not that easy. Breaking off from a spouse, even in a difficult relationship, is difficult enough, but the effect on the kids makes it supremely difficult. I couldn’t have done it unless I knew for an absolute surety that this was what I was supposed to do for I could not complete my mission in my current marriage.

I got a divorce and remarried. We were happy together for the next three years. We started a spiritual group and she loved and supported the teachings I gave out. She was so supportive that her main goal was to make enough money to support us so I could do spiritual work full time.

Then about the fourth year that dream came true and she received a big promotion at her company at almost double her salary. That was the worst thing that ever happened to our relationship. From that point on her support for the spiritual work diminished and her desire to live the normal life increased. She seemed to resent being the main wage earner.

Then one day after we had a big fight the Inner Voice came to me again and said with clarity, “Don’t worry, if she fails to support you then Artie will help you.”

Artie was a lady that was attending my classes. I never dreamed of moving on for the third time, but now I saw the possibility.

During the next few months I did everything possible to revive our relationship, but it was as if her consciousness had made a shift and there was nothing I could do to move it back. My teachings that she initially loved and was drawn to had now become a major point of friction.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 4

As time passed our relationship suffered greater stress. At one point she just took off to Sun Valley for a couple days and I didn’t know where she was. When she returned she told me she had concerns that I may be turning into a negative cult leader like the famous Jim Jones who famously had his group drink the deadly Kool-Aid. How she ever developed a concern like this really baffled me as she had previously had a powerful witness about our path together.

I asked her to have a prayer with me on the subject. We did this and a peace descended on both of us and at least she didn’t bring this up again.

The problem seemed to be that she was looking or problems rather than solutions. From the numerous lifetimes to which I regressed her we found we had a number of close relationships that always seemed to get frustrated in some way and it was almost like she had a code in her to repeat that. The difference with this life was there was nothing external in our way. It seemed that her mind just accepted that it was too good to be true that we could live happily ever after in this life, because it did not happen in previous lives.

Then came the day that we had the biggest fight of our marriage. It occurred just before I was to teach a class to the spiritual group. She didn’t go with me that night so I arrived alone. I hadn’t had much time to prepare a lesson and had a few notes scribbled on a piece of paper. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to come up with something inspiring.

As I got up in front of the class I looked upon the audience and Artie caught my attention. She was looking at me with eyes of anticipation, as if she was expecting me to deliver something wonderful. There was something magical about that look and I realized that the rough lesson I had prepared would not deliver what was needed. I immediately trashed my notes and searched my mind for something that would be more inspiring.

As I contemplated the phrase “Divine Carelessness” came into my mind and I spoke on that. It was more of a speech than a class as the words just flowed seamlessly and I think to this day that it was the best speech I have ever given. Unfortunately, it was not recorded.

During the presentation I felt a oneness with the audience, especially with Artie, for whenever I looked in her direction I saw approval in her eyes.

When I finished I felt a great peace and contentment though somewhat physically drained.

Afterwards, I noticed Artie and an elderly lady sitting on a couch with a space between them. I flopped myself between them and put my right arm around Artie and my left around the other lady. This just seemed to be the friendly thing to do at the time.

At that instance something magical happened. It was as if our souls cooperated on a higher level and filled us both with spiritual fire. It was as if Artie and I were the only two beings in the universe and as if the other lady as well as the rest of the group were not even there.

When soul contact happens with two or more people you both know that the feeling is shared. Nothing has to be spoken.

I must have sat the between the two ladies for 15 minutes and neither Artie or I said a word to each other. We both felt like we could bask in the divine essence forever.

Finally when it became socially awkward to stay there any longer I rose up and mingled with several others.

Then I caught Artie as she was leaving and asked her if I could talk to her outside. We found a private place, faced each other and she gave me the best compliment I have ever received. She praised the address I gave and then said, “You made love to our minds.”

Then I asked her if she felt anything unusual when we were sitting next to each other. She answered that she did indeed feel something amazing that had never happened to her before. “What does it mean?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “It means we are going to be seeing more of each other.”

At that point I knew I had the approval from my soul to pursue Artie and marry her, but first I had a good talk with my soul and said basically this. “Look, you have directed me to two women to marry that did not work out . You told me that marrying them was important to my life’s mission and I felt I must obey or else. This time I want the decision to be entirely mine. If it fails or succeeds I want it to be my responsibility.”

I waited and the mind of the soul replied, “Okay, this time the decision is entirely up to you. You will suffer no karma if you do not marry her, but if you know what’s good for you then you will proceed.”

I was glad to feel completely free about my choice, but wasn’t quite ready to call it quits with my wife. I thought our relationship deserved another chance if she were willing. Then after a day or two passed she seemed to sense something and asked me, “Did something happen at that meeting? I’m picking up a strange feeling about it.”

I paused as I realize the possible results of telling her the whole story. Even so, I didn’t see any other path so I told her what happened and that the same spirit that surrounded us when we fell in love happened to me and Artie. I told her that if our marriage could not work then I was supposed to move on and marry Artie. Then I told her that I was still willing to give our marriage another chance if she was willing to work at it.

She replied that she thought the guidance I had received was correct and that Artie was a better match for me than her.

I replied, “We always said that in difficult times we would fight to keep each other. Are you not willing to make an effort to save the marriage?”

“No,” she said. “I think you should go with Artie.”

“Are you sure, because if you are not willing to make an effort then my decision will be final.”

She said she was sure.

“Then my decision is final and I will move on.”

During the next few days she was extremely quiet and reserved. I think she regretted her decision and was considering asking me to stay, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. These last few days together were also difficult for me as this was a woman I had given my heart to with the idea of loving her forever. This was a marriage that was supposed to work, but didn’t. I don’t know if I would have had the strength to leave her if she had asked me to stay.

But if I knew what was good for me I would move on one more time.


The Soul and Purpose, Part 5

At that time our spiritual group was having weekly meetings. The next one came up a couple days after the decision to leave my wife. Artie came to all the meetings and I was sure she would attend. I had full confidence because of the go-ahead from the soul that I could win her heart and that she would be my next mate, hopefully the last one in this life. One thing that was in my favor was that she had just separated from her husband a week or two previously. This timing seemed to work in my favor.

The meeting progressed as normal and afterwards I again asked Artie if I could talk to her privately. She agreed and we walked a distance into an isolated park. I brazenly told her that the feeling that had descended on us the week before was a message that we were supposed to be together and that I was leaving my wife which would open the door for us to be married.

This startled her and she started giving me a dozen reasons why this was moving way too fast as she had barely separated from her husband and her daughter wanted to spend some alone time with her. As she was giving me all these reasons to go slow I felt that I needed to do something. I grabbed her, looked into her eyes, told her I loved her and kissed her.

I can’t really say the soul told me to do that, but the move seemed to be inspired as all resistance seem to cease. We spent the next couple hours together talking and getting to know each other in a way you cannot do as a student-teacher in a group setting. By the time we parted I was pretty sure that she felt the same way I did about moving ahead.

That was roughly our first date.

I moved out and stayed temporarily with some friends. We saw each other the next few days as much as possible and things seem to progress well. Then one day I called her up to arrange to get together again. There was something in the tone of her voice that caused me concern. I soon found out why. Here is the conversation to the best of my recollection.

Artie: “I think this relationship is moving way too fast. This is not normal. I think we need to take a breath and go slower. I should be spending more time with my daughter and my mother is flying in also.”

JJ: “Something’s happened. What is it?”

Artie: “My daughter seems to think you are an evil cult leader who could lead me to some disastrous end. She called her father (Artie’s ex husband in California) and described you in such a way that he seems concerned for her well being and is threatening to take steps to get custody and my daughter is threatening to go live with him. On top of that she called my mother in California and portrayed you so sinisterly that she is afraid for my life and flying in at the first possible moment.

“Everything is just going crazy here, even people at work think I am crazy going this fast with you. I think the solution is to hold off on the relationship until things settle down.”

I was silent for a moment as the gravity of the situation registered with me and sought guidance from within with all my focus. Here was the message I received:

“If you yield and she takes time off from the relationship you will lose her. Lead her mind back toward the spirit of peace and I will help you.”

This I attempted to do and reminded her of that night when the spiritual fire descended on us and that we were meant to be together, I talked to her a few minutes about things of the Spirit. I cannot remember all I said, but I remember how I felt. I felt the magical power of the soul descend on us both, and, even though she was silent for a time, I knew that she was feeling the same great peace that I was. At the moment of the most intense spiritual fire I said this:

“What are you feeling right now as you listen to me?”

“I feel peace,” she said.

“And what did you feel before I called?”

“There was no peace, just turbulence.”

Then I said, “Would you rather go the direction of the peace or the turbulence?”

“I want the peace!” she said decisively.

“Then we need to continue the relationship. When you take a step forward there are always negative forces that arise to pull you back, but if we go forward they will subside and everything will work out.”

At that point she committed to go forward with me despite the voices telling her otherwise. I am happy to say that she has stayed committed to our relationship from that time forward, over 30 years now.


After we committed to continuing the relationship we did our best to manage the tempestuous situation. I visited with her mom after she flew in and did my best to convince her that her daughter was safe with me. Artie did her best to convince her ex-husband that there was nothing to be concerned about and I did all I could to befriend her daughter.

Her daughter was somewhat glad Artie separated from her current husband as she thought it was going to give her more time to spend with her mom and I greatly interfered with that idea. It took her a while to adjust to me coming into her life but eventually the walls came down and we now consider each other family.

Another thing of concern was that Artie’s husband, with whom she had separated, had learned that we had gotten together right after he moved out. He knew that she had been coming to my group meetings and erroneously figured that we must have been having an affair behind his back. I received word that he was threatening to kill me and to watch my back.

This made me a little nervous, but there was no other path for me except to move forward. Fortunately he did not act on his feelings.

Artie and I both filed for divorce about the same time and had both granted within a day of each other. We applied for a marriage license the day after the divorces were granted. When the clerk saw that we both received divorce papers within a day of the marriage license she thought there must be some error as this didn’t happen every day.

Since it was nearing the end of the year we decided to get married on New Year’s day. I figured that would be a good day because this way I would never forget our anniversary.

I wanted to make sure this marriage would work so I did an in depth astrology analysis for the favorability of the date and time. We were inclined to get married at the stroke of midnight, 1988, but I calculated that a more favorable time was twenty minutes after that so that was the time we settled on. According to all I could see of the astrological energies at play this time looked as good as any.

Here were our marriage vows we wrote:

“I covenant to be one with you by ever seeking the One Spirit of God with you. I covenant to be your faithful friend, (husband/wife) and lover as long as you are my faithful (husband/wife) and seek to fulfill soul purpose with me. I will always seek honest communication and will trust you with my vulnerability and openness. I covenant to work toward balancing the energies of giving and receiving with you and will always seek to guide us as a unit toward greater light, freedom and unity. I covenant to solve all differences we may have, which may cause separation, by seeking a resolution and confirmation through the Holy Spirit with you. I covenant to channel and dedicate all my energies toward union with you and to the building of the Kingdom of God on the earth.”

The marriage was a great new start for our lives, but proved to be a disaster for the group. For the past year Artie was jus a fellow student and other members did not know there was a problem with my marriage. Two things upset them They liked my previous wife and they had difficulty in accepting Artie as the new teacher’s wife.

In addition to this there was one female in particular who was attracted to me and did all in her power to get me romantically involved with her. She was somewhat upset that I didn’t yield to her but then when out of the blue I left my wife and married Artie, a fellow student, she seemed quite affected. She found another teacher and did all she could to get the group to shift over to him.

From that point on the group was never the same and a few weeks later we had a very explosive meeting where bitter disagreements over trivia surfaced and it was as if the group exploded and disintegrated.

Artie was very supportive about starting another group and I would have liked to but I concluded that one of the main causes of failure in my last marriage as well as the group was a lack on earning power on my part. My last marriage went downhill when my wife became the major wage earner and I couldn’t give the group the attention it needed when I had such concerns about earning a living. Since I didn’t charge the group for the classes they we not a source of income.

I decided to start an advertising business and work at it until I got ahead and then go back to teaching. I plunged ahead and shortly thereafter Artie quit her job and joined me with the business.

For the next ten years I worked about 80 hours a week at the business. During this time I never did anything spiritual, never even had time to read a book, teach a class or even discuss much concerning spiritual principles. We paid the bills, but I wasn’t really getting ahead.

Finally, the time came for me to write the book, The Immortal. The question was where was I to find the time? I was already working until 2 AM almost every night. The only solution was to work after two. I then started writing between 2-5 AM each morning and caught a snooze in the office or whenever I had a few minutes. I kept up this schedule for over ten years and produced millions of words that are now available on the internet.

Now at the age of 73 I still service a few old customers but have a lot more time to study, write and attempt to follow the spiritual direction of my soul and fulfill my mission, which is another story.

Some may wonder why my first two marriages failed if I was truly guided by a higher contact. The answer is simple. The soul is not so interested in guiding us toward a contented life as it is toward an increase of learning or situations where productive spiritual work can be accomplished.

The day after I married my first wife I was told that it would end in divorce. This was extremely confusing to me at the time, but now I see the picture clearly it all makes sense. I see many valuable lessons that I learned. I cannot share then all but here are three.

First, the situation forced me to think out of the box. If there were just one life it would be unfair for God to lead me into an unhappy marriage. If I had a happy marriage in the church I may have been content there and never made the spiritual discoveries that are in the millions of words I have written.

Secondly, it taught me to look upon the soul instead of the personality. My first wife had a personality much different than my own and to live with her in any degree of peace I had to look upon her soul.

The third was that I learned to remain at peace in circumstances that were very stormy and awkward.

These lessons were important, but the main reason was a past life connection and karma that needed to be worked out.

I was guided to my second wife also to work out some karma and or the fact that if she stayed faithful to her own soul she would be a big help in freeing my hands to do the spiritual work I signed up for before I was born. Because of free will not even our Higher Self knows what all of our decisions will be. She was a big help the first three years of our marriage, but the last year her free will took her in the opposite direction.

That marriage was not designed to teach me lessons, but to empower a spiritual work.

Since it did not work out my soul provided me with another. Even so, the failure of my second marriage cost the spiritual work of which I am a part a setback of over ten years as well as the disintegration of our group.

Hopefully this account will aid the reader in understanding how the power of the soul can work in our lives. It does not give us data on demand but will guide us toward paths where we can learn and be of service to our fellow men and women. All the normal life decisions it leaves up to us.

Most marriages are left up to the individual. Often if one has a choice between two people as mates it is not that important which one you chose. If it is and there is something important to learn or work out, and you are willing to listen, then your soul will guide you. The path of the soul may be bumpy at times but the end will be good and the seeker would not trade the lessons learned for anything.

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 17

Day 186

Introducing The Principles of Discovery

The keynote of the Higher Self, which is linked to God, is truth. It is important for the seeker to realize that like attracts like, and, in order to establish a close relationship with the soul, that one must love the truth and apply correct principles in discovering it.

It would be nice if all seekers could easily establish a complete link with the Higher Self and establish a direct pipeline to access all the truth there is, but the fact is that most have difficulty finding all the truth they desire. It seems that the conditions on this earth plane are set up so seekers have to struggle to find the truth as well as struggle for each step of spiritual advancement they make.

Many seekers do not see themselves as having extra sensory or spiritual abilities but still want to find as much truth as possible and desire to make solid soul contact. They may wonder if there is anything they can do to lay a sure foundation.

The lessons offered so far give some good advice that will assist the seeker into advancing toward the light of the soul, but, in addition to this, there are some practical things one can do to move further into the light of truth. Therefore, in the next series of lessons we will present practical steps any seeker can take who is willing. We call these The Principles of Discovery. Here is the first:

“Find Anchors – Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping-stones for testing additional truths.”

This is an important step to take in creating a foundation belief system that is based upon truth rather than deception. You would think that everyone does this, but sadly this is not the case. Many will accept a teaching that sounds good and not realize it contradicts something they know to be true. They just haven’t taken the time to make the comparison and think it through.

For instance, we know for sure that the sun rises in the east. Having this piece of knowledge will cause us to raise a red flag on anyone who teaches otherwise.

Now each of us knows thousands of true facts, but for this lesson we want to focus on important truths that are known that can lay a foundation of further discovery.

For instance, most seekers know there is a Divine Intelligence and that there is life after death. Anyone teaching otherwise will take us in the opposite direction of the soul.

The assignment today is to list ten important truths that you know with a fair amount of certainty.

Affirmation: “As I seek truth the soul will seek me.”


Day 187

Using Proven Truth

The first Principle of Discovery was

“Find Anchors – Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping-stones for testing additional truths.”

Your first assignment was to name ten important ones. By important we mean truths that lay the foundation or that can be used for a measure to find other truths. Here are some you could have named.

(1) Basic math. If someone tells you that 2+2 does not equal 4 then there is a problem.

(2) Truth does not contradict truth. If two statements contradict then one or both of them are wrong or not understood correctly.

(3) Experience is to be trusted unless one comes across a good reason to doubt it.

(4) For every cause there is an effect.

(5) Data can be easily fabricated but principles cannot.

(6) Unchecked emotions can make that which is not true seem true.

(7) The inner self can recognize truth when distortion is eliminated.

(8) It is possible to make higher spiritual contacts, including with your own soul.

(9) God is good

(10) There is a plan for my life and the human race.

Being aware of truths of which you are reasonably sure are true is important for this gives you a measure on which to judge various claims that are constantly being made.

Now, is it possible that some of your foundational truths are not correct? Yes, but if you are careful in selecting them the likelihood of them being wrong is small. For instance, it is not likely that simple math will ever be proven wrong.

On the other hand, if you select a certain church, book or belief system as a foundation truth you are likely to be disappointed in the future for all complex belief systems have error in them.

It is therefore important that the seeker find a number of foundation beliefs which he is very certain to be true. He can then use those truths to test for other truths.

Assignment: Let us suppose you come across various teachers giving out the following as true:

(1) The earth is going to shift into a new dimension on June 6, 2020. If you follow this teacher you will survive and if not you are doomed.

(2) This was a story I just read that was published on Feb 10, 2018. David Meade, a Christian conspiracy theorists predicts that Planet X, or Nibiru, will appear later this year (2018) and cause end of the world type destruction.

(3) Bob says he is Jesus reincarnated and you need to follow him and give him money.

Use your tested foundation beliefs and figure out how you would respond to these three teachers.

Affirmation: “I will use truth to find truth.”


Day 188

Examining Claims

Let us examine the three examples from the last lesson and use the first Principle of Discovery.

(1) The earth is going to shift into a new dimension on June 6, 2020. If you follow this teacher you will survive, and if not you are doomed.

So if you use what you know to be true how will you approach this claim?

Here is what the average seeker will know with reasonable certainty.

First, in all the known history of the world there has never been an observed planetary shift from one dimension to another.

Second, many such predictions like this have been made in the past and have not come true.

Third, many past gurus have made such false claims to gain power and money.

So then, if we go by what we know to be true the likelihood of this coming to pass is close to zero.

Now let us look at the next one.

(2) This was a story I just read that was published on Feb 10, 2018. David Meade, a Christian conspiracy theorist predicts that Planet X, or Nibiru, will appear later this year (2018) and cause end of the world type destruction.

Rather than just believe wild claims we can discover his track record with reasonable certainty. When we do we find that he has made many failed predictions in the past. According to him doomsday was supposed to have occurred Sept 23, 2017. When that did not happen he moved it forward to October 15. Now that prediction failed he has presently moved it to later this year. In addition to this, he has made numerous other failed predictions. On top of that over the past couple decades many others have made failed predictions about the coming of Planet X.

Planet X is supposed to be a brown dwarf much larger than earth. Even if it was traveling toward us astronomers would spot it years before it would arrive here and no such announcement has been made.

Conclusion: The likelihood of Planet X giving us any problem in the near future is close to zero and its existence is certainly questionable. There are probably undiscovered planets in the solar system, but they are not likely to be any threat to us.

Here’s the last one:

(3) Bob says he is Jesus reincarnated and you need to follow him and give him money.

There are a large number of people claiming to be some great one from the past. Why do they do this? Because if they can get their followers to believe it then their words will be given much more weight. David Koresh claimed to be Christ, convinced his followers of it and they followed him to the end and even refused to leave him as the fires at Waco burned them alive.

We do know a lot of the things accomplished by great individuals of the past and if they were to be reincarnated they should still possess those qualities. Can any of those claiming to be Jesus walk on water or raise the dead – or even come up with sound new teachings? Has anyone claiming to be Tesla invented anything comparable to the Tesla Coil? Is anyone claiming to be George Washington demonstrated great leadership?

We can use what we know for sure and discount most of these claims.

Then when the gurus ask for lots of money or maybe wants to have sex with you or your spouse you should run and not look back.

Conclusion: If we use what we know, or can learn, with reasonable certainty we can avoid much of the deception in the world and arrive at the truth.

Now let us look at the second principle:

Principle Two: Be willing to let your beliefs be either altered or dropped when evidence is presented that they are incorrect.

False beliefs are a huge hindrance to the discovery of truth and hence an obstacle to soul contact. We humans just do not want to admit we are wrong even when presented with hard facts.

On the other hand, the true seeker must be willing to drop a belief when presented with strong evidence that he is wrong.

Assignment: think back on your life and try and find beliefs that have changed. Then ask yourself if you have any current beliefs that may be wrong? Are you willing to drop or change them when presented with greater truth?

Affirmation: “My beliefs are subject to change.”


Day 189


Principle Two: Be willing to let your beliefs be either altered or dropped when evidence is presented that they are incorrect.

The principle of crystallization applies here. When we are young both our minds and our bodies are flexible and adaptable. As we age every thing becomes more rigid and crystallization sets in. What this means is that the seeker will often reach a point where he is satisfied with where he is and ceases any aspirations that will demand significant change of beliefs or new learning.

He has mastered his branch of endeavor and becomes mentally lazy and is satisfied to be the expert in his field or proficient at a trade and just does not feel the impetus to start any new learning venture outside of his specialty. Usually he only has minimal learning in his own narrow field of interests. He reaches a point of stagnation and stays there for the rest of his life and must wait until he is put in a new challenging situation in a future life to make further progress. This crystallization does not have to set in and it doesn’t happen in every case. Most of its seeds are sown by the time a man is thirty or earlier. The seeds are as follows:

(1) The man and, or woman studies or follows only one or two lines of thought or ideology and does not look outside them for light.

(2) The person sets an ultimate goal in life and is not opened to a higher goal that may offer itself later. Thus when his goal is reached he relaxes and crystallizes.

(3) An inflexible attitude that resists change, new ideas and additional learning.

If a person does not make a conscious effort to correct the trend to stagnation he will then crystallize in his early fifties and no power on earth can then teach this old dog new tricks. He may be very proficient and distinguished in his field, but his progression for this life is at that point at a halt and unfortunately he cannot seem to muster enough reason to see his situation clearly.

The first 28-30 years is like a mini-life. If one has solved his problems and learned needed lessons then the next 28 will be like a new birth or like a second life. If the needed lessons are not learned, then the second 28-year period will bring one face to face with the same problems he had in the first twenty-eight. If the pilgrim ignores the solving of these problems he will just coast along the line of least resistance and become crystallized by the second cycle. He is also likely to suffer ill health.

When the person rests on his laurels and relaxes and takes it easy as far as progress and learning is concerned he is likely to crystallize in his early fifties. The signs of stagnation always appear earlier, but they are reversible in the first half of life, but almost irreversible in the second half.

To understand crystallization, think of raw honey when no heat is applied to it. Crystals begin to form and it will no longer freely pour and gets too hard and brittle to be usable.

This is what happens to one who passes the age of 30, gets comfortable with his vocation, his education and his belief system. He rests upon his past learning and no longer tackles new projects – no longer challenges himself. Without heat and movement his life essence becomes like honey and resists motion and becomes hard and immovable.

Assignment: Examine your life for signs of crystallization. If you are under thirty you will still have a natural flexibility, but could be planting the wrong seeds. Have you explored teachings outside of your church or belief system or do you check out arguments made by more than one political belief?

If you are over thirty you will be settling into a life long agenda and may be developing some rigidness in your beliefs and ways of doing things.

If you are over 50 you will start to feel forces pulling you toward settling down so new endeavors and changes become more difficult to initiate. The seeker will have to manifest his power of will so even as he ages he can become “born again” into new ways of thinking should the situation require it.

Take stock of the forces in your life that may be pulling you toward crystallization and how you can neutralize them and move forward.

Affirmation: “I will myself to be born again into new and better ways of thinking.”


Day 190

The Problem of Change

Continuing Principle Two: Be willing to let your beliefs be either altered or dropped when evidence is presented that they are incorrect.

I enjoy watching political debate on TV. Ever so often one side will offer some solid facts that prove his point and what does the other guy do? Does he admit he may be wrong or even express a willingness to incorporate those facts into his belief system? We all know that such an event rarely, if ever, happens.

If the facts get in the way the guy will tune them out and ignore them as if they did not exist. He will then either resume his argument or change the subject to something immune to the facts just presented.

Many also elude questions where the answers may force reflective thinking or an acknowledgment that there is some flawed thinking. The response to such a question is usually acting as if the question was never asked and then an attempt to change the subject matter to something where the answer to the question does not apply.

It is indeed human nature to seek out a belief system and dig in with a mindset that will defend that system at all costs. Of course, the greatest cost paid by such a person is the truth.

All belief systems have their positive and negative points. All have some truth mixed with illusion. If the believer is willing to defend the whole package without analyzing and verifying the parts he will often find himself defending falsehoods. He will then want to change the subject when a question is asked that will cause him to reflect on that falsehood. Shining a light in the darkness of his mind will be terrifying to him.

Indeed, it is difficult for even the most enlightened and open minded to change their minds, especially concerning their core beliefs. Why is this?

The answer is that our core beliefs lay the foundation for something akin to a computer program that manages our lives. If you were a programmer and had worked long and hard on software and then discovered a major flaw that demanded a major rewrite, how would you feel? Well, you would not be excited about all the effort it would take to start over. Many would just look for a quick fix that masks the problem.

And that is what many tend to do with their lives. If a new truth stares them in the face and demands some new thinking they just apply the quick fix of rationalization that pushes it into the background.

It is indeed important that the seeker be willing to accept and apply inconvenient truths. It may seem to be a downer at the time but in the end great satisfaction will come, for the acceptance of light and truth always lead to joy – though it may not seem that way at first.

Assignment: Reflect on these questions:

(1) Which religion is the most correct?

(2) What is your concept of God?

(3) Which political party is most correct?

(4) What happens after we die?

(5) What kind of person would be the best mate for you?

Now consider how you would handle it if you found out for sure you were wrong on all of them.

It is not easy to receive correction and move into greater light but sooner or later we all must do it.

Affirmation: “I receive the truth with gladness.”


Day 191

Applying Logic

Let us move on to the Principle of Discovery number three:

“Those things accepted as true should be in harmony with logic, reason and common sense.”

This statement may seem self-evident and you would think that most people would happily apply it but unfortunately, this is not the case. The belief systems of most people have gaping holes in their logic. This indeed should not be the case because in the end all that is true is also logical once it is understood.

Those who make the strongest claims to follow that which is reasonable are the scientists yet despite overwhelming evidence they cannot admit that some type of higher intelligence designed the DNA, a huge computer program within each cell that has the necessary code for creation and duplication.

Since this course is centered on spiritual truth let us see how this principle applies to various religious belief systems. It is interesting that orthodox believers will point to alternative spiritual people and accuse them as being crazy and misled but often overlooked is that orthodox believers generally refuse to logically look at their own beliefs.

Many common beliefs about God do not conform to logic or common sense. Some see him as a fatherly figure sitting on a throne watching every thought and move that all the billions of people make.

Why would any being even be interested in doing such a tedious and boring endeavor?

God is supposed to know everything that ever was or will be including who will be saved or damned. If so, then why would he create so many that he knew would be damned and suffer for eternity?

And speaking of the damned – a common belief is that the wicked will be sent to a burning hell for all eternity, yet, on the other hand, they proclaim that God is love and God is a more loving parent than us mortals.

So would the average mortal parent send his imperfect kid to burn in the fires of hell for eternity? Of course not. We do what we can to help even the most rebellious of our children avoid suffering and have no desire to inflict pain upon them. Would not a loving God provide a way for all his children to progress and learn their lessons?

Concerning salvation, many say that all you have to do to be saved from the fires of hell is to accept Jesus. The problem is that many read the Bible and get different ideas of God and Jesus, but true believers will insist that the saved must accept their version. If you sincerely study the Bible but get the wrong version of Jesus in your mind you will not be saved.

Is this logical? Would you condemn your own child to misery if he had some wrong ideas about you because you did not make yourself clear to him?

Then there are the scriptures. Many believe they are 100% accurate and every word is from the mind of God. Overlooked is the fact that we have no original manuscripts and we know that many of the writings have been altered as they have been reproduced numerous times. In addition, they were written by imperfect men so accepting every word as infallible is indeed a stretch.

Then there is the belief of many that the universe is less than 10,000 years old. This defies the fact that we have observed objects so far away that it has taken billions of years for their light to reach us.

We could go on indefinitely, but this gets the fact across that logic and reason is definitely lacking in orthodox believers.

Assignment: Ask yourself, have you applied this principle in your own life? Did you find some flaws in logic, reason and common sense in the religious beliefs taught you as a youth? Did questioning lead you to greater light and knowledge?

Do you still hold some beliefs that are not logical? Are you prepared to examine them in the light of truth?

Affirmation: “I will question that which does not make sense.”


Day 192

Enlightened Sources

Principle of Discovery number four:

“Seek out true sources of knowledge; study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.”

This expands on the first principle, which is to find dependable true anchors as a foundation for which to test various claims of truth.

There are a lot of frivolous teachings out there that do not have a lot of validity to the rational mind, The seeker is wise to not spend too much time on them, though some may be good for entertainment. The wise seeker will take those writings which are the highest and most consistently true in his judgment and study them.

I read quite a wide variety of materials myself and much of it is questionable, but as a writer and spiritual teacher it is beneficial for me to be aware of what is out there. In addition, you never know when you are going to find some pearls of wisdom. Some teachings I find interesting and read them all the way through and others without much light I will just read enough to get an idea of what they are about.

Throughout my life I have found maybe a half dozen sources of spiritual light I consider profound enough to return to, read again and study with focused intent. An author has to strike a strong chord of truth with me to cause me to pick up his writings again after reading it once.

Once the seeker does find a source that he considers high quality truth he should do likewise and not only read it more than once, but study the material. It is important to highlight, take notes and select important passages and impress them on the brain or memorize them.

After the seeker has found sources of light that register with his soul, and studied them, he must also incorporate the principles into his life. Applying teachings thought to be true is the best way to verify that they really are the truth. This principle was mentioned by Jesus:

“If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” John 7:17

In other words, Jesus was saying that if one applies what he teaches he will prove to himself that it is true.

If a teaching leaves you flat and has nothing to apply then it may be best to ignore it and move on.

Of course, the highest source of knowledge for seekers taking this course is the soul itself. It rarely comes to you and gives you facts, but it will guide you to true sources and verify to you true principles.

Assignment: Review in your mind sources of valuable knowledge that elevated your spiritual thought and pick the three that are most important. Have you read them more than once? Have you reviewed important passages or memorized some content? Have you incorporated some of the teachings in your life? What more can you do to benefit from them?

Affirmation: “I seek, I read, I evaluate and return to the gold.”


Day 193

Do All You Can Do

Principle of Discovery number five:

“Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

This is a simple but important idea. If the seeker really wants to know the truth about a subject he must do more than dream of knowing it. He must apply effort in advancing toward discovery,

First he must find all knowledge of the subject available. There is a spiritual rule which says, “Before you can receive divine assistance you must first do all you can do to accomplish the goal yourself.”

Let us say that you wanted to solve the mysteries of the Great Pyramid. Nothing much would happen if you just made a casual attempt, such as reading a couple books and surfing the internet. If you really want to go beyond what is out there and readily available in knowledge you first must absorb all the knowledge that already exists.

If a seeker is serious he will read everything he can find on the subject. He will read establishment thinking and out of the box thinking. He will thoroughly check the internet for data and go to any available public presentation on the subject. Then, if he has the means, he will travel to Egypt and visit the structure and get a real time feel of its majesty.

After finding out all one can on the subject he will hen visualize the Pyramid and imagine how it may have been built and the mysteries contained therein.

Because energy follows thought the time will come when ideas will flash into his consciousness and you may come to conclusions not written in any book. In addition to this the seeker may have dreams that will reveal information on the subject.

Finally, one can apply the principles discussed in this course and contact his own soul which may provide further enlightenment.

The point is that you cannot expect to sit back and relax and expect new knowledge to just pour into your mind. Breaking new ground takes a focused effort.

Asignment: Think back on your life and ask yourself if you have applied this principle with a subject, especially a spiritual one. Have you explored subjects like life after death, God, scriptures, esoteric writings, out of body experience, channeling etc.? Have you ever placed an intense effort in one direction?

Now think of a subject that you would like to explore in depth. Are you willing to spend the time and effort necessary to find out all that is possible on the subject? If so, you will be a step closer to attracting the attention and help of the soul.

Affirmation: “I will do all I can to reach the goal, and, if not reached, I will then ask for help.”


Day 194

Eliminating the False

Principle Six: “Use the process of elimination.”

This is another simple but effective principle that is often neglected.

If you are looking at ten different potential truths and have proven to your satisfaction that seven of them are flawed then the logical thing to do is to eliminate them and focus on the three that still make sense. You would think that everyone would do this, but our feelings often get in the way and cause us to revisit and embrace error when we should know better.

Many are a little like the abused person in a relationship who vows “never again” but then is drawn to another abuser and suffers all over again.

Even so, some discard that which is false, but then return to it because it feels familiar.

You do not need soul contact to use the process of elimination or most of the Principles of Discovery, but such principles will make soul contact easier by eliminating much obvious error so the seeker can focus on truth.

Let us suppose you come across a teacher who claims to be in contact and speak for Zor, a mighty solar being that is far more advanced than Jesus. Friends give you literature and encourage you to follow him. You decide to do some checking and use the process of elimination.

You give it a fair shot and read the literature plus some extra material you found off the web.

The first question you ask yourself is whether or not the guy could have just made up all the supposed revelations. You conclude the answer is yes.

Then you ask if the intelligence revealed in the writings seems to be beyond an imaginative human. You conclude that is not.

You figure that if this contact is real that there should be little or no error in the writings. Then you find several predictions that did not come true. The explanation given is that consciousness has changed and the predictions did not need to come true.

You conclude that this is a lame excuse many false prophets give and is evidence that the there is no great being involved.

Finally your research indicates that the prophet makes a lot of money from the enterprise and is very promiscuous. On top of that your soul does not verify his overall teachings though some things he says may be true.

You decide to eliminate this guy as a source of light and take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

Assignment: Think back to some teacher you have encountered who made fantastic claims. Ask similar questions about him or her and see if you can prove with reasonable surety whether he is either the real thing or a false teacher.

Affirmation: “I eliminate the false and the truth is seen.”



Day 195

Earned Authorities

Principle Seven: “Seek out proven authorities and learn from them.”

Earlier we talked about the principle of the Beast and that it represented unearned and unjust authority. We pointed out that many are deceived by the pure power of authority itself which often leads to disaster.

On the other hand, there is duality in all things and just as there are many deceitful authorities in positions of power there are also positive authorities who are earned authorities because they have proven over time that they are reliable and can be trusted.

There are many unearned authorities in politics, religion, big business, education and even science. Government and religion has the most fertile soil for them. On the other hand, the highest percentage of earned authorities are in sports. Most any athlete whether he be a football player, basketball, baseball or any other field cannot keep his job unless he can actually demonstrate skill in his profession. Most of us will readily admit we cannot throw a ball like Tom Brady, but most feel that they could do a better job than a lot of the politicians out there. That is because one field is dominated by unearned authorities and the other has those who actually demonstrate their skills for all to see.

The seeker needs to be like the coach who selects his players after testing them to make sure they have the skill that he needs. How many people do you know that have followed some movement without verifying that the authorities leading it can be trusted? And how many have discovered even in their own lives that spiritual authorities they once trusted did not really know that much that was true?

Many escaping from orthodox religion still follow some authority, or at least give him or her a lot of weight. This may be a prophet, priest, guru, teacher or author. Whoever his authorities are he needs to test them. If the seeker has reasonable soul contact the best way is to run their words and teachings by their own souls. If the soul consistently acknowledges truth in their words then they can become earned authorities.

If the seeker has not yet proven his own soul contact then the use of these Principles of Discovery will be helpful.

Finding a proven authority is indeed a pearl of great price for such can lead the seeker to open his mind.

How is that?

As you study the words of an earned authority you will occasionally come across something that seems questionable, or maybe even thought by yourself to be false.

But, because it is stated by a proven authority your thought process may be something like this.

“I know the guy is not infallible but he has been right very consistently so maybe there is something I am not seeing. Perhaps I should think seriously on this.”

Diligent seekers will have this happen to them with their earned authorities. Sometimes they will wind up rejecting the teaching, but other times their minds will expand and they will come to greater understanding. When this happens trust in their earned authorities will go up a notch.

Assignment: Reflect on earned and unearned authorities in your past and try and identify three earned authorities in your current life. Are you sure they are worthy of your trust. Why?

Affirmation: “I will give trust to those who have proven themselves.”


Day 196

Correct Perception

Principle Eight: Use the power of your mind to insure that you are perceiving correctly.

I mention the mind because the emotional self cannot be trusted to reliably interpret what the senses perceive. If the person dislikes the source he will slant the meaning of the data in a negative light and if he likes it he will often show bias in a positive light. The seeker, therefore, must quiet the emotions and look at all things perceived as they happened, not as he feels they happened.

Even if one lays aside bias it is difficult to maintain correct perception. This is illustrated in our courtrooms every day. Two unbiased witnesses who saw a crime or accident will sometimes give conflicting details in their accounts.

On the other hand, if you want to see how the emotions distort, listen to the answers given by two opposing people involved in a car accident. Often both will think it is the other guy’s fault and their testimonies will conflict much more than that of unbiased bystanders.

We’ve talked previously about the importance of not letting the emotions create static and distortion to interfere with soul contact. This principle is good practice for one must learn to minimize distortion of that which is perceived on the physical plane before he can negate it on higher planes.

Let us look at some examples of distorted perception.

Person 1: “You’re always burning the toast.”

Person 2: “No I do not.”

Person number one, like most of us, when saying something like this is not speaking literally. When we say “always” or “all the time” what is literally meant is often, “periodically” or “cyclically, ” but who speaks that way? Hardly anyone. The fact is that we often use phrases that imply something different than the literal meaning.

Person Two may be interpreting the statement too literally. If he perceived correctly he would realize that Person One is saying he burns the toast too often, but not literally every time.

This type of miscommunication may seem trivial but it causes problems, not only on a personal level but national as it manifests regularly in the current hot political climate.

For instance, a politician may say something as a joke and an opponent may take it literally and use it to attack the guy.

Another may innocently use a politically incorrect phrase and again wind up attacked because his obvious meaning is not perceived correctly. Of course, in politics good intentions of an opponent means nothing if one can use his words to destroy him.

Bible believers are a great example of distorted perception. We all have the same book available printed in black and white yet interpret what is perceived in many different ways.

So, what can the seeker do to insure he has correct perception? There are several things:

(1) Make sure you register correctly the written or spoken word. I don’t know how many times I have heard someone incorrectly quote the written or spoken word. We have a tendency to remember what we feel was said rather than what was actually said. The true seeker must accurately register what was spoken or written.

(2) The seeker must assess whether the communication is to be taken literally or not. If not he must learn to “read between the lines.”

(3) If there is doubt about what is meant the seeker should ask questions so he can clearly understand what is meant.

(4) Do not insist the speaker means something he says he does not mean.

Let me explain. This happens often in arguments. One may make a statement that was badly worded and when he sees he is misunderstood he revises it to correct the meaning. The problem is the other guy will often not accept the revision and insist he literally meant what he said the first time.

The fact is the speaker knows what he thinks more accurately than anyone else so we must let him clarify his thoughts if his first statements were not worded precisely.

(5) Have intent to accurately perceive. I once read instructions on how to remember names and it made the statement that the average guy can increase his ability to remember names by 50% if he just pays attention when he first hears the name.

Even so, many seekers can increase their ability to perceive correctly by a large percentage by just making a sincere effort to receive the communication accurately.

Assignment: When there is an argument then one or both parties do not perceive something correctly. Think back to the last couple arguments you had. Was it really the other guy who was perceiving incorrectly or could you have been at fault also? If so, what could it have been.

Affirmation: “I see what is, not what I feel should be.”


Day 197

Effective Communication

Principle Nine: Communicate clearly to avoid distorting the truth.

The last lesson stressed the need to register correctly that which is perceived. Sometimes, however, perception itself is problematic because the material is either not presented clearly or distorted. Sometimes it is obfuscated on purpose and other times the person is just careless.

Whatever the case, it is the duty of the sincere seeker to do his part in effective communication and not being a part of the problem.

The first step is for the seeker to make sure that all the words he either speaks or writes are true to the best of his ability. To deceive or to lie sets the person on a path contrary to the direction of the soul, so even the small so-called white lies need to be avoided.

Do you expect that which you receive from your Higher Self to be true? Well, it expects all that you give out to be true also if you are to commune or merge with it.

Secondly, there are times that even the sincerely honest person has difficulty in communicating his thoughts effectively.

It is interesting that many arguments that people have are not caused by actual disagreements, but by bad communication. If communication were clear then many of those in an argument would discover that they do not really disagree after all. Then there are other arguments where the disagreement is not over the core principle, but the degree with which it should be applied.

Overall, effective communication will increase the perception of truth, reduce error and reduce conflict. It will also condition the mind of the seeker to be in greater harmony with the soul.

If the sensitive person is explaining something he will sense when his words are not getting across correctly. Other times it is perfectly clear there is a problem because of the response of listeners.

If one feels he is not getting his thoughts across accurately there are several things he can do.

(1) If the seeker is speaking rather than writing he can ask for questions.

(2) He can rephrase his ideas using different language.

(3) He can expand on his ideas. Maybe he has not presented enough of the picture for understanding.

(4) He can illustrate with analogies, stories or parables. The simpler the better. One reason that the words of Jesus are so enduring is that he illustrated his ideas with simple parables that made at least some truth easy to see.

Assignment: Monitor all your speech for the next day and ask yourself if all your words are clearly communicated with as much honesty as possible. Also look back on a recent argument you have had and ask yourself where the communication was defective. Were you partly responsible?

Affirmation: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Plato

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 16

Day 173

To Tell the Truth

When we were kids the moral lesson most of us learned was that we were supposed to tell the truth. If we didn’t we got in trouble with our parents who expected nothing less than full honest disclosure from us.

When children grow up the lines between truth telling, white lies and full-fledged deceit become blurred. Some become deceitful for personal gain while others do it to avoid conflict or hurt feelings. Some go so far as to say that lying is a good thing at times. Some politicians take pride in being good liars.

So then, how important is it for the seeker after soul contact to tell the truth?

The answer is that it is of extreme importance. How can one expect to see the truth in the world of the soul if our fellow travelers cannot see the truth in us? If we are a source of deception to our friends then the soul will be a source of deception toward us.

How can this be? Isn’t the soul, or Higher Self, always a source of truth?

Yes, truth comes from the soul, but it must be filtered down through your mind and emotions. If the mind and emotions are corrupted by deceit then the truth from the soul will become corrupted as it filters down through them until it comes to your consciousness. Even the purest words will be corrupted by the darkness of deceit.

The deceitful person with a corrupted mental and emotional atmosphere will not only distort attempted communications of the soul, but all words. Such a person can read the words of Jesus in the Bible and see them through a filter that robs them of their light and truth. The same may encounter an honest person doing his best and see him as an enemy that needs put in his place.

It is of extreme important that the seeker of truth be the truth by making sure that all his words are true. Would we expect God, Christ, angels or messengers of God to lie to us? Then we must gain that same trust from our associates. Those in relationship with us must come to believe that we are telling the truth to the best of our ability.

Assignment: review your life and assess how often you have told lies or deceived. Now ask yourself what you can do for the remainder of your life to avoid these mistakes of the past from repeating themselves.

Affirmation: “The truth is setting me free.”


Day 174

The Way of Escape

There are many reasons given to justify some lies. Some are reasonable and some are not. Indeed, there are a number of situations where almost everyone would lie.

Let us suppose that you lived in Nazi Germany and the SS troops came knocking at your door looking for your child to arrest him. To save his or her life any parent with a heart would indeed lie to misdirect them.

Then on another level many lie to avoid hurt feelings. The mate knows he is in trouble when his wife asks him if she is too fat.

The problem with lying, even when it seems justified is that it never produces an increase of light. If the disciple wants to maintain a clear channel to the soul and higher realms he must always tell the truth.

Does this mean that the parents should have revealed to the Nazis where their child was?

No. In an extreme situation like this, one would have to weigh the negative results of a lie against a possible murder. In this case the least harmful is the lie.

Because no win situations do come up then wouldn’t total honestly be an unrealistic goal?

Total honestly may be more realistic than you think. The first thing the seeker must assess on the path to honesty is his own limitations. We all have a point, which, if reached, we would lie. The example of saving the life of a child would far exceed that limit for most everyone with a pulse.

The seeker must look ahead to all possible situations that he may face and see where his line of limitation may lie. When the limitations are found, which, if crossed, you would lie then what must be done is to arrange your life in such a way that these lines of limitation are never reached. If you are not tempted more than you can bear then you will never have to lie.

Einstein was smart enough to get out of Germany before the holocaust so he did not have to participate in the deception that would have followed.

The apostle Paul made an interesting statement regarding temptation:

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” I Cor 10:13

There is always a way of escape, but many do not find that way because they do not look for it. The key is to look in advance.

Let us take another situation. Alan is driving home thinking about his wife. She has been concerned about her weight lately and has been wanting his opinion about it. She is a little overweight and he has been avoiding telling her so. He has a feeling that she is going to soon just come out and ask something like, “Do you think I am too fat?”

Alan thinks to himself, “How can I answer this question harmlessly and still tell her the truth?”

Now as Alan rehearses in his imagination possible answers he is doing what the seeker must do to follow the path of honesty.

Here is just one way he could handle the situation:

Alan’s Wife: Do you think I’m too fat?

Alan: What makes you ask that question?

Wife; I was already too heavy and the scale says I gained five pounds this week.

Alan: Really. Must be those great meals you have been making. Maybe you ought to let me cook. Then we ‘d all lose weight for sure. (A little humor is always good.)

Wife: Very funny, but don’t you think I’m looking like the Goodyear Blimp?

Alan: Now, who’s being funny? Look, I didn’t marry you for your weight, but for you and I’ll love you no matter what. What weight do you need to reach to feel comfortable with yourself?

Wife: I think I need to loose about 20 pounds.

Alan: Well, let us work up a plan then and maybe change some of the things we eat. I’ll even eat more salad with you if that helps.

Alan’s approach may not be perfect, but he did not have to lie and he stayed out of trouble.

The seeker should have faith that the scripture is true, that he can find a way of escaping the temptation to lie, but he must use all his resources and look ahead and plan his moves.

Life is a bit like a game of chess and you are not going to win without planning.

Assignment: Think ahead to events that may befall you in the coming months and try and see situations where you may be tempted to lie. When you see these possible situations then look for the way of escape that is promised.

Affirmation: “I accept that there is a solution to every problem.”


Day 175

The Truth Principle

A common misunderstand of honesty is that you have to tell all you know. This is not a requirement. If it were then none of us who wanted to be honest would ever stop talking because we all know much more than we say.

Total honesty, the type that provides a channel for unhindered soul contact requires that all the words you speak be true, but not that you reveal all you know or that is on your mind.

Even of God it is written:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” Proverbs25:2

Like God we are all entitled to our private thoughts and to conceal whatever we think is appropriate.

Even so, the word of God is true, but many of His words are concealed from us

Let us say you have a valuable recipe that you want to keep to yourself and a friend asks you for it. If you tell him that you are not revealing it then you are not being deceptive by withholding information, but honest in your statement. Maybe you could give him a hint by giving out several, but not all ingredients. Again you are telling the truth, yet concealing things.

A mistake made by some critics of telling the truth is that one sometimes must be rude if he is honest.

There are pleasant ways to say the truth, even inconvenient truths and then there are rude ways. One can almost always find a non offensive way to tell the truth. Telling an overweight person he is fat is rude and unnecessary.

One may be reminded of the Seinfeld episode of the ugly baby. The group went to see a couple’s new baby and were aghast at how ugly it was. The producers wisely never showed the viewers the baby and left it up to our imagination. Jerry and friends lied and said it was gorgeous while being sickened just looking at it.

The way out in a situation like this is to find something positive you can truthfully acknowledge such as a good feature on the baby, or maybe its nice cloths or its room. If you tell parents their baby is ugly you are going to be in for a lot of trouble.

Many teachers have overlooked simple honesty as a basic principle for soul contact as this is something taught to children in Sunday School and it seems to be more engaging to talk of more exalted subjects. The problem is that the simple truth must be mastered before the complex ones can be used effectively.

The principle behind honesty is this. We reap as we sow. If we want the truth revealed to us then that which we reveal to others must be true. He who deceives others will be deceived and he who enlightens others with light and truth will receive the same.

Assignment: Make a commitment to be a vessel of truth so all the words you speak will be true.

Affirmation: “I seek the truth and pass it on.”



Day 176

Seeing Corruption

One of the problems with the truth or any inspired idea built upon truth is corruption. No sooner is truth spoken, than many who hear it will alter it, thinking they are doing the world a favor, but instead making impure that which was once pure.

The seeker of true soul contact must learn to look through the eyes of the soul and distinguish between that which is corrupt and that which has true principles as its foundation.

Unfortunately, corruption is the natural order of things in this world where illusion dominates. Here is how it often works.

An inspired individual or group taps into the plane of divine ideas and formulates a plan to materialize here on the physical plane with the idea of being great service to humanity. The idea begins to take hold and many see its benefits and come on board to participate. Then the founder dies or is replaced and a new generation takes over.

The new guy or guys want to put their mark on the plan and come up with their own ideas and incorporate them thinking they are making improvements and will receive praise for their intelligent input.

The trouble is that over nine times out of ten the new leaders do not see the vision of the founders and the changes they make are in the direction away from divine ideas, not closer to them. The original inspiration that founded the idea is usually lost or very corrupted after three or four generations of leadership. If the founders were to be born again after the sixth generation they would be seen as heretics to be driven out, not as heroes as depicted in their statues that adorn the headquarters.

Indeed, if Jesus had shown up incognito after Christianity became established they would have burned him at the stake, all the time thinking they are doing the will of God.

The game of Chinese Whispers illustrates this principle. You gather eight to twelve people in a circle and one person concocts a phrase, like, “the cow jumped over the moon,” and whispers it in the ear of the person on the right. Next that person whispers what he heard to the person on his right. This keeps going until the last person receives the message. This person then states what he heard. When I have played it the last guy says something senseless so far away from the original that the group laughs at the irony.

Unfortunately most real corruption is not funny and has been the cause of much terror and persecution that has happened in the history of our planet.

Fortunately many are starting to wake up to the corruption going on in their midst and are seeking for true principles to be governed by.

One persons awakening and seeing truth through the eyes of the soul can awaken others until one day critical mass will have been reached. In that day the words of Isaiah will be fulfilled:

“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” Isa 11:9

Assignment: Find three divine ideas that enlightened people tried to initiate and follow them through the years until the corruption set in and hindered their manifestation.

Affirmation: “I accept truth as it is and give glory to God.”   



Day 177

The Lessons of Pain

The eyes of the Higher Self see pain as a guide, whereas the lower self sees it as an obstacle that merely needs to be eliminated.

Of course, the Higher Self does not suffer physical and emotional pain as do us mortals, but it is aware of pain that faces us and sometimes arranges for that pain to occur in order to guide us in a positive direction.

A lesson that the seeker of soul contact must learn is to see pain in its correct light, which is this:

Most pain is caused by resistance to the spiritual energies of the soul attempting to guide us toward liberation.

The exception to this may be some accidents, some problems related to old age and some things related to karma.

Most major accidents that cause life problems are not totally accidental but arranged to teach us certain lessons. Even in old age many problems that bring pain are there to teach us to not resist the spiritual flow of the soul. Then too, when pain comes because of karma there is still a lesson to be learned and once learned the pain can often be eliminated or drastically reduced.

When the stubborn person goes through much pain to the extent he becomes frustrated and looks to the skies and shouts out, “Why, God???” he has then reached a point of tension which is also a point of opportunity. That opportunity comes in listening for the answer. If the person does not expect or try to listen for the answer then the opportunity to eliminate the pain is lost.

We are told that approximately one hundred million people in the United States suffer from chronic physical pain. That is about a third of the people and most of them take dangerous habit forming drugs like Oxycontin for relief, which takes their attention away from looking for the real source of the pain.

In addition to that, most of the other two thirds have suffered significant pain one time or another in their lives.

But, in addition to bodily pain we are also faced with emotional pain which is often worse than the physical. A lost love or relationship problem is probably the largest cause of emotional pain. Then there are others such as the failure of an endeavor, rejection from peers, lack of recognition or job satisfaction, guilty conscience and others.

Overall, there is plenty of pain to go around for everyone and we have all complained at one time or another.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that most people are not listening to the inner voice, which can guide us away from pain to the way of peace, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Assignment: Assess your own pain, past and present. Have you had pain in the past that has gone away? Was there a lesson learned? What was it. Do you suffer any pain now either physically or emotionally? What lesson is there that you are supposed to learn?

Affirmation: “Pain is not my enemy, but my teacher. I will listen for the lesson.”



Day 178

The Message Behind Pain

Once the seeker accepts that the true cause of pain may hold a lesson for him the next step is to discover what that lesson is. Once discovered the seeker can then make a correction and negate the cause of pain and the tread the path of healing.

Resistance to soul energy causes most pain. In other words, the soul has sent a message and the seeker is ignoring it. Therefore, the only recourse for the soul to be heard is through pain. As soon as the seeker begins to suffer pain, distress or illness he snaps to attention. Unfortunately, instead of asking what is the spiritual cause he will enquire about a physical one and seek only physical remedies.

If he completely overlooks seeking for the spiritual cause and solution then the soul will increase the distress. This cycle will keep happening until the person cries out, “Why God?”

The next step is to seek for the answer to that question. That is the problem for the seeker which is, how does he proceed in finding the answer? Here are some guidelines:

(1) Fist realize that there may be a message behind the pain, distress or disease.

(2) This message involves something you should be doing, but are not.

(3) Ask your soul directly what it is you need to do or learn to negate the cause of the pain. You can do this by praying to God to send you a message through the soul or to meditate on the answer.

(4) Examine your life, especially the past ten years. Before the soul will send you a message through pain it will try other methods. Before the pain you probably had inner feelings of what you needed to do, perhaps even messages in dreams, but you ignored them. You may have also had circumstances come up several times to push you in a certain direction, but ignored the signs.

Now, if the last resort of pain is used by the soul one must examine the past and look for clues that may reveal the message it is sending.

(5) Look for signs in the problem itself. If the pain or distress is caused by illness of some kind look for the symbolic message behind it. This leads us to today’s assignment:

Contemplate these questions in preparation for the next lesson.

Disease is either centered on congestion or inflammation. What is the clue in each?

What are the clues if the disease is centered around the heart, or the throat, the solar plexus, or the head?

The type of disease and its location is just not a matter of chance, but contains a symbolic message.

Affirmation: “I receive correction with gladness.”



Day 179

Learning Through Symbolism

The world as a whole has a strange approach to disease and pain. The common idea is basically this. Diet, exercise and attitude contribute to health but only a certain amount. Most disease is just due to bad luck, beyond which there is nothing we can do. The idea that pain may be a sign that there is a lesson to learn which is being ignored would seem ridiculous to many. Many think it is just outrageous to think that pain is a sign that some behavior correction is in order.

On the other hand, how logical is it to believe that most pain and disease are just the result of bad luck? This idea completely negates the idea of justice in life or fairness meted out by God.

If we reap as we sow and if there is fairness in life then every happening has a reason behind it and control is assumed when that reason is found.

Does this mean that some poor soul who is suffering with a crippling disease deserves to be lectured to and told that his problems are all his own fault?

Of course not. That would be cruel and it is not our job to offer what may be construed as critical remarks when the person is already suffering. The solution is between the one suffering and his own soul. If he seeks your help and you feel impressed from within to give it that is well and good. If he does not ask then do not go into the spiritual causes unless impressed to do so from your own soul.

That said, let us examine yesterday’s assignment. The first question was:

Disease is either centered on congestion or inflammation. What is the clue in each?

Congestion is caused by holding something (hurt feelings for example) in and inflammation is from letting too much out with intensity. (Anger would be an example)

Cancer would be an example of a disease of congestion and a rash would be one of inflammation.

Next question:

What are the clues if the disease is centered around the heart, or the throat, the solar plexus, or the head?

Heart problems are connected with the development of correct use of love which come from the heart. There are numerous levels of understanding related to love, and when the seekers next step in this area is ignored then he may have heart problems as a signal that he needs to increase the quality of love he is giving out.

The throat is the creative center and a problem in that area is a sign that the person needs to have more creative expression in his life.

The solar plexus is the seat of emotions and a problem in that area is a sign of some emotional problem that needs correction.

The head is where thought and ideas come from and a problem there often signals that the person is a dreamer who does not materialize his ideas and dreams.

Assignment: Contemplate the symbolic meaning of other problems such as:

A headache

A pain in the neck

Back Pain

Problems with the legs or feet.

Also consider this question: Does an understanding of spiritual causes of disease eliminate the need for other methods of treatment?

Affirmation: “There is a reason for everything and I am finding those reasons.”



Day 180

A Holistic Approach

The assignment was to contemplate the symbolic meaning of problems such as:

A headache

A pain in the neck

Back Pain

Problems with the legs or feet.

It is interesting that the symbolic meaning of many things are already embedded in the consciousness of humanity and used by many of the rank and file.

For instance, we complain of non-physical problems giving us a headache. Then we complain of irritating people being “a pain in the neck.” Also the guy who will not stand up for himself is accused of being “spineless” or having “no backbone.” Finally, the guy who is too dependent on others is told to “stand on your own two feet.” If he needs more incentive he is told to “get a leg up.”

Basically, the mind of humanity understands that there is symbolism in all physical things and subconsciously incorporates it into everyday speech.

Let us look further at those four problems.

(1) A headache. Headaches can be caused by physical problems such as an accident or diet, but if there is no obvious reason for one that keeps reoccurring then a non-physical cause is probably at play.

There are numerous areas of wrong thinking that can contribute to headaches, On an emotional level excessive worry and stress can have an effect. On a mental level confusion and lack of clarity in thinking can aggravate the problem. Soul contact will pull the seeker above the fog of muddled thinking and allow him to see with much greater clarity. When this happens the life force is enhanced, overall health is enhanced and headaches tend to disappear.

(2) A pain in the neck. As stated earlier the throat area is linked to creative endeavors. A pain in the neck would indicate that something or someone is frustrating your creative goals. In other words, that someone is being “a pain in the neck.”

(3) Back pain. Back pain that doesn’t seem to have an apparent physical cause indicates that the person is not standing up for himself. Perhaps he lets others walk over, or bully him into submission. Or it could relate just to himself. Perhaps he has set goals for himself and just has not gathered enough “backbone,” or will, to achieve them.

(4) Problems with the legs or feet. The legs and feet allow us to stand, walk and run and be physically independent, Problems there are thus related to independence and not following the highest one knows. We need to “get a leg up” and motivate ourselves so we can stand “on our own two feet.” Doing this will help us to have good health in the legs and feet.

Finally, we asked, “Does an understanding of spiritual causes of disease eliminate the need for other methods of treatment?”

No it does not. Often the cause of pain and disease is a combination of physical and spiritual problems. And even if it is mostly spiritual often there are physical treatments that can aid in healing. If a person is suffering he should try any treatment that seems to have a good chance at success. Some cures given by orthodox medicine are worse than the disease. The seeker needs to be wary of them.

Assignment: Cancer is a dreaded disease that is the cause of much distress and pain to millions. It was already mentioned that it is a disease of congestion. Contemplate on what it is that is being held in that could cause such a thing.

Have you noticed that most people who have cancer are very nice people? Why would this be the case?

Affirmation: “I am treading the spiritual path to perfect health.”


Day 181

Releasing Negative Feelings

One of the many advantages of soul contact is the seeker will attain a much greater ability to recognize truth. Often he will see the underlying principle that supports that truth.

When faced with a belief in either Higher Intelligence we call God or nothingness he will marvel at creation and see that there is a guiding hand at play.

When faced with a choice to believe in life after death he will feel the vibration of his own soul and knows he will survive death of the physical body.

When he looks at the world of causes related to health he will internally register that much more than physical chemistry is at play. Even the hardened atheist senses that the mind, emotions and attitude has some effect on health, but one with soul contact will see more. He will see a connection between spirit and body – that many invisible forces are at play including an intelligent guiding hand that teaches us lessons through the pains that we suffer.

The one without soul contact will lean on the accepted medical authorities and follow their instructions even if it kills him. The one with soul contact will sense when authoritative advice should be questioned and will find much value in alternative methods. He will be able to see the difference between charlatans in the alternative world and the real thing.

Cancer is an interesting disease in that it is an obvious disease of congestion. Yes, there are physical ingredients that may stimulate the disease, but the tipping point is often caused by suppressed emotions. Suppressed anger, rage, guilt or hurt feelings can later manifest as a malignant growth.

People who get cancer are usually seen as very nice people because many of them have suppressed negative feelings. There are times when giving the other guy a piece of your mind is a good thing as it frees the person from an emotional build up.

Negative emotional build up not only increases the risk of cancer but it blocks life-giving energy and can cause other problems. It is therefore of extreme importance that the seeker release himself from suppression.

When you feel an emotion within you that you are tempted to ignore or suppress what should you do? What if it will offend others by bringing it out in the open? What if it makes you look petty or unenlightened? Should you do it anyway?

The answer here is yes; find a way to release the negative emotion even at the risk of causing disturbance.

There are three ways to release such emotion. Can you guess what they are?”

Let us suppose that someone makes you so angry that you feel like harming them. What should you do? Here are three different lines of approach.

(1) You can take physical retribution and actually try and strangle the guy. Now after you do this you may feel great for about five minutes, but this is not a wise path for as soon as your rage expires you will suffer a lifetime of regret, remorse and possible punishment by the authorities.

(2) You can do nothing, but hold the feeling in and hope it goes away. Whereas you hurt another person with number one you hurt yourself with this approach. This approach redirects the attack away from the offending person to you and the negative energy then attacks your own body as well as dams up your healing soul energy. The person with suppressed negativity may wind up suffering much more than the guy who was strangled.

(3) You release the negative energy by communicating the feeling to the offending person.

Suppose Lynn offends you so much that you feel like strangling him. You rule out number one because you do not want to hurt him and you rule out number two because you do not want to hurt yourself. What then do you do?

The answer is that you resort to pure honesty and communicate how you feel. It doesn’t matter if the insult seemed huge or trivial, small or great, intentional or not intentional. The only thing that matters is that you hurt and you need to communicate it so it can be released.

So how do you do this? Quite simply you tell Lynn in a pleasant way that you wish to talk to him and in as harmless a manner as possible say something like this.

“Lynn. You may not realize this and you probably did not mean to hurt me, but when you said XYZ you made me feel very angry. In fact I felt so angry and still feel angry to the extent I feel like grabbing you and shaking or even strangling you.”

Now after this communication a strange thing will happen. The negative package of energy that was in you is now released and is sent to the person who caused the offense. When this occurs one of two things will happen.

(1) The offender, Lynn in this case, will feel bad he hurt your feelings and attempt to understand and make things right. If he does this, the light of the soul comes into the relationship and dispels the negative energy forever, no more to return.

(2) He takes no responsibility for your negative feeling or your pain. In this case the negative energy remains. You are now free from it because you released it through communication, but Lynn now has to deal with it. Because the negative energy remains in Lynn’s aura he begins to release it in some way, usually by lashing out or attacking you.

If he does lash out at you, you must not return fire no matter how hurtful the words are. If you do, the negative energy will return to you. Instead show only love, compassion and understanding. If you do, the offender is likely to come to his senses and show love in return, which will dissipate the energy. If he is so hardened to resist your love he will then keep the negativity to himself because he inwardly believes he deserves it, but at least you are free.

Do not be deceived into not communicating because the cause of the hurt seems like such a small thing or trivial. Your emotional body is not subject to logic and it matters not if the cause is significant or not. Do not be deceived into thinking that you will not communicate because you may hurt someone’s feelings. If you do not communicate, you will hurt yourself and your relationships anyway. Unless there is complete forgiveness on all sides there is going to be some hurt to deal with and there will be no way around it, so you might a well start the process of neutralizing it.

Assignment: Assess your own emotional state. Is your energy low because you have suppressed feelings? Have you successfully let them out in the past while at other times you did not? Is there anyone living with whom you need to clear the air?

Affirmation: “I will find a way to harmlessly release my feelings.”



Day 182

Listening to Your Body

Good health is a tremendous asset for the seeker. Without it he is hindered in his quest to be of service to humanity, and, worse yet, he may be a burden on those around him. Instead of being a servant, he finds it necessary to be served.

This is one of many reasons to seek soul contact as it will guide the seeker in the direction of health, vitality, peace and happiness.

Most of us have had health problems or suffered through pain at one time or another in life. Fortunately for many, these situations have been temporary but others have had long term problems. As stated earlier one of the solutions is to tune into the soul to discover the lesson that is being attempted to be communicated through the disease. Often a change of behavior or thinking will bring healing.

We must not overlook the fact that exercise and good diet are part of the ingredients for good health. In fact sometimes the lesson the soul is trying to teach may be connected to these two things. Sometimes a lesson that is needed at a certain point is the discovery of what foods are good for you and which are not or possibly the type of exercise you need.

Not only is it important to understand the various spiritual links to health but the seeker must also understand orthodox common sense linked to it.

One thing that is very helpful is to listen to your body. Your body is a living instrument and tries to give you subtle communication of what it wants and needs. The trouble is that very few tune into it until pain arrives and then they are forced to pay attention. Unfortunately, they notice the pain but many do not seek the reason behind the pain and instead only seek its suppression.

The assignment today is to practice tuning into your body and how it feels about how you are treating it. Each time you eat a particular food mentally ask your body how it likes it. This has nothing to do with taste, as some things that taste pleasant are not what your body needs.

Then do the same thing with drink. Is your body happy with the water you are drinking? Maybe it is too polluted. Then ask it about other liquids. Are you drinking too much or too little of various beverages?

Do you take food supplements or vitamins? Ask your body about them as you swallow them.

Finally, ask your body if it needs any food or drink that you are not presently consuming.

After you ask the various questions sit back in silence for a few moments and listen for the answers.

Next take this same approach with exercising. Are you getting enough or too much? Are you getting the right kind?

Remember that energy follows thought and when this principle is applied results will follow.

Affirmation: “I respect my body as a holy temple where revelation occurs.”



Day 183

Talking to your Body

So, did you attempt the last exercise and tune into your body? Hopefully you sensed a few things. Some may say they tried but were not sure if they received anything definite. Fortunately, there are other ways to check with your body that do not require and extra sensory perception.

A popular method is through muscle testing. There are a number of ways to do this but the basic principle behind them all is that your body knows what it needs and can signal you with a yes or no. Therefore, you need to devise a means whereby your body can communicate a yes or no to you.

A popular method involves two people. Have a partner ready with all the questions you want to ask your body. Hold out your right arm straight ahead and try to hold it in place. Your partner then asks you a question and pushes down on your arm at the hand. As he does this you try and hold the arm in place. If you are able to hold your arm firmly in place then your body is signaling yes. If your arm weakens and can be easily pushed down it is signaling no. You can tell by the strength or weakness in your arm how much your body leans to the yes or no.

If you want to test yourself for how much your body will benefit from certain foods or pills then place a sample in your hand, hold out your arm and have your partner test you. If your arm becomes weak then this tells you that your body doesn’t like that particular item. If it remains strong then this is a sign it benefits from it.

A simple way to test yourself without the need for a partner is through the use of a pendulum. Fortunately, you do not need to buy one but can make do with a needle and thread. Get a reasonable sized sewing needle and thread it. Leave the thread about 18 inches long. Then hold the thread between your thumb and finger with the needle dangling below. Tell your body that if the needle goes in a circular motion to the right the answer is yes and if it swings to the left the answer is no.

Next ask your body any question you want. After you ask the question hold on to the thread and attempt to keep the needle still. After a few seconds it will not stay still but will give you an answer by circling to the left or the right.

Keep in mind that sometimes you may have to ask a number of yes or no questions to get what you want, but by being creative you can get any answer you want.

Assignment: Use the pendulum method and discover three things about your body’s needs.

Affirmation: “My body has messages for me and I will listen.”


Day 184

A Fun Exercise

The seeker may wonder how it is that your body can give you these answers through muscle testing or a pendulum and how accurate they are. Also one may wonder if they come from the soul.

These answers do not come from the soul, but from the subconscious mind. The subconscious that can be accessed with these methods is like a supercomputer with lots of data and intelligent programming that can give you some pretty interesting answers. It is not flawless but often is quite accurate. If the seeker will keep his skeptical mind out of the way then the messages concerning the body can be quite accurate.

That said one can use the pendulum or needle and thread method to ask questions on many other subjects besides the body. It is not as accurate in areas that one would consider psychism but it is fun to experiment with a variety of questions to see what answers you receive.

Let us say that you misplaced your keys. Now the chances are that there is some record in your brain about where they are that can be accessed. If someone else misplaced then then your brain would have no such record.

To find your keys you need to ask a series of yes or no questions such as:

Are the keys in the house?

If yes ask: Are they in one of the bedrooms?

If no ask: Are they in a bathroom?

If yes ask: Are they in the master bathroom?

This should give you the idea. You keep asking until you get the location. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, depending on the user’s sensitivity and whether or not the subconscious has the answer.

In addition you can have fun by asking the pendulum or needle questions such as:

Will I find love during the next year?

Should I quit my job?

Is my partner faithful?

Will I win the lottery?

Will I get a raise?

Assignment: Go ahead and have a good time asking whatever comes to mind, but afterwards sit back, tune into your soul and ask it what was true and what was not. Take note of any impressions you receive.

Affirmation: “I take time to play as I move toward the truth.”


Day 185

Yes or No and the Soul

We have been talking about using questions with yes or no answers to access information contained in the subconscious mind. Now the question is – can this principle be extended to access the soul itself?

The answer is yes, but the soul works through the conscious mind rather than the subconscious. Therefore, the method must change and approach must be to the consciousness rather than unconsciousness.

Approaching the soul with yes or no questions is pretty simple. All you have to do is sit back, relax, close your eyes and ask yourself questions while imagining that the soul is listening in and will give you back yes or no answers. Most likely you will not hear the actual words but instead will receive a positive feeling for yes and a negative feeling for no. The type of feeling and the intensity will vary for each person.

And how will the seeker know he is receiving the answers from the soul instead of his astral/emotional self?

If the person has never contacted the soul he will not know for sure. If he has he can recognize the vibration and know with a surety as long as the impulse was strong enough to positively register.

Okay, let us get started. First ask a couple questions to which you are sure the Higher Self would give a yes. Go ahead and visualize your Higher Self as you did in previous lessons and call on Its name if desired.

Relax for a moment and ask: “Is there a God, or a Higher Creative Intelligence that is our Source?”

There may be a lot of wrong-headed ideas of God out there but all spiritual students recognize that some type of Divine Intelligence exists.

The reason for asking this question is you already know the answer through your soul will be yes. Therefore, it will be advantageous to focus on how the yes must feel when it comes from your soul.

Next go through this same procedure and ask: “Is there life after the death of the physical body?”

Again the seeker will know the answer has to be yes and he must sense what that yes feels like coming from the soul.

If you have been successful you will now have an idea of what a yes answer feels like which comes from the soul. A no answer will be a negative feeling in the opposite direction.

Your assignment today is to proceed to other questions to which you may want to know the answer.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose?
  • Is my thinking in alignment with my soul?
  • If not, am I close?
  • Is there something big I am neglecting in my life?
  • Are the teachings of ____ reliable?

Remember that sometimes to get the real answer you want may require a number of yes or no questions.

Affirmation: “All truth is hidden in the duality of yes or no, or positive and negative.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 15

Day 158

The New Jerusalem Meditation


The Master finishes his lesson and you retire to your room. You find that you can easily furnish it with anything you desire. If you want a chair, it is there, a sofa or a bed; no problem. If you want paintings on the wall, they are there.

You create a comfortable chair, sit back and relax. As you contemplate you realize that there are no barriers here to prevent you from communicating with anyone living or dead and decide to call forth a loved one who has passed away.

First you decide on a loved one that you wish to contact. Take all the time you need to make a selection. After you have made the decision sit back and relax and focus on the empty space in front of you. As you look ahead audibly call out the person’s name three times, each time a little louder than the one before. There should be at least 30 seconds between each call and no more than two minutes.

On the first call visualize seeing the image of the person. On the second, focus on feeling the love and essence of him or her. After the third, listen for this person to speak something to you.

Now start a conversation with this person and follow the thread wherever it goes.

Try this exercise three times over a three day periods and take note of the results.

Affirmation: “God is a God of the living, not the dead, for there is no death in his kingdom.”


Day 159

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Thought and Belief

So, how did your conversation go with your loved one who has passed over?

A handful will feel they have made real contact, but if you are like most who sincerely attempt this you will have created some dialogue that you are not sure is the real thing or just your imagination at work.

At this point it does not matter if all that is taking place is your imagination and here is the reason. There is a supreme law governing thought and energy which is, “Energy follows thought.”

Therefore your imagination is not some thing that just creates flashes of images and then dissipates as if nothing happened. Instead, your thought and imagination collect existing flows of energy and when enough thought is accumulated that which has been imagined becomes real.

This principle was applied on the previous lessons on the mastermind group and can be applied to contacting dead loved ones. Actually, contacting dead loved ones will be easier because you already have a strong emotional link with them and there is already some inner contact whether you be aware of it or not.

Here is how this exercise will work for the typical seeker that persists.

He or she will call out the name of the deceased as instructed and imagine getting a response. He feels the response was mostly his imagination but tries again the second day. This time the response seemed a little more vivid so he tries again the third day. On the third try the communion was real enough to give encouragement to persist. He continues to enter his room, sit in his chair and communicate with his loved one beyond the veil. Eventually, he realizes that he has gone beyond the imagination and is really making contact.

What happened for this seeker was that his thought created a focal point of energy that made the spiritual phone (for want of a better term) of the loved one ring. In other words, the condensed energy got the attention of the loved one and drew his or her presence close so real communication becomes possible.

An important element that adds power to this type of thought is belief. Belief supercharges a thought and a belief that contact is possible makes the effort much easier.

Remember the words of the Master, “all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

All thought is a creative force, but thought energized by belief penetrates all barriers.

The assignment today is to repeat the same one given yesterday – call on the person three times, but make a conscious effort to energize your thought with belief. Be completely open to having a real experience.

Affirmation: “As I believe in my thoughts I see them come to life.”


Day 160

The New Jerusalem Meditation


If you practiced the last two lessons you are feeling closer to your loved one who has passed. You may not feel yet that the contact is real, but you definitely feel closer to this person.

The next step is to make this contact a reality so you will definitely realize interplay is going on between you.

To make this happen it is helpful to realize that it is much easier for those on the other side to tune into you than you them. After death the person awakens to a higher state of consciousness and has much more access to lines of communication than we have here. If one who has passed receives a notification that you are trying to make contact then he will tune in and monitor the effort. When you have drawn enough energy by the power of your thought to create a point of tension then two-way communication becomes possible.

Embrace this idea with faith and real communion can occur.

Memories of experiences with loved ones can draw forth powerful emotions and provide an extra source of power to link two souls.

Your assignment today is to relax, close your eyes and let your mind go back to experiences you have had with this deceased loved one. First pick one pleasant and specific memory. Go back to the beginning of the memory and proceed incrementally until you reach the end. Do not attempt to do this quickly, but take your time, even recalling some of the conversations that took place. You may recall things about the experience that have been long forgotten. In some cases seekers will recall parts of their experience in real time as if they are reliving it.

When you have finished with the first experience then pick another and again relive it from beginning to end. After this, pick a third one. Attempt to recall and relive at least three experiences. You can do more if you like but do at least three.

After you are finished call the person by name again three times as before. Do this fresh from the memory of reliving the experiences. Attempt to feel the presence in between calling out the name. After the third invocation sit in silence for a few moments and listen for a response – listen for words to come to you from the loved one as well as impressions. A spiritual impression can be worth many words.

Affirmation: “I call forth my memories and relive them when desired.”


Day 161

The New Jerusalem Meditation

Feeling Your Way

Love is a super powerful attractive force. If a person loves something he will gravitate toward it. If he feels love coming toward him he will similarly respond. Love draws two or more together who are separated.

If the seeker therefore wishes to draw a deceased loved one toward him so communication becomes possible then love would certainly be an aid in that endeavor

Today we will bring as much love as possible into the attempt at communion.

Sit in your chair, relax and go through the procedure of calling this person by name three times and then listening and feeling for a response.

Again let your mind go back to an experience with the loved one who has been the object of your attention for this exercise. Pick a time where you shared good or loving feelings. This time put your attention on feeling rather than seeing images or hearing actual words. Start by extending your love to this person. Call the person by name and say something to this effect: “I love you and look forward to being with you again.” After saying this attempt to relive the feeling of the experience you have picked.

As you relive an experience with your loved one let your heart go back in time and let yourself feel all the feelings you felt throughout the experience. Maybe all the feelings at the time were not loving. That’s okay – just let all the feelings come to the surface. Just as you can go back in time and relive a conversation you can also go back and relive feelings. Some will be better at reliving the dialog and others will be find it easier to relive the feelings. It is a good idea to practice doing both.

As you find yourself going back in consciousness and feeling try to see the time passing fairly close to real time so you can soak in the feelings you had at that time. Try and spend five minutes or more reliving the feelings of the occasion. If you arrive at an intense moment and feel inclined to go through it more than once then do so. Follow whatever impressions come to you during this exercise.

Next follow this same procedure with another experience and then move onward to a third.

Reliving these feelings will make you feel close to your loved one and the closer you feel the greater will be the ease of communion.

Affirmation: “God is love and so am I.”


Day 162

The New Jerusalem Meditation


Intensity has a lot to do with success in any endeavor. Two people may have an equal amount of talent or ability, but in a competition the one who applies himself with the most intensity will excel over the other.

This principle also applies to any type of spiritual endeavor. The one who applies himself with great intensity will have a much higher chance of getting the attention of the Higher Self or other advanced entities. Also in contacting a deceased loved one intensity is a powerful ingredient. The one who is causally interested is not as likely to break through the veil and get response as the one who applies himself intensely.

The trouble with intensity is that most only use this principle when forced upon them, For instance, the guy who finds out he has a dreaded disease will seek health with much more intensity than the one with no problems. Then, in the case of contacting a dead loved one, if the seeker has something important left unsaid and the connection was strong he will be much more motivated than the guy who is at peace with the one who has passed.

What is not realized by many is that intensity can be generated at will. The seeker need not depend on some overwhelming circumstance to motivate him.

Let us illustrate with a simple exercise. Visualize an apple sitting in front of you. Now ask yourself how intense is your desire to eat it. Chances are your desire for an apple is pretty mild. If someone placed one in your hand you may take a bite or two but having an apple right now is probably something you could do without and not miss it.

Now let us say that you hadn’t eaten anything for a week and someone handed you an apple. Would the intensity of your desire to eat it be much greater?


What other qualities could the apple have that would increase your intensity? It could be a special kind of apple having a taste that is out of this world. Then you could discover, like Adam and Eve, that this fruit will bring you knowledge. In addition, if a particular fruit has great health benefits the intensity to consume it increases.

Many aids can be applied to increase intensity, but few realize that shear force of will can accomplish this also. All the seeker has to do is to visualize a thing and then use his strength of will in increase the intensity of desire to have it.

Now visualize the apple again and use your power of will to increase your desire for it. As you are doing this you can imagine that it is extra desirable, that you are hungry for it or that it has other qualities that draw you to it.

Now apply this same principle to contacting your loved one. First go through the procedure of calling him or her three times and then follow up by using your sheer will power to increase your intensity to communicate with this person., As you are trying this throw in booster thoughts such as pleasant memories and feeling of love or good times.

Affirmation: “I am a point of intense fire.”


Day 163

Instinct and Intuition

We will leave the New Jerusalem mediation for now and continue with lessons that will fine-tune the seeker’s soul contact. In the meantime, the seeker is advised to go to his room in the New Jerusalem regularly and create heaven in his consciousness through imagination and visualization.

Developing the intuition is a major step for the seeker as he moves toward full soul contact. We touched on this in an earlier lesson – now let us go further.

Before one can successfully use the intuition he must first know what it is, for if one knows not what it is he may be mistaken when he says, “sure, I use the intuition regularly.”

One of the problems here is that there are a number of ideas out there as to what it is, but discussing intuition as it relates to soul contact is much different that how it is used in every day conversations by the masses.

Therefore, if we are going to discuss spiritual intuition as it relates to higher access we need to define it as clearly as possible so the seeker can know that which he is supposed to acquire as he moves forward on the path.

Because spiritual intuition is so esoteric one must become aware of what it is not before he can understand what it is, for it is not many of the things that the rank and file call intuition.

First we will point out that instinct, or a gut feeling, is not the same as spiritual intuition.

Tribal people who live very close to nature and tune into the earth, plants and animals use instinct which is different than intuition, but is often mistakenly identified with it.

Within the human nature we have many internal computer programs that can be accessed. These programs have been developed by Higher Intelligence over many millions of years and are available to all conscious beings. Earth sensitive people often access these programs and can communicate in ways that seem supernatural. For instance, some can hear plants talking to them telling them what benefits they can supply to humans.

As a person evolves and shifts his attention to other learning these instinctive abilities go below the threshold of consciousness. It may seem that we do not have them, but we do, as the instinctive abilities lie dormant within civilized humans. But if we ever need them all we need do is to shift our attention back to them and the ancient abilities will be activated again.

The closest most modern humans get to accessing the instinct is what is commonly called the “gut feeling.” Energy follows thought and we access abilities where we put our attention. Civilized humans are so far removed from nature that they do not have the gifts of the tribal natives, but they do access instinctive feelings concerning their own lives for they do place a lot of attention on self interest.

Here are several examples of instinctive gut feelings.

(1) Jim has a feeling that eating certain types of food will be beneficial for his health. He seems to be able to tell if his body needs them or not.

(2) Sue has two job offers that seem equally attractive, but something in her tells her to take the first.

(3) James is driving to work and gets a feeling that there may be danger ahead. He slows down and drives with greater caution.

(4) Ed asks Jill out on a date. On the surface Ed seems like an okay guy, but something in Jill tells her to stay clear of him.

Instinct and gut feelings can be very helpful, but they are not the intuition.

Assignment: Reflect on a number of times that you have experienced instinct and gut feelings. Were they useful? How accurate were they?

Affirmation: “To find out what IS, I will first discover what IS not.”


Day 164

Higher and Lower Psychism

“Okay,” says the seeker. “I can see that instinct and gut feelings are not the same as intuition, but I seek to understand what it is. Would a psychic who gives you a reading be an intuitive or maybe someone like the Long Island Medium who communicates with the dead?”

This brings up a second important thing that the intuition is not. It is not psychism.

There are two types of psychism that concern us. These can be merely called higher and lower.

Lower psychism works through the astral, or the emotional body, and has varying degrees of accuracy. The trouble with the astral body as a medium is that our emotional self often turns truth upside down. Think of the last time you had an argument with a person who was very emotional about the subject of discussion and reflect on how distorted some of his reasoning was. Now some of the facts he presented may have been true but by the time they filtered through his emotions they were probably used in a distorted fashion.

This is the case with the average psychic. They access information that has settled in the astral plane which often is not in any logical order or pattern. There are some things there which are true and some false and even the true ones are often linked to false ideas or the glorification of the ego.

Some practicing lower psychism work in the conscious state and others in the unconscious. Many working unconsciously channel in the trance state. Any unconscious channeling is lower psychism and involves the astral body.

Higher psychism involves the mental plane and thus the person practicing it always works in full consciousness. He will not use the trance state and have other entities speak or write through him but any such contact will be during full consciousness. Here are examples of psychism and their links

(1) Contact with non-physical teachers. This is generally lower psychism when done through the trance state. Automatic writing, where the medium knows not what is written is also lower psychism. Some claiming conscious contact also work through the lower limiting contact of the astral body. The higher psychic will generally make his contacts using full consciousness.

(2) Contact with the dead. Most of this is lower psychism, but some that is accurate involves the higher.

(3) Mental telepathy. Accurate telepathy is quite rare and involves the plane of the mind. It is associated with the higher.

(4) Psychic readings. Most of these are done by lower psychics.

(5) Psychic predictions. Most of these are from lower psychics and most are not accurate. If the prediction does not come true you can bet that it was filtered through the emotional body. Higher psychics make very few specific predictions because many parts of the future are not yet written.

(6) Visions. Some of these are higher and some not so much.

One of the advantages of successfully achieving soul contact, which is the objective of this course, is that the seeker will be enabled to discern the higher psychic from the lower. The higher psychic will be much more accurate, though no one is infallible.

One with soul contact will not automatically reject the words of a lower psychic for he or she will generally produce and mixture of fact and fiction. Soul contact will help the seeker discern truth from error.

Lower psychism functions on the astral plane and doesn’t represent the intuition. But.. even though higher psychism functions on the higher mental plane this is still distinct from the intuition, though many higher psychics are much more likely to use the intuition than most.

Whereas higher psychism derives its power from the plane of the mind, the intuition accesses the plane above this. The intuition accesses the higher formless planes where principles and ideas can be understood.

Assignment: You have been instructed as to what the intuition is not – now, contemplate what it is.

Affirmation: “I reach into the silent place and bring from thence the gift of understanding.” Djwhal Khul


Day 165

Divine Ideas

We have discussed what the intuition is not. Now is then the time to talk about what it is.

Whereas most psychism and non-physical communications involve some aspect of form, intuition is different in that the intuitive mind stretches beyond the physical, beyond the astral and beyond the mental to the formless worlds of spirit.. In these formless spheres are an innumerable number of concepts, principles and ideas. Before something can take form it must first be registered in the Divine Mind. This applies whether the creation is an atom, an apple or a planet. All things that manifest on earth are first dreamed up in the mind of God, apart from any manifestation in form.

This is even recognized in the Biblical creation story. After the creation seemed to have taken place it is written:

“When no plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up–for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground.” Gen 2:5 Revised Standard Version

So here we are told that before there was a human or even plants all of them were already created.

Up to this verse we merely have an account of the spiritual creation in the mind of God and then came the physical manifestation.

One of the great achievements by the seeker with soul contact is to access through the intuition the higher spheres where exists creative ideas for all possible manifestation and how the process can materialize on the physical plane.

Most seekers can identify with the experience of getting an idea. Now some of what people call ideas are merely mental constructs, but some ideas go beyond what the person would come up with through merely combining facts with the mind. Some ideas just come to the seeker out of the blue and these ideas, if truly inspired, come through the intuitive process. Great scientists like Newton, Einstein, Edison and Tesla all used the intuition to tap into the world of divine ideas. When they caught a glimpse of some higher reality they knew with a surety that they could manifest certain true principles on the physical plane.

Most seekers are not great inventors, but most have had several ideas in their life that they feel was inspired from something beyond their normal brain intelligence. The assignment today is to reflect on your life to see if you have had such an experience and how you felt when it happened.

Also reflect on other types of uses of the intuition besides the accessing of ideas.

Affirmation: “I seek for that which is beyond my human abilities.”


Day 166

Intuition and Principles

We have established that one aspect of the intuition is the capturing of ideas by the mind that that the brain intelligence would not have come up with on its own.

Another aspect involves the understanding of true principles. Most anyone can absorb facts and learn what is taught by various teachers. Most can memorize names, dates, places, formulas, etc. and attain a certain level of education. Many use the standard educational process to attain significant knowledge, degrees and prestige, yet fail to access and use the intuition.

When the intuition is used the seeker can see the principle behind the facts and thus gain an understanding that goes beyond the student who has memorized many facts. He who sees the principle of things may knew few facts on a subject yet win a debate with an expert who knows many facts, yet cannot see the principles involved.

A fact is merely a piece of information that anyone can incorporate into their brain memory. It can likewise be programmed into a computer. A principle is a different matter. A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and cannot be programmed into a computer.

For instance, the Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man. Around this principle has sprung the Constitution and thousands of books containing millions of facts. In the days of the foundation of the United States there was only a handful of enlightened people who were able to understand the principle of freedom. People of a lower order could not see it. There was no way that King George from England could teach or enlighten George Washington in any degree on this principle even though he probably had as many facts in his head on the subject as Washington did. On the other hand, Washington could have done much to enlighten the King if he were willing to listen.

It may take a thousand facts to paint a clear picture of one principle, but the understanding of one principle reveals thousands of facts. It requires a certain point in the evolution of the human being to comprehend the difference between a principle and a fact but when he does, and learns to go within and touch the soul, then all the understanding and vision of a principle is revealed in a flash. Sometimes a book can be written about a principle revealed in one instant.

What is the difference between a principle and a law?

A principle is that which demonstrates the intelligence of God and makes things in the universe work toward a dominating good.

A law is a description of the working of a principle, or principles. By law I am referring to universal laws and not man-made rules.

If the law is accurately described then the perfection of God is made manifest because such a description shows the consistency of the principle and allows us to predict the future actions of the mind of God in the universe.

For instance, all form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

All the laws we have concerning gravity are produced by observing and describing this principle in action.

Within our souls is the capability of recognizing whether or not a thing is true. When a principle is spoken, you’ll feel within yourself the vibration of certain chords that ring true.

A principle is true yesterday, today and forever, but knowledge (as data) changes by the hour (the temperature for example). The language of the Holy Spirit is composed of principles, not data. To know all things in the language of the spirit is to know all principles.

True principles are always in effect all around us. The universe is built upon true principles, held together by them and will be dissolved by them. True principles govern our lives, our deaths, our relationships, our sorrow and our joys.

The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us. We live in a sea of principles, which governs all things, yet until we touch the soul we do not even realize what a principle is.

Many of the best authors touch upon a principle. Some have a sense of that which they have discovered, while others do not discern them from facts. Sometimes you can find a principle in a book written by an author that does not know what a principle is.

A principle is not created. A principle is always present and always works without beginning or end.

Assignment: Attempt to access your intuitive mind and identify three principles.

After doing so, ask yourself: “Do I understand them?”

Affirmation: “Principles are the language of the soul, which language I seek to learn.”


Day 167

Intuition and Understanding

All principles have three aspects and intuition is no different. We have covered two of them. The first is the link to divine ideas and the second relates to principles. The third is quite interesting in that it deals with understanding or enlightenment.

Here is how this third aspect works. The seeker develops a strong desire to gain knowledge of spiritual teachings and principles. To pursue his goal he studies and soaks in all the knowledge available from books and teachers. In doing this questions arise in his mind that have not been clearly answered by any known source that he knows about. If they have been answered he has not seen it clearly.

He gathers all the information possible and contemplates where it takes him. He tries to do this without letting dogma or bias enter in. Over a period of time that may be weeks or even years he thinks on those things which sends a message through his soul to the higher spheres. Finally, the payoff comes. In a moment of silence, often when he is not expecting anything, the answer comes. It comes not as a voice or a piece of knowledge, but as enlightened understanding that allows him to see new layers of truth which was before unavailable to him. Those who have had this experience will often describe it as an “intuitive flash” or a “flashing forth of the intuition.”

“Flash” is a strange word to use but very appropriate because the download of understanding happens in an instant or a flash of time, or perhaps in zero time. The Holy Instant as described in A Course in Miracles would be an intuitive flash, but the Holy Instant described there is just one of many intuitive flashes available.

There are other names for this flashing forth. The Buddha called it enlightenment when he received an intuitive flash about the Middle Way. Still others have called it a moment of inspiration or revelation..

It matters not what the seeker wants to call it but what matters is that he or she seek with all their being to achieve this. Learning to access the formless worlds through spiritual intuition is one of the greatest achievements the seeker can attain. This is a greater attainment than a vision or visitation of a divine being. This accomplishment will be with you forever whereas a typical spiritual experience may not further the seekers progression. The end product of this course is to first make the seeker aware of this goal and then give him the tools to achieve it.

One of the best exercises to do this is through the use of seed thoughts which we covered earlier. Sometimes just a phrase or sentence lodged in the memory for years, or even decades, will blossom into an intuitive flash that gives understanding never dreamed of when first reading it.

We’ll end this lesson with a question to be planted as a seed thought which has the potential of generating a number of intuitive flashes over a period of time. Here it is:

“Why does anything (including God) exist?”

Affirmation: “I seek until I receive.”


Day 168

The True Light

One of the main reasons for the seeker to develop soul contact is so he can find and recognize the truth. When true principles are enunciated the soul vibrates and affirms the truth of what is said or written. When he arrives at the intuitive level he not only has an affirmation of the truth but he has a picture flash into his mind bringing a complete understanding of how the truth is to be applied and the principles behind it.

Truth itself is an interesting principle to contemplate. On each point there is one thing which is true and many things which are false. For instance 2+2=4 and only 4 is the correct answer. There are millions of wrong answers, but only one that is correct.

A Course in Miracles expressed this well when it said: “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

Many there are who argue with sophistry against the truth maintaining that truth changes or that two contradictory things can be true, or that truth is relative. Those who do this are attempting to see in darkness rather than light which is an aspect of truth.

The seeker can take anything that is true, such as 2+2=4, and he will see that nothing else is true, or nothing else could be the true answer. Yes, it could be written in a different number system or language, but two apples plus two apples still equals four apples.

Others will cite a change of circumstance as a change of truth, but such is not the case. For instance, maybe you had black hair when you were 30, but gray hair at 60. Your circumstances changed at 60, but it is still true that you had black hair at 30. That will be true for all eternity.

Another may object saying that he thought a thing was true at one time but when greater knowledge came that he saw something else as being true. For instance, a color blind person may not realize his problem and see an apple as blue instead of its true color. Later he finds out that he was seeing the wrong color and the truth is the apple is red.

In this case his understanding changes, but the truth did not. The truth is that he saw the apple as blue. When he saw the apple as blue the real color for normal vision was red. When he discovered the real color he merely added a new truth to his understanding. Truth did not change, but his understanding did.

Truth is easy to explain to a little child, but as we age and add a multitude of mixtures of philosophy to our minds we often tend to rationalize away the truth to a zone that can no longer be accessed.

It is important that the seeker realize that points of truth are always true and nothing else is true. If he discounts this truth of truth he will see with the false light of darkness rather than true light.

Jesus spoke of this when he said:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matt 6:22-23

Jesus makes a very interesting statement: “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness…”

In other words, many mistake darkness for light. They think they are seeing with light, but are seeing with darkness instead. When this happens they do not see truth, bur error and mistake that which is false for truth.

The assignment today is to examine yourself and ask, “Have I in the past used darkness for light and actually seen with darkness, and in doing so was I led into error rather than the true light of the soul? What can I do to make sure I see with true light rather than the false?”

Affirmation: “I am adjusting my vision to see with the true light of the soul.”



Day 169

True Intelligence

One of the main end products of soul contact is truth, for the soul has much more access to it on its plane than we do on the material world.

In the last lesson we discovered that there is a false light of darkness itself. Unlike true light that reveals truth, the false light reveals error and distortion. It illuminates the world of illusion where many things are upside down, reversed or distorted making it difficult for those who dwell therein to sort out the real from the unreal.

Isaiah spoke wisely about this problem:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” Isaiah 5:21-21

Since the false light of darkness dominates in this material world this makes it all the more important that the seeker develop the ability to make and maintain soul contact. We are as prisoners held in a dark room where there is great difficulty to see anything as it truly is. Contacting the soul is like opening a door that lets in the light that reveals the real truth of the surroundings.

This brings us to a quality that is essential for the seeker to develop which is intelligence, for true intelligence is the ability to recognize truth.

Unfortunately, in this world of false light the general view of intelligence itself has been distorted and not seen correctly. The world generally associates intelligence with a good computer brain that functions well and has high ability to memorize and retrieve data.

In response to this let me ask a question. Does the fact that Jim has the latest computer make him more intelligent than Bob who has an older model several years old?

When you think about it the obvious answer is no. If Bob is smarter than Jim then he can use his computer much more intelligently than him. Anything he writes on it would show much more advanced thinking than Jim could produce.

Similarly having a good computer brain gives you good tools, but it is not a measure of the intelligence of the real person who uses the brain.

Looking at it from this angle, the one who may have just an average memory but has a high ability to recognize truth is much more intelligent than the PhD with a great brain and memory but has a low ability to see true reality.

Have you ever talked to someone highly educated, and praised by many as intelligent, but the guy seems to have no common sense? Most of us have.

All seekers who desire soul contact must also follow the path of intelligence. The phrase “common sense” roughly describes what is needed to begin and stay on this path where truth can be seen in the midst of error.

Unless the seeker develops the intelligence to see truth from error he is likely to be deceived about soul contact itself. Without this intelligence he is likely to think he is contacting the soul when he is merely accessing his own lower desire nature.

Assignment: Try and find a cable news or radio talk show where people are debating both sides of an issue. Listen to both sides and ask yourself: Where does my soul tell me the real truth lies? Who is correct – person A or B or neither? If it is neither then what is the truth?

Affirmation: “I seek to gather in the light of truth with intelligent souls.”


Day 170

What is Truth?

When Jesus stood before Pilate he said: “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

Then we have this famous reply, “Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.” John 18:37-38

It is not clear as to whether Pilate gave Jesus no time to answer or that Jesus just refused to speak. Whatever the case, this is a question that has perplexed humanity from the beginning.

First notice the profound statement that Jesus gave before the famous question was asked, He said, “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

An important revelation to come to the seeker is that the voice of his soul and the voice of Christ are one for all souls, or Higher Selves share the consciousness of Christ. When this is realized one can read the scripture this way, “Every one that is of the truth hears me speak through his own soul.” In other words, those who are of the truth have established some degree of soul contact.

To be of the truth one must know what truth is. The dictionary isn’t much help here for it merely tells us that truth is fact rather than opinion. The trouble is that what one thinks is fact another will often see as opinion.

There are those who go so far as to say that there is no truth or facts because this world is built upon illusion and we are in some kind of dream state within it. Such ultimate reality matters not for truth exists in every degree of consciousness.

Truth is that which is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 2+2=4 is an example. It was true in the past, in the present and will be in the future.

Circumstances change, but truth does not. An eternal truth is that circumstances change and change itself is an eternal truth in this material world.

There is even truth in a dream. It is true that you have had dreams and that you had real experience in the dreams. In the dream world 2+2 still equals 4. Whether we are dreaming on a lower or higher level matters not for one has a true experience. All experience has a true effect on the consciousness.

Assignment: Reflect on the difference between that which is true and that which is not true. Why are many deceived into thinking something false is true?

Affirmation: “I seek to know the truth from error.”


Day 171

Truths Not Obvious

Some truths are easy to see and others are not. The ones that are easy are usually readily provable with observation over a short period of time, The difficult ones are more complex and have numerous ingredients.

For example there is pretty much universal agreement about the truths of basic math. Most have proven to their own satisfaction that 2+2=4 and rarely is there any argument about it.

Similarly, most would agree that the sky is blue or that the sun rises in the east. There are many observable facts that are true for our experience in this reality that humanity universally accepts.

It would solve a lot of world problems if all truths were so easy to verify. For instance, we argue a lot over whether God exists. The truth is that He-She-It either does or does not exist. Unlike the sky being blue, we cannot prove God exists by using the physical senses. Then things get much more complicated when we examine the truth of what God is. Whether God exists requires a simple yes or no, but what God is may have a thousand possible answers. Any truth of what His plan is becomes even more complicated.

Whenever the truth is not obvious and there are two or more possible answers then people will gravitate to one side or the other. Those polarized in the feeling nature will be inclined to the side that feels good and those polarized in the mind will go with the one that seems more logical.

Let us look at the main cause of political divisions in the world. They basically boil down to either leaning toward capitalism and the free market or socialism-communism and controlled economics.

Some think it is true that one system is better and some the other. Still others see a combination of the two as the true way.

The trouble here is that a lot of opinion is involved. To find the truth you have to ask specific questions such as.

Which system will bring the greatest satisfaction to the people?

Which one will provide the most wealth for the average person?

Which system will be the most efficient?

Which system provides the most individual freedom?

Does the system need to change with the consciousness of the people?

With something complex like this specific questions need to be asked and specific truths discovered. Then after weighing all the facts and looking through the eyes of the soul the person needs to make an intelligent judgment and assessment as to which course is better for society and support it.

Assignment: Another very controversial subject is global warming. Let us suppose you didn’t know anything about it and were just introduced to the problem. What are six specific questions you could ask that would bring you closer to seeing the truth of the matter?

Affirmation: “I will see the simple truth beyond the complex layers of illusion.”


Day 172

Asking Questions

Your assignment was to come up with six specific questions you could ask that would bring you closer to seeing the truth about the global warming controversy. Did your questions bring you any closer to the truth? If not, then perhaps you asked the wrong questions. One question that goes the wrong direction is, “What do authorities say about it?”

And why is this the wrong direction? Because most of the authorities of the world are under the power of the beast and have not proven themselves to be reliable. The true seeker will not believe something just because an authority says it is so. Instead, he will find out details for himself and test the statements of authorities against known facts.

Instead of asking what the authorities say, the correct question should be,

(1) Are the authorities correct in their assessment and how can I find out?

Here are five more questions.

(2) How accurate have been the predictions of the authorities over the past 40 years?

(3) Since 1880 the earth has warmed about one degree Centigrade. How much of that warming has been due to CO2 released by humans and how much due to natural cycles?

(4) Between the two, which would be worse, global warming or global cooling?

(5) Is global warming and extra CO2 in the atmosphere only detrimental or are there some benefits from it? What are they?

(6) How long will it take for us to naturally switch over to alternative power so excessive CO2 release will not be a concern?

I think number six is an interesting question as the answer could alleviate much of the concern of the public. All kinds of new energy is on the horizon. Fusion, which is under development, could soon power the entire planet with almost no pollution. With or without taking strong measures the planet is likely to switch to clean energy within the next 50-100 years and excessive release of CO2 will no longer be a problem .

There are many other questions the seeker could ask if he wants to avoid being lumped in with those who just believe what they have been told.

In the past we have talked about the beast and how unearned and unjust authority attempts to get followers to not look for the truth but just to trust them as the final source. The seeker must free himself from this mindset and gather enough facts to find out for himself.

The problem with many people is that they are not interested in the truth. Instead, they only want their belief system reinforced. If the truth runs contrary to belief then it will not only be rejected, but any messenger of it will be seen as an enemy.

Assignment: Examine some of your beliefs and ask yourself. Are any of them merely based on what authorities have told you? How many of them have you validated with experience or knowledge?

Affirmation: “Instead of blindly accepting I will ask questions.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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