Keys Writings 2013, Part 23

Dec 14, 2013 The Word Which is God Continued from Part 22 The group has made some great comments, but has missed an aspect that is necessary for a full understanding of this key. Many seem to … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 22

Dec 7, 2013 12th Key of Knowledge Larry Writes: So is the name for the Third Key of Knowledge Right Perception or Eternal Words? The name is  "Right Perception." Tom writes: Maybe JJ, … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 21

Nov 3, 2013 Night Before Christmas This has been circulating around the web. Kinda cute: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the White House Not a creature was working, not … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 20

Sept 8, 2013 Recognizing the Good Obama Maryellen asks: I have a question with no answer. Let us say that most of us here on Keys agree that Obama is trying to level the US and does not have … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 19

Aug 4, 2013 Questions Ruth; So a Dark Brother can be born into a rich or noble family lineage as well? JJ Hitler was a disciple of the dark brothers and there is no rule about where the … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 18

July 7, 2013 Theory - Action - Subconscious Stephen writes: My son impressed me recently when he came out with a bit of an insight. Theory - Action - Subconscious Our thoughts need to … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 17

June 15, 2013 Henry Laurency Ruth writes: Did you also read these books by Henry T Laurence, JJ? I do not remember seeing it on your book list? I do not remember you ever referring to him in … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 16

June 7, 2013 A Familiar Voice Alex writes: Initiate wrote recently: ------------- quote ------------- i) The sixty billion human souls currently bound to Terra (with about seven billion … [Read more...]

The Eyes Have it

The eyes have been called the window to the soul.   No one can argue they tell more about our character than any other physical feature.  From the ancient Chinese to modern scientists, poets, and … [Read more...]

Keys Writings 2013, Part 15

May 27, 2013 Gathering Clarification "We may have to gather thousands before we find the 24 capable of creating the first molecule." Link Ruth: These two statements seem … [Read more...]