Applying Principles

Applying Principles

Many of the principles of discovery we have discussed are useful in examining any new teaching presented to us.

This one is particularly pertinent at this time:

“Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.”

You will remember that I have stressed the difference many times between principles and data. Data can be easily made up by anyone with a good imagination or obtained by any trance channeler, but principles can only be discovered and taught through he soul for principles are the language by which the soul communicates.

This principle alone would keep me from plunging with belief into a new member’s teachings for he has only given us data and data is easy to fabricate by anyone with an imagination. He who believes because of data alone, merely because it sounds fanciful, will continue to tread the path of glamour and illusion.

Nevertheless, let us be open minded no matter how far removed a new member may be from some of the teachings we have presented here and give him a chance to prove himself.

Prove himself? That’s blasphemous, some may say in the new age community – many of whom never look at evidence.

On the other hand, the scriptures tell us to “prove all tings.” That is indeed good advice and one that is encouraged by the Masters of Wisdom.

I’ll ask our new member a few questions and maybe we can throw enough light on his views and sources to aid us in making an intelligent judgment.

(1) What is the name of the group of which you are a member and who is the main person that you rely on for revelation and teaching? How many current members are there? For instance, who revealed the data about the 24 cosmic angels, that Peter is Lucifer, that the Earth will rejoin the Cosmos in the fifth dimension, there is no free will, that Yahweh has been recalled back to the Cosmos along with the Archangels, that one entity can incarnate in 15 places at one time etc?

(2) Does your group receive data from the other worlds through trance channeling, sometimes called direct voice? If not, how is the information received?

(3) Do you teach of a way to discover whether or not your teachings are true?

(4) Have you or any of your group come up with a new principle that is not readily taught in metaphysical books? (If you do not know what I mean by “principle” you can search the archives for the word and that should bring clarity.)

(5) You say that you met Mary, the mother of Jesus. Is this a regular person living a current life who you believe to be Mary? If this is so, why do you believe this?

(6) For what purpose do you proclaim yourself as the apostle Andrew?

(7) You say that the disciples are now all cosmic angels and that you are a disciple (Andrew). This would make you a cosmic angel. As a cosmic angel how are you different from me, Glenys, Claire or anyone else partaking of regular mortality?

(8) If you do not believe in absolute truth then I take it that you are not absolutely sure of the teachings you present including the possibility you were the apostle Andrew? Is this assumption correct?

(9) Do you have a date for the second coming of Christ or do you think he is already here?

(10) Perhaps you would like to relate to us a couple predictions your group has made.

Lifting Negativity

I received a personal e-mail asking for elaboration on a comment in my post on dark attacks;

JJ Quote: “When he then discovers the person(s) who is affected the disciple must then work with him or her with the utmost of patience, love and communication to neutralize any negative effects. How that neutralization is to take place is varied and cannot be covered in full here.”

Where can I find more information on the above paragraph?

You can’t find it anywhere that I know of, but I will make a few comments that may help.

One of the most difficult lessons for the disciple to learn is to accept his own limitation, especially as it relates to the free will and abilities of others. If we see a needed step in our own lives all we have to do is to decide to take it, but if a needed step is seen in the path of another we are limited by the person’s willingness to act.

Even so, there are some things you can do. If the associate is truly being manipulated by the Dark Brothers he will often be operating outside of his normal perimeters of common sense and your words just might awaken him back to his normal thinking state. This is especially true in extreme cases where the person may be depressed or suicidal.

If the person is being influenced by a negative outside force it is sometimes helpful to tell him your thoughts on the matter. Other times this may enflame so you must use judgment.

As a member said, love is a powerful ameliorative force here. A person under the influence of negative force will be much more argumentative than usual and sometimes even hateful. You must let this negativity go through you as if it dos not exist and show love in return. Sometimes love will enflame in person under influence to an even greater state of negativity, but if you keep it up you will wear the dark energy down and light and love will replace hate and darkness.

To become the greatest possible help to others who are under negative influence it is important to develop your sensitivity to the feelings (and sometimes thoughts) of those within your aura of concern. As you put your attention on the inner voice your power to register will increase and eventually you will become aware of when someone close to you is in distress. When this sensitivity is arrived at you will often be told by the inner voice what your plan of action should be. If you follow when you are told you may be amazed at the positive change that will result.

The important point to absorb is to do we can and accept whatever follows with self acceptance in the realization that you can help others at times, but not always control their destiny.

May 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The First Shall Be Last

The First Shall Be Last

Is it essential that all the great ones from the past be gathered to make the current work successful. Is it essential that you were someone of significance in a past life? This parable of Jesus gives some answers:

“For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

“And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace, And said unto them; Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they went their way. Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.

“And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.

“So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first. And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny.

“But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny. And when they had received it, they murmured against the goodman of the house, Saying, These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day.

“But he answered one of them, and said, Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree with me for a penny? Take that thine is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee.

“Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” Matt 20:1-16

Many of those who were people of significance in the past are born into the current cycle with a major handicap. They will often come with an internal sense of superiority that makes them of little use until they relearn the necessary humility and other lessons necessary for success.

Let us take, for example, a person who may have been born into royalty in a past life. All those around him are subject to his every whim and he is engrained with a sense that he deserves his power and respect. He is then born in a future life with a sense that “the world owes him a living” and does not have there wherewithal to earn his own way. He may wind up being a homeless bum until he learns the needed lessons.

This principle also works with the workers of light to a degree. One may be a student of a great master in one life and obtain a false sense that he is more spiritually deserving than the next guy. If this seed of illusion grows then in a future life he may wind up being a dreamer in illusion who is of no use to the Great Ones. Thus he was first and became the last.

Even so it is now. We are in the twelfth hour of the labors in the vineyard and many new workers are being hired and coming forth to serve. In many ways their labors now for this one hour are considered as valuable as that of the older laborers over thousands of years. Why? Because many of the older laborers are expecting to be the new gurus who will be served and respected. Consequently, they are of little use in the present. The new workers will wind up performing a service of equal value to the combined value of the seasoned ones.

So, my friends, do not concern your self with whether or not you were a great one in the past. Such a status may actually be a handicap to you. Only concern yourself with becoming a great servant in the present. The present is where the point of power lies.

Is it possible to neutralize the handicap of past success in the present life?

Yes, but only if one “becomes as a little child” and is willing to let all attachments go and learn “all things new.”

May 22, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Neutralizing the Negative

Neutralizing the Negative

I received this e-mail and thought that the group may benefit from my answer. This person writes:

“Is depression an attack from the dark brotherhood? If so I am being attacked, even though I know I can over come it and how I can overcome it… is there a way to ensure that depression doesn’t return??”

Djwhal Khul talked about this in words so well-written that I cannot improve upon them. Here is what he said:

“Danger from the Dark Brothers.

“I think I gave you earlier practically all that I can as yet impart anent the Brothers of Darkness, as they are sometimes termed. I only want at this point to lay emphasis upon the fact that no danger need be feared by the average student from this source. It is only as discipleship is approached and a man stands out ahead of his fellows as an instrument of the White Brotherhood that he attracts the attention of those who seek to withstand. When through application to meditation, and power and activity in service, a man has developed his vehicles to a point of real achievement, then his vibrations set in motion matters of a specific kind, and he learns to work with that matter, to manipulate the fluids, and to control the builders. In so doing he encroaches on the domain of those who work with the forces of involution and thus he may bring attack upon himself. This attack may be directed against any of his three vehicles and may be of different kinds. Let me briefly point out some of the methods employed against a disciple which are the ones which alone concern the student of these letters:

“{A} Definite attack on the physical body. All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness of the disciple through disease or the crippling of his physical body. Not all accidents are the result of karma, for the disciple has usually surmounted a good deal of that type of karma and is thus comparatively free from that source of hindrance in active work.

“{B} Glamour is another method used, or the casting over the disciple of a cloud of emotional or mental matter which suffices to hide the real, and to temporarily obscure that which is true. The study of the cases wherein glamour has been employed is exceedingly revealing and demonstrates how hard it is for even an advanced disciple always to discriminate between the real and the false, the true and the untrue. Glamour may be either on the emotional or mental levels but is usually on the former. One form employed is to cast over the disciple the shadows of the thought of weakness or discouragement or criticism to which he may at intervals give way. Thus cast, they loom in undue proportion and the unwary disciple, not realizing that he is but seeing the gigantic outlines of his own momentary and passing thoughts, gives way to discouragement, aye even to despair, and becomes of little use to the Great Ones. Another form is to throw into his mental aura suggestions and ideas purporting to come from his own Master but which are but subtle suggestions that hinder and help not. It takes a wise disciple always to discriminate between the voice of his real Teacher and the false whispers of the masquerading one, and even high initiates have been temporarily misled.

“Many and subtle are the means used to deceive and thereby curtail the effective output of the worker in the field of the world. Wisely therefore have all aspirants been enjoined to study and work at the development of viveka (ability to discern the real from the unreal) or that discrimination which safeguards from deception. If this quality is laboriously built in and cultivated in all events, big and little, in the daily life, the risks of being led astray will be nullified.

“{C} A third method frequently employed is to envelop the disciple in a thick cloud of darkness, to surround him with an impenetrable night and fog through which he stumbles and often falls. It may take the form of a black cloud of emotional matter, of some dark emotion that seems to imperil all stable vibration and plunges the bewildered student into a blackness of despair; he feels that all is departing from him; he is a prey to varied and dismal emotions; he deems himself forsaken of all; he considers that all past effort has been futile and that naught remains but to die. At such times he needs much the gift of viveka, and to earnestly weigh up and calmly reason out the matter. He should at these times remind himself that the darkness hides naught from the God within, and that the stable centre of consciousness remains there, untouched by aught that may betide. He should persevere until the end, the end of what? The end of the enveloping cloud, the point where it merges itself into sunlight; he should pass through its length and out into the daylight, realizing that nothing can at any time reach to and hurt the inner consciousness. God is within, no matter what transpires without. We are so apt to look out at environing circumstances, whether physical, astral or mental, and to forget that the inmost centre of the heart hides our points of contact with the Universal Logos.”

JJ: Of course, not all depression is caused by the Dark Brothers, but it is true that when one begins the path of true service that depression will be a weapon that they will use to discourage fledging disciples.

It is also important to not cultivate the “devil under every rock” syndrome. Many beginning aspirants who are not producing enough results to attract the attention of the dark ones will tend to blame every problem they have on the dark entities. Such persons will often escape from their own responsibilities for achievement by a “devil made me do it” attitude.

Nevertheless, the day will come in the lives of all servers where they become effective enough to attract attention of the great ones on the left and the right. When this time comes the disciple must learn to neutralize the dark forces and the obstacles in the path.

From my own experience with both forces I sense that there is a divine purpose in allowing the Dark Brothers to wreck havoc on us as we attempt to serve.

Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

The beginner sees service as an act of sacrifice on his part, as if he is doing a favor for God and the Masters of Wisdom. But then after lifetimes of struggle he begins to realize that true service is a prize and a privilege to obtain. When the Dark Powers are neutralized and he finally can serve without impediment then his attitude tales a 180 degree shift. Service is no longer a gift he is giving to the world through sacrifice, but a joy and a sublime gift that God has given to him as well as others with whom he associates. Each step and increase in power to service is a gift from God, but to receive the gift one has to develop a capacity to retain the gift. If one does not have the capacity to retain the gift the gift is held in reserve until the power to correctly use it is retained.

The Dark Ones unwittingly help the servants obtain the discipline and steadiness of mind necessary to obtain the status of a working disciple.

In the meantime, dealing with depression which is either self-caused or sent from the Dark Brothers is a real item for the worker in the light to deal with.

If the depression is not because of an attack and yet the person is fairly evolved the cause is usually a resistance of some kind. What kind of resistance? A resistance to the impressions sent from the soul or a resistance to hearing the words of the soul itself.

Why would one resist hearing the words of the soul? Because of fear. Fear of what? Fear that the soul will direct you in paths that you are not prepared to take.

Solution: The seeker must become as a little child in this matter and be open to all things and have a willingness to learn any new truth, even if it diametrically opposes that which he has held dear for many years. Then when the truths of the Holy Spirit do distil upon his consciousness, he must not resist, but follow. If he does not follow, depression is likely to result for he will not be able to completely set aside the feelings from his innermost being that he is not living up to the highest of which he is capable.

In the case of receiving and handling a negative charge from the Dark Brothers the solution is somewhat different. An extremely important part of the solution is to learn the difference between negativity caused from our own making and negativity that is sent to us to neutralize us. There is a definite difference in the sensation of the two. The only way to consistently recognize negativity imposed from outside is to learn to not identify with your own emotion.

In my book, The Immortal, we were taught that we are not our bodies, or our emotions and we are not even our minds. These are all vehicles for our use. Just as a car we drive is not us, but a vehicle for our use, even so it is with our feelings. Depression is thus possible because we identify too strongly with our vehicles, in particular our emotional selves.

When the wise disciple fully understands that he is not his feelings he can use the positive ones for his enjoyment, but detach himself from the negative ones. As he then passes through the negative he then realizes that the experience is like being in a secure ship passing through a storm and that the storm will soon end. In the meantime, he can retreat into his secure warm dry cabin and sip on a glass of wine until the storm passes. After the dark storm passes (and it always does) the pilgrim can then go out on the deck and enjoy the sun and fresh tropical breeze.

He thus learns to enjoy the good and neutralize the bad.

As the servant becomes adept at neutralizing dark forces so they have no negative effect upon him personally another problem develops. When the Dark Brothers see that that attacks on the disciple are ineffective they will then attempt to get to him by attacking either his loved ones or other workers in the light with whom he is associated. They do this by channeling the negative energy either directly at the designated persons or sending it to the disciple and reflecting it off his aura into other people who are in his consciousness.

It’s a little like the plot of a bad movie where the bad guy threatens the life of the hero if he does not do what they say. The hero then says “Do what you want to me, but I won’t cooperate.” The bad guy then grabs a loved one and says “Do what I say or the girl gets it.” In the movies this always gets to the hero and he disarms and cooperates until an opportunity to escape presents itself.

This is not an exact correspondence for the disciple must never disarm or cooperate. What then is the solution? When such an attack comes the disciple must learn to recognize it for what it is and tune into the vibratory signatures of loved ones or fellow workers. He will either recognize who are the target(s) of the attack with higher psychism or through clues that will present themselves.

When he then discovers the person(s) who is affected the disciple must then work with him or her with the utmost of patience, love and communication to neutralize any negative effects. How that neutralization is to take place is varied and cannot be covered in full here. It may vary from saving a life to a mere communication or prayers to drive the force back into its rightful place.

There is a piece of good news here and it is that the Dark Brothers cannot attack consistently with power, but must build up negativity through their own meditation and send it forth when the correct window is open. Generally (but not always) this involves intervals of from three to six months.

They will often time their attacks to present themselves shortly after the servant has received an endowment of positive force from the Brotherhood of Light. The time of the attack is very consistently three days after the endowment. Such an attack is geared to discourage the disciple from following the revelation or inspiration received. But the wise servant will ignore the negative and follow the positive even as he sails through the fiercest of storms.

Part of the purpose of the Song of the 144,000 is to assist all workers in the light in neutralizing these negative attacks when they come as well as preparing a conduit to channel protective energy to others in the circle of service.

May 20, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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In our group there are some who take the Bible quite seriously and others who take it with a grain of salt. Both sides will note that whenever possible I will quote from it to either establish truth or to illustrate that certain teachings are confirmed there. For those of you who see me as wasting time here I would encourage tolerance and an open mind. While it is true that many teachings and laws in the Bible were for a people of an age long past there is also much wisdom expressed in its verses. The highlight of the Bible is of course the words of Jesus.

The fact that the words of the Bible are a strong authority in the minds of many can be used for good or evil. Many use it as a means of control, but then there is an opportunity to open minds to greater vision if it can be shown that a hidden teaching lies therein.

In my view one of the most misused teachings of he Bible concerns divorce. In the days of Moses a man could divorce a woman on a whim and Jesus saw this as an injustice and attempted to shift Israel in the other direction. But because people like to take one extreme position or another they went the other way and many were caught in loveless marriages from which there seemed to be no escape.

Several questioned my interpretation of the scripture I quoted on divorce so I thought I would clarify further here. I would be happy to take any questions if further clarification is needed.

One of the problems is that many lump the words fornication and adultery as meaning the same thing, but such is not the case. Two entirely different words are used with two different meanings in the original language. Some churches realize this and define adultery as being sex by a married person with someone besides the spouse. They define fornication as sex between two unmarried people. They are on the right track in making a distinction between the two words, but have missed the principle behind them.

For the most ancient and accurate definition we must look to the Hebrew:

Fornication is translated from the Hebrew ZÂNÂH and the Greek PORNEIA. In connection with sex ZÂNÂH implies some type of prostitution – either playing the roll of a prostitute or using a prostitute. On the other hand, more often than not it is used in the Bible to imply an act that has nothing to do with sex. Strong’s Concordance defines it as “committing idolatry.”

Time and time again in the scriptures when the heart of the people of Israel or Jerusalem left the true God and worshipped idols they were said to be committing fornication.

Adultery comes from NÂ’APH and we all know the common meaning here. In addition to referring to sexual betrayal it is also used to label one who has drifted away from God or the true teachings from God.

How does idolatry correspond to prostitution?

A prostitute receives sex for money with no exchange of the love energy. The prostitute only gives him tenderness when she receives something in return. Without the exchange of love there is only physical effects and satisfaction.

On the other hand, when one finds a faithful and loving wife sex is exchanged with no money involved. Both receive fulfillment through love that goes beyond physical satisfaction. Faithful companions give to each other even when there is no money or physical benefit in sight.

Idolatry is very similar prostitution in that the idol commands your physical attention and some type of payment or sacrifice. The idol gives not of true love, but only the illusion of fulfillment. When the relationship is over the person walks away from the idol empty-handed.

On the other hand, if one sees the invisible God as the partner in a marriage relationship he will dedicate his life to such a beng and receive the true benefit of love in return. Like the faithful spouse God does not demand physical payment for fleeting pleasure, but instead commands your heart and loyalty in return for love that never dies.

Here is a scripture that tells us that the city of Tyre has committed fornication because she is playing the roll of a prostitute.

“Take an harp, go about the city, thou harlot that hast been forgotten; make sweet melody, sing many songs, that thou mayest be remembered.

And it shall come to pass after the end of seventy years, that the LORD will visit Tyre, and she shall turn to her hire, and shall commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.” Isa 23:16-17

Here is another one telling us that Jerusalem is committing a similar error:

“But thou (Jerusalem) didst trust in thine own beauty, and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications (ZÂNÂH) on every one that passed by; his it was. And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot thereupon: the like things shall not come, neither shall it be so. Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver, which I had given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom (ZÂNÂH – fornicaton) with them.” Ezek 16:15-17

Here we are told as plain as word can be that Jerusalem committed fornication through idolatry and not sex.

The scriptures also use adultery in symbolic ways not involving sex:

“And I said after she had done all these things, Turn thou unto me. But she returned not. And her treacherous sister Judah saw it. And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce… And it came to pass through the lightness of her whoredom, that she defiled the land, and committed adultery with stones and with stocks.” Jer 3:7-9

Here Judah betrayed God and this non sexual betrayal was called adultery. Because of this God said that he was giving her a bill of divorcement.

Here is a scripture where both the words are used implying that there are two different meanings.

“But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,” Gal 5:18-19

Here is a scripture that clearly tells us that fornication has a meaning that differs from adultery.

“Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.” I Cor 7:2

Paul tells us that marriage will help us avoid fornication. On the other hand, one cannot commit adultery unless he is married.

Many times in the scriptures the word fornication is used in connection with idols or sacrifices made thereto. Here are some examples:

“But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.” Rev 2:14

“Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.” Rev 2:20

Notice in these two examples that fornication is linked strongly to idolatry and also to false teachings. This indicates that a form of fornication is to have a true teacher or teaching and embrace a false one that may sound good and easy, but is as illusionary as an idol.

Note that Jesus himself tells us that adultery is not always a physical act:

“Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Matt 5:27-28

He also said that fornication comes from the heart:

“For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:” Matt 15:19

If therefore one can commit adultery and fornication within the heart and can carry out this error in ways that do not involve sex would this not also mean that the scriptures would also sanctify divorce in cases that do not involve sex, but instead the condition of the heart?

With this in mind let us again examine the scripture in question:

“But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.” Matt. 5:32

A justifiable cause of divorce is therefore fornication. If one thus takes his heart away from his spouse and puts it on an idol (idolized person) in place of the spouse he has therefore committed fornication.

This makes a lot of sense when you think of it. Who wants to stay married to someone who does not have his or her heart dedicated to you? Such a marriage is indeed lifeless and if the hearts cannot be joined again in unity divorce can actually be a beneficial option. It only makes sense that the couple should do everything within their power to join again the hearts as one before considering this final solution.

I believe the core meaning was left out of the above scripture. Let me quote it again with additional light in parenthesis.

“But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, (her love and heart is not with you) causeth her to commit adultery: (If her heart is with you and you leave her she violates her heart if she is joins with another) and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced (her heart belongs to the previous spouse) committeth adultery (you are having sex with one whose heart belongs to another).” Matt. 5:32

Speaking of heart, does this interpretation not settle better with your heart than the demand that two people not joined in the heart being forced to stay together?

May 16, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Comments on Abortion and Divorce

Comments on Abortion and Divorce

A reader asks by what authority it is from which I write.

I do not need any authority to say anything I want. I can just type on this little keyboard to my hearts content. The reader can use the authority of the soul to discover the truth or error of anything I say.

The reader mentions the signs of life in the fetus and seems to think that conflicts with something I said.

I have taken people back to the womb and even back to the moment of conception and believe me the intelligence and awareness is not as sparkling as you present. Memories and impressions are recorded from the time of conception, but full awareness is not there. The soul is loosely linked to the body and any really intelligent communication would come from that source, but that would not be the norm unless a person is very sensitive to the soul. All one has to do to realize that the soul gradually takes command of the body is to look back on your own life. Most of us have no memories of before the age of four because there is no self awareness. Our consciousness goes through, for about four years, one similar to the animal kingdom where individualization has not taken place.

I can remember my consciousness from the ages of 4-8 and I know from memory that my soul was more firmly anchored at 8 than it was at 4.

I have taken many people back to the early ages up to the time of birth and it is obvious from their accounts that their self consciousness was not firmly anchored at that time, even though full memory is recorded from the time of conception.

There is also quite a difference in the consciousness in the womb and the consciousness shortly after birth. To discover this you have observe more than memory and instinctive response.

Interesting slant on the abortion scripture from a reader. The way the scripture is worded the (Exodus 21:22-23) (hurt unto death) could apply to either the mother or the unborn child. The scripture does tell us though that the mother definitely suffered hurt.

Actually this circumstance does not correspond very closely to abortion as it is today for even the most liberal abortion advocates would want to prosecute one who would strike a pregnant woman so she would lose her child.

By the way, many of the Bibles today that claim to be an accurate or close to literal translation are far from such. In your quote, for instance, the word “husband” is used and neither the word husband or wife occurs anywhere in the Old Testament.

The word “husband” here comes from the Hebrew BA’AL which literally means “Master” or “Possessor.” Few Bibles translate this the way the Hebrews used it for fear of offending the flock. But among the Hebrews the man was the Master of his household. Let me repeat for the new ones that I believe the most correct translation to be the Concordant Bible.

We have the same problem in our society with divorce as we do with abortion. The masses gather on the extreme views on one side or the other instead of looking at both sides in the circumstance and making an informed decision.

It is interesting that many who are anti divorce no matter what will use the following scripture as justification for their view:

“But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery”. (Matt. 5:32)

Here we have a scripture that has been greatly misunderstood and has caused much trouble in the world. Many religions have forbidden divorce because of these words of Jesus.

Notice that Jesus said that the only justifiable cause of divorce is “fornication”. The prevalent belief among Christians is that fornication is sex between two unmarried persons or between two married people not married to each other. But here Jesus uses fornication as an act between married couples. Therefore, the meaning intended by Jesus is not the one attributed to the word by people of today.

Actually, fornication may not even involve sex, for in the context it is used throughout the Bible, it means “to be alienated from” or “to remove one’s heart from”.

Thus, if the wife’s heart is alienated from her husband, he may justifiably divorce her. God often called Israel his wife and when she committed fornication against Him and removed her heart from the true God and worshipped idols, she committed fornication against Him and He gave Israel, his wife, a bill of divorcement.

It is t his way with people. If their energies are not correctly matched and balanced, they commit fornication and become alienated and should get a divorce.

On the other hand, if the wife’s heart is with her husband and the husband divorces a wife who is committed to him, he “causeth her to commit adultery”. In other words, he causes her heart to forcibly seek someone else who may be at a wrong point of evolution. “And whosoever shall marry her that is divorced (wrongfully divorced) committeth adultery”. If a man marries a woman whose heart is still with her original husband, there is produced an imbalance of energy and this is what true adultery and fornication are.

Thus we see that the words of Jesus that have been used to cause much pain in prolonging relationships that should have never been – actually point toward the common sense that humanity has adopted in modern times.

On the other hand, when one divorces frivolously, on a whim, or because of betrayal with another person definite harm can come. It is generally recognized that a committed couple, especially with children should do everything in their power to rekindle their love and live together in peace.

My parents divorced when I was twelve. This was a painful experience for us all but a necessary one. I’m sure my sweet mother would have been long dead by now if she would have stayed with my dad – for life would have been very difficult for her. As it was she quit smoking and drinking, got a job, became self-sufficient and has helped and inspired many people.

May 16, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Thoughts on Abortion

Thoughts on Abortion

Been very busy as usual plus my wife and I spent some time showing appreciation to our mothers. Even though I love my Father (now passed away) there’s something special about the place in the heart that is had by a loving mother. My father inspired me with his genius, but my mother has always made my heart full with her love and sacrifice.

Glad you liked my feeble attempt at humor with the Big Zap. A little levity is like a healing balm at times.

Well, some issues have surfaced here that could keep us busy for months, but we’ll try and cover them briefly so we can go forward with our subject and perhaps cover them in greater detail later.

I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on abortion. The first thing of note is that even though the Bible is used extensively to preach against abortion, it says virtually nothing in support of anti abortion views. The only evidence it gives as to when life begins is hinted at in the creation of Adam that he became a “living soul” when the breath of life entered into him. Of course, the breath of life enters into a baby when he is born and takes a breath.

There are two accounts in the Bible that I know of that have some application to abortion.

The first is in Exodus 21:22-23

“If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

“And if any mischief follow (if the woman dies), then thou shalt give life for life.”

This is a circumstance worse than a doctor aborting a child on the request of a female. Here it seems to be describing some sort of an attack on an expecting mother. Note the difference in the punishments meted out. If the unborn baby dies the offender will receive a punishment, but not receive the death penalty.

On the other hand, if he kills the mother in the attack he is to suffer death. The point made here is that the ancients saw both injuries as crimes, but saw the death of the living mother as much more serious than that of the unborn child.

Numbers 5:11-31 gives an interesting account of what to do if your wife is suspected of sleeping with another person and getting pregnant. She is commanded to drink a bitter potion and if she has not sinned all will be well and “she shall conceive seed.” If she is guilty she shall become ill and have no child.

Here the Bible actually seems to condone abortion where birth is undesirable.

What we must also consider here is that these ancient laws were given to a primitive people and if the Masters were to give us new laws today they would be worded much differently in many cases.

Here is the truth the way I see it. Each must check with their own soul and follow the highest they see for themselves.

The entity makes a magnetic connection with the mother often before conception occurs and a form of psychic interplay occurs. In between lives the Solar Angel in connection with the entity reprograms the permanent physical atom to lay the foundation for the creation of a better physical body than before. Some time after conception the reprogrammed atom enters into the womb and begins the process of building.

There are exceptions. There are times when one entity starts building a body and then one of higher evolution and mission sees an unique opportunity in the birth situation and trades places with the original entity. Then there are also cases of trading places shortly after birth as well as later on in life. This can create a disadvantage for the new entity and he will often seem a little slow in learning in the early years, but become very advanced after age 14 after he builds a completely new body from his own atomic programming.

Overall the soul begins anchoring a magnetic link to the physical body around the time of conception. For the soul there is an awareness of this link, but the self-conscienceless is not in the body within the womb. This link is made stronger until near the time of birth when consciousness begins to enter into the baby’s body. This consciousness is brought to a greater awakening at birth and the first breath. But even here the soul does not fully function in the body. The anchoring and entering of the soul solidly in the body then proceeds for another 7-8 years until full self awareness is achieved around the age of seven or eight.

Question: If the soul is not in the body in the womb then how is it that the fetus can react to pain and that it sleeps, wakes up and moves and is obviously alive?

The body of the fetus is animated by a group of elemental lives functioning through the developing centers and the brain of the new body. Also the soul has some communion from a distance and will sometimes contact the parents on subtle planes.

Over all we have four periods of varying seriousness in the taking of a life.

(1) From Conception to just before birth. The loss of the life here can interrupt the plans of the soul in some cases, but not in others. If the plans are interfered with then a fairly short period of time is wasted for in this age of booming population birth opportunities usually abound for those who are seeking earth plane existence. There are cases where the parents present a unique opportunity for the child and in this situation the soul suffers a major setback. Every possible signal will be sent to the parents to not abort, if such a thought is in their minds.

(2) From birth to full self-consciousness. Here the loss of life is more serious for the soul has energy and time invested in the new life.

(3) From eight years until retirement from learning. Unexpected loss of life during this period is the most serious of all for it interferes with established plans of the soul as well as causing a large block of wasted time. Often times the soul will have to plan another entire life to make up for the interruption. It also produces serious discomfort for loved ones depending and associating with him.

(4) Old age, or that age when learning has come to a stand still. For about 90% of the elderly, the learning of life’s lessons come to a standstill. For others who are slackers it may come earlier in life. When life’s lessons are over the entity in the body may still enjoy life and his family, but from the point of view of the soul the purpose of the life is over and there is nothing of importance left for the entity to learn. Therefore, a loss of life at this point is less serious for it does not interfere with the plans of the soul. Family members and loved ones may be distressed over the loss, but they will feel consoled that the person has lived a full life.

Now let’s get down to the prime question. Is aborting a fetus murder in the same category as killing a fully conscious entity?

No it is not as serious.

Is it wrong then?

There is cause and effect to all actions including abortion. The karma derived therefore is not as serious as the killing of a fully developed human, but there is usually negative karma nevertheless. One possible repercussion is that the time will come when the entity who was responsible for the abortion seeks a new life in ideal circumstances for progression and he himself finds his opportunity terminated through abortion.

Note that I said there is usually negative karma? There is a way out in some circumstances. If the parents contact the entity in the subtle planes and get permission to abort the child the negative karma will be neutralized. In this age of great population increase there are many instances where the entity is drawn back to the earth prematurely and such entity may desire a longer rest between lives. If in this case permission is granted to the parents to abort there will be none to accuse and where there is none to accuse karma is negligible.

The problem is the same with abortion as it is for many other problems. The majority take an extremist position. One side says that it is murder in every case and the other says there is no harm done in any case. Both of these extremes are incorrect for the only way one could know for sure about the degree of harm is through revelation. Barring such a revelation it is a good idea to live one’s life responsibly so such a painful and dangerous decision as abortion can be avoided.

May 14, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Discerning Truth from Error

Discerning Truth from Error

Let us review the Principles of Discovery covered so far. They are:

(1) Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping stones for testing additional truths.

(2) Be willing to let these foundation beliefs be either altered or dropped as some of them are replaced by higher vision.

(3) The teaching should be in harmony with common sense

(4) It should increase the power of Decision and free will.

(5) It should bring you to a new level of awareness and usefulness.

(6) Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

(7) Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

(8) Follow all the aspects of the Will of God that is within your perception and your sensitivity to the truth will increase.

(9) The Process of Elimination. Eliminate those things that are definitely not true and contemplate on that which remains.

(10) Effective Communication

(A) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(B) Person to person communication.

(C) Communication through the soul.

(11) Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

(12) The principle of planting and harvesting.

(13) “The Law of Correspondences.” The principle behind it is “as above so below,” and visa versa.

(14) Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.

In relation to our recent discussions on the soul I have been contemplating the name of the current principle revealed and have decided on:

(15) Discernment. In particular the disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral/emotional world and the world of the soul.

The seeker can read all the books in the world, attend all retreats, sit at the feet of many gurus and teachers, but until he develops the ability to discern between emotion and spirit, truth and error the good and the bad he will be at a standstill in his progression.

Now some may stop in their tracks her and say there is no good and evil – that’s it is just a point of view, but remember the definition of good and evil as given by the Brotherhood.

Good is that teaching of philosophy which when applied takes us forward in our progression upon the Path and evil is that which when applied moves us in retrogression. Unfortunately, because of lack of power to discern many people call good, evil and evil, good just as predicted by Isaiah.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

David wrote in a similar vein:

“The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” Psalms 14:2-3

Thus we see that in ancient times the teachers were frustrated that the people had such little power to discern that good and evil became confusing to the extent that the common people called that which was evil, good and good, evil. The confusion was so great that often not one of them was accomplishing any good.

Now we have been talking about principles that assist in the discovery of truth, but if we were to group principles that lead the masses to error, the herd mentality would have to be at the top of the list. The spiritual group produces a higher life, but the herd instinct causes many to give up their power of thought and identify with a lower elemental life form that needs to be dominated by our power of decision.

This herd instinct causes people to join a destructive mob, to support strange religious doctrines, or to follow a political view without thinking about the reason why.

So let us look out upon the world today exercise discernment and ask.

What are some things commonly believed to be good that are really leading to retrogression and others believed to be evil that may in truth lead to progression?

If I remember correctly we covered this idea somewhat in connection with another subject, but it is good to review again since it is an important one.

Maya, glamour and illusion fog the eyes of many so it becomes well neigh impossible to see what is good. Only when these “three temptations” are overcome can one have sufficient soul contact so the path of progress becomes clearly visible. The great part is that when two reach this point of vision they can always come to unity in agreement of basic principles.

A good portion of the problem in seeing the good lies in the past. In the journey of mankind from the distant past to the present there have been many things gathered that are tried and true and still good and useful. These should not be discarded, but used to enhance the present and for guideposts for the future. On the other hand, we have made many mistakes in the past. These mistaken ideas should not be taken with us, but should be dropped or altered into more useful format. In addition to this there are ideas and concepts that worked for our good in the past but are no longer usable due to the changing of the times. Such concepts should also be modified or dropped to make way for the new.

So here is where the problem of good and evil come in to play. The average seeker is reluctant to use his power of discernment or judgment and wants to proceed on the path of least resistance and have all values be black and white so no thought is necessary. This is the lazy man’s no way to enlightenment.

The black and white thinking of the masses about the past is in one of two categories:

(1) The person has a large investment in the ideas and procedures of the past, therefore all those things that worked to bring him where he is now is good and should be kept at all costs. To give up the ideas from the past is like betraying the gifts of God for this individual.

(2) The past represents the ideas and mistakes of a passing generation who made too many errors and never had it together. We should drop the ideas from the past and start anew on every turn and build a better happier world.

People as a whole gravitates to extremist sides of the fence and unfortunately too many people gravitate to one of these two extreme views because only one decision is necessary. The one decision is to keep the past or to throw out the past. Anything in between requires thought and contemplation as well as numerous decisions through discernment and requires too much effect for the average person.

A reader commented that free love and our high divorce rate is seen to be evil, but may in reality be good.

In the past we were taught that sex was only to be had within the bonds of matrimony. Today one camp adheres fiercely to this idea and the other camp totally rejects it. Is one side right or are they both wrong because of total acceptance or rejection of the past?

In the past we are told that divorce is wrong and should be avoided at all costs except in extreme circumstances – that divorce always ends with negative results.

Today one extreme tries to hold on to this idea whereas the other rejects it telling us we should be able to move out of a marriage relationship whenever we feel like it. Again is one side right or are they both wrong because of total acceptance or rejection of the past?

What type of conclusion in these two areas is the disciple likely to come to through the use of discernment?

The Big Zap

I thought I would give the true translation to a recent post.




Greetings from ZOR commander of Galactic Region 666


No Translation necessary. I was just clearing my throat.





We like your earth women. How much for three of them?





We love your women so much that we sent messages of love though millions of your computers.




Instead of appreciating it you called it a virus and attempted to eliminate it.






This makes us very angry and we have decided to take revenge.





We know how much all of you enjoy the Big Zap Hamburgers so we are going to take them away from you forever.




We will alter reality so the Big Zap will no longer be big and juicy, but will taste like cat food and cardboard.




The name will change to Big Mac







You will eat this mindlessly and not even remember that the Big Zap ever existed.






May 10, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Discerning Spiritual Energies

Discerning Spiritual Energies

A member told a story about a spiritual group who sent light and love to a member who was having marital problems. At this same time she sent out the thought that she wished her husband were dead. At that same moment he had a car accident and died. He figured therefore that the spiritual group was responsible for the tragedy.

Most of the members disagreed and seemed to believe that the thoughts of the group had little or no effect on the guy killed. I tend to take the middle ground here.

It is true that other people’s thoughts and feelings do have an influence on us, more subtle than actions, but effects nevertheless. Powerful negative emotion tends to send the effect with a lot more force than mere thinking does.

Even so, the guy did not have to have an accident. He evidently picked up the energy, but it was his fault he allowed himself to be distracted. If a guy has an accident because he looks at a pretty girl the accident is still his fault. The pretty girl was a distraction it is true, but she did not force his hand in driving into the other car.

I have picked up negative thoughts and emotions many times in my life and have discovered that when this happens I must pay particular attention to avoid accidents.

Another interesting note is that when another person is angry at me I can see his or her negative energy in my aura even though I am at peace with myself. When this happens I find that saying the Song and some OMS helps to dispel the negativity.

In my last post I talked about the dark mantras and the guy who related the story seems to think that any implanted thought comes from our subconscious.

Actually the accident goes against this idea. The reader seems to think that the guy who had the accident did not do so because of his own negative thoughts, but because of an impression received from other beings. If such an impression can come from mere normal humans then the advanced Dark Brothers or the Brotherhood of Light surely has even greater power to send impressions.

Do the two Brotherhoods just sit around all day and ponder their navels and ignore humanity???

No neither of them ignore us, but have a great deal invested in the human kingdom and are in opposing struggles to influence us.

There are numerous types of communications beyond the normal physical and as the disciple develops soul contact he learns to distinguish between their various vibrations. Let us name several.

(1) Communication from the astral or emotional body.

Many beginners believe this is soul contact because it may be the highest they have yet received. Most people take the highest they have received and see it as God talking to them. Unfortunately, the information received from the astral is wrong about 90% of the time. Many of those who have swallowed the prophesies of doom that never happened rely heavily on the astral.

(2) The Higher mind.

This is like a great computer and delivers much more accurate information than does the emotional body, but it will be wrong about a third of the time without soul contact.

(3) The soul and higher worlds. Even though there are differentiations here we will group all these higher contacts as “soul contact” for the soul is the doorway to all higher contact.

The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not even see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates when truth is spoken or presented. When a truth is spoken and it just seems to “ring true” that can be a soul confirmation if the seeker has moved beyond the emotional influences.

(4) A Master or Higher Life sending you a communication through the soul.

Receiving this is very much like receiving impressions from your Higher Self through the soul for to accurately receive either of them one must look within. But even though one looks within and receives a communication from a Master through the soul, the actual communication originated from without and there will be a different vibration to it than an impression from your Higher Self, or Solar Angel. The vibration from your own soul will be extremely consistent, but if you get a communication from two different Masters you will note two different vibrations or signatures. Just like each of us has a different face even so does each living entity have a differing vibration that has a different feel to it and the disciple can learn to recognize them.

(5) An astral entity communicating through the astral body. Most channeling is done this way and is not very accurate unless the mind of the receiver is well developed.

(6) A Dark Brother or one of their associates.

Whereas the receiving point for communication from a Master originates in the innermost core of your being the reception area for the Dark Ones is in your outer aura.

The Brothers of Light first penetrate to the core and vibrate outward filling your whole being with light, but the Dark Ones first penetrate the outer periphery of your being and attempt to work toward the core until the darkness hides the inner light.

You will know for sure you have soul contact when you can tell the difference in vibration in these six different areas. Soul contact begins when the seeker learns the difference between emotional contact and soul contact.

May 8, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Greater Vision and Dark Mantras

Greater Vision and Dark Mantras

Here we are at the morning of May 6th, 2000. May 5th is now gone forever with no great disasters in sight. Neither have I seen anyone translated into a new dimension. We were hit with a computer virus which event was much more in alignment with true astrological prediction than the end of the world or an apocalypse.

(NOTE: A lot of people were expecting an Apocalypse of destruction on May 5, 2000 because of a planetary alignment.)

Since the beginning of this group we have had several doomsday dates that we have cheerfully passed through. The thing that amazes me is that when these prophesies fail the followers are often undeterred. When Y2K for instance, failed to be a problem many still thought they were correct to predict doomsday because their warnings were responsible for averting the disaster. Now, I suppose that some will say that their good vibes they sent out negated the great earth changes. Still others will be looking for some disaster in the news. It is likely that there will be a storm or earthquake somewhere on the earth and believers are likely to point to this normal event as prophecy fulfilled – that is if anything happens the next week or so.

I remember in the beginning of the year when I expressed a non concern for Y2K that a reader was upset at me and predicted that there were subtle Y2K problems that would multiply and by Spring chaos would be here. “I don’t think so…” I told him. Well Spring has come and just about gone and the Y2K is the least of our problems.

Another reader has predicted doom at least three times that I know of and each time nothing has happened. Nevertheless, he is still undaunted in his belief in finding the truth through numbers. In fact, if I remember correctly, his system originally indicated to him that I was a good guy, but then when he disagreed with me this same system indicated I was the Antichrist.

So what are we to do with the next prophecy of doom? Who knows, it may be possible that a true prophecy may come along some time. Maybe someone will get it right by accident for even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The answer is the same that we have emphasized in this group many times. Look within and see what comes from your soul. If we depend on someone else’s word we will be mislead time and time again.

I feel very peaceful within right now and have no sense of immediate doom and gloom. World problems will always come and go but basically my inner sense tells me that this is a time of opportunity and expansion rather than a time to hide in caves.

What do you feel from within? If you sense something let us know what you pick up.

The Art of Seeing continued…

So once you have seen the energy that circles around you what is next?

In addition to our correspondence to an atom we also correspond to an egg. Our physical body is like a yoke. The auras correspond to the white. But beneath the shell covering the egg is a thin film. Even so do we have an outer film encompassing our physical, astral and mental bodies. This outer film is extremely difficult to see in comparison to the etheric or the aura.

This film is something like a movie screen where not only are your thoughts projected in geometric language, but through which all knowledge is available. He who is able to see this film becomes a seer as was written of the ancient sages.

Whereas the seeing of the physical body, the etheric, and the aura can be seen with the physical eyes the seeing of the outer film does take the aid of the soul and when it is seen, it can be viewed with the eyes open or shut. When the Seer becomes one with the film he becomes one with the outer vision and becomes himself an all-seeing eye and can direct his seeing to any part of the universe within his ring-pass-not.

For most of us this is like talking blue sky, but it is indeed true that the time will come for each of us to experience the numerous levels of vision for the soul and spirit.

Suppose we reach this higher level of seeing – can we then ask if there is more to see? What could be more than everything?

The answer is that there is more, much more. The soul is the doorway to the formless worlds and seeing in the formless worlds is an entirely different thing than seeing form.

The beginning of this formless seeing is the “still small voice” which in reality is not a voice, but an impression that is attempting to open the eyes of the soul. These eyes see with eyes of understanding and the language of communication is through the exchange of principles.

The good news is that this seeing is open to us all if we are willing to drop our preconceived notions and trust the voice within more than the voice without.

A reader asked if we cold see the etheric and the aura in the dark.

The etheric body is much easier to see in the natural light because it does reflect some physical light as well as radiate some light of its own. If you become sensitive enough you can see the etheric field in the dark. You can also see the aura in the dark, but this is more difficult also. A reason this is difficult is a point of focus is difficult to establish in the dark. I have done it before, but it took a lot of practice and concentration.

A reader comments on sensing a dark inner voice saying, “What if I am wrong?” This seems to be a negative force trying to discourage her.

She has stumbled on one of the hypnotic mantras of the Dark Brotherhood.

There are two powerful ones that I know of. They are

“What if I am wrong?”


“Who do you think you are?”

Now there is an appropriate use of these phrases, but when projected into the mind of the seeker at the right time and place they can be a powerful deterrent to progress and soul contact.

The first dark mantra, “What if I am wrong?”

This phrase is often projected into the mind of the seeker when he is seeking to move away from fear-based teachings, especially those that concern hell, fire and brimstone.

If the seeker decides he wants to leave his church and move on to higher things, within his mind he will often hear: “What if I am wrong? If I am wrong I could burn in hell forever and forever is a long time. Maybe I’d better keep my big toe in the church just in case.”

This concerned me with in relationship with my church when I was young and it was only through a powerful confirmation through the soul was I able to shed all fear of eternal retribution for not conforming. I have seen many people come to an understanding of higher principles, yet still maintain a lingering fear of hell and thus are unable to fully shake off the tentacles of the church.

Now don’t get me wrong – at a certain stage upon the path the church may be a positive influence and some churches are much better than others, but the time comes in the life of a disciple where he must break completely free of the hold of outside authority and replace it with the inner voice of the soul.

It is always the outer voice substituting for the voice of God that makes the seeker afraid of hell and punishment for the innocent acts of questioning, or breaking free and moving to a higher aspiration. The seeker can often use reason and tell himself that he is 99.9% positive that God would not punish him for leaving the church or its doctrines, but no amount of reasoning completely silences that one tenth of one percent doubt that gnaws at him. Only a contact with the inner voice giving him assurance can give him the courage to completely break free.

Many people who are into metaphysics have never been caught up in the thoughtform of eternal punishment and thus never generated that fear and doubt that the religious based person experiences in this life. Some look upon these people as being backward spiritually, but such is not usually the case. Many seekers in the churches are just as advanced spiritually as the ones out of them. Those who have never been captured by church doctrines often have little understanding of what the seeker within a strong religion must do to break free. And he who does break free will have certain advantages over those who have never had to make the struggle for such a person will have made a great step in seeing out of illusion. He will also have to live very close to the soul to maintain his freedom.

Here’s the advantage the church has over the seeker who is exploring the knowledge of reincarnation and karma.

If reincarnation is true then I will not be eternally punished if I break free from the church or if I stay in the church. If staying in the church is a mistake then I can correct that mistake in a future life.


If the church doctrine of eternal punishment is true and I reject the church my mistake will be of overwhelming proportions. Being tormented by the devil and his angels forever is much worse than the delay of progression for a life or two.

The temptation: What if I am wrong? Maybe I should play it safe. Safe is good…

The trouble is many have faced this fear for a number of lives and have not broken free. They are like the two individuals who were afraid to move on the path in the parable in my book. It seemed safe for them to just stand still and go nowhere.

Once a person has learned the lessons a church has to offer and does not move on he is just standing still, immobilized by his fears and will remain so until he quiets those fears and listens to the inner voice and moves in the new direction that God has for him.

Punishment from God is the greatest hurtle to overcome from the “What if I’m wrong” mantra, but there are other lesser ones.

You may receive a new direction from the inner voice that will put you art odds with your spouse, friends, co-workers or family and if you are wrong you may look like a fool or be rejected by them.

It’s almost like the higher forces test you to see if you are worthy of communion with the soul. I have found in my life that I often seem to be tested to the core when I attempt to follow the inner voice. Sometimes the direction has seemed very illogical and almost impossible. What makes it worse is after a period of time has passed that it seemed more and more certain that the soul was wrong as everything seemed to be falling apart around me. It is during this period of dark and heavy clouds where any further communication with God seems remote that you must do one important thing. Think back to that communication and direction you had with your soul and trust in it. Several times in my life this was very difficult for me for it did not seem that the soul was correct and the “what if I am wrong” comes to the mind with great force,.

But, every time I have followed the soul at all costs in the end I have found the inner voice to be correct and the reward has been great.

He who seeks to follow the inner voice over the outer will have many points of tension in his life and much courage, inner fortitude and diligence will be required to tread the path that leads to knowing.

The second dark mantra is, “Who do you think you are?”

When the seeker studies the lives and teachings of the great ones in history and desires to follow their example and tread the path of service this mantra will echo strong within his mind as he begins his journey.

He reads of miracles performed by holy ones in ages past and he wants to perform miracles also.

“Who do you think you are?” comes the voice. “You are not holy – you’re not even a good person. Just look back upon your life and you’ll see that you are sinful and unworthy indeed.”

The seeker reads about acts of courage and valor that lead to new discoveries, new enterprises and new opportunity. He wants to be like these brave men and women and show others the way to higher ground.

“Who do you think you are?” comes again the voice. Look at all the cowardly things you have done in your life. Crawl back in your hole. You are no hero or pioneer.

The seeker reads of teachers and philosophers who have inspired many and made the world a better place. He wants to do the same.

“Who do you think you are?” comes the voice. How do you expect to teach when you’ve been such a poor student that you’re lucky to get anything right? People will see right through you – that you’re a poor excuse for a human being let alone a teacher.

The power to stop the seeker with the first mantra is through fear, but the power to stop him with the second is through guilt. The seeker must learn to trust in the goodness of God and accept himself where he is now and move ahead without guilt or fear. This is accomplished when trust in the outer voices are dropped and the inner voice is followed. Guilt can only exist when God within is substituted for a false god without. The spirit of God speaking to you from within will never bring guilt, but instead an increase of awareness so true progress can be made.

May 6, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Alignment, Vision and Soul

Alignment, Vision and Soul

Here it is the morning of the Big day…. Cinco de Mayo! Party time.

Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be another big day? Oh yea… The end of the world, perhaps.

A reader asks:

“Btw, anybody see a connection between the computer virus in the news and the May 5th alignment? Or do you think that’s too far-fetched?”

Actually, this type of “disaster” goes along with my comments on the alignment that I made a few days ago where I said: “This energy should stimulate the surfacing of conflicts on some level that will bring old and new age ideas into high visibility. If those working in the light play their part the resistance will be futile and the new ideas will prevail.”

Computers and the Internet are a strong representation of the new age and militant sabotage such as the virus is a strong residual of out-of-date thinking. Thus as we enter the planetary alignment seeing high resistance. We have a strong new age force (the internet) met with a strong destructive force – the virus.

This type of playing out of forces made a lot more sense to me when I looked at the astrological chart a few days ago than the destruction of continents many have feared.

Another playing out of resistant force is coming from the Federal Reserve here in the United States, but their acts will affect the whole world. They are worried that the economy is too good and are at this moment considering another interest rate hike, twice as large as last time to slow things down. This idea that bankers and politicians have that things are too good and that they must slow down progress is definitely anti-new age for there is nothing too good to be true.

Fortunately, there are accurate thinkers who are coming forward with resistance to the idea that “things are too good.” What amazes me is that the public believes whatever they are told on this matter. Then too we must not overlook the fact that bankers make more money from higher interest rates. Thus it is in their best interests to convince us that we need high interest for our own good.

As individuals we also get caught in the “too good to be true” trap and sabotage ourselves because of guilt or ignorance. Some people just cannot tolerate the good and feel a need to punish themselves.

After Image

I was asked of what we see in the previous exercise is just a regular after image. Let me quote from my article.

“Your eyes will have taken a photograph of his etheric light and you will see the “after image” of his head glowing before you.”

If a flash goes off in your face or you catch a glimpse of the sun you will see an after image in the same way. If you move your eyes the after image will move. If you stare ahead the after image will appear to float.

My point is that the after image is of more than the physical body if you do the exercise right.

If you look at something that is a mere negative or non living you will see the same after image each time, but if you look at a human you will see different after images of the etheric body at different times.

I have looked at two different people with the same complexion and saw two very different after images of the etheric. One was all light with no shadows and the other has large dark blotches. Usually when I ask someone with dark blotches if they are feeling OK they will answer that they have a cold or feeling ill or depressed.

I have also looked at my etheric and aura many times through the same mirror in the same conditions and lighting and saw many diverse effects.

On the other hand, I have an image of a negative of a woman and every time I stare at that I see exactly the same results – such is not the case with a living human being.

For those of you who are doubters I would suggested you actually try the exercises. Do the one with the thumbs and you will actually see the image of the etheric. When you see it you will know you are seeing more than just your physical body. If more than your dense physical is there and it is visible – does it not make sense that it would leave an after image?

Here is food for thought. When you look at another person your senses on various levels see and filter through much more than the dense physical body. First you have an atmosphere between you and the person as well as varying types and intensities of light.

In addition to the light reflected by the physical there is blended with this the light projected by the etheric double. Notice I use the word “projected” rather than reflected. This is because the physical body reflects light whereas the etheric double is a source of light.

There is more. In addition to this there is the aura projected by the astral body and finally the mental and causal body. Thus we are all beings of light, but unfortunately we see very little of the whole of the light with our regular vision.

I gave you exercises on seeing the etheric and most of you should have been successful at that. The next step is seeing the aura and I would guess that only about 10% were successful there for the auric light is much more difficult to see. The key to seeing it is to practice daily. I used to do this and got pretty good at it, but lost some of the ability when I quit working on it. Once you gain the ability, however, you never lose it completely.

The first sign that you are seeing the aura is when you notice a light extending six to twelve inches away from the body. At first you will note that it seems to be a colorless light, but as you practice seeing it, the light will grow in intensity and seem to have color in it, but at first it is difficult to perceive which color it is.

Then as you continue to practice one day you will catch a glimpse of the color in its fullness. It will be so bright and beautiful that you will be started out of not seeing into regular seeing and it will disappear. But then you keep trying and after a while you can hold the vision indefinitely. A short distance from the physical body you will see bright neon colors, more brilliant than anything in this regular world of seeing. You will note that everyone has different colors in their aura. Some red, some orange, some yellow, gold, violet and so on. Some seem to radiate only one color and others have several. The colors of all auras change with personal feelings.

I discovered something quite interesting when I learned to see auras. That is a large percentage of people who claim to see auras do not see them at all. They either imagine they are seeing them or are flagrantly scamming people.

This is also true of palm readers. Many who read them know nothing of the actual reading and interpretation of the lines, but pretty much make things up as they go.

Now that you’ve made it to the point of seeing auras are you using soul contact?

No. Many who do not see auras have soul contact, BUT developing the ability to see auras and refined light will increase your sensitivity to the impressions of the soul.

Once you have achieved the ability to see the colors in the aura the question then is: What next? Is there more to see?

Remember I told you that there are three worlds below the point of soul interplay – the physical, the emotional and the mental. The colors in the aura are projected by the feeling world within you, but beyond this auric color is more to see.

Once you have achieved proficiency in seeing colors continue to practice seeing further out from the body. Eventually you will discover another interesting part of yourself. You will see clouds of energy composed of mental substance that circulate around you. It is here you discover your correspondence to an atom for you will realize that your physical body is merely a nucleus whereas there is refined substance spinning around you like electrons around an atom.

This mental substance is a key to telepathy, for when it is sent forth by the power of thought and interplays with the substance of another person there will be some degree of higher communication between the two.

Let us suppose you have progressed this far. You have now seen light in the three worlds. Is there more?

We’ll answer this question next.

May 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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