Understanding Mind

Understanding Mind

Question: What other things need to be taught to assure the world that a new age of peace can really be established?


How will disciples reach the masses?

There are indeed many great and wonderful things that will be taught in the new age. There is one most important principle that has been overlooked and here is the hint.

The Age of Pisces which we are leaving is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The Age of Aquarius which we are entering is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The shift from the element of Pisces to the element of Aquarius indicates the new comprehension that must be known. What is it?

We can see this shift playing out in the polarized elections and political divisions of today.

A reader pointed out that the element of Pisces is water symbolizing emotions and that of Aquarius (air) symbolizes the mind

The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for an age of peace to prevail.

As humans begin evolution we start with attention centered in the instinct/physical. Next we evolve to the emotional/astral. Then we move to the mental/thinking and finally to the intuitive/soul.

What do you suppose is the percentage of humanity that has risen to the plane of the mind to some degree?

Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind, but why is it necessary that mind controls emotion rather than the other way around?

Are the heart energies connected with mind or emotion? Explain

This answer to the percentage was actually given by Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey back in the 1940s. The answer he gave was about ten per cent. Sometimes, however, I feel that it must be lower than this for sometimes it is difficult to find a logical person.

Another thing to consider is that humanity is evolving and that it is likely that this figure has risen perhaps a few more percentage points.

Now some have thought that certain degrees of mind is active in all people, but this is not quite the case. It is true that those not included in the ten percent may have some mental activation, but just not polarized there yet. Even so, there are many in which the principle of mind lies dormant.

One may object and declare that everyone thinks, it is just that some think with more accuracy than others.

On the contrary my friends, the truth is that all use their brains, but all do not think. The cause of this world wide misunderstanding is that the use of the brain has been related to thinking, but…

The brain does not think.

Instead the brain is a piece of equipment equal to a super computer. This super computer has many built in programs and is capable of many calculations, but it does not think.

What does it do then?

Answer: It calculates. Calculating and thinking are two very different activities.

The emotionally polarized person has instinct, can calculate and feel, but does not think.

This is why most of the people on the planet have the mark of the Beast of authority. Only by the development of the ability to think can one break the mold of being controlled by programming, break free and become truly independent through thought.

The brain corresponds to a super computer, but the thinker corresponds to a programmer sitting at the keyboard with the realization that he does not have to go according to program, but has the power to work creatively and rewrite things.

The thinker is in charge of his destiny.

The non thinker must be controlled by a program.

The thinker does not lose contact with emotion, but increases contact, but learns to direct feelings intelligently.

Just as light has a higher vibration than sound and yellow is higher than red even so is the astral vibration higher than physical and the matter of mind is higher than astral/emotion.

This does not mean that light is “better” than sound or mind than feeling for both are essential on their level. It does mean that one is higher in vibration than the other and the higher vibration is always more difficult to comprehend and master.

All of us have a mental body, but the elements of which it is composed are not available for our use until we begin to master thought


Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind, but why is it necessary that mind controls emotion rather than the other way around?

All of us feel emotion, but for most this feeling comes through the solar plexus center which is a reflection of heart energy. Few have felt the full power of the heart energies.

Emotion leads us into experience with no plan to master that experience. Mind must eventually be brought into play to create plans and direct the emotion and the experience in a constructive direction. Without the dominance of mind over emotion there will always be a lack of completion of purpose and a drifting off randomly in a new direction.

Emotion without mind is self destructive.

There is no such thing as mind without emotion for one must pass through the world of emotion to develop mind.

There are those who suppress emotion, but the emotion is still three.


Are the heart energies connected with mind or emotion? Explain

The heart center is composed of twelve energy petals that slowly unfold as we evolve toward Spirit. Six are different types of love energy and six are differing types of wisdom energies.

These wisdom energies in connection with the two head centers are very much linked to mind and thought as well as spiritual feeling. Solomon talked about thinking in the heart and indeed he was teaching a profound realization.

Let us now seek greater understanding in differentiating between the thinker and the non thinker.


Is one who has graduated from college as an engineer likely to be a thinker?

Is one who has patented three inventions likely to be a thinker?

Is the author of a best selling book likely to be a thinker?

Is one who has started a new and unique business likely to be a thinker?

Which is most likely to be a thinker?

(a) A member of a dangerous cult.

(b) An outstanding member of an orthodox church.

Name an individual who you believe to be using mind.

Nov 15, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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An Unruly Child

An Unruly Child

A child desired attention from his parents so he started leaving clever notes written on the refrigerator in crayon, thinking that his witty sayings would convince his parents of his beaming intelligence.

The parents saw this and smiled and were concerned, for the mother had to spend time cleaning the unwanted crayon marls off the door.

They sat the child down and said:

Your writings are very clever an we encourage you to write them elsewhere but please do not write on the refrigerator door any more for it causes us extra work to clean off the marks.

The child listened, but was not discouraged and wrote again upon the door.

The parents were aghast and brought the child to them and said.

“Did we not tell you to cease writing on the door for it causes us problems?”

The child smiled cleverly and said.

“But I did obey you. I did not write upon the door. Look and see – I printed my messages!”

The parents were incredulous and said:

“The printing causes the same problems for us as your handwriting so let us make ourselves clear. Please do not write with crayon on the door in either handwriting or printing. If you desire to write there is plenty of paper available and any family members who are interested can then read them.

The parents thought this would solve the problem but the child was not yet discouraged and wrote again upon the door.

The parents looked once more and were flabbergasted and scolded the child: “Did we not tell you to cease writing with crayon upon the door?”

The child smiled a clever smile and said. “Yes you did and I was obedient. Look again. I did not write with crayon, but used Magic Markers.”

Now the parents were becoming irritated with the child and said: “You are being willingly disobedient to the spirit of our commands. You will hereby cease from writing on the door or we will have to ban you from even touching the refrigerator.”

They thought that this would finally solve the problem but the next day they were unnerved at what they found on the door. There were about 20 pieces of paper with writing on them taped on the door. The mother did not like the mess they created and removed them and the parents one more time called forth the child and said to him:

“We know what you are going to say. You are going to say you are obedient because you did not write on the actual door but you wrote on paper that happened to be placed upon the door.”

“Yes, said the child. I was obedient. I did not write on the actual door.” Then the child started to cry and said, “I have tried again and again to be obedient and I am still not good enough. What do you want of me?”

Then the parents sought to teach the child that the spirit of cooperation is more important than strict obedience and told him that he could not touch the refrigerator door until he learned this lesson.

Note: This illustrates the importance of receiving the spirit of a communication as well as the literal wording. Hopefully this analogy makes a point to those who disregard the spirit of our one rule here which involves off topic posts.

Another Parable and More

I am amazed at all the lack of understanding on our simple rule of posting on topic. I thought that my parable the other day would help some see the simplicity of the cooperation that is called for here.

Let me give another parable.

There was a man proficient in Spanish and wanted to share his knowledge so he invited all who desired to learn this language to attend his class free of any charge. None were refused.

Several who attended the class were familiar with other languages and also desired to teach, but could not find enough students for a class and thought they would teach the students in the class their languages of preference.

While the teacher was yet handing out lessons one stood and started speaking ancient Hebrew. Then another stood and spoke Latin.

Few students showed much interest in these languages for they wanted to learn a practical one that they could speak in present time. Even so, the two students continued to interrupt the class attempting to teach languages with which they were familiar.

Instead of having the effect of enhanced learning, the only effect seemed to be a disturbance.

Student after student complained that they did not want to learn Hebrew or Latin and that the two students should go elsewhere if they insist on teaching something other than the curriculum.

The two students were incredulous and could not understand why two, three or even four languages could not be learned and discussed, and continued to force their will upon the group.

Up to this point the teacher was tolerant and made the best of an awkward situation, but he was faced with two problems.

The first were complaints from sincere students and the second was that many students became frustrated and left the class.

Finally the teacher had to implement hard and fast rules that caused the students to direct their attention to Spanish or leave the class and go elsewhere.

Those who refused to focus or honor the free will direction of the group were disgruntled and accused the teacher and the rest of the students as being dictators and narrow-minded, but when the dust settled there was peace and at last Spanish was taught, learned and spoken.

That said let us now go forward in a relaxed manner yet with an intent to learn the curriculum. There are many other classes as well as many free-for-alls available for those of a different bent who may find themselves out of place here.

A reader complains that I am ignoring her posts and wants an apology and explanation.

If it is important that I apologize for missing or bypassing comment on your posts I will. You say I should give a reason. I have done this and will do it again now.

It is at great sacrifice that I attempt to teach this class.

Outside of time out to eat, my business keeps me busy Monday through Friday from the time I get up around 9 AM to about 2 AM the next morning. Sometimes later than that. Then around 2-3 in the morning I finally have some free time which for the past couple years I have dedicated to writing for the group. I usually write until about 5 AM sometimes 6 AM.

I am not one of these people who thrive on little sleep and often I do miss things and make typos when I post. Even if I were to make no mistakes time makes it impossible for me to answer each post. I do study them all over each day and often sit back and write my comments from the memory of the general trend of the group’s writings. Other times when I may have a little more time I will search out quotes and comment on them. This takes extra time and I cannot do it as much as desired.

So come back and join with us as a valuable wanted needed member of the group.


I see a new member has concerns that he will not be welcome, apparently because of some of the friction we have had recently.

From my experience with this group and its members I have found them overall to be a fine bunch of individuals, yet indeed they are individuals. There are only three things members have done to make themselves unwelcome.

(1) Express rudeness with name calling and bad language.

This has been very rare as most are civil to each other.

(2) Disregard the fact that this course has a direction and curriculum that is the reason most people joined in the first place. If one Spams the group with unrelated material or seeks to post unrelated material and seeks to change the direction of the class, members tend to get a little testy. Members are allowed to post short interesting tidbits that are off topic if they label them OT. For long posts we advise them to refer us to a web page.

(3) Challenge every teaching I present with no apparent desire to learn from the class situation.

Now I personally do not mind this and have met every challenge that has been presented to me, but a challenging attitude is seen by most members as disruptive causing us to slow to a crawl as far as progressing through class discussions. Many also feel that these challenges often lead to an endless dialog, are very distracting and take us off course. I cannot blame them for thinking this

Some of our members also have old computers and printers and find it expensive to print out all these discussions they do not want to read.

Therefore, unless you see yourself in one of these three categories you will find yourself in very friendly territory.

Any sincere questions or disagreements are always welcome and rarely criticized by anyone.

But all must realize that the group and individuals are human and therefore, a certain amount of tolerance is called for.

The good and loving people should be the ones most determined to stay and assist in the triumph of the dominating good.

Nov 13-15, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Understanding Freedom

Understanding Freedom

After reading my views on freedom many who seek a better world with more cooperation, sharing, equality and brotherhood may ask:

If we do not use force to take from the rich and give to the poor, to make people treat others with equality, to force people to stop using hate words and use loving words instead – then how shall it be done?

The answer is: TEACHERS!

Do you think that when Christ comes again he will be the lone teacher here on the earth?

Far from it. To usher in the new age we will need thousands of teachers and many of them need to be here before he manifests again.

One of the most important things that will be taught will be the Principle of Freedom. The simple understanding of this is desperately needed throughout the world.

As the book of Revelation tells us the Beast has seven heads, and in addition to corresponding seven world kingdoms since the beginning of recorded history, it also is symbolized by seven divisions of mankind which are:

(1) Politics/government (2) education (3) military/enforcement agencies (4) the arts/entertainment (5) science/medicine (6) religion (7) business and organizations – lodges etc.

These also correspond to the Seven Rays and the Beast of authority does permeate each one of them.

However this Beast is not slain by changing these organizations, but by shifting the attention of the individual from the authorities on the outside to the authority of the Spirit within. A person can be a member of a benevolent church, business or organization and yet still mindlessly follow the authorities without.

The Beast is the mindless following of anything – good or bad in design. Even mindlessly following the words of Jesus in the Bible carries the mark of the Beast.

For more details of my teaching on this please read my first 100 posts where is concept this thoroughly explored. (Note: this is also covered in my book, The Unveiling)

Yes, there are problems with all of these organizations and if we solve these problems and inject more freedom of choice into their functioning then it will make the lives of those who have the mark of the Beast more enjoyable and provides an atmosphere where this mark can be removed.

However, as I am presenting the matter I am talking about business and government as existing on their own outside of the mark of the Beast. The Beast is not caused by anything “out there” but is created by the focus of the minds of the people. One can escape the mark of the Beast no matter how corrupt things are “out there.”

That said, there is a big difference between big business and big government in the wielding of power and that is this: In the United States, for instance, business as a whole is split into millions of divisions. In turn big business is divided into thousands of larger divisions. Among these divisions there is fierce competition one with another which aids in better service and lower prices.

On the other hand, the federal government is only one entity. Now some may argue that there are three divisions within it, but there are also three or more divisions with each big business so for the sake of correspondences the government is like one big business having a monopoly within its sphere with no competition allowed.

The government’s position of power is far far removed from the power of any one big business, with perhaps the exception of the Federal Reserve, which is rarely open to criticism. But then the Federal Reserve (which is a private business) has its power because of the endorsement and grants from the federal government – so again government and not business is to blame here.

To blame big business for our ills is like blaming groups of people. The people are composed of many individuals, good and bad. As a whole we could point our fingers at this wholeness and blame our problems on humanity. So what should we do? Take away the freedom of individuals to choose good and evil so all humanity as a whole will do no wrong?

God forbid.

Even so, business is made up of thousands of entities who in turn are made of millions of people, some good and some not so good. Should we take away the power of businesses to choose between good and evil so none can dare offend us?

God forbid.

If freedom is allowed to flow through individual entities, corporate entities, and group entities then water will reach its own level and the end will be good even though there are problems in the middle.

Government does have a purpose and that is to protect freedom and the purpose of any law or restriction should have an end product that the freedom of the majority is enhanced. But, at present, all governments gravitate toward greater and greater restrictions and force, where the majority is not served, thus causing the minorities to eventually be not served also.

We speak of the advantages that big business has over small business. I have been a small businessman most of my life and I have never, not once, suffered an injustice from a big business. I could probably imagine one, but in fairness I cannot think of one.

I am presently in the sign business. The big national sign businesses in our area are Signs Now and Fast Signs.

What are their advantages over my wife and I?

National names

National Advertising

More money to run TV ads, big yellow page ads

Closer ties to government bids and contractors.

So, does this destroy the little me?


These local franchisers had to invest over $100,000 to start their business.

We had to invest about $5,000 to provide the same service.

They hire employees that cost not only salaries, but other expenses due to government regulation.

We have no employees.

Consequently we have a big advantage over Big Sign.

We can provide a quality product (usually better than Big Sign) for a lower price.

Consequently we rarely advertise any more because we keep as busy as we can be. Sometimes we wish customers would go away.

If there were not so many problems created by government in hiring employees we would take a stronger look at expanding, but this has put on hold because our expansion interests are now in the direction of publishing.

Bottom line: Is anyone here in Boise forced to go to Big Sign instead of us?


Before this business I was in real estate. I chose not to go into big real estate such as Century 21. Instead I started out working for a small broker with only two agents that made a deal with me for a 90% commission split if I helped pay office expense. Now if I worked for Century 21 I would have only received a 50% commission split.

People entering real estate are advised to have enough money to live on for six months. When I entered I had enough to live on for two weeks, but I went to work and sold and closed a house within the two weeks and I was off and running. By the third month I sold seven homes in a 30 day period. I could have never done this working for Century 21 for they did not allow me the freedom I needed to work creatively. As it was my broker did not care what I did as long as it was legal and I attribute my quick start to this freedom.

I have also worked in advertising and found similar benefits to being the small guy over the big guy. On the other hand if I decide I want to be the big business instead of the small I have the right to go for it, but I can tell you this. I greatly admire successful businesspeople bigger than myself for the chances they have taken to get where they are. There is great risk involved in expanding a business (which I know from experience) and whoever succeeds by following the rules certainly deserves what they receive.

I have been a traveling salesman and sold in about half the states in this country and talked face to face with over 20,000 small businesspeople from New York to Ohio, to Missouri to New Mexico to California to just about every city in the Northwest. And what do they complain about?

Let me tell you what affects them is much different than you hear on the filtered media or the political organizations who are supposed to serve them

I can’t even remember an instance of a single complaint about some big business creating a problem for them. Not even service stations. More often than this they will complain about some other small business down the street causing a problem. They realize that a big business could move in and hurt them, but most seem to accept that possibility.

And what is their major complaint?

Far above anything else is government interference, over regulation and taxation. You have no idea how much happier most of them would be if they could just work in freedom with big brother not being part of their every day problems.

The key to the greatest freedom for the greatest number lies not in going to the extreme on either side, but following common sense and good judgment. Government has its place in making laws and regulations, but because legislators see this as their job description they think they are doing a good job when they give us most any law or regulation, even a bad one. They need to see their job as only giving us what we need instead of something that makes it seem they are doing something.

Both big and small business make their share of mistakes but overall they do better when they have minimal interference. There are times the government should step in, but this should happen only when it is seen as necessary by the majority of the people.

Nov 11, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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A Most Important Principle

A Most Important Principle

The Principle of Freedom from the viewpoint of the pendulum principle is neither left nor right, but at the midway point. Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true left wing.

He who stands in the true middle is seen as an extremist by the real extremists.

The midway point on this principle is eternally this.

The path of light is that which allows the greatest possible freedom of choice for the maximum number of people while allowing for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom always revolves around decision and not endowment of goods and services.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors.

The Brotherhood of Light promotes the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

The first philosophy involves a forced handout where the handout of goods or services is taken from person A by force and given to person B and is seen as an increase in freedom for person B while ignoring the problem created for person A. The light on the illusion comes when you realize that neither A or B have their power of decision enhanced. In fact both usually have it diminished.

The second philosophy allows true freedom to manifest for such can only occur when the power of decision is not infringed.

We may not like all the decisions people make when given freedom to do so but in the end, as water reaches its correct level, the life of the body begins to flow and a beautiful, free living society is the end result.

Without freedom there are no equal rights for as soon as you infringe on the freedom of one to enhance the rights of another then equality rights are destroyed. This makes freedom, not equality, the foundation principle.

If freedom is not the point in the middle then what in opposition to freedom is?

Again let me repeat:

“Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true biased right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true biased left wing.”

I am not one of these people who think that everything liberal is bad. Many liberal and conservative ideas are good, but all good becomes a great evil when implemented by force.

I do see the desire many on both sides have for freedom and opportunity for all and I agree with the goal. In the implementation lies the difficulty.

It is probably good that we are stimulating additional discourse on freedom and the midway point as they are extremely important topics of which their underlying principles are difficult for many to see.

First I would not say that responsibility is closer to the foundation principle than freedom. For instance Hitler felt very responsible for Germans, the Nazi party and his ideology, but that mislead responsibility caused a loss of freedom and death for millions of people. Every tyrant has a strong sense of responsibility. Responsibility only enhances freedom and prosperity when it is reasonably free from illusion and motivated with pure intent. It is a virtue but virtues can be misplaced.

On the other hand, tyrants do not believe in the Principle of Freedom and do nothing to enhance it.

A reader says: “We have many people who do not have freedom is this country….they do not have the freedom to spend quality time with their children or to obtain proper health care or to have time to even pursue spiritual endeavors due to their enslavement to their economic condition. MYSELF included.”

Again let me emphasize that there are two philosophies on freedom. One is used by those in darkness and the other used by those in Light.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors. In other words, he who has the most stuff (possessions) is the freest.

The Brotherhood of Light promote the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

Now some seem to equate freedom with possession and this is where I believe the illusion lies.

Illusionary examples of freedom are

Possession of quality time

Possession of health care

Possession of quality job

Other examples of the illusionary freedom of possession are;

Possession of money

Possession of quality housing

Possession of food

Possession of a loved one

Possession of a Porsche etc

All possessions are transitory and have a beginning and end whereas principles are eternal. The Principle of Freedom deals with an endless benefit that will resurface again and again until the seeker is finally one with it and will never lose it.

One cannot say “I have money, therefore I am free!”


Because the time will come that he may not have money and therefore by this definition freedom is limited in time.

What is true freedom then?

Again, it is the removal of restrictions either imaginary or real, so the power of decision has complete freedom within the sphere of its plan.

Let us then apply money to these two methods of freedom.

He who sees freedom as belonging to the power to possess will not see himself as being free in relation to money until he has possession of it. Often it does not matter how that possession is obtained. All that matters is that he possesses it whether earned or not. The lottery winner, or even thief, with this attitude feels a sense of illusionary freedom.

He who comprehends and accepts the Principle of Freedom does not see the principle playing out in the temporary possession of money, but is happy to have the opportunity to decide in that direction if he wishes. Then if he does decide in that direction he sees freedom as the power to proceed in such direction unimpeded by unnatural restrictions.

Natural restrictions are not seen as restrictions of freedom but as obstacles to overcome. Examples of natural restrictions are:

Lack of talent or education

Unsupportive family

Lack of finances

Living in the wrong area of the country

Old car

Examples of unnatural restrictions are:

Unnecessary government regulations

High taxes

Unreasonable licenses

Unnecessary laws telling the businessperson what he can and cannot do.

A mobster telling him he must pay protection money.

The interesting thing is that the entrepreneur can permanently overcome most the natural restrictions and can eliminate them for the rest of his life, but not so with the unnatural ones.

For instance, if a person lacks education he can go to school and get one. If he has an old car he can work overtime and get a better one.


If there is a law telling him he has to pay a certain wage or have white linen curtains on his windows then there is nothing he can do about that. He can work around the law but no matter how hard he works the restriction will not go away and that is the difference.

Most natural restrictions can be overcome by the individual and made to disappear for life.

Unnatural restrictions cannot be overcome by the individual and hang around to thwart him with no end in sight.

Thus the true Principle of Freedom lies in the idea that the soul energy to accomplish is released so its life can flow through the ideas and thoughts of the pilgrim until all desires are fulfilled.

Nov 9, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Political Observations

Political Observations

I’m exhausted from watching the election returns. (written Nov 7, 2000) I never thought I would see one with more drama than Kennedy-Nixon, but this tops the cake.

I stated in this group back in Feb 1999 that Hillary had an eye on the Presidency. This was before she announced that she was seeking the Senate. Now that she’s had a substantial win in the Senate I suspect she will seek the presidency as soon as she sees an opportunity. I do not think she will make it, but there are a lot of variables between here and there.

The last democratic president I admired (despite his faults) was John Kennedy. I remember when he gave his inaugural address and said:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

I was won over to him at that moment.

Now it’s sad to say that those great words have been swept under the carpet and the theme of our political world now is:

“Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.”

The politician who promises the most goodies that the country can do for us seems to be the one we want to vote for.

This idea needs turned around and the concept of service for something else besides the tiny self needs to be restored. This is essential groundwork for the return of Christ.

Maybe we ought to take a break from the heavy stuff and talk about politics for a day or two since this historic election is so much on everyone’s mind.

I know we have both conservatives and liberals in the group and we hope to offend neither. Actually, there is a lot of both sides in me. But the conservative in me does not seek to hold on to the past for the sake of the past, but I seek to keep those things from the past that work and discard those that do not work.

The liberal in me does not seek to support every give-away program that sounds or feels good and does not seek change for change’s sake. Instead I am liberal in the sense of liberally looking at and exploring new ways to improve the system and especially liberal at advocating individual and group freedom.

I am closest to the Libertarian party in philosophy, yet not a member or associated with them. I think there Libertarians would be better off to promote their principles within the two main parties than support a third party as I believe they are too far away from mainstream to elect a presidential candidate in the near future.

The main criteria I look for in supporting a party or candidate is their adherence to the Principle of Freedom.

Here’s how I size up the two major parties in the U.S. (and they have their correspondents in other countries).

Republicans support to some extent (usually not enough) the Principle of Freedom in the following ways:

(1) Smaller government

Problem: big government always results in less freedom of the majority and especially the self-reliant.

(2) Less regulations and fewer laws.

Problem: Regulations and laws always take away freedom and should be kept to a bare minimum.

(3) Encourages individual responsibility

A responsible people are less likely to infringe on the freedoms of others.

(4) Lower taxes and more conservative at spending taxpayers money on non essentials.

Problem: Higher taxes definitely interfere with freedom.

(5) Tolerant of freedom of speech in areas considered politically incorrect.

Problem: Political speech is being highly censored today and if the trend continues our freedom of political speech as a whole will be in danger.

(6) They seek to ensure we have oil supplies and become more self sufficient as a nation.

Problem: Right now we get over 65% of our oil from other nations and if we were to have a major war or international incident we could lose half of our supplies which could result in the disaster of rationing, thousand freezing to death in the winter, mob action, a depression etc. Overall we risk a tremendous loss of freedom in our current situation.

The best solution is to put more research into alternative energy which could be perfected within thirty years.

(7) Support of the free market system.

The freer the market the more prevalent the freedom for all.

(8) They seek to create programs to deter other nations from having power to destroy others with nuclear weapons.

Key to this is a missile defense system.

Critics say that such a program could not be done, but when Kennedy announced we were going to the moon before 1970 an even larger number thought this could not be done.

All things are possible for us to achieve and if the free world were to cooperate in this endeavor then we could eliminate the threat from fanatical dictators who will shortly get nuclear weapons and missiles.

Problem: A nuclear missile hurled at New York by a rogue nation would certainly diminish the prospects of a free society.

Having millions of people evaporated with a nuclear weapon would be a painful way for us to learn a lesson. It’s also bad for the environment. Very bad.

The Negative aspects of the Republicans as far as freedom is concerned.

(1) Many from the far religious right are in this party and cause fear in their opponents that some freedom of choice would be taken away if they were in power. Some of these fears concerning them are real and some imaginary.

(2) Many (but not all) Republicans want to legislate a woman’s right to choose, drugs, flag burning and morality.

(3) Many support long jail sentences for non violent crimes that draw on our financial resources and could be solved by other methods.

Democrats support to some extent (usually not enough) the Principle of Freedom in the following ways:

(1) A tolerance for unusual views. Unfortunately, this does not extend to politically incorrect speech or views that challenge their belief system.

(2) Freedom of choice in most moral issues.

(3) Freedom of speech in some important areas, but like the Republicans they are far from perfect.

(4) Fewer laws or more tolerance for behavior which only affects the individual. An example is their general support for medical marijuana.

The Negative aspects of the Democrats as far as freedom is concerned.

Generally they support bigger government, more laws, more regulations, place obstacles in the way of free enterprise, higher taxes, higher spending and are against a missile defense system.

Both the Democrats and Republicans have shifted in position over the years. Kennedy and Truman were much more like today’s Republican’s. Truman’s motto was a very Republican one – “The buck stops here.” Kennedy supported massive tax breaks similar to Reagan, believed in the trickle down idea, free market, self reliance and minimal regulations.

On the other hand, the Democrats, thanks to Johnson and Clinton have evolved into areas where none has gone before in recent history. They need to get back to their roots and concentrate on living up to their name by making the country truly “democratic.” Instead their main focus has been in appealing to people’s desire to have government do for them instead of doing for themselves and allowing the service-minded to do for others in place of government.

The Principle of Freedom is always where the battleground is my friends. Look at any issue and you will see that freedom lies more on one side than the other. Disciples must always look to the side or cause where the greatest freedom for the highest number will be manifest and go in that direction without thought to party or dogma.

Freedom Revisited

My guide to being a great writer.

(1) Write easy-to-understand and interesting words in a language a child can understand.

(2) No number two necessary

Reader comment: “That was interesting JJ. ……written from the viewpoint of a white, male, self-sufficient Christian non-handi-capped and married person.

JJ: Race and status has never entered into my arguments and once again you are wrong about me. I do have a physical handicap caused by an exploding rocket when I was 13, and it was the cause of me being fired numerous times when I was younger. This is one of the reasons I have wound up in business for myself.

My handicap has also been the source of much more discrimination in my life than any minority or woman I know experiences.

The thing that irritates me most about my handicap is when some show pity, feel sorry for me or expect any lower performance out of me than anyone else.

Being fired or discriminated against did not diminish by a micron my desire to allow people to do whatever they want within their own domain. If someone owns a business and they have doubts about my ability and want someone else in what could be a dangerous job that is their right. I would be wrong to infringe on that freedom. Instead of whining about the problem, suing or seeking affirmative action I sought to solve the problem, which is what I did to the advantage that I experienced considerable growth over the ordeal.

The thief can steal a man’s life savings and claim he did a good thing because he is now has more “freedom” to make investments and take care of his family. But freedom obtained by force, or the taking away the freedom of another is a terrible violation of the principle I have taught numerous times.

In the old South many fought to keep the principle of slavery alive because it gave the taskmasters more “freedom.”

This idea is not that much different from the current idea of increasing taxes on those who have, to give to those who have not. This causes those who have to “slave” away harder to fulfill their dreams and causes those who have not to become lazy and miss the joy of accomplishing something on their own.

You paint big business as a big enemy of the people, but I have never had a big business steal a penny from me I was unwilling to give.

Let us take big oil for instance. They go to great risk and investment to deliver to me gasoline for my car which I am happy to buy.

Back in 1960 we paid 39¢ a gallon for gas and 10¢ for a comic, 5¢ for a coke out of a machine a new car was about $1900. We also paid no sales tax.

Today most comics are at least $2.00 and not as good as the old ones. If gas had went up twenty times we would be paying $7.80 a gallon. It sounds like big oil has done a better job at keeping prices in line that has small comic.

Most coke machines now charge 75¢ out of a machine. That is a 1500% increase and if gas was in line with this then the cost would be $5.85 per gallon. (Note: Keep in mind that this was written in 2000 and prices have changed since then)

The point is that we should be consider ourselves fortunate that we pay under $2.00 a gallon for fuel and I think big oil deserves a pat on the back for what they have accomplished here.

Oil companies average a profit of about 10¢ a gallon on gas, but the government here in the U.S. takes over 50¢. In other countries the take is $2.00 or more. So I ask – who should we make into the bad guy (if we need to have one) – big oil or big government?

Which one takes from us whether we want to give or not?

Big government. Big oil has never taken anything from me.

Which one provides me with a product that allows me greater freedom?

Big oil sells me fuel which I happily buy and this give me much more freedom than I would have without it.

Big government does provide some services, but I have little choice in my acceptance or non acceptance of them.

The funny thing about freedom is that if you ask anyone if they believe in it they will emphatically answer yes. But unfortunately, for the majority, freedom to them means freedom for the tiny individual self, even if it comes at the expense of the loss of freedom of others or damage to the whole of a group with a different belief system.

It would be nice if those who demand more from their country than they are willing to give, even at the expense of freedom, would all live in their own little country to see how they would fare for themselves without the responsible freedom loving people.

Nevertheless, it is true that sharing and service will become principles of salvation for the coming age, but these will become manifest through free will with much more power than good-through-force as encouraged by government.

Nov 7, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Alice A. Bailey Writings

The Alice A. Bailey Writings

An LDS reader expressed concerns about some negative material that she read about Alice A. Bailey and Lucis Trust.

You must look at Alice A. Bailey critics in a similar vein as you do Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith critics. You know from your experience that they use half truths and completely distort teachings and doctrinal positions.

Enemies of light do the same thing with Alice A. Bailey writings as I am sure they will do with my own when I get better known.

There is no evidence whatsoever that David Rockefeller has anything to do with Lucis Trust. They have published all members of the corporation and all positions and I have never seen his name on any group.

Secondly, the Lucis Trust has had an enormous struggle for money clear from the beginning. They have barely enough to publish their books and pay there staff. They have been wanting to get on a radio station for decades and have just now managed to get on one station. That gives you an idea of the funds they are working with.

Do you think this would be the case if David Rockefeller and a vast wealthy conspiracy were behind the teachings?

I don’t think so. If the Rockefeller wanted this to succeed it would have plenty of money to get on the air and promote its cause.

As far as the name Lucifer is concerned. I have heard enemies claim that was the original name of Lucis trust and this may be true. Madame Blavatsky originally called one of her publications by this name to tweak her enemies. You must keep in mind that when one is released from dogma that the name Lucifer is a high and holy name which means “Bringer of Light.” This is why both Jesus and Peter in the New Testament are called Lucifers.

The fact few realize is that he who fell is no longer called by this title as hinted at in the D&C. Below I am sending you the text of some of my comments on this I wrote on this earlier. You will see there that Alice A. Bailey taught of a Lucifer who did fall who was a close associate of the Ancient of Days or Sanat Kumara.

Yes, Sanat could be conjured as a scrambling of Satan, but there is one great difference. Satan has a hard “a” and Sanat is pronounced softly. Hard a’s are connected with destroying energy and the soft with building.

For instance the word America has soft a’s and was intentionally promoted by the Brotherhood so our country could be created with a spiritual building energy.

Darkness often takes that which is good and distorts or reverses it.

Thus we have Lucifer changed from Lightbringer to a reference to the prince of darkness. We have Sanat turned from a building energy to the destroying sound of Satan.

As far as saying one is subject to the devil because he claims to be subject to the Lord of the World is misled (referring to Satan being called the god of this world) Paul was making a point that people choose evil more than good.

Now look at these scriptures:

“The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.” Psalms 97:5

“And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isa 6:3

“For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.” Isa 54:5

“Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.” Micah 4:13

“Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.” Zech 4:14

From a higher point of view the God of Glory and Light and Truth and Love is the real God of the planet. It merely appears that evil is in control.

As far as the Masonic Lodges are concerned Alice A. Bailey taught just as Joseph Smith did, that they were inspired in the beginning but are corrupted, but eventually will be restored as a useful tool of the brotherhood. Remember Joseph Smith was a Master Mason.

Every possible tool will be used to help the race including schools and churches. Many of the churches are making progress. For Instance, the Catholics have done a lot of good in Central America over the past twenty years and some have give their lives for the cause of freedom.

This black and white labeling of someone or something as all evil because of association is a favorite tool of darkness.

I am also including below page 107 from The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Read it over and I think you’ll see nothing to be alarmed about. In fact once you have read the whole book it is as difficult to call these writings evil as it would be the Bible or the Book of Mormon you reverence.

Things are never as they seem on the surface and just as the revelations of Joseph Smith stirred things up and caused men to call good evil so will be the case with all teachings until the light of God is anchored on the earth.

When questions like this come up it is good to look to the following principle revealed in Ether:

“But he that believeth these things which I have spoken, him will I visit with the manifestations of my Spirit, and he shall know and bear record. For because of my Spirit he shall know that these things are true; for it persuadeth men to do good.

“And whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do good is of me; for good cometh of none save it be of me. I am the same that leadeth men to all good; he that will not believe my words will not believe me–that I am; and he that will not believe me will not believe the Father who sent me. For behold, I am the Father, I am the light, and the life, and the truth of the world.” Ether 4:11-12

Darkness never seeks to persuade people to follow light and love.

The final test is the Spirit itself. Study things out in your mind and then ask God. Ask God about me and any teaching that I or any other presents and feels what the spirit speaks inside to you. But one must study with open mind as a little child.

This is one thing I notice that is lacking with many ex Mormons. Anything that goes contrary to their past beliefs they do not seem to study it out and seek an answer from Spirit. This is a core principle for a true seeker.


Extract from Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Page 107

The second time was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean days between the “Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression.”

This little known divine energy now streams out from Shamballa. It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God to produce certain racial and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man’s attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this force which will bring about (in conjunction with the energy of love) that tremendous crisisimminent in the human consciousnesswhich we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning.

It might be of value here if we considered the three great planetary centres and their relationships in tabular form and thus get the general idea more clearly in mind.

  1. SHAMBALLA Will or Power Planetary Head Centre

      The Holy City Purpose..Plan   spiritual pineal gland

                              Life Aspect

                        Ruler:  Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World

                             the Ancient of Days


  1. THE HIERARCHY Love-Wisdom Planetary Heart Centre

      The New Jerusalem    Unity   At-one-ment

                              Group Consciousness

                        Ruler:  The Christ

                              The World Saviour

  1. HUMANITY Active Intelligence      Planetary Throat Centre

      The City, standing

      foursquare      Creativity


                        Ruler:  Lucifer (Light and Truth)

                              Son of the Morning (Before the Fall)

                              The Prodigal Son (After the Fall)

This Shamballa energy now for the first time is making its impact upon humanity directly and is not stepped down, as has hitherto been the case, through transmission via the Hierarchy of Masters. This change of direction constituted a somewhat dangerous experiment as it necessarily stimulated the personalities of men, particularly those whose personalities were along the line of will or power and in whom the love aspect of divinity was not sufficiently expressing itself; it was, however, permitted because it was realised that it would not affect the man in the street or the masses who would remain unresponsive to it, though it might greatly stimulate and intensify the mental and more potent type of man.

Nov 6, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Knowledge and Purpose

Knowledge and Purpose

Question: Now what is the difference between one who has true knowledge in his brain, but has no soul contact about it and another who has true knowledge plus soul contact?

Many illusionary teachers want to over simplify things and present one giant step to a point of understanding or some type of liberation.

Accept Jesus and be saved is a popular one. This is one giant step that is advocated and nothing more will re required for all eternity.

New Agers are certainly not immune to the giant step illusion.

They often say the same thing but with different wording.

“Accept the Christ consciousness and that is all you need. That is the Second Coming and the whole ball of wax.

To see the unity and wholeness of an idea it is always good to divide and itemize. God even did this to understand Itself. He multiplied himself and entered into his reflections so, in the end, the One Life can understand Itself.

Knowledge without soul contact is useful, but has no guidance. Such a possessor then is like the Titanic (a floating ship of knowledge) unable to steer away from an iceberg which could sink it.

Knowledge with soul contact has two main advantages.

First, one has guidance in the correct use of knowledge.

Secondly one can know that he knows.

There is a difference between knowing and knowing that you know.

In regular knowing an item seems true and all evidence seems to bear this out. When your soul confirms knowledge you go a step further and “know that you know” because the witness speaks to the real part of yourself which never fails.

Knowledge, by itself even when confirmed through soul contact, has no stability without the other two legs of the triangle which are Wisdom and Understanding.

Now let us move to the second aspect of Wisdom and define it. Keep in mind that when we define words in this class that we are not looking for a strict dictionary definition, but one for this class that will help us understand the principle behind the word.

Wisdom. The use of knowledge under the guidance of the soul which leads to the greatest benefit for the largest number of possible recipients.

Example. If one uses computer knowledge to rob a bank he obviously lacks wisdom. But if he uses this knowledge to assist others to better themselves then we have knowledge guided by wisdom.

Now wisdom is a wonderful thing and so is knowledge but both of them would aimlessly drift along without the third aspect of understanding. Understanding gives eyes to knowledge and wisdom so the seeker is able to give completion to his service.

Using our analogy – he who knows can operate a computer and get on the internet. He who has wisdom will seek to put this knowledge to good purpose – for instance helping crime victims.

But he who has understanding will see how to communicate the knowledge so it will be received and put to use. If knowledge and wisdom are not put to use then it would be as if they did not exist.

Knowledge is connected to the throat center, wisdom belongs in the heart and understanding is directed by the head.

The next principles to discus are centered around the first aspect of power which in turn is divided into Will-Power-Purpose.

How would you define these three divine aspects and how do you suppose they provide a key to manifesting that which the seeker Decides?

The power behind all of these is the power which activates Decision, for it is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power are in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the first ray which is called Power.

Not only is every aspect subdivided into three, but they also have their lower octave. The lower octave is much easier for average humanity to comprehend.

The lower octave of Will-Power-Purpose is


To understand the higher one must see both the lower and the higher and let light be shed through the principle of contrasts which is the principle behind vision.

Let us start with Purpose.

The normal way of looking at Purpose is to see it as “a fixed design or idea” as an objective to be achieved. This is an excellent definition, but it applies to the lower octave. In other words, an objective is a goal to be achieved. But when the goal is achieved the objective no longer exists. Because an objective has a beginning and end it then cannot be the highest aspect of Purpose for the divine aspects in their purity have no beginning and no end and are eternal.

There is no word in the dictionary that exactly represents the Divine aspect of Purpose so we can’t rely on dictionary definitions were except as a hint.

The best one in my computer dictionary reads as follows:

“The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal.

Question: What is Purpose and how is it different from an objective?

Hints: An objective has a beginning and end. How could it be that Purpose would be eternal?

We are told that faith is a power that can move mountains. Is purpose related to the power that makes faith work?

We are definitely headed in the right direction in the understanding of this aspect which has never been clearly explained in any writings known to me.

Anni in particular was right on target, but let me add one correction. She says: . “Purpose is the vibrating energy in the universe creating our reality on all levels.”

Let me rephrase this to read:

“Purpose is that which causes vibration so that within that vibration lies all energy, form, plans and goals.”

Anni is right on target when she says:

“Many objectives are contained within the one Purpose. Just as a principle reveals many facts, Purpose reveals many objectives.”

Good use of the Law of Correspondences there Anni. You would never know English is your second language.

We are talking about a concept that is not defined in any dictionary here so we have to talk around it and intuitively pick up the reality. He who can truly understand Purpose will have “all power in heaven and earth” as Jesus said was given to him.

Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

Let us say there is only one Plan and the idea that there are many plans is merely illusion for the idea of many plans in the mind of God is illusion. Because there is one Plan from One Purpose both the Plan and the Purpose is eternal for only oneness can be eternal.

The One Purpose manifesting the One Plan seems to differentiate into many goals and objectives. Our mission is to find the next objective in alignment with purpose and become one with it through our attention. When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

Nov 3, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Discernment and Knowledge

Discernment and Knowledge

The law expressing this principle (of differentiation) is this:

In creation where there is more than one, no two items will be alike, but each will have properties peculiar to itself.

Is it then illusion to see two as the same rather than different?

An off shoot of the principle of differentiation is discernment. What is discernment and why do we have to see the many in all of their colors before we an see the One?

Answer – It can be illusion to see sameness . Seeing the unity and oneness of all life and forms is good and true, but seeing sameness where there is no sameness is illusion and the source of many problems we experience in our society today.

For instance, the tendency in education today is to give all students a similar grade even though their performance is much different.

Many classes also use the same teaching methods for all even though some are prepared for much more advanced learning than others.

In economics many want to force sameness by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Equality is a desirable goal but it cannot be obtained by force or by the illusion of seeing sameness when such does not exist. Differences must be seen as they really are and then we must proceed toward unity.

Any unity and oneness that seems to be obtained by seeing illusionary sameness or the use of force is not true unity. Oneness must be obtained through true seeing and free will.

The beauty of a flower can only be fully appreciated when one discerns all the differing colors and shapes that join together as one creation. If one tried to see only one color where there were hundreds or one shape where there are many the beauty and oneness of the life in the flower would be bypassed.

Discernment is seen by many to be separative whereas the truth is that a lack of discernment produces separateness as illusion always does. True discernment sees the many and allows one to find the true unity in the many.

Discernment allows the seeker to move away from a black and white world to one with thousands of shades. The shades are a part of the life of God as well as the stark contrasts.

A reader expressed concern over my use of words but I do not see any problem with any of the terms I use. A teacher cannot proceed as if he may be stepping on eggshells. Purity of motive and the light of truth can dispel much that may come against us.

If we had to avoid words that could be construed as negative we could hardly use any words.

Consider words such as Bible, Jesus, Christ, God, Lord, Spirit, baptism, salvation etc. These are all Biblical words that are used by many preachers that I would rarely associate with, yet the words are positive when used in the teaching of truth.

As far as the term “New Jerusalem” is concerned it may be true that some unsavory organizations use the term, but so what? There have been millions of sincere people over thousands of years who have lived and died with this as a concept of beauty in their hearts and minds so overall this term vibrates to a high key in the ethers.

I have never been a joiner and have never been a member of any secret group. I haven’t even been a member of any church for over 20 years. (Since 1979)

I am a big supporter of the works of Alice A. Bailey, but am not connected with Lucis Trust in any way.

Basically none of the other groups have my attention which lack of attention is the of the best protectors from negativity of association.

Next we’ll look at the principle behind these three key words – “knowledge – wisdom – understanding.”

Let us examine these and start with knowledge.

My internet dictionary defines it as follows:

“All the facts that are known about different things or about life generally.”

Good general definition…


Is all information knowledge?

If not then what kind if information is knowledge and how is true knowledge acquired.

Is knowledge really power? Why or Why not?

Many are praised for having much knowledge when in reality a large percentage of what is in their brain is not true. In the days of Columbus many thought they had “knowledge” that the earth was flat, but real knowledge was only to be had when it was realized the earth was round.

If the seeker has a foundation of 12 pieces of data but one of them is false then all he thinks of as knowledge which is built on this foundation may be distorted and not be true knowledge.

Question: How is true knowledge acquired.

Reader: “…by study, by faith, by revelation.”

This is true, but there is one more important ingredient which we have been discussing recently.

What is it?

In addition to this the other two parts of this triangle play a part.

How does wisdom and understanding aid in the discovery of true knowledge?

It is true that much of personal enlightenment is dependent upon the individual but there are many aspects of the great Plan which is dependent upon the union of souls and cooperation of humanity.

As evidence of this note that Jesus did not do his work alone, but called twelve and then seventy disciples.

Buddha had his nine hundred arhats to assist him.

No great teacher has expected to be a light to the world all by himself.

The critical mass for the coming of Christ is the beginning of New Jerusalem, but it will be some time after his coming, or Presence, before the first cell of 144,000 is complete.

The number necessary for his coming is not revealed but this basic idea must be in place: That is, when he does appear there must be a sufficient number of people prepared to recognize him so he is not viewed as just one more delusionary messiah figure. These people must be prepared to accept his teachings and act as transmitters of the light to make a true beginning to the presence of Christ which shall (over a period of time) lighten the earth even as lightening shines from the east to the west.

Last time his presence required the readiness of twelve units capable of soul contact. This time it could be quite a bit more but I make no prediction. Those working in harmony with the Christ will know when the time comes.

Djwhal Khul tells us that he will have 9000 teaching disciples with him after he gets settled in to work. There will be many more than this number who will assist him but these 9000 will have ability to understand the Christ and transmit his teachings in a way that will reach the masses.

The true gathering of Israel (or the Lights) is the gathering of those who recognize the presence of God within. Not all who will be gathered will be perfect in this regard, but those who are prepared will recognize the call.

The raising of consciousness has been going on for millions of years, but has been accelerated in recent times. “Quickening” is a word loosely thrown around by New Agers. So far I have seen no group demonstrate anything more than slow progression toward the light. It is not as slow as it was 1000 years ago, but it is still slow. Nothing will seem very quick until a critical mass is reached.

A reader stated that It was reported in 1987 Critical Mass of 144,000 was reached with the Harmonic Convergence.

But who with believability reported this?

I participated in the Harmonic Convergence and I report differently. Here is my report. It was a good experience and raised some good feelings and vibes, but was not world changing nor did any transformation of the earth occur as will be initiated when a real critical mass is reached. There were probably over 144,000 participating in the Harmonic Convergence but there’s more than that number of Mormons participating with good feeling at each general conference and the results are similar with a differing vibration.

The coming critical mass I am talking about will initiate change that has not been witnessed in recorded history.

Some think that Jesus and Buddha did not seek followers but in actuality they both went out in the world, presented their message and found disciples.

The twelve apostles were not originally followers of Jesus, but of John the Baptist. John’s mission was to prepare a number of intelligent people to be spiritually prepared for a mission with Christ when he would come. Then when Jesus did show up, the apostles did not come to him as ask to be disciples, but Jesus went to them and said:

“Follow me and I will make you fishers (gatherers) of men.”

Then after the selection he laid his hands on them and said:

“You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.”

Progression on an individual basis will only take us so far. The next step is progression as a group of individuals obtaining soul contact.

Oct 29, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Hindrances to Revelation

Hindrances to Revelation

A reader makes this comment:

“I have found through my limited experience with spiritual light that the phenomena is ‘REAL’ to the point of excluding contrasts of darkness completely. When one is experiencing spiritual light, one is aware of nothing but the knowingness or consciousness of the light. I am enveloped in the light, my awareness is heightened to the point of rapture. Contrasts are the furthest thing from my experience.”

I believe you are responding to the following question:

“What provides the contrast so we can become “enlightened” through the higher light?”

The experience you had was different than that which I was looking for and produces no conflict.

You had a visionary experience, but in standard consciousness where one is centered on the physical plane and attempting to bring down the light of truth to this plane one must work with contrasts. When the light of the soul is reflected off the mind and there is interplay then understanding is realized and greater knowledge is available to the seeker.

The ancient wisdom teaches that “in the light I shall see Light.” This is what I believe happened to you. You were in the light and you saw Light and thus the only contrast was light with light rather than darkness with light.

Darkness is the illusion (and only illusion) that there are places where nothing exists. In the true reality (as far as our consciousness is concerned) there is no space where nothing exists for light is universal and there is no darkness at all. This is why the Song reads: “We thank you Father that you REVEAL to us your protective universal Light…” The light is always here, but it must be revealed to us who identify with darkness. It is interesting that you were saying the Song when you had this experience.

Even the space between the breaths which many call the void of nothingness “is not that which is not, but that which is esoteric,” as Djwhal Khul explains.

A reader mentions that there are three authors of Isaiah. Some scholars believe that there are three; others two and still others one.

Some think there is more than one because the writing style seems to change in the latter part of the book. But as I read it I have a sense of the same intelligence and mind operating throughout. The whole of the book of Isaiah has an overall style peculiar to itself much different than any other book in the Bible.

The other reason that some think there are two or more Isaiahs is that the timeline seems different at the end than the beginning. On the other hand, Isaiah was a prophet writing a book of prophecy and if his vision of the future came partially true then it would make it appear to us (thousands of years later) that the book was written in different time periods.

If it turns out to be true that it was written in two time periods I would still be inclined to think that the whole of the book was written by the same entity, but perhaps in two or more lifetimes.

A strong evidence that Isaiah was written by one entity is given in the New Testament by none other than John the Beloved in John chapter 12

  1. But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:
  2. That the saying of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spake, Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed?
  3. Therefore they could not believe, because that Isaiah said again,
  4. He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.
  5. These things said Isaiah, when he saw his glory, and spake of him.

In this passage we first encounter a quote, in verse 38, that begins the famous chapter of Isaiah 53. This would be in the section attributed to a second or third Isaiah.

In verse 40 we have a quote from Isaiah 6 :10 as verse 41 also highlights what occurs when Isaiah beholds the throne of God. This is, of course, in the first section of Isaiah.

Notice in verse 39 that John tells us that “that Isaiah said again” when he links the two passages and, thus, the two sections and attributes them both to the same one and only Isaiah!

Here we see that as far back as 2000 years ago that it was accepted that the whole of Isaiah was written by one author.

I wrote the following:

The next principle is called the principle of revelation. This refers to understanding which is transmitted from a higher life to a lower, from a higher sphere to a lower from the heavenly to the earthy etc.

A reader takes issue with my use of the terms higher and lower.

I don’t know why anyone should have a problem with these words any more than would an astronaut with directional concepts. Everyone who has been in space realizes that there is really no such thing as up or down and that such concepts are only relative to location. Even so, when any astronaut returns to earth he still uses the words up and down for they are essential to effective communication.

For normal communicative purposes one has to “strain the gnat” to say that a master is not on a higher level than average humanity or that the Buddhic plane is not a higher than the physical.

The Questions:

Do you have to be a prophet, guru or master to receive revelation or is it available to us all?

What are the principles that make it work for us?

What are the hindrances to revelation?

Tell us what the greatest revelation of your life was.

It looks like we all agree with the first answer which came in as a resounding “no.” Revelation, the soul, the Spirit of God is available to all who seek. It’s too bad the authorities in the churches do not accept this. Even the Mormons who proclaim revelation as an article of faith put extreme limitations on what can be revealed to the average person.

“What are the principles that make it work for us?”

To this we received some good comments such as quieting the mind, being open-minded, not feeling unworthy, acting on spiritual impulse, being sensitive, and realizing that God is in us.

To these comments I will add that one must use his power of one-pointed attention to create a point of tension. The point of tension can then break through to Patanjali’s “rain cloud of knowable things.”

Both the heart and the mind together as one must participate in this divine focus.

Next question: What are the hindrances to revelation?

Letting our ego get in the way was a popular comment and a valid one. Other comments such as relying on outside authority, not considering other ideas, fear, unworthiness, feeling separated from source, concerns with daily life and not realizing who he really is.

These are all worthy of consideration. Guilt is a significant item and can only be removed when we release ourselves from outside authorities who take the place of the God within, or the oil in the lamps of the wise virgins.

A lack of making a decision to seek is another big item. If such a decision is not made revelation will not come.

I enjoyed your accounts of your own revelations, but just have time to elaborate on one important one. A reader pointed out that when she was released from outward authorities (a big step for one in a fundamental religion) that she no longer worried about her worthiness or salvation. This fear of being worthy is a big hurdle for many. In considering this concept we must remember the story of the prodigal son (indeed eternal words). The wayward son did everything possible that might have offended his father, yet when he sought in desperation to return to his father’s house he was welcomed with open arms.

The ancient wisdom teaches there is only one sin in the real sense and that is the sin of separateness. As soon as the prodigal son decided to no longer be separate from his father then there was only love and acceptance and no sin to be remembered.

Even so it is with us. The moment we decide to be one with God then God is one with us and “all he has is ours.”

Now let us continue our discussion of Principles and laws. As we do so there will be occasions when they will be spoken of almost as being synonymously. Why? Because natural laws are built on principles and are two arms of the great duality of creation.

The principle is the great mystery that reveals how things work (female) and the natural law is a description of the principle in action (male).

The next Principle is that of differentiation.

It could be defined as follows.

In the beginning is the one who reflects Itself into the many. The number of the many is equal to the number of all possible differentiations. Each reflection is a little different than every other reflection. Without the need for God to express differentiation then there would be no creation. Your uniqueness thus fills a need expressed by the One Great Life.

The law expressing this principle is this:

In creation where there is more than one, no two items will be alike, but each will have properties peculiar to itself.

Is it then illusion to see two as the same rather than different?

An offshoot of the principle of differentiation is discernment. What is discernment and why do we have to see the many in all of their colors before we an see the One?

Oct 28, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Light, Love and Contrast

Light, Love and Contrast

Unless otherwise defined we will use the normal dictionary definitions in this class. However, for some words, as we did with Principle and Law, for instance, we may create a more specific definition to facilitate communication.

For instance, one dictionary defines a Principle as “a basic truth.” That is in alignment with our discussion of principles, but it is not complete enough for us. Thus we sought for a more exact definition to use in our discussions.

As far as my laying claim to truths I have made no claim of ownership on any truths. If one teaches that the world is round that does not mean the teacher is claiming to own that truth or the world. If one teaches about the creation of the universe this does not mean the teacher lays claim to all of creation.

There is no such thing as anyone owning truth. One can be the first, second or third within a group or race to present it, but I have not heard even the largest of egos making claim to owning truth.

As a teacher I take responsibility for my words which are put together in unique fashion, as are yours

The question:

If all things in creation originate from the principles in Purpose/Decision then where did the principle of Love come from and what is it? If you had to describe love by describing the Law of Love in words what would you write?

In other words, what would you say the primary Law of Love is?

Going back to the beginning we have the Purpose of God manifesting as the dualities which are magnetism (love) and radiation (light). All dualities are linked to this original duality.

Magnetism cannot exist unless there is more than one of something to draw to itself and radiation, or light, could not exist unless there was more than the one to be revealed.

It is as Alice A. Bailey said: “Both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 167

Will, which is closely related to Purpose lies beyond the dualities as we understand them.

Purpose was before Love and Light, but the manifestation of Love and the joy of Light is the reason all things came into being.

What is the primary Law of Love?

The key word is magnetism. The basic law could be worded as: “Magnetic force originates from a center that draws all things in the periphery to itself.

“Wherever there are two or more creations of God there will exist a magnetic force (or essential Love) which draws them together toward unity.”

Hence the attraction of the Sun to the earth is an aspect of Love as is the earth toward the moon.

But isn’t love supposed to be warm and fuzzy? Magnetism seems like such a lifeless word.

Not when you consider that life dwells with all things. When the earth responds to the gravity or magnetic power of the Sun it feels a pull through the power of love within it’s own consciousness just as you may through the attraction you have to a romantic partner.

The more vehicles in another that you feel the magnetic pull from the more you will love.

Many think they are in love when they find themselves attracted to the beautiful physical body of another.

But this same person will find himself even more in love and experiencing greater magnetic pull when the attraction extends to the emotional body and he wants to be close to those warm emotional feelings.

This attraction becomes greater still when one becomes infatuated with the mind of another. Maybe they share the same beliefs and ideas and the magnetic attraction now extends to three bodies of energy.

Finally when two people communicate from soul to soul there are spiritual feelings generated and a fourth pull, which is toward the spiritual, begins to surface.

The more spheres of relationship available to magnetic pull the greater the manifestation of love.

Love exists in all spheres and in all kingdoms, but manifests differently in the human because as a self conscious unit the human experiences an interplay between love and consciousness which creates feelings of peace and joy.

Love manifesting through consciousness produces the dominating good in the universe and gives impulse to all evolution.

Now let us move toward Light.

What is the principle behind light and name a law associated with it.

Next Question: What is the principle behind light and name a law associated with it?

“Light is that which reveals.”

What causes light to reveal?

It is written:

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness perceiveth it not.”

Why is this the case? How can one in darkness perceive light?

This is such a vast subject that many things that could be written about the principle of light is true.

I will mention a couple core things.

The basic principle behind all creation and light itself is the wavelength. Light is a form of radiation – wavelengths increasing. Love is an aspect of magnetism – wavelengths merging, having interplay or coming together.

There are many laws associated with light. The fact that its speed in a vacuum is approximately 186,000 miles per second is one. A prime truth is that “There must be contrasts for light to manifest.”

The keyword for light is “revelation:” for light is that which reveals. You would not know the light is shining if there were no contrast.

Question: We can understand then that physical light is not realized without contrast. Does the same apply when we examine the spiritual light of understanding?”

Can spiritual light shine in the darkness and none can perceive? What provides the contrast so we can become “enlightened” through the higher light?

The answer to the first question is a definite yes. The same principle of contrast does apply to the light of understanding as it does to regular visible light.

Can spiritual light shine in the darkness and none can perceive?

Answer: Yes, if there are no contrasts available.

What provides the contrast so we can become “enlightened” through the higher light?

Answer: The mind can contrast one thought against another and come to logical conclusion that will shed “light.” But then the time comes that the contrasts made by the mind reach its limit and the mind then “slays the real.” Finally when soul contact is reached the mind becomes a reflector of the soul and the contrast between the higher light of soul and the lower light of mind creates enlightenment and understanding on the physical plane.

The next principle is called the principle of revelation. This refers to understanding which is transmitted from a higher life to a lower, from a higher sphere to a lower from the heavenly to the earthy etc.


Do you have to be a prophet, guru or master to receive revelation or is it available to us all?

What are the principles that make it work for us? What are the hindrances to revelation?

Oct 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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