Achieving Balance Part I

Achieving Balance Part I

The basic idea I have presented in the Molecular Relationship is this:

(1) The ideal endpoint of the male/female relationship is a committed monogamous marriage where both are happy with their union.

(2) Ideally that relationship will place the female in the receiving position and the male in the sending position in the majority of circumstances.

(3) To create this ideal the male should be evolved enough to send to and stimulate his mate toward higher evolution.

(4) This ideal is not an end, but a beginning to a greater relationship which corresponds to the Molecular World.

The Problem?

Few have reached this ideal. Even many fairly happy marriages have not reached it because of a lack of understanding of the sending/receiving principle. Quite a few fairly stable marriages have the female playing the male roll. A marriage may be stable in this situation, but will not reach a fullness because the final energy needed for that fullness will not be available. Many there are who sense this but do not speak about it because they do not understand how to achieve that which is lacking.

Where the energies are not balanced each individual will feel there is something that is lacking, but will not be sure what it is.

We have all seen couples who seem to be stable and quite happy with each other, but then unexpectedly the husband or wife out of the blue has an affair, or does something else out of character that alarms all their friends. Often this is caused by a desire to fill that unexplainable void that has been gnawing at them for years. This void was caused by an imbalance of energy, which if understood, could have been solved without causing pain and heartbreak to his or her companion.

As it is, none of us have a perfect relationship, nor should we expect one, for we are all individuals. We can, however, seek to have a fulfilling one, especially when the desired energy flow is understood.

The problem is that few married or committed couples have the interplay necessary to become a Molecular Atom (Adam).

So how do we solve the various problems?

Problem One

Sue is married to Jim and both of them are seekers of truth, but Sue studies, explores and contemplates much more than her husband. It seems that she is always the one who leads them into their next course of endeavor. She finds many new ideas and truths and is always sharing them with Jim. Jim finds some things also and gives good feedback, but Sue is the main sender.

They love each other, but both feel there is something more they could have together, but that “more” seems so vague that they do not even speak of it.


The first part of the solution is to study and understand the principles of the Molecular Relationship. Once the principles of energy and sending and receiving are understood they must ask themselves this question:

Is our love strong enough and the benefit each of us receives from the relationship great enough that both of us desire to stay together in this life?

If the answer is no then a separation may be in order, but let me issue a warning. Only take this drastic procedure when it is right with your own soul, for if you are taking it with the idea of finding a better suited mate this may not materialize. You may wind up in a worse situation than you have at present.

If the answer is yes then recommit to your relationship to make the relationship stable. This commitment must stand even though another person with a better energy balance comes into your life. If you only commit until someone better comes along then stability and trust will be impossible. If you decide to accept one another then follow through with that acceptance.

Of course, this commitment should be predicated on the normal standards of relationship. If the mate is unfaithful or takes a significant change of direction or interest then separation becomes an option. But barring the unforeseen, commitment and trust should be pursued.

So Jim and Sue examine their relationship and like most of us find it is not perfect, but the bond is strong enough that they recommit to each other even with the realization of their strong and weak points.

A weak point is that Sue is the main sender who has a natural inclination to receive and Jim has a natural inclination to send. How can greater balance be received?

To achieve this balance a third and fourth party must be brought into the equation. The third party is a non-threatening sender and the fourth is a non-threatening receiver.

Because the Molecular Relationship is not yet set up couples must work with the means available. In the real world at present this third party would be a teacher of some kind who would teach the couple as a unit.

Such a teacher could be a minister both admire, a teacher in a regular classroom situation, a political leader and to some degree an author of a book they study together.

The couple thus receive the sending energy together. When Sue and Jim apply this in their lives Sue feels more balanced because she is receiving energy and becomes full.

Jim, on the other hand becomes more than full because he was already polarized in the sending mode so the reception on his part causes him to be overcharged in the sending mode. He cannot send the energy (words are a form of energy) to Sue because she has already received it, so what can he do?

This position of surplus charge often leads the male into an affair with a female “who understands him” or will receive with appreciation that which his wife already has.

When the energy flow is understood this situation can be prevented. Because Sue understands energy she realizes that Jim must send and that she cannot be the receiver. To eliminate the temptation of an unwanted female being his receiver other receivers who are non-threatening must be brought in. This could be as simple as inviting friends over for dinner and discussing with them what the couple has learned as a unit. In this case Sue would be wise to sit back and let Jim do most of the talking in explaining to their friends what they have learned.

I try to apply this principle with my wife. Even though she is a female and polarized as a receiver to me she still has sending energies within her which need to be released. When we are with friends and talking about a subject that she knows as good or better than myself I enjoy sitting back and let her do the teaching.

She has perhaps the most opportunity to send in our business. She does the majority of the work in handling our customers and sending to them and I often wind up doing the grunt work. She was just recently joking to me that some of our customers wonder if I am very bright because she takes charge so much.

I can sense that this brings her fulfillment for all of us need to both send and receive, but when to send and when to receive is where the problem lies.

Sometimes when we are with friends and I am in the sending mode and do most of the talking my wife will feel a little out of balance because being in a receiver position to me through the week and then being in a receiver position again with friends is more receiving than is comfortable. Thus we see that understanding and wisdom are essential to balance energies that lead to fulfillment.

When the Molecular Relationship is properly set up the opportunity to balance energy will be more abundant. The couple will always have a teacher/sender available from which to receive and there will always be student/receivers for whom to give.

Problem Two

Alice is married to Rocky. Alice is a seeker and Rocky is not. His favorite pastime is attending football and other games, drinking beer and watching TV. Rocky is a nice guy, a good provider, but Alice receives nothing from him on a spiritual level. He has a great knowledge of football and attempts to teach her about the nuances of the game and she absorbs a little, but this falls far short of fulfilling her desire to receive. She tries to share with him some of the teachings she has studied but he feels she is on the fringe with her thinking and the relationship would be much improved if she remained quiet and never read another book.


(1) Is this relationship worth saving?

(2) Is it possible for Alice and Rocky to achieve balance and fulfillment?

(3) If they decide to continue the relationship, what steps can Alice take to bring her the greatest possible satisfaction?

(4) If Alice decides to bolt from the relationship what would be a good plan for her to formulate?

“The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.” Bumper Sticker

March 17, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Divine Relationships


Divine Relationships

Question: Is our spiritual path related to the direction of the motion of the chakras?

The two paths, the line of least and most resistance has more to do with making ourselves in alignment with higher Decision/Will/Purpose than it does with the flow of energies in connection with the physical and etheric body.

For instance, when you tread the Path your blood does not reverse direction and neither do you sleep standing up. But then a great reversal does happen. Suddenly you see everything from a different angle than does the majority and you see that the decisions that you must make and follow through to completion are just the opposite that most would make in your same circumstances.

Question: Would not the opposite of light be dark?

Actually dark appears to be the opposite of Light, but because of distortions in this physical world dark is not a true opposite.

For instance, you can shine a light and dispel darkness, but you cannot project “dark” and dispel light.

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

Light is that which reveals (or that which is visible) and dark is that which hides. Reality can exist in light or dark in the seen or unseen. Light in its highest essence is the radiation which is seen whereas its true opposite Love is not visible, but lies hid in the esoteric dark of life. Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love become known

Note what was written of Christ:

“(Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)” Eph 4:9-10

Christ had to descend below all things so he could rise above all things and manifest the invisible love of God to us.

Love therefore is very closely associated with dark, but is the highest correspondence of the female polarity just as divine light is the highest correspondence to the male polarity.

All these polarities are opposites in the general sense of the word. All these opposites work in partnership with the divine midway point. Without opposition there is no creation, nothing “to act or to be acted upon.”

To say opposition is not the same as saying conflict. Conflict is the lowest correspondence of opposition, but creation is the highest. It just happens to be that conflict is sometimes an ingredient of creation. The higher correspondence of conflict is cooperation.

Opposites in conflict produce destruction and reorganization.

Opposites in cooperation produce creation and take us toward the dominating good.

Example: Male and female in cooperation create new life – a child – a product of light and love to fulfill divine purpose.

The Human Atom

I thought I would make a couple points of clarification. First the human correspondence of an atom is represented by a male and female coming together and balancing their energies. As these two become “one flesh” they are looked upon as one human atomic unit or a human Adam.

The higher correspondence of an atomic molecule is represented by specific numbers of male/female units uniting in purpose and linked spiritually to the Kingdom of God.

Past prophets may have had a glimpse of this relationship and thought that the various molecules in the multiple relationships would mean that polygamous and other unusual relationships would be he way to go. But the truth is that male/female entities as individuals form human atoms, not molecules and this requires a one to one relationship, just as there is always one proton for each electron in nature.

But once the male/female relationship is in balance then higher non sexual sharings on a spiritual level can create the next great step in our human evolution.

Incorrect sharing of sexual energy (often in place of the spiritual) is the cause of the downfall of more spiritual groups than any other principle.

As far as what is right and wrong in sex goes neither the churches nor the free spirits have this down correctly.

Before we proceed it is important to point out that there is room for all in the Kingdom of God, male/female, married/single, gay and straight. No matter what situation we have found ourselves in through birth we all have the same opportunity for progress, but we all must also learn and apply the same spiritual principles to obtain certain results.


Let us stop a moment and examine the two words – Molecular Relationship.”.

The word “molecular” is important because it is descriptive of the most evolved relationship in the physical world. In the molecular level relationship has reached relative perfection, whereas the progression of humanity toward their relative perfection in relationship is at 50% or less.

A key point to remember is that even though the atomic lives are much closer to the end of their evolution than is humankind that humans are a more complex life form than molecules, cells and atoms. What this means is that even though we have not duplicated the perfection and intelligence of the microcosmic world at the present this does not mean our achievement is low. Humans have only really began to organize. The day will soon come (relatively speaking) that we will not only reach the level of intelligent organization of the micro world, but because we are a higher life form we will far surpass the complexity and glory of the lower lives when humanity reaches its fullness in evolution.

Now, let us examine the word “relationship.”

An important key to realize is that all creation is composed of relationships. Without relationship there would be no form, no creation, no intelligence, no love and no universe.

Some seekers have made the claim that they have evolved beyond relationship – that they need no one else besides themselves, but such is illusion. Even the Course in Miracles teaches that God himself needs us in relationship and if God should need us for relationship then surely we need God and each other.

Whether we want to admit it or not all of us are deeply involved in relationship. Here are a few examples.

(1) We owe our vary existence to the intimate relationships of the tiny lives out of which we are composed.

(2) The mind has relationship with the heart

(3) The heart and mind have relationship with the desire nature.

(4) The desire nature has relationship with the sexual nature.

(5) We as individuals have relationship with our parents

(6) We have relationship with our immediate family and relatives.

(7) We have relationship with our friends.

(8) We have relationship with our fellow workers and perhaps customers.

(9) We have romantic (non committed) relationships.

(10) Some have married relationships

(11) All have student teacher relationships of some kind.

(12) Many have spiritual relationships with other people.

(13) Then there are those who have relationship with the Spirit through the Soul.

(14) Eventually we will have levels of higher relationship never before experienced which we call the Molecular Relationship.

Now if one really wishes to escape relationship he must eliminate all fourteen of these items and more from life (perhaps we would call it a non life if such a one was successful).

When we hear one who proclaims that he needs no one and is complete within himself and is now free from relationship what is he really saying?

Often (but not always) he is really expressing a fear of intimacy. In the past, closeness and trust has caused him pain and because of this pain the person now wishes to avoid close relationship thinking this will avoid pain.

But does it?

Do we really avoid pain by avoiding intimacy?

Does the person who avoids intimacy encounter unexpected pain?

What would that be?

Is intimacy something to be desired? If so how close are we to become?

March 10, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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To Marry or Not

To Marry or Not

There are two views on the subject of marriage that are out of balance with the midway point of truth.

View Number One. We are complete within ourselves and marriage or even close relationships are unnecessary.

If we are complete within and do not need anyone else then why did God create the universe with billions of inhabited planets and place us on one of them with billions of other people?

If we are complete by ourselves then any type of relationship would be completely unnecessary and there would be no association which would benefit or enhance us in any way.

The Course in Miracles wisely points out that even God is incomplete without each of us joining with Him. Here are some interesting quotes:

“His joy is not complete because yours is incomplete.”

“How can he enter, to rest and to remember, without you? Except you be there, he is not complete. And it is his completion that he remembers there.”

“This is the purpose given you. Think not that your forgiveness of your brother serves but you two alone. For the whole new world rests in the hands of every two who enter here to rest. And as they rest, the face of Christ shines on them and they remember the laws of God, forgetting all the rest and yearning only to have His laws perfectly fulfilled in them and all their brothers. Think you when this has been achieved that you will rest without them? You could no more leave one of them outside than I could leave you, and forget part of myself.”

“For what but Christ is there to see and hear and love and follow home? He looked upon you first, but recognized that you were not complete. And so He sought for your completion in each living thing that He beholds and loves.”

“Fantasies become totally unnecessary as the wholly satisfying nature of reality becomes apparent to both giver and receiver. Reality is “lost” through usurpation, which produces tyranny. As long as a single “slave” remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete. Complete restoration of the Sonship is the only goal of the miracle-minded.”

“Yet what God has created cannot be replaced. God is incomplete without you because His grandeur is total, and you cannot be missing from it. You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God. No one else can fill your part in it, and while you leave your part of it empty your eternal place merely waits for your return.”

“Without you there would be a lack in God, a Heaven incomplete, a Son without a Father. There could be no universe and no reality. For what God wills is whole, and part of Him because His Will is One.”

“You are indeed essential to God’s plan. Without your joy, His joy is incomplete. Without your smile, the world cannot be saved. While you are sad, the light that God Himself appointed as the means to save the world is dim and lusterless, and no one laughs because all laughter can but echo yours.”

“Just as your light increases every light that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth calls to all minds to let their sorrows go, and take their place beside you in God’s plan.” End Quotes

The basic idea here is that God himself needs all of us for his own completeness and in turn we need each other. As each of us fulfills the mission of Christ in us we reach out to our brothers and sisters upon the path and assist them in their journey to the presence of God. Each of us takes one more step toward completion as we effectively serve the wholeness of the creation of God by assisting the part, even if it is only one individual soul who is walking in darkness, yet seeking light.

View Number Two:

Without marriage your life is incomplete and you will not achieve your full purpose.

This view is equally incorrect. This idea would be logical if we only had one life to live. To live only one a few short years and to pass away without knowing what it is like to love and be loved on an intimate level would indeed leave one feeling short changed.

But such is not the case, for each of us lives many lives and a successful fulfillment of each life creates a step for us in the path toward completion.

In some lives you will have a difficult marriage and others a happy one. In some lives you will be single, but others you will be married. There are times to learn and share through marriage and times to learn through other relationships.

The thread of commonality which goes through all relationships is that our circumstances in each life are arranged by our souls in such a manner to aid with our maximum advancement toward progress, service and wholeness.

Therefore, if you are not married, or seem to have no prospects, do not despair for it is quite possible that you will learn more through non marriage relationships than through marriage itself.

Remember this. Marriage is a relationship, but it is only one relationship out of many. It is indeed true that we must have relationship for us to progress on the path of return and if we are not married we must examine the relationships we do have and make the best of them. The relationships you do have in present time are very important, else your soul would not have brought them to you.

If it is indeed in the design of God that you be married you will feel it when the time is right, but until that time it is best to live in the world where we find ourselves and see the many opportunities to serve in the relationships available in the Now. They are always there to be found.

March 9, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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The Divine Polarity

The Divine Polarity

here are many today who encourage us to find a world which is beyond duality or has no duality.

Consider this.

If there was such a world there would be no










Is there really such a thing as being free from duality?

If so then what would it be like and how would you go to such a place? Why would you want to go to such a place?

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”

Heaven is pretty much what you define it but in most people’s minds it is a state of being where there is a state of joyousness beyond that which we normally experience and there are many levels of intensity of enjoyment awaiting is. We shall go from sphere to sphere enhancing our becoming and joy and when we make progress (or have a blissful rest) we shall experience “heaven.” When we fail and retrogress we shall experience “hell.”

We indeed experience heaven and hell right here on the earth, but because of the “dominating good” that governs the universe the hells will lessen in their intensity and the heavens will increase until the end of this great creative cycle and then we shall devise a new heaven and new hell to keep things exciting.

Think of it. If you were going to create a game that all would enjoy playing would you make one with no pitfalls – where every throw of the dice moves everyone one ahead the same amount and all arrive at the finish at the same time? Monopoly is such a universally accepted game of fun because it has some of the greatest pitfalls you can imagine. Who has not got upset when landing on a motel at Park Place? But do we quit and cease playing? No we come back for more, for sooner or later you are the one who owns the motel at Park Place. Sooner or later you pass Go and collect $200.

Then after you play the game over and over enough times you may tire of it and retire from playing and, after a rest, search for a new and more challenging game such as Chess.

“Life s a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.”

Horace Walpole

Some express amazement that we could state that Love and Light were the first manifested duality. One objection is that many have the belief that pure light and love are beyond duality. There is also the belief that love has no opposite. Fear they say is not the opposite of love because fear has its roots in illusion and love is in the real.

The truth is that Love is a higher reality than fear, but not the ultimate reality and it is true that fear is not its opposite, but nevertheless, Love does have an opposite and that opposite is Light.

There are levels of reality and each level up brings us closer to the real. Just as there was a more real world above the dream state in the Matrix even so is there a higher reality above the state we are in now and that reality is more real than the present one.

There are three realities of which most of us are conscious.

The first is the dream state. This seems real when we are in it but then when we awake we find the awake state is more real than the dream state. The waking state also encompasses the dream state, but the dream state does not encompass the waking state.

The dream and waking state both have certain qualities that overlap and qualities that differentiate.

For instance fear can exist in both states, but continuity of events and form only exist in the waking state.

A third state is Soul Consciousness that we can enter through meditation or after death. Our reality is a part of this greater reality but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality. In this higher reality we see a universe so real that it seems that we have arrived at the ultimate for we realize that it is much more real than our physical world. In this higher reality we leave fear behind and the higher reality of Light and Love are manifest in ways that cannot be understood by the material conscious mind.

But even though many believe this to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate not beyond duality.

The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites?

To understand we must define them.

What is Light? Light is that which is radiant, scatters photons and reveals truth. Look up at the night time sky and pick a twinkling star trillions of miles away. There it is radiating light to the entire universe revealing the truth of itself to all who have eyes to see.

What is Love? Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

Thus light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and these two dualities are at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not “that which is not,” but that which is not understood.

March 4, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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The Soul of the Universe

The Soul of the Universe

Sometimes it is not clear where we need to place the names of Father-Son and Holy Spirit/Mother.

In the Molecular Relationship we have placed the energy of Purpose at the originating midway point, but many (including myself) have identified this with soul, love and the Christ (or Son) principle. Which is correct?

Answer: They both are, for the Trinity shifts in position as the various Rays rotate and subdivide.

The universe as a whole is created as a projection from the prime energy of Purpose with a foundation on Ray One or the Father aspect but our solar system is created from the foundation of Ray Two or the Son-Love-Soul aspect. This is why the apostle John wrote that “God is Love.”

In our solar system at this point in time and space Love does seem to be the foundation energy, but the truth is that this energy is one of seven projections from a higher Ray which is the Father Ray – Ray One.

Therefore, because of our perspective from our point in reality the love aspect seems to be the midway point whereas from a higher view Purpose is.

There is not a word in the English language that describes what we here call Purpose, but it can be sensed by the spiritual minded who have what is called “faith” in the scriptures – faith as the original meaning implies that is.

Comment:” Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

“Adam is a Hebrew word and a Hebrew name.

Atom is a Greek word, as far as I remember my days in school.

How do these two words get to be corresponding? What are the references?”

JJ: You are correct in your observation, however, the correspondence, or similarity, of Atom and Adam has nothing to do with the language of origination.

Within the human psyche is an inner connection with the science of sound and because of this connection there appears many words in the English and other languages that have meaning which lies beyond the power of coincidence.

One of the later Keys of Knowledge has to do with the principle behind the science of sound which humanity has picked up to an amazing degree in their selection of sounds in portraying certain meanings on the physical plane.

It is not a coincidence that Atom and Adam sound so much the same.

Neither is it a coincidence that wholeness and holiness sound the same.

The sacred word of the East AUM and the Christian Amen is another – so is Christ and Krishna as well as Son and Sun. These harmonies and others are worthy of much contemplation.

“Man is the soul of the universe” is a statement which is indeed worthy of further contemplation.

As we have said earlier soul is that door that opens spirit to matter and matter to spirit. It is that divine point where spirit and matter interplay. It is represented symbolically as that point where land, water and air meet which is nether wet not dry that provides the standing place where the disciple’s feet are to stand, the place where the magic power of spirit is brought down into the world of form.

Let us examine the law of correspondences here and compare that which is above with that which is below.

The soul which is below:

(1) A link between spirit and matter

(2) Supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.

(3) Opens the door to revelation between higher and lower consciousness.

(4) Gives birth to new life and stimulates evolution.

The Soul which is above is humanity living on millions of planets throughout the universe. The largest difference between higher soul (humanity) and lower soul (the interplay within us) is that humanity is only at the beginning of its mission in relation to the universe whereas the microcosmic work of the soul soul has reached relative perfection.

Therefore, we can obtain a glimpse at the destiny of mankind by examining lower soul and projecting what humans will do on a higher turn of the spiral.

I find it interesting that the smallest particle that a psychic mentioned was able to see was a circular bubble.

Now if this circular bubble represents the beginning of present creation then perhaps we did indeed begin with a point in the center with wavelengths going all directions.

Perhaps one of these little bubbles contain more than even the Seers imagined and this will be discussed in a future Immortal book.

Then to add to all this complexity we know the physical world is only the lowest of seven

The Question: How does humankind live up to being the soul of the present universe we see about us?

This was a fairly heavy duty question so let me give a little more elaboration and maybe we’ll have a few more adding their thoughts.

We spent quite a bit of time on the Law of Correspondences but just being aware that there is a correspondence between the higher and lower and then discovering how that correspondence plays out are two different items.

There are a couple of problems in using this law.

(1) The higher at the end of its evolutions contains the intelligence of the lower but the beginning, middle and end of its evolution is different, more complex and advanced.

(2) The lower is usually at the end of its evolution and the higher is not, so the wholeness of the correspondence cannot be seen.

(3) Black and white comparisons are usually incorrect – only intuitive knowledge can reveal the truth.

The tiny subatomic lives (which have united as one) which are responsible for the interplay between spirit and matter within us have reached relative perfection, and humankind in relation to the universe is just getting started.

Therefore we can see hints of our destiny by looking at the purpose of soul in the present time and projecting this purpose on mankind in its future relationship to forms and the universe itself.

Now let us look at the first statement we made on the soul – that it is a link between spirit and matter.

We as humans evolved out of matter and are reaching toward spirit. As we evolve do you think it is possible that we will provide a link to spirit for the lower lives?

Is it possible we will also provide a link for the higher lives to reach down to the lower?

If we indeed accomplish this as life forms then will we not be doing the same thing on a larger scale that the soul within us does for all lives that compose us as beings?

The next quality of soul is that it: Supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.

Humankind shows a foreshadowing of this power in their building endeavors. They build homes, cities, bridges etc and when the ravages of time tear them down they build them again better than before. But what mankind has done here is only a faint glimmer of their destiny.

The spirit within us dreams things that never were and asks, why not.

Contemplate for future discussion the greater forms awaiting mankind to step forward and create?

Feb 27, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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The Three Fears

The Three Fears

I agree with comments about the necessity of being a team player at times. Escaping the Mark of the Beast is not merely a matter of memorizing a black and white formula, but a matter of using the mind to discern the situation and make your own decision independent of unjust and unearned authority.

In considering the case in point suppression was the key point rather than team playing. Any time we feel (rather than think) we need to conform at the risk of suppressed feelings or the development of grievances, then is the time to be honest and share your feelings or one may be supplying the Beast with a foothold for control.

Now I’ll make a few comments on the popular idea that the Mark will manifest as a computer chip planted in the right hand.

The Middle Way approach is important here. We should be aware that such a scenario is possible so we can work to prevent it, but others have a point that we should not let fear over such a possibility consume us to the point of paralysis.

There are several things that concern the fundamentalist:

(1) A one world government.

What they do not realize is that the nations of the world are in a similar condition as were the disunited states before the organization of the Union of the United States.

Before the creation of the Union the states often had border wars and did not trust each other. The union they finally formed was with much distrust and reluctance.

Even so, the countries of the world are headed toward union and this is a part of natural evolution; there is nothing any group of individual can do to stay the hand of progress.

The question then is not whether there will be a one world union, but the question is this:

Will the union be controlled by the principles of Light or Dark?

Unfortunately many freedom loving people of the world believe that it is God’s will that an antichrist surface and form an evil one world coalition that will be burned with fire and brimstone by the Second Coming. Then Christ will rule the world as the supernatural one world dictator.

Because they think that this coming one world evil government is in the inevitable plan of God some almost rejoice when they see evidence of the Beast controlling the world for this is just one step closer to the coming of Christ.

Besides, many think they will not be affected by this evil government for they believe they will be raptured into heaven as depicted in the popular “Left Behind” series.

Thus again, the closer we get to the fulfillment of these evil prophesies, the better for them.

There’s a lot of truth to the statement which reads: “evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

These illusionary teachings are thus very dangerous because they cause good people to do nothing to help insure that the coming one world government is controlled by the forces of Light.

Instead, they are paralyzed into just waiting around doing nothing until Jesus shows up and does all the work for them.

Fortunately, not all are locked into this mindset and there are many who have the love of freedom in their hearts who are working toward the preservation of that freedom, but many good people who believe the scriptures need to awaken to their awful situation and realize that God will create the coming New Age of Peace by working THROUGH us, not apart from us.

If the Brotherhood of Light gets their way the coming one world government will be a loose association of the nations of the world patterned after the idea of limited government composed of cooperating nation states, similar to the association of the original United States.

Each nation will be free to withdraw at any time.

On the other hand, if the Dark Brothers get their way the coming one world government will be a tight association with strong central control which will seek to control the lives of every person and nation on the planet. This will, of course, be for their own good.

Each nation will be forced to participate.

Everything that happens to us individually and collectively occurs because of either our decisions or a decision made by others for us.

The Workers of Light must not yield up the decision making power going into the coming world order to others or we will wind up being controlled by others.

If we do not direct our destiny through our own decisions, then the decisions of others will control us.

(2) The fear of a cashless society.

A cashless society by itself is not good or evil. The nations should not be forced to become cashless, but neither should they be forced to not go this direction if they so choose. Complete cashlessness of the civilized world could take about a hundred years to evolve and most fundamentalists believe such an event will happen in the next few years.

As long as we use money as a medium of exchange there will never be pure cashlessness for people will always be able to trade with barter, IOU’s and commodities.

(3) The fear that the Mark of the Beast is a computer chip planted in the right hand.

What these literalists forget is that the scripture tells us that the antichrist was already in the world 2000 years ago in the days of the apostles

I John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

I John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

The true antichrist not only denies the coming of Christ in the past, but the coming of Christ in us in the present and the future.

Paul spoke of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Col 1:27. The antichrist denies and has always denied this present coming of Christ in us.

While it is always a possibility that the Beast of authority could implant a literal mark, the true mark is the unseen control of the mind (mark in the forehead) and control of our labor (mark in the right hand). The true mark is invisible and can only be seen with the inner vision and understanding.

It is not in the plan of God that we should be forced to receive a literal mark of control by the use of a computer chip. If the lovers of freedom allow the world to sink to this level then the solution will not be so simple of a thing as Jesus showing up in a blaze of glory to destroy the powers that be. If we allow the world to sink to this level it may then require hundreds of years of great sacrifice to correct the situation.

The current solution is to be ever vigilant, to seek to understand the principle of freedom and stand up for it on every occasion possible. If the Workers of Light do this then the concrete materialization of a literal controlling Mark of the Beast will only be a bad dream in the daydreams of lethargic believers.

Feb 23, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Finding the Mark

Finding the Mark

Which people have the mark of the Beast? Answer Yes or No.

(A) Abercrombie joins a martial arts class given by a very experienced teacher, but with a reputation of being very dominating. Joe listens and obeys the teacher even though he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind some of the instructions.

(B) Richard is a member of a service group with a goal to paint the homes of elderly people and the leader is presenting a plan to reach the goal. The leader teams Richard up with Tim and Jock. Richard does not want o work with Tim and Jock, but he goes along because he does not want to rock the boat.

(C) Mark is a member of a gang. The gang leader says “Tonight, we are going to rob Joe’s Hardware Store. Mark you will be the getaway driver.”

Mark obeys without question.

(D) Jim is a Congressman listening to his majority leader present the reasons to support a farm bill. He hasn’t read all the details of the bill, but everything he hears sounds good and he votes for it.

(E) Paul is in an advanced history class given by a famous professor of great reputation. Paul himself has been a history buff all his life and sees many flaws in the teacher’s presentations. About a half dozen times in each class he raises his hand and attempts to set the teacher straight.

Let us go through the questions:

Which people have the mark of the Beast? Answer Yes or No.

(A) Abercrombie joins a martial arts class given by a very experienced teacher, but with a reputation of being very dominating. Joe listens and obeys the teacher even though he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind some of the instructions.

Even though the teacher was dominating he was still an earned authority and Abercombie seems to have made a mental rather than emotional decision to submit.

A mindless or emotional decision to submit indicates the mark of the Beast, but a rational decision to submit to superior ability does not.

Lesson: There is a time and place for everything. Not all submission to authority is negative. A positive submission for the sake of true learning elevates us above the Beast.

(B) Richard is a member of a service group with a goal to paint the homes of elderly people and the leader is presenting a plan to reach the goal. The leader teams Richard up with Tim and Jock. Richard does not want o work with Tim and Jock, but he goes along because he does not want to rock the boat.

Suppressed desires and feelings give unearned authorities a strong lever for control.

How many Nazi soldiers do you think felt a suppression of their true feelings when they were preparing the Jews for the gas chambers? If they had not of suppressed earlier on more harmless sounding activities then perhaps Hitler would have had a more difficult time in controlling them.

(C) Mark is a member of a gang. The gang leader says “Tonight, we are going to rob Joe’s Hardware Store. Mark you will be the getaway driver.”

Mark obeys without question.

Answer: Yes. This was a no brainer. I think everyone got this.

(D) Jim is a Congressman listening to his majority leader present the reasons to support a farm bill. He hasn’t read all the details of the bill, but everything he hears sounds good and he votes for it.

Comment: “Yes, he should have read all the details himself. He just ‘went along with the flow’.”

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is incomplete knowledge. A large element of control by unjust authority is selective incomplete knowledge that can completely distort reality.

The Congressman hears his fellow legislators talk about the farm bill and the information circulated about it comes from their party leaders and who knows where they got their information. There may be a rider in the bill to have all stray dogs shot on the spot.

Often when bad legislation has been passed those who passed it express alarm and explain that they were completely unaware of the implications of the bill.

(E) Paul is in an advanced history class given by a famous professor of great reputation. Paul himself has been a history buff all his life and sees many flaws in the teacher’s presentations. About a half dozen times in each class he raises his hand and attempts to set the teacher straight.

This gave many of you difficulty. People like Paul often pride themselves on their independence of thought and never in their wildest dreams would they consider that they are giving in to any unjust authority. He probably even has a bumper sticker saying:

Question Authority.

Even his friends and associates would see him as the last person on the earth who may be subject to Beastly authority.

After all, is not Paul taking on an established authority and putting him in his place? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do with the Beast?

Maybe, but the professor as a teacher of “great reputation” is not necessarily a part of the Beast. He has gone through many studies and hard work to earn his position and reputation and obviously is an earned authority to a degree. He also is forcing no one to attend his class. All are there through their own free will.

Now this teacher’s status does not mean that an amateur history buff like Paul cannot prove him wrong now and then and it may even be appropriate to disagree with the teacher now and again, but six times a day? Can you visualize the reaction of the students who came to the class to learn? This would be a major disruption. And what would be Paul’s motive in causing so much disturbance and distraction?

The motive would be to feed the ego and the ego is an instrument used by the Beast. If he can show the class that he is smarter than the teacher then the ego is inflated and in charge rather than a sincere desire for truth..

Control of the individual through the feeding and control of the ego is perhaps the greatest tool that the Beast has with which to work.

Several points of clarification may be in order.

Let us consider the second question.

(B) Richard is a member of a service group with a goal to paint the homes of elderly people and the leader is presenting a plan to reach the goal. The leader teams Richard up with Tim and Jock. Richard does not want o work with Tim and Jock, but he goes along because he does not want to rock the boat.

A reader was correct in the view that to yield your desire will for some altruistic reason does not always enhance the mark and power of the Beast. If, for instance, it would have caused a disruption to the work had the person voiced a concern for different partners then it may have been in the interest of the good of the whole to take the hand that is dealt.

On the other hand, there is no indication here that any harm would have been done to request new partners. Why should Richard work with someone he does not like when a simple request can put him in a better situation?

Any time that silence allows the seed of suppression to grow, fertile soil is being created for the growth of the power of the beast.

If you endure a bad situation in silence because you have made a mental decision to accept it then you have not given away your power.

But if you feel an emotion that needs to surface and your mind agrees with this, but you suppress because of anger or fear, then the Beast has a place to obtain a foothold.

Now let us look at perhaps the most controversial question:

(E) Paul is in an advanced history class given by a famous professor of great reputation. Paul himself has been a history buff all his life and sees many flaws in the teacher’s presentations. About a half dozen times in each class he raises his hand and attempts to set the teacher straight.

Some readers were confused by this because I have taught that to free ourselves from the beast we must be willing to challenge unearned authority, but it must be noted that the teacher was an earned authority.

There are two types of challenges that any teacher faces. The first are sincere questions for clarification or correction. Questions and comments to bring further light originates from the mental plane and not the emotional which is the seat of control for the beast.

The other type of challenge is the student who injects intellectual sounding dressing and challenges for the purpose of establishing himself as an intellectual or as being a better teacher than the teacher.

This type of “questioning” comes from the ego and the emotional body rather than the mind. We have seen some of this type of interruption in our group and we have experienced much disruption because of it and this is the reason we have a moderated group at present.

To understand the points I am trying to present here the overall principle that creates the Mark of the Beast must be grasped.

One of the main differences between a beast and a human is that an animal does not think or reason things out nor does he make conscious decisions, but his actions are governed by the herd instinct.

A human raises above the Mark of the Beast when he rises to his destiny and thinks things through after looking at all sides of the equation at hand and making a decision.

A person descends to carrying the Mark of the Beast when he forfeits his destiny and is ruled by emotion, ego or outside unearned authority rather than mind or soul.

If a person thinks he should speak up, but feels that he should not and goes with emotion rather than mind he is forfeiting the Mark of Humanity and being ruled by the Mark of the Beast, or animal nature.

If a person speaks up in class because he has thought things through and his thoughts will benefit the whole then he is amplifying his human nature.

But if he seeks to defeat his teacher as a lion devours his enemies then he again bears the Mark of there Beast.

Overall there are three marks.

(1) The Mark of the Beast – emotional control.

(2) The Mark of Humanity – mental control

(3) The Mark of God – spiritual control

Humanity is at a crisis point where it is seeking to stabilize itself in the mind and hovers between the yielding of the mind to emotion or soul.

Feb 20, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Finding The Beast

Finding The Beast

There seems to be a major misunderstanding as to what the Beast is that I would like to comment on.

It seems that we are taking actions of others that we personally do not like and calling them the work of the Beast. In other words, many are seeing the Beast as a misuse of power.

Using this criteria the environmentalists would see the Beast as the lumber companies cutting down too many trees and the lumberjacks conversely would see the Beast as the environmentalists using their power to stop them from cutting trees to put them out of work.

The consumer sees the big oil companies as the Beast for protecting their territory and the big oil companies see the Government as the Beast for preventing them from drilling on public lands.

Which side is the Beast on?

Answer: Neither has anything to do with the Beast. 99.9% of all people, groups and business will act in their self interest and in doing so those who do not have their interests served by the self interest of others will feel a loss and sometimes ill will.

When entities are given the freedom to act in their self interest will they always act for the good of the whole?

Answer: No. Their decisions will almost always be in their own interest and this will sometimes be contrary to the good of the whole, but on the positive side, that which is good for the individual entity is often good for the whole and thus by allowing the freedom to be selfish we also allow the whole to be healthy for a dominating good is at play.

What happens when we see the Beast as being a selfish power we do not like and try to correct this by force?

Example: The old Soviet empire is a good example. There every attempt was made to eliminate selfishness and the people were miserable, because they were looking in the wrong direction for the Beast.

Example of people free to be selfish, free to be wrong and free to misuse power: The early United States where was experienced the greatest rise to power and prosperity in the history of the world.

So if big oil companies are not the Beast for attempting to prevent the little guy from displacing them, and Bill Gates is not the Beast for putting little software companies out of business then where is the Beast?

Answer: The Beast is much bigger and more pervasive than any corporation or organization and affects every business and every organization and every person on the earth.

If some person, company or government is not the Beast, then what or where is the Beast?

Give an example of the true Beast in action.

The fact that Bill Gates may act to put the little guy out of business may not be the Beast, but there are actions that Bill could take (and does) in this direction that makes him (and employees) agents of the Beast. Give a possible example.

A reader figures that the mindless following after DOS because IBM was behind it is an example of Beastly following.

However, IBM is somewhat of an earned authority in its field, but because the people followed without checking up on their earned authority – especially as it was leading the to a new field of endeavor this can illustrate a mindless acceptance that is a tool of the Beast.

A point I can not stress too much is that the Beast is not the Beast because he is evil in the traditional sense, but because of mindlessness. A good thing can be your Beast including the Bible, Jesus, your nation – anything outside yourself that you follow mindlessly.

If you are feeding the homeless because you are simply ordered to by your Beastly leader then you have the mark of the Beast.

Why is this bad?

Because if you will feed the homeless merely because you were told to then you will also put the homeless into furnaces just because you were told to.

The Dark Brothers always start with goodly sounding control by dangling a carrot of good works in front of us and then move us over into acts we would never do “if we were thinking.”

This is what Hitler did with good and decent people in Germany. Time and time again at the war trials, those who did despicable acts merely stated in their defense: “I was just following orders.”

So what could Bill Gates and his employees do that would be a Beastly act? No one gave a good example of this so let us give a possible scenario.

Bill Gates: “This new upstart of a company is giving us trouble so we need to crush them. Jim. Dig up some dirt on them and feed it to the press.”

Jim: Jim does not think of any right or wrong here. He merely answers “Yes Sir!” and obeys.

Bill Gates: “Bob! Find some legal technicalities they have and file some lawsuits.”

Bob: Now Bob had a company once that was driven out of business by lawsuits so he was reluctant to conform, but after a pause where he thought about the needs of his family for the weekly paycheck he sighed and put on a smiley face and said: “I’ll get right on it.”

Bill Gates: Gale! Write a virus and find a way to get it into their software.

Gale: “Couldn’t we get in trouble if we get caught.?”

Bill Gates: “Believe me. We will not get caught.”

Gale: “I don’t know about this. I try and live a good Christian life and this doesn’t seen to be the right thing to do.”

Bill Gates: “Are you with the team or not. Yes, or no?”

Gale: She too thinks about her family. “I suppose I am on the team.”

Bill Gates: Is it yes or no?” Bill demands.

Gale: Yes.

Bill Gates: Ok then. Sally. My sources reveal that the President of the company is having an affair. Do what you have to do to get pictures, tapes, whatever you need to let leverage on the guy.

Sally who desperately needs the job says: “I have to draw the line here my friends. What is it with you people? You are following along like mindless idiots. Now if we want to start this meeting over and proceed with a fair course that is fine, but I am not going along with this plan.

Bill Gates: If you do not go along you are out of here and I’ll see to it that you never work again in this industry. You’ll be lucky to get a job as a waitress.

“So be it,” said Sally. “I am out of here.”

This is of course an imaginary example and we have no way of knowing what Bill Gates does in his private meetings but the question is:

Out of the four people who were expected to follow orders were all three who did submit a part of the Beast? Why? Why was Sally not a part of the Beast.

Can the power of the Beast descend even lower than a large company? Can it exist in a small company of three employees? In a family? In a ball team? With your drinking buddies?

Can you see how the prophecy is fulfilled which says:

“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship (kiss up to) him, whose names are not written in the book of life…: Rev 13:8

Yes my friends, we do not have to wait for a computer chip to be placed in our hands to receive the mark. The mark has been here for thousands of years.

Feb 18, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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One of the most profound statements of all time was not made in an official book of philosophy, but by the playwright Shakespeare in Hamlet:

To be or not to be…

That is the question.

As is written in The Immortal it could have been more accurately written “To Become or not to Become,” but because this did not have the poetic ring Shakespeare used “to be or not to be”

When you look at this logically it certainly makes sense for the common belief of “Being” is to be inactive, to yield, to be still and just be one with God.

This is not what Shakespeare meant by “to be.”

Observe the verse which follows these famous words.

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune;

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles…”

In the story “not to be” is to yield to the situations that confront us – to go with the flow. He even points out that we may live a long life by playing it safe and choosing “not to be” but it will be a fate worse than death. Death (“The Undiscovered Country”) is not to be feared, for in death lies the hope of “What Dreams May Come”.

He points out that we should not even let the fear of death prevent us from choosing “to be,” for if we risk all and then die we have at least chosen “to be.”

(It is interesting how many movie titles come from his words.)

Concerning those who choose “not to be” he states:

“With this regard their currents turn awry,

And lose the name of action…”

There we have it. Those who choose not to be “lose the name of action.” These are like the two approaching the Path in the parable of Decision who were paralyzed and just stood still and did not act or go forward.

“To be” then is to act and move forward no matter what the risk.

We must “take arms against a sea of troubles,” as the master writer stated.

Thus we see that “to be” as taught by the great playwright is very much in harmony with the teachings here on BECOMING.

There has been discussion as to whether BECOMING is male or female. Actually it is neither, but both the cause and the result of the interplay of the two energies. BECOMING is the action of Purpose, the dominating good which interpenetrates both male and female energies.

Female energies build forms and male energies destroy forms for in the reaching of the perfection of any decision one must both build and destroy.


A master painter works on a portrait and applies the brush to create the form (female energy).

Then he sees strokes and colors that he does not like so he eliminates them (male energy).

The key element of BECOMING is action based on either radiant (male) or magnetic (female) energy. Movement toward the greatest possible perfection is BECOMING, which is an eternal process. BECOMING has never not been nor shall it ever cease “to be.”

Incorporated in BECOMING is BEING. BEING is that state which in the East is called Pralaya This is a state of rest between creations. Djwhal Khul makes an interesting statement around this. He states that this is not a state of being which “is not” (or not to be) but “that which is esoteric,” (or hidden).

The state of pralaya can be compared to the painter after he finishes his portrait and is satisfied and just takes time to sit back and enjoy the fruit of his labors and then to contemplate before he starts a new creation.

In an attempt to BECOME the master painter all three ingredients are necessary: (1) the building strokes) (2) the destroying strokes and (3) Rest, absorption and contemplation between.

Number three is the true state of BEING and is part of the dominating good when its cycle has come. It is also one of the three ingredients of BECOMING.

Unfortunately the word BEING is associated by many with the decision “not to be” as spoken by Shakespeare. True BEING is not yielding to the line of least resistance but after we have taken “arms against a sea of troubles,” and have prevailed as Gods – only then will True BEING become known and no longer esoteric to us.

Feb 17, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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The Spiritual Hierarchy


The Spiritual Hierarchy

A reader asks: “So what about Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, et al? I see the Ancient of Days in Book II. How do they figure in your understanding of things?”

Sanat Kumara is the Ancient of Days. He works within a molecule of seven including himself. H P Blavatsky gives the names of these entities as follows:

The Exoteric four are: Sanat-Kumara, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana; and the esoteric three are: Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata.

These compose the main members of the inner council chamber at Shamballa.

Sanat Kumara is the representative of the outward manifestation of the Planetary Logos and came to the earth 23 million years ago to perfect the personality of the earth. There is an even greater entity which in some writings is called a “Planetary Spirit” which came here at the creation of the earth billions of years ago and he represents the soul of the Logos.

Few below Sanat Kumara have made contact with this entity. Just as the personality must develop and eventually submit to the soul, even so must the personality of the earth evolve to a high degree before the higher aspect of the Logos can have meaning to us. All organic life, and especially humanity, represents the personality of the planet.

Maitreya is a Hindu word taken from the Sanskrit mitra which is a name of the Spiritual Sun and implies a meaning of “friendly, kind or benevolent.”

Maitreya is not necessarily a specific name, but more of a title and a number of entities are known by it. The fifth Kumara (The first esoteric one) uses this title and more recently it is held by the one we know as the Christ. Another of his titles in Hindu is the Bodhisattva. His name among the Mohammedans is Iman Madhi

Sananda is the name of the second Kumara. Many New Age channelers have identified Sananda as being Jesus or the head of the Ashtar command or some other thing, but he is none of these.

The Christ occupies the position as the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, as the mediator between Shamballa and humanity. Sananda is the second Kumara close to the heart of Sanat Kumara. Psychics undoubtedly picked up a close link between Sananda and the Christ for both are firstborn sons of God.

Here is a chart of the various Hierarchies in the solar system:

Sananda is one of the Kumaras associated with Sanat Kumara.

Look below the Kumaras and you will see the Christ – a totally separate entity.

Keep in mind that my main purpose as a teacher is not to give data on or about various entities involved in the Plan, but to teach principles. Principles is the language of the soul and when this language is learned deception will be a rare occurrence and the sons of men who are the sons of God can proceed in oneness of heart and spirit.

Feb 15, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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