The Y2K Alarm

The Y2K Alarm

A reader writes:

“Take Y2K for example. Right now it looks like nothing substantial will materialize on this (though we are hardly out of the woods on it). You might say therefore that all the hype was a waste of time. The truth is that all the hype is what got us sufficiently prepared that this is so far turning out to be a non-event.”

JJ: I think we are in complete harmony here. I think it is entirely appropriate that the world was made aware of the problem. Any problem must be recognized before it can be solved and if Y2K did create chaos then it would have opened a window for the dark brothers. On a personal level there was little I could do about it except prepare if necessary and my inner self told me that personal preparations were unnecessary. On a worldwide level, tremendous effort had to be made by those who were involved.

It is entirely possible that those who sounded the alarm such as yourself roused those in power to focus more needed attention on the problem. I might add that the $600,000,000,000 invested in the solution didn’t hurt either.

The reader then expressed concern that I must not have been concerned about the nuclear threat of the Soviets as well as other threats of the past.

When I spoke of worries that never happened I didn’t mean to imply that the nuclear threat in past decades or the many others through the years such as the Cuban Missile Crisis from Russia was not something that needed to be dealt with at the time. But if we could have seen the future back then we could have all avoided a lot of worry over it. My point was that we often spend a lot of unnecessary energy worrying over something we can do nothing about and in the end nothing happens anyway. This was also the point Jesus was making in telling us to take no thought for tomorrow.

As far as the tension of war or weapons of mass destruction anyone who has any power or influence in the matter should do all they can to neutralize the situation.

I believe that Project Peace and Goodwill, which presents an actual solution will give the average person an opportunity to help by promoting it.

On the other hand, there are many unfounded scary predictions that are always out there that are centered in illusion and I’m sure you will admit that if we buy in them all and let them worry us they are likely to make kooks out of there best of us.

The popular one now (in the year 2000) is that about half of the world is going to sink underwater in the next couple years. Actually, it was already supposed to be happening but they keep moving up the date.

The reader   continues:

“Now is hardly the time to get of our guards and stop worrying about what might happen and prepare for it.”

JJ: I have always stressed being vigilant, but one of my points is to pierce the cloud of illusion and become vigilant toward real threats where such vigilance can make a difference. A real threat not centered in illusion are the weapons of mass destruction and the hatred that is out there because of religious and cultural differences. This is the time to do all in our power to bring the nations together in a peaceful way working through their free will.

My point about the ceasing of needless worry is this: Seek first the Kingdom of God and come into the Oneness Principle. One should only be concerned about what the soul tells you to be concerned with. Now with me as an individual the soul did not tell me to be concerned over Y2K. It does tell me to be concerned over the threat of the extinction of civilization and to do all in my power to prevent it.

Many fundamentalists have the idea that Jesus is going to show up and exterminate the wicked and somehow force everyone to live in peace. The scriptures are true, but the second coming will not take place as they expect. The picture of bringing peace by killing everyone who doesn’t accept you is of the adversary indeed.

We must take individual responsibility for our destiny as beings in the image of God, but my whole point was to seek within for guidance through the Spirit so each of us will know our own part. Then if we play that part successfully we will be told what to do for the highest good of the whole, and if we follow it there will be no need to worry, even if the worst should happen on a personal level.

By the way your quote

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Is one of my favorites.

Another reader responds:

“Perhaps I misunderstood then. I definitely had the impression that you felt there was no need to prepare because you didn’t.”

JJ: I thought I made this clear. I believed it was important to solve the problem with Y2K and believe that we were correct in doing what was necessary.

I received no communication from my inner self to store food, get auxiliary power etc so I did not? Why should I prepare for something where I feel no need to do so?


“And you seemed to infer those who did were foolish or not in touch and that God would warn us if we needed too.”

JJ: I was inferring that those who fall for every alarm sounded are foolish. I have been partially sucked in to such things in the past when I did not trust my inner self and hope to never trust in the “arm of flesh again,” in this respect.

As far as Y2K goes the arguments for disaster were so strong in many cases I can’t blame anyone for storing some food and taking precautions. On the other hand, I have a nephew who fled to Mexico with his family about a month ago for safety from the collapse of the United States that was coming because of Y2K. The whole family including myself tried to talk him out of it, but to no avail. This I think was very foolish and I told him so.

A reader expressed concern that Y2K was still a danger, even though Jan 1, 2000 has come and gone.

From what I read it was supposed to strike at the beginning of the fiscal year of the country and various organizations. But then nothing happened. Next I heard that January First was a sure date for things to happen. Still nothing significant happened. Now I learn for the first time that I am supposed to worry for another six months. I don’t think so. I’m sure bugs will surface, but human ingenuity will fix them.

There are a lot of things in the immediate future that need our attention. I invite you to join with me in doing something about taking away weapons of mass destruction from the nations which weapons will eventually filter down to some religious nuts who are willing to destroy the world for their God. The weapons challenge that we face in the world makes Y2K look like a walk through the park on a sunny day.

Mormon readers might consider this LDS scripture:

“And again I say unto you, sue for peace, not only to the people that have smitten you, but also to all people; And lift up an ensign of peace, and make a proclamation of peace unto the ends of the earth.” D&C 105:38-39

Someone needs to ask them where their proclamation of peace unto the ends of the earth” is.

It is an excellent idea and someone needs to do it. Why not us?


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Project Peace and Goodwill

Project Peace and Goodwill

The dialog concerning Project Peace and Goodwill refers to the document posted HERE

I had some comments and questions on my treatise, “Project Peace and Goodwill”

A reader says: “We already have an organization that purports to trying to do this its called the UN as you know and it has failed miserably and threatens to become a world dictatorship if we continue to give it more power at the expense of sovereignty.”

JJ: Where do you get this idea? Where in the UN is an actual plan for peace such as Project Peace and Goodwill? It does not exist?

The UN has not been all failure. If you look at it as some agent of the devil you may see it that way, but looking at it objectively with no agenda it has it has both good and bad points.

You seem to get the erroneous idea that the plan uses unreasonable force and takes away free will. The truth is nothing happens with the plan until 18 of the most armed nations agree to give up their weapons of mass destruction through their own free will. No physical force is involved here. Then after the plan is implemented the only force to be used is for self-defense after an aggressive move has been made by another nation.

You seem to be even against this. Does this mean that you think we should have just sent Hitler lots of love and used no force to subdue him? Or when Japan attacked us that we should have not defended ourselves? This is similar to the principle in the declaration you say you are against.

Seeking to change the hearts of man is fine, but if that is all we do then the doomsayers wishes will come true and the world as we know it will be erased through weapons of mass destruction.

The religions of the world have been trying to change men’s hearts for thousands of years and yet we now face the greatest threat of war in our history because of the weapons that are in the hands of the few. A definite plan is needed and if anyone has a better one than Project Peace and Goodwill please step forward and give your thoughts.

The reader responds:

“The main problems I have with the peace declaration are that it sets up a new world bureaucracy and puts a world army/peace keeping force under its control. History has taught us that however good the intentions are it will end up subverted for the gain of those in the controlling bodies ranks.”

JJ: There is no way to avoid an organizational structure for any body that administers the rule of law and some rule of law will be necessary for some time to come.


“Also having to have an army to ensure peace has never worked but temporarily at best, violence begets violence and ensuring peace for fear of reprisal constitutes peace at threat of force or fear of reprisal. And force is in opposition to the kingdom of heaven.”

JJ: Keeping a relatively strong military for the United States, for instance, has prevented any other nation from attacking us for 55 years. If we had maintained no military force I assure you this country would have been taken over someone out there.

Thus having an army for this nation has at least preserved the peace as well as freedom within our borders.

Force when it is for self-defense is not in opposition to the kingdom of heaven. There is a time and place for all things said Solomon.

It sounds (from other comments) like you prefer an order something like the Amish have today with emphasis on farming and carpentry.

This was tried in early Mormonism and other religions many times and has never worked.

I would much rather live in a society where my neighbor calls a professional contractor to fix his roof rather than expecting me to help him do it.

If I want to help a neighbor through my own free will, fine, but I don’t want to live in a society where I am expected to burst out helping on a daily basis whether I feel like it or not. Even more important, I do not want to depend on the unreliable spontaneity of others for my needs.

Currently I do not know any of my neighbors personally or even know their names even though I have lived in the same house for 12 years. I say high to them over the fence now and then but Artie and I are happy to keep our good friends a little distance from us. That’s one of the reasons they stay good friends and are always happy to see us and we them.

The basic idea of equality however, is a principle I agree with and have written about how it can be achieved through business. The series is called the Molecular Business and can be found HERE:


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The New Millennium

The New Millennium
(Written Jan 1, 2000)

Welcome to the new millennium. I have been being lazy (at my wife’s demand) the past couple days and catching up on my sleep. We saw the New Year in together last night watching TV around the world. As we watched the celebrations in the different parts of this little planet from the great New Zealand home of the beautiful spirit Glenys to Hollywood the overall goodness of the human spirit touched me. This is certainly not the time for God to rain down destruction on us as some have supposed.

Sterling is to be commended on being a better prophet than Jonah. Jonah was angry when his warning did not come to pass and Nineveh was saved. Sterling rejoices that Y2K seems to not be a problem. He is to be commended for this.

What did I do to prepare for Y2K?


We have about two days supply of food, are 100% dependent on electricity and have no gold and silver stored in the basement. This has been my situation most of my life.

But, says one. Should we not be like Joseph who was sold into Egypt and prepare for the worst?

The answer would be yes, if we were to receive a revelation that disaster was awaiting us. But in absence of this the words of Jesus are a good advice:

Matt 6:25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Matt 6:26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Matt 6:27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

Matt 6:28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

Matt 6:29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Matt 6:30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

Matt 6:31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

Matt 6:32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matt 6:34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Now there is lots of room for misinterpretation in this scripture. One could throw his hands up and quit his job and expect God to take care of him. Jesus was talking about an attitude of mind here rather than the throwing out of all responsibilities.

They key to the scripture is this. That if you truly seek first the kingdom of heaven that the spirit of God will be with you and you will not worry about the future. If some type of disaster is impending, as faced Joseph of old, you will be forewarned and thus a way of preparation will be made.

If normal times are ahead you should feel an inner peace about the near future and you can thus live and enjoy the tranquility of the times.

Several months ago on Art Bell I heard a Y2K expert tell us how there was a government cover-up on Y2K and that we would need 5 years or more to really fix the problem. He made it sound like the lights would go off completely at 2000 and chaos would be the result.

He sounded like a very credible person and his reasoning seemed sound and it almost made me doubt that which I felt within, so I checked again and here is the impression I got from my soul: “Have faith in the highest that is within the human spirit, for It is God in man, and when man trusts the highest he knows all solutions are possible.”

Thus, man following the highest he knows has solved a problem within a time frame that many thought to be an impossibility.

It’s a little like the goal that Kennedy set of going to the moon before 1970. Many thought this was an impossibility because we just did not yet have the technology.

Then we had the disaster where two astronauts were burned to death and the doomsayers thought for sure the goal would not be met.

Nevertheless, we persevered and got to the moon six months ahead of schedule.

When mankind as a whole or large group works toward one goal with the highest they know they call forth the powers of God and assistance comes beyond our normal ability.

Because we have had no major goal or consensus set for us for space exploration we have made no major gain in space that compares with going to the moon.

Will delayed Y2K problems occur and should we worry about them? It is possible, but shortly after they do occur they will be fixed because the united mind of mankind is set on it.

I will end this post with a quote from a previous writing posted in April of 1999:

“The interesting thing about today is that the world is full of religious Jonahs who are eagerly awaiting the prophecies of destruction to occur. These people can’t wait for God to come in his fierce wrath and burn the wicked as stubble. The wicked, of course, are those who do not conform to their own interpretation of scripture.

“These people can’t wait for a beastly dictator, worse than Hitler, to show up and plant some computer chip or bar code in people’s heads or right hands. They rejoice when they see famine, war and pestilence as a sign that the end is at hand. The actually look forward to the sea and the rivers becoming as blood, the light of the sun becoming darkened, a great plague of locusts, the death of all life in the sea and a great comet called Wormwood falling on the earth. In addition to the Biblical prophesies there are others who are looking forward to saying “I told you so” about Y2K, earth changes, economic collapse or some banking conspiracy.

“Not all, but many of the devoutly religious care more about these prophesies coming literally to pass on the physical plane than they do about the lives and souls of the people who would undergo immense suffering under these conditions. They need to remember the words of Jesus to James and John as they eagerly expected Jesus to destroy his enemies: “For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:56

“After the new millennium is come in and a decade or so has passed some will become disappointed and even angry that all the prophesies have not come literally to pass, that the world is actually going to hold together as we go into the next thousand years. They will fail to realize that all the prophesies have come true on higher levels and many of them have fulfilled their purpose and need not manifest literally on the physical plane just as Nineveh was not literally destroyed.

“When Christ does return he will not slay the wicked in a physical sense with the breath of His lips, but His words will slay the wicked thoughts of men and put such thoughts in their proper place which is the bottomless pit of illusion.”


Several have questioned my posting about my seemingly cavalier attitude toward preparedness.

A reader quoted this scripture as evidence that we are supposed to be prepared:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

“But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to

be broken up.

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

“Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?

“Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.” Matt 24:42-46

This scripture has to do with the second coming of Christ and can be interpreted on several levels.

First you must live you life with spiritual preparedness so when the time comes that you have an opportunity to be visited by the Master (which shall come at an entirely unexpected hour) that you will be ready.

Secondly, we must be prepared in every way spiritually so we can recognize him when he comes again “as a thief in the night.”

The fact is I am all for preparedness, but I join with the Master Jesus in not putting undue attention on preparations for the unnecessary for he says:

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matt 6:34

The key phrase here is: “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

What does this mean?

It means we have enough evils to worry about in the present day without being bogged down with tomorrow’s worries that usually never even come to pass.

Here are some great worries that never came to pass in my lifetime.

A nuclear war with Russia. I had a bomb shelter as my bedroom in the early sixties because of the worry over nuclear war.

Many in my church at that time believed the end of the world was coming before 1970.

Between about 1965-1980 conspiracy theories were being spread like crazy and the hidden enemy was so strong that there was no fighting him. About all this antichrist power had to do was to pick the date and the world was his. Every year a new date was picked for the takeover and nothing happened. Finally things got intense. They replaced Jimmy Carter with an actor, so they said. You could tell he wasn’t the real Jimmy Carter because he parted his hair on the wrong side. Many members of his cabinet were also said to be replaced. Things were all ready for the great takeover.

Time passed and nothing came of this worry.

I believe it was the late sixties that several Psychics predicted that California would sink into the sea and the new coastline would be in Idaho. A date was even set and many people became very nervous. A top song was even created around the idea.

The date came and went and nothing happened. All those people that moved from California to Idaho and other “safe” areas wasted their time.

One of my brother-In-Laws had a revelation that there would be a nuclear war in 1972 and moved from Los Angeles to southern Utah in order to escape the destruction, but he has since passed away and the destruction never came.

In 1979 under Jimmy Carter the Prime rate hit 20% and it seemed as if we would never see good times again. Many felt we were headed toward a depression that would make the great depression look good, but things turned around with Reagan’s optimistic policies created an unprecedented financial prosperity.

A few years ago everyone was worried about the Japanese dominating the world financially. The US and other countries sent representatives there to learn what they were doing. Then a few years later it is the United States that is dominating and now other countries worry about us and are trying to learn and copy what we do.

In recent times many have been predicting the end of the world for 1996, 97, 98, 99 and finally 2000. Now 2000 has come and there is no end some will say this is not the true millennium and shoot for 2001 as the real end, but these people again will suffer disappointment.

The most recent scare of course, has been Y2K. Intelligent arguments were made on both sides of the scare and each person had to decide for himself if the concern was great enough to make a lot of preparations.

These are just a handful of scares that I have lived through in my lifetime that have not materialized. In fact every world catastrophe that has happened in my life were things that no one predicted. After the event, of course, magazines like the National Enquirer displayed psychics who claimed credit for such predictions, but they were always published after the date of the happening.

So why are so many deceived by false prophesies of doom time after time?

One of the main reasons is that because of a misunderstanding of the scriptures and a tendency of the natural man to expect the worst there is a negative thoughtform that hovers over the human race. This thoughtform is composed of the negative energy of millions of people’s thoughts and fears over thousands of years and to tap into the Oneness Principle and discover true preparations that must be made for the future, this dark cloud of illusion must be penetrated.

The arrival of the year 2000 with no negative incident created an optimism that disperses part of the cloud. Many have great relief that Y2K did not happen and will look with more skepticism at the next prediction of doom.

It would be sad if the next major prediction was a true one for it would be like the boy who cried wolf.


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The Historical Jesus

The Historical Jesus

I received a request to comment on the historical Jesus for many today contend that he did not exist but was made up by the Roman Empire because they needed a messiah figure to unite the nation.

First I might add that a similarity of stories from different cultures add to the validity that something like that did happen, but perhaps not the way we have been presented.

Secondly many things happen in cycles and there have been several great floods in our history.

Concerning Jesus some have said that he was just made up by Constantine around 325 AD after he decided he needed a major religion with which to rule the world.

Now let us look at the logic of this possibility. Let us suppose that the president of the United States wanted to establish a new religion around a phantom character who is supposed to be the most loving and intelligent person who ever walked the earth.

First of all he would have to manufacture four books, similar to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, that would witness to this phantom figure. These accounts would have to be credible enough to be accepted as true by the common populace.

But the greatest feat that the governmennt would face would be in finding words attributed to this Messiah that would be considered by almost all people who read them to be the greatest words ever spoken.

Imagine the difficulty in even creating a new “sermon on the mount?”

In 2000 years no one has been able to give such a profound short speech. Perhaps the closest would be the Gettysburg address by Lincoln but most scholars will admit that this comes in a distance second to the words of Jesus.

Now it may be true that the Buddha and others said something similar in the past. It is difficult to write anything entirely new, but one must admit that the way the sermon was put together was much more profound than any teacher of the past.

He also gave profound parables with multiple meanings and almost every word attributed to him had such a profound meaning that none has been able to duplicate.

For Instance:

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

“The first shall be last and the last first.”

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

“I and my Father are One.”

“Ye Are Gods”

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

What other figure in history real or imagined has said such profound words over and over again?

None that I know of.

So, if the president wanted to create a false messiah he would have to make his staff put together something like the New Testament with 27 books testifying to the divinity of the man. Then after he puts it together it would have to be so believable that the general population would accept it.

Now if such a falsehood were to present itself there would be a large percentage that would not swallow it hook line and sinker. Many of these would leave writings exposing the fraud.

Even considering that the ancient emperors had much greater power than our president this feat would still be close to impossible. An Emperor would have to pick a fairly well established religious belief to create a new Messiah around it.

It is interesting that no one questions the historical validity of Mohammed, Buddha or even the obscure Zoriaster, but with Jesus they will claim that he and his teachings were made up on a lark. When you bring the possibility of duplicating this feat up to the modern era the impossibility of it becomes obvious.

The very fact that the man and his teachings have withstood the test of time is perhaps the greatest testimony to his reality.

The fact that we have 27 books in the New Testament testifying of him plus hundreds of ancient works that never made it into the Bible is a very strong witness that is completely obviated by those who wish to prove Jesus to be an imaginary character.

Few historians doubt that Jesus existed, but many believe that what has been recorded about him may not be entirely accurate.

The Book of Mormon was presented as a second witness for Christ. Many have read this and have received additional confirmation about him.

A powerful modern witness is the writings given through Alice A. Bailey. This is one of the latest revelations of the Brotherhood and when one reads her works a sensitive person cannot help but get soul confirmation. Her writings testify to the validity of the Biblical Christ.

A book that brought me closer to him was The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi. You can download this free from the web.

Someone questioned my statement that Hitler was a vegetarian. I had never read anything to the contrary so I decided to do a little research. I found that the vegetarians who are somewhat purist in belief are very offended at the thought that Hitler could have been a vegetarian and are digging up everything they can to prove that he was not one of them.

Here are the facts as far as I can ascertain them. From 1931 on Hitler was mainly on a vegetarian diet, but was not 100% strict with it. He did deviate now and then and eat a little meat just like many “vegetarians” that I know. He was a vegetarian at least 99% of the time.

It is an interesting contrast that while Hitler was this squeaky clean abstainer from meat, alcohol and tobacco his counterpart in the free world, Winston Churchill, was just the opposite. Churchill ate lots of meat, smoked and could drink most people under the table.

If one goes by outward appearances only many of the true lights of the planet will be overlooked.

The contention is that Jesus was a character created by Constantine around the time of the Council of Nicaea in 325. There is much evidence that he had many believers long before then. Here are a couple references to that:

AS A RESULT OF our investigations so far, it should be clear that historians do not need to rely on only one source (say, the Gospel of Mark) for knowing whether or not the historical Jesus existed. He is attested clearly by Paul, independently of the Gospels, and in many other sources as well: in the speeches in Acts, which contain material that predate Paul’s letters, and later in Hebrews, i and 2 Peter, Jude, Revelation, Papias, Ignatius, and I Clement. These are ten witnesses that can be added to our seven independent Gospels (either entirely or partially independent), giving us a great variety of sources that broadly corroborate many of the reports about Jesus without evidence of collaboration. And this is not counting all of the oral traditions that were in circulation even before these surviving written accounts. Moreover, the information about Jesus known to Paul appears to go back to the early 30s of the Common Era, as arguably does some of the material in the book of Acts. The information about Jesus in these sources corroborates as well aspects of the Gospel traditions, some of which can also be dated back to the 30s, to Aramaic-speaking Palestine. Together all of these sources combine to make a powerful argument that Jesus was not simply invented but that he existed as a historical person in Palestine.      Did Jesus Exist?, by Bart Ehrman, Page 140-141

Tacitus mentioned Jesus in his treatment of the years 30-31. There is, however, a short retrospective reference to Jesus when Tacitus treats the great fire of Rome under Nero and Nero’s subsequent use of the Christians of Rome as scapegoats (Annals 15.44). Nero, says Tacitus, fastened on the Christians because popular opinion suspected that he was responsible for the fire:

“Therefore, to squelch the rumor, Nero created scapegoats and subjected to the most refined tortures those whom the common people called “Christians,” [a group] hated for their abominable crimes. Their name comes from Christ,’ who, during the reign of Tiberius, had been executed by the procurator Pontius Pilate.’ Suppressed for the moment, the deadly superstition broke out again, not only in Judea, the land which originated this evil, but also in the city of Rome, where all sorts of horrendous and shameful practices from every part of the world converge and are fervently cultivated.”      A Marginal Jew, Vol 1, John P Meier, Pgs 89-90

DK through Alice A. Bailey also affirms the historical Jesus.

There He worked through the three beloved disciples, through the twelve apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred…. Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifies His efforts. *** I would have you forget distance, remoteness and vagueness and realise that I am talking of exact and literal happenings on our planet. I am dealing with recognitions and occurrences and with factual events which are the conscious possession of many. The Christ of history and the Christ in the human heart are planetary facts. Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 604

The New Testament story is true and correct; it is only the man-made interpretations which have misled humanity. Reappearance of the Christ, Page 100


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Calling and Election


Calling and Election

I was asked some time ago about more information about the third initiation of transfiguration. In other words, does one have to go through the Dweller on the Threshold and enter into the aura of the Angel of the Presence before he can be assured that he will continue on the path of light? When can he have that final assurance that we cannot fall toward the Dark Path?

The scriptures make it sound as if we need to strive for the light until such a time that God decrees that “our calling and election” is made sure and from that point on it is impossible to fall.

The truth is that any point of security in the light reached by us does not happen because of the decree of God, but because of our own decisions and efforts.

You and I will always have free will therefore as long as we have free will there will never be a time that we cannot choose the dark as well as the light.

Therefore, does this mean that we can never reach a state where our calling and election to the path of light is truly secure? Because we always have free will does this mean there is always a chance of choosing some demonic path?

Not a pleasant thought is it?

On the other hand, it is even less pleasant to consider a time when we may not have free will and instead function with robotic perfection.

Is there really then a 100% secure position on the path of light?

Fortunately there is not.


Yes, fortunately for if there were a 100% secure position it would mean that decision and choice is no longer possible. As long as there is choice the decision will be between two paths that lead (at least temporarily) in two different directions. As long as there are two paths one will be more beneficial (or good) to chose than the other. Two differing choices will never produce exactly the same results – remember the snowflake principle.

What does it mean then when some say they have obtained assurance from the Spirit, God within or Higher Self that they will not fall?

Answer: If a disciple has followed the highest he knows diligently in a certain lifetime then it is possible to receive a promise that you will not lose the ground that you have gained. The higher lives know the path ahead for you and all probabilities suggest that you will continue on into the light, yet if a temptation should arise greater than you may be able to handle your life would be taken so you can preserve the advances you have made. The preservation of advances made by diligent souls is the origin of the maxim that “the good die young.”

In the larger scheme of things there is never a plateau reached where a person cannot retrogress and there is never a plunge into darkness so deep that is beyond the will-to-save that is in the heart of God. The Dark Brotherhood have plunged so deep that their climb out will take millions, perhaps billions of years, but no matter how deep the bottomless pit, no matter how long the path, the way of deliverance will be there when a reflection of God decides to return home.

Even one who was Lucifer, a Kumara, a Son of the Morning of the Creation of Shamballa in and on the earth fell from his high estate and can no longer enter through the gates of the dwelling of the Great Ones. Some believe that he never had a body, but he had evolved through the human state in another planetary system before he came here as a celestial being with the Ancient of Days.

Taking all this into consideration – can anyone be trusted? Can we even trust the Masters in the Brotherhood of Light?

In answer to this one question we must always remember that there is only one thing that we can always trust and that is the Spirit of God as it speaks to us from within. One must only trust those who are without, whether it be a Master, angel or bank robber, if that which they communicate vibrates to the highest Spirit within us. If you do not feel a stimulation of the highest within you, then you are under no obligation to follow.

Even though we always have free will the disciple does reach a point where he is trusted by the Brotherhood to be a co-worker on the Path. This point is the Third Initiation.

Each initiation brings a greater trust of the Brotherhood toward the disciple, but the third is a crucial point because it is at this juncture that the disciple has close to 0% likelihood of going backwards, at least in this round.

After going through the first initiation the disciple learns to control his physical passions and can be trusted in on this level. Later he undergoes the second initiation and masters the emotions and is not controlled by either ego or glamour.

The interesting thing is that even though the seeker has gone beyond the ego he is still not trusted by the Brotherhood?


Because he can be deceived by illusion. As long as he can be deceived by illusion there is still a chance of him choosing the dark path. This dark choice often surfaces, not because the guy has horns and is inherently evil, but because he is deceived by erroneous illusionary belief systems. This illusion can be followed with the purest intentions of doing the right thing and by the time the choice between the two paths is clearly seen the illusion makes the dark Path seem very desirable.

Thus, when the disciple lets all his illusions go and seeks for pure truth no matter where it leads him he will face the Dweller on the Threshold, the final illusion. When the Dweller is finally passed he enters into the Presence weighted down with no illusion.

At this point he becomes a trusted worker because his choices will be made with the furtherance of the plan in mind without the influence of illusion and the chances of doing any great damage to the work of light is small. The chances of him undoing his choice for the light and choosing the dark path (in this cycle) is practically non existence.

When you know a hot stove will burn you will you touch it?

Not likely.

On the other hand, if someone can trick you by illusion to believe the stove is cool when it is hot then maybe you will touch it.

The third degree initiate cannot be tricked into thinking the hot stove is cool.

Testing Truth

I was asked top assess the truth of a teaching presented on the web.

We must admit that there is a lot of data in this writing, but data by itself is difficult to prove or disprove. If I say that there are six planets circling around Alpha Centauri how could anyone prove or disprove it? It is well nigh impossible unless you are a Master.

On the other hand, if there is, in reality, a lot of true data in a writing there will be revealed at least a hint of some underlying principle supporting the data. Therefore, the thing to ask here is: Is there any principle revealed here and if there is, what is it?

If a writing claims to be new revelation yet seems to copy old material this is an indication it came from some human or astral mind.

When true principles are grasped then a true teaching is easy to register and explain. Ask if you can relate the meat of a text in a short paragraph?

Is there any useful information in the writing?

Is there anything here that brings a flashing forth of the intuition or registers with the soul?

Are there unusual words or phrases that seen to make no sense but are written for effect on the astral nature?


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The Distortion of the Past

The Distortion of the Past

The Question: How does giving and receiving effective communication aid in discovering the truth?

At least part of this answer is pretty obvious. Without communication of some type the word “truth” would have no meaning to us humans. A truth has to be given and received through communication before it can be registered as such by our consciousness. Even though 2+2=4 (whether you are conscious of it or not) this truth will be as though it does not exist to your universe until the knowledge of it is communicated to you.

A tree does fall in a forest even though no one sees or hears it, but until this information is communicated to your consciousness, it has not fallen for you.

There are several levels of communication in our search for discovery.

(1) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(2) Person to person communication.

(3) Communication through the soul.

If each of us could just have accurate communication on these three levels we would rarely disagree. We could all see the truth together and have a wonderful union.

So why is this not the case? Why do so many of us disagree on even simple things?

The Course in Miracles gives a good reason for this. It tells us that we “see only the past.”

Thus when two of us look upon the outside world with the same instruments of perception we see two different realities because the present is filtered through the memory of the past.

Let us take the football game again. On one side we have a cheering section for team A and on the other we have one for team B.

Both groups of fans are perceiving the same game, but the filters of the past cause entirely different perceptions.

If the referee calls a penalty for team A, team B fans will cheer him while team A fans will boo him off the field.

Both groups have the same physical perception, but different vision because of seeing the past blended in with the present.

Now let us suppose that all memory of all fans present were taken from them concerning the two teams.

The referee once again gives a penalty to team A. Now what will their reaction be?

I think we can all visualize here that, by taking away the vision of the past blended with the present, that suddenly the two sides would see the penalty very close to the way it really was. In other words, if two people keep their consciousness in the present (as a little child) and refuse to let the past distort their vision they will see as one. They will both see the truth as it is happening now.

Even though an eyewitness has the greatest possible credibility in court, studies have shown that they are much less reliable than the juries believe them to be.


Because their vision of the event is clouded by their memory of the past creating distortion, but there is one more reason…

Faulty memory.

Our vision of the present is distorted by mingling it with the past and the present is further distorted by imperfect memory bringing a distorted past forward as a cloudy filter making it difficult to see the present truth.

Another thing that distorts the vision of the past is emotion. Even if you have a good memory a very positive or negative feeling associated with a past perception can fog the vision of the present. For instance, you may have met the quarterback of Team A and found him very charming and even gave you an autograph. Then later you bumped into the quarterback of Team B and he barked at you to watch where you are going.

Even though you remember everything accurately you bring the feeling from the past into the present and decide you want Team A to win because the quarterback was a nice guy. Maybe Team B has more nicer guys than team A, but you don’t care. The first quarterback planted a positive emotion in you and this greatly influences your present vision. The referee calls a fair penalty against Team A and you shout him down and call him a blind idiot.

Now the question is – how can we use this knowledge to increase the accuracy of our perceptions thus increasing our ability to perceive truth?

Quite simple. The first thing to always keep in our consciousness is the realization that the past does distort the present. Therefore use memories of the past very sparingly as you perceive the present and when they are used make sure you only use items that are remembered correctly. Test your memory now and then and get an idea of how accurate it is so when you do filter through memory you will take into account a margin of error.

Also test your feelings and recognize the influence they have on you. When the referee makes a call you do not like, detach yourself from your feelings for a moment and ask yourself if the call was really fair. Do not allow yourself to see the call through your feelings. Instead, use pure present perception and accept what your perception gives you even if it hurts.

Sports fans should be pleased here that even a game, or should we say, especially a game, can be a great exercise in the correct registration of reality.

There are two main communications left that reveal truth which are:

Person to person communication and…

Communication through the soul.

Does seeing the past also distort these two communications? How about faulty memory and past feelings? Does they also play a part.

We have always maintained that communication through the soul is accurate, but can even this be distorted by the past, feelings and faulty memory?


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In The World

In The World

I have to take issue with a reader on the football game thing. To say that a highly evolved person will not take sides in a game because it does not matter who wins I believe to be an illusionary statement.

I don’t think one can get much of enjoyment out of a game unless you do have a favorite. If you just watch the game for the game’s sake and to appreciate the skill of the players then you might as well watch last year’s Superbowl rather than the current one.

If I turn on a game and don’t have a clue as to the background or history of the team I just don’t have enough interest to watch. Sure it’s mildly interesting to watch a great play of some unknown team, but I would rather watch a bad performance of a team I know and like.

So where does this idea come from that if we are advanced on the Path that we will just cease to feel and not give a hoot about who wins what?

The problem is that many great teachers in the East have put emphasis on the overriding, control, directing and sometimes neutralization or elimination of emotion in order to reach higher states of consciousness. Many students have interpreted this to mean that we should “kill out desire” completely, move beyond it and never experience it again.

This is an extremist point of view and as Buddha taught neither extreme is the path to liberation.

What then have the teachers really meant when they taught thus about desire and feeling?

Perhaps the best summation of this is the admonition of Jesus to “live in the world, but not be of the world.”

The high initiate is expected to not be of the world to the extent that he is able to have power to neutralize or at least direct his feelings and change directions at the drop of a hat if the Purpose of God so requires it. It takes many lifetimes before this point is reached.

On the other hand, when desire is not out of alignment with purpose it is good judgment to be “of the world,” and let your emotions play themselves out intelligently. When the disciple is appropriately “of the world,” he will love and feel passion with the best of them. If there is a contest he will be happy to cheer for a certain side. Why deny yourself of such a pleasure when there is no purpose in it?

When a question of the right or wrongness of a philosophy comes up, in addition to looking within to the soul, I also look at the great initiates of history and see if their actions confirm what I have received. Time and time again it does and this is no exception.

Two of the greatest initiates in the United States were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both were leaders in the most stressful game of all called war and both of them took definite sides and were extremely concerned about the outcome. One thing that really concerned Lincoln is that he often was much more concerned than his generals seemed to be. All McClellan seemed to want to do is show off rather than win and this attitude about drove Lincoln around the bend.

In more recent times Winston Churchill replaced Chamberlain who had a cavalier attitude toward Hitler that lead the World into war. Churchill took a definite side and had an extreme interest in the outcome.

DK in writing through Alice A. Bailey said that the Christ himself took the side of the Allies during the war and worked behind the scenes to assure victory.

Some have expressed irritation that I have defined the word channeling for this class. They seem to think I have arrogantly redefined a dictionary definition for the entire world.

As far as the dictionaries go they do not give a very specific definition for channeling and many differing groups use the word with different meanings. Because of this I defined the word FOR THE CLASS, not for the world.

Let me repeat myself here. When sending or receiving it is important that we apply similar meanings to the same word. If I say the word “channel” and I am referring to an astral entity possessing the body of a medium and you think I am referring to mental telepathy because you define it different then confusion is the result.

In a class the definition of a word is what the group agrees upon, I’m sure there are other classes on the web where the word channeling is used to include mental telepathy. Does this bother me?

No. It’s still a free Web.

The teacher of any class has the right to define his terms in what he sees the best interest of learning. If anyone disagrees with this I would like to know the reason why?

If I want to call an orange an apple to make a point while teaching then why complain about it?

I received a message from a member of the group explaining to me his great mission as a messiah type of avatar.

Since I have been teaching I have been approached by many “great ones” such as by the supposed reincarnated souls of Michael the Archangel, Paul of Tarsus, John the Baptist, and several Joseph Smiths and Ones Mighty and Strongs wanting me to either follow them or work with them in promoting their mission. I felt no spiritual or familiar vibration among any of them and they were quite disappointed that I had no desire to work with them. One Joseph Smith guy was particularly upset.

I think just about every break off from the Mormon church is lead by one who claims to be one Mighty and Strong.

Let me place this one question before you to consider:

Is it possible that your thoughts of a great mission and the idea of being the One Mighty and Strong the greatest obstacle in your path to true greatness and glory?

If you are this prophesied one then why does the Spirit not confirm it to me? Why has it not been confirmed to others? Has it been confirmed to you or are you following signs only?

I believe you do have a great mission, if you choose to accept it, but the nature of it is different than you have envisioned.

I beseech you to join with me and teach the highest that you know, planting seeds that will grow into the baptism of fire making no claims for yourself and not giving a care in the world as to whether anyone recognizes your stature. Even if a great mission is revealed to a disciple he should go forward making no claims of greatness. If God wishes to glorify a servant like you or I then glorify he will beyond anything we can do on our own.

Let us go forward with purpose with minds and hearts focused within the fiery will of God. Let our happiness and joy be in seeing the work being moved forward even if we should die unknown and unrecognized.


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Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination

We have not covered principle nine yet of which we wrote:

(9) Another instrument of discovery of truth is the Process of Elimination. How do you suppose this principle works? Have you used it yourself to discover truth? Many of us have used this in the game “Twenty Questions.”

Remember the test I gave the group some time to guess which one digit number I was thinking of? Since no one was psychic enough to get it you had to use the process of elimination. The group assumed that there were ten one digit numbers that are 0123456789. After half of them were eliminated the group ceased using the guessed numbers as possibilities. Finally, there were two numbers left and then one. Surely the number left was it, but I still said no. None of the ten guessed was what I wrote down. The group went into deep meditation (a guess). Since there are ten one digit numbers and the group guessed them all and none of them was the number then the truth may not be as obvious as it seems. Could there be more than ten one digit numbers someone finally mused?

Finally someone used the process of elimination correctly and eliminated all positive numbers from the equation and realized that the answer could be a negative number. After the ten standard digits were eliminated you realized that there were nine negative digits that no one had considered yet. In other words, the process of elimination made you consider a possibility that you otherwise would have never looked at.

Finally, when you realized you were on the right track it was only a short time through the use of the process of elimination that the correct digit was picked. As I remember it was minus 2.

The interesting thing is that we have a number of psychics on the group, but as it turned out the process of elimination proved more reliable than ESP.

The truly accurate psychic is indeed a rare thing, but if we can, through the use of mind, logically eliminate certain items as false this leads us with great accuracy steps closer toward the truth. Any time the seeker has a chance to eliminate a piece of data as false he must rule it out no matter how much it goes against his belief system.

Any scientist who honestly uses the process of elimination must admit that there is a God, or at the least a higher intelligence than man. All he has to do is study the human cell and ask: Could this have been created with no guiding intelligence? Anyone using the process of elimination must admit that a creation a million times more complicated than the Mac I am staring at had to be created by some guiding hand or Purpose.

The atheist scientist illustrates one of the problems with this principle of truth. An item that must be eliminated from the equation can stare many of us in the face, yet we refuse to eliminate it.

If the prophet Rambalana takes his believers to a mountain top time after time to be picked up by Zor and his spaceship the time should come that the believer should eliminate Zor and Rambalana from the equation of truth.

The sad fact is that even when that which is obviously false appears the believer continues to believe instead of eliminate.

Take the Jehovah’s Witnesses for instance. One of the founders named Charles T. Russel predicted the return of Christ in the late 1800’s. When he didn’t show up he moved the date ahead. When he didn’t show up again the followers still did not use the process of elimination. Russel took advantage of that belief and moved the date ahead again to 1914.

Well, 1914 came and went but still no Jesus appearing in the clouds. Russel himself refused to eliminate this final date as being wrong and concluded that Jesus did come in 1914, but he just came invisibly and no one saw him. Thus, if I understand the current Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, they still to this day have not eliminated 1914 as the arrival date and accept this as the year of the coming of the Lord.

I personally grew up in an alcoholic family and pretty much fended for myself and my little sister as a kid. I eliminated my parent’s lifestyle as a desirable way of life and became active in the Mormon Church as a teenager. Then using this same process of elimination years later I eliminated certain practices within the church, such as strong infallible authority, as being anti spiritual and moved on to greater vistas of learning.


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My Journey

My Journey

Note written April 2019: For the first year of my posting on the web I revealed virtually nothing of my background as I wanted readers to pay attention to the message rather than the messenger. Finally, a Mormon reader specifically asked me if I was connected to his or any other religion. Here was my answer:

As you may have guessed by now I do have a Mormon background; however, not a very recent one. About 22 years ago I was active in the church.

I made the mistake of “searching the scriptures” and discovered some interesting things therein, which are not a part of standard doctrine. Mormons believe we go to one of three kingdoms after death and we are stuck in the assigned location for eternity.

I discovered that there is progression from kingdom to kingdom, not just within the kingdoms as the church teaches.

I wrote a short paper on it, but had a problem in that I had no one to share it with. Then my nephew visited for a time and I told him some of my thoughts and shared my writings with him. He became convinced and was very enthused about it. I told him to be very careful about who he showed it to or he could get in trouble with the authorities, but he didn’t seem worried about it.

He went to his home ward and began teaching the doctrine in Priesthood class and showed the writing to his Elder’s Quorum President. Shortly thereafter he was ushered in the bishop’s office and within a few days a full-blown trial was scheduled with the high council. When he learned that the only witnesses that he could have were members in good standing he thought of me.

He called and asked me to defend him at his trial.

I told him that if I did I would probably be excommunicated too and may lose my wife and kids.

He said: “You got me into this, now you must help get me out.”

I sighed and told him I would be there.

I went to his trial with my friend Wayne who was an inactive member, but still an Elder and they were not going to let us in to testify, but using every coercion at our disposal we elbowed our way in and gave our testimonies on his behalf, but of course it fell on deaf ears.

Shortly afterwards, the transcript was sent to headquarters a trial was ordered for me. When they discovered through interrogation that I believed several things that were not part of regular church doctrine the council composed of life long friends excommunicated me.

The interesting thing is that they had to violate their own rules to throw us out for we both were obeying all the rules of the church.

Anyway, that was a long time ago and I could write a book on the whole thing but to make a long story short I continued my search for truth and as I found them, piece by piece, I began to see how they all fit together into a complete whole and how the LDS church as well as the teachings of Joseph Smith blend into everything.

Like you, I explored fundamentalism, but never got involved with it. Instead of draining a few morsels of truth from the past I sought the future and have had great and important principles revealed that I am now sharing. There is much more for me to give out than I have posted so far.

I have studied numerous religions and points of view and have decided to present the teachings from a cosmopolitan point of view free of religious connection for identification with an orthodox religion is a big turn off to many who may otherwise be open to the truth.

Since it has been 22 (now over 40 years) years since I have had a link with any religion I am quite honest in presenting myself as detached from religious dogma. However, I still remember well how the members think and my knowledge of Mormon doctrine is yet clear even though I have not studied it for many years.

I have written a book called “Eternal Lives” which proves reincarnation from the LDS point of view. It also answers questions about baptism for the dead, eternal marriage and many other details.

This book is mainly written for people with an LDS background, but there are many things of interest for any seeker.

For more reading on my journey readers can go to these additional links.

The first is a fiction story called “Journey’s End.” The part covering the trial of Curtis; however, is non-fiction. The trial is an accurate recollection of the event. What follows after is mostly fiction.

To read the story click on the link and scroll down to links 3783-3788
LINK to Journey’s End.

These additional links are to a history of events after we were excommunicated including a visit to the leadership of the LDS church.





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The Mighty Change of Heart

The Mighty Change of Heart

For those who wish to ask questions here are some suggested guidelines.

(1) Make the question(s) clear and brief. Some of you lately are asking a series of questions in one post that would take a book to cover thoroughly.

Make you question clear and concise. Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you want to know.

(2) Try and keep your question in alignment with the current topic of discussion. If you have questions about a subject not under discussion it may be best to wait until we arrive at that subject.

There are exceptions of course.

I was asked if others in the group are authorized to speak for me.

If anyone taps into my thought through the Oneness Principle and believes they can speak my mind it is fine with me if they try. If they are significantly wrong I will correct them.

On the other hand, a number of members have misinterpreted my words. One misinterpretation lately was about my teaching on meeting emotion with emotion. Some seemed to think that I was suggesting that if one person gets emotional in a negative way then we should too.

Nothing could be farther from the truth and if you will reread my post on the subject this should become clear.

My point was that if you are trying to reason through a subject that another feels very emotional about that we must not use reason alone in communicating with the person. We must show the person we understand by responding with some feeling ourselves. In this case I am talking about guiding feelings with the mind which hopefully is guided by Spirit. In such a case there is communication and resolution.

The guiding point of all communication, even when we are communicating on an emotional level, should be the highest we can perceive. Remember the source of our feelings are a vehicle, not our real selves.

I was asked for more clarification of the mighty change of heart spoken of in the scriptures that happens to one who has humbled himself through baptism unto the receiving of the Holy Spirit. In the Bible this is also called being “born again” or becoming a “new man in Christ.”

In the modern revelations from the Christ and His Hierarchy, or the Brotherhood of Light, this change of heart and the reception of the Holy Spirit leading newness of spiritual life is called the first initiation. Overall there are nine initiations, seven to be taken on this planet. The first is that which leads to the path of discipleship and is also called “the birth of Christ in the Heart.”

For many ages we identify with the lower self. First we think we are merely bodies. Later we discover we are feelings and identify with them. Then as we progress we learn to use mind and come to believe that we are our thoughts. Finally, we become frustrated as the emotions create illusion and the mind slays the real and we search for higher guidance. The time finally comes that either by ordinance or by a raise in consciousness that we release ourselves of guilt and yield ourselves by faith to the possibility that something higher flows through us.

When this happens we do not in reality receive something new. Instead we become aware of the Holy Spirit which has always been there. It seems like we are receiving it because we become aware of its presence for the first time. When we become aware of the Spirit and commit ourselves to follow It we have the beginning of a new life with a spiritual, instead of carnal direction.

The thing to keep in mind is this is the beginning of a new round of eternal progression and is far from an end point – as the religions seem to think.

There are levels of contact after the Spirit is sensed. It ranges from the almost indiscernible :”still Small Voice” to the baptism of fire.

The spiritual fire is given in various degrees to give a positive assurance that you are headed the right direction. Some have received this in connection to the teachings I have given out. This does not mean I am infallible, but it does mean that they are generally taking you toward Spirit and not matter.

I was asked to comment on the meaning of the “calling and election.”

This idea of “calling and election” is also mentioned in the Bible by Peter:

“Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.” II Peter 1:10

Regular Christianity usually interprets this with the idea that when you have totally given your life to Christ you have a secure salvation from which you cannot fall. They pretty much believe that a person can commit horrendous sins after obtaining such a salvation yet still go to heaven.

It is pretty black and white with them. You go to heaven or hell and you’re either completely saved or you are not.

Now Mormonism has more differentiations in the afterlife and in eternal rewards. They believe in three kingdoms of Glory and one with no glory.

The Kingdom with no glory, or light, is the dwelling place of the Dark Brothers.

The Telestial, or the glory of the stars, is not really an afterlife, but is this physical earth where we arrive through reincarnation. It could also include the lower astral realms.

The Terrestrial is the higher astral.

The Celestial with its three divisions is the higher worlds of mind, the highest of the worlds of form. This is where the LDS hope to go if his calling and election is made sure.

Most Mormons do not realize that there are kingdoms higher than the Celestial as hinted at by Joseph Smith:

D&C 130:9 This earth, in its sanctified and immortal state, will be made like unto crystal and will be a Urim and Thummim to the inhabitants who dwell thereon, whereby all things pertaining to an inferior kingdom, or all kingdoms of a lower order, will be manifest to those who dwell on it; and this earth will be Christ’s.

D&C 130:10 Then the white stone mentioned in Revelation 2:17, will become a Urim and Thummim to each individual who receives one, whereby things pertaining to a higher order of kingdoms will be made known;

D&C 130:11 And a white stone is given to each of those who come into the celestial kingdom, whereon is a new name written, which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it. The new name is the key word.

Notice that a white stone is given to those who enter the Celestial world and this stone is a key that reveals “a higher order of kingdoms” than the Celestial.

Now the Celestial is the highest of the worlds of form, so what could be higher than that?

In esoteric literature these are called the formless worlds. The first above the plane of higher mind (the celestial) is the Intuitional, or Buddhic plane, followed by the Spiritual or Atmic, then Monadic and finally the Divine.

These formless worlds are difficult for us to understand in our earthly state and from a higher point of view have form as ideas have form. They provide the foundations from which all the lower worlds of concrete form are created.

Once entering the formless worlds which are high states of consciousness, one can always descend back into matter and manifest in physical form if some purpose requires it.

So if receiving a mighty change of heart and walking the spiritual path is the first initiation what is this guarantee that we will not fall from the path but have our entry into the higher worlds assured?

This comes with the third initiation when the seeker encounters the Dweller on the Threshold that we talked about earlier.

We will eventually cover the initiations in depth but we’ll just mention the first three briefly here.

The first is the birth of the Christ in the heart accompanied by a decision to walk the Spiritual path as the disciple sees it. During this period he becomes a master of his physical passions and desires and subjects them to the purpose of God as he sees it.

To pass the second initiation the seeker must master his emotions. He does not do away with emotion as some teach, but he learns to not attach his decision making to emotional feeling, and instead subjects them to the plane of the mind. By subjecting emotion to mind he learns to render emotion harmless from a spiritual viewpoint.

These first two initiations are covered by the birth of Christ consummated by the symbology of baptism and the reception of the holy spirit replacing the domination of the lower emotions.

The third initiation is called the transfiguration and was demonstrated by Christ on the Mount so named. Moses was also passing through this initiation on mount Sinai, as did Joseph Smith when the pillar of light descended upon him.

To reach this the disciple mist learn to see through illusion and subject his mind to the will of Spirit.

Only when the seeker learns to see through illusion can he be trusted to permanently keep his mind centered in the light.

When this initiation is passed then definite decision has been made to follow the light and nothing in the world of illusion can tempt the disciple to retreat.

From this point on he is considered a coworker by the Brotherhood and is trusted with certain responsibilities. His calling and election is then made sure.


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