Reincarnation and Mormonism, Part 5

THE SECOND COMING OF JOSEPH SMITH When one considers the doctrine of reincarnation his mind would naturally wonder what the previous lifetimes were of some of the early brethren in the … [Read more...]

The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 1

The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact By J J Dewey Introduction A Course in Miracles was an inspired course leading to the healing of grievances and the discernment of the real from the unreal. Since … [Read more...]

Index to the Book of Principles

What a Principle is Cause and Effect Male-Female Energies The Principle of Freedom The Principle of Analogy or The Law of Correspondences. The Oneness Principle The Teacher-Student … [Read more...]

The Parable of the Secure Foundation

June 27, 1999 The Parable of the Secure Foundation I received a criticism of the Song of the 144,000. The person thought that the mentioning of destructive forces was negative and should be replaced … [Read more...]

The Vegetarian Diet

Thanks for your comments on my meat-eating article.  If I had more than 600 words a lot of your concerns would have been covered.  I think I’ll expand the article for the web page and then submit the … [Read more...]

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Teachings and Thoughtforms

June 25, 1999 Teachings and Thoughtforms I was asked what the Masters do when the disciple they may be working with starts making mistakes or gets centered in the ego. When this happens (as it … [Read more...]

Enhancing Communication

June 13, 2017 Enhancing Communication We have covered the reasons for the political divide and the fact that the two sides do not effectively communicate with each other because they speak two … [Read more...]

Two Different Languages

  June 13, 2017 Two Different Languages So we have established why there is a black hole interfering with the right and the left communicating with and understanding each other. The right … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Cause of Division

June 12, 2017 The Mysterious Cause of Division Finding the Key Word I generally stay away from partisan politics on this site and will delete political posts unless they deal with a metaphysical … [Read more...]


June 21, 1999 The Qualities of the Disciple Continued Discernment Subject under discussion: The qualities of the disciple. Here is what we have so far: (1) Soul contact (2) Holding the … [Read more...]