The Gadianton Terrorists

The Gadianton Terrorists

I was pleased today to see President Bush speak in a Muslim Center in Washington DC and actually preach peace to the nation by quoting from the Koran. I was proud of the guy. He’s stealing from my play book as to what I would do.

As some of you know I spent about twenty years of my life as a serious student of Mormonism and on reflection of the Book of Mormon I find that one of its core messages is very pertinent to this age, a message few Mormons even understand.

The Book of Mormon claims to be a history of a race of white Indians called the Nephites who lived in the Americas from 600 BC to 421 AD. In 421 AD they were virtually destroyed from this hemisphere. I have heard that there is a small tribe or two of white Indians in South America and once in a while a light-skinned baby will be born in a dark-skinned Indian tribe as evidence of their past existence.

The Book of Mormon tells us that one of the main threats the Nephites faced again and again and finally proved to be their downfall was a group of terrorists called the Gadianton Robbers.

These terrorists were very difficult for the Nephites to fight or to dominate because, just like the modern terrorists, they hid out in secret compounds and caves and were an enemy that was difficult to find and destroy.

In addition to this many associates to the terrorists lived among the people and passed themselves off as s supporters of the government, but in reality were dedicated to destroying it. The Nephites often did not know if their next door neighbor was a friend or a foe pretending to be a friend.

Besides operating in secret and hiding in the shadows the Gadiantons had great power for a number of reasons. (1) People were afraid of them. If the terrorists knew someone was exposing them they would be assassinated. (2) They had secret covenants and signs that allowed them to escape punishment. For instance, if a secret Gadianton was a judge and another of that order was brought before him, the one on trial would give the judge a secret sign which would signal that he was to be set free. Thus the authorities could arrest many criminals that would be set free. Sound familiar? (3) If any Gadianton did not cooperate and fulfill his oaths he was killed by having his throat cut. Thus even if a Gadianton wanted to change, he often lacked the courage. (4) The oaths were sworn to in the name of God. Thus many who may give their lives to go against the order were afraid of offending God who could punish them in the next world. Because of this few ever betrayed the order.

What was their goal? Their goal was to rob, plunder and gain power and domination by taking away freedom and replacing it with tyranny.

Because they were motivated by dark forces being nice to them or sending them love did no good whatsoever. They pursued their goals with the Nephites whether they fought against them or not, whether they were nice to them or not and whether they negotiated with them or not.

The Gadiantons as representatives of dark forces had a natural hate toward freedom and representative government, which the Nephites had. As long as there was one free people, tribe or person the Gadiantons were sworn enemies seeking to destroy that which was good.

During their history, the Nephites had periods of peace where they controlled the Gadiantons to a degree, but they always seemed to bounce back and finally at the end of their history the Nephites were completely destroyed by their power.

Mormon was one of the last surviving Nephites and compiled a record of his people in the hope that this record would be revealed to a future people who would occupy this land whom he referred to as the “gentiles.”

He and his son Moroni saw in vision the United States as it exists today and desired that this record would come to us.


Whether or not one is a believer in the Book of Mormon readers should find this quote interesting. It was written by the last Nephite, Moroni, son of Mormon.

20 And now I, Moroni, do not write the manner of their oaths and combinations, for it hath been made known unto me that they are had among all people, and they are had among the Lamanites. 21 And they have caused the destruction of this people of whom I am now speaking, and also the destruction of the people of Nephi. 22 And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed; for the Lord will not suffer that the blood of his saints, which shall be shed by them, shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance upon them and yet he avenge them not. 23 Wherefore, O ye Gentiles (the people of the United States), it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you, which are built up to get power and gain–and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the Eternal God shall fall upon you, to your overthrow and destruction IF YE SHALL SUFFER THESE THINGS TO BE. 24 Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, WHEN YE SHALL SEE THESE THINGS COME AMONG YOU that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up. 25 For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning.

26 WHEREFORE, I, MORONI, AM COMMANDED TO WRITE THESE THINGS THAT EVIL MAY BE DONE AWAY, and that the time may come that Satan may have no power upon the hearts of the children of men, but that they may be persuaded to do good continually, that they may come unto the fountain of all righteousness and be saved. Ether Chapter 8:20-26 (Caps mine)

Few realize that one of the main reasons these Indian prophets compiled the Book of Mormon was because they saw our day and realized that we would have the same problem with terrorists that destroyed their own people. Mormon boldly states: “Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing.” Mormon 8:35

They thus thought that if they could warn us by showing us what happened to them that perhaps we may be a little wiser and remove the current crop of Gadianton terrorists from our midst for they seek to “overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries.”

Whether or not the reader takes the Book of Mormon seriously, we should indeed take its warning seriously, for I think we have seen that there are indeed secret organizations lurking in the shadows which seek to overthrow our way of life and bring tyranny on the earth.

Sept 17, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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I Am a New Yorker

I Am a New Yorker

My Friends, I’ve been going to write some comments about this major catastrophe of 9-11, but its been difficult to settle on the thoughts I would want to express.

After a couple days reflection the keynote to manifest from this tragedy is LOVE.

Because of the tremendous loss and pain experienced by many one would think that feelings of hate, revenge and rage would dominate. There is some of this, of course, but overall the main emotion we have seen surface is love, concern, sacrifice and brotherhood.

I watched those who many would consider as “fat cats” break down and cry with sorrow over the loss of their employees whom they considered as family. Another said that the payroll would be met by his company and that he and other managers would take a loss in pay so the mainstream employees could get paid.

I watched the firefighters choke up with emotion for the loss of their brethren. When one described their association as a brotherhood, I understood because I was a firefighter for several years and when you live, work and take risks together there is indeed a closeness that develops. When I think back on my old friends in the department and I can see that they would also have taken the great risks that the firefighters in New York did. Thank God we never had to make that choice.

We often think of police as hardened and distant, but there was not one policeman in New York whose eye was dry or his heart was not touched over the loss suffered by the people and his comrades.

We tend to see people as greedy and willing to take advantage when opportunity presents itself. Yet at this solemn moment there was plenty of opportunity for those who have little to loot and destroy, but they did not.

We watched Congress, Democrats and Republicans, black and white join hands in tears and sing God Bless America.

We watched the President of the United States choke up with great emotion and concern toward the victims and become so affected that he had difficulty in finishing his answer to the press.

Our hearts were touched as we saw an English military band play the U.S. National anthem at the changing of the guard – an unprecedented show of solidarity ordered by Queen Elizabeth. We continued to be impressed by displays of love and concern shown by country after country. It felt good to know that we are not alone as a country in suffering this loss.

As I write this I see on the television that all of Europe is observing three moments of silence in respect for this tragedy.

One of the largest problems in the rescue effort is not a lack of help, but too many volunteers, not a lack of blood donated, but more than is needed.

I was impressed at a picture of a rescue worker who was so tired he was sleeping on solid concrete in a sleep so sound that he was oblivious that he was being filmed for national TV. His faithful trained dog was also sleeping with him and looked equally exhausted.

Time and time again we heard stories of people risking their lives in an attempt to save others and common people being more concerned for others than themselves.

We hear of great courage of the passengers on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. When one of them learned what happened in New York through a cell phone conversation he told his wife that he and several others were going to take action. Apparently they did and instead of crashing into the White House or Pentagon the plane crashed into empty field. We can only imagine the heroic struggle that took place by nameless ones who gave their lives to save thousands.

The ugly American, the arrogant American, the conceited American… No no no… I d do not know such people, not now. I see people, people like you and me, average people with hopes and dreams put on hold, rising to an extraordinary occasion, making a mark in history that shall stand for a thousand years.

No matter which city, which state or which country we come from we all stand with these brave souls and in the spirit of John Kennedy we declare: “I am a New Yorker.”

Sept 13, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Facing Fears

Facing Fears

After the 9/11 disaster various comments were made about fear. Some thought there was no useful or positive aspect about it.

The Course In Miracles is a great book, but so is the Bible and readers of both who have a rigid interpretation of them can go off course.

The Course talks about fear as if it were the devil itself and consequently many of its readers develop a fear of fear and falsely convince themselves that they are only full of love and have no fear.

In the context of the teachings fear is usually associated with guilt or grievances and fear in this regard is indeed unproductive. But there is a positive aspect of fear which can cause us to awaken to a perilous situation and then do something about it. Then when we act in a positive way the fear disappears.

The unknown creates fear, but when the unknown becomes the known fear evaporates as the morning light causes the dark to no longer exist.

In the parable of Decision (see the Immortal) there were four people faced with a choice between two paths. All experienced a fear of the unknown. Two moved ahead and overcame their fears, but the other two were paralyzed with inaction and their fear lingered on and grew in power.

The key here is to not allow ourselves to be paralyzed, but neither should we allow ourselves to suffer the glamour of “being beyond the touch of fear” and end up suppressing it. Suppression and denial merely plants a seed and adds nourishment. One of the most fearful things we can do is to honestly face our fears, acknowledge them and work through them.

There is illusion in the idea that the lack of consciousness of fear leads to perfect love.

Consider this:

The men who hijacked the planes and caused the disaster of 9/11/2001

were virtually fearless. They killed passengers and pilots and then faced death with little or no fear.

On the other hand, the passengers were very much afraid.

Which ones were doing the hateful deed? The terrified passengers? No. It was the fearless terrorists.

Terrorists are often void of recognized fear themselves, but they strike fear in the hearts of people much more loving than themselves.

Boasting about fearlessness does not a loving person make.

While it is true that the perfected disciple is almost fearless, it is also true that many who are both good and evil who do not face their fears live in the illusion of fearlessness, but under the surface are fearful issues that must be faced.

It would have been a good thing if we had allowed some extra fear to wake us to the awful possibility of our vulnerable situation (before 9/11) and taken additional precautions.

A little fear can be a constructive force to wake us to reality. The dismissal and suppression of fear by many in this country today has put the world to sleep concerning the real perils, which we face.

We were more worried about what happens to Gary Condit and Monica Lewinsky than the fate of our nation, the world and generations to come.

I therefore issue a call to awake to the reality of our various dangerous circumstances and act in a positive way.

Most probably this disaster was caused by those who felt they were pleasing God and would go to heaven for giving their lives to destroy their fellow men and women and thus were beyond the normal parameters of logical fear or concern.

The Good, the Blind and the Arrogant

In an e-mail from Sterling I found this quote:

“In the city of God there will be a great thunder. Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb. “The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.” Nostradamus 1654

This is quite an interesting prophecy if it is a true quotation. There is a lot of false data in circulation. For instance there was recently circulated a supposed study on the IQ’s of various presidents showing that Bush had the lowest of the bunch and Clinton had the highest. This was totally made up, obviously by someone who didn’t like Bush.

Even so, there are many references to Nostradamus that are not true. My question is: Are there any Nostradamus buffs in the group? If so can you find this quote?

Some of the falsified quotes from Nostradamus comes from World War II when each side would make up quotes from him indicating victory for their side and destruction for the other.

A reader cooments that three people in disagreement can all be right and cites the parable of the three blind men and the elephant.

Two opposing beliefs can have overlapping elements of agreement but the two actual areas of opposition cannot both be true.

Let us examine the elephant parable.

The first blind man grabs the tail and says the elephant is like a great rope. Was he correct?

No. The elephant is not like a great rope. He was deceived into thinking he had the whole of the elephant in his hands.

The second man grabs an ear and says the elephant is like a great carpet.

Was he correct?

No. The whole of the elephant is not like a great carpet. He was again deceived into thinking he had the whole of the elephant in his hands.

The third man grabs a leg and says the elephant is like a great tree. Again, this man was wrong also.

If the three could open their eyes of vision they would all see they were wrong and deceived because the piece of the elephant they felt was just that, a piece. None of them had much of an idea as to what the whole of the elephant looked like. It is true the three blind men were correct in their view of the pieces, but the three could only be correct if they had said something like: “A piece of the elephant is like a carpet.” The argument was about the whole elephant and thus all three statements were incorrect.

Thus my statement that three opposing teachings or statements cannot all be true stands.

I said: “The unknown creates fear, but when the unknown becomes the known fear evaporates as the morning light causes the dark to no longer exist.”

To this a reader objected, “The unknown does not create fear. The unknown simply IS the unknown.”

Many fear death simply because what happens after death us an “unknown” to them. If they knew for sure there was life and justice after death the fear connected with the unknown would cease. Without the unknown factor most fears would disintegrate; thus the unknown creates the situation inducing the fear. Stating that the fear is caused by how the individual “chooses to relate” to the unknown is like defining what IS, IS.

Those who fear death have not learned how to make a choice to nullify fear. No choice in this matter is even available for them until they evolve to a higher level.

For instance, there are choices available to the Greater Lives that are not even possible for us at our state of evolution.

A reader expresses his opinion that Americans are conceited and the 9/11 disaster teaches us a needed lesson. Just ask anyone from a foreign country as most of them are annoyed at the American feeling of superiority, lack of compassion and arrogance.

As I have been watching television today I have not seen this and after viewing the outpouring of love and concern and soul to soul sharing and helpfulness that is manifest in average Americans helping each other, I would say that one would have to have a jaundiced eye to feel this way.

Everyone I know has considered that catastrophes such as this and worse could happen to us and none of them have conceit and arrogance about our safety as you accuse. What kind of cynical people do you associate with anyway to give you such a view of people, most of whom are good and decent?

One of the problems is that the nightly news, Jerry Springer and the tabloids give the impression that the majority of people are conceited, arrogant, dangerous and to be feared, but in reality the far majority of people in this and other countries are just attempting to follow the rules of life and get along the best they can.

As far as your accusation of Americans being seen as arrogant overseas. I am familiar with this belief, as I have lived overseas with the people for a couple years.

Those who see Americans as arrogant do so largely because they do not understand us and this perception is as much of a fault of Europeans, English and others as it is us. It is even revealed in the handwriting samples I have examined that Americans as a whole are much more outgoing and extrovert than most in other countries. This is often perceived as arrogance whereas it is merely a personality difference. Being outgoing and arrogant are two different things and the various people I got to know overseas realized this when they became associated with a variety of Americans.

Of course, there are some arrogant Americans, but I have seen no more arrogance with us than with people of other nations.

I have found overall that an American will go more out of his way to be friendly than will others go out of their way to be friendly with us. This is a positive characteristic that we do not give ourselves enough credit for.

Speaking of arrogance, a new member, from of India writes this concerning himself:

I am “the only human being present on Mother Earth who is in direct contact with the Creator of all the Universes (the complete Cosmos) … can his visionary powers be questioned!!”

It looks like there are people in India with some arrogance also.

Sept 12, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Nuclear Sense

Nuclear Sense

Let us sum up the nuclear discussion, one of the most controversial issues to date.

Remember our discussions on the Middle Way where we learned that there is a point of truth between two extremes? On this issue as on all others there are extremes, but remember this. Finding the point of truth is not so easy as merely looking in the exact middle. The point is somewhere between the two extremes and it could be anywhere.

One way to recognize a far right or left who is a distance from the point of truth is that he will be unwilling to incorporate true and proven facts into his thinking, but instead will stick to his mindset with religious conviction.

The nuclear issue is one of the most emotionally charged of our day and as such is a good separator from those who want to remain Piscean (emotional) conscious verses Aquarian (mental) conscious.

I’ve been a science buff all my life and studied some nuclear physics when I was younger. Since we are dealing with this subject I have been refreshing my learning on it and catching up on new developments.

As I have surveyed the whole situation as it exists in the present I see a large pull of Piscean Age thinking pulling on the emotional nature and has caused mankind to focus where the danger is not rather than where the danger is.

Many have examined at nuclear power and made it look like we are sitting on top of a doomsday bomb. But, nuclear power plants have a near perfect record in the West, to the extent that not one death has occurred which can be attributed to radiation.

On the other hand, hand there does definitely exist a real nuclear threat which is capable of blasting us back to the stone age – the atomic bomb. This is a real threat, yet for some reason almost all the nuclear activists put their energy into shutting down nuclear power as a source of energy and little or nothing into the prevention of a nuclear war.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s when nuclear activism was in full bloom I was encouraged and attempted to cooperate with them. Unfortunately, all the activists I met had as their main interest, protesting rather than putting forth a plan of action. It was not long before their attention seemed to shift completely away from nuclear weapons to nuclear power and has remained so unto this day. I discovered that most of those who were against nuclear power knew very little about it. They just seemed to be against it because it was the religious conviction of the group.

I had no desire to be in a group just to be against things, so I moved on seeking instead to be a positive force for change.

Unfortunately, very little good has happened in history by people who were merely against something, even if that something was a great evil. If there is no positive plan in place, that which is protested against is usually replaced by something even worse.

Many cite the Founding Fathers of the United States as an example positive protesting, but these men were reformers first and protesters second. In fact most of them merely acted in a positive direction rather than reacting through protest. Instead of making a protest as their main goal, or to bring the economy of England to a standstill, they instead merely sought to be left alone to implement their ideas.

If an individual, company or group has a track record of reasonable harmlessness then they should be free to pursue their goals.

A Sensible Direction

Comment: “I would endorse immediate, total, unilateral disarmament of all nuclear weapons, and set an example for and offer an invitation to the world.”

The thought is good here, but such an action would put us in even greater peril. The United States and Europe attempted to set the example and disarm before World War II and this just gave Hitler encouragement to take advantage of the situation. If we were to unilaterally disarm then a rogue nation could attack us with impunity, which would make the attack on the world Trade Center and Pentagon look like child’s play.

The only solution is a coordinated world wide disarmament with the cooperation of all the nuclear nations of the earth. Such a plan is presented in Project Peace and Goodwill.


A reader quoted Stewart Brand of “Whole Earth Catalog” fame:

“We have wished, we ecofreaks, for a disaster or for a social change to come and bomb us into the Stone Age, where we might live like Indians in our valley, with our localism, our appropriate technology, our gardens, our homemade religion guilt-free at last!”

There is some controversy as to whether he was serious or not but I have encountered some that lean strongly in that direction.

Unreasonable attitudes like this are more prevalent than one might assume. Just a couple days ago a member of the Sierra Club knocked on my door with a petition. After having a conversation with him and after he assured me that the views of his organization were moderate and not radical, he began to speak with glee about his hope that we would have a complete economic collapse so we would be too paralyzed to do any more damage to the environment.


Sept 10-11, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Group Soul

The Group Soul

I am picking up an unusual composite vibration from the group over the nuclear issue. There are many diverse opinions out there on this. Usually I try and avoid subjects where I know the group would be divided, but since this is a subject that the Bailey writings deal with I thought it would be a good test case for us.

Can we as group talk about a subject with which there is bound to be great division, yet stay focused on the mental or even soul plane and maintain the spirit of love and acceptance toward one another?

Can we look at something very controversial that I have presented and yet continue to be open minded at the next presentation?

We have received very little open discussion on this issue, yet on the spiritual level the discussion and projected thoughts and feelings has been great.

Some have not responded because they do not want to confront the teacher and desire to wait things out until a more agreeable subject comes along.

Others just do not want the conflict or see this as a testosterone male thing.

Some are seething beneath the surface suffering in silence until the subject passes.

The point is this. As we explore the discovery of truth and teachings which will lay the foundation for the new age, it would be counter productive to impose a censorship where a subject must be pleasant for all to consider before we can discuss it.

We will never know whether or not any group can achieve soul contact together until controversial issues are examined. We will not understand the principle of harmony through conflict if there is no conflict with the end purpose of harmony.

Jesus taught this principle when dealing with love. He said: “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?” Matt 5:46

He went on to teach that the servant who has a true understanding of love will extend his love beyond those who are easy to love (those who love him). Instead he will love those also who do not love him. This is the real test of the love of the disciple.

This principle also applies to a group such as the Keys, seeking advancement upon the path and the union of souls. In this direction we could rephrase the words of Christ.

“If you only feel a union with those who already agree with you, what reward do you have? Do not the car salesmen, lawyers and politicians do the same?”

Many there are who are seeking love who believe that they have found spiritual love when in reality all they did was find someone who loves them because they are adored in return.

Similarly, many there are who are seeking higher consciousness who believe that they have received a group soul contact when in reality all they did was find someone who agrees with them because of similar programming.

True consistent group soul contact can only be found when two or more can openly discuss from two differing points of view.   They must all follow the highest they know and progress towards union as far as they can in the three worlds, the physical, the emotional and the mental.

Many times this will be enough and a point of truth will be seen which will unify the group. Other times conflict will persist. When it does all members must “become as a little child” and drop their belief systems and consider the solutions point by point until the soul manifests the unifying truth which will unite the group in soul contact. When this happens each member of the group will see “eye to eye” as Isaiah says and the many will be as one entity in vision.

This principle is difficult to demonstrate on the internet, but will be a prime point of focus when human molecules are organized on the physical level.

Imagine three people coming together with three differing opinions approaching the soul. All three cannot be right. Either one is near or at the point of truth or none of them are. This means that if true group soul contact is achieved then either two or three will alter their belief system.

This is a fearful thing for most seekers, and the difficult thing is that few will admit to this fear. Instead of facing this fear they will find some reason to believe it is wrong to find oneness because every person’s view is somehow nebulously true and should not be challenged.

Those who overcome the fear will become as a child before the power of the soul and seek to find with an open mind and heart whatever is revealed to the group – no matter how far it is from the current belief system.

Very very few have been able to follow this principle, but it must be understood before the magical power of the soul can manifest in group activity as it did in the time of Christ.

Now getting back to our controversial issue, we have been discussing the pros and cons of nuclear power. Those who are fixed on both sides of the issue will often present their views with harshness and criticism to the extent that it becomes obvious that neither wants to be confused with facts. It is difficult to find quotes from either side (of this and other issues) that do not resort to name calling and distortion of truth.

In my next post on this subject I will present both sides of the equation for consideration. I do not expect any group soul contact on the subject at this stage, but I do ask that you will consider the presentation from the viewpoint that past beliefs held on the subject could be wrong.

We tend to always think the other guy should be doing this, but in this reality we only have power to apply this principle to ourselves.

Sept 8, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Nuclear Solution

The Nuclear Solution

Let me repeat a quote from Djwhal Khul.

Concerning atomic energy he said the following around 1945:

“As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilizations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilization, thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.

“Thus was the new era ushered in; thus was the stage set for a better future. This was the intent and the purpose of Those Who compose the Council Chamber of the Lord. It rests with humanity itself to take advantage of the proffered opportunity which this destructive manifestation made possible.

“On the physical plane, the great scientific discovery, called colloquially the “splitting of the atom,” will be turned eventually to the production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true. This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking. This is no idle vision or vague dream. Many scientists today (and particularly those who love their fellowmen) are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged in harnessing-for the good of humanity-some of its products and its radioactive properties.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pages 547-548

From these writings it is obvious that the Hierarchy was hopeful that humankind would perfect atomic technology, yet despite this it is interesting that many who see themselves as enlightened are totally against this, the safest and most environmentally friendly source of energy in the free world.

Have we turned a friendly source of energy, which is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% into an illusionary boogieman?

Why is it that in France, a nation of 60 million people, who derive a whopping 75% of their electricity from nuclear power have no fear of nuclear power? In fact the average Frenchman is happy to see a power plant built in his area. Nuclear power has given France a strong independence from the Middle East on energy and they even export billions of dollars worth of power to surrounding nations.

Is the difference between public opinion on this matter in France and the United States merely the propaganda that is circulated here?

Are we being scared to death by illusion? Are there a lot of half truths and outright lies in circulation that the French have seen beyond?

For instance, we are told by activists that the nuclear waste must be carefully secured for hundreds of thousands of years.

The fact is that most of the radiation from nuclear waste is gone after 60 years and after 1000 years it reaches the level of radiation similar to uranium ore which exists all over the world naturally.

Are alarmists trying to scare us by falsifying the chances of any problem created by an earthquake. For instance, they say that Yucca mountain is near 34 fault lines, yet the truth is there is a very small chance of any major earthquake there and even if there was one the chances of nuclear pollution problem would be insignificant.

Consider this: 1.8 billion years ago (that’s 1,800 times one million) a natural nuclear reactor was created in what is now the republic of Gabon in Africa. Water pockets in a uranium deposit acted as neutron traps and at least four reactor zones went critical at that time producing 20 kW of thermal power over a period of 500,000 years. There was 12,000 pounds of fission products and 4,000 pounds of plutonium that was exposed to the environment.

Now the interesting thing is that even though this massive radioactive material was not buried thousands of feet in rock as we seek to do today – that all these thousand of pounds of waste just sat there undisturbed by the hundreds of passing earthquakes over the entire 1,800,000,000 years.

If natural radioactive waste can lie undisturbed in a random location near the surface for almost 2 billion years then why do we worry so much about storing some waste in Yucca mountain for 1000 years?

Have we been tricked into believing in a phantom boogieman here?

Yes it is true there have been some problems in the early stages of atomic energy, but there is no reason to let fear force us into thinking that these problems cannot be solved.   In fact, a good deal of the nuclear problems have been solved. All we have to do is allow the nations of the earth the freedom to use the technology already available while pursuing the new.

The United States which is generally a leader in technology is falling behind on nuclear energy because of inertia. We have to follow the highest we know before more will come. If we continue development it will not be long before we will have the technology to completely recycle nuclear waste so this problem of disposal will become non existent.

Eventually other solutions will be available such as hot and perhaps cold fusion, but until that time comes nuclear fission energy is the best solution available to our pollution problems.

Currently the death toll for man and animal related to nuclear energy over a 50 year period in the western world is close to zero.   That even beats wind power which has killed thousand of birds, some of them endangered species. In addition wind power creates a much more massive eyesore than the cabin in the woods which is accused of altering the natural scene.

Why are we so afraid of the potentially safest form of energy available to the human race?

Is it possible that this fear has been instilled in us by the Dark Brothers in an attempt to prevent us from entering the desired new age of abundance?

Comment: I cannot accept DK’s words that “ …The atomic bomb … was and is purely beneficent.”

Those three dots represent missing words totally distorts the quote. He did not say the atomic bomb was and is purely beneficial. Instead he said “the intent” behind the Hierarchy in inspiring the development of atomic energy was meant to create beneficial results in the process of time.

Question: Why are we afraid to consider – and implement – alternatives?

I do not see any fear within anyone I know or have met concerning alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal etc. But there is tremendous fear (most of it created by illusion) concerning nuclear power. Because of this fear activists have made every possible move to dismantle current plants and prevent the production of new safer ones.

What if we had deluded activists creating the same roadblocks with wind power, for instance? What if every time a new windmill blade was shipped we had protesters blocking the road or railroad tracks because these blades kill endangered species?

What if every time someone wanted to put up a windmill that one had to go through mountains of red tape, much of it unnecessary? What if, after the windmill served it purpose, that people were so frightened by it that burying it 2000 feet in rock where it would not be disturbed for billions of years was not enough to allay those fears?

Let me assure you that if these great fears were associated with wind power then the cost of such power would be so great that we could not even consider it as a source.

The miracle is that even with all the paranoia associated with nuclear power, it still provides an economical source of power for many of the nations of the earth.

France leads the list by receiving 77% of its power from nuclear reactors. Lithuania, 73.1%; Belgium, 57,7%; Bulgaria, 47.1%; Slovak Republic, 47%; Sweden, 46.8%; Ukraine, 43.8%; Republic of Korea, 42.8%; Hungary, 38.3% and Armenia, 36.4%. In total, 17 countries and Taiwan, China relied upon nuclear power plants to supply at least a quarter of their total electricity needs. (As of Sept 2001) All this has transpired (with the exception of Chernoble) without the direct loss of one human life.

My point is that we need to take a logical non fearful approach to all forms of energy and let the all sources have equal freedom in vying for dominance. Whatever proves to be relatively safe and economical will then be embraced by the public.

I want to clarify a point as I begin. Whenever one mentions that he is supportive of nuclear power the typical environmentalist will stand back in judgment and assume that he is anti environment. One thing that irritates me about many who call themselves environmentalists is that they have a checklist of about a dozen items and if you do not agree on all such items you are considered anti environment. Talking to such a zealot is very similar to talking to a Christian Fundamentalist.   They also have a checklist of about a dozen items that they put me through and if I answer one incorrectly, then I am not “a Christian.”

Well I have news for both of these extremists. I am an environmentalist and I am a believer in Christ and I’m willing to defend my position against the best of either party.

I find it amusing that the guru of (orthodox) environmentalism, Al Gore, is supportive of nuclear energy. He stated:

“Nuclear power, designed well, regulated properly, and cared for meticulously, has a place in the world’s energy supply.” [The lesson of Chernobyl] “is not that we should retreat from new technology. Technology used for humane reasons, in humane hands, holds the promise of improving the quality of our lives.” (Source: Nuclear Energy Insight, August 1998)

I do not always agree with Al Gore, but in this case he makes sense.

If we had the same mentality about going to the moon as we currently have toward nuclear energy and other technology we would have never gotten there. A couple years before the moon landing there was a terrible accident where the Apollo capsule caught fire and three astronauts lost their lives. Many thought this would put and end to the silly notion of going to the moon, and if it happened today the anti moon people would have taken to the streets in protest and the press would have given them prime time coverage. It would have only taken a few weeks for public opinion to shift, lawsuits to materialize and paralyze the quest to the moon. Miraculously, back then the program proceeded without delay.

I never thought I would live to reflect on the good old days. In this case, the good old days were a time when a project could suffer a calamity and yet continue to progress toward the goal. Instead of being paralyzed with fear, doubt and lawsuits, this was a time when we learned from experience, believed in ourselves and moved ahead.

Our first nuclear reactors were far from perfect and Chernobyl was an older design operated by an inefficient central totalitarian regime, but today we have made great progress and the reactors are much safer. With the progress the world has made on reactor safety, even today new reactors could be built to be as safe as solar power.

In this time people worry about nuclear waste, but I read a fairly impressive statistic on this.

The waste created by supplying (with nuclear energy) all the electrical needs of a family of four over a period of twenty years would be equal in size to a cigarette lighter.

Yet there are many who are scared to death that we cannot effectively dispose of a couple ounces of material per family of four over a twenty year period.

Our family just disposed of hundreds of times that amount of garbage material just today.

Compare this to a 1000 MW coal fired generating plant which must find a storage location for about 1500 tons of coal ash (enough to fill 33 train cars) every single day.

Also consider this benefit:

Since 1973, nuclear power replacing coal has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2.5 billion tons. More than any other electricity source.

So far the good from nuclear energy has far outweighed the bad.

Circumstances change, but principles do not. If the Masters up to the Planetary Logos Himself, who promote and endorse it, could not foresee the principle behind atomic energy then we are in big trouble. We need to disband all hierarchies and have each individual fend for himself.

Before I even read Alice A. Bailey I concluded through my soul that the principle behind nuclear energy is good and that nuclear power can indeed benefit mankind, indeed it already has, but it will take over a hundred more years to manifest the full vision the Great Ones have in mind.

Sept 6, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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DK and The Atomic Bomb

DK and The Atomic Bomb

Several wanted to know whether the atomic bomb was a creation inspired by the light or dark brothers. Actually both were working on it during the war and by around 1942 Hitler had laid out a strategy that could have successfully developed it. DK tells us that what saved us from such peril was the massed cry and prayers of humanity which desired liberation from the Nazi forces.

This massed evocation of humanity caught the attention of high entities beyond our solar system who have the power to intervene on our behalf. He tells us that they then clouded the minds of the German scientists and enlightened the minds of the Allied scientists. Thus were Hitler’s efforts frustrated and the Allies successfully created the bomb.

Djwahl Khul predicted the development of atomic energy about twenty years before its creation and he states that it will become a source of power for us that will free the hands of much of humanity to make the goals of the new age possible. Basically, he says the end use of atomic energy will be for the good of mankind.

Below are some quotes from the Bailey writings you may find of interest.

“Is the etheric web of the planet sufficiently stable and balanced so that it can adequately respond to the new and potent forces which could and will pour through it into objective expression? I would remind you that the release of atomic energy has had a far more potent effect in the etheric web than in the dense physical vehicle of the planet. Three times the atomic bomb was used, (written Jan 1946) and that fact is itself significant. It was used twice in Japan, thereby disrupting the etheric web in what you erroneously call the Far East; it was used once in what is also universally called the Far West, and each time a great area of disruption was formed which will have future potent, and at present unsuspected, results.” Discipleship In The New Age, Volume II, Page 61

“This destruction … and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening; it is the justification of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population. The first use of this released energy has been destructive, but I would remind you that it has been the destruction of forms and not the destruction of spiritual values and the death of the human spirit-as was the goal of the Axis effort.” The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy, Page 496

“The world war then reached a final stage; the first stage was from 1914-1918; it then proceeded in a subterranean fashion, only to erupt once more in 1939, continuing with extreme fierceness and cruelty till 1945, when the power to continue the fight ended and the atomic bomb wrote finis to the world chapter of disaster. That atomic bomb (though used only twice destructively) ended the resistance of the powers of evil because its potency is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at this time:

“a. As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilisations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilisation, thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.

“b. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present-the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada. It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use) when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head. It does not essentially matter whether that aggression is the gesture of any particular nation or group of nations or whether it is generated by the political groups of any powerful religious organisation, such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to the business for which all religions are responsible-leading human beings closer to the God of Love.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pages 547-548

“Owing to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetary crisis and to the present invocative cry of humanity, energy from Shamballa has been permitted to play upon the “centre which is called the race of men” and has produced two potent results: first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, the fission of the atom, resulting in the atomic bomb, was brought about. Both these events were made possible by the pouring-in of the energy and power of the third aspect of the first Ray of Power or Will. This is the lowest aspect, and definite material effects were produced. The destroyer aspect was therefore the first aspect to take effect. It split the thought-form of materialistic living (which was governing and controlling humanity everywhere) upon the mental plane and, at the same time, it produced a great agent of destruction upon the physical plane.

“Thus was the new era ushered in; thus was the stage set for a better future. This was the intent and the purpose of Those Who compose the Council Chamber of the Lord. It rests with humanity itself to take advantage of the proffered opportunity which this destructive manifestation made possible.” Rays and Initiations, Pages 646-647

“On the physical plane, the great scientific discovery, called colloquially the “splitting of the atom,” will be turned eventually to the production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true. This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking. This is no idle vision or vague dream. Many scientists today (and particularly those who love their fellowmen) are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged in harnessing-for the good of humanity-some of its products and its radioactive properties.

“Curiously enough, it is the wise, controlled use of the results of this scientific adventure in connection with the atomic bomb which will eventually bring about a specific revelation of the nature of certain forces in relation to light; this event will transform world thinking and lead to a new type of transmutative process, as far as man is concerned.” Rays and Initiations, Pages 647-648

Sept 5, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

We asked the group to comment on roadblocks to spiritual progress (in the 20th century) that were the result of black magic.

Several of you correctly identified the big one which was Nazi Germany, definitely an agent of the Black Magicians.

The question to consider is, what were the core differences between the Nazis and the Allies as far as the two paths are concerned?

The core difference is this. The Nazis and those on the dark path seek a return to the glories of the past at the expense of evolution, especially spiritual evolution.

Those cooperating with the white magicians are willing to take that which works from the past but their main point of focus is evolution. On other words, they seek to make the world a better place, better than it has ever been before.

Because the preservation of the past requires a suppression of those who advocate change, the Dark Brothers seek to control individual freedom

Because the creation of a better world requires the freedom to express and implement ideas, the workers in white magic always seek for the greatest personal and group freedom.

Nazi Germany opened an ancient door that could have suppressed many freedoms and set back the progression of humanity a thousand years or more. In fact one reason the Great Invocation was given out was to seal the door to this particular evil.   It reads:

“…and may it (Purpose) seal the door where evil dwells.”

The evil spoken of here is a force which can reverse spiritual evolution and suppress freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, one of the deceptions of the Dark Brothers is to turn reasoning upside down so a diminished freedom is presented as an increase and an increase in freedom is seen as a decrease.

How does this happen? Let me give an example.

A taxing system supported by the majority of the actual taxpayers does not violate the principle of freedom but many nations forces excessive taxation on its citizens going way beyond 50% of income when all hidden taxes are considered.

Few would argue the fact that taxing us at half our income or more diminishes the financial freedom of the working people, yet this over taxation in almost all nations is supported by many. Why?

Because this taking away freedom from one group has the appearance of giving more freedom to another group.

“I get free prescriptions because of taxes,” thinks one, “therefore this particular tax is good because it gives me greater freedom.”

This is a similar reasoning to that used by the thief who may think: “It is good that I take your money because I need it more than you and your money in my hand gives me greater freedom.”

This convoluted reasoning is promoted with great zeal by the dark ones in the hope that the few who benefit will aid then in diminishing the freedom of the whole.

When the freedom of the whole is diminished to a certain point then control by the black magicians is assured.

All who seek the path of light must always consider freedom as it relates to the greatest possible agency manifesting among the greatest possible number of individuals.

For the Brotherhood of Light freedom is more important than safety, a forced good and worth a calculated risk.

The Dark Brothers stress safety, enforcing the good and avoiding all risk. They do this not because they are seeking to be benevolent, but as a deceptive means to further their cause – the destruction of the free agency of all except for the few deserving ones at the top.

Several commented that the black magicians have worked to establish strong authority in the Twentieth Century and others mention the authoritative religious system creating roadblocks. Not only are many religions a tool for preventing spiritual progress, but this unjust authority surfaces in all walks of life. Whenever one authority is diminished in power or destroyed it is replaced by another with a new face.

The white magicians know this and realize that the power of the beast, unjust authority, will not be destroyed in one masterstroke.   They thus seek to gradually strip it of its power by forcing the new generation of unjust authorities to be kinder and gentler than the preceding one until, by the power of attrition, the authority of the black magicians is neutralized.

If one just looks around he will have to agree that there is a lot of work to do in this direction. Even so, we have made progress ij this direction. For instance, authorities in the free world no longer have power to throw rebels to the lions or torture them.

A third avenue of attack which was not mentioned is an attack on our educational system – seeking to dumb down the knowledge current students have of true events of history in particular.

Have you watched talk show hosts take to the streets and ask young people simple questions related to history? These guys are so dense thy couldn’t tell you who was buried in Grant’s tomb.

Not only is the rising generation not learning history, but the little they are taught is distorted, altered and the little that is emphasized is in a direction of questionable value.

Some of the young people (and many older ones) are so brainwashed with illusion that if you attempt to give them correct facts they will become angry and immediately shut down and refuse any type of dialog that will unearth true facts.

The Dark Brothers realize that if the lessons of history are not learned then the mistakes will be repeated. In their mind these flaws must be maintained in order to preserve their power.

When we truly learn the lessons which accurate history teaches us, then darkness is lifted from the earth and that which was dark will be as if it never was, and is not.

Question: “I read this article saying that fish and birds are primitive members of the deva kingdom who will evolve into higher spiritual entities. Is this true?”

The devas do not live in the physical kingdom as fish, birds or anything else, but are entities living in the etheric world. They are builders and movers of force that create the bodies of plants, animals and humans, but are not the actual physical entities.

Djwahl Khul tells us that the etheric matter is the true physical kingdom because it is governed by a principle, but the dense physical is not and its appearance is based on illusion which veils our true substance.

Each living physical body has an etheric double which is the source of energy and also gives form and cohesion to the dense physical.

Whereas the human and animal kingdom accomplish their evolution through the duality of the dense physical and etheric, the deva kingdom evolves through the etheric, not manifesting in the physical.

The devas lives manifest in many grades and most do not have self consciousness the way we do, but progress and work in response to communications from various grades of intelligence which communes with them.

The various grades of deva lives provide the substance and form intelligence behind every living form that appears in the physical. Our physical human bodies (as well as fish, birds and other animals) are composed of an etheric double which is in turn composed of a variety of deva lives. Since the deva kingdom is often called the angel kingdom we could say that you have many little angels creating your etheric composition.

The deva kingdom consists in range from innumerable tiny lives giving form to the physical, to lives great and powerful to the extent that some who have encountered them have considered them Gods.

Each deva life has to eventually enter the dense physical and pass through the human kingdom.

This is a law of evolution in the universe. All those who enter the way of higher evolution must pass through the human kingdom.

Sept 3, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Magician’s Work

The Magician’s Work

I asked the group to name works of both white and black magic that have manifested in the Twentieth Century and received some good response.

I think my favorite on the white magic side was “The Beatles”. Don’t laugh. The Beatles were a part of a wave of change in music that ran from around 1955 to the early seventies.   Never before had the world seen such a change in direction, and improvement of music. During this time many initiates entered this field to create change that would effect the world for the better.

Few realize that the enhancement of our listening pleasure was only one benefit of the musical evolution.

Notice that the great strides forward in music happened in the free countries of the world. The USSR and countries under its dominion had such a tight control over its people that the free countries had a difficult time in communicating to the common people there that we meant them no harm and that freedom and free enterprise does work.

Because of lack of communication the people in the communist countries only seemed to received an impression that we were the bad guys, except in one major area – and that was music. The Soviet youth (and some adults) loved rock and roll and felt a kinship toward the various bands and their fans world wide.

This caused a wedge that opened up enough light so when the youth of the sixties became the authorities of the eighties they were able to let the Berlin Wall come down with little resistance.

I think it is quite possible that without Rock and Roll that communism in the USSR would not have fallen without a fight.

Early communist leaders predicted that the free world would embrace their ideals and fall to them willingly, but it turned out to the other way around. They fell for our music of peace and love and willingly embraced this and other western virtues (and some vices) without a fight.

There’s a lot of truth to the saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Another obvious work of the white Magicians was the defeat of Hitler. The Christ and the Hierarchy of Masters worked directly with Churchill, Roosevelt and others, influencing them through the science of impression.

During this last century many initiates incarnated and as mere mortals used the science of white magic. Some of these were Tesla Edison, Einstein, Bohr and numerous others, some of which never became well known.

All progress in technology is the work of white magic, even though selfish intent can direct new discoveries toward the dark side. Electricity, for instance can be used to kill, or to heal and keep us warm and even meeting here on the internet.

Progress always carries with it a danger because the new power it brings can be used for either good or evil. The white magicians must assist in bringing in the new and then after it is in existence they must encourage the direction of its use to the benefit of the world.

A great number of teachings and philosophical thought that has come forward is the result of the work of the white magicians.

It is true that the larger percentage of the metaphysical books available is not inspired by the Hierarchy, but their shear number does indicate a growing interest in the unseen and the miraculous which is a positive direction.

One very important work of the Brotherhood of Light is the permeation of the idea of the “Christ Consciousness” which lies within all of us. This is also followed by the idea that God, being omnipresent, is actually in us instead of existing apart from us on some throne “out there” somewhere. There are immortal beings which some call Gods, but the One God exists within the heart of each and every person who is a reflection of Deity.

There is one last thing I will mention which is not such an obvious work of the Light.

Have you noticed that within your lifetime that the contrast between what is right, logical and good vs. that which is wrong, illogical and harmful has become much more pronounced?

This contrast was accelerated during World War II. Near the end of the war the whole world saw a contrast between good and evil that was never in our history so obvious. In past centuries, men with evil intent as Hitler were often honored by the masses. After the war the contrast showed the Nazi philosophy for what it was for the first time in the history of the world.

The new world war is being fought on the emotional and mental planers and the white magicians are attempting to illustrate through contrast that which is good and that which is not so good.

For example in America Watergate illustrated the misuse of power whereas many current politicians make it obvious that dishonesty is not to be preferred over telling the truth.

Many events, and their following publication, which bring to us contrast in a way which teaches us simple right and wrong, are influenced in one way or another by the white magicians.

Sept 1, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Religion Factor

The Religion Factor

Earlier I made the point that intolerance of differing religious beliefs has played a “role” in almost every conflict that surfaces on this planet. To this a reader responds:

“Are you seriously claiming that the troubles in Northern Ireland, for instance, are because Catholics are Catholics and Protestants are Protestants?”

Actually, that is about a thousand miles from what I am saying. There are millions of Protestants and Catholics coexisting here in the United States and other countries and they certainly do not go to war with each solely because of religious differences.


There is a reason for this.

But first let me comment on the idea that religious belief systems do encompass more than orthodox systems. Basically the point of belief systems that causes the conflict is differing ideas of what is right and what is wrong.

Even though communism is basically atheistic, they have very strong ideas of right and wrong that is pursued with religious fervor and intolerance. This firm belief and intolerance has caused a high percentage of communist nations to be a threat to bordering nations as well as differing belief systems within their borders.

The reason that religion does not cause a major problem within most of the nations of the free world is that rule is established by democratic vote where all religious people have a chance at governing offices. But if we look at the initiating factors of war in our history and the hot spots of the current world situation we will find a common thread.

The common thread is that in almost every case a strong belief system is very dominate in a certain geographical area.

Again if we look at World War II we find that the Nazis had very strong religious type beliefs of what was right and what was wrong and when their domination extended to encompass the whole nation of Germany, they became a major threat to the world.

The other major threat to the free world during the great war was Japan which was dominated by an emperor who the people esteemed to be God in the flesh. It was largely because if the great religious hold that the emperor had on the hearts of the people that they proceeded so aggressively in his name toward world dominion.

I am convinced that if the Axis Powers had won World War II that the next conflict would have been the Nazis against the Japanese.


Because the religious beliefs of the two groups were both zealous and incompatible.

Now let us look at the problem in Northern Ireland. I lived for two years in Great Britain and talked to thousands of common people about religion so I have a fairly good feel of religious thought there. The dominate church overall is the Church of England, but most of the English do not take religion that seriously. However, the Irish Catholics are another matter. They seem to take their religion much more seriously than American Catholics do and many have great resentment that Ireland is subject to the commonwealth that is overall dominated by the Church of England who they view as an upstart religion. If the Commonwealth were dominated by the Catholic Church I would venture to bet that the conflict in Ireland would not exist.

In other words, if the Irish Catholics felt that they were governed by someone who saw eye to eye with them religiously, there would be peace.

Question: Are you claiming that the problems in the Middle East are because Jews are Jews, and Muslims are Muslims?

Again, it is not because Jews are Jews and Muslims are Muslims per se, but it is because these two religions so dominate the two sides of the equation in their territories making their differences very obvious and so easy to hate.

Here in America the two sects get along fairly well because neither has much power to impose their will upon the other.

The religious ideology of these two groups is obviously a cause of much of the danger that exists, not only for the Middle East, but for the world as a whole.

Many of the Muslim leaders in the Middle East call the United States “the great Satan,” that needs to be utterly destroyed by holy wars. This belief has a purely religious foundation that has been the cause of much terrorism and destruction of U.S. lives and property.

Saddam Hussein during Desert Storm called upon all his neighboring countries “in the name of Allah” to unite with him in defeating the great Satan. He believed he was in an end time “mother of all wars” to destroy his enemies in the name of his God.

Today many of the Palestinians believe that the Jews are out of favor with Allah and believe the only solution is similar to Hitler’s “Final Solution” that they need to be completely eliminated – that Israel as a state should be wiped off the map.

Israel does not want the neighboring nations completely destroyed, but because the Bible declares that God has given them certain lands to hold on to “forever” they will strive until they conquer and hold such lands so God will not be made to appear a liar.

One fortunate event is occurring, however. The younger generation of these religious groups has contact with the outside world to a much greater extent than did their forefathers and they tend to not see so much black and white in their religion. Many of these would accept the Principles of Unification if they had a chance to examine them.

Question: Do you believe that the Spanish conquest was seriously and primarily in order to convert the “heathen” to Christianity, and not because of a pretty naked greed and lust for gold, and land?

As I said, religion played a strong role in all these conflicts. Lust for other people’s property played a part it is true, but lust for English or French property did not make the Spanish so brazen in conquest as they were toward the Native Americans.

The difference in approach was due largely to religious beliefs.

When Cortés and other Conquistadors arrived what struck them even more than the possibility of riches was that the natives were “heathen” and their belief systems were far removed from the teachings of the Bible as they saw it. Even more important to many of them than gold was to make sure that, if these natives did indeed have souls, they then be saved. They therefore forced then to bow to the crucified Christ on the cross or die.

Montezuma’s belief in the coming of his white God Quetzalcoatl caused him to yield his powerful empire to Cortéz and a couple dozen men. This yielding to religious belief by the native Americans made them look like easy pry and thus many other Spaniards were encouraged and came to conquer other lands in the Americas in “the name of Christ.”

The Conquistadors mistreated the American Indians much more than fellow Christian nations because they were not sure if they had souls. Because of this belief they thought nothing of enslaving the native population and killing anyone who may complain.

Question: Do you claim that the conflicts in the Balkans are also due to irreconcilable theological differences between Christians and Muslims?

Yes, I am going to say that. Again we had a predominately Christian group against a predominately Moslem group with religious differences being a prime cause of hatred.

Question: Are the Chinese in Tibet primarily to convert them to their officially atheist ideology??

This, in addition to retrieving ancient territories, was indeed their goal.

After the conquest of Tibet, despite the promise of religious liberties the Chinese forced many Tibetans to deny their faith and killed and tortured many monks and eventually the Dalai Lama had to flee for his life.

Overall 1.2 million Tibetans have died from the Chinese occupation (as of 2001), many from starvation.

One in every ten Tibetans has been imprisoned by the Chinese government for periods up to 10 and 20 years many for religious differences. The use of torture against Tibetan prisoners of conscience is widespread. Women-including nuns-suffer sexual violence and rape.

As a means of further reducing the Tibetan population, Tibetan women are subject to strict birth-control policies, including forced or coerced sterilization and abortions. This reflects a religious type of belief system with the Chinese.

Nearly all of Tibet’s 6,200 monasteries have been looted and destroyed, and most of their irreplaceable religious texts and artworks have been lost.

There is no freedom of speech, press or religion in Tibet. It is illegal even to own a picture of the Dalai Lama. Reading a web page such as this from Tibet could land a person in jail or worse.

To increase the power of indoctrination schools are forbidden to use the Tibetan Language.

A quote from an interview with a Tibetan refugee sums it up: “[The Chinese] distributed land and for many of us it was the first land we had worked for ourselves. Then when our granaries began to fill they taxed and rationed us and nationalized all property. We own nothing now, not even our souls and our dignity.”

An escaped monk tells this story:

A monk named Palden Gyatso spent 31 years under Chinese imprisonment, and finally escaped in mid-1992, had many a story to tell. He spoke of being tortured with electric batons. About the size of a collapsible umbrella, an electric baton has a button on the handle where the thumb rests. At a touch of this, a 70,000-volt-shock is released through two prongs at the nozzle of the baton, fashioned so that it can be inserted in a person’s body. Gyatso, who led a 100-strong force of freedom fighters during the 1959 nationalist uprising in Lhasa, spoke of being prodded with a baton which gave him electric shocks all over his body (Guardian). It was also forced between his clenched teeth, breaking off four of them, then plunged into his throat and the maximum shock applied. This monk also recounted the many times he lay unconscious, covered in vomit and urine. Gyatso also described other instruments of torture used against him. Evidence of thumb links were deep scars on his wrists. These thumb links are sharp-edged handcuffs, which were used to manacle his hands together behind his back, one arm crooked over his shoulder, the other pushed up in a half-nelson. As the time of his escape came near, Gyatso became increasingly obsessed that no one would know what had happened to him and thousands of others, and even more importantly, that no one would believe him. Therefore, with the small amount of funds he accrued from his jobs at prison labor camps, he bribed Chinese guards into selling him some electric batons and thumb links. With these possessions in hand, this man, who had trained for a life of prayer and now sees his only purpose as a witness of Chinese barbarity, made a daring flee to India. Since then he has enlightened international leaders and the general public as to the blatant human rights violations against Tibetans.

Try and tell this monk that religious differences did not cause his people pain and suffering.

Differing religions and philosophical beliefs can coexist peacefully as long as there is understanding and equal opportunity for all. But when one line of thought dominates at the exclusion of others then any opposing belief is in danger of persecution. – because it is the nature and disposition of almost all leaders to misuse authority and power.

There is hope in creating a more peaceful planet in reminding people of all religions that all men and women are brothers and sisters and that to love one another is much more pleasing to all versions of Deity than hate.

August 17, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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