Knowing God

Knowing God

Question. What is the correspondence between sex and higher spiritual contacts? How can the understanding of sex help us to understand what to look for in higher spiritual energies?

The Bible writers did indeed have an interesting use of the word “know.”

Notice that from the beginning of the scriptures this word was used to describe sex:

“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.” Genesis 4:1

“And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.” Genesis 4:17

This use of the word was carried over to New Testament times as illustrated:

“Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.” Matt 1:24-25

Now, the striking thing is that this same word is used to describe what our highest relationship to God would be.

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3

So what is the correspondence between a person knowing (having sex with) his companion and the disciple knowing God?

Is not sex supposed to be a carnal act far removed from any spiritual epiphany?

Yes and no. Sex, as with any energy, can be used for good or evil. Even a revelation from God can be used for good or evil.

If sex is approached unselfishly through the principle of sharing and oneness, then the climax reached will give each partner a knowing about the other. At this point of climax certain life energies are passed between the participating couple. The two actually walk away with a piece of each other and literally each can say I am in you and you are in me.

If sex is approached selfishly with no commitment to oneness then only tiny lives of lower vibration will be exchanged. There is still a knowing but a lower order of exchange is made.

Sex can produce a great spiritual ecstasy available here on the earth and during the point of climax it is impossible to feel anything negative about your mate even if minutes ago you had a down and dirty fight.

But there is a difference between knowing your mate and knowing God. Knowing your mate is a foreshadowing or a lower octave of the principle of knowing God. The core and most important lesson of the perfect sexual climax is that this is a foreshadowing of the bliss, oneness and joyousness of knowing God.

Think of how great the perfect climax is and then multiply this many times and the seeker has an idea of what awaits him.

Knowing God begins with the still small voice and is almost imperceptible, but it ends with the “baptism of fire” and this descent of the spiritual fire that explodes with bliss and joy in every atom of body mind and soul simultaneously, basically the New Jerusalem experienced as described in my book. The great part about the baptism of fire is that eventuality the disciple can have experiences with it lasting a long period of time and eventually all the time after one becomes a Master and death is no more.

Some compare the two. Sexual ecstasy last as few instants, whereas the baptism of fire lasts for one to three days at first and later for months at a time.

If the average person had to choose between great sex or knowing God he would choose sex because this is something he understands. Yet he would choose sex even though the moment of high intensity lasts for mere seconds because this is something that registers with his consciousness.

Now for teaching purposes the understanding of sex is important because if we truly realize that the perfect climax is only a foreshadowing of what it feels like to “know God,” then the disciple will indeed have a little more enthusiasm about seeking God.

One more carrot to dangle in front of the disciple is this. Any good feeling we have in our normal living is always temporary and followed by some type of let down, but oneness with God, or knowing God has no let down. As long as you stay in the Presence there is only fullness with no diminishing of intensity.

The idea that we make God sad or that God is weeping daily over our sins is a complete fallacy for in his presence is only a fullness of joy and unimaginable spiritual intensity that has no opposite within that sphere. This is indeed a worthy goal of all seekers.

Now we will move ahead to the final Principle of Discovery which we will discuss at this time. There are others that we could cover, but these twenty-four will certainly provide a good compass for all seekers.

(24) The principle of pain. Rather than being an enemy, pain is a teacher sent to us to lead us to correction and eventual oneness with God.

Question: What causes pain and how is it a teacher for us that can actually lead us to truth?

I’ll end with a great quote from DK

“Govern yourself always “as if” your divine comprehension was perfected and the result in your daily life will be “as if” all concealed glamours and all hiding deceptive veils were non-existent. The disciple acts “as if” he were initiate and then discovers that “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” because the heart is the custodian of the power of the imagination. The imagination is released into creative activity when the disciple acts “as if” he were the soul in full expression, “as if” the Master were ever aware of the doings of His disciple, “as if” he walked in full liberation consciously. For you, these two words will bring release and happiness.”

Discipleship in the New Age Vol II, Pages 554-555

Oct 15, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Several are commenting on the loneliness that a disciple feels and this is quite natural, especially the great loneliness that creates a point of tensions that breaks through to the Oneness Principle and the group mind with whom you are associated.

If you are on the threshold of merging your mind with your spiritual group or spiritual molecule here are some points you may identify with.

(1) First and foremost is a deep abiding loneliness. You feel isolated because your friends, family and associates do not understand you, nor communicate on any higher level with you. In fact, the loneliness seems beyond any physical isolation, but a far reaching spiritual loneliness.

There seems to be no one to share your innermost thoughts with. No one can understand what you are going through.

(2) You sense higher “vibrations” contacts and phenomenon you do not understand and may have some fears about them.

(3) It seems as if negative forces are trying to discourage or destroy you.

(4) You feel a strong sense of mission but not sure what it is.

(5) You yearn for communion with one who understands you or one who you know is ahead of you on the Path.

(6) You may have health problems, particularly connected with the nervous system that you feel is tied to spiritual tension of some kind.

(7) You are a definite seeker after truth, but have come across several roadblocks that seem to block your next angle of vision.

What is the solution to this problem?

Continue moving forward following the highest you know no matter what happens and the point of tension will increase. You will be sent certain energies or vibrations that will take a while for you to adapt. At first they will seem overwhelming, but just as your eyes adjust to a strong light even so, after a period of time, you will adjust to these new energies. And when you do you will move through the point of tension into the group mind. When you then join your invisible spiritual group all feelings of loneliness will disappear and it will become next to impossible to experience as you did before.

All these problems that seemed to plague you in the past now begin to die through attrition as you move your point of focus to a higher level where new obstacles to surmount appear, but this time you fight them not alone for your friends are with you.

A reader complains that I teach what soul contact is, but not how to attain it.

I have spent a lot of time both defining it and telling how to achieve it.

But the overlooked thing is that defining soul contact and presenting higher contact as an objective that perhaps one has not yet achieved yet is an important part of the HOW.

Why is that?

Because if a person believes that he has already achieved the highest contact possible then he will not seek and one cannot achieve soul contact without seeking and one will not seek if he feels there is nothing to seek.

This is the biggest barrier to higher contact for the above average people of the world. They do not seek because their ego has convinced them that there is no need because their ego is God and why seek that which is higher than God?

To assist in overcoming this barrier I have sought to describe some higher contacts in the hope that some will ask themselves whether or not they have achieved this, and if they have not then perhaps they will begin the quest and seek. Then I point out there are numerous levels so those who have achieved some contact will seek to go higher.

The “I found it” delusion is the greatest obstacle to soul contact for if one stops on his journey on the path for a permanent rest then the end of the path can never be reached.

Then once a person accepts the fact that there is a real and existing higher level to achieve taking the steps to get there is not easy.

It is not as simple as saying do A, B & C and you will be there because so much is depending on the individual himself.

For instance, a love of the truth and a certain amount of ability to perceive light and truth is essential, but almost all, high and low, claim to love truth and think they are as good as the next guy in perceiving it.

The truth is that only a handful do love truth whereas the vast majority love their own egos or attachment to illusions and traditions or their extreme side of the pendulum.

If you do not believe this just look at the recent vote of the Senate on Bill Clinton’s removal from office. (Written Oct 2000) Of 96 Senators all but two voted along party lines. Unfortunately about this same 98 percent of the people tend to gravitate toward group thought or tradition rather than seeking pure truth with the open-mindedness of a little child.

Because love of and perception of truth is so essential to soul contact we have made a major effort to present the Principles of Discovery of truth. There are some seeking with great pureness of heart that may find the higher contact without this added teaching but for the vast majority they will be of assistance if the seeker has an open mind. And even those who have found the doorway to the soul on their own will find these principles of value in their assistance to others on the path.

Another key in unlocking the soul is the demonstration of love to others through service. When your solar angel becomes aware that you are offering others assistance on the Path through service it will seek to open the door to Spirit for you so your power to serve can be enhanced.

The will to seek, the love of truth and the service are just three important principles we have talked about in the quest for soul contact.

But saying you seek is not enough.

You must seek.

Saying you love truth is not enough.

You must recognize truth so you know what to love.

Saying you love others is not enough.

Love must be demonstrated by you and felt by those you serve.

The illusions that keep us from soul contact are so subtle that the only way one in the soul can recognize another in the soul is through the soul.

The mind alone is not enough to break the barrier. Neither is the heart. But the mind and heart working together in a quest for Spirit do create a loud knock on the door which eventually swings open wide at the feet of the Master.

Teachings are always necessary in this physical existence because the soul itself does not teach, but verifies. If there is nothing to verify then the purpose of soul contact on this plane has little purpose.

In the quest for soul contact one should seek that which seems to be true from all possible sources. Then when the seeker runs them by the soul, verification of that which is true can be sensed once contact has been made.

Even the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days and the Ancient one is a disciple of the Solar Logos. No matter how high you get you just do not coast along on your own, but you always need stimulation by teachers on some level more experienced than yourself.

We never did answer this question:

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?

We have given out the qualities of the disciple. We also need to see how a teacher is living up to them. Desirable qualities are:

(1) Soul contact

(2) Holding the mind steady in the light

(3) Detachment when necessary.

(4) The ability to either send or receive

(5) Reflection – contemplation

(6) Talent.

(7) The power to initiate

(8) The ability to create and sense a point of tension.

(9) Willingness to sacrifice

(10) Discernment

(11) Perseverance

(12) Inclusiveness

(13) Harmlessness

(14) Sensitivity

(15) Trust

(16) Balance

(17) Divine Carelessness

(18) Understanding and making efficient use of time

(19) Service before personal growth.

(20) The acceptance and understanding of freedom

These qualities are expanded upon in the archives.

We can also apply the Principles of Discovery with the teacher and see how he squares up. But the most important thing we can do is to attain soul contact for ourselves and when this is achieved the true teacher can be recognized by a soul to soul knowing or gnosis. On the other hand, the false teacher will produce a negative knowing for he who has soul contact can receive verification from within concerning darkness as well as light.

Note: Later I did create a 365 step lesson plan (one for each day of the year) to achieve soul contact. Here is the link.

Oct 14, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Finding the Soul


Finding The Soul

So far the Principles of Discovery we have covered so far are:

(1) Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping stones for testing additional truths.

(2) Be willing to let these foundation beliefs be either altered or dropped as some of them are replaced by higher vision.

(3) The teaching should be in harmony with common sense

(4) It should increase the power of Decision and free will.

(5) It should bring you to a new level of awareness and usefulness.

(6) Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

(7) Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

(8) Follow all the aspects of the Will of God that is within your perception and your sensitivity to the truth will increase.

(9) The Process of Elimination. Eliminate those things that are definitely not true and contemplate on that which remains.

(10) Effective Communication

(A) Communication through perception of the outside world.

(B) Person to person communication.

(C) Communication through the soul.

(11) Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

(12) The principle of planting and harvesting.

(13) “The Law of Correspondences.” The principle behind it is “as above so below,” and visa versa.

(14) Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.

(15) Discernment. In particular the disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral/emotional world and the world of the soul.

(16) Seek proven authorities and learn from them.

(17) Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.

(18) Faith in the “Dominating Good,” or a belief that God is good.

(19) Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened – Ask and you shall receive.

(20) Plant a seed thought in your mind and heart, and feed this thought with contemplation and meditation. Observe the fruit that comes forth, and accept that which is sweet and registers with your soul.

(21) Understand and develop the principle of intuition through which quantums of truth can be downloaded into your mind and understood by the heart.

(22) The Pendulum Principle

It is time to move on to the next p[principle even though we shall never leave the pendulum principle far behind and will most likely revisit it periodically.

The next Principle of Discovery is

(23) Since the soul is the door to all true principles, the seeker must learn to recognize the higher spiritual vibrations and differentiate them from the lower.


How can the seeker be sure he has made the higher contact?

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?


Methods of Approach

Djwhal Khul often has talked about the difference of method between the Eastern approach to truth and the Western. He points out that the oriental approach is to still all things and seek the inner God in silence with peaceful surroundings.

On the other hand, he points out that the Western approach must be to find the silence in the midst of turbulence and noise, which thing is not a comfortable approach for the eastern mind.

I thus see that what seems to be a big difference between some critics and I is largely from this difference of approach and this difference of approach causes us both to see and write from different perspectives.

For instance, I would bet that some seekers like peaceful surroundings when they seek for greater light, but to me this is not important. I receive some of my greatest light in the midst of noise and turbulence. I would venture to say that I represent the quintessential western seeker and some of my critics would represent the quintessential eastern approach. I would also guess that eastern peoples would appreciate the quiet method of approach more than this group does. It would be interesting to see how the East would receive me. Maybe I will have that opportunity some day.

A critic says: “This is not to say that JJ’s statements are invalid or wrong. This is merely to say that these are not practical means of soul intuition or truth verification.”

But they have been practical for me and have lead me to considerable soul contact and higher knowledge. There is one interesting argument which no one can refute. If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

The mind reflects the soul and thus the mind can lead us to the soul – after all, the plane of the mind is where the Masters can be found according to DK.

A critic points out that the noise in the cities in the East are as bad or worse than here in the West.

He has a point, but I wasn’t referring tom outward noise so much as outward circumstances. A busy person in the West, such as myself, has little time for meditation so such a one has to learn to go within in the mist of work, turmoil, noise and even conflict. Djwhal Khul points out that the businessman contemplating the course of his business is accomplishing in his sphere a similar accomplishment to a monk focusing in silence upon a seed thought.

I have personally gotten some of my highest knowledge, while meditating in the midst of work, communicating and noise.

On the other hand, I would guess that my critic has a quiet, perhaps beautiful place where he goes where he gets his highest inspiration.

I do agree that we must balance both approaches, but we must also realize that the seekers from the East and West are conditioned much differently.

One of the problems that western seekers have is that they think the eastern ways must be the best for all in seeking the higher contact, not realizing that there is an advantage to using a more active approach for the western mind.

The Question: How can a seeker be sure he has made soul contact?

If we meet another who claims higher contact how will we know whether or not that person is deceived?

We have covered this subject in the past but for the sake of the new readers it is especially good to cover periodically. Hopefully we can shed some additional light for the benefit of all.

There are two groups of people who feel they have higher spiritual contact.

(1) Those who have not made soul contact and

(2) Those who have?

Of course, those in category one are in a state of deception. An example of this may be a person who attends a Billy Graham Crusade and is stirred emotionally to go to the front and be “saved.” Often such an occurrence is not a direct soul contact, but a distorted reflection of soul.

Soul energy is indeed reflected from the higher Triad of chakras to the lower quaternary of four chakras and indeed the solar plexus center does receive a distorted version of the higher heart energies.

Here is the basic problem for many self-declared spiritual people. The highest they have felt is often high emotional energy and this they may associate with the spirit or voice of God. The problem is then caused by the fact that in their mind nothing is higher than God and since God has spoken to them the “most High” or the highest possible voice and vibration has been experienced.

There is one extremely important qualification one must meet to obtain real soul contact.

He must become as a little child and approach the spiritual quest with the idea that he may indeed be a child in learning and he has not found the highest possible contact.

The injunction of Jesus is worded as follows:

“Seek and ye shall find.”

BUT – if we think we “have found it” or found the highest contact then the quest for light is over and no more seeking is necessary.

BUT – Additional seeking is always necessary – no matter where we think we are upon the Path. There is always more BECOMING ahead of us.

It is the natural inclination of all humans to want to find a plateau and just rest upon it. The reason for this is that most of us are lazy. Just as we like to go to school a few years and then quit our studies and work at one career for the rest of our lives, even so, do we like the idea of finding God and then having that be the end of the search. Once we find God we tend to think we can then rest and cease to struggle for more light forever.

This hurdle of believing we have found the ultimate must be set aside and we should always be open to greater light, greater contact, greater knowledge, greater oneness, greater associations etc.

The soul is strongly associated with truth and has the capacity to recognize all true principles therefore a search or quest for the truth is a quest for soul contact.

There can be no soul contact unless the person seeks truth and values truth once it is discovered. The doors of the soul cannot stay shut for long to one who loves the truth.

The first real contact is the still small voice which is so imperceptible that the seeker at first thinks he is imagining a contact. Many tend to dismiss the voice and thus delay their progression for a period of time. Others do pay attention and just as “energy follows thought” even so does spiritual awareness follow the person who focuses on the voice. As the focus is concentrated the energies of the Spirit begin to intensify just as the rays of the sun focus through a magnifying glass. Then when the concentrated energy of Spirit is contacted there will be no doubt for the experience is impossible to sweep under a rug or deny.

One of the Principles of Discovery is the process of elimination so let us list what soul contact is not.

(1) Soul contact is not just feeling emotional, but it is true that soul contact will stir your emotions.

(2) Most psychic activity is done through the astral body and not soul contact.

(3) Most channeling is done through the astral body and not through soul contact.

(4) Many visions have nothing to do with the soul.

(5) Many writings which claim to be inspired have little to do with soul.

So if all these things may not involve soul contact how can we be sure once we have arrived at the true door?

Some say there is a gnosis or true knowing one has when the soul is reached. This is true. We may be deceived about where we are before soul contact, but when the contact has been made there is a knowing involved that is far more real than the previous deluded belief of which he was so sure.

When two people meet who are in contact with the soul there will be a knowing between them – an understanding with no words exchanged.

As we stated earlier the closest the average person comes to the higher spiritual sensation is the sexual climax. We have discussed this before so the old timers should get this.

Question. What is the correspondence between sex and higher spiritual contacts? How can the understanding of sex help us to understand what to look for in higher spiritual energies?

Oct 10, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Spiritual Progress

Spiritual Progress

All creations in form are first created as a thoughtform from an atom to a human being to a planet. Each thoughtform does have a purpose that is expected to produce certain results.

For instance, a Master may visit a disciple through the creation of a thoughtform of himself of his own creation with certain expectations.

Every thoughtform and consequently every form in the universe was created by some thinker with certain expectations behind the form. In fact the higher the intelligence the more sure and precise will be the preconceived idea of how the thoughtform is to perform.

For instance, a thoughtform created by a Master will fulfill expectations with much more precision than one created by an aspirant.

Again let me stress that the key to correct use is non attachment, not non expectation.

If the situation changes and the thoughtform fails to live up to expectations then the disciple must be prepared to abandon or change it and move on.

I personally have no problem in expecting certain results, but in not being attached to the outcome. Because I and others experience this I know it can easily be done.

In fact I am often content when the outcome does not materialize as expected because of the lessons to be learned therein.

A reader asked the group how we could know that we are not being deluded by my teachings.

First, all of us are deluded to some degree in one area or another. If you think you have no delusions then you should also have power over death for such a feat is accomplished by the overcoming of some of the final delusions.

Now because all of us have some delusions does this mean that we should throw our hands up and quit?

No no no.

Remember the parable from Book I. Deluded or not we must move ahead following the highest that we know and if we do this with a pure heart our strength will be as the strength of ten and the fog of our illusions will be lifted and we will see reality as it is piece by piece.

When a person desires truth he can see guidance through the soul and receive confirmation and direction. This is the only infallible guide in life, but our lower self will even misinterpret this if we do not hold our focus in the light.

How do you know you have contacted the soul? Until one makes that contact he will not know, but will assume high emotional feelings or a peaceful state is the contact. The seeker will be deceived numerous times thinking he has made contact when no such contact has been made. Then when this time does come and the contact has been made there will be no doubt for there is a knowing that comes with the Spirit, but even after this sure contact the lower self will seek to darken our memory of it if we do not keep out focus in the light.

Now a few words about knowing we are on the correct path by using a measurement of some kind.

There is no way one can supply the exterior world with a measurement of spiritual progress. Often those who are making the greatest progress are seen as the greatest devils. Take Jesus for example. The leaders of his day thought that he did the miracles with the assistance of the devil himself.

Abraham Lincoln was often compared to an ape by the authorities of his time and condemned to hell by the religious ones because he was not a member of a church.

Judging progress upon the path can only be done by the individual himself or his inner teacher.

The main criteria for progress is different than one may expect and it is this.

If you think you are in motion on the path and progressing toward the light then you are where you should be.


But what if one thinks he is on the path, but taking a detour?

Answer: Detours are essential for learning.

Learning what?

We must all learn what does not work as well as what does work so the important thing is that we are all in motion moving somewhere. True hell, as pointed out by the Parable of Decision is being at a crossroad and not being able to decide upon a path and standing still with fear of failure.

When we do find the path and make real progress we will all (as individuals) sense the increase in vibration and we will be able to internally gauge ourselves so long as we keep our focus on the highest that we know.

“Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true, and nothing else is true. … For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.” From A Course In Miracles.

Oct 8, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Safety of the Middle

The Safety of the Middle

A reader points out again that there is a danger with thoughtforms if we are too expectant of an outcome.

Again let me stress that the key word here is attachment rather than “expect.”

I’ve covered this in my previous post from Sept 29 – “Attachment to Outcome”.

Then I gave the analogy of the artist.

The reader points out that a positive thoughtform will be counterbalanced by a negative. While it is a true principle that there is a possibility of a positive for every negative there is one ingredient in this universe that prevents us being mindlessly ruled by these two forces or the lack thereof. That ingredient is our basic intelligence and the power of decision that resides within the reflections of God.

If then you drive to the store instead of following one of the dualities you make correction after correction with the steering until you arrive at the destination.

The dualities correspond to the pulls that take you off course. Your correction of the dualities and staying on the road until you get to your destination corresponds to the Middle Way as I have been teaching it. The middle way takes us to the “dominating good.” The dominating good lies in the invisible purpose through the door of the midway point and is not one of the extremes of the dualities.

There is no opposite in reality to the dominating good. The only one that could be conceived of would run like this.

It would have to be a dominating evil, which would make creation and life impossible. If there were such a thing as a dominating evil neither the universe nor we would even be. This equation and the solution had to be solved by God when God first began to be, but then there was never such a time within that which the tiny minds of men can comprehend. Thus the initiation of the dominating good had to take place beyond time, space and form and is useless for us to even speculate on. All we know is that the dominating good IS a reality and of this we should be eternally grateful.

The creation of a thoughtform is not that much different from the creation of physical objects. If you create an object the opposite object does not always appear, but the possibility is always there. If you create a ball a square does not manifest to balance it out, but the possibility of the square object is always real. If you go out and buy a heater and do not want its opposite, which is an air conditioner, then you do not have to manifest the air conditioner.

Even so, if we create a thoughtform for a good purpose this does not mean that an opposing thoughtform will also be manifest by us. The possibility of manifesting it is there, but we have the power to pick polarities and make them work for us in the direction of the dominating good.

The midway point symbolized by the still point of the pendulum is not really a point from our perspective but a path. We look at all the alternatives between the two extremes there is always a point of decision which is the most accurate. Because of the swinging of the pendulum this point seems to be a moving target and thus great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the point and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good.

The Question:

How do we avoid persecution and extreme tribulation in this age?

Consider the Song of the 144,000. There are thousands now saying the Song with numbers growing daily.

How will a large number of people saying this with visualization create a protective force for the New Group of Worlds Servers?

The “we” being an important part of the Song. Come to think of it I cannot think of another mantra with the we in it although I am sure they exist. When we do think of protective energy it is natural to think only of ourselves, but in projecting our thoughts to the whole where each of us draws from the pool of accumulated energy the individual will benefit as well as the group.

So how do we prevent the persecutions and tribulations that have consistently befallen the lights of ages past?

This is a tricky question, but one we must face in advance of the work which is shortly to come. If the lights bringing the dawn of the Aquarian age are to be successful they must first and foremost survive and stand in their rightful places until the sun arises and shines forth in its strength.

There are 3 things that cause those in darkness to destroy the lights.

(1) Fear of change

(2) The challenge of authority

(3) Impulses received from the Dark Brothers

The fear of change has caused untold suffering in ages past.

For instance, when Galileo discovered the telescope and presented a logical observable new concept of the earth in the established relationship to the universe the fear of change was great and they threw him in prison until he retracted that which he knew to be true.

This fear of change is closely linked to number 2 or the challenge of authority for Galileo certainly did challenge the authorities of his day. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning will remember that unjust authority is the true mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelations.

Joan of Ark, for instance, was burned at the stake because her revelations, even though helpful to the king, she challenged the powers that be.

England fought with all her might against the independent new world because of its challenge to authority as well as fear of change.

Then, of course, the most obvious example, is the persecution of Jesus and the early Christians because they presented change and a threat to the authorities.

Then in latter times the early Mormons and Baha’is are examples of intense persecution for the threatening of Beastly authority.

It is interesting to note that the Christians in general, the Mormons and the Baha’is are currently creating little challenge to authorities and consequently are attracting little persecution.

The third cause of problems for the lights is the influence of he Dark Brothers. If the authorities and the people do not go after people who are working to change the system according to the great Plan then they will help their own cause along by planting thoughtforms in their associates here on the earth, the masses and also the lightworkers themselves. Dark Brother associates will, however, receive projections of encouragement whereas the disciples will receive thoughts of discouragement, roadblocks and sometimes outright attack.

A very strong advantage we have that lights in earlier ages did not have that protect us from persecution is the laws of the land of the various countries. Now I now that overall there are way too many laws and there is much abuse, but in seeing this we often overlook the great benefits civilization has derived from the protection they have afforded.

Suppose the President wanted to throw a critic to he lions? Could he?

No. The law protected the enemies of authorities.

Suppose an authority abuses the law and releases FBI files on his enemies – isn’t that a bad thing?

Answer – yes, but nothing compared to the ancient Caesars who were a law unto themselves, could act with impunity and put their enemies to the sword with a whim.

Can offended authorities today burn a witch at the stake?

No. Right or wrong they are protected by law and because they are protected we are protected.

Objection: But what about Ruby Ridge and Waco. When they want to get you they can.

Yes, it is true that there were abuses there, but if we were not protected by law these type of incidents would be occurring weekly rather than being a rare occurrence.

Objection: When they want you they’ll get you in subtle ways. There a lot of good people in prison because authorities went out of their way to get them.

Again it is true that there are abuses and some subterfuge always going on, but the problem today is nothing compared to that which has existed in ages past. A couple hundred years ago half of the writers on the Internet would have had their lives in danger for their “unusual” writings.

For those of you who have studied the rays it is an important point that the Seventh Ray which governs law and ceremony is coming into play and will increase in power for some time. This will have the effect of producing order, progress and protection of the innocent through law.

Now the Song of he 144,000 fits on the ceremony side of this Ray for technically it is it initiates a ceremony which invokes certain results. One of the reasons this technique was not used prominently in the days of Christ, for instance, is that the Seventh Ray was not in play, but now that it is the Song becomes a much more viable tool for the protection of the lights.

Even though the Song has many personal benefits this is not its main purpose. It’s main purpose is yet to be illustrated for the time will come when the Gathering of Lights will become a reality and when this happens the Beast of authority will rear its ugly head and do everything in its power to destroy the enterprise. When this time comes the accumulated power produced by the Song will swing the balance, causing the first solid victory of the gathered lights in many thousands of years. The enemies of light and love will continue to create problems from time to time, but if we do our part in standing in harmlessness while seeking to serve in the light with light and love and power manifesting for the whole, the triumph in the end will be sure.

Even with the Song we must tread the path of the Middle Way successfully. It is obvious that anyone who is stockpiling weapons, for instance, preparing for doomsday and the final battle of Armageddon is going to make a lot of authorities nervous – no matter what their message is. If a person or group looks like a loose cannon they will indeed be watched very closely.

It is helpful in this age that the lights seek not to overthrow or subvert any government but seek to work within established rules, laws and systems to create permanent change. Even totalitarian regimes will topple without physical conflict if enough light and common sense is manifest by the lovers of freedom. The toppling of the Berlin Wall, for instance, created a domino effect, which was the result of the work of many players. A major one was Lech Wallesa, a union leader working within the established structure, yet defying tremendous forces pitted against him. Then we had Reagan issuing the challenge to tear down the wall. Finally, came economic and social pressures from the nations and the great divide was ended with astonishing lack of conflict.

This process is a great example of change which can be created without terrible wars and conflict.

There are, however, changes on the horizon for the world which if foreseen by the authorities of the world would cause great distress, but would cause rejoicing in the hearts of many of the common people. Consequently, there will be times when the Lights will have to take a stand for progress in certain areas which will be deemed a threat to some. When this occurs the disciples of the world must work with extreme patience and realize that in rushing reform one may cause a work to be destroyed and delayed a 100 years whereas a decade of patience and perseverance may actually yield the quickest results.

Let us say that a disciple sees that a particular bureaucracy has served its purpose and needs to be dismantled. If one threatens immediate destruction of the organization and loss of jobs for all then each member of the targeted organization will begin fighting for their lives.

The safe route is to create a workable plan of phasing out over a period of time that does not involve sudden loss of authority or job security.

One of the reasons that the early Mormons had such difficulty is that the common members often bragged to their neighbor that when the Kingdom of God was established that he and his group were going to be toast. This did not settle well with many and the neighboring communities started watching for ways to drive them away. The early Christians had a similar problem. They were expecting Christ to return even at that early day and destroy the Roman empire with a blaze of fire. This idea did not settle well with the Beastly authorities.

The disciples of the world must merely present what is true in a common sense manner and many troubles experiences by past disciples will not surface. For instance, no change which fulfills the purpose of God will hurt the world at large and the people as a whole will always benefit. In any positive change that a disciple seeks to implement he or she must sell the benefit and not the birth pains.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the Brotherhood has been working hard over the past two thousand years to raise the level of conflict from the physical to the emotional and mental planes. We can see this working out today as the conservatives and liberals battle each other daily in the media though heated emotional argument with a twinge of mind thrown in every now and then. Disciples of the world must work to hold the conflict on this level and not let it fall back to the physical. When this turning of the conflict is settled on the higher or non physical level then the New Age will be solidly assured.

But keep this point in mind. Many call the coming age the age of peace and this will be true on the physical plane, but not on the emotional and mental planes. The new age will see conflict through debate and discussion as never before, but physical conflict will eventually be seen as primitive and beneath the dignity of the human race.

Oct 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Leaving the Crowd


Leaving The Crowd

A reader made an excellent point that we all have missions if we are willing to find and accept them, but allow me to make another point.

Many there are who are seeking greater light who yearn for a calling from God or a Master and none seems to come. After a period of time some get discouraged and feel that God does not want them or perhaps feel insignificant.

What is needed here is understanding not a calling. We are entering an age where initiation will be a keynote and those who will be seen as worthy servants will be those who call themselves and initiate beneficial work of some kind through their own free will.

Would you like a calling to some great and glorious work?

Then imagine a great and glorious work and call yourself to it and God will honor that call if your heart is pure.

Along this thought I found the words of Jesus in the Aquarian Gospel inspiring:

“Whoever will may come; but he who comes must will to prune himself of every evil thought; Must overcome desire to gratify the lower self; must give his life to save the lost.

“The nearer to the kingdom gate you come, more spacious is the room; the multitudes have gone.

“If men could come unto the kingdom with their carnal thoughts, their passions and desires, there scarcely would be room for all. But when they cannot take these through the narrow gate they turn away; the few are ready to go in and see the king.”

The key phrase here is:

“The nearer to the kingdom gate you come, more spacious is the room; the multitudes have gone.”

One of the keys to this gate is the initiation of good works, but such initiates are such a rarity that, at the kingdom gate, the room is indeed spacious for the crowds are left behind.

There is no need for many aspirants to feel like they are being left out of some loop for if one wants a great calling all he has to do is call himself and then do the work.

Of course, doing the work is what trips up the many with egos to prove for instead of them doing the work, many want to be called and exalted and have others do the work, recognize their greatness and serve their own little needs.

Djwhal Khul said that true humility is recognizing your place on the path and acting accordingly.

I would also add that part of being humble is just being yourself. I personally can’t stand to be around others who are trying to be someone else. A lot of politicians fit in this category.

The Life of Abraham Lincoln is a good example of one in a great position who is merely being himself. The common people loved him for it but the proud and arrogant were threatened by him.

Oct 4, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Three Criteria

The Three Criteria

The current question is: There are three main criteria in finding the correct path at the Middle Way. What do you suppose they are?

The first was common sense on which we elaborated.

The hint for the second was as follows:

“Follow the highest that you know.”

“Keep your mind steady in the light.”

How do these two statements work together to lead us to that straight and narrow path in the middle?

First let me clarify “the Middle” as it is being presented here. The Middle Way I am presenting leads to a path. A path is not the end of a journey but a beginning. As we find the path in the middle and walk upon it we are still functioning in the world of duality. But by finding the path we make maximum progress in this world. We learn to “live in the world but not of the world.”

At the end of the Path, ages and ages hence is a pralaya of rest or a point of absolute stillness from our point of view. Even though some call this the No Thing, and it may seem to be from some points of view, it is not “that which is not, but that which is esoteric,” as Djwhal Khul expressed it.

Lorraine made a good stab at the question:

“In order to stay in the middle I must be able to see a big picture. Therefore, I must stand in the light at all times. Also, in order to stay in the middle I must know where my next footstep should fall and in order to do that I must have direction. Therefore, I need to be able to follow the highest that I know. If I make a mistake, I can correct myself and try again.

“So, to stay in the middle I must know where I am at and know how to get to the next step.”

She made several good points;

(1) See the big picture. If our attention is on one piece of doctrine or dogma then we will not see all the whole picture and without seeing the whole we will never correctly decipher the part.

(2) Stand in the light at all times. We may not have all the light and all understanding, but each of us will always have some light on the truth. If we want more light we must stand in the light which is seen.

(3) Know your next step

If we follow the highest we know and act upon that which is revealed then more light will come and the next step on the path in the middle will be revealed.

(4) Correct yourself

The path in the middle has the illusion of movement because of the swing of the pendulum and because we are not perfect we weave on and off the path. Hence we must apply the principle of correction on the path just as we do as we drive down the road in a car. To get to the local grocery store we make hundreds of corrections with the steering wheel in just a distance of several blocks.

In short we must always follow the highest that we know and when we do this more will be given. When an additional glimmer of light is seen we must hold our focus on that light until the flame grows bright enough that the revelation will never be lost.

The third most important key in treading the middle path is to use and share that which is revealed in the midway point.


How do we do this?

Is it necessary to share the light in order to keep the light?

The answer may seem obvious, but the path of correct use and sharing is difficult indeed. Correct use of the light of knowledge is called “righteousness” in the scriptures and correct sharing is called “love.”

Right use of light is extremely important for without it the light grows dim and the vision seen is forgotten. The only way to keep it is to follow these steps.

(1) Keep intention pure and focused on the ultimate benefit of the many rather than the few.

(2) Keep attention focused on the light revealed keeping the message bright within the consciousness.

(3) Use the light and knowledge following the highest wisdom that you know

(4) Look forward with an eye of faith for more light and understanding

Reader question. “So how can we be good servants in this age without being persecuted and martyred?”

This is a good question to pose to the group. What are steps disciples in the Aquarian age can do to avoid the pitfalls suffered by the disciples of the Piscean age?

The Great Ones

There has been some discussion about the interplay between those of lower and higher evolution.

Could we mere mortals, for instance, tell whether or not someone higher than us, a Master for instance, is teaching the truth?

Let us suppose that a member here was a Master in disguise. Would he be of such a high vibration that it would be useless to question him?

There are things that an aspirant cannot understand about a disciple and things that a disciple cannot understand about a Master and so on up the line, but discernment of truth or true principles is not one of them.

Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.

If a devil, a man or an angel speaks we all have the right to run the words by our souls and verify them for ourselves. The beginners on the Path merely have more, or allow more distractions than the seasoned traveler. These distractions are set beliefs, glamour, illusion and other problems that turn the neophyte’s attention away from the soul.

But even the simplest of souls with a pure heart and open mind can receive revelation from the God within and know the truth and thus become free. The amount of truth he can incorporate will be subject to his ring-pass-not.

What then lies in the mind of the highly evolved that the beginner cannot comprehend?

Remember my analogy about the two people on the path? The one was ahead of the other and was not “better” because of it but was merely familiar with parts of the path that had not been available to the one with the later start.

The one farther upon the path understands the beauty of the scenery before him and can relate it to the one behind, but the one behind will not have a full understanding of the beautiful mountains and valleys until he actually gets there.

The blind man may take hold of the elephant’s trunk and think the animal is like a great hose, but he cannot appreciate the total majesty of the animal until he can see the whole of it.

Even so, the beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

We may all have our comments and opinions of the magnitude of the confrontation the Christ had in the Garden of Gethsemane, but without a revelation or going through the experience ourselves there is no way we can appreciate what he went through.

The angle of vision and the problems faced by one progressed upon the path is generally not available to the beginner, yet this is not important, for each of us has all the problems we can handle, and if we just concentrate on solving our own complexities we will not care so much about what the Master faces. That is his problem and he is the one to deal with it.

The important point is that the truth as it applies to each of our lives is available to all. As Jack Nicholson says – we all can’t handle the truth, but nevertheless, it is available to those who reach out in real faith.

A question is arising among the group about what a true teacher, master or Avatar would do if he appeared among us. Would or should he announce himself? Should we be open to the possibility that a great teacher or even the Christ may show up among us incognito?

The answer to the latter is yes. Teachers, initiates and avatars will come and we must be open to the idea or we could wind up missing them or even opposing them.

Should the Avatar announce himself? There is no rule about this. His method of approach is for him to decide, but normally he or she will not announce himself as one of the great ones. One of the main reasons for this is that the true teacher in contact with the Brotherhood is very humbled because he realizes that there are many far above him and when in touch with these greater lives through the Oneness Principle it seems absurd to announce himself as a great one. In the whole scheme of lives he realizes he is not that far away from the sparrow singing in the back yard, let alone his next door neighbor.

If we examine the history of the race we will see that the ones who have truly proved themselves a benefit to humanity made no big announcement of themselves as a great one and usually had a very good rapport with common men and women. Generally it was the benefactor’s enemies who thought of themselves great ones and his true friends were the “little people.”

There are other groups where every other member thinks he is a world savior and announces himself as such, but this group seems to have a refreshing lack of claims. Of this I am glad. I think we are a healthy bunch here.

If any of us considers himself to be a great one then he or she should follow the example of the Master himself. Jesus never clearly announced himself as the Christ. His only announcement was in his teachings and his works. Because they were powerful the people began to wonder.

Even his cousin, John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus and saw the Spirit of God descend upon him was not sure about Jesus and while in prison sent his disciples to specifically ask him if he was the Messiah. He wanted to know that his mission of preparation was successful before he died.

The disciples of John obediently approached Jesus and asked him if he was the Messiah.

To this question Jesus told them to abide with him for three days and then to tell John what they saw.

The disciples of John thus stayed with Jesus for the three days and listened to him teach and watched him heal the sick.

After this period of time they returned to John and the Baptist eagerly asked them what the answer of Jesus was.

They explained the invitation of Jesus and then told John that they saw the sick healed, the blind see and the lame walk.

When John heard their answer he was then satisfied and went to his death in peace.

On the other hand, let us just say that Jesus would have merely said “yes. I am the great Messiah that was prophesied to come.”

Do you think John would have been satisfied within his soul?

No he would not have been. He would have died with doubt in his heart for any person can make a claim, but only a few can teach the words of light and demonstrate the power of God to the people.

He who makes a claim based on ego puts a cloud between himself and his soul and in the end his claims of glory will return to embarrass him.

Those who humble themselves before those sharing greater light will be endowed with the glory of God from on High and generations unborn will yet warm themselves with their light and love.

Let us join the great ones together my friends and humble ourselves so any greatness which is manifest is from the one Spirit that permeates us all.

Oct 1, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Attachment to Outcome


Attachment to Outcome

A critic accuses me of inventing a new version of the Middle Way and not siding with orthodox Buddhism. He thinks I need to put more attention of not placing an attachment to outcome.

In the extreme left swing deviating from the Middle Way there are no rules. In the extreme right swing there are too many rules. In the middle the eternal laws are recognized and followed.

It does not matter who has taught what and how revered they may be. If a person accepts a teaching just because it comes from one proclaimed as an authority then he has received the mark of the beast in his forehead and becomes a follower as a beast trailing after his master.

He who follows the true Middle Path accepts the soul as his only infallible authority and if such a disciple appears to be following a leader it is only because the two see as one though the eyes of the soul.

So, if the extreme left wing has no rules and the one in the Middle has no rules – what would be the difference between the two?

There is a difference between the two and a big difference it is. He who sees no rules or laws that apply to him acknowledges no cause and effect which is the eternal source of all laws reaching into all realms of existence.

He who sees no need for laws has not found the Middle Way, but he who is on the extreme (left or right) always thinks he has found the true Path, or the Middle.

Buddha had two sets of teachings. One was for the inner group and the other was for the masses. Many of his teachings for the masses have been preserved with normal alterations over time, but the basic teachings are there. These teachings form the basis of all the outward teachings of Buddha as presently constituted in world teachings.

Then he presented a second set of more esoteric teachings that have not been released to the world at large, but many of them are preserved to this day in ancient monasteries. A more complete presentation of his Middle Way will be revealed when his hidden teachings are revealed, but even then they must be studied under the light of the soul to be understood.

He speaks of mystics who taught … “and espoused the practice of doing whatever you do with no expectations of any outcome.”

Many have justifiably taught in this direction, but not in the light in which he has presented it.

There is a principle involved here and to get to the truth of this we must look at the principle in the light of the soul. When the principle is then seen in this light the seer will know more about it than he who has read every book on the subject.

One thing that is consistent with all the great sages and registers with the souls of most men and women is that within the mind of God there is a great Plan. This is mentioned often in the writings of Alice A. Bailey, HPB and others. The Bible also talks about the Will of God which implies a Plan of God.

Now my dictionary defines a Plan as “A scheme, program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective.”

A plan therefore implies an expectation of a certain specific result. The fact that God has a Plan then implies that he has an objective and is expecting certain types of results.

Now we are told that we are in the image of God or more literally “reflections of God.”

As reflections then it is our natural inheritance to create plans and expect those plans to materialize.

If planning and expecting results from that plan is our natural inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God why then have sages appeared to have told us to not expect results?

The answer is that they have not.

The sages who saw the principle correctly through the eyes of the soul and have transmitted it to us have not told us to not expect results, but to not be ATTACHED to results.

Expecting results and being attached to a certain outcome are two very different things, but it is true indeed that enlightened ones have taught us to release ourselves from attachment.

The key to understanding is that one can expect results, yet remain detached from the result.

Let us use an example of an artist painting a picture to illustrate. To paint a picture of beauty the artist first creates a Plan for the picture. He then follows the plan and expects certain results. This expectation is similar to the principle of faith for there can be no beauty created without there first being expectation.

Suppose the artist makes his first draft and it does not turn out as he envisioned. Now if the artist were attached to the result then he would become angry and possibly give up on the project in frustration. On the other hand, if he is not attached he merely accepts that what has materialized is merely the result of cause and effects and if he wants the original plan to materialize then he must change the causes.

He who is attached is also attached to the causes and refuses to change them and is thus frustrated in materializing the plan.

But he who is not attached to outcome or the time frame involved changes causes as is expedient until the plan (or picture) is manifest.

But even as the Plan becomes manifest, just as hoped for, the Master Artist is still not attached even to this finished product of beauty. Perhaps now he can visualize an even greater beauty and thus introduce new causes producing even a more beautiful finished product.

The artist who has no plan, no expectations and follows no rules or laws will not a thing of beauty create, but such a person corresponds to one mixing several colors in a bucket and throwing it at the canvas.

The artist who creates a plan and follows through with flexibility because of non attachment is the one who creates the masterpiece.

Is this teaching not delicious to the taste of your souls my friends?

A reader criticized me for introducing some of my opinions rather than just teaching pure truth.

Is there something wrong with giving an opinion in this group? I notice the reader has given a few himself. Does this mean he wants to reserve the right to express opinion for himself and deny the privilege for me?

Or is it possible that he wishes me to tell him plainly when I am teaching some absolute truth and then of the other times when my words could be wrong, or just opinion?

Let me clarify this point.

Anything I teach could be wrong. Whether or not I am convinced of a certain truth carries little weight for the true seeker, for he still must find out all truth for himself through his own soul. If I were to demand or declare that certain teachings be accepted as truth beyond dispute and others of little worth because they are just mindless opinion then I would be directing you away from your own self discovery. What I consider as opinion could be true and what I consider as true could be illusion. My objective here is to speak the words of the soul to the best of my ability and let each individual decide in connection with the highest he can register as to whether or not it is true. Any muscle or ability increases in power with use and if I can be a cause in stimulating others to increase soul contact through consistent practice then I will feel good about the time I spend here.

Sept 29, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Sense that is Common

Sense that is Common

The Question: “There are three main criteria in finding the correct path at the Middle Way. What do you suppose they are?”

Do you suppose that common sense is one of them?

My answer here is yes. Common sense is one of the criteria.

“But how can that be?” One may ask

“Is it not written that few will find the path which is the Middle Way? Does this not contradict the idea that common sense is available to most or all people?”

No it does not. Think now of something else that is common to all people…

Soul and Spirit.

The window of the soul which leads to Spirit is open to all, or common to all, yet few use them to their potential. Even so, when one speaks through the soul the common person is usually touched by an inner stirring even though he has not yet evolved to wield the power himself.

For instance, the greatest display of exuding sense which reached that which was common to all came from Jesus.

The prime example of this were his parables. Unlike many teachers and gurus who speak so obtusely that few can understand, almost all the teachings of Jesus hit a chord of understanding in the hearts of all who have listened or have read his words. Even atheists will quote his words of wisdom.

Take for instance, the story of the Prodigal son. This simple story appealed to sense common to all people and has something in it of value for people on every level.

Then let us look at his basic teachings such as the Golden Rule.

“Whatsoever you will men do unto you, even so do unto them.”

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

“He that is faithful in small things will be faithful in great things.”

Finally one of the greatest examples of common sense is the Lord’s Prayer. It is extremely simple, yet deep and appeals to the common sense of all men and women.

Another person who had great common sense was Abraham Lincoln.

He is one who demonstrated that sense which appeals to the understanding of the average person is a truly rare thing. Perhaps we could say that he had uncommon common sense.

He grew up in the prairie of Illinois, split logs with the best of them, love to wrestle and tell stories. The common people loved him, but the highly educated and powerful despised him.

Even after he became president many of the educated, the media and his fellow Congressmen called him a simpleton, a buffoon, an ape and thought he was very objectionable because he was always demonstrating his ideas by telling stories they considered unrefined.

Most of those in power and from his own party did not want him elected to a second term, but the people thought differently and put their trust in “honest Abe,” the simple man they could understand.

“You don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” he told them as he was running for his second term in the midst of a war that seemed to go on forever. This and other simple statements that appealed to common sense brought him victory over McClellan, a highly educated man, a darling of the media who spoke with fancy educated words.

His Gettysburg address rivals the Lord’s prayer for profoundness and simplicity. When he spoke of a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” he spoke to the common soul of all people.

Even so, it is with us. If we want to find the Middle Way we must tune into that common sense which is within us all and common to us all, yet which is also hidden from many of us because of our dogmas and illusions which force us toward belief systems which have no appeal to common sense or logic of any kind.

There is a sense of what is right as far as direction that is had by the people as a whole in normal times.

The Book of Mormon makes a wise comment on this:

“Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is not right; therefore this shall ye observe and make it your law–to do your business by the voice of the people.

“And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you.” Mosiah 29:26-27

Thomas Jefferson called the voice of the majority a “sacred” principle that should always be honored.

The problem most of us have in not using common sense to unlock the door of the soul is that we do not apply it to all areas of our lives. For instance, a person may use common sense principles in his business and have great success, yet let all reason fly out the window in his relationships or with his religion.

We talked about blind spots earlier and we all know the neighborhood or family genius who spellbinds us with wisdom in a certain area, but then in other areas he seems to have the intelligence of a slug.

He who finds the path in the middle learns to eliminate the blind spots and illusions and to apply common sense to all areas of life, instead of part. When the wholeness of his or her life makes sense then the Path in the Middle appears before his eyes.

So what are the two other ingredients that take us to the Middle Way.

Let us put together an important second ingredient by commenting of these two phrases:

“Follow the highest that you know.”

Keep your mind steady in the light.

How do these two statements work together to lead us to that straight and narrow path in the middle?

Sept 28, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Agents of Will Part II

Agents of Will Part II

We have these remaining questions to cover.

Question Two: Was it right for the state to take this decision away from the jurisdiction of the parents?

Question Three: What is the main criteria to use in answering question one? (Is it better to have one live at the sacrifice of the other than have both the twins die?)

Question Two:

I believe most of us here are somewhat Libertarian in belief and thought. I have taught much about the value of the Principle of Freedom – that freedom should always be honored to the maximum degree possible. As I have taught about this I do not recall many stepping forward insisting that we should have less freedom, bigger government and more controls over our lives.

But this point we must remember. The key note of the Middle Way is the words of Solomon that “there is a time and place for all things.”

For instance in order to win the Civil War Abraham Lincoln virtually assumed all the powers of a dictator and suspended habeas corpus. We as a nation are extremely fortunate that he was one of the good guys and yielded those powers back to the people after the war.

As they say desperate times require desperate measures and honest Abe, gentle soul that he was, had to take some desperate measures. On hindsight he seemed to have done the right thing. Without the savvy of this man the conflict of the 1960’s may have been over slavery rather than civil rights.

Those who miss the Middle Way will take a black and white stand. The majority of people do this with their belief systems.

Examples of the black and white beliefs are illustrated by statements from both sides of the spectrum such as:

Abortion is murder and there are no exceptions.

Abortion is always OK.

Sex outside of marriage is always wrong.

Having sex when you feel like it with whoever you feel like doing it with is always OK.

All politicians are liars.

We should always trust our government.

I will always trust you.

I will never trust you.

We should not worry about recycling.

We should not cut down any trees.

I will never change.

I will always go with the flow

The Bible is the infallible Word of God.

The Bible’s for morons.

I always support the Republicans!

I always support the Democrats!

These deviations from the Middle Way can also be expressed concerning the use of government powers.


Government should stay out of our lives completely and absolutely with no exceptions

On the other hand, many black and white people will say things in the other direction such as:

There ought to be a law.

There ought to be more consumer protection here.

We need more restrictions and regulations here.

Somebody ought to make them do it.

These are not perfect examples but they indicate the general thought of the black and white person on the left.

Just as in all extremes from the Middle, both of these extremes miss the mark. There are times when government should make a bold move to force action, but there are others when it should leave us alone.

Unfortunately we are at a point in history when the governments of the world are swinging to the control extreme and seek to control and regulate to an ever increasing amount.

This extreme swing to the left makes one who stands at the Middle Way look like an anti government right winger and the real right wingers look like Nazis in the eyes of many.

For an example, take a look at Bill O’Reilly on the Fox news network. He is the closest to the middle of many newsperson I have seen yet. Al Gore sees him as such an extreme right wing that he will not appear on his show.

Almost everyday when he reads his mail he will get someone accusing him of being a flaming liberal but then this will be followed by another accusing him of being far right wing. He always smiles when he gets these letters and says something like “I wish you people would make up your mind.”

Now O’Reilly is not set perfectly on the Middle Way but he is close enough that he confuses both sides of the equation just as all who take this stand do.

I have this problem in my life. conservatives often think I am liberal and liberals often think I am conservative. I would imagine some of you are experiencing this also.

So as far as the Middle Way is concerned there are times such as there Civil War where the government was correct in using some force, but there are many more cases where it is incorrect.

Overall I will repeat that the principle around freedom is this.

Government needs to be restricted to allow the maximum freedom of choice for the largest possible number of people. The use of force is justified when the force prevents the loss of freedom or life for an individual or group.

For instance, government should use whatever force is necessary to prevent armed robberies for such action threatens freedom. Force from government in this case can enhance the freedom of the whole.

Now let us examine these twins. What freedom of choice in involved?

We have the choice of the parents, yet even here the choice of a parent is not unlimited under democratic law. In Old Testament times if a parent thought his child was rebellious he could stone him to death with impunity, but today we would justifiably not allow this. If you were to take your teenage kid in the back yard and stone him to death the law would come after you with force and attempt to restrict you from doing such a thing again.

Therefore, if it seems rather sure that leaving these kids alone would cause the needless death of one of them would not the parents then have some responsibility for that death? If the parents have responsibility for such a death does not the government have some justification in intervening?

If parents believe in child sacrifice should we not take some measure in stopping them and saving the child?

Then too there is another freedom to examine and that is the freedom of the twins. What if the stronger child came into life wanting and expecting to live through this? What if the weaker twin came into life to pay off a debt by sacrificing her life so her sister could live?

One may object and ask: What if they both came to only stay a few months and then die together?

Answer: If this is the plan of the soul then even an operation will not save them. When the soul wants a life it will find a way to take it. In this case it would be an unsuccessful operation, and infection afterwards or something else.

Overall I admit that this is an awkward situation for we do always want to honor the decisions of the parents to the maximum possible, but it does appear that a life is at stake here and I would vote for the operation even if it runs contrary to the parents will. The parents do not have the right to pronounce a death sentence.

And I would venture this observation. Ten or fifteen years from now when the living child has enriched their lives many times over I would bet the parents would be happy that the operation was performed.

Final; Question:

What is the main criteria to use in answering question one?

The main criteria would be the golden rule. Put yourself in the position of the twins and ask what you would want done in that situation.

Here is my take – perhaps yours is different.

If I had a chance to live a normal life I would want to live and make use of that life and would be very upset with my parents if they allowed me to die through illusionary religious beliefs.

If I was the weaker twin in a no win situation I would want to get out of that situation as soon as possible even if it means death of the body.


There are three main criteria in finding the correct path at the Middle Way. What do you suppose they are?

Sept 26, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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