Lessons Learned

1998-12-2 10:04:00

These past few days we have had our attention shifted away from our prime directive and off on to side arguments. It is important that we learn our lessons from this and move on with our purpose.

I tried to ignore this question about the perfection of Jesus because I saw that it could be as bottomless pit and take us away from our discussion. On the other hand, I sensed that several list members felt that my answer of it would be an important test for me as a teacher. (Remember my analogy about the Spanish teacher. See if he can really speak Spanish). Therefore, I plunged into it.

In doing so I hope I have demonstrated the ability to answer questions involving principles and that if we press on with the direction of this class instead of answering lengthy questions it is not because the answer is not there. We will try and stay on the subject because of limitations of time and space and the importance of focused attention.

What have we learned from our discussion of perfection?

We have learned that perfection is pretty much what we say it is and that in itself is as form of relative perfection. Relative to what definition we choose to apply.

I believe it was Glenys who expressed concern about putting our faith and reliance on God if He is not perfect in the absolute sense?

It is not good to put absolute faith in any being in the physical form whether it be Jesus, Buddha or Nero. The faith you must place should be on the Spirit of God within you that communicates with you through the point of Soul or interplay between Spirit and Matter - The Still Small Voice. The Spirit has this important ability. It can recognize truth and verify truth to whoever is seeking it with sincerity.

The receiver of such truth may distort it and use it imperfectly, but nevertheless the Spirit is ever diligent to make sure the point of truth is verified to us.

Now the Spirit is a Great Being who is Becoming on His own plane but relative to us he has achieved the "perfect" ability to verify truth in principle and on this you must put your trust.

I suspect that Moses looked within and even the words of the Great Jehovah were cast into doubt within his mind as he compared what he sensed within to the direction Jehovah was pursuing.

Did you notice that God did not condemn Moses for his doubting and defiance?. Instead he was the only Old Testament prophet who was called the "friend of God."

Another question? Was Jehovah a space being? And was there more than one God? There are a number of beings who are Gods from the Kingdom of God who have worked with man from ancient times.

Jehovah who appeared to Moses was not the same being who was Jesus (as some think) nor was He the Ancient of Days even though the book indicates he could have been. Some of these high beings do have some different ideas as to how to do certain things and I believe that Jehovah had some different ideas than some of his brothers.

Nevertheless He was not evil by any means and his work through Moses has laid the foundation of our civilization as we know it.

I do not believe He used a spaceship with Moses as some think, but have not been told this by the Powers that be. I believe that one of the few times the Brotherhood of Light visit us in physical bodies from another planet is at the introduction of a new Adam to help us make the next leap in evolution.

But now Rick has sensed correctly that it is time to get back to the business and purpose of the list. I do not have time tonight to make any more comments on that slippery Beast but will plan on that tomorrow.

Love and Acceptance to you all.