Two Goods or One?

1999-11-29 18:33:00

Saul writes:
"The dominating good DK speaks about is the good which lies behind all that God made and this law of dominating good is brought into activity by the spiritual will of man. This is not the good as opposed to evil where good is believed by most to be less powerful than evil. This is a different kind of good behind both good and evil because it is directly brought about by the spiritual will of man. This is then the good the soul is aware of and ever works through and with the personality toward.

"The ancient law of evil sharing works within the context of good and evil and it runs through all cosmos. It will some day give in to the new law of ancient dominating good where evil will be no more."

You have to look at what DK does say here, not what he does not say. Nowhere in the 30 books of AAB is it stated that there is a different kind of good which is divorced from good and evil and I do not recall two types of good being mentioned in this or any other work of the brotherhood. Degrees of good perhaps, or good from different sources such as the personality or the soul. Then too we have different definitions of good and evil.

I think this interpretation is peculiar to your own belief system.

In the quote I mentioned he used the phrase dominating good as opposed to the law of evil sharing, which you admit is in the realm of good and evil. The dominating good is brought into activity by the spiritual will of the higher Triad, but it is still in opposition to the law of evil sharing as DK indicates. No where does he say that evil will be no more. Instead he tells us that which is evil will be lifted to a higher note. In other words when good dominates and moves us forward that which is now considered evil is not as bad as it was in the past.

For instance, 100 years ago it was mildly evil to kill someone of an unpopular race. Now evil has been raised to a higher level so killing someone of a different race (especially because of race) is considered so evil as to be unthinkable for the average person. Now, needlessly killing an animal is seen to be as evil as killing of such a human was in the past, yet in ages past no one was prosecuted for such a thing.

DK is very consistent in his definition of good and evil. Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pulls us forward. It may seem at times that we are moving backwards, but because good always dominates this means that spiritual evolution always goes forward. We may go nine steps backward while taking ten forward thus creating one dominating step toward the good.