The Near Future

2008-9-11 04:41:00

Susan writes:

"So now I am in this mode of feeling the need to hunker down and prepare for the worst. So JJ what do you say this time? Are we headed for economic and societal breakdown in the next year? And if we are, are any of us mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared enough to do as Olivia quoted from DK [Djwhal Khul]?"


I am not as confident that normal times will be sustained in the near future now as I was when we faced Y2K. Right now the best way to describe what I am picking up is static. It is as if the Dark Brotherhood is seizing upon some opportunities to bring chaos and the Brotherhood of Light is doing everything in their power to neutralize this effect.

We are in a point of tension for a year or maybe more.

Unless the Brotherhood of Light is caught off their game we will not have a total breakdown of the economy unless there is first a means of salvation through the gathering principle. The gathering needs to be seriously underway by around 2020 but the Dark Brotherhood is working overtime in an attempt to bring enough turbulence before that time so the gathering will be frustrated. If we are all just seeking to survive then the gathering will be very difficult to initiate. I am proceeding on the assumption that the economy may have some serious problems but things will hold together until the gathering is initiated.

Something else happening in the background is discussion among the Democratic power brokers about replacing Biden with Hillary as the Vice Presidential nominee. Some really want this to happen but others are afraid it would backfire.

Obama is reluctant to consider Hillary as he does not trust her and is worried that if she were vice president that something would happen to remove him from office allowing her to step in.