Re: Forest For The Trees

2008-3-7 01:36:00

Blayne wrote:

"You people crack me up, you know next to nothing about economics yet you think you are right. If you think JJ's economic teachings are new then you are even more deluded.

"I see the faithful couldn't handle it and eventually cried 'away with him' about Larry. Others try to rationalize why JJ is right on economics but he is dead wrong. He was thoroughly debunked in this argument yet some of the faithful like a bunch of 'bliss ninnies' believe his every word never having done their homework in order to have the ability to grasp any such principles of economics. And JJ never once even considered he might be wrong and just simply kept trying to spin the thorough whipping he was getting on the subject. If this isn't an infallibility complex I don't know what one is.


"He still can't explain the so-called principle he claims to have revealed with any believability."


Declaring me debunked does not a debunk make. You have to actually make a case.

I must have missed something. Can you tell me even one thing you have debunked.

As far as faulting me for not changing my mind goes -- I certainly do not see you setting any example of malleability.

Actually, it was only one comment that chased him [Larry] off and it was fairly low key asking him to quit disrupting the list or leave. I was disappointed he was scared off so easily by a single comment, especially when I told him I hoped he would stay.

Anytime someone disagrees with me the members will take sides. Some will agree with the challenger and some with me. If we get too many complaints, especially because of a lack of civility then we can put the person on moderation. If Dean can stay then just about anyone can.

In another post Blayne responded to Ruth with:

"You sound like a mindless drone who just parrots stuff you read and then adds on some nonsensical babbling. I have rarely heard someone talk so much but say so little as you."

By the way, I thought your comment to Ruth was out of line in tone and hurts your credibility.

I wish to avoid this type of personality attack and stay focussed in the realm of ideas.