The Last Days

2007-12-17 05:42:00

I posted this in the rebel Mormon list to give them something different to think about.


How I See The Last Days

  1. The last days are not the last days, but merely days representing the time at the end of one age and the beginning of another. There will not be a last day on earth for billions of years.
  2. There will not be major earth changes for over 100 years. There will be some startling and frightening events, however.
  3. There will be no major gathering of saints in Missouri for over 100 years. The LDS [Latter-Day Saints -- Mormon] church will acquire the temple lot though and build an impressive looking temple on it but there will be no cloud of glory descend neither will Jesus show up. It will be some time afterward that the temple lot will shift to the hands of the just.
  4. The LDS Church will continue as a growing church for many decades to come with no mighty and strong one replacing the prophet as some expect. Major change will come from outside the church, not the inside.
  5. The change inside the church will be baby steps that head toward liberalization. They will blend more and more with regular Christianity.
  6. The banks in the United States will not fail over the next twenty years even though they will have problems that will cause many to think doomsday is around the corner.
  7. The year 2012 will not be particularly significant (at least on the surface) even though many are predicting doom or great change in that year.
  8. There will be false Christs and false Mighty and Strong Ones but they shall not speak like Jesus neither will they be mighty or strong. There will also be true prophets and teachers but none of significance will be connected to the LDS church.
  9. Within 20 years Iraq will be a stable democracy in the midst of the Middle East. The Iraqi people will build statues dedicated to George W, Bush and he will also look pretty good to American historians from that point on. Future historians will compare him to Harry Truman.
  10. It will take 1000 years to build Zion and the true beginning is yet to come, several decades hence. 150 years from now enough progress will be made that faith will begin to increase and many will work toward manifesting it.
  11. The Constitution will indeed hang by a thread or less. It will eventually seem that the thread is broken and America is no longer America. Not even the elders of the church will step forward to save it, but a new America will be reborn through the gathering of lights from many belief systems who believe in the principle of freedom.
  12. The Second Coming will not happen as expected just as it did not last time. When the Master appears he will not announce himself as Jesus Christ but will be known by a regular name - could be George, Ron or Paul for example. He will merely go about laying the foundation of Zion and Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men and only those close to him who feel of his spirit will recognize him. He will not be acknowledged by any organized religion - at least not at first.

There is never a guarantee the future can predicted accurately, but this should turn out pretty close.