Imperfect Jesus

2007-6-14 20:24:00

Jason writes:

"The Christian world in the days of Joseph Smith thought he was far from perfect, for they thought a prophet should be very pious. Of course, he did not live up to this standard and even many converts were disappointed when they met him. Joseph once said that if Jesus himself were with them they would find many faults with him."

"Anyone have this referenced Joseph Smith quote and know where this quote is to be found?"


Here you go:

"Although I do wrong, I do not the wrongs that I am charged with doing; the wrong that I do is through the frailty of human nature, like other men. No man lives without fault. Do you think that even Jesus, if he were here, would be without fault in your eyes? his enemies said all manner of evil against Him -- they all watched for iniquity in Him. How easy it was for Jesus to call out all the iniquity of the hearts of those whom He was among!"
From Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Page 258