The Great Global Warming Swindle

2007-4-19 06:58:00

I thought I would check out the documentary on global warming I brought up to the group and it has been removed from Youtube. It is however now available at:

The good part is you can download the whole movie there.

Note:   As of Aug 1, 2007, the above documentary is still available at YouTube and is now part of an eight part series on the topic. The URL and/or link to these videos is:

Here was a letter I found from its creators which I thought was well written:

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The response to the film, The Great Global Warming Swindle, has been overwhelming, and overwhelmingly positive. As Channel Four reported in Broadcast magazine, they were inundated with phone calls following the first transmission. They calculated that the calls were 6 to 1 in favour of the film. It would be nice to claim that this was due to the film itself, but in fact the explosion of interest happened before the film went out.

The coverage of the theory of man made global warming, on TV, radio and in the press, has been, broadly speaking, fawning and uncritical. In Britain, hours and hours of programmes have been broadcast by the BBC on the subject. All of it uncritical, much of it scientifically absurd. The very fact that a serious documentary dared to challenge the orthodoxy was itself news.

Why? Why have journalists been so craven or biased? How has a theory which lacks really solid supporting evidence become an undisputable fact? What of the impressive, much talked about scientific 'consensus' which is meant to forestall any awkward questions?

The film made a humble stab at suggesting some lines of enquiry. When the theory of man made global warming finally dies, as we believe it will, there are many important questions to be asked. About the relationship between science, the media and the rest of us. But also about scientists and science. The scare over man made global warming may prove to be the first great example in the modern Western world, when science was betrayed by scientists themselves.

We had not intended to establish an 'official' web-site for the film. But such is the demand for more information that we have no alternative. Over the coming days and weeks we will add more information, more links, more analysis, in the hope that the site may provide some focus for those who are still able to think independently and critically on this subject.

We thank the thousands of people who have sent encouraging messages of support and to the many scientists who have helped us.