Principles Of Discovery -- Principle 24

2006-10-1 04:35:00

This finishes the Principles of Discovery for now. The reason I say for now is I am sure we missed a few and more may be added later.


Principle 24:  Energy Follows Thought

This is an ancient esoteric truism but very useful in the discovery of truth. In fact there is a book's worth of truth in the statement itself. Rather than write a book on this principle we shall briefly cover it as it relates to finding truth.

The question is this: How does this principle aid us in truth's discovery? The answer is quite simple. If your thoughts are directed toward truth then energy will follow. If spiritual energy flows in the direction of truth consciousness will follow. When consciousness, attention and energy are focused on the truth, then the truth is much easier to discover than when this is not the case.

Do not most people want to know the truth? Do not the majority have thoughts on truth with the energy following?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Most people believe they would like to know the truth but the majority of their energy and thought is on achieving their desires. The desires at the top of their list are generally centered around numerous things other than truth.

Among them are:

Generally all of these items draw more attention than does the truth. If a pleasant truth comes along, fine, the average person will accept it, but he's not going to spend much time going after complete understanding, especially if that truth may upset the way he looks at life.

Socrates gives us the great example of the importance of putting truth high on the list. One time a student came to him and said, "Oh great teacher, I want to know what you know. Tell me how to be as wise as you are." Socrates took him out in a lake and unexpectedly grabbed him and plunged him under the water and held him under for about a minute or two, then he pulled him up. The guy says, "What did you do that for?? I was dying for air! I asked you how to be wise like you." Socrates replied, "When you want knowledge and understanding the way you just wanted air, then you'll be wise as me."

To make the breakthroughs necessary to be one of the few who independently discover truth the seeker will need to want it as did Socrates. If Socrates were given a choice between a new discovery or a new chariot, which do you think he would choose? Most in that day would have chosen the chariot and today a new car, but the person with the Socrates mindset is he who will put truth first. Energy will soon follow and then discovery.

The discovery of truth will bring a feeling of inner satisfaction and lasting value that cannot be matched by the acquisition of any material thing.


"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened."
  -- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)