Judgement 101

1999-5-5 09:56:00

I want to make sure that all lurkers know they are welcome on this list. Sometimes they come to the surface and become regular contributors, but if not, we hope they are regular learners. Many lurkers have written me personally and I know they appreciate being here.

Concerning judgment, I do make a judgment as to when I am clean in the shower because I am usually in a big hurry when I do so and get out as soon as I judge myself clean. My wife gives me a bad time about showering so fast. She goes on that automatic pilot Zina mentioned and takes her time. It is true that many of our actions are habits and not predicated on judgment, but many are not.

I would agree with you Zina if you are talking about the negative aspect of judgment. This can be very destructive, but you act as if all judgments are bad and this is not logical. Without judgment, every decision we make would be random and lead to destruction. As Rick said it would lead to a state of non livingness.

Zina states: "I believe if Jesus had made one judgment while on that cross, he would have crucified his body completely, and not resurrected. It is possible to cease judgment. It comes through statement of fact for me."

Jesus made several judgments while on the cross. He made a judgment that John was the one who should take care of his mother and he complied. He made a judgment that it was still worthwhile to petition God to forgive those who crucified Him. He made a judgment to not call on angels to deliver Him. He made a judgment to be silent when accused. None of these judgments were the result of an automatic pilot.

Zina writes: "I feel so strongly that if we ceased judgment we could hear our soul loud and clear, and would not need discernment, discrimination, and all the definitions. Our spirit would guide us so supremely. In everything. Perhaps you think I am naive, I AM."
I make dozens of judgments a day, and it aids in my soul contact.

Zina: "How could we judge love, how could we judge happiness, did the Christ really live these states of mind?"

I judge love all the time. My judgment tells me that there is a lot of love among the members of this group. I know that this judgment does not interfere with any soul contact.

I also judge myself to be reasonably happy.

I think we just need to define our terms better and then it would be difficult to disagree. A Course in Miracles went overboard to make a point about negative judgment just as the Apostle Paul did about being saved by grace. The disciples of both took the interpretation too literally and swung too far over on the pendulum.