1999-4-27 19:06:00

I am in the process of revising the website at, and am going to create a links section, and thought I would ask for your help. I am creating links to free reading material and a number of helpful unique sights. For instance we will have links to the Aquarian Gospel, Alice A. Bailey Books, and Theosophical Society books, lost books of the Bible, numerous scriptures of the world and so on.

I know we have a lot of searchers on the list, and if you have some favorite sites that promote enlightenment, I would appreciate it if you could send it to me so I could take a look. Better still, go ahead and post them on the list. Then readers could surf there and post their comments.

Here is the type of sites I am interested in:

Free digital reading material related to new age, religion or philosophy.
Sites with New Age related directories and alternative healing directories.
Unique sites: For instance, I will include the time zone site that someone mentioned the other day.
Any type of free material or service which is worthwhile or fun.

I probably will not be posting any web pages from people on the list. If I accept some and reject others, feelings may be hurt.

Thank you for your help.