Feeling Police

2006-1-17 16:53:00

I just sent through another post by Rasa, which may further upset Bryan. He may see it as somewhat judgmental as it states that he "has quite a reactionary tone and carries a solar plexus charge."

This is actually quite mild compared to many posts I have approved directed toward myself.

Let me emphasize something to the group here. The moderators are not the feeling police. It's not our job to read what will upset your feelings. The rule here is maximum freedom to post. We only seek to reject a post if it is obviously abusive or completely distractive and off the wall. If we have to take extra time to analyze it for sensitivity then we will normally pass it on. It should be obviously abusive to fail the test.

And speaking of that which distract - there seems to be something in the air lately for members seem to be exchanging long heated letters back and forth that have little to do with the purpose of the list and much to do with personal feelings. Some of the exchanges lately sound like they belong in private emails.

We have never been strict about moderating such things as short concise comments on individual posts are sometimes interesting. But long off topic exchanges are often only of interest to those who are writing them.

Therefore, I ask you to keep personal exchanges short and only posted when of group interest.

How about doing some more thinking on the latest question. Bryan to his credit did comment on this.


We know that early Christians sacrificed their physical lives for Christ, but is there another meaning to "they loved not their lives unto the death?"

Additional question:

Is there something wrong with loving your life? Maybe it depends on how you define life.

One more question: Rasa, tell us something about yourself.

We are here on Earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I don't know.  W. H. Auden (1907 - 1973)