To Fear or not to Fear

2005-11-18 14:45:00

April writes:

JJ: "Then I guess we have democracy here for no one I associate with lives in fear including myself. You seem quite fearful however. I think you are seeing your own fears projected on many fearless Americans."

Are you serious???

Have you been to New York since 911. Have you watched the news? Our government promotes fear at every turn.

Keeping us posted as to color coded danger is merely information, not the promotion of fear. As Brian says we often make jokes about it instead of cowering in fear.

I think we all realize there is a possibility anything could happen. I realize a meteor could fall on me tomorrow, but I'm not going to cower in fear over it.

If someone tells us the possibility of getting hit by lightening I am glad to have the information, but I certainly wouldn't accuse the person of promoting fear.

I'll tell you who is promoting fear and that's the media and extreme political groups attempting to falsely portray Bush as a Hitler.

The only fearful Americans I see are those who are afraid of Bush which shows that there are there are those who will swallow what they are fed without thinking.


The Alert ratings! We never know why they raise them but they do and then a week later there are back down again.

Maybe you do not read the news. They almost always explain why they raise them. I don't recall a time that they did not give some explanation.


I know people in NY and NJ that won't ride the subway or go through a tunnel if the status is above a certain level.

That was only common sense after the British bombings. Was Bush behind them also?


This is a control mechanism that our government has put into place.

It sounds like you are blaming our government for the bombings in Britain that raised concerns in New York.

The bombings there had nothing to do with our government.


This is only the tip of the iceberg! To create fear is to have power of force.

Then they are failing. A handful like yourself may be fearful but most just go on with life as usual.


Make them afraid and they will do anything you want for the promise of protection.

Just the opposite is happening. Unlike World War II people are not cooperating with their government because they fear the government. Unfortunately, they are fearing the one power the Constitution gives the government - the power to protect us - rather than all the unconstitutional powers it has seized which creates forced socialism.


This country does fear and the government feeds and profits off that fear.

Like gathers like unto itself. I do not fear and those I associate with me have very little if any fear of these things. You are afraid and I would wager you see fear everywhere. How about working on changing your consciousness?


You asked a while ago about why Bush would have any vested interest in orchestrating 911. This is it! Look he got his Military budget back and got to have his war.

O Boy, that was a fun thing to do wasn't it? That's the last thing any president wants to do. How is Bush rewarded by having a larger military budget through a war? How were Johnson and Nixon rewarded by it?


JJ, illusion is a funny thing. Depending on the perspective depends on the illusion. I am still working on this but what I am finding to escape all illusion you have to be the ultimate observer and have a birds eye view of the whole picture.

You seem to be missing the part that most Americans are not cowering in fear but life is going on as normal or better than normal. To be the ultimate observer you must see beyond the small minority who are fearful.

In many ways I am more confident after 911 than before. Before 911 I saw a strong possibility that a nuclear or other WMD could be used against us in this country. Since 911 we have partially awakened to the danger and are taking steps to prevent it - thought not enough steps. We may still need another wake up call.

Truth is what stands the test of experience. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)