Gathering 2004 Saturday Part 23

2005-7-17 05:55:00

Part 23

JJ: An important principle to review is that the consciousness of God concentrates where the creation is taking place. Think on that. That's where the consciousness of God has His attention. In the beginning of time His attention was on creating atoms, then molecules, then cells. Once creation is perfected then they operate like a computer program. The life form, which composes these smaller particles, is transferred to a higher form until we eventually get to mankind. In the physical universe, as a whole, where is the attention of God concentrated now? Humankind. Throughout the universe this is where the consciousness of God is. Have you ever heard the statement, "As above, so below"?

Audience: Could you repeat what you just said?

JJ: Okay, the consciousness of God is concentrated on humans and we are the consciousness of God for the universe. Suppose you were the one life which is God. Everybody imagines God as a being up on a throne somewhere but suppose you were this being on a throne and you had the whole universe before you. Wouldn't you want to avoid doing the same thing over and over and over again? This is the idea of heaven of the regular Christian. They go to heaven then they worship at Jesus' feet and sing songs and play harps and they do this over and over.

Audience: If we're all at the same level in the universe including the most advanced of mankind and that's where God is focusing His consciousness, that's very interesting. I always thought time was rather linear and there have been planets that have reached our stage of advancement years ago and we're just following along.

JJ: That's what everybody thinks. They think we're duplicating everything that's been done before and we'll be gods in the future and have children. It doesn't quite work that way. Wouldn't that be boring? If you came up with a philosophy that produces boredom you've come up with a philosophy that's not from God because God is not into boredom. God has designed everything and everybody to be interesting. For example, look at sex. Isn't that a fascinating subject? Yet, who made it? God made sex the way it is. God made male and female, our bodies, our minds so that we can have these fascinating experiences. When you look at everything that is made through the life, which is God, you find a God that is not a static being. He doesn't want to do the same thing over and over. He is into the game of Monopoly.

Audience: What about the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos and all these logos and the consciousness of God?

JJ: They've all gone through the human kingdom.

Audience: So all the planets throughout the universe are all at the same level as we are?

JJ: No, but man throughout the universe is the creative force throughout the universe. Humanity, right now, is at the midway point between matter and spirit. You have spirit on one end and matter on the other. In between is where the creation of God is taking place. Right now it's in the human kingdom for this physical universe. You've heard the statement, as above, so below? That's right with a twist. Most people use this in this way. They think, "An atom is probably like a solar system. Then we go larger and our whole universe may be just some pimple on some guy's nose." So we may be part of some guy's pimple which is part of a bigger human being. Then he's part of a bigger universe and it keeps going on and on forever.

That's not how it works yet a lot of theories tell us that. That's not 'as above, so below.' For one thing a solar system isn't exactly like an atom. An atom is much more perfected than a solar system. An atom has reached a state of relative perfection. The various solar systems and various planets have much imperfection in them. They're in an elementary state of their progression. A solar system has a nucleus with planets circling around it and an atom has a nucleus with particles circling around it but they're different so, as above, so below is true, but with differences. That's the key principle because as it says in the scriptures, "The Lord says, 'Behold I make all things new.' I created a new heaven and a new earth. I do new things. I do things you've never seen before."

So, when God creates and He shifts His attention from the lower to the higher, He'll incorporate all the good elements that have been previously created then He will add new ones. When God shifted attention from the vegetable kingdom to the animal kingdom, the animals can do everything the vegetables can do and more. Humans can do everything the animals can do and more. Everything that's within the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom is in us in some way but we can do more. In other words, God didn't want to create animals over and over and over again and leave it at that. He said, "I want to create something better than an animal. What could be better than an animal? A self conscious being, someone more like me." So He creates human beings.

Audience: Where does the Monad come into that? Did He create Monads then create human beings or did He create human beings and Monads were already there?

JJ: Monads are part of God so to speak so when we talk about God creating, we're also talking about Monads creating.

Audience: So you're talking about the physical body then? God created the physical body of man.

JJ: We are gods now. All creation has taken place in the past the way it's happening now. We are representatives of God in the universe and how do we create? If you want to know how God creates ask how we create. Bill Gates wants to create the perfect word processing program so he starts out with version one. There are lots of flaws so they're corrected and version two is next. Then version three and what version are we up to? Eight or nine now? With each version they're working out bugs. After you create a new version they work out the bugs within the version. That's like the way that God creates. God creates the same way we do because He creates through us. Men get together and create a car then create a better car until we get a car so good that it does everything we want it to do.

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.  Virginia Woolf (1882 - 1941)