Re: All is Hierarchy

2005-5-10 11:38:00

Andy writes:

As regards the above issue, I was just thinking. How about the equally important principle that says that Out of the mouth of two or more witnesses a matter shall be established. Isn't it possible that while God was using Moses to do a specific work with the Israelites, that somewhere else across the globe (maybe, Tibet, India, Egypt, etc) another emissary was accomplishing a similar task of equal significance. Remember also the Incident in the Bible, when the Disciples of Jesus where asking him to reprimand a man who was using his name and Jesus answered them that they should let him be saying that "he that is not against us is for us"

If there was another character like Moses in a far away place like India this would have been a totally different non competing work.

The point is that another person wouldn't have been called to compete with Moses for the same job. If another Moses had been called in Egypt and even given the same revelation they would still have had different ideas as to how to do the job and the result would have been that nothing would have gotten done.

If two people had faith and received the same vision then one would have been the Moses and the other an Aaron. Two people are not given the exact same job to do in the Hierarchy, or in a human organization, as this leads to confusion and unnecessary competition.