The Leaves of Truth

2004-10-3 00:39:00

Gar writes:
I tuned into the group entity as a whole; like most people here wish to learn from our friend, JJ, first and foremost and might regard all other insights as secondary at best.

Please feel free to correct me if this is not so.

I think the group regards all insights according to their overall quality and how they speak to their souls. Often is the time when we are on a subject and a member will make some comment that will speak to the soul of another more than me or anyone else.

All members are welcome to expand on the subject which is under discussion. The main problem members have with other teachers coming to the list is when they come here with an obvious agenda and make posts to veer us off topic toward their favorite points of doctrine.

You wrote an excellent post which is on topic and such a posts is almost always appreciated by the list. Sometimes members will step forward to disagree, but if the post is on subject few will complain about the posting itself.

One profound statement you made was:
Thus people seek truth, but do not consider that truth will destroy the very things that they seek to achieve by discovering truth.

Indeed. This is why we must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. If we expect truth to always verify our desires we develop a mindset which becomes an enemy to truth.

We could spend several days commenting on your post, but let us move on with the current question so it does not get too far removed from our minds.

The Question: Questions: How is truth manifested on the physical plane? The astral or emotional plane? The mental plane? The Buddhic plane or the plane of the soul?

Why did I ask these questions in this order?

Because the highest truth originates from God and the lowest level is the physical plane. See this God point as a mustard seed which sprouts and grows to a great tree with a great trunk, many branches and leaves. The leaves are the physical plane. To find the higher truth one must find the truth on the physical plane first (the leaves) and then follow the life-giving fluid to the branches, then the trunk and finally the root.

The problem had by many is that they want to miss all the steps and make one giant leap to the root. This may create the illusion of returning to God and finding the ultimate truth, but in reality such a move creates a fungus which is in a place where it does not belong, attempting to drain the life energy it has not yet earned.

Instead we must start out where we are, as a leaf and follow the life giving energy until the source of life and truth is discovered.

To make this journey we must learn to recognize and embrace truth in all the spheres. If we cannot recognize truth on the physical plane then we have no chance of understanding truth on the astral and mental planes.

So how is truth manifest on the physical?

On the physical plane truth is manifest as facts. Now we know that even though facts are not as useful as principles that they are still guideposts to higher truth and, if ignored, will cause the pilgrim to stray from the path.

The average person ignores facts he does not like and embraces those he does which causes him to wander in darkness until he corrects the problem. Before he uses the truths on the astral/emotional plane he must face the facts, good and bad, in season and out of season and put them together to face the full picture.

The difficulty in doing this is illustrated by the first Bush/Kerry debate Thursday night.

There were problems with both presentations, but both sides brush off facts they do not like and present a distorted picture of their guy's success.

As Gar said, people want the truth to verify their desires rather than lead them somewhere unforeseen.

The branches of truth are the astral/emotional plane. If facts belong to the physical plane then where are the truths on the astral plane? Name a truth to be discovered on this plane? How is a truth from the astral plane used here in a physical body?

Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still. Chinese Proverb