DK on Gays

2004-8-16 04:15:00

Some of DK's comments on homosexuality seems to have caused some controversy, especially his speaking of it as a perversion.

Is it possible that he was speaking out of sink with modern society and would have worded things different today or could it be the other way around? Is it that society today is too liberal and without limits?

Actually, I think that neither of these is the major problem, even though I do think he would use different phraseology if he were speaking to today's society.

The main difference between the teachings of DK and myself on the matter is the emphasis.

DK placed emphasis on certain unacceptable (from a spiritual viewpoint) practices of homosexuals and pointed out that the solution is to lift the excess sacral energy to the throat center and channel sexual energy into creativity.

But, a point oft overlooked is that he also talked about perversions among heterosexuals and offered a similar solution. In other words, there is a right and wrong use of sexual energy whether one be gay or straight.

My emphasis was much different from his and I entered some new territory in our discussions.

Instead of discussing the homosexual in relation to acts I have talked about him (or her) as he exists as an energy unit. It is indeed a fact that, through no conscious choice of their own, many homosexuals are not attracted to the opposite sex, but to their own sex.

DK hints at this teaching on energy I have presented but does not elaborate and instead gives reasons from the past for current perversions. It is true that he used the term homosexuality, but we must remember he was writing here to an audience in the Thirties who equated homosexuality with certain acts rather than a state of being.

Of these acts he states the tendencies are "left-over from the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like.... In those days, so urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not satisfy the insatiable desire of the *advanced* man of the period. Soul force, flowing in through the processes of individualization, served to stimulate the lowest centers. Hence, forbidden methods were practiced."

Here he is talking about a tendency that manifests in hetros and gays which is an overly sensual attachment and desire to obtain the highest physical sensations beyond the "normal process."

These artificial acts and also certain types of sex magic are harmful because they keep the attention on the physical and the person is delayed in his progress toward true spiritual sex where the higher emotions, the mind and soul come into play.

That said, let me make a statement of clarification that I am sure DK would agree with despite the wording of his treatise.

Some homosexuals, just like their brothers who are heterosexuals, go to wrong extremes in achieving sexual satisfaction and place too much attention on the physical rather than the spiritual aspect of sex.

Is a person a homosexual only because he has sex with the same sex? No. If his energies are such that he is attracted to the same sex, but if he has no sex at all he is still a homosexual in today's world. In other words, a gay can be pure as the driven snow and not be attracted to the opposite sex, but his own instead.

Everyone whether he be male, female, gay or straight needs to be judged by their actions and not labels.

The solution to the problems that gays have in society and society has with them is the truth. When people realize that there is reincarnation and that there is a transition period in the crossover as well as inherited tendencies from the past then understanding and empathy will be reached instead of distance and condemnation.

The homosexual is in an awkward circumstance today. He has feelings and pulls that he did not consciously choose, but snapping his fingers or wishful thinking will not change him. He must take the same course as the rest of us and follow the highest he knows until he senses his true energies and uses them wisely with harmlessness. It is also advantageous for anyone struggling with sexual mastery to attempt to be as creative as possible.

These teachings I give out on energy are an important ingredient to aid in the progress of the gay as well as the heterosexual. If we realize that the soul is ahead of us in its vision and sees our energy much better than we do then we have a responsibility to seek knowledge of that energy and adjust to it in order to obtain maximum spiritual power.

While society focuses on the disadvantage of the gays few realize that for every disadvantage there is an advantage. In the case of the gay, he is closer to the zero point in energy than the heterosexual. If he thus learns the right use of sex energy he will find consistent soul contact easier than the hetro who is distracted by the attraction of opposites. Of course, the powers of the soul are available to both sides of the equation. Both sides have their own peculiar problems in attaining them.

Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game. Goethe