Gay Thoughts

2003-8-13 06:15:00

My Friends,

I have been extremely busy again, catching up on work with our business, but I must take a moment and comment on the present conversation.

I enjoyed the exchange between Glenys and Susan. Even though there were minor disagreements, the discussion brought up some interesting points.

And Susan, I must compliment you for the assortment of quotes you retrieved from DK and myself. That must have taken an enormous amount of labor.

The main question at hand seems to be this.

Are DK's teachings and my own in harmony?

DK wrote in a language acceptable to his day, but it is politically incorrect today and turns off many people. On the other hand, if you carefully read his writings you will see that there are many things he avoided saying as well as carefully worded phrases to be politically correct in his time. This is evidence that if he were to write in our day that his writings would be worded differently and be more palatable to this age.

The way to proceed with any teacher, especially a Master, is to look at the principle behind any teaching given out. Even many of the words of Christ, the greatest of us all, are politically incorrect by today's standards, and if taken literally, without seeking an understanding of the underlying principle, would be rejected by this generation.

For instance:

"He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me."
"I came not to bring peace, but a sword."
"Let the dead bury the dead." (speaking of funerals)

You may rest assured that when the Christ speaks to us again, his words will be more attuned to our generation than were his words in the Bible.

That said, you may ask if I agree with the teachings of DK on homosexuality. The answer is this. I agree with the underlying principles behind his words, but if I were to teach those same principles I would write them much differently, and some I have already written.

Several things he teaches do need some clarification. He calls homosexuality a perversion. This is indeed inflammatory language in our day and it also gives a wrong impression. The truth of the matter is there is perversion among both homosexuals and heterosexuals. Homosexual orientation is a natural occurrence caused by a shift in male/female energy which occurs as we move from live to life. Christian fundamentalists are wrong when they say it is a choice. Once a person is born in a certain energy flow, no choice can change it. He can only choose what he will do with the energy which is in circulation in his life.

Wrong use of the sexual energy, whether one be straight or gay, is where the "perversion" comes in. Perversion is a strong word in this age. It is better to say that wrong use of energy is merely a mistake that leads to less than a fullness of soul energy.

A second point that needs clarification (which Glenys brought up) is DK's point that current homosexual perversions have their roots in ancient abuse of sexual energies in ancient Lemuria and other times.

The point of clarification is this.

As we go through various cycles of lives, we live through cycles of male lives and then cross over to female and then back to male in cycles of seven. The standard gay who is the nice gentle harmless person next door is undergoing the crossover experience and is struggling with discovering who he is and where he fits in. This type of person is usually gay only one lifetime and then moves on and accepts his new sex in the next.

But there is another group, of which DK speaks, who are strongly centered in the lower personality and do not see themselves governed by the standard rules of civilization. Many in this group are the militant gays who see their lifestyle as superior and attempt to force it upon others. Some of these can be spotted in gay pride parades wearing the most outlandish of costumes and exhibiting sexual overtones in front of all who will watch.

Some of these leftovers from the past stay in the homosexual mode for many lives as they are philosophically attached to it and refuse to move ahead in their cycles as encouraged by their souls.

That said, I have taught a number of principles governing gays which DK (or any other teacher I know of) have never elaborated on. Among them are:

(1) We all go through cycles of lives as male and female and most gays are in circumstance where they are crossing over from one sex to another. If he has just crossed over to the male gender then his inner consciousness is used to being attracted to the male and this inclination is difficult to dismiss.

(2) In each life we have a different charge of either male or female energy. The gay is close to the zero point, making it difficult to be attracted to his opposite sex.

(3) The gay did not choose to be gay, but can choose how to handle his situation.

It is important that the gay understand the principles which govern his inclinations of attraction. He needs to contemplate and assess his life so he will understand whether he is evolving toward a greater polarization in male or female energy. If he discovers his male energy is increasing then he must understand that, in his next life, he will have an attraction toward the female and prepare his mind to accept this and avoid the mistake of the ancient Lemurians.

We might as well stay on this topic for a while so if you have any questions, now is the time to ask.

Happiness is not something you experience. It's something you remember.
Oscar Levant