2003-8-9 06:27:00

Let us take a moment and finish on the last topic.

The Question:
What is the difference between synthesis and integration?

Integration comes before synthesis in the creation of higher life. First there is a desire for the higher, then after some comprehension is grasped the seeker identifies. As the period of identification begins differences between the higher and the lower are noted. For the identification to continue the seeker must therefore integrate his consciousness with the higher by disregarding the differences. This is done by an act of the will.

It is at this step that many fail in group work. The seeker may identify with the group and believe in its goals, but to integrate he must deal with the belief system of his past as it relates to the group work and purpose. Some things must be added and some either given up or put on the shelf. If he is too attached to the past he may not possess the will to integrate. Now, it is understandable that some groups are so far off the mark that integration would be undesirable. We are not talking about this situation, however. We are talking about a group with desirable goals. It matters not how perfect the group, this process of integration and adaptation will be necessary.

After the seeker then accepts his next step and integrates, he then begins to synthesize and become a part of the higher life in a molecular order. He next fuses with the higher life until this seems to be the natural place to dwell in consciousness. As this fusion takes place so does additional synthesis. The unifying elements from the lower blend with the higher, leaving that which is not necessary behind. In the end you have a new creation which is synthesis of all workable parts collected along the path.

Integration in two parts of the universe will often produce two different results, but when complete and fusion/synthesis takes place the final creations are the same.

For instance, the various hydrogen atoms integrate and produce different results. But when they combine as two atoms molecularly, the results are the same.

Later they fuse and the result is always helium. It doesn't mater when or where it happens whether it is in this galaxy or one far away.

Even so with us. As we evolve into higher consciousness, we achieve the same end results that other lives in other systems achieve. What we end up achieving is new to us, but this newness will be the same, in the end, as that achievement accomplished in other sections of the universe.

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