2002-10-15 13:10:00

First, I want to welcome Ingrid to the list. This may almost seem like a political list to you, but this is the first time we have had any major extended political discussion during the four years of the list. This has only come about because a section of the last chapter of The Immortal brought up a few controversial political points.

Some are getting impatient in getting back to more spiritual conversation and this should happen soon. I have one more major post I am working on now to explain the questions put to me and then I shall work on writing and posting chapters of The Immortal again.

If you have not read the book yet the first part is available at my website,

If you want to get a feel of the more standard teachings discussed here go to The Keys Archives.

Larry has spent a lot of time keeping up this site for us. You might note that he has also been at the front lately in challenging some of my statements and making me explain myself. This certainly illustrates that we do not have a group of mindless supporters here. Some of those who disagree the most also support the overall teachings the most.

Some of us find it irritating when a new member comes in when there are no disagreements and then accuses the group of being brainwashed or of rubber stamping everything I write.

Of course, disagreements should apply the Buddha's Middle Way Principle. Some people disagree just to be disagreeable or to show to others that they are not accepting any authority. This is not productive.

Others disagree because they come across a real conflict with their belief system and sincerely want it resolved. This can be productive as long as the discussions remain polite and lay low on the accusations.

Just a comment on the discussion being made between Larry and Judes.

Is a statement true or false independent of who says it? If Hitler says that 2+2=4 is it still as true as if Jesus said it?

Yes it is.

As The Course in Miracles says, "The truth is true and nothing else is true."

On the other hand, I think Judes is making a point that goes beyond this. When a deceiver like a Goering or Hitler, makes a statement that seems to be true we need to look beyond the black and white of the statement and look at other considerations. Is the speaker using this fact to mislead his audience? What was his real motive in making the statement? In what context was the statement made?

By asking these questions we may discover the deceit which is veiled by the truth.

I think that both Larry and Judes will agree with this.