Re: [Keysters] Coming for Who? II

2002-10-5 01:32:00

JJ posted:
An interesting point is that we are not any closer to tyranny today than we were in the Sixties, and in some ways, we were closer then than we are now. Those who lived through that era will probably agree.

I will take that comment as a compliment. Don't forget I am a grandma with six grandkids! I was very much alive in that era and I have studied as an adult what I did not understand then. I heartily disagree. We have steadily lost our freedoms and continue to do so.

PS Glad you liked at least one of my posts of the last few days. Here I thought you were around 29...

I like all your posts, Susan.

Why do you disagree?

Let me just name you a couple areas where there is more freedom.

(1) There is more freedom to openly protest and disagree than the Vietnam era of which I am speaking (late Sixties early Seventies) Back then you regularly saw on TV a protester who had the dickens beat out of him by police with blood running down his face. You never see that today. Today I sometimes see four police gently hauling off a protester in the lotus position being careful not to hurt him. You never saw this with Vietnam protesters. They were sometimes hauled off with long hair in the policeman's fist, his head banging on the pavement and no one ever thought of suing for it wouldn't have done any good.

(2) We have a lower income tax and today the IRS has to prove you had income whereas in that day they could just declare an assumed income.

(3) In that day if a radio station had a talk show with a certain point of view they had to balance it out with an opposing point of view. This made for some boring radio. Today stations are free to have any point of view on as long as they want.

(4) There is greater freedom to express views thanks to Cable TV and the internet.

(5) There is no draft - and this is a biggie.

(6) There is much less censorship through the media.

(7) There is more freedom for abused children and wives to speak up, get help and free themselves from a terrible situation.

(8) There is much less discrimination against minorities.

(9) Higher percentage of home ownership about 68% compared to 62%

I could go on. This works both ways, but overall I would say things have gotten better.


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