Energy of Karma

2002-4-2 12:00:00

John Z:
I follow what you are saying here, JJ, but I would like to understand exactly how it is that negative feelings/energy "circulate" through ethers "until circumstances are right for them to land on the doorstep of the initiating criminal". It is as if you are saying these negative energies have a "mind of their own" -- and thus those energies are able to patiently wait for just the right moment or opportunity to reciprocate back at the originator. Not only does that sound far-fetched, it begs the question, "What is to say those energies MUST return to the "initiating criminal"?" Why couldn't they just dissipate into space? Or, why couldn't they instead, find their release by landing on someone else [kind of like what happens when dad has a bad day at work, and then comes home and takes it out on the wife and kids].

The answer to this is very simple, John, and I am sure you can verify it from your own experience.

It is far from being far fetched if this has happened to every single adult on the earth numerous times.

Let us take the average person. His best friend betrays him and has an affair with his wife. He may feel deep feelings of resentment and revenge that may last his entire life and carry over to the next. Why do you think it "far fetched" that such feelings can circulate until an appropriate time for release. In this case the appropriate time may be 50 or more years in the future.

That which happens every hour and every minute on this earth is not far fetched.

John Z:
In this example, JJ, you say that while the "saint" may be forgiving and thus will not be sending out negative emotional energies of retribution, that saint WOULD formulate a "judgment" in their mind and "send out a projectile of mental energy" which will "bring the needed lesson to the wrongdoer.

I have a similar issue with this, as with the prior example. While I understand where you are coming from, I would like to understand how a projectile of mental energy can act like it has a homing device, find the intended target, then strike. Why wouldn't it just radiate out into space, like other energy emissions?

As I just said, these type of energies just do not radiate and dissipate, but they do hang around until the appropriate time for their release. All of us know of feelings hanging around certain individuals for decades or more. This is an established fact. Period. A person may release this energy in a positive or negative way many years after he first received it.

John Z
Your example also makes an assumption that I take issue with. You say that while a person may be forgiving (and not sent out negative energies), they WILL BE judgmental and send out mental energy projectiles. I disagree. I think it is very possible (even if unlikely) that not only can a person be forgiving, they can also be non-judgmental. I mean, that is one thing Christ expects of us: "judge not, that ye be not judged". So the next question is ... what happens if the victim is not only forgiving, but non-judgmental? Is any karma generated?

If you look up the word "Judgment" in the archives you will find I have written a lot on this subject.

Jesus did not tell us to not judge, for that would be like telling us to not make a decision, for every decision is accompanied by a judgment. You cannot make an intelligent decision without making a judgment at the same time. He, instead warned us to be careful as to how we make judgments and decisions and even said that when we judge to judge in righteousness.

To forgive means to let go of grievances or negative feelings on a situation. Even the scriptures tell us that God forgives, but he still maintains a Book of Life from which we will be judged (the dispersion of karma). The Book of Life is the Akashic records where the imprint of all of our thoughts and feelings are registered for all time in this system. Then we must look at this entire system as one great life just as we are one composite life in our bodies.

If you have an itch you scratch it. If you are ill you take medicine. If you cut your finger you put on a bandage. In addition to this there are billions of defensive and offensive, cause and effect, events going on below the threshold of your consciousness - for instance, white blood cells attacking infections.

Even so within this One Great Life we have all kinds of activity going on that demands an innumerable number of responses which is the acting out of Karma trough the intelligence of the Whole Life.

Your soul is one with this one Great Life and has a knowledge of the Book of Life so even if you were to torture some saint to death who totally forgives you and attempts to make no judgment, your soul still has a record and knows the lesson you must learn so you will gain understanding and empathy so you will cease this type of activity and become a healthy member of the greater body, instead of destructive.

It sounds like your alternative would be that the bad guy could kill a saint and suffer no retribution of any kind but continue to be destructive forever with no lessons learned, yet continue happy as a lark in his hurting of others because of lack of karma.

I would call this type of thinking "far fetched.