The Freshman Period

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From Self Consciousness to Initiation -- Chapter 1, The Freshman Period

Imagine the time, far back in history, when you became a human being for the first time. It may have been thousands of years ago, millions or perhaps billions depending on your age as a soul, as it is called. It may have been on this earth, or another earth in a galaxy far away.

When you first became a human it was because your soul passed a major initiation. This caused your "individualization" as a human ego. This individualization was a big step for you. It was as big of a step for you at that time as overcoming death will be for you in this age for there are no soul initiations (as there are individual initiations) between individualization and overcoming death, or entering the Kingdom of God. At individualization we entered the kingdom of the humans which was as overwhelming for us at that time as will be the entering of the Kingdom of God for us now.

When you individualized you left the animal consciousness behind and assumed a new consciousness, the human, which is to say the individual. You did not know what it was like to be a single and separate individual until this happened.

The lower animal consciousness is an identifying consciousness that does not relate to the feeling of separateness. Those in the God Kingdom are not separate, but they understand and relate to this feeling because they have passed through it as humans. The feeling of separateness must be experienced and finally directed toward a cooperative union which is a much higher stage of non-separateness than that experienced by the animals.

The animal does not realize that it can be a separate and distinct being for it relies heavily on instinctual feeling identifying heavily with nature and other lives. Man, on the other hand, sees himself as separate and therefore loses this identification with nature and often acts in opposition to it. This is why man has acquired the dubious title of "the enemy of nature." Nevertheless, the end of this lesson will be good, for man will comprehend the majesty of nature as he enters the Kingdom of God and will, from that kingdom, enhance and assist nature and make up for all the wrongs he did as a separate human.

The animal does not have power to enhance nature, but is merely a cooperator with it. It does not realize that it has the power to proceed contrary to the established order of things. The animal may continue in this state forever if it did not meet man. Man stimulates him and by watching man the animal sees individuality and eventually wants to have this quality for himself.

One of the laws of nature says that we become like that which we gaze upon and admire. Thus as the animals observe the human kingdom and learn to respect them they become like them. We can see this as we watch our pets. Sometimes they seem almost human. A pet is an animal that is in training to become human in consciousness in a future age.

When the cycle of opportunity opens, the partial lives which are advanced animals go through a merging and blending and create a greater life which is the human. Man is created, not from a single life which has passed through all the kingdoms, but each time a new kingdom is entered lives are fused to create a greater life.

Many mineral lives join together to create one plant life, many plant lives join to create the new animal life, and a number of animal lives may fuse to create one human. To enter the kingdom of God numerous humans unite in Molecular Relationships and create lives greater than themselves. (Read my book on "The Molecular Relationship" for a full explanation of this.)

What you are as a human has always been, but in the past that which makes up you as a being has been fragmented. In the beginning these fragments entered the mineral kingdom. After these tiny parts of yourself experienced all they could there they joined and entered the plant kingdom. Later theses larger fragments joined other fragments and entered the animals. Finally these still larger fragments fused and you resumed your human form.

Nevertheless, you are still not complete. There are other fragments of you out there who are awaiting the joining. When you link up with them you eventually overcome death and enter the Kingdom of God. Finally, when all the fragments of the One Great Life whom we call God have linked up then all of us will see ourselves as a part of a greater whole. In this process you never lose that part which is "you" just as in putting together a car the wheel is still a wheel, but when you have the complete car assembled you do not call it a wheel, but a car.

Even though all of us are fragments of God, those who are immediate fragments of ourselves are limited in number. Each of us has at least one teacher somewhere, either on this earth, or in the worlds of Spirit who is a more experienced fragment of ourselves. Then there will be another to whom you will be the teacher who is a lower fragment of yourself.

The joining of the fragments, or becoming more than you are alone produces your next major step.

When you entered the human kingdom you linked up with a higher part of yourself and came to an amazing realization. One day it dawned on you that you are a human and that you are different from every other living thing. You comprehended that you not only looked different from a physical angle, but that there was a different person with a different character within your body than there were within other bodies.

This was the day that you entered into Class One of human existence.


-- End Of Chapter One --


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