The Book

2002-1-30 05:00:00

Time to catch up on a few questions: Ruth asks: The money that you make from your book/s is that to be used for something in particular, or is it going back into the funds to pay for publishing etc of your series?

Actually this is answered in the book itself. The profit from the books is to free my hands so I can quit my business and work full time in more spiritual matters.

If I figure the cost of my time and attention that is taken away from my business because of printing, writing and distributing, then so far the book has cost money. Since writing the book my regular business has ceased to grow and before publishing we were growing significantly each year.

We've spent quite a bit giving away the free Book One's and advertising that will not be necessary for Book II.

I have had several companies want to publish the book, and am considering one, but haven't decided for sure. It's possible that it would really take off with a regular publisher because of their connections, but then I have talked to others who are frustrated with regular publishers.

I have also had two inquiries about movie rights but have not heard back.

I believe it is just a matter of time before something clicks with this and eventually the number sold to rise to the millions.

When I make more than enough to live on, I plan on using a good portion of it to promote the teachings I have written. I also plan on starting a business that will allow like minded souls to gather together into one place and be able to make a living while enjoying each other's company.

One of the things necessary for this to happen is for me to write Book Three. The main reason I have not been able to do this is because all my spare time has gone into writing for you, my friends on the Keys. Overall this has been good because, even though I do not have Book Three written I do have over 1600 posts in the archives that lay a great foundation toward a new direction in spiritual philosophy and truth. This vast amount of material could not have come forth without your interest and for this I am grateful.

Writing a book is more difficult because you need larger blocks of time so you can keep attention on the story and connect all the dots. When writing the first book (books I and II) I found that if I did not write for a few days I couldn't just sit down and write, but first had to review material I had written to refresh my memory of where I was in the story. In writing a book like the Immortal I find that the more time I have the more words I get out per hour of work.

I tried using co-teachers and this freed up some time, but not quite enough and have been thinking of a way to get on to Book Three without deserting my friends here and have finally come up with a plan.

The first part of the plan was to cover some of the basics in the Bailey books so others besides myself can assist in teaching some of this material.

The second part of the plan is to post approximately every third day instead of every day. This will leave me some time two out of three days to work on the next book.

Even at this, it will be harder to write this next book than the past two, not only because of the post every third day, but I have a significant amount of correspondence and other work related to the book that has to be taken care of not to mention reading your posts. Even so, I believe that this plan will allow me the power to write the next book, so many have requested. I won't make a prediction as to however long it will take but will take whatever time is necessary.

I may make very short posts during the days I am taking off, but overall I will try and stay on this schedule.

I have decided to start this plan on my birthday - Feb 6. According to the Law of Cycles your birthday is as good time to begin something new.

When the day comes that I can quit my regular business then I should be able to put out the rest of the Immortal series quite quickly.

Ruth also asks:
How does God listen to everyone's' prayers/thoughts? I guess it's something we can't comprehend, at this level, but I always have to ask why, how, etc. The thought of Him listening to zillions of people at once, fascinates me!

Here is a quote from a previous post: All lives that are a higher octave in evolution than yourself are one with God in their consciousness and thus your prayer to the Father will be picked up by the entity most suitable to answer it. Most often it is your Higher Self, sometimes it will be a person from the Spirit World, and once in a while it will be a Master. If your prayer does not ascend to a higher octave it may be processed by your higher mind and its assistance can be given. The Ancient of Days shares awareness of all lives on the planet, but does not respond to them individually. He touches all lives through a hierarchical or Molecular Relationship. Many helpers has He.

John Z asks:
If it is the "heavens", then I don't understand how it can separate the "waters below the firmament" from the "waters above the firmament". If the "waters below" are the oceans, etc.; and if the firmament is the "heavens" (in which were placed the sun, moon and stars, in day 4), then somewhere, way out is space, it would seem there's a whale of a lot of water (pun intended). Enough to surround our galaxy?

I've read one account that said the ancient Hebrews believed the world was flat, and that a literal translation of the Hebrew word from which firmament was translated, was a dome -- and that they believed the sky was a dome, whose ends rested on the mountains, on which the stars, etc. were placed. Even if that were so (and personally, I give the Hebrews more credit than that) ... the other and bigger issue STILL is ... where is the water ABOVE the firmament??????

An ocean floating in space?

Yes, the Bible clearly says there are waters both above and below the firmament.

The word "firmament" comes from RAQIYA which literally means "expanse." Some believe it referred to a dome, but others feel it merely refers to our atmosphere.

Thus you have waters above and below the atmosphere. The waters below are obvious - the oceans, rivers, lakes etc. But what are the waters above? One interesting theory I read stated that before the days of Noah the earth had rings like Saturn composed of frozen water and the flood was cause by the descent of these rings. If the were such rings then there would have indeed been waters above the atmosphere.

My thought is this. Many of the ancients had little knowledge of space and when they looked up at the sky they saw it was blue like a great body of water and thus many thought that somewhere beyond the air we breathe is a universal body of water.

This is not entirely untrue for some ancient writings call the invisible ethers of space, "waters" that give birth to all there is and from this vantage point there are indeed waters above the atmosphere.