Attention On The Light

2002-1-17 04:30:00

I am always hesitant to spend much time talking about the Dark Forces because energy follows thought and it can open a wrong door to dwell on the Dark at the exclusion of Light. Indeed, I have picked up a "disturbance in the force" so to speak on this list. Even though there are some times when the worker in the Light will attract attention of the Dark Brotherhood, even though he is entered into the Light, long term protection is created by keeping our attention on the side of Light and Love.

I want to emphasize that the side of long term safety and peace comes from seeking greater light and entering into it. There will be problems now and then, but when they occur there is always a way out.

Each time I have had an encounter with forces of darkness I have always seen how the difficulty could have been solved on hindsight.

Because I do sense a disturbance in the hearts of some I will again emphasize the principles necessary to neutralize the dark powers and maintain the peace of the Spirit.

Guilt is caused by illusion, and if completely dispelled darkness will have difficulty in opening the door.

If you feel guilt over anything confess the cause to a priest, a friend or to the person who is the cause. Sometimes this will help. All of us have made mistakes but the final solution to guilt is to realize that they are just that -- mistakes and then move on with life.

Guilt is usually caused by substituting the voice of God within to a false voice without who teaches you to feel ashamed. Sever the tie with the voice without and guilt will dissipate.

This is easy to say and sometimes hard to do. The key is in the word attention. If one has any fear of dark forces he must put his attention to places where there is no fear.

When the Song speaks of "protection from all destructive forces" this mainly applies to forces which seek to pull us away from the spiritual path. Some old worn-out forms need to be destroyed and this type of destruction is actually constructive. True negative destruction is retrogression or paralysis on the spiritual path and this is where the Song will help. It will assist the Singer in focusing attention on the creative powers of Spirit which are not possible to be touched by the powers of darkness.

I liked your post John K. A good line was:

"As JJ put it, Jesus, in his temptations during the long fast, defeated the devil with 'reason.' I'll say it in another word. He defeated evil and error with Truth."


Good point. Perhaps we could use a flashlight as an analogy. The Will of God is the power source, truth is the light bulb. Our power of decision turns the light on and reason points the light in the needed direction.

Hope to see you posting more soon John.

Susan asks:

"Is anyone on the list involved in a 'human molecule' group?"


Not at present but one will be created when we have a large enough pool of dedicated disciples to draw from.


"And how many are experiencing 'soul contacts'?"


I wouldn't make a judgment on that except to say that most are here because something spoke to them through their souls and they stay here because of the inner voice. I can't think of a gathering of greater quality of Lights than we have right here.


"Does anyone here have a strong personal 'soul contact' relationship with another person, or Spiritual Authority?"


I am sure a number do. I feel contact through the soul with my wife as well as a number of people on the list.