The Subtle Difference

2002-1-13 13:37:00

Maryellen writes, first quoting me:

They key is to not fear when you feel their vibration. Calm yourself and occupy your mind with other things, no matter how distracting the influence may be. Put your mind in a state as though they did not exist and live your life as if everything is the way you want it to be.

"JJ............I am not questioning the reality of dark forces..........but this paragraph of yours really struck me as being the same exact thing the New Agers do when evil arrives. They ignore it and pay no attention to it. Their thinking is that it doesn't they lose their fears and guilt and just move on as if no evil is present. So even being unawares of the dark ones.............the end result must be the same thing as they are taking the same steps as you suggest? Right?"

JJ Response:
I thought some astute reader would make this observation, so I thought I would cover this thought in a later post.

There is a subtle, but distinct difference here.

There are two items that I talked about:

(1) What brings the Dark Forces in our lives to begin with?
(2) How to deal with them once they manifest.

The solution I spoke of was to number 2, but my criticism of New Agers was for their illusion concerning number 1.

As I said, when I had my first attack from dark forces I was experiencing no fear and dwelling on dark forces was the last thing on my mind. Yet often times when I have mentioned a struggle with dark forces to my new age friends they tell me this occurs because I dwell on it too much or because of my fears.

This is just not true.

Just like the lazy boyfriend and the deceitful company exist and may present themselves in your life no matter what your fears or belief system, even so the most fearless and innocent of all may encounter great forces of darkness.

In fact the true forces of darkness are not all that likely to attack one who is already full of fear and wrong belief. They are more likely to use such a one as in instrument for their purposes than attack him. Why attack an ally???

On the other hand, dealing with an attack is a totally different matter and this territory is not even covered by those who have this type of new age belief.


Because they do not see any type of Dark Brotherhood or dark forces as any part of their reality so they never even look at the solution. They're a little like the mother in the parable who wanted to ignore the possibility that anything could go wrong - thinking this would protect her against disaster.

Thus my solution to problem number two cannot be the same as the New Agers because they preset no solution as they do not even acknowledge that such a problem could exist in reality.

Believe me, if the typical "see-no-evil" new ager experienced what I have out of the blue he would live through a fear that he did not even know was possible to exist and have before him a disturbance more difficult to ignore than the pain of blowing your hand off.

Even so, after two years of struggle with, after my first attack (having no one to confer with) I finally discovered the secret to defeating those who were seeking to destroy me. The secret is not to pretend they do not exist, for in this reality they do. The secret is to tune them out and place yourself in a state of mind as if they do not exist.

You approach a state of "isolated unity" as Djwahl Khul calls it.

One of the main causes of a dark attack is that you are making progress upon the spiritual path and may become in instrument in bringing unwanted light to the kingdom of darkness. But once an attack has taken place the only way the entities can retain a foothold is through your own fears and attention. When the disciple detaches himself from fear and attention on the dark forces, they will dissipate and lose their hold.

It's a little like detaching yourself from pain. I practice this when I go to the dentist. I don't use Novocain, gas or hypnosis even when I have a root canal as it is good practice in realizing the recognition of the negative, but not allowing yourself to be affected by it.