2001-12-24 03:27:00

Jon Ong posts some predictions by a person who calls himself Sollog, a self proclaimed prophet with a growing following on the internet. Since I've never heard of this person and apparently he has been around a while and getting some attention, I thought I would check him out.

He seems to claim to have predicted the death of every significant person, every great disaster and ever large earthquake for the last decade.

The main problem I have with this claim is that I could find little of the original wording of any of the prophesies.

I have found this to be the case with many psychics. They will claim to have predicted a certain event and then when you read the original prophecy it is found to be so vague that it is a stretch of the imagination to make the connection.

Sollog claims to have predicted the 911 disaster, for instance. I couldn't find the original prophecy on this. All I could find was a writer referring to the wording in an interview with Sollog. He stated: "Your 902 Prophecy stated September 1997 was the key date for the BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING in New York City, why did you miss the year?"

So apparently he made a prediction of a "big bang" in a "big building" (not two buildings) for September 1997. Because of this vague statement he takes credit for accurately predicting the 911 disaster.

From what I can gather, he attempts to emulate Nostradamus in writing his predictions with symbology. The trouble with this method as illustrated by the writings of Nostradamus is that after an event most any tragedy can be associated with one of many predictions. The strange thing is that no one has been able to use Nostradamus to accurately predict the future. In my lifetime I have seen about a hundred attempts and not one success.

It is possible that Sollog has some psychic ability which can cause him to come close to making accurate predictions now and then, but he has not been close to 100% accuracy in the past, nor will he be in the future.

He seems to be getting a little bolder and is making some specific predictions such as:

On January 1st 2002 a magnitude 7.0+ quake shall occur.

On March 21st 2002 a magnitude 7.0+ quake shall occur.

My guess is that a fairly large earthquake or two will occur in the first six months of 2002, but not on the dates predicted, and he will claim this fulfills his prediction.

He predicts that nuclear explosions will soon occur, first in Israel, then in the Vatican and finally Washington DC. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility, but I would be surprised if they occur in this order. There is also a strong possibility that the diligence we are showing in confronting terrorism will prevent this from happening.

I have several concerns about Sollog.

His real name is John Patrick Ennis but he often gives himself titles that indicate he is God.

One of the pillars of his philosophy is that we have no free will.

He believes Jesus is the devil and has nothing good to say about his life or beautiful teachings.

He attempts to convince us he is right through "signs" rather than touching our souls. "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh a sign" as Jesus said.

Whoever is running his sites promotes pornography and he is reported to have made money from the porn business.

He lives a life of luxury as much as possible - $1500 shoes for example.

He is reported to have threatened some who have disagreed with him.

All his predictions are centered on doom such as death, disaster, earthquakes, etc. Surely there are some good things in our future.

Now that we are aware of him, we have to keep track of some of his prophesies and see what kind of track record he establishes.

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