Understanding Will #2

2001-12-1 04:17:00

It looks like some of you are getting your wheels greased after a rest from assignments. We are starting to get some very intelligent comments again. I'm sure the old timers are happy to see Glenys posting again. She is one of the founding members of the Keys and has recently taken a hiatus to fight and win in a life and death struggle with cancer. Both she and Marylin have visited the shadow of death and bounced back to be with us. For this, we express thanks.

DK says that "all life begins with Triangles" and since the great Rays are life in its essence it is nor surprising that each of them are also composed of triangles.

As we said the First Ray of Power is composed of a triangle of sub-aspects called Will-Power-Purpose.

In looking at these sub-aspects, understanding is enhanced if the Law of Correspondences is used. One must keep in mind that the three sub-aspects of a Ray correspond to the Holy Trinity, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, the First three Rays of Aspect or Power, Love and Light - Rays 1, 2 and 3.

Therefore Will corresponds to the Father aspect, Power to Love/Wisdom and Purpose to the Third Ray of Light or Intelligent Activity.

Will is therefore important in the understanding of this First Aspect for it is the Father energy within the Father energy itself.

The question to immediately examine then, is the meaning of this most mystic word.

When the general populace use this word it is usually used in relation to a fixed determination, a power to dominate or attain. But the meaning, as it is understood by the world, is merely a lower reflection of the true reality of which even the Masters are seeking a greater understanding. Even so, the understanding of this principle within the Kingdom of God far exceeds that of the human kingdom.

Several of you made some excellent statements hinting at the meaning of higher Will:

Susan: When our will is aligned with God's will we then tap into His power. We will then DO what he does. What does God do? He creates and he serves and he becomes. In order for us to continue to have the will and the power (which involves our emotions and intelligence) to create and serve and become we need to be aware of our purpose.

Glenys: One of the issues with will is that people often experience will as something they impose through discipline, or through a conscious act of willing. But the higher will is different, it suggests an alignment with some level, some resonance, of a peaceful silent will (the will of Shamballa). Will then becomes an unquestioned ability to stand within the flow of a higher purpose manifesting.

Melva: Will seems to be in the realm of thought energy and determination seems to be the bridge between the thought form of will and the physical form of stamina.

Rick: When your will/direction coincides with higher will, it's like you are looking out of God's eyes and thinking with his mind. You find the things you do seem to automatically fit a higher plan.

Perhaps the greatest clue of all is given in the words of the ancient Mantra of the disciple: "I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God. And thus I stand."

Will, as it is known in the human kingdom, is characterized by self interest and a strong determination to achieve that interest. This, however, is merely a dim reflection of true will.

To achieve true Will one must do three things: (1) Become "a point of sacrificial Fire." This is the opposite of will as we know it, for to acquire the energy of Divine Will one must sacrifice those ingredients that cause us to use determination to acquire the things of the world.

(2) Focus. After one takes his attention away from the selfishness of the world he must then focus. Focus where? Focus "within the fiery Will of God."

How do you focus within the fiery Will of God? Answer: You must let go of lower will and determination, for this hides the higher will. When the apparent sacrifice (I say apparent because in reality there is no sacrifice) is made the higher stands revealed. As soon as the revelation occurs the one-pointed focus on the part of the seeker must begin.

(3) Stand. Stand where? Stand with one-pointed thought within the Will which is perceived. When this is done successfully the principle of identification and higher Becoming will be revealed.

The Will of God is an aspect of a Decision of God which is in the process of an irrevocable manifestation. Nothing in the universe can prevent the Decisions of God from being completed. But in the world of time and space the manifestations can be speeded up or slowed down.

When one tunes into the Will of God, he transcends time and sees the Will as already done on earth as it is in heaven and merges with it by being "one with the Father." This merging with Will is one of the true meanings of faith as it was anciently understood.

By Becoming one with the Will of God through faith one then becomes an agent of that will and if the "focus" is maintained then miraculous manifestations will occur.

But again, let me stress that the focus must be maintained and this is why the mantra has the wording:

"And thus I stand."

From our point of view we are tempted to get discouraged and cease standing because the manifestation does not occur instantly, but from a higher point of view, where time is not measured, you are seen as an agent of Will manifesting in the Now.

The disciple must not consider time when seeking to manifest higher Will, but should seek only to "stand" for whatever time it takes to create the point of tension.


The second sub-aspect of the First Ray of Power is Power itself. We understand power as it manifests in the material world, but what do you suppose Power is from as higher point of view? Why must divine Will precede divine Power?