Giving Land?

2001-9-15 05:26:00

What should we do? What should be our response?

Xavier states:
Give a state to palestine as israelians got one (theirs btw). There seems to be quite a consensus on that matter : as long as palestinians have no state and are terrorized continuously by US-supported israelis, there WILL BE terrorism (its openly aspect, to discern from our rich nations terrorism)

The land of Israel is not ours to give. If you want us to conquer Israel and divide up their land, you are requesting an evil much greater than any accusation you have made against America so far. You seem to want us to become worse, not better.

If you are going to make accusations against America (referring to your other posts) or any other country please be specific and back yourself up. Mindless accusations will be rejected by our moderators.

Note: There has not been a post rejected for content since you were here last time.