The Work of the White Magician

2001-8-31 14:05:00

After a long, but important detour we will now return to the lecture series on White Magic which I am editing for this class.

We must obtain an importance of the awareness of past lives. We may not all remember them completely, but it is important that we intuitively perceive the essence of our past and have a feel of the past influencing the present. DK tells us we cannot be masters; we cannot control the future unless we learn from the mistakes of the past. Therefore, it's important that we go back in our past lives and learn the mistakes we made, so we don't do them again. He says the Master is aware of all of His past lives so He can control His future.

Just imagine if you all of a sudden woke up with complete amnesia. How much control would you have over even the next week? Not much. But when we're born we do wake up with amnesia and lose control because we're not aware of our past. So our past is important for us to discover and to learn from, to learn the mistakes we've made. Within our psyche will be a feeling of the lessons we've learned, a basic intelligence that's still with us. It takes reflection to discover. We must reflect upon the past, daily, weekly, yearly, cycles of years and eventually entire lifetimes.

It is true that during the majority of our earth life it is a benefit to not recall past lives, but when we reach the stage where we can handle the information without distraction, then the knowledge can greatly accelerate our growth.

The work of students under Him, DK says, is twofold. One, to teach students how to link up the personal lower self with the over-shadowing soul so that in the physical brain there is an assured consciousness as to the reality of the divine fact. What then would be the first step out of the fourth into the Kingdom of God?

Audience: Soul contact.

That's right, to obtain soul contact. Getting that soul contact is the first major step into the Kingdom of God. The second thing: to receive practical instruction that will enable the aspirant to understand his own nature. This involves some knowledge of the teaching of the past as to the constitution of man and of an appreciation of the interpretation of the modern Eastern and Western investigators. He must learn to control the forces of his own nature and to learn something of the forces by which he is surrounded.

Finally, he must be enabled to unfold his latent powers in which he can deal with his own specific problems, stand on his own feet, handle his own life, handle his own difficulties and become so strong and poised in spirit that he forces recognition of his fitness to be recognized as is worked in the plan of evolution, as a magician, as one in that band of consecrated disciples whom we call the Hierarchy of the planet.

The Hierarchy of the planet is not only the Masters on the other side, but that band of consecrated disciples on this side that also constitutes part of the Hierarchy. Everyone who is in touch with the soul is part of what DK calls the Hierarchy, from the greatest to the least. So here He puts the emphasis on standing on our own feet, solving our own problems. I can't stress too much that everyone wants an outside authority, a channel or something to solve their problems.

That's not saying that we should disregard all authority and all our sources of information to solve our problems. Sometimes we have to go and get information from whatever sources are available but even then the confirmation has to come from within you and your soul, not because you're blindly following someone. It's like the middle way, don't ignore the outside for answers, but be stimulated from "out there" and get the confirmation inside.

Does spiritual work only include the normally defined spiritual work like religious or healing? What do we mean by spiritual work? Is it just like reading scriptures, teaching about the soul? Is that all it involves or is it more than that?

Audience: It involves any aspect of life that can be lived to a higher and better degree.

How about politics? Could that even be considered spiritual?

Audience: Yes, politics could be spiritual as well as being a doctor or policeman.

This is an important thing that the Tibetan wants us to know, that spiritual work isn't just teaching higher philosophy and spirituality and classes. He says it involves anything that helps mankind. It could be political, educational, scientific, religious or whatever. Anything that lifts mankind up, helps them to live a better life is spiritual work and He states very strongly that Masters participate in all these areas.

For instance one of the Masters is assigned to the political arena. Another of the Masters will be assigned to education. They divide themselves up into all the different spheres. The way they look at it, it's all spiritual work. During WWII for instance, the Christ Himself was over the Allies and trying to guide them to defeat Hitler as DK points out. That's a really interesting point and most people never dream that the Christ was involved in WWII. He inspired Winston Churchill and Roosevelt to make the right decisions. He worked directly with them. It makes sense when you think about it. Do you think that during the greatest war in our era He'd just sit back watching?

Audience: People were praying for help so it makes sense he would answer their prayers.

I was surprised when I read about their lives (Churchill and Roosevelt) and how much inspiration they received. For instance, one time Churchill received a psychic impression, called up his home and told everybody to get out of the kitchen and as soon as they'd gotten out, the kitchen was bombed. He was a very sensitive man but he wasn't the typical spiritual man. He drank, enjoyed rich food, he was very irreverent and many thought that he was going to go to hell. Many of the religious people condemned him as they also did Abraham Lincoln. But the Tibetan says the Christ was working through him.

Rule one, DK says, can be summed up as follows: Egoic communication. Last time, I think, we defined what the ego was as DK defines it. The ego is the higher consciousness that's in touch with the soul. In the "Course in Miracles" the ego is the lower consciousness. Different writers have different definitions for the same things.

The second ingredient is cyclic meditation. We meditate in cycles and DK says so does our soul. When they synchronize, there's contact. The third is coordination or atonement. He spells atonement like at-one-ment. In other words, it's that one moment in time and space. Everything is synchronized, that's what atonement is. When they talk about the atonement of Christ, that's really what Jesus did. He harmonized Himself perfectly with the soul and monad.

What is a white magician? Have you ever heard anyone say that he's a dark magician, working on the dark side? You never hear anybody admit that, do you? Number one: the white magician is a person who is in touch their soul. Number two: He is also aware of purpose in the planet of the soul. He's aware of what he's supposed to do; not what he wants to do - but what he's supposed to do. It's different. He feels a sense of responsibility to what he sees.

He is capable of receiving impressions from the realm of spirit and registering them in his physical brain. We have three realms. They are spirit, matter and soul, the interplay of the two. So the white magician receives impressions through the soul from the spiritual realms. White magic works from above downwards. In other words, it's from spirit descending down to matter so that we can use that spiritual force in matter. Black magic works the opposite. Black magic goes first to the lowest properties of matter and uses that. It has no regard for the spirit. Remember we talked about higher and lower soul. It uses the lower soul energy, whereas the white magician uses the higher soul energy.

Audience: Does it work on eye of newt? Wing of bat? (Chuckles)

The down flow of energy of the higher soul is the result of constant recollectedness, concentrated one point communication by the soul with the mind and brain and steady meditation upon the plan of evolution. The white magician will have a steady meditation on the plan, trying to figure out the plan. What's the big purpose of evolution? This is what the white magician will be concentrating on.

The white magician isn't the person we normally think of as the person doing tricks or making things materialize out of thin air. Such a person is often on the dark path operating with deception. The white magician is merely one who works for the side of evolution, stimulating men and women to progress. The soul is therefore in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation. Such is all that concerns the student here.

He talks about being in communication the soul and its instrument. When He talks about instrument, He means you, the conscious person living in the three worlds. When the communication is steady, that man or woman becomes a white magician. So if you make a soul contact every now and then, it means you're on the path to being a white magician. But when it's steady, in constant communication with the soul, then you become what He calls a White Magician. Therefore workers in white magic are invariably, by the very nature of things, advanced human beings. Through the cycle of incarnations they train to be magicians.

The soul and monad dominates its form through the medium of a life thread called the sutratma. This is a word you're going to have to learn because He uses it every once in awhile. This sutratma is the life thread that connects you to the Monad, even the higher self of the soul. The energy of your God-self passes down through the soul and eventually through all your bodies until it enters into your brain at the top of the head, like a life thread. It's responsible for your consciousness and your being alive and for the possibility that you can have an awareness of your God-self.

The energy of your God-self and the soul dominates its form through the medium of this sutratma or life thread and through it vitalizes the triple instrument, mental, astral, physical, and sets up communication with the brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled, the man is galvanized into intelligent activity on the physical plane.

So a white magician is basically one that supports evolution toward the dominating good, for going on to new things, new experiences, forging into the unknown into areas that have never been trod before. You look at the great men in history and they have always gone into the unknown. Columbus went over the unknown ocean. Washington, Benjamin Franklin and all them who experimented with a democratic government on a large scale which was an unknown. Everyone was scared of it because it hadn't been done before. Abraham Lincoln worked to free the slaves. The majority were afraid of doing that. They thought the world would go berserk with a bunch of free slaves running around.

The White Magician always forges ahead into the reasonable unknown and it scares people. They're afraid of change. The black magician, on the other hand, tells people to look at the past and wants to go back to the good old days. This is what Hitler did. He said we must go back to the past days of glory. Back to when things were stable because we had a man in control who could tell everybody what to do and was in charge and bossed everybody around and when people have all this freedom they're too irresponsible. So we've got to go back to the way it was. He even talked about going back to the good old moral values of yesterday.

He could identify with the new agers, he was a vegetarian, studied metaphysics and hired astrologers to help run the war.

As a black magician talking about going backwards, Hitler had qualities about him that attracted him to a wide variety of people. He said going forward was too irresponsible, it takes too much time. White Magicians want to take us forward and this makes the black magicians look like the good guys because they say we're going to go back to the good old days and many think this sounds nice and safe.

That said, keep in mind that the white magicians also study metaphysics and will sort out the good from the past and incorporate it into the new. The difference is that the black magician is attached to the past whereas the white magician is not, and is always moving forward into the new. He works toward "all things new," a "new heaven and new earth."

Assignment: Name three new works that have manifested in the world in the 20th century which are the result of white magic.

Name three roadblocks that were the result of black magic.

Name three works of white magic that need to be accomplished in the coming century.