1999-1-3 09:20:00

Since there has been some friction on the list lately perhaps we can use it as an item of instruction.

When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense and if offense is given it is generally by accident or because the other party is offended at simple truth.

Thus if you are taking offense at trivia or personality differences you are demonstrating that you are not learning the prime lesson that is intended to be taught here.

Several have asked about the purpose of The Keys Of Knowledge Spiritual Discussion Group.

The main purpose is to move us all closer to spiritual contact, and it would be helpful if new members could read all of the first two books of "The Immortal." Book One is free and can be downloaded, read or listened online here at FreeRead.Com. You can also request it all in a free CD. You can order Books Two, Three, Four, and other books I have written.

For more details, please visit my Book List Page.

The second thing that would be helpful is to go back to the first postings and read my teachings and the responses to them. You can start by reading the articles like this which are to be found in The Archives located here at FreeRead.Com.

Whatever the degree with which you wish to participate we welcome you with open arms and acceptance as long as kindness, tolerance and acceptance is a part of your agenda.