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2001-7-7 23:22:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 5

Rick writes:

"So, who or what I really am is a monad, but that monad doesn't have consciousness. The whole consciousness game is played out in the realm of soul. OK, so when my solar angel was a human, was I the consciousness for some lower, older life form, like animal or was my monad given its first taste of consciousness as a human in this scheme?"


Djwahl Khul talks about a law called the Law of Occult Paradox. As one begins his search everything seems clear and all is black and white. Examples of this kind of thinking are:

"Jesus died for my sins -- I accept Him and so I am going to heaven where there will be bliss forever."

"There is one God period."

"Man is born in sin."

These simple little beliefs have seeds of truth in them, but as the pilgrim begins to search deeper he discovers more pieces to the puzzles and many of these parts seem to contradict. But then in a later step he puts the parts of the greater puzzle together and the paradox is eventually understood and the unity is seen.

For instance, it is true that there is one God. But then later the seeker discovers that there are many Great Lives in the universe who seem to be as Gods in power, might and dominion. Thus he sees the paradox that God is one yet many. Next he grasps the basic idea that God is one body, but many members. Then finally he experiences a consciousness where he realizes that he and the One God are One and the same on an even higher level. In the end the paradox is understood.

The essence of our being that gives us power to attain life, consciousness and appearance is the power of Decision. All form, all action and all creation in the universe is preceded by Decision of some kind. All lower lives are reflections of the power of decision of a greater life and then eventually manifest this power of Decision themselves. As soon as Decision is manifest in an entity he becomes differentiated and his uniqueness is manifest.

Behind your monad is a point of reflected Decision from God. We could call the Monad a developed or packaged point which is like spiritual DNA containing all the programming for the body of God and the differentiation that you will become and unbecome. Under the Law of Occult Paradox, God is one, but many.

The Monads are separate, but unified in one life.

There are seven creative Rays with distinct properties, but they are unified and not separate.

And finally, the Solar Angel, your higher self, is distinct and separate from you, yet it is you.

This is why Djwahl Khul calls our lower self the "not self" and the Solar Angel the Self, or Real Self.

Let me explain it this way:

In a past solar system when your Solar Angel was a regular human, that entity was in reality you. But after you overcame all things and agreed to cooperate in the extension of the creation of God you realized this could be done by duplicating yourself just as God Itself has done. To extend yourself you select a point (or points) of spiritual DNA containing all the potentialities of God. This is a higher correspondent to the DNA within our physical bodies. Liken this to a seed a gardener selects. The seed is not the plant yet contains all the potential of the plant. Unlike the gardener, the seed the Solar Angel selects has all the potential in it that He/She/It has and IS.

The Solar Angel pours its consciousness and life force into the Monad and it begins to sprout and grow, but what the developing entity does not realize is that its consciousness is a dim reflection of a greater consciousness of its true life. But as the new entity matures it begins to sense a presence that seems separate from itself, yet in another way is so familiar it is not separate. Finally the new entity realizes that he and the Solar Angel are One Life, but it is an extension of the One Life. When this realization comes, the two who are in reality one, divide into that which is really two--yet remain one life.

In accomplishing this, the Solar Angel (who is really you) has extended himself just as God (who is really you) did at the beginning. Having thus accomplished the birth and development of an extension of himself, the Solar Angel continues to enjoy life in its own plane while also enjoying the life and experience, which is you. He has thus increased his capacity for joy.

Because you, the extension of the Solar Angel, are created through the unfolding of an eternal monad, or seed, then you have the capacity to have eternal life and increase as a separate, but unified entity.

A note of importance to consider is this:

All life in the Universe is eternally BECOMING. This Becoming is the motivating force behind all creation. If we are merely making exact duplicates in entities and experience then there would be no impulse to create and the universe would not even BE.

From that distant step that your Solar Angel was a human, in a distant world to the current point, there have been many subtle changes in the universe. These changes create many new parameters for experience. And thus as you, an extension of the Solar Angel, develop from a monadic point into the Life of God, you undergo experiences which are new to your Real Self. In other words, your experiences are on a different order and flavor than your Solar Angel experienced as a human. Were it not so, there would be no impetus for us or God to extend ourselves.

Many believe that creation just repeats itself exactly for all eternity, but such is not the case. Creation eternally evolves, and that which has been done in the past is repeated, but with changes and improvements until all possibilities occur. Then when all possibilities have unfolded new creation on a higher level occurs.

Anni asks:

"The Solar Angels were also monads once but started their travel earlier than us. They are our big brothers and sisters so to say. Who or what started them? Would our monads have started by themselves at some point without the Solar Angels adopting them?"


Yes, through a slow trial and error they would have developed self consciousness, but without the help of our Solar Angels we would still be at a very primitive level of consciousness.

Not all planets have Solar Angels assisting and this is one of the reasons we have not picked up intelligent radio signals from any neighboring star system yet. On the physical plane many of the planets that have life have a very primitive life. Because of positive karma we have the good fortune to have the assistance of Solar Angels in this solar system. Our Solar Angels are linked to higher angels that have risen to an even higher state of being and these are linked to higher still until you get to the originating Solar Angels in this creation. Our Solar Logos was once a Solar Angel.


"Why did some reflections start their journey towards consciousness earlier than others?"


Partially because some of the monads are closer to the initiating creation point of God and partially because the monads are the first part of creation where there is some differentiation. This differentiation coupled with the differing aspects of light and truth, (and different Ray aspects) within them causes them to be in a different order or "family." The family of monads developing for earth right now, according to Djwahl Khul, is 60 billion.


Does it make sense to you that the lives which make up God do not want to exactly repeat the past over and over and create sameness?

The scripture reads: "I make all things new." (Rev 21:5)

God even makes a new heaven and a new earth.

Give us your interpretation of this scripture.


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 5 --


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