First Blood

2001-6-19 21:29:00

My Friends,

I'm glad there is interest in making a fresh start. Janine may have been the catalyst for this latest round of debate, but others have eagerly carried the ball.

I have always considered Xavier a good friend, but friends can have disagreements and still be friends. I disagree with my good friend Wayne all the time.

Xavier, I love you as much as ever.

Janice, Moni and Deborah... I do respect your feelings. Feel free to express them at anytime within the guidelines of this forum, and liberal guidelines they are.

I admonish all to be polite in all postings, avoid any name calling or any assault on the character of others.

Let us all make a commitment to not draw first blood.

We must remember that if there is a first insult the chances are close to 100% that there will be a second.

To disagree is fine, and a peaceful resolution can lead to enlightenment. But to disagree by initiating an insult leads to a long and winding road with no end in sight.

Let us also thicken our skins a little and not see an insult when there is no direct evidence in the words of the writer. If we are seeing insults between the lines we may be seeing incorrectly.