2001-5-19 11:32:00

RFH presents a philosophy that has gained a lot of circulation as of late and one which has been discussed at length here in the past. Therefore, I will make only a short comment.

His idea is basically this.

We are not "becoming" because we already are all that we can ever be. We already exist in absolute oneness, but just do not know it. Our duty is to merely realize who we already are and have always been and when this happens we will basically have all power and oneness possible.

All we have to do is let go of our fear mongering ego and in one giant step the illusion of evolution is ended and we shall go home to oneness and be no more as an individual entity for all eternity.

There is one problem with this doctrine.

And what is that?

The problem is that not one person from the beginning of time has ever demonstrated it or shown any proof of its validity outside of presenting fanciful theory.

On the other hand "Becoming" and evolution is demonstrated before our very eyes and consciousness every hour of every day of every year in every life in the universe.

Let us suppose that it were possible to jump into this "void" (as some call it) and end all possibilities of continued evolution... Who would want to do it? Who would desire a static place beyond feeling?

Not I. I would rather walk the path of eternal progress and advance from creation to creation and from joyfulness to greater joyfulness.