Forgiveness of Sins

2001-4-24 11:18:00

Peter writes:
Isn't it more accurate to say that the real suffering that Jesus experienced regarding humanity was when he faced the World Dweller (sins of mankind)? Jesus was able to defeat and dispel this negative entity to allow a direct link from Shamballa to shine upon this world. This new healing energy is the source that has helped eliminate incorrect thinking (sin) upon mankind. So it may be correct to say that Jesus suffered spiritually (World Dweller) as well as physically (death for his teachings of forgiveness).

Yes, you are exactly right here. Fully understanding what he went through cannot be comprehended until we go through something similar on a lesser scale and face our own dweller.

Next Peter asks:
Also, Jesus and his apostles had the power to forgive sins. I understand this power comes from a higher source, but how was Jesus able to do this and what actually happens physical/mentally/spiritually to the sinner as he is being saved?

Excellent question and one I believe no one has asked before.

Forgiveness of sins falls into two categories:

(1) The removal of guilt.

(2) The neutralizing of the effect of the "sin" or harmful action.

Actually, when a person initiates a harmful cause (sin) an effect will follow and since cause and effect is an immutable law there is no way even the highest god can remove the effect from a cause. Instead all the higher lives work with the law of cause and effect so the desired end result is achieved.

If a person steals $100.00 from a friend, the friend will still suffer the effect of missing the $100.00 even if Jesus himself should decree that his sins are forgiven.

He can work with cause and effect and neutralize the negative cause by paying the friend back. If this is not practical or possible then he can also neutralize the cause by assisting others in need through his generosity. Because "all souls are one" from a higher point of view then paying an equivalent of $100 to others is like paying back the $100 to the friend.

On the other hand, if he treads the path of selfishness and does not neutralize the effect then the effect will return to him and a friend will come out of the woodwork and steal from him.

When Jesus talked about the power to remove sins he was not talking about the removal of effect, but the removal of guilt and darkness which separates us from soul contact.

A person can owe a large dept to humanity because of sin, or mistakes, and yet be free from guilt. Guilt itself does not pay any of our debts, but slows us down so our progression toward the light comes to a standstill.

Sometimes guilt will still remain even after the person has made restitution for his negative action and the person offended has forgotten about the offense.

How, then is guilt removed?

Guilt is removed by the voice of God.

If the seeker believes that his priest speaks for God this outward substitute for God can be like a salve for the spiritual wound, but a permanent spiritual healing will rarely occur.

If, on the other hand, the servant who has soul contact speaks to you, from his soul to yours, about the removal of sin then your guilt will be entirely lifted.

This is what Jesus was talking about when he spoke to the apostles about the remitting sins.

The third way to remove guilt is through the seekers own soul contact. When he is in contact with the God within he is continually aware that God does not condemn him and never feels guilt (through and illusionary condemnation from God) again.

He knows the truth and the truth has made him free.